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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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By Dayzee: David Archuleta’s Meet ‘N Greets Have Returned! (Sandy and Orem recaps)

Posted by bebereader on Monday, July 18, 2016

orem and sandy e

I saw a note from Kari that they were working on VIPs for the Sandy and Orem shows, but had lost hope as the dates were almost here.  Then an email came saying that David had added another show!  I got all excited, but found it was the Saturday night Sandy show.  I often get notices of new shows that I already have tickets for so I just deleted and went to bed. orem and sandy b

After midnight, half asleep, I thought  “VIP”!   I was pretty sure I had seen VIP on that notice.  Fired up the computer and went to David Archuleta, went on to Tickets, and there was  Sandy VIP on the list.   Could not remember how long ago that email came.  Was devastated to think I might be too late.  Gave it a shot and the next thing I knew I had a ticket for my first VIP since pre-mission.   No sleeping for me after that.

Having never been to that venue, I arrived for the 6:00 pm M&G at 2:30.   Always my biggest fear at a new place is not being able to park.  I was lucky.  The parking lot was almost empty.  However, I was not the first to get in line. Kari came out and gave us paper to write questions for David. 

When 5 o’clock came Kari and Amber ushered us in and we saw an empty stage from the first row seats.  The band came out immediately and played some music and talked about the heat.  David soon joined us and gave us greetings.  His face lit up and he had a big smile as he waved at a newcomer.   The band all joined in with the waving.  David shared with us that they were waving at Brady’s baby girl.   David sang 2 songs and answered some oorem and sandyf the questions written by fans. 

We stood in line by the back door of the stage and went inside in groups of 3 or 4 for picture taking.  We handed our cellphones to  Kari and then came the magical moment of standing next to David.  There is an overwhelming feeling that everything in this space is good. David’s aura is an extreme comfort.  There is no looking on the dark side with David.

The Monday night M&G in Orem was even better.  Shelley of video fame had told me she wouldn’t be able to go, but it was not a surprise to see her arrive with her granddaughter aorem and sandy cnd camera.  There were only 13 of us.  One fellow had come from Boston. Great to have Tawna and Ron.   Such a shame that it was so hot.   So hot that we all had to squeeze into a small room with David and the band and Bri practically sitting on our laps.  The drummer was next to me and I could see his hands in constant motion.  Sometimes with sticks, sometimes just his hands playing a beat. 

“Mirrors” was the first song and Bri joined in for that and then excused herself.  Really liked her.  David sang “Who I Am” and again answered fan questions and added a “Happy Birthday” song.

We  all hung out with the band while waiting our turn for pics with David.   My friend had quite a crush on Chad and he posed for pictures with her.  We were the last ones to take pics with David.  He was in a tiny area, standing in front of a cinderblock wall.   An unglamorous setting, but shake a little David dust on there and it becomes marble and gold.   A dark little corner, but David was glowing. 

I thanked him for giving me all these friends I met at VIPs.  He said, “Yes.  We have lots of good people.”

All videos by Shelley FOD

All photographs courtesy of Dayzee

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Cabs, Rain and Going Home Again ~ David Archuleta’s Who I Am

Posted by bluebar on Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Summertime vacations: Road trips!  First things first. Load up the car with all seven of my David CD’s!!  Taking David along certainly makes the trip more enjoyable.  “Never leave home without him!” and the chance to listen to the David songs I hadn’t played for a while.

There is room in my CD case for 24 discs. So, this year, I decided to include some older albums that I hadn’t listened to in years, not since I “met” David.  I added music by Billy Joel, Tom Jones, Paul Simon, Ray Charles, Elton John and Hall & Oates. (I know, oldies, but goodies!)

All very fabulously successful artists.  Mind you, I’m not giving up on David… Oh, noooooooooo, never!! Just so proud to have David in my CD case along with these greats!!

I had just listened to The Other Side of Down and was as amazed as ever over David’s “Who I Am.” Oh, David. You’re stuck in a cab for two hours, pondering your life, “taking the time out now,” “walking in my own two shoes” finding yourself. This song conveys so well the mood you were in four years ago when you wrote it.

David Archuleta “Who I Am” with lyrics:

Next CD up was Can’t Stop Dreaming by Daryl Hall.


The first song is titled “Cab Driver.” Wow, a cab song! Hahahaha! Btw… this is a still relevant, very jazzy and soulful song. Daryl Hall wrote “Cab Driver” almost 20 years ago. In it, he finds himself needing a cab. The driver asks: “Where am I goin’ to?” He replies: He wants to get back to his girl; he’s been on the road way too long, and sadly, it’s not the life he bargained for.

Daryl Hall “Cab Driver” Live:

Standing in the rain
Cab comes into view
Ask me, “Where am I goin’ to?”
Running for so long
Been gone too many nights
And my heart has paid the price
This ain’t heaven
This ain’t the life bargained for
My reason for living
Isn’t here inside this car
Girl, I gotta get back to you

Cab driver
Take me home
Spent too much time away
Too much time alone
Cab driver
Take me home
Spent too much time away from my baby

I need familiar streets
To show that you’re near
Feeling like a stranger here
Oh does the mirror show the miles on my face
Am I goin’ any place?

This ain’t heaven
This ain’t the life I was hopin’ for
My reason for living
Sure ain’t here inside this car
You know I’ve gotta get back to you

Cab driver
Take me home
Spent too much time away
Too much time alone
Cab driver
Take me home
Spent too much time away from my baby

I need to see the look on your face
A kiss from your lips…oh the taste, baby
Nothing waiting for me but a lonely room
I’ve gotta get back to you baby – soon

Cab driver
Take me home
Spent too much time away
Too much time alone
Cab driver
Take me home
Spent too much time away from my baby

Listening to David’s “Who I Am,” I had visions of David in LA trying to get a cab to go back home (not necessarily to see his girl, but who knows?).  Regardless he has to get back to Utah!! Via Nashville? Perhaps. But certainly David has to get back to writing and recording all that music we know is in him. And someday again, very soon, I hope my next road trip will be to see and hear David’s “jazz and soul” at a show!!

In a timeless, coming of age song, David tells us he’s “Gonna take the time now,” “It’s OK, ’cause I know where I’m going!” Trust the Archuleta!!

And as good as it is to get back home, hopefully David will never tire of being on the road!  Just remember to step out of the cab, David.
Daryl has some good advice:

“My reason for living
Sure ain’t here inside this car.”


Bluebar is a guest wrtiter for The Voice.

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Loving That Boy

Posted by thefunnygirl on Monday, November 8, 2010

I wrote this letter to David right after Season 7 and I collected letters from other fans to be put into a notebook which I gave to David’s dad at Ford Day.


Dear David,

Your voice jumped out of my television and into my heart  as I tuned into another season of American Idol. I have watched the show every season, and was ready for another entertaining one this year. I had no idea that I was about to be overcome with a rush of emotions, and plunge head-first into a joy I hadn’t experienced before.

From the first moment I heard you sing, I knew that you were something special. It seemed as though you weren’t singing, or performing, but acting as a channel though which the music came.  Your voice touched a place in me that I didn’t even know existed, a place where flying feels possible, and love and beauty abounds.  I have never been so moved by someone’s voice before, and I don’t believe that I will be again. I didn’t know I needed to feel that place, but you came and showed it to me. I didn’t know that my heart could soar so high and that I could be so uplifted by a voice, but you sang and the path became illuminated, and I’ve been in flight ever since.

Getting to know you during the season just endeared you to me all the more. Your sweet spirit and humility, your joy and strength of character are an inspiration and a blessing.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us. It means more to me than you will ever know.

I wish you much success, love, happiness, healthy children, and a life filled with music. May your soul soar as high as you have helped mine to do, and may God bless you always.

Here I am, two full years later, dressing up at work as a David Archuleta fan for Halloween, and nearly winning the contest! I love to promote David whenever I can, and getting paid to wear my ILAA I Heart DA shirt is like some sort of sick recompense for all my pain and archusuffering. I work at a busy mall, and see a lot of people. I talk a lot, and as most of you know, shyness is not one of my finer qualities. Over the past two years, whenever I wear the shirt, I see people’s wheels turning. Sometimes the gears are grinding so hard that smokes come out, and other times I get an eye roll, a knowing smile or a blank stare. The best part is when I walk down to the food court and a whole bunch of people see me. I guess I am a rebel with a cause.

I like to take stats during these events. I’d say that most times about 50% of people know who David is and like him but don’t follow him. The other 50% have clearly been living under a rock. This time was different. And I don’t know why, what with no radio play but this Halloween, we had a costume contest at work, and I dressed up as a David Archuleta fan and people were VERY into it, squealing, laughing, and OMGing. This time, about 80-90% knew who he was. I saw the votes after they were posted at work and WOW the comments were awesome:

Awesome David fan – he rocks!
Crazy David Lady – LOL!
David A all the way
OMG so much fun we love David!
david fan you go girl!

One lady asked me if I was dressed as a Cougar! To which I replied, “Whatever would give you that impression?” to which she laughed. (Takes one to know one lady!)

One dad shopping with his kids, when told about the ballot box, said this to me:  “I don’t know what’s scarier, Halloween or a grown woman loving that boy!” OUCH!  I replied, “Well sir, I had no idea that talent had age restrictions.” and he walked away.  Yeah well I chewed on that for a while. Tasted like blubber, mixed with yuk.

CLEARLY this guy made some quick assumptions: David is young and therefore not to be taken seriously and I am old so why would I listen to a young singer? HMMMM has anyone ever heard of Stevie Wonder or Elvis, or countless other young gifted vocalists? WAIT! Why I am getting upset? Why must people be so ageist? This guy hasn’t read my letter and must have a closed heart. Was I going to let this ruin all the fun I was having? NO way!

I have to say it is hard being an older fan. The younger fans are creeped out. Our families and friends don’t understand. The general public assumes we are cougars. But do you see how happy I am in these pictures? Do I look conflicted or upset? I never once thought about his age the whole time on Idol. I never cared until others told me I should. But I don’t. That may be insensitive but I really don’t care.

Not caring is VERY freeing. It makes grown women dress up and show off all their loving of that boy. Loving that boy has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I won’t let anyone devalue that. Loving that boy has shown me that there are sweet, wonderful people in this world. Loving that boy has shown me that age is irrelevant because he is wiser, kinder, and more full of grace than 10 full-grown men ever thought they could be. Loving that boy is so beyond anything that anyone who doesn’t love that boy could even begin to comprehend.



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