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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Posted by djafan on Thursday, March 1, 2012

Uploaded by on Mar 1, 2012

“I wanted to let you guys know March is the last month I have left before I leave. Keeping busy this month to make sure everything falls into place, though! There will be music! Sorry if this is so long and rambly again.”

One Month

We are sorry to report that due to copyright reasons, Bianca will be unable to create a special calendar marking David’s mission. Those who still want to mark the days until David returns are welcome to follow the calendar which will be put up on our right sidebar as we get closer to David’s departure. 

LDS Mission

The LDS Mission Countdown iPhone application is a virtual calendar that allows you to watch the days go by until your missionary’s or your own mission is complete!


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~David Archuleta ~ A Work Of Art – Inside & Out

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

 picture credit Kariontour

A Masterpiece


When God created men
They were not all the same.
Each from a different palette
So many of them came

But every now and then
A special one is made,
Painted with touches of color
From the beauty that God gave.

From the dewy green of grass
He’s given him his eyes.
With the color of cherry blossoms
He painted lips to smile.

From the softly falling snow
He found the color for his teeth.
And for his skin, a special treat,
The dew and color of peach.

And from the blackness of the night
His locks of hair are hewn.
And then he gave him breath
So with golden voice he’d croon.

His heart was made with special care
From the garden of the rose.
In deepest red he fashioned it
With love and care and hope.

When giving him his inner light,
He reached into the sun.
He knew this one would shine so bright
He’d be known by everyone.

As he gazed upon this creature,
God knew he’d cast a spell.
He’d made this one a masterpiece.
He’d used his palette well.


Happy Valentine’s Day from David Archuleta!

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Who He Is

Posted by djafan on Friday, April 1, 2011

David Archuleta graced us with another video blog yesterday saying what could have been said in half the time, yet in typical David fashion, he would go on.  blah blah blah blah blah.  For 8 minutes and 37 seconds to be exact, talking about building foundations for the future.  Yawn.  I’m so over him.

That’s the best I can do for the gag fest that typically marks the 1st of April, because for me, this is a day for keeping it real.

The charuth is, he had me at buenos dias. I really meant and need to say that in typical David fashion, he exceeded all expectations. He is in control of his destiny and it showed in every poorly lighted frame of his video blog. If I had to find a fault that would be my only one, not enough attention to the aesthetics of good lighting. We have to make screen caps and collages with this stuff, dude, work with us here! Never mind. I can’t complain. He gave us the scoop and let us into the workings of his genius and it was a beautiful thing to see even in the poorest of light. Behold, the solid foundation he is laying:

This time around, he is hand-picking the band and keeping them close together, close to the action in his home base of LA.

He wants to work as often as he can with them to get, as he put it, the “vibe,” “feel” and “chemistry” just right, so he can “feel inspired by the people I’m working with on stage.”

He is writing alone now to find out “what David is.” When he figures out what he wants to say and how he wants to say it and gets more skilled at it, he will collaborate with other writers again. Until then, this is his time to find out what he is capable of creating, without outside persuasion, from the depths of his own beautiful soul.  Very smart move.  I swear he slays me.

He wants to sometime do a vlog during a  jam session with his band and let us actually watch the process.   I declare he will be the death of me.

To that end, (being the end of me) he proceeded to write a song on the piano, using keys in the lower scale he never uses to write with but which he finds himself suddenly liking. He sings in his elfin tongue words that are unintelligible to the human ear but nevertheless, enchanting.  I know he will be my demise.  I’m willing to live with that for as long as I can.

One more thing and this is the best part of this whole excellent vlog for me. Music is the universal language but he takes that metaphor even further.  He describes the different genres of music as separate and unique languages in themselves. You can hear him in the video but I will record it here in his own words because he gets this so right it’s scary.

“Before I had some really great musicians and band members that I was really learning from…you know, really great pop, great at doing pop stuff. It’s almost like they, in a music sense, they, the past members I’ve had, spoke English and Spanish.  But now, I’m trying to learn more languages, like these band members will speak five or six different languages.  So I want to broaden my horizon as a musician and learn to speak those languages or different cultures of those different sides of music.”

What musical languages he will learn in the days ahead is what keeps me hanging on for dear life.

“You have to get a sense of who you are before you can know what decisions to make. “

David Archuleta ~ March 31, 2011







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David Archuleta Vlog!

Posted by djafan on Friday, March 18, 2011

screencap credit djafan

Article by Bebereader

Hah! David’s newest vlog may appear to be a St. Patrick’s Day vlog to some, but to diehard fans, it’s much more. In fact, it was packed to the gills with so many random implications, things we’ve been patiently waiting to hear. Were you sitting on the edge of your seat, afraid you’ll miss something? How many times did you watch it?

Wishing us a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, he stood to show us that he has his green on, wearing a Gremlin t-shirt. He just wanted to check in and tell us that it’s been a crazy week!

Honoring the victims of the Japan earthquake, he points out how technology gives immediate access to show us exactly what is happening in Japan. He tells us to be mindful of others who may be going through hard times and encourages us to donate even a small amount. If you can’t do much, at least keep them in your prayers.

It’s been a really good week, he says! I’d really like to know what he really means by ‘really’. He’s working on some songs but it’s a matter of finishing them. He compares himself to the mad scientist on Jimmy Neutron who’s never able to finish anything. You know, it’s all a matter of narrowing the songs down, he says. Gee David, all you have to do is say the word and we can help.

He goes on to say that there’s been a lot of phone calls this week. David, I hope your cell was ringing off it’s hook! It’s his last day at home and wants to spend time with his siblings. Last day in Utah? Where are you going, David? “Going going back back to Cali Cali” and excited for tomorrow.  Did you catch that sneaky grin? What’s going on in Cali Cali in the next few days? Writing more songs? Signing with a label? Interviewing new management?

The part that excited me most was when he talked about a foundation and of needing to get that foundation built before building the tower. The tower??!! I know what a foundation is but was more than happy to look it up since he sounded serious.

Definition of FOUNDATION

1: a basis upon which something stands or is supported
2: funds given for the permanent support of an institution
3: an underlying base or support; especially, the whole masonry substructure of a building
4: a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid
5: a woman’s supporting undergarment
6: a cosmetic usually used as a base for makeup
I’m assuming David means #1 #3 or #4.

Excited for today, he’s looking forward to letting us know what’s coming up, and will talk to us guys next time. He said “See ya.”

What a tease he is!@!@E#@@

So, what do YOU think is going on back in Cali in the coming week?

collage credit djafan

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The Vlog That Rocked My World

Posted by djafan on Friday, February 25, 2011

Collage by Djafan

Bebe’s reaction to the above vlog

Don’t let the mention of Monster Jam trucks, platanos, garbage bag umbrellas and
roller coasters fool you. David’s latest vlog shows the maturity of a young man who
is at a crossroads in his life, and happily accepting the responsibilities that it
entails. He feels good about taking control of his life and making decisions based
on where he wants to go as an artist and person.

Parting ways with his label was one of those decisions and he acknowledges that
although there were other offers, it didn’t feel like the right thing since the label is
undergoing changes and he is also changing directions as an artist.

Showing the maturity of someone who embraces life and the opportunities afforded
him, in true David style he is trusting his instincts, taking what he has learned for
the last three years and using some time to write music on his own. His excitement
for writing is palpable and he’s even more excited to share it with us. He looks
forward to the future and ‘a couple of things coming up.

My reaction to the same vlog…

I trust the Archulator. I do. This is not about that. This is about me. I was just fine until the moment I watched his vlog. The moment that so many others who’d been going through mini melt downs suddenly experienced relief. Not I. Watching that vlog, the reality of the situation zoomed toward me like one of those special effects in a movie.  Like Ralph Fiennes in Quiz Show.  Like this…

My moment of truth. That’s when it hit me with the force of an oncoming wave. This is real. He is really going out there on his own. For some reason hearing him say it with his own lips scared me so bad I crept onto the ledge and lay there in a fetal position till the following afternoon. I waited that long to comment on the vlog and the words I said were true but not ALL the truth. The whole truth was that I was scared for him and not a little concerned for myself. Like I said, I trust the Archulator. Deep down, I  knew he would be OK but I wasn’t too sure about mySELF.  I miss him already. I know he needs the rest and time to live and work and create and play by his own rules. I know he’s made the right decision and is much better positioned to control his own destiny. But I asked myself, how long before a tour now?  How long the journey?  How distant the goal? How selfish can I be?  Pretty selfish it seems. But I have an excuse; I suffer from an incurable condition. I have a touch of ODD and sometimes it flares up on me.  Anyway, these remarks by Robert Anton,

and a late night conference call from my beloved fellow admins talked me down from the ledge.   I’m OK now.  Still selfish and needy about a certain half Honduran with a voice like smooth rich chocolate wrapped in emotional velvet but that will never change.  Some things you just have to learn to live with.  😛




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David Archuleta ~ To India with Love

Posted by djafan on Friday, February 4, 2011


Original photo by Ron Gunnell.

“Had an amazing time in India at Rising Star Outreach! Very humbling to go there and even though it was a short trip it was a life changing experience. Just makes you appreciate things more and gives you a different perspective of things. Sorry for the rambling babbling and still not really getting to everything I wanted to explain, but hopefully we can get a Q&A sometime soon!”

David Archuleta YouTube 02/03/11

“A special, a VERY special young man. So sweet, so loving, so compassionate. He is simply a one of a kind human being.

Obviously he will never forget the people he encountered, the people whose feet he washed, whose hands he held. The children he sang to & talked to & laughed & played with. AND he must know, THEY will also NEVER forget the young man named David with the voice of an angel, the beautiful, gentle eyes, the hair blacker than night, the beautiful bright smile, the large hands with a soft & gentle healing touch. They will never forget David. Of that I am sure.

But I don’t mind admitting I am glad he’s home. “

Silverfox The Voice 02/03/11

Keep giving your pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars to Rising Star Outreach.  We have started on the Pathway of Hope he began and we have..

“promises to keep,
And miles to go before we sleep,
And miles to go before we sleep.”

Robert Frost New Hampshire 1923


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Matthew 6:21

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