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Never Over You

Posted by thefunnygirl on Thursday, October 7, 2010


photo credit ThoseDangCats


“I‚Äôll never get over you, never over you cause you are so beautiful yeah…”

You’ve all seen the videos¬†and read Betsy’s awesome recap and know how our rock star brought it and then some.¬† Sadly, she couldn’t make it through to the front with us.¬† ThoseDangCats & I decided to leave early for GR, as we had every intention of being in the front row.¬† We arrived about 9:30 am at¬†Rosa Parks Circle for a 7 pm concert LOL!¬† There were two girls already there that had come from the other side of Chicago¬†like about 8-9 hours!¬† Their mom was sleeping at the hotel.¬† They were so sweet.¬† We staked our claim and started trying to save spots for people we knew were coming.

We were in the front row.¬† Is this real?¬† Are we¬†going to be told to move for a VIP section?¬† We watched the crew set everything up.¬† What a process that was!¬† We started chatting¬†with the radio guy and the crew guy and they were like “you¬†guys know the concert is tonight right?”¬† Yes we assured them that we knew.¬† They were probably thinking we were crazy.¬† They were probably right.¬† They told us that soundcheck would be after 4pm and then the reality started to sink in about just how close we were.¬† As you can see from the pics, we were REALLY close.¬† Sound check was short but amazing.¬† That voice!!
Some rude people came and were plotting to move up and were pushing a bit and we told them to cut it out and then one of them said, “You are a bunch of old women, you¬†don’t even belong here!” OH NO SHE DIDN’T! OH YES SHE DID!¬† I replied by saying “ORLY???¬† so you run to google to check the age of an artist before you decide if you like the song??”¬† to which she said, “No.”¬† to which I replied, “then maybe you should be quiet and mind your own business.”¬† Which she did.¬† Score one for the old lady.¬† I wasn’t done so¬†I said, “You’re not here for David are you?”¬† to which she said “no” to which I replied, “yeah I figured¬†cuz David fans don’t act that way.”¬† Score two for the old lady.¬† Later on, after her band was on, the stage guy hands me their¬†setlist, which I don’t want, so I tap the girl on the shoulder and say, “hey, do you want this?”¬† *quiet stares*¬† “well do you?”¬† to which she says “yes” then I say “then take it!” so she snatches it from me.¬† Her friend says to her “Oh she’s so nice!”¬† Then I say “thanks, that’s how David fans act.”¬† Score three for the old lady!
Drama over РDavid is next!  The whole idea of being in the front row was surreal.  So close, such a light, so amazing.
The security guard had seen him on Idol, but¬†never in person. ¬† He’s not a pop music fan. We told him he was goona love David.¬† We couldn’t wait to talk to him after.¬† He asked us if we’d like him if he wasn’t cute – ummmmm yeah!!!!¬† He comes out and within about 1 minute the guy says, “Oh he’s hot!” LOL then after the set he tells us “wow he can really sing, what a great voice!!!¬† but what impressed me the most was his stage presence, his ability to work the crowd, and his connection to the audience!”¬† Now there’s a compliment for our quiet shy kid from Idol huh?
The crowd LOVED him.¬† I was so proud of him!¬† I’ll never forget seeing him that close up.¬† He is so beautiful.
Who is the crazy person screaming “wooooo!” at :22 sec and then again at 1:05, 1:07, 1:20, 1:27, 2:03, 2:05, 2:21, 2:42, 2:50, 2:53, and 2:56?
I’ll give you one guess.

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