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Photographs and Memories of David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Thursday, January 3, 2013


Being an admin here at The Voice is an honor for me. It gives me the chance to help promote David’s career by sharing news and information about him with those who visit.

The most recent job I took on was to fill the empty space on the sidebars of this site with images of David. I wanted to tell a story with pictures to show a newcomer (or remind longtime fans) what David has been doing since he tried out for American Idol. Looking to the left or right, you can see the variety of experiences that David has had. Many are from news sources capturing David at an event or from various professional photo shoots such as Matt Clayton, Bench, or album art. My personal favorites are those taken by fans. Fans are my favorite people and I wanted to honor those who took the time to post for all to enjoy. We can’t all be present at appearances or shows, but the fans who were fortunate enough to attend have generously shared their pictures. With the addition of their photos, we see David’s story unfold.

The story in pictures is a representation of the many events, appearances, interviews, and performances in which David has participated. His career has taken him around the world as he shared his gift of music. Since age 16 when David auditioned for American Idol, he has been on the fast track to stardom. One of the drawbacks for this was being away from his family more than he had ever been before. When he signed on to be in the competition, he knew that he was essentially going on lock down from the world he knew in Utah. Although his father was his roommate while on Idol, his mother could only see him on television or from her seat in the audience, or occasionally attend some off day event with the other parents and the contestants. It’s quite a sacrifice both ways, for David and his parents, to give up the time for the good of his career.

Here we are 4 years later in much the same situation, only the venue has changed. He took us around the world with him and taught us so much about things we may never get the chance to do such as visiting lepers in India or a museum in Jakarta. Each one is a reminder of where he has been and shared his gift of not only music, but himself. Currently, David is approximately 5,742 miles from home doing something he felt in his heart was what he needed to do to feel fulfilled in his faith. It shows what a grounded adult he has become.


Sometimes, it isn’t just about the music and being a star.

It is about growth.

That is the story I wanted to tell in pictures.

If you see a photo that reminds you of an event you attended, tell us about it!

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