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David Archuleta ~ Poetic Ponderings

Posted by djafan on Friday, March 11, 2011

Poem by davidstopsmyaging


The boy’s young eyes
Before us, new, naive and strong
Slowly mending, comprehending
Understanding right from wrong.

The wave’s crash,
The moon glows,
The stars flash,
And time flows.

Young eyes now choose, they spark and know
They watch the world while melodies grow
The songs, they swim, they fall and rise
Within the soul of these young eyes

The wave’s crash
The moon glows,
The stars flash,
And time flows.

His eyes, they sing, they soar, inspire
They draw us in and raise us higher
The world will hear the melodies
The songs will know no boundaries

The world turns
The soul yearns
The eyes burn
The man learns

Learns to sift life’s grains of sand
To make the rough parts smooth, and when
He learns his strengths, with steady hand,
He gently throws caution to the wind.

He knows the strength of songs, of words
He knows his music will be heard
He knows this as surely as he breathes.

The young man’s spirit, his soul, his heart
This young man’s eyes


Original photo by icecreampie



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