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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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The Other Side Of Down Gifting Campaign ~ David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Monday, February 28, 2011

A Giving Heart

In a time when things are changing fast
And we need a light to shine
A young man comes upon the scene
And holds a steady line

With a heart that’s pure and a smile of gold
He sings of love and hope
Tells all who’ll listen to not give up
Though the future’s uncertain, he knows

Our trials and tribulations, he says
are a way to grow and learn
And the pain of today can be joy tomorrow
as our lives continue to turn

Don’t give up, It’ll be okay
We all have days we cry
But the world is full of wonderful things
If we have the courage to try

In a world where we may feel alone
a young man flips the coin
and shows us those less fortunate
in help we need to join

He says to look outside ourselves
to find those most in need
And give to them with open hand
for this our souls will feed

Poem by MT

Hello Voice Team!

We want to make sure you’re aware  of  the latest Angels For A Cause campaign to promote The Other Side of Down by bringing uplifting and hopeful music to those kids and their families dealing with medical heartache.  We had discussed doing something like this in chat one night but hadn’t figured out the logistics and then this campaign appears, it’s a perfect fit!

See below for all the details from AFAC.   There is also a link to Angels For A Cause on the right sidebar under Charities David Supports.

Music for Smiles~Touching the Hearts of Children with David’s Music ~

Angels For A Cause is proud to announce our brand new project!! We all love David’s new CD “The Other Side of Down” and it truly lifts our spirits on a daily basis when we are feeling a little down. Well, its time to share David’s music with children who need a smile and positive messages through song.  We started by contacting all the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and got a HUGE response from lots of hospitals that are SO EXCITED to receive David’s music! We have over 75 hospitals participating in this project and probably one close to where you live! They are going to use the CD’s for various things such as prizes for games, a present for a child’s birthday, a gift for a child going through a tough procedure, music therapy for anxious kids, discharge gifts and more! “Things are Gonna Get Better”  would be the perfect song for a worried child, dont you think?

So, we are all here to support David, right? Now, you can support his music while at the same time giving a sick child hope and inspiration! This project is very easy! All you have to do is purchase David’s TOSOD CD’s and have it shipped to a CMN Hospital of your choice! You can purchase 1, you can purchase 10! Its up to you! You can send to one hospital or many hospitals! This is a great way to share David’s CD as well and create new fans! We did some research and David’s CD’s are available right now for a low price online through:(prices and availability may vary)

1) Amazon $11.97 (free shipping over $25)

2) Target $12.99 (free shipping over $50)

3) Walmart $10 (WOW!)

4) Barnes and Noble $10.97 (free shipping over $25)

Or, you can purchase one at a store near you and have it shipped from your house. Or maybe you picked one up in the last week to support David and you can share those!!

Once you ship a CD to one of the hospitals below, please email your name, state, and hospital you shipped to as well as how many CD’s went there to We are going to compile a list and present to David at a later date!!! We will also update you throughout the project to let you know which hospitals are getting the CDs so far, what hospital is in the lead, and what hospitals we don’t want to forget!


Be sure to tweet what hospital you have sent your CD to and spread the word!! And leave a comment below!

In the 2nd post on the home page is a list of all the hospitals and full addresses. Be sure to include the contact person and/or department if there is one in the address when shipping so the Cd goes to the right place!!

Let’s make a difference in these children’s lives and share David’s beautiful uplifting music!

I want to give a BIG thank you hug to the 3 women who helped me make this project possible! Thank you to Jana, Stephanie, and Sharon!!

–Wendy AFAC

Angels For A Cause

Click on the link for the


Hospital Addresses and Contacts

Please be sure to include the

Attn: line in the shipping address so the Cd goes to the right place!


Spanish Chat!

On a side note I want to thank all who participated in the Spanish Chat.  There were many chatting and many viewers.  Many countries were represented, Honduras, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and Mexico.  Forgive me if I missed your country but the chat was fast and fun, giving me some practice with my own Spanish.

David love is alive and well in the Latin world.  They love and comment  on all things David just like we do. ♥  And our English speakers did a great job in jumping into the conversation.  It does give an appreciation on how to use Google translator on the fly, not easy. 🙂

David’s Latina fans asked if we could do this again and I said sure!  So we will be having Spanish Chat on Fridays starting at about 6pm Pacific Time.  I let them know that I won’t always be there by that time but that they can get started if they want, it was a unanimous yes!  The regular Saturday Chats will continue as usual.

The Voice Unplugged

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Last Night

Posted by djafan on Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last night was unbelievable.  The day started off great, met several David fans for lunch from various fan sites.  Let see, JH who arranged the luncheon from FOD and fellow fodders, Kalei, not sure of the spelling, from Hawaii.  Maggie and her friend from the Golden Archies who kept breaking into song, by the way Angelica, Maggie says to say hi to you.  She had been wondering what had happened to you, I filled her in about The Voice…lol I met sweet Sweet-on-da, had a great time chatting with her and her nice sister,  desertrat and her friend.  It is definitely true what they say about David fans, they are the nicest warmest people around.

Very nice venue and VIP area, chatted with Mikesd, robertla, Monica, shared David perfume with Ann Margaret, shared tears with Marylu and so many others.  It’s like a huge extended family.

We were taken to the venue for our acoustic set, in comes David all glowy and smiley.   He has such a sense of humor, he said he wasn’t going to ask us what we wanted him to sing because no one can agree.   He needs to record Mary Did You Know, it was the most soul piercing, tear inducing rendition I have ever heard and a very soulful Chestnut song (what he calls it).  They asked the questions and the one that stood out for me was, “What brought about the writing of the song Don’t Tell Me and if he will ever sing it?”  He didn’t think he’ll ever sing it but who knows.  The reason that song came about because he was being told he needed to change himself, do things a certain way, do this, don’t do that to make it in the business and he disagreed.  He was and is so wise.  Then picture time.

Hi David hand outstretched, I’m Patty from El Monte, he says hi as he takes my hand.  You have been such an inspiration to me and I appreciate who you are and all you do.  I had this made for you. I handed him a silver chain with hook and a small plaque engraved with, May God’s Angels Always Protect You, “The Voice”.  I place it in his hand, he put it close to his face and read it, looks at me and says”awww thank you”  I told him he is “The Voice” so much so that several of us created a new fan site called “The Voice” as I pointed to the button pinned on me.  His green crystal emerald eyes open wide and says “Really, that’s nice, wow”

I then started speaking to him in Spanish, I said,” La mujer mas importante de nuestras vidas, (The most important woman in our lives) my tweet, he said” mi madre, I remember that, I tweeted you”.  I was ecstatic!  I told him that was the second time he responded to me in Spanish, if he wanted to make it a third, to tell me something in Spanish, he went hmmmmmmm “Hola” and started laughing, I told him that he was being funneee, that that wasn’t fair as I held his forearm he just laughed harder.  Then Kristen cut in told us to get ready for the picture, we put our arms around each other still giggling, I’m afraid to look at that picture.  I turned we hugged,  he said thank you so much again, I said he owed me one, he laughed, I walked away still in archuheaven.  At least a couple dozen people wanted to know what I said to him to make him laugh like that.  We stood and just watched him until picture time was over…sigh.

I was lucky enough to get a front row center seat, my family got there, I said my hellos and went back to my seat.  Benton did a short set, sorry not short enough for me.  David came out to a thunderous noise, I looked back, everyone was standing and screaming.   The loudest I have heard so far at a David concert, it was like that all night.   He’s letting go of those dance moves a little more, ok a need to fan girl, he was gorgeous!  Ok..every song, every note was perfection, ALTNOY beyond words, everyone sang along to Crush, The Riddle and Fields of Gold, my new favorite crying songs.   I love Melodies of Christmas, especially with David rocking out to it, the ending to Pat a Pan and Riu Riu Chiu are to die for, The First Noel, Ave Maria, and Oh Holy Night were journeys to heaven via David, just an amazing night.  At one point we were so loud, he looked at Steve and Steve smiled and gave him a thumbs up.  The band never sounded better, the backup vocals and music are tight.  It had to come to an end.  On my way out hugging was going on everywhere, until next time from everyone, what a feel of community.

My family, we finally found each other, my daughter said he was great, that his stage presence and his manner is so honest.  My granddaughter couldn’t believe how loud it was and how much older he looks.  This is their fourth time.  My sister said she could feel his energy from where she was sitting, that it glows from him and what a voice, she said he almost sings as good as our father teasingly…lol  She said he is really good.  My mom wanted to know his age again because he sings so good, she said “His voice is so mature and his Ave Maria is like an angel singing.”  Then she went into protective mode.  “How many more concerts does he have?  Is he going to sing these songs at all of them?  He needs to take care of that voice, he’s young.   When is he going to do the Spanish album?  I hope soon.” “Oh and he sure is good-looking”, and something else I better not say…lol

Do you like water?

It was like having three concerts rolled into one, the pop, the organic, and the Christmas.  It was a wonderful experience that we plan to repeat, hopefully sooner than later.

Oh BTW…I have a two-thirds drank water bottle…guess who’s?

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