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Your Ears Don’t Lie @David Archuleta

Posted by skydancer1x on Monday, August 12, 2013

Nandito Ako taping

For many of us here at The Voice, Tuesdays have become synonymous with Nandito Ako. I love watching and rewatching this story unfold every week. It’s like sitting in someone’s living room with a group of friends, eating popcorn @@@@@@@@ and watching a favorite soap opera. Btw, @@@@@@ is code in Nandito Ako chat for popcorn which Bebe passes out to everyone, sometimes caramel, sometimes cheese. 🙂 Rewatching the mini series has afforded us the chance to really appreciate the uniqueness of each character, and the actors who played them. An Uncle Stevil’s “hats off” to all of them, and to our Hero, David Archuleta, who put Everything and More, into his first starring role, as “Josh Bradley, International Star.”

The faces of the cast of characters have been etched in our minds…Holly, desperate for her mother’s love yet she can never please her. Anya, who rejected Josh at first because she wanted to be a good friend to Holly. Uncle Stevil, who tried to control Josh and made him believe that his Mom died in the fire. Margaret, Holly’s wicked mother. Teresa, Anya’s devoted mother who would do anything for her children. Yaya, a better mother to Holly than Margaret ever was. Josh’s mother, Cara, who he thought was dead but is still alive. And Volta, dear friend to Anya’s family. Billy, Josh’s best friend. Chit, Josh’s manager. Alladin, Anya’s little half brother who is probably the wisest character in the show. Mando, Anya’s friend from childhood.

So stay with me here…keeping this all in mind…..

I absolutely love watching any and all videos of David in the Philippines. I got sucked into the vortex the other day, and ended up clicking on a video, that led to another video (you all know how that goes) of when David was on a TV show called SIS, in The Phillippines in 2009. He performed and was interviewed by three women who were all in spazz mode and although all three were speaking fast, I distinctly heard a voice that was very familiar. I kept watching and listening to the three women until it suddenly hit me! Well I’ll be darned if that isn’t…?!! Wait, is it? HA! Yes! Yes it is! After watching countless reruns of Nandito Ako, I’d recognize that voice anywhere!

Soo, for all you diehard Nandito Ako fans out there, watch this video and see if you recognize any of the voices. One in particular.

credit ehmeyh

Who knew that two years later they would meet again for Nandito Ako?


So, have you spotted the mystery woman yet?  Do your ears lie?  Click on the popcorn below to find out!


popcorn_jf10_310Skydancer is a staff writer for The Voice.

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A Little Too Not Over David Archuleta & Nandito Ako

Posted by betsy on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I want a Nandito Ako DVD.  I need a Nandito Ako DVD.  Not a bunch of video segments strung together.  And most certainly not a copy burned off the interwebz.  A REAL one.  A clear HD one.  I am accidentally memorizing the dialogue.  In Tagalog.  Through osmosis.

Best of all?  I love chatting about it with my friends, talking about the best parts, knowing what’s coming up, you can stop for a few minutes and make a snack, eat a piece of watermelon, pour a glass of wine, make a grilled cheese, have a laugh over that she-devil Margaret or an even bigger one over Uncle Stevil, watch D do a handstand, watch D nuzzle with a girl or two, watch D carry a girl or two, watch D yell at Anya in Tagalog on a beautiful beach, watch D & Anya fall in love on a long bus ride, watch D tell Holly that sorry, he didn’t mean to fall in love with someone else, watch D reunite with his long-lost mother, cry along with them when Holly says goodbye 😥  listen to “Nandito Ako” 857 times, listen to “I rated PG” 957 times, listen to “Wherever You Are” coming out of Holly’s walls a hundred times, take a peek at Holly’s Josh shrine in her room, watch Josh ask Aladdin “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LAAMPA?” and watch sweet little Aladdin show him, yell at Anya to not go to the bad man’s apartment and DO NOT drink anything he gives you!

OK lol you guys get the picture.  THIS SHOW IS LIKE GOLD.  (queso lol)  And I discovered how much so after David left.

p.s.  I know I wrote D instead of Josh but it just came out like that and I am leaving it.

Also, who can forget good ole Volta saying, “Correct for a bouncing check!”?

Or any single one of his phrases:

“Are you emoting now?”
“Come on now Mando, I’ll wipe your lipstick off for you.”
“If he is now your boyfriend, tell him to introduce me to his blue-eyed blonde friends.”

And TERESA!  Who doesn’t love when she meets Josh in her house late at night and knocks him around a bit until she realizes who he is, lol, “ANYA WHY DO WE HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL STAR IN OUR HOUSE?”  “YOU LOOK LIKE AN ANGEL IN PERSON, YOU KNOW THAT?”
Ok, I may be done now.  We’ll see.  Stick a fork in me.

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Nandito Ako and the Audaciousness of David Archuleta

Posted by MT on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Author: MT

When David accepted the offer to do a mini-series in the Philippines, I think it was one of the best moves he ever made. Not just because I have enjoyed this mini-series more than I could have ever imagined, but for David himself. This project gave him the opportunity to stretch himself, and he didn’t waste it. In Nandito Ako, he was asked to portray a character that is similar to him in some ways but very different in others. And he did it. He gave a performance convincing enough that the line between David Archuleta and Josh Bradley began to blur. That is truly an amazing feat for a novice actor.

David had no real acting experience to speak of when he began this project and only one day of acting classes before arriving in the Philippines. Once he got there, he had to jump right in and begin working while getting an on the job crash course in acting. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it was for him, and how daunting. He was expected to reply to other actors’ lines, with the proper emotion, while they were speaking another language. Normally, there is a two-way conversation. One actor shoots his or her lines and the other responds to what they are saying. But, David didn’t have the luxury of understanding the other half of his conversations. He could only go by what he was told others were saying and react to the emotion they portrayed. On top of that, he must have had to memorize the last few words of the other actors’ lines so he would know when to come in with his. Even a veteran actor would find that very challenging.  For someone who’s never acted in a drama of any kind before to be able to do it, and do it well, is quite an accomplishment.

In addition to the language barrier, David himself admitted that he has gone way outside of his comfort zone to do the scenes in this production since he’s not one who usually shows extreme emotion in public. And that’s exactly what the scenes called for. We have seen him angry, defensive, pleading, fighting, crying, and even a little sassy and snarky. And we’ve seen him do romantic scenes.

Most of us don’t stop to think that the two involved are not alone and there is probably no romantic song playing in the background while he does the scene. Instead, there are lights, microphones, cameras, cables lying on the ground, a whole crew watching, and a director critiquing his every move. This shy young man is expected to do a romantic scene with an entourage watching, possibly having to do it over and over until the director gets the shot he wants.

And yet, he was wonderful! No one could have asked for more. If David can pull this off under these difficult circumstances, I think he has great potential for future acting projects if he decides that’s what he wants to do. Is he an award-winning actor? No, not yet.  But with some lessons and a little more experience, who knows?

I’ve always said that there is no end to what David is capable of in regards to artistic talent but I was usually referring to music. Since watching Nandito Ako, I have revised that opinion. I now sincerely believe that David can do anything he sets his mind to.

It’s staggering to watch him learn and adapt so quickly, with only three weeks from the beginning to the end of this project. And I haven’t even begun to talk about how in the midst of it all, he was doing mall appearances, interviews, performances, dealing with new contract negotiations for the Bench endorsement and the album, photo shoots, commercials, music videos, and recording! How did he not go insane from the pace of it all?


To say that what he accomplished in the Philippines in just one month is amazing just isn’t enough. And he’s only twenty one years old! Can you even imagine what the future might hold?

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David Archuleta is Josh Bradley (almost)

Posted by bebereader on Friday, March 9, 2012

credit JoAnn Banaga – from singing, to drama, to action…Falling for Josh Bradley

Fifteen episodes down and ten to go. We are now past the midpoint of the “Nandito Ako” miniseries. We’ve seen David stretch and grow right before our eyes as he takes on new challenges way out of his comfort zone in his newest endeavor.  The man’s got acting chops; he’s a natural down to his comedic timing. Who woulda thought? *Raises hand* Me! With an expressive face like his and a deep, introspective nature, he has all the attributes necessary to succeed in acting.

The story seems appropriate for someone like David who is family-oriented. It revolves around three main characters who come together from different backgrounds. Anya is raised by a loving single parent but lives an impoverished life. Holly, on the other hand, has all the riches anyone could want except that of her mother’s love. Josh has a successful career but is haunted by the memory of a fire where he allegedly lost his Mother. And three are caught in a love triangle that has me hooked.

Like a good novel that I can’t put down, the characters are captivating and have grown on me. I don’t want this fast-moving story to end. I hope to see some heart-wrenching scenes between Josh and his Mom when they find each other. And I hope his plans aren’t destroyed by his vicious uncle. I love how Josh talks about his parents, “When my Mom & Dad fell in love, it was…magical, like in fairy tales. Do you believe in magic, Anya?” David’s, I mean Josh’s  flirty “You’re looking at me.“ sassy line he spoke on the bus to Anya is now a classic!  Josh is as almost as irresistible as David Archuleta. Almost. 😉

I wonder if Aladdin will be the one to put the pieces of the puzzle together since he saw Josh’s watch strap?

In any case, MyDearWriter’s latest tweet has me **spazzing** for more Nandito Ako:

LOL! All the things you’ve seen so far are nothing compared to the ultimate Romantic Bradley in action.


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“Nandito Ako” trailer – What Are Your Favorite Parts? ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Friday, February 10, 2012

picture credit: Carlo Valenzona

Since the trailer for “Nandito Ako” was released several days ago I’ve watched it more times that I care to admit. I’m mesmerized by the fast pace, the Tagalog language, the intriguing storyline and mostly by seeing David in his first serious acting role. Staff Writer Betsy, casually asked me what my favorite part of the trailer was. It wasn’t a difficult question but it’s hard to choose  just one so I came up with a few.

1.  The restaurant scene. Josh and Holly are sitting at a table and Josh tells Holly that she can speak in Filipino if she wants. Holly then asks Josh if he understands it. Josh makes a cute sound like “oh uh”. Holly, with a big smile, tells Josh that he is amazing.

2.  Josh sings “Nandito Ako” outdoors with a few of the members of the cast around him.  I can’t get this melodious song out of my head.

3. “You get out of my house! You get out of my house!”, Holly’s mother screams at Josh, who retorts “Let me explain!”

I could go on and on but now it’s your turn. 🙂

Thanks Betsy, for the inspiration. 🙂

credit TV5Philippines

collage by djafan

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David Archuleta aka Josh Bradley ~ Confident, in Charge, in Concert, and on the Move!

Posted by djafan on Friday, February 3, 2012

Credit @Kariiontour

Howdy! Here are the upcoming events on David’s busy schedule these next few days. Whew! Try to keep up cause it’s gonna be LIVE and coming at you fast!

Friday, 2/3/12

Join David, Eula Caballero, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and the cast of “Nandito Ako” on set as they film Josh Bradley’s concert scene this Friday, February 3, at the Tanghalang Pasigueno. Crowd participants can bring concert paraphernalia such as glow sticks, posters and banners provided posters/banners make use of the name “Josh Bradley”, not “David Archuleta.”

Saturday, 2/4/12

Grand Fans Day at SM Megamall Cinema 4 in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, this Saturday, February 4 at 12pm PHT.See David and his “Nandito Ako” co-stars Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Only 500 tickets will be distributed for the Grand Fans Day.

Sunday, 2/5/12

David Archuleta is headed to Singapore this weekend! This Sunday, February 5th, David will be doing an in-store signing session for The Other Side of Down-ATE at HMV Marina Square, starting at 3.30pm SGT.

Tuesday, 2/7/12

Star World American Idol Party on February 7th, featuring a special performance by David, and one lucky winner will even win a “money-can’t-buy” experience with David.

Saturday, 2/11/12

David Archuleta will be among the artists performing at the Pyropalooza, at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds in the Philippines on February 11, 2012.

What what?

@MyDearWriter MyDear Writer
Appetizer: Josh Bradley concert: Main course: NANDITO AKO series. Dessert: ‘OMG.’
 Y’all have a nice week.  I certainly plan to.  😛

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On the Beach with David Archuleta ~ Final Week of Taping Nandito Ako

Posted by djafan on Sunday, January 29, 2012

The final week of Nandito Ako finds the actors tweeting on the move, headed for the resort town of Batangas, about 3 hours from Manilla. Beach scenes FTW! This should be a very interesting week for David and company. Will he wear beach attire? Will he sing to his love as he strolls on the sand? Stay tuned this week for the final episode of: On the Set of the Bold and  Beautiful, Young at Heart and Still Restless, All My Chillin’ Fans of Nandito Ako.

Batangas at sunset

Eula Nandito Ako

5:35 am and it’s already so traffic? Oh Lord!
WRAP! Done with Regal Shocker. Now heading straight to Batangas for Nandito Ako taping. Thankyou Lord! Everyone be safe! 🙂

Jasmine Nandito Ako

Photo: Go on leave me breathless

MyDear Writer

Getting ready for Day 11. Looks like we will sleep after Valentine’s Day. Or maybe after the airing of the first episode. We ♥ #NanditoAko ☺

Advisory: 21 days to prepare the lungs, the vocal chords, the eyes & the ♥HEART♥. A glass of water may come in handy. ☺

Road trip. ☺

I didn’t know that a ‘possible’ shirtless scene would stir such interest…. Hmmmm…. Cliffhanger! ☺

Note to self: Insert new scene. Description: more skin. Wardrobe: not needed. Props: sun block lotion ONLY. ☀☺

Oppss. That last tweet was for my other script. Was just thinking aloud. ☺

Seriously- u can’t expect shirt & jeans in a beach scene come on! And the story is set in a tropical country- the possibilities are endless!

Sunrise. Rice fields. Perfect. ☺

Magic hour. ♥

Anything could happen. Even… 🙂

I kissed a dolphin and liked it. Ready to up my game. haha.

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