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Posts Tagged ‘I left my heart in Cleveland’

Being There

Posted by djafan on Thursday, October 21, 2010

photo credit FG and google maps

It seemed a day much like any other day.  I spent that routine Monday morning performing my job in as proficient and professional a manner as befits the adult I profess to be.  It was almost noon before I got a chance to check my email.  That’s when the logical, responsible adult left the building and the reckless, impulsive teenager scrambled into her place.  How else do I explain the giddy, heart-pounding devil-may-care-cause-I-sure-don’t feeling that came over me when I saw the offer of a VIP to see David?  What matter that the event was in Ohio and I live in Mississippi?  That I would need to take the following Monday off knowing full well that was nigh on impossible?  That I would have to once again inform my husband that I would be flying all the way to Cleveland to see David, as I did last winter for the CFTH concert?   Mere trifles.  No, the only thing that troubled my pubescent mind at the time was:  what flights are available and how cheap?

Such is the life of a victim of ODD.  You can’t explain it or fight it.  You just have to go with it whithersoever it takes you, and mine was taking me back to Cleveland.  Back to Yjfanofdavid, Tofan, Refnaf, and to a first time meeting with the Funny Girl and Marciami, my wonderful benefactress who was kind enough to give me the VIP.

I got the green light from hubby and boss, booked my flight, obtained a ticket for Skate for the Heart from someone who was selling them at a discount online and packed my bags.   The weekend zoomed toward me in a frenzy of fanticipation and suddenly I was fastening my seatbelt and thinking ‘bout parachutes and aaiiirplanes while my plane headed for the other side of down.

Arriving on time at the Cleveland airport, I called the hotel desk clerk, Courtney, (I was on a first name basis with her before I left Mississippi) to request a shuttle to pick me up.  The driver’s name was Tony who informed me he could take me anywhere within a 10 mile radius of the hotel during my stay.  He talked of restaurants in the area and mentioned a very good 4 star Thai restaurant.  Thai?  My ears perked up at this.  After settling into my room and making sure I had good internet connection I called down to the front desk for Tony.  In a few minutes Courtney calls me back to say Tony was ready to take me wherever I want to go.  So first I want to go to WalMart to pick up some Diet Dr. Peppers.  Also, there is a heated pool and spa at the hotel and I forgot my swimsuit.  At the WalMart, I boldly ask a clerk where the swimsuits are.  It is October and I am in Cleveland.  To my surprise she points me to a sparse rack of rejected remnants, mostly huge or teeny and all hideously ugly.  By some lucky twist of fate or some twisted luck of fate I find a 2 piece brown and purple mismatched horror that fits for 2 dollars.  As soon as I pay, I notice Tony in the hotel van drive up and off we go to the “The Wild Mango.”  He tells me to call when I get done and he will take me back to the hotel.

I have had Thai food before years ago and enjoyed it.  But this..I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  It was like listening to David’s voice with my taste buds.  It was that good.

I know you want me to get on to the part about David and all that but not yet.  Back at the hotel, I obtain a skimpy pool towel from the aforementioned Courtney, don the ghastly 2 dollar 2 piece, and wrap what amounts to a dish rag about my waist.  A pair of short boots completes my ensemble and in this manner I make my way through the lobby and at last to the pool.  The pool is like ice so I join a lovely older couple in the hot tub who are on their way somewhere for something or other I don’t recall and we have a nice long conversation about it.

In my room again I dine on Diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate and go online.  I plan on staying up late surfing the net because YJ is not picking me up until 1pm.  I set my clock for 7:30am anyway so as not to be late.  Alas, after the long day, the flight, the rich food and the hot tub, I pass out from exhaustion at 10:30 and wake up only when housekeeping knocks on my door.  What time is it, I ask?  10:30!!  I have been sleeping for 12 hours!  I rush down to breakfast with bed head in my pajamas and socks…are you seeing a pattern here?  Luckily I do not have Silverfox’s magnetic attraction to hotels David is staying in.  Bwahahahaa!!!  Whatever.  Back to the room to shower and dress.  YJ sends me a text that she is TOO EXCITED!!! to wait and is leaving in 10 minutes to come for me!  We greet each other hurriedly with a hug and much laughter and make a mad dash for the car, climb in, and buckle up.  OMGOSH, we are so ready to go!   We can hardly believe we’re actually on our way to see Daaavviiiid!!!  “Wait.” she says, “This is not my car.”  We open the doors and fall out laughing.

After locating the correct car thereby narrowly averting a charge of Grand Theft Auto, we arrive at the venue so early we have our choice of parking spots.  We manage this even while getting lost numerous times for once again, I am paired with another directionally impaired person.  I am no help as the concept of where is totally meaningless to me.  I am always here.  So anyway, we walk a couple of blocks to a restaurant where YJ has made reservations for a late lunch and Tofan and Refnaf soon arrive.  Cue hugs and laughter again.  So great to see them!  We order and I have my traditional pre-David Hail Caesar salad.

At Skate for the Heart we spread out to find our seats and I discover I am sitting between Muldur, Donna and Jules.  Small David world!  There are lots of skate fans but a good amount of David fans as well.  The show begins and it is so good!  I guess I was thinking it would be kind of Disney but it was so not.  These were Olympic bronze and silver medalist and champions showing off their skills and personality in some very creative choreography.  I was enjoying it all immensely until they announce David and then everything else fades away and all that remains is a light at the edge of the rink in which a lone figure stands.

photo credit niceprtty

To be continued….

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