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Ascphil’s Recap, Asia, The Return of David Archuleta: Part 2

Posted by ascphil on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The following is the second of five daily installments leading up to David’s return to Asia.  Written by Ascphil at the conclusion of his last trip to that part of the world, and with exclusive photos by her daughter.


Since everyone at home was on vacation for the Muslim holiday, my husband found an activity for all of us to do on that day. He programmed the day to do our early Christmas shopping with our two sons and daughter. I knew that David was arriving in the afternoon of the 16th, and I was resigned to not being able to join the airport welcome. But because Naree called me the previous night to say that there will be two welcoming teams, one at the airport and one at the hotel, I was re-thinking my chances. She informed me that JR was in charge of Team Airport and she was in charge of Team Hotel, so she wanted me to be with her. I told her that I’d see if I could make it but the chances were quite slim. I was thinking of a creative way to get to the place at the latest by 3 pm. The night before our downtown shopping, I told my husband that I needed to go meet my fellow Archies at 2 pm to discuss the arrangements for the concert and that it would last till early evening. He agreed for as long as we left pretty early in the morning to do the shopping in downtown Manila. Alas, no one woke up early enough because there was no sense of urgency. So we found ourselves caught up in heavy Saturday-like traffic and got to the downtown mall by mid-morning. While we were shopping, I received a text from JR saying that the hotel welcome was not a go; she had gotten confirmation from her contact that the hotel welcome would not be allowed. It was 3:30 pm when I had a chance to call Naree to find out what was happening. I wanted to know what happened with Team Hotel. She said David had already arrived at the hotel and they were able to greet him. Whaaattt??? The welcoming did push through at the hotel! Then I told her where I was and she was very excited and told me to stay and wait for them because they were really intending to go and re-group to review what had just happened.

Since I had already missed the whole thing, I told her that my family was with me and that I’d join them after we were finished with our meal. My family was pretty chatty during the meal, so I enjoyed it with them as much as I could but my mind was obviously somewhere else. Time flies while you’re having fun and realizing it was nearing 5 pm, I became pushy about leaving for my meeting. So my husband and kids finally separated from me and went on to go to another part of the mall while I proceeded to the Archie meeting place at the mall’s second level.

When I got to the meeting place which is a small cafe, there were two long tables each with about 8 to 10 Archies excitedly chatting away and laughing at each other’s stories. About half of them were familiar and the rest were new faces. Then a tall guy named Dom from the other table joined our discussion and started relating his experience with the hotel people prior to David’s arrival. It was then that I realized that one of the ladies at the second table whose back I failed to recognize was JR and she was busy working on her laptop. I quickly rose to greet her which pleasantly surprised her, but since she was totally engrossed and preoccupied with her computer, I went back to the first table to listen to what was being related. Oh my gosh!!! What did I just miss?!!!

Piecing together the stories of Naree, Dom and a few other Archies who were at the hotel, I could tell that the time prior to David’s arrival was full of anxiety, doubt and stress for them. Their meeting time at the hotel lobby was 1:30 pm, but Naree decided to come earlier at 11 am. It was when she settled down at the coffee shop with a few other Archies that she received a text from JR that the hotel welcome was cancelled. She decided to stay put and just wait for David to arrive, with or without the welcoming party, since she had brought along the welcome banners and the baskets of fruits they had prepared for David. Then a few more Archies started to arrive because they did not receive the info about the cancellation.

It was almost 3 pm with no news from Team Airport, way past David’s expected arrival at 2 pm. Suddenly JR texted that David had landed and just left for the hotel in a white van. Not to lose hope and in his determination to see David, Dom went back to the security people outside the lobby and negotiated for the Archies to be allowed to gather on one side of the hotel driveway with their banners. He told them that they would keep to a small group of ten and just wave at David from where they stood outside, a good distance away from lobby view in order not to disturb the hotel guests. He promised them that they would not cause a commotion or approach David when he arrived.

They were finally allowed to assemble on the side of the driveway approach, and as they were lining up with the banners along the driveway sidewalk, a nondescript low silver-gray van passed by and stopped at the hotel entrance. The hotel guards approached the van as foreigners started to alight from the van. The Archies just watched and thought they were just another group of foreign hotel guests. Then the fourth to emerge was a smaller guy with a large yellow smiley on a white T-shirt but a bigger smile on his face. Suddenly one of the Archies recognized who he was and exclaimed, “Daaviiiddd!!!” Naree’s perception of the moment David alighted was that there was a sudden burst of light out of nowhere in an afternoon that was previously overcast with drizzles. David waved at the Archies who were stunned and didn’t move from where they were, as he was led inside the lobby, surrounded by hotel security. The Archies thought that was it, time to go. But suddenly they were surprised to see David running out towards them and asking if anyone wanted him to sign anything. Caught off guard and frantically looking for anything they had for David to sign, they dropped the banners on the sidewalk and milled around David as he generously accepted anything they put in front of him. Right after, and despite the initial statement of David’s tall security guy that there will be no group photos to which David questioned, “Oh, why not?”, the Sony Philippines representative graciously allowed all the Archies to take a picture with David. As I listened to Dom and to Naree’s story, I concluded that the experience of the Team Hotel was another testimony to David’s unquestionable love and appreciation for his fans no matter who and where they are from. Even if I had missed what was surely an enviable experience, I was truly happy for everyone in Team Hotel because their perseverance paid off.  And it was as if David knew what they had gone through and made it worth all their effort.

At about 6:30 pm, most of the younger Archies were bidding us goodbye after an exciting afternoon. JR decided to move to our table with her laptop as she was waiting for Team Airport’s videos to be uploaded to her YouTube account. It was her turn to relate what was happening in the video as they waited for David to come out of the arrival area. The airport security kept telling them to stay back and not move from their position. When David and his people came out, the media swarmed him such that the Archies could not see him and they felt neither could he see them as they stood outside with their welcome banners. As the swarm of media around David moved towards the white van that was waiting for him, JR, in her small stature of a little less than 5 feet, could only get a glimpse of the side of his face. She was finding the right word to describe his skin. I was asking if he got a tan. She said, no — something more like ivory because he was so white. One of the young Archies, Xeno, who took the video, said that the media was crazy around him and that she was pinned against the van in all the craziness. But she was relieved that the lei of flowers they had prepared for him was successfully placed around his neck. Then JR made an observation: Was it coincidence that the rain stopped and the sun came out when David arrived? Then there was the question of why they were texted that David left the airport in a white van but were surprised when he arrived at the hotel in a low silver gray van. JR then concluded that it could have been due to security reasons, that somewhere along the way to the hotel, there was a switching of vehicles.

When almost everyone had left, it was then that the three of us, Naree, JR and I, discussed what the plans were for the next day before the Skydome mini-concert. Naree was anxious about what I had arranged for them at the venue. They couldn’t line up early enough for VIP passes which were to be given only to the first 400 TOSOD cd’s sold on the day itself. The cd’s with VIP passes were also announced as the only ones to be autographed by David. JR was invited by her Sony Philippines contact to join the press conference at the hotel and she was told to be there by 3 pm. She had asked Naree to be with her as her ‘official’ photographer representing Archuleta Philippines. The mini concert was at 5 pm, so it was clearly a challenge to get there early enough from the hotel which was two cities away, and with traffic, a good one hour travel. At home, I started to think of what needed to be prepared for the mini-concert. I had not realized that it took so much time to decide what to wear, to look for my camera and video cam, to charging batteries and making sure the spares were also fully charged, to discussing the recording settings of the video cam with my husband (a camera freak), to carefully packing my gift to David. My preparations went late into the night since I had to keep stopping to respond and check what was happening on Twitter. I didn’t realize that it was already 3 am until I began feeling quite light-headed from staying up too late.  After I was satisfied that I had everything prepared, I finally went to sleep.

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