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Tell Me ~ Bracelets! ~ This is not Goodbye, David Archuleta

Posted by SandyBeaches on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just awoke in the predawn that has a perfect stillness and is so dark, but spring birds are singing outside my open window. The tiny little birds seem to be ruling the universe for the moment. Their songs are beautiful and barely heard unless there is this quiet. They seem to be doing their best to remind us that in every morning there is a new start, a new beginning.

But the early morning has me wondering David, so tell me, what were you thinking about when you came into my life like the moon and the stars because once I met you, then you were always there. Perhaps you did not know that you would be there for me but when faced with trials in life that required so much strength and courage, you are there. I did not look for that from you, but it has so amazingly happened. But then again it was me who invited you in.

Your music is in my mind and in my heart and spirit. I listen to ‘Tell Me” and somehow the thoughts of you leaving that come from the song become so obviously clear to me now.

Hasta otro momento,


The quote on the bracelets was taken from the song “Contigo En La Distancia”, sung by David at the Alma Awards, 2009.

“Te Has Convertido En Parte De Mi Alma”___You Have Become A Part Of My Soul.

Perhaps coincidentally, the song that David sang a few years ago, ‘Contigo En La Distancia’, is now a declaration for us to believe in, that the distance that is growing will not keep us all apart.

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