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David Archuleta ~ Chasing The Unattainable Dream by Kristin Rivers

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

credit Pamela Pike

Thank you Kristin for sharing your gift of writing with us.

How many times in life have we struggled to achieve a dream that seems unattainable? How many people told you to give up the dream placed on your heart or forget a goal that you know will change or better your life?

Since I was a teenager, one of my biggest dreams was to see and meet my favorite musician and role model, David Archuleta. I have had my share of people tell me to face the reality of ever meeting him. I’ve been told to give up, get over it and not get hopes up. No matter what dreams we have, the naysayers will come knocking with their comments, personal opinions and “helpful” commentary. Some still don’t realize how much words can hurt as much as actions.

With my dream about Archuleta, I almost gave up last year. A Christmas tour that didn’t have concerts near me…did me in. I was left devastated, heartbroken, angry and beyond tired of the waiting. With having other things going on in my life at the time, that made the blow even harder to swallow. I had to stop talking to some fans because I couldn’t deal with their excitement, leaving fansites I used to go on and ignored videos shared on YouTube and social media. It felt easier to distance myself so I wouldn’t lash out at other people. I was really losing my faith and asking God why I had to wait longer for something I wanted so badly, feeling yet again that my dream was stupid and that I should have given up a long time ago. The words of the past haunted my mind and distracted me from what my heart was trying to say: don’t quit.  There was still a part of me that dared to hope, a stubbornness that said not to quit just yet. Many of us have been told, or heard, about how people give up just when their dream would finally come to pass.

I just wanted to quit, accepting that maybe it will never happen until I was older and living closer to where he would have a concert. At times, we have to put dreams on hold until we’re better off financially, someone encourages us to just do it and stop letting life pass by or our focus is for other people in our lives than our own.

credit 8throwcenter

Earlier, I mentioned how words can hurt people. But I think we forget how words can also heal and help, especially when you least expect it. A joke to a friend over email one night In December 2016 created an opportunity that left me crying in bed the following morning and one step closer to that impossible dream finally becoming reality. Yet, the following months were still laced with bitterness, brokenness and hopelessness. I was so focused on what I didn’t have that I forgot what I did have. When you wait so long…you feel really defeated, other times broken and a shadow of your former self and still feel the temptation to walk away and accept things as they are.

This past weekend in Worcester, MA, the dream came true.  Sitting front row with some amazing fans and surrounded by 1,000 people, we waited in anticipation for what the many speakers, besides Archuleta, would share with all of us……and there he was. The moment David Archuleta came out at the beginning of the conference to sing “Glorious”…things got real for me. After seven long years…I was watching this remarkable, God-fearing man perform his heart out and inspire everyone present with his words before my own eyes. There was some laughter, plenty of smiles and moments where I was close to tears. During each break, I would be left speechless at everything: not just David but everyone else who spoke and shared their stories with all of us. Brad Wilcox talking about grace and reading to his grandson, Alissa Parker’s brave story about her late daughter, Emilie, who died at Sandy Hook in 2012 and many, many more.

In case you were wondering “So, did she get to meet him?”

Yes, I did. My lips are sealed at this point though! But, I can say this: he was worth the long wait…and boy does he know how to surprise people. David, if you happen to be reading this I think you know what I’m referring to.

I want people who read this to know your dreams are never impossible or unattainable. Sometimes they just take a little more time than other goals we want to achieve. They require holding on to hope when you feel you just can’t anymore, having faith and trust in whatever higher power you believe in and A TON of patience. If there’s anything David has taught his fans over the years, it’s patience.

Thank you for listening and reading, and don’t give up on those dreams just yet.

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David Archuleta ~ When Dreams Take Flight

Posted by MT on Monday, August 27, 2012

In a 2011 performance for Pandora’s Unforgettable Moments on Ice, David Archuleta did an outstanding job on every song. That came as no surprise to those of us who are familiar with him. His ability to sing pitch perfect time after time, along with a voice that can be both powerful and unbelievably tender is simply a fact. It’s why we are here.

Yet, as familiar with his voice as I am, every once in a while David still manages to catch me by surprise with its beauty. His performance of “Above the Northern Lights” with Mannheim Steamroller was one of those times. When the first clip surfaced, I was stunned. We all have moments in our lives that make us stop and catch our breath. This was one of those moments for me.

credit: smileylanie

I wish I knew the words to describe just how beautiful I think his performance of this song is. Unfortunately, I don’t. But what I can do is tell you how it makes me feel…

When dreams take flight.

Late one evening I was tired and trying to relax. So, what else would I do? I decided to pop in my ear buds and listen to David sing. I chose “Above The Northern Lights” because it always makes me feel good. I turned it on and put it on repeat.

As it began to play, I closed my eyes and felt myself begin to relax, drifting slowly toward sleep, feeling the worries and the world slipping away. By the second play, I was in that place between waking and sleep where reality has faded away, leaving my mind empty and receptive to the sweet melody and David’s voice.

As the first tinkling notes of the song began I could picture it in my mind. I could see the clear northern night, the icy ground covered with snow. Above, a starlit sky, and the northern lights shimmering brightly in the distance like rainbow-colored piano keys waiting to be played. As I drifted further David began to sing, and he brought me there.

Suddenly I was standing on the snow-covered ground gazing up at the mystical lights above. The more he sang, the more enmeshed in the vision I became until finally I could feel it. I could feel the cold, crisp, night air on my skin and … as I listened, as David’s voice and the melody filled my mind and my heart … I became free, weightless, and filled with joy as the magic began.

I was standing there, face turned up toward the heavens, arms flung wide embracing the night as I began floating, twirling and turning, higher and higher up into the northern sky as if on gossamer wings. Finally I was there, floating in and out among the lights, skipping, swaying, and dancing to the music of the night. I was laughing. I was gliding. I was tiptoeing like a ballerina across the multicolored piano keys as the melody played on, becoming a part of the music as I reveled in this joyous abandon.

It was beautiful beyond words. I could have stayed there forever, dancing in the colors of the night. Perhaps it was just a dream, but it was also a moment out of time. It was a moment of complete freedom and sweet joy brought on by the feeling of the song and the emotion in David’s voice. I’m so grateful I was able to remember it when I woke. Now, each time I hear the song it brings back that sweet feeling of joy.

♥ What a precious gift David has given me. ♥

You can see the whole performance of Northern Lights here:

Credit: mrayburn8743

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