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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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One Fan’s ODDyssey ~ Before and After David Archuleta

Posted by gladys1961 on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I recently wrote a comment on The Voice about who I was before February 2008. After some of the girls read it, they said it could have been an article. I said to myself, “Why not?” But perhaps who I was before David is not important: what’s important is who I am now, thanks to him.

David disrupted the daily life that I had established for myself. I almost never listened to music. It didn’t interest me much, particularly music in Spanish. I remember my dad listening to an album of Louis Armstrong and I loved it. I didn’t understand the words but I loved his voice. Then my dad passed on and I became the head of the family and since then, my life was work, work, work. So much that I had to leave my college studies.

As a little girl I asked my mom and dad, “What else is out there?” When I became an adult I asked myself the same question. This can’t be all there is in life; there has to be something more. After a while, I stopped asking and just accepted my life. I locked myself in my own world, took care of my responsibilities and nothing more.

Then one day in February 2008, someone entered my life without permission or fair warning. He just came in and stayed with me. Like all Latinos who don’t speak English, I didn’t understand what he said, but there was something in his look. I’m not sure how to describe how confidence looks. I only know that when David sings, I believe him.

I felt like a teenager again. I started to dress differently, even communicate differently. I thought I should get to know people before deciding whether or not I liked them. I didn’t want to dislike someone without even knowing them, like I did before. I’d ask myself “Why do I dislike this person if I don’t know them?” (David said this in an interview.) I started to listen to music again. I began to discover that not all moments of happiness need to be huge moments. And they don’t even have to be mine; the happiness of others can make me happy too. I learned to use social networking to communicate with friends around the world.

I remember being at a meeting the night David was going to sing a Spanish song at the ALMA Awards. The time was set for 7pm I think, but there was something wrong with the station schedule and I spent the whole day worrying that I might miss it. I asked at work if I could leave a little earlier. My instincts were right. When I got home I turned my computer on an hour earlier, at 6pm, as they were announcing David. In that performance of “Contigo En La Distancia,” we witnessed the glory and passion that is a David Archuleta performance.

I wish I could share all my stories of how David changed my life. I was traveling in a taxi to see a client and got a text message from Julieta, whom some of you may know from The Voice Unplugged. She said “They announced David is singing with Jordin in a few minutes!!!!! Hurry uuppppp!” Out of character for me, and just like in a movie, I told the taxi driver, “I’ll pay double if we leave here now and you get me to my house in 10 minutes!” hahaha. My God, what memories! I made it home just in time!

After accepting David as part of my life, I had to also accept that I didn’t understand why he was there. But I don’t let it frustrate me; I take it as a challenge. I started using Google Translator to understand everything I read about David and for a time it was enough. But not being able to understand the interviews was killing me. I wanted to understand what he was saying and I wanted to know why everyone looked at him with adoration every time he opened his mouth. I started my English studies again. And now I think the circle is closing.

What lies ahead? Beyond being a David fan, beyond the desire to discover new friends and a new world, a life full of possibilities that are now a reality? David plants seeds in fertile soil, under the sun, in the rain, during cold weather and snow, sick with fever, tired, at times almost voiceless, but always with a smile, always prepared. I believe that three years of planting has been enough. Now David, it’s time to harvest. But we all know that David will never stop planting seeds, with every song, every appearance, and every contact with his fans.

Looking back, I believed that I was living a nice comfortable life but now I realize that I existed in a shell while life continued around me. It’s said that things happen for a reason. I know that I’m a lucky person to have David in my life. David opened my eyes and showed me that I had many roads to choose from, that nothing is impossible. Now I stand straight, swallow hard, and take my first steps down the road I have chosen to follow.  Who knows, this may be that first step that leads me to see David in concert. Anything and everything is possible.

Gladys is a guest writer and long-time commenter on The Voice.  She lives in Argentina.

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Because We Believe

Posted by SandyBeaches on Monday, April 12, 2010

Once in every life
There comes a time
We walk out all alone
And into the night

The moment won’t last but then
We remember it again
When we close our eyes

Like stars across the sky
We were born to shine
All of us here because we believe.

Song by ~Bocelli/Gillies/Foster

When David first sang “Imagine”, my musical senses were awakened from a deep sleep that may have been going on since the end of The Beatles era.  The lines of the song go over and over in my mind as they relate to my thoughts about David’s most recent performance on American Idol.  David singing “Imagine” once again on American Idol, was a new beginning for David and for us.  We have waited somewhat patiently during this time to see him on a stage that seems comfortably like home to him and to ourselves.  Watching David perform at the piano, tapped into our souls and took us to places that only David can take us.  No one song generally can be trusted to move us every time, but David’s singing moves me every time.  The excitement felt by fans the world over was euphoric and for the next several hours, thousands of people sent their messages of excitement and approval of what they had seen and heard.

When David performs he lets go and allows his music to come through him rather than trying to control the performance, then absolute magic happens.  His music evokes excitement in us that urges us to move our feet and get up and dance.  The song that bests showcases this excitement is Zero Gravity as performed in Westbury.  The band, his stage crew and all of the fans broke out into an amazing group dance.  David’s music wakes us up to know the truth about ourselves as it has a way of stirring our senses, of tapping into parts of ourselves unlike anything else.  Songs like ‘Zero Gravity’, can be an energy boost lasting for hours to get the listener through any day or night.

There is a power of sound that is called chanting.  In chanting, there is a repetition of a single phrase, slogan, etc. rhythmically and insistently.  Repetitiveness has the goal of deepening our spiritual lives, whatever they may be, or at the very least, helping to bring peaceful feelings into our beings.  I use as my example the song that we have called “The Howl” but I like it as “The Call”.  I have little explanation of why I have feelings about this video other then it seems to be a call through to nature.  Thank you Abrra for taking these few bars of music and repeating them, giving us a chant.  Listen closely and feel yourself connected to the voice celebrating the human spirit, as it soothes the nerves and induces peace and calm.

“He knows he’s killing us with that soulful, heartfelt, wailing…his expression says it all. So hauntingly beautiful & somehow sad. I could listen to him do this all day.”~ By Silverfox.

With the presentation of the song of Somos El Mundo, we have been given the collective voices of Latino singers.  There is an intense joy at the heart of Latin America’s vivacious music, and Latin artists are increasingly becoming major players on the world stage.  What we have heard of David singing in Spanish has already melted our hearts and moved our souls.  “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” ~ Plato

It can be difficult to actually explain to someone who doesn’t need music in their lives what it’s like to be without music for great lengths of time.  It is more difficult to explain how David’s music fills the infinite between him and us.  We are the ones who have been moved to laughter and to tears.  We have grown; we have acquired a patience that we did not have.  Through David, we have learned how to be more in tune with the music and musicians of the world.  Finally, with great excitement, we are ready for David’s next phase in his new era of music.  In David’s own words, “I want to show people that I’m in a new phase right now.  It’s a new time for me!”.

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