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Next Leg of #DavidArchuletaTour2018 ~ Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ ~ April 14

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Picture credit: Shelley

The next leg of the tour started tonight at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, AZ.  Our own djafan is there enjoying the show! Wonder where she is sitting.

picture credit: Mesa Arts Center


Shelley is there too, and has shared her Periscope videos. Watch Shelley’s Twitter page for the latest.

Looks like another excellent show. I’m sure a lot more video will surface overnight.

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David Archuleta ~ Christmas Concert Mesa Arts Center in Arizona Tonight!

Posted by djafan on Monday, December 19, 2016

cy35d2kwiaeqocrcredit shelley

DAVID ARCHULETA is performing one night only at Mesa Arts Center as part of his Christmas Tour. Enjoy favorites, new selections and Christmas music.  Don’t miss the chance to celebrate Christmas with DAVID ARCHULETA and special guest NATHAN PACHECO!

It’s another sold out concert! 1,600 seats!  Many are traveling so safe travels to all including Dayzee and Jans!

It’s a beautiful looking theater!


credit Mesa Arts Center

David is in Arizona! Eating!

davidarchie Another Christmas show tonight in Mesa, AZ! And mmmm some ramen and a taro boba drink (with rice milk because I can’t have milk during shows) for lunch beforehand at the street boba cafe. Anyone going to be there tonight????! #christmastour #mesa #arizona #ramen #boba #food#streetbobacafe

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Jan’s recaps: 3 David Archuleta concerts in 4 days!

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, April 3, 2016

CeduXxkWQAAuxGtcredit: Shelley
     “There he is!”  I was checking my phone for any David news as we were going into Richfield.  “He’s on the same highway that we are on, Dayzee!”  Sure enough after winding around a few roads, there were the same signs that were in David’s Instagram!  We are here!  Later there was more excitement to see him walk out on that stage with his big smile and waving.  Oh, the yelling, clapping, standing ovations; he had them all!
Like I’ve said, the whole world needs to hear that voice. It’s just something special to see him live…he has that “light”.  Got to meet up with Shawna and Patty again.  Hadn’t seen them since Motab. The big surprise was when Nathan came out and sang “The Prayer” with David.
credit: 8throwcenter
 OMGosh, I never, ever thought I would get to see that live.  At the end, David had a little girl come on stage while he sang “Glorious”.  
jan1credit: Jan
When leaving, I saw a bottle on stage and went down and got it with the help of a stage hand.  Thought I had a David bottle, but when I watched the video of them singing “The Prayer”, it shows Nathan taking a drink and sitting the bottle right down where I picked it up…so…it was Nathan’s water bottle and not David’s!  😉  well, he’s second best!  LOL
On to Queen’s Creek – 1st concert
     There was an early dinner at Olive Garden before the concert where we met up with Kalei and her bunch.  It was Linda’s birthday and she was surprised to find out that she was going to meet David in person!  Awesome!
Dayzee’s and my seats were apart and I got to sit between some “fuddy duddies”!  *~X( at wits' end  No arm swinging with lighted cameras, no singing and swaying!  They might not have been in the swing of things, but it didn’t stop me!  haha.  The 3 on my right left when David left the stage.
What?  no encore??  How can anyone leave with David on fire!!!  But of course there was one!  It left me on a high all night!  He was so good!
 IMG_0095 credit: Jan
Queen’s Creek – 2nd concert
     Gwen couldn’t make it, so Dayzee sat in her seat and Dayzee’s seat went to Victoria!  I sat next to SuzyQ and it was good to see her again.  Got to meet Pat and Sweetonda, Tawna and hubby, DJAfan and more.
After hearing “7 Years” live 3 times in a row, I give in!  David puts his all in that song, he is incredible! There is nothing like David feeding off the electric frenzy of the fans.  I felt like a teenager again!  It is with love that I listened to his little speeches before his songs that gives messages on him staying in music.  Don’t ever quit singing David!
 It was the night before Easter and I was hoping David would sing something special and he did!  It was beautiful.
credit 8throwcenter

 It was so new to him he read the words from his phone and sang it perfectly.  Feeling it in his heart, he was breaking down at the end as we all were.  Thank you David, you never let us down!

 What a joyous trip! It wouldn’t have happened without the super nice Dayzee doing all the driving!   😀

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Dayzee’s recap from Arizona: “I Love David Archuleta Fans!”

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

CelzTTtWsAQxx6kcredit: Shelley

The first night in Arizona the gathering of fans began early at the Olive Garden. So great to have a group of people who don’t cut you off when you mention David. Haha

Screen-Shot-2016-03-25-at-9_05_59-PMAll photos property of Dayzee unless stated otherwise

Jan and I reached the venue an hour early and there were fans milling around everywhere. Met old friends, some we had not seen since the last time we were in Arizona (home of the infamous chair scooting incident). Some we had met at Tuacahn last fall. Seeing those familiar faces is just what you need when your tummy is full of butterflies and you are so high you can’t keep track of your tickets and keys.

doorDavid’s pic on the door

The door of the venue was covered with a pic of David and fans were standing in line to take photos of themselves with that David pic. Jan said when the line slowed down she would take a picture of that herself, but the line was constant and even longer after the performance.

FullSizeRenderLine of people waiting to take their pics of themselves
with the door pic

Inside, Jan and I separated as we had bought our tickets separately. I was by myself but had a ticket for front row center. Yayy! As I found my seat a girl jumped up from the adjoining chair and said “I hope we don’t make too much noise for you.” LOL. As I got to know this new fan I realized she was pretty much the opposite of me. She was 18, I was 81. It was her first time to see David, it was about my fifty-first. We no doubt had little in common, yet here we were, side by side at a David concert.

I showed her some videos on my phone from the Richfield concert. She was quite excited at the thought of getting her own videos and promptly started taping. About half way through the show I told her I would have to stop because my phone was almost dead. She said, “No problem” and hooked me up with a power plug she had found right on the edge of the stage. What??? Arizona not only let you take all the video you wanted, but helped you power up. I love Arizona.

My new friend Nicole was absolutely delightful. She helped me get through “Everybody Hurts” and I helped her through “7 Years”. You know, sometimes David is just overwhelming and you need a hand to clasp or a thigh to squeeze.

As soon as David left the stage I helped Nicole jump up and she gathered set lists and water bottles, handing them to fans standing at the edge of the stage. Everyone loved her. She scampered from the stage, barely escaping the grasp of the stage police.

IMG_0131According the David, the way we will be watching him drink water now since he has decided it’s weird to have 700 people watch you drink

IMG_4733It makes me happy every time I open the refrigerator door.

Nicole came and gave me a hug the second night. Perhaps we will meet again when David visits Arizona. I will not worry about her because I know she has the very best role model. Makes me happy to know there are new young fans. How long can we old ladies carry this banner anyway?

I had not met SuzieQ before, but was fortunate to be sitting next to her on the second night. I loved her for the respect and enthusiastic admiration she showed David.

Remember all those one-armed hugs we used to get from David? They have evolved into two-armed hugs of appreciation that are shared by fans of all ages everywhere!

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More David Archuleta March Madness!

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

patty screencapcredit: djafan screencap from suttygal’s Glorious video


march 23 sold out


arizona sold out


I’ll be heading out to Arizona Friday morning! If you have tickets to any of these shows too, please let us know in comments. We’d love to have you share your experience with us.

credit: suttygal

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David Archuleta in Arizona

Posted by djafan on Thursday, September 22, 2011

First and foremost we want to thank all the fans, those who weren’t able to be there but were with us in spirit, those who contributed for flowers, sent gifts, sent letters, paid for a seat and donated a seat.  The generosity of David fans is unbelievable.  A huge thank you to the fan sites, tweeters, bloggers, and others for all your support.  This was for all David fans.  Sweetonda, SandyBeaches, and Silverfox thank you for all your hard work it was much appreciated ♥  Abrra, Bebe and all you posters and lurkers thank you for holding the fort down.  I also want to thank Barbara Stowell, the event organizer for the fan seating.

Pictures from SandyBeaches:

David’s mail filled the bag! He has mail to open from several states and other countries, including Canada, Germany, Peru, Columbia, and more. It was passed along to us that…David has the best fans in the world!

The picture was taken from the front seat of the car looking back at the flowers. I placed a note in the roses saying that the roses were from the fans here from far and wide that night.

This bouquet was from the away fans.

The Sports Bag and a small gift bag from some fans that Janey wanted delivered safely, not sure how security felt about it. lol But I’ll let Silverfox and SandyBeaches tell that story.

They enjoyed the edible bouquet!

TheVoiceDA TheVoiceDA

@StevenJRob Hello… We sent you all an edible bouquet … It’s in the RV. Enjoy!

 StevenJRob StevenJRob

@TheVoiceDA delicious! Thanks!!! 🙂

Here is where everything was delivered, David’s trailer.

We spoke to Jeff Archuleta at the barricade and he said David was blown away by it all!

 I will let each photographer share the story behind their picture.


This was a David Archuleta Concert.  I know it wasn’t supposed to be but it was.  It was apparent from the get go that there was no way to avoid it.  There were thousands of people there and I’ll venture to say several of those thousands were David fans.

Once again David amazed me.  Every song, every move, his smiles and the pointing to fans, all of it warmed my heart.  The flowers and bag had been placed in the trailer before the concert so we knew he had seen them.

This was by far the best “Stand By Me” performance ever.

@muldur tweeted:

“Last night David touched hands. He didn’t just high five.”

I think of how David walked along the barricade and put his hand out, arm outstretched as he touched our hands and let us touch his arm, his hands, his fingers. It was a true exchange. It reminded me of Asia when he put his hand into the crowd and everyone touched his hand and everyone touched him.  Unreal.

Now the countdown begins for the yet-to-be-named Holiday Tour.

I saw this tweet and cracked up!

lizmag3 Lisa M

Reliving some crazy moments at the event….best one: everyone moving their chairs up! So I did & my bag got left behind about 5 rows back!

SandyBeaches has mentioned the chair moshing, new term haha.  What happened was that as David time became closer there were hundreds of people gathering to the right of us and there was about 20 feet between us and the barricade in front of the stage.  These fans were very enthusiastic and started to crowd us.  I feared that they were going to get into that space in front of the stage and block us.  So I grabbed the sides of the chair and moved up about 3 feet, I looked back and everyone had a look of “What is she doing?” The security guards gave each other confused looks so before they realized what was happening I moved up another 3 feet.  I looked back and I saw the ladies pick up their chairs and start moving up so I moved another 3 or 4 feet before they reached me and turned my back on the security. I didn’t want to see their reaction. lol  I then saw what I had started.  Everyone was hunched over carrying their chairs under them simultaneously, it was a sight to behold.  The security started talking to each other and we thought they would try to move us back!  I didn’t think it was doable but then the announcer came out and said that we had paid good money to sit there and asked them to stop crowding us. Chair moshing turned out to be a complete success!

Now your turn.  🙂

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David Archuleta Headlines The Constitution Fair

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, September 17, 2011

David  has created lots of buzz in Arizona as he headlines a concert at The Constitution Fair in Gilbert. Fans have come from all over the country plus Canada and Mexico to see David’s first United States performance since his epic Asian Tour last month.
Lots of goodies today! Several interview videos including one that revealed an upcoming  U.S. Holiday Tour!

Marylee_Angel received a reply tweet from David today when she tweeted:

@DavidArchie We’re sitting here on Twitter wondering about VIP at your upcoming Tour…what are the chances? *pretty please* 🙂

to which David replied:

@Marylee_DAangel I think the chances could be good.

One poster among several with song requests.

The stage is set for the show.

Opening act Firefly with David.

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Y’all Ready for This? ~ The Wait is Almost Over!

Posted by djafan on Monday, September 12, 2011

@StevenJRob: Just finished rehearsal with the boss! Y’all ready for this?!!!! :-) :-)

Well are y’all?? Since many of us are driving or flying out on Friday, we have a launch window or just T-minus 4 days! I have officially entered spazz mode. This will be the final update post until the weekend so… excuse me for a moment, won’t you?


Ah…that feels better. Where was I? Oh yeah. One more update post till we leave.

*Performance Time*

There have been published accounts of a 40 minute set but received this email from Djafan 9/10/11. “I heard back from Barbara and the performance time is 50 mins. If we make lots of noise we might get him back out.” 


The time is too far spent to email or send SweetonDA any cards or gifts. We are asking anyone who will be coming to please bring your cards/gifts to the restaurant for lunch or to the venue for placing in his bag.

*His Bag*

Here is a pic of the hockey bag SandyBeaches’s husband bought for David along with her description. “The sports bag is 31 inches long and much more deep than it looks, about 14 inches and expands, with different pockets that you can’t see and sporty features. There is room in an outside pocket for cards. Altogether it will take hundreds of cards. The outside will have an American flag and a Canadian tag, or something along that line.”

*His Flowers*

Two bouquets will be purchased…one from the fans who could not attend and one from those attending. SweetonDA has received enough from the fans not attending to purchase a lovely bouquet from them to him. Like I said, we will be collecting small, voluntary donations from those attending at the restaurant or venue. If there is any money left over, we will be getting an Edible Bouquet too from a place there in Gilbert. With Mangoes!!


They have all been mailed. If you are going, please email Djafan at thevoiceda@gmailcom and she will send you the time and place where you can get with her to buy one on Friday. She has to turn the remainder in to Barbara Stowell Saturday morning to be sold at the gate to the general public.


SandyBeaches has generously purchased awesome silicone bracelets for gifting to everyone going to the event! Anyone who has a wristband will receive a bracelet, shown below. She has ordered a nice variety of sizes too, not just one size fits all. If you are not going, send her one American dollar to cover Canadian postage which you can not buy here. To get her address, email her at Be sure to tell her what size you want: 7, 71/2 or 8.

*Lunch at Pei Wei Asian Diner*

We need to meet up in order to give out the bracelets and just to meet and eat! Please come to Pei Wei at 11:00 am and we will talk, chow in 5 languages and collect donations for flowers from anyone who wants to contribute. We will also accept any cards or gifts you want given to him. If you’d rather eat elsewhere, you can just come there and get your bracelet or we will give it to you at the venue, not a problem. If you have a wristband you will get a bracelet. No one will be allowed in the gates until 5:30 pm, so I hope we can spend some time shopping and enjoying the day!

Address of Pei Wei is 1084 S Gilbert Suite 601 Gilbert, AZ  85296. They do not take reservations and we have no idea how many will be joining us for lunch there anyway, so we will just invade the place and take possession.  😆

Here is the link to Pei Wei with menu and prices and visual of its proximity to Civic Center/Town Square.

So, I guess that’s about it. Can’t wait to meet up with everyone going! Can’t wait to hear the Voice live again! Yes, Steven, we are so ready! For those not going, please know that we will be sending a ton of tweets, texts, pics and vids as soon as possible! Lots of awesome photographers and videographers attending!

Did you notice this post is all in red, white and blue? It’s a celebration of the US Constitution. Let’s represent!

You think there’s any chance?


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David Archuleta in Arizona ~ T Minus 12 Days and Counting!

Posted by djafan on Sunday, September 4, 2011

May I have your attention please!!

Constitution Fair Site

Word. It is going to be very hot in Arizona (average temp this time of year 103 degrees). So please dress cool and wear red, white and blue.  The most important thing is to be comfortable in the heat. Dress code is optional. You have to dress, but the colors I mean. Por favor don’t make him have to get after you with his sharpie. Now. Time is growing very short and we have a few updates to post and discuss. I hit publish last night and then took it down to work out some fine details. Sorry for the confusion. Oh, BTW…

*Update for Gifting*

For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at

*Wristband Update*

Over a hundred wristbands have been mailed out by Djafan. She has extended the time for ordering to the 6th which gives the mail 8 days to get back to you.  Any left will be sold at the gate by the venue for fans who want to donate and get reserved seating but didn’t hear about it online. Some wristbands have been generously purchased for gifting. Thank you to you know who you all are! See me about that. I will be wearing a red hat. Or possibly a straw colored hat with red, white and blue scarves tied on. I can’t decide.  😕

*Update – We are getting Bracelets!*

SandyBeaches has generously purchased uber-awesome silicone bracelets for gifting to everyone going to the event! Anyone who has a wristband will receive a bracelet, shown below. Thank you SandyBeaches! Muwaah! A truer statement could not be worn. She has ordered a nice variety of sizes too, not just one size fits all. 🙂  I will let her post more on this in comments.

*Flower Power*

Two bouquets for sure will be purchased…one from the fans who could not attend and one from those attending. If you are not attending and would like to contribute to flowers, send a small donation to SweetonDA at her email above. Indicate that you would like the donation to go for flowers. For the other bouquet, those attending will be shaken down on the spot.  😉  We are only talking 1 to 5 dollars. Leftover money will go toward possibly having an Edible Bouquet (which would melt in the heat) delivered to his hotel room. <<<<This last would be delivered via event coordinators for obvious reasons. Here are some links for florists in the town of Gilbert if you are interested in making your own purchase. Bouquets should be brought to venue and hopefully we can get them to him after his set, along with the cards, small gifts, etc; sent to SweetonDA or brought by those attending. One large bag should do it. SandyBeaches is bringing a Canadian Hockey bag. I have no idea what that is but it sounds really cool…and manly. A little aside inside note..Djafan said Barbara Stowell (event coordinator extraordinaire and super nice lady) was surprised that we actually wanted to GIVE him stuff!  BAHAHHAAAAAA!!!  smh.

Country Blossom

*Meet and Eat*

We need to meet up in order to give out the bracelets and take up donations for flowers. Donations are optional. Lots of options in this post! “Free your mind.” lol. At 11:00 am Saturday (at someplace yet to be determined) we need to meet and get reacquainted cause that’s half the fun of a David event, riiight? ♥ No one will be allowed in the gates until 5:30 pm, so I hope we can spend some time shopping and enjoying the day. 🙂 I will let you know where we are meeting for lunch asap. I have talked to 4 places so far and will narrow it down to one in a day or two and post that info here.

Getting so excited! Can’t wait to see everyone and of course, see and hear the Voice again! That is the one thing about this trip that is NOT optional. Da man is mandatory! Feels like the 12 days of Christmas! *Goes to listen to Glad Christmas Tidings* 🙂

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David Archuleta in Arizona ~ Update for Gifting

Posted by djafan on Friday, August 26, 2011

Please see below *Addendums* Newest added 8/26/11

Credit Constitution Week Website

Constitution Fair Information

Fresh from his successful, epic tour of Asia, David Archuleta is doing a concert in Arizona for his fans on the American Continent! This event is attended by tens of thousands each year as a celebration of the US Constitution. There will be awesome exhibits, lots to do and most importantly, there will be Daaavvviiiid!!! So much love was shown to him by fans in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Let’s show him he is just as welcome by fans in his own country. Come join us and Celebrate him home!  As the above post from the Constitution Week site states, the show starts at 6pm, gates will not open until 5pm. David will be on at 8pm followed by even MORE fireworks!

It’s gonna be LIVE from beginning to end and you.know.what.he’ performance.

Nuff said.

OK, now the News.

There was a post by SweetonDA, who is from Arizona, that triggered an email from Sandybeaches (making a serious offer, she can share that part if she’d like) that put me in contact with Barbara Stowell, a most amazing woman from Constitution Week. This put things in motion that have brought an exciting opportunity for all of David’s fans. Many David fans have contacted her regarding the Constitution event, including me, so because of this she came up with a great idea for us fans; I can’t thank her enough and team David for giving us the greenlight!

A donation of $25 will guarantee you entrance to the event and a seat in an area set up for fans close to the stage!  She asked if I thought the fans would be interested I said yes and volunteered to distribute wristbands and collect the donations  🙂

The event starts at 6:00pm and they will have a designated area to line up.  Remember that it will still be very warm so be prepared.

Let us know if you are going, what your plans are, or any ideas you may have to give David a great welcome.  Seriously, let’s make it happen! Roses to stomp, balloons, posters, or whatever we can come up with.  Seeing a lot of folks wearing wristbands would be awesome as he would know they were fans.

You will need to send a self addressed stamped envelope with a money order made out to: ConstitutionWeekUSA

If you are interested send an email to “” and we will provide you with the address to where you send your donation to obtain a fan seat wristband.

*Addendum 8/14/11*

Djafan has been in contact again with Barbara Stowell of Constitution Fair to update her.  Barbara  made a small request that folks wear red, white and blue to the event on Saturday in keeping with the spirit of the festivities!  Will try to get this message out to all the sites and twitter.  I wonder if that goes for David too?  That works for me!


*Addendum 8/17/11*

The San Tan Legado is a new hotel and they are giving great discounted rates for this event.  Their number is 480-809-4051 talk to Sharon or email   Tell her you are coming for the Constitution Fair for the discount.  🙂


*Update…deadline for wristbands*

So far 100 seats are reserved !!! The deadline for requests is 9/2/11 to make sure there is enough time to get them back to you.  They are being sent out starting  Saturday 8/27/11.


*Update for Gifting*

For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at


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