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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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All Atwitter About David Archuleta

Posted by betsy on Friday, October 12, 2012

The other night I was going back through some old tweets. I came upon my entire livetweet of the Grand Rapids TOSOD show that I attended in early October, 2010. I didn’t realize I sent so many. I KNOW I have a twitter addiction, but this was ridiculous.

I know I already wrote a recap of this show a long time ago. But these are tweets that were written in the moment, most were written with David in front of me, singing and jumping and having a blast.

Right now, memories are what we have. So I thought I’d share mine.

The day started out cold and rainy. I couldn’t get out of working that Saturday. I DID leave work 2 hours early. Got home, changed, grabbed my camera, hopped in my car. Started backing out of the driveway and my car decided to die right there.

Fast forward to 2 hours later, I arrived in Grand Rapids driving my husband’s truck.  🙂

I found the area and the soundcheck was starting.

These are the tweets I sent. I am leaving in all of my errors. I was standing in a crowd of 20 thousand people.

This was the beginning of TOSOD. And ALL of these people got into it. Man, woman, child. Didn’t matter.

RT @betsyjane25: David!

RT @betsyjane25: Singing uno dos tres

RT @betsyjane25: Fs

RT @betsyjane25: Str

RT @betsyjane25: He sounds so good guys! His voice just rang out over the city:)

RT @betsyjane25: Aww he didn’t want to take up all the time “i’m good”

RT @betsyjane25: I thought people would leave after soundcheck but they know better:)

RT @betsyjane25: I see a little blue sky peeking thru:)

RT @betsyjane25: There must be 80 million people here slight exaggeration:) but it’s insanely crowded

RT @betsyjane25: The sun is coming out as it goes down-cool:)

RT @betsyjane25: Omg thf screams for david

RT @betsyjane25: Ten million times louder

RT @betsyjane25: Ryan starr singing-i like

RT @betsyjane25: Ryan starr sounds like a young neil diamond rocker

RT @betsyjane25: Hot chellie in 10 minutes

RT @betsyjane25: Where is the moshpit hospitality?

RT @betsyjane25: Aww some sweet girl just switched places with me<3

RT @betsyjane25: Faith restored

RT @betsyjane25: Last song:)

RT @betsyjane25: Lead singer has his lyrics tattood across his chest-shirt strategically torn

RT @betsyjane25: I see mikd

RT @betsyjane25: Just a few:)

RT @betsyjane25: Aww ben drummer taking pics of the crowd:)

RT @betsyjane25: Chantin “daviid”

RT @betsyjane25: Moshpit texting

RT @betsyjane25: Band is back!

RT @betsyjane25: 20 thousand jumping

RT @betsyjane25: Str

RT @betsyjane25: Hes getting hot i bet the scarf comes off

@ZachLeipham: The guitar player in David archuleta’s band just ripped a sick pinch harmonic in ballad-ish song.

RT @betsyjane25: Hes making the girls cry next to me (this was MKOP)

RT @betsyjane25: Crush omg the screams

RT @betsyjane25: Omg they wont let him leavd

RT @betsyjane25: I have never in my life heard this so much “omg i love him”

RT @betsyjane25 Now I have to remember where I parked.

🙂 🙂 Glad you’re home safe’n’sound! RT @betsyjane25: Just got home:) i heard stomping the roses in my hea the whole drive home

RT @betsyjane25: Oh I forgot – David was talking about Natasha and sang part of her song. 🙂 I love you I love you I love you

LOL RT @betsyjane25: #Latetweet #Ohwell #Missedtheboat #Everyoneprobablyknowsalready

RT @betsyjane25: Guys, the radio station taped the whole concert from the stage:)

RT @betsyjane25: With at least 2 cameras

@betsyjane25: I love that you Rt’d my tweets last night. Thanks 🙂 *crawls back into fetal position*

Video credit missCHIA

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Words With David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, May 6, 2012

Would you like to play a word game with David as the subject? Participation is not mandatory; it’s all in fun. The goal is to keep the game going until David comes back from his mission in 2014. 


The first poster posts a word about David, starting with the letter A. It can be anything from a food he likes to the name of one of his siblings to an adjective used to describe him, to the name of one of his songs to the name of one of his band members to…well, you get the idea.

The second poster uses letter B and so on. When we get to Z we just start over again.

Please continue posting regular comments as always; the game answer is to be posted right beneath your comment, like a trailer. 

When we put the next article up, the game can continue beneath each comment, for those who wish to continue playing.

I’ll give you an example starting with the letter A. No wait, I’ll do A and B. The next poster  can do C. The next, D, etc.  It’s okay if more than one person takes a turn for the same letter.

A – Archuleta (hard one, eh? LOL)

B – Balut

Remember, C is next!

Have fun!

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The Little Things

Posted by thefunnygirl on Saturday, January 23, 2010

When you love someone, sometimes you see magic in some little thing they do.  The way they flip the burger on the grill, the way one eye squeezes closed a bit more than the other when they smile, they way they hold their toothbrush or splash their feet in the pool.  Endearing little everyday things can make your heart skip a beat and make you smile.  We have been fortunate to get a glimpse into David’s world.  Anyone with full-blown ODD knows David’s crooked smile, his shy smile, his eyebrow moves, his little strut across the stage, the face he makes when he ends a glory note.  There have been so many moments we have been able to share with him, yet there are so many little everyday things we will never get to see.  We all have our David obsessions – his hair, his nose, his clothes, etc….and as creepy as he would find this exercise, I would love to know what little thing you’d like to know about or see David doing (please be respectful).  Not that we want to invade his privacy – just some curious musings by bored fans awaiting a book signing tour (please God) or other epic announcement….Does he type using the home row?  Does he roll up his sock all the way before he puts it on his foot?  Does he clip his nails from the thumb to the pinky or the other way?  Does he have an elaborate skin routine that keeps him so sparkly?

If you cannot narrow it down to one thing, please feel free to ramble on – David would approve of rambling.  My secret little thing goes a little something like this:

Pretend for a moment with me that David would actually eat a Cinnabon.  He is presented with a large Cinnabon, complete with extra icing.  No fork, no knife, no napkins.  He picks it up with his huge manhands and looks it over, planning his attack.  Will he start at one edge or at the top?  Will he orbit it or go from one edge right across?  Will he let the icing drip down or will he be sure to take careful bites that include equal parts cinnabon and icing?  Either way, this would be quite the spectacle.  Either way, there will be icing on his face and hands.  And he’ll have to do something with it.  Either way, this will end well.

FYI  – I know I am a freak, and I fly my freak flag proudly.  🙂

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