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David Archuleta ~ Layton Concert Recaps by Dayzee & Tawna

Posted by djafan on Monday, December 12, 2016


credit shelley

I love recaps!  Here are two from the lucky gals that were able to go to Layton sold out concerts.


Spent a great evening with Tawna and Ron and David and Nathan. I really liked the crowd tonight. They were very appreciative. They stood up, shut up and laughed it up in all the right places. David did a bouncy Pat a Pan. When he sang White Christmas it felt like he was saying “Hey look what I can do” as he strutted through that song. His signature renderings of O Holy Night and Joy to the World were especially moving tonight. There were some extensive ramblings after which he told us we could wake up the people who had fallen asleep because he was ready to sing now. Still loving The Drummer Boy. Numb had the lyric video playing on the screen behind him and it was a nice touch.

credit Shelley FOD

I wanted to mention the Boise VIP. When Kari first came she told us all pictures would be with both David and Nathan and we were not to ask for one or the other. David kept Nathan in every conversation. At most David VIP’s the fans are requested to submit questions for David. This time he would answer the question and then pass it on to Nathan, always keeping Nathan on equal footing. Someone asked what foods David likes to cook. He told us he can fix a bowl of cereal. With milk. That’s his specialty and only culinary talent. Then Nathan told us he did not cook, but was excellent at eating. He had a long list of favorite foods. Then he said that he liked to sing on a full stomach. David visibly shuddered, and Nathan said David did not join him in that thinking.

In Idaho Shelley told me she could not make the Layton/Logan concerts and Las Vegas would be her next. We will miss her photo and video gifts.

Thanks to another fan I have tickets for the evening performance in Layton tomorrow, then will miss Logan as I will be on my way to Vegas.

Last night I went to David’s concert with my country music granddaughter. She had not been to a concert with me since David was with Brad Paisley at Stadium of Fire. As we approached the auditorium there was a dazzling display of a Christmas light show on the opposite side of the street. We walked up to the venue doors thinking this was pretty dark after all those sparkling lights. It was just after 6 and we expected the doors to be unlocked, but no. An official came out and told us we could not enter the building because there was no power. The power company was on their way and we would get news as it developed.

Random: I currently have the Motab on TV singing David songs and they are pretty good. Not David, but pretty good.

Back to the concert. Fans gathered and huddled outside the doors. Rain had been falling all day and there was no letup. Half an hour later we were told they were trying to set up for an acoustic event. If we wanted to stay for that, we would be welcome. No one left. The time on my ticket said 7, but that hour came and went. Around 7:30 we were allowed in and found our seats. The musicians were moving their instruments down from the stage to the area before the front row of seats. Instead of scooting our chairs, they were scooting the show towards us. Great! I looked around. A sold out house and there were still no empty seats. They promised us some kind of show by 8. Lights came on at 7:45 and the musicians came down and moved their stuff back on stage. Shucks.

The emcee came out and thanked us for being so nice and so patient. Hey, we are David fans here. We are always nice.

When Nathan came out he told us of their chaos backstage, trying to come up with a set list that would work for an acoustic show.

David thanked us for still being there. As if we would leave.

Was it worth it? Any inconvenience disappeared when David stepped on the stage. When Nathan begins Drummer Boy I am no longer unhappy. Instead I am ecstatic because I know David will soon be bounding onto the stage to show us all how fun that song can be.

I thought Riu Riu was especially good last night. It was all wonderful. A forever memory.

Made me smile to see Shelley’s second pic at #37 with David in front of the big green DAVID ARCHULETA on the screen. David turned around to see what was on screen and gave a little snort saying, “That’s not a Chistmas picture!” Self-promotion is just not a David thing.


credit Shelley

David shortened his stories considerably on Saturday night. He always says he is working on doing less talking, but I want to hear it all. My granddaughter enjoyed David speaking and said, “He’s just like a real person when he talks.” Hmmm

When Tawna and Ron came to their seats on Friday Ron jokingly tried to pick a fight with us saying, “You know we have already seen this show.” No, Ron. Every time David is on stage is a new show.

Hoping for some good Ninjas for Tuesday night in Logan. I will be on my way to Las Vegas. Looking forward to a great time with Jan and David.


Ron and I had theee most fun evening last night!! What fun it is to be with Dayzee at a David concert! David and Nathan were wonderful … but then, that is not new news to anyone here! Dayzee and I giggled several times at dumb little things that David would say or do. He’s ‘just David’, still.🙂 I completely agree with her viewpoint on last night’s crowd. Layton loves David. They were also very, very open to Nathan. I don’t consider Nathan Pacheco as an opening act. Even though he does open the show, David very much includes him as an equal sharer of the bill. He will, out of nowhere, just say something like, “let’s give another round of applause to Nathan Pacheco”! It’s so interesting to watch them watch each other when they are on stage together. They are two peas in a pod, IMHO! Learning from each other and practicing on each other.

I’m going to go on a little rant here, though. Utah concert goers, get your act together! When the ticket says that the show starts at 7:00, be there and in your seat by 6:45!! If you want to purchase merch get there early enough to do it before starting time or wait until after!! I’d be willing to bet that they were late starting last night because they could see all the seats that were still empty and knew that they had been sold. Plus, the lobby was still crawling with people coming in. It just irritates me to no end when this happens. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the country, but Utahans are notorious for lateness. And, this is coming from a native Utah girl. But, I was taught while very young that late is not good. My dad always had us there with time to spare — thank you dad! Oh, and one more thing… if it’s date night and you are sitting next to your sweetie, DO NOT keep leaning into each other and snuggling (especially if you’re in front of me). The person behind you (ahem, me) wants to see the performer whose name is on the ticket, not the back of your heads that make a better door than a window. The seats in that auditorium are lined up very well so the stage can be seen … if you sit straight in your chair. Yes, I’m talking to you, Mr. Tall guy in front of me last night, with your arm around your wife and your shoulders touching, and you got there after the 7:00 start time! Okay, *rant over!*🙂 (whew, I feel better)

credit: David Archuleta

One more thing, the audience loved MLP and Numb. When we left last night, Dayzee and I both noticed that the merch tables had lines. We decided that since David introduced them the way he did during the show, that people were now crazy to get them in their hands. It was great to see it.🙂 I would love to be able to see this show again and again. Unfortunately, unlike my Duracell Dayzee friend, that never slows down, my body won’t take those long car rides for awhile. I’m hoping that next year brings improvement.

credit: David Archuleta

More Layton videos!  


credit: Shelley FOD

credit: 8throwcenter

credit: Shelley FOD

14 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Layton Concert Recaps by Dayzee & Tawna”

  1. jans11 said

    There is so much pride in my heart for all the good things that David has right now. Proud that both of his singles are doing so great. It’s about time he gets his due! 🙂 Love to see his whole album doing the same thing next year.

    Getting things tied up so I can meet Dayzee at the airport Wednesday…don’t forget me Dayzee! 🙂 Taking a week out of a busy Christmas season wasn’t too smart of me, but I know David is so worth it! ♥

    Tawna, I know what you mean about “Mr.Tall Guy” sitting in front of you. I get one every time! All of us shorties know the feeling. And when they won’t sit still, it makes it even worse. My head bobbing back and forth trying to see probably makes the people behind me a little perturbed too! Happy that you all had a great time. Seeing David is always the best. Hope you’re better each and every day.

    I’m not from Utah, but I can’t get enough of David Archuleta either! 🙂 lol

    Good for Ninja Shelley..2 vids are better than none! We can usually count on her….


  2. Jans11 said

    Enjoying all your little stories that go with the videos, Dayzee. Some people think it a little odd that I come out and see 2 or 3 concerts at the same time….but like you said, every one is different and there is never too many David concerts for the real DA fan! 🙂 And some are the lucky ones that live close enough to go to many, many of them and that is a super, duper fan! 🙂 I am looking forward to having my turn to see David live, in person in my first Christmas concert since he made his announcement many moons ago. 🙂
    Have a safe trip Dayzee and see ya Wed in Vegas! ♥

    I noticed the back of his jacket was up in back and I see why he is always pulling it down. This time he didn’t and it stayed up through a couple of songs. He would probably be upset if he knew it was up all that time since he is a perfectionist. 🙂 I love all the songs that he sings and Nathan always acts so proud of David. A couple of good joes respecting each other. Nathan sometimes has that little smile for David, that he thinks the world of him and his singing. They are 2 of the best ever!


  3. tawna21 said

    Boy! It must have been an exciting time in Layton on Saturday!! All of this excitement going on and I was at home cleaning my house! 😐

    If you want an awesome Saturday recap read what TOfan put together over on SnowAngelz. — . It’s hilarious and touching!!

    What is it about Layton and people getting sick?! TOfan was sick, I came home with the beginnings of a cold (keeping it at bay right now), and David is sick. 😦 I mentioned to Dayzee, on Friday, that I really hoped that the group didn’t all get sick when I noticed David clearing his throat frequently and drinking a lot of water. Nathan’s little guy had had a cold. Keep SF’s prayer for David’s health in your heart! ♥♥

    Jan and Dayzee have safe trips! Who else from here is headed to Vegas?


  4. djafan said

    lol Tawna,

    Imagine me in Southern California following all the happenings on social media! I didn’t realize that the power had actually gone out during the concert! Love’d your rant too 🙂


    I enjoyed putting all you’re sharing together, so much fun!

    Thank you both for coming here and sharing your David stories for all to read. W

    David had a IG story during the power outage, he cracks me up.


  5. Abrra said

    Thanks for putting all the recap comments in one place ! Love these 2 ladies to pieces 🙂

    Handsome is as handsome does 🙂



  6. Suzy-Q said

    My favorite song and performance of this Christmas show is “Mary Did You Know”. I can’t wait to see it in person during the show in Mesa/Gilbert, AZ. Who else will be there? I will be at the VIP too.


  7. Dayzee said

    Suzy, Jan and I will be in Mesa, but we are only doing LV VIP. I tried to get Mesa VIP but they were all sold.

    I love to hear David singing Melodies of Christmas. At BYU he mentioned that his dad had written the song. I have always liked it and I think he has sung it at all his Christmas concerts.

    I didn’t realize I had been so gabby until Dja gathered up all the words into one big pile. I think I may be at the top of David’s class of How to Learn to Ramble in 8 Years or Less.

    Packing up. Will spend tomorrow night in St. George, then on to Vegas. Getting antsy.

    Happy Tuesday to everyone going to the Logan concert.


  8. djafan said

    Abrra, they’re lovely ladies and I get to see them Friday! I’ll be heading out to Vegas! 😜 lol

    Dayzee, don’t ever stop your sharing!

    David at In n Out IG story!


  9. tawna21 said

    #8 — I’d recognize that thumb anywhere!!! 😀

    Hubby and I went to a Gentri concert last night at Abravanel Hall in SLC. While waiting for the concert to start my hubby started reminiscing about the times we had been there for a David concert. 🙂 I laughed and loved it! The concert was amazing and the sounds filled the beautiful venue. BUT, the sound was so totally different from David’s voice filling it. I missed those sounds. Lexi Mae Walker was the guest artist. She can ring a song to the rafters with her voice (she can hit those high notes beautifully) but again, her rendition of Ave Maria just wasn’t David’s. I find that other vocalists just don’t put the same spirit into these beautiful Christmas songs that David does. I am not discrediting these artists at all, they are amazing, but it just isn’t the same. We’ll be seeing The Nashville Tribute Band on Saturday. It will be good to see Chad Truman again. I’ve missed him on the keyboards and piano for David. Melanie is good, no question about it, but I still like Chad. Seems to be a chemistry there.


  10. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    I agree Tawna, there’s just a little something that doesn’t hit the heart and ears like David does. I also miss having Chad in the archuband. I’ll have a better opinion after Friday lol The thumb, yep lol.

    The Voice show had We and Alicia singing Ave Maria, ay ay ay, awful IMO.


    My Little Prayer

    #2 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Christian > Praise & Worship
    #2 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Christian > Holiday
    #2 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Christian > Christian Contemporary Music


    #37 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Alternative Rock > Singer-Songwriters
    #66 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Pop > Singer-Songwriters


    MLP hanging in there in Christian & Gospel!

    #4 My Little Prayer


  11. djafan said


  12. djafan said

    MLP hit 2mil views! The little song that could, never saw that coming. I love this song and I love Numb just as much.

    Granddaughter explained to me that it’s no surprise. MLP is a perfect release for Christmas.



  13. jans11 said

    So happy for David’s MLP! Who would have guessed that a little talk in a dream with God during the middle of the night would go this far! ♥

    Oh, goody, get to see Dja again in Vegas and Suzy in Mesa! 🙂 And Dayzee tomorrow! 🙂

    I’m already to go, now if the butterflies would calm down I’d be much obliged! 🙂

    Hope everyone has a good time at the concert tonight…whoever is going! ♥

    I watched the Voice last night and thought Alicia wasn’t that great at Ave Maria. Thought We was much better. And, of course, David is always the best…singing any song! ♥ Don’t care who wins tonight. I think the 4 finalists are all comparable. I really like Sundance though.


  14. bebereader said

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