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The St. George Tuacahn David Archuleta Experience

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, November 15, 2016


credit Pam Pike

My brain has been in a state of mist or fog due to three days of pure David Archuleta concert bliss last week.  Coming back to days of work waiting for me hasn’t helped but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  What an incredible time going to concerts, hanging with like-minded fans who don’t roll their eyes when you can’t stop talking about all things David.  I really really hope that David is available so we can make our trip to Tuacahn an annual event.   David is magic and in that setting, the experience is unreal.


credit Shelley

I’m going to try to share some of the things that left an impression on me from this incredible three-day immersion into David music and we must not forget the story telling, love them both.

The new songs “I’m Ready” and “Say Me”.  They’re living in my heart and I can’t wait to hear them again.  His voice, that voice just penetrates my soul.  It is a sound that doesn’t seem possible to exist. I can’t even describe it but the sensory overload is real.  I love them both but something about Say Me is so haunting and full of cry that it hurts, makes you feel the realness that is David.  It was hard for him to describe it but it made perfect sense to me.  The way he sang these songs was so raw and personal, so vulnerable… incredible.  “Numb” is the perfect song for a comeback.  I heard it last year but it sounds new, fresh.  I wondered if he was singing it differently.  Hearing the beautiful production of the recorded version might play a part but it is sooooo good.  I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

The Lyric Video

The Introduction

The Teaser

The covers, oh my, “Higher Ground” displayed all of David’s groovitude, vocally and physically.  He has a way to sing and move that is unique only to him and we eat it right up, I’m sure that this is only the beginning.

“Don’t You Worry Child” was so much fun!  Love that he acknowledged some of us would need to do the jumping at the knees lol.

“Dare You To Move” was huge for me.  The reasons he picked this song were so personal and as I listened back to the videos it hit me in the gut.  Don’t know why but I don’t like him to hurt and it was painful.  It’s become a favorite as it is so relatable.  I know to play this full blast when needed now.

The oldies, so funny to think of them as oldies when David is only twenty five.  “Something About Love” and “Crush” have to be sung.  They’re crowd favorites and I can’t help getting up to dance to these.  “My Hands” will always be one of my favorites and “Works For Me”, what an unexpected surprise!  Loved it in his new deep rich velvety voice as he strutted around the stage and so did everyone else.  And I also want to say that this band is superb.  Chad is the best backup vocalist David has ever had.  I watched the band members as David shared his stories and I love that they laugh, smile and clap every night even though they’ve heard these stories many times now!  They’re keepers.

The story telling was signature David but better.  I love for him to talk and share with us.  The entire show, the singing and stories he shares in order to relate to us, to help us understand where he is coming from all make for something personal.  A soul and heart connection that is felt throughout the evening.  David initiates and we reciprocate with applause, yelling, and screams of I love you.  David says he doesn’t feel sincere in yelling back I love you too, but he doesn’t have to.  His love for humanity is palpable and it brings me to tears.  It’s an experience to be felt.  If there are those on the fence about going to one of these experiences please go, it is so worth it.shelley-stories

credit shelley

The fan lunch surprise sure surprised us all.  I was so happy that Kari stopped by and answered some questions (I’ll refer to Dayzee for those because all I could do was smile and wonder if I was dreaming).  I was dragging chairs, something about me and chairs… never mind, to the center for the group picture when he walked in and I was able to shake his hand and thank him for taking the time to come by before he sat down.  I sat so still that I was able to record!   I’m horrible at this but it came out fine.  The words of thanks to his fans were so real, not to just the ones there but to all.  He knows we’re there to support him and he appreciates it.  And then he sits to sing!   There is nothing better than David’s voice.  I was sitting no more than four feet to his left and acoustic David is just wow.  I also love his love of food which he was curious about what we ate and we’re all trying to answer his questions about the soups.  What a guy.


credit shelley

I want to thank Kalei and her team for a great luncheon, we had so much fun.  And also for the shout out to Snowangelz and The Voice David Archuleta for our continued support of David.  Kalei beautifully stated we are a community of David fans, true words.


I also want to thank the fans who personally thanked me at the luncheon and the adms of this fan site and for continuing our support of David.  Thank you all for hanging with us.  I believe things are only going to get sweeter.

16 Responses to “The St. George Tuacahn David Archuleta Experience”

  1. Jenny said

    DJA! Great recap! And I am ALWAYS thankful to you and Abrra and Beebee and everyone else for this great forum full of great information and support of everyone who love his music! I looove “Say Me” and “I’m Ready” also. Yes, yes, yes to everything you said!


  2. Jenny said

    And thanks for the video! You got the whole thing! I’m so glad because I was in a daze and missed some of what he said! Awesome!


  3. djafan said

    Thanks Jenny!! I was shocked that it came out lol I’m never able to sit still as you have witnessed first hand 🙂 Can’t wait to do it again! Love the tease clip and you guys have to see his new IG story lol


  4. TOfan said

    {{{{{{♥DJA♥}}}}} thanks for this awesome recap & allowing me to relive such an incredible weekend… and your fan lunch video!!! had no idea you were filming, I was in my own personal daze, for sure, LOL.

    And THIS!!! “His love for humanity is palpable and it brings me to tears. It’s an experience to be felt.”


  5. Pat Parham said

    I also thank you for the awesome recaps that you have done. You always say what is in my heart and I am sure others feel the same. The surprise at the Fan luncheon was incredible, I was in shock when he walked in, all I could do is stand there and stare at him. Here HE was, in the very same room as me and all I could do is freeze and stare !!! It was an experience I will never forget. At Tuacahn, I felt I knew him better, that he was my friend. He did such an awesome job that night, best concert ever. I wasn’t going to buy another Tuacahn package for 2017 season, which I do only because of David because I don’t know what next year brings to me. BUT AFTER THAT CONCERT, THERE IS NO WAY I WANT TO MISS ANOTHER ONE AT TUACAHN, EVEN IF I HAVE TO BE CARRIED!! I love that young man. what an inspiraion he is to me and others. He shows haow much he loves us by his actions


  6. djafan said

    Aww TOfan, thank you. David has a way of mesmerizing and the best part is he isn’t even trying lol

    Thank you Pat! David was so giving at these concerts, it’s so hard to explain lol But yes come fall 2017 I’ll make that trip again. So Tuacahn get on it!

    Archie’s make your way to Indiana if at all possible!


  7. djafan said

    Teaser clip #2….Aye Dios Mio!


  8. tawna21 said

    What a wonderful re-cap Dja. Your video is very good. It amazes me that you were able to sit still thru that. I’d be so dead in the head I wouldn’t know how to get my camera going… do I swipe left or right. Between what you and Dayzee have had to say, I’m feeling the vibes from you both. I, too, hope he will make St. George an annual stop. Whether I can go or not, it’s just an amazing place for a concert. Note to his management — try to schedule it in Sept., the weather is great at that time.

    Two more days, and we’ll have the full Numb video … waiting — patiently!


  9. Dayzee said

    Thank you thank you Dja. Thanks to you I was able to relive that awesome time in St. George. When I first saw you had posted this recap I noticed lots of videos. I thought since I was short on time I could kind of skip through them and just read what you had written. I don’t know where those stupid ideas come from. Of course I watched every second of every video. And did the rewind thing and the watch it one more time thing. I should know by now that there is nothing more important to me than watching David. I love watching his hands. I noticed he is not messing with his earpiece any more. How great that we have all these videos.

    I am so excited that he is performing in Indianapolis, even though I will not be there. Excited that fans who have not seen him for so many years will be able to attend.


  10. jans11 said

    Wow, DJA what a great post! Have to say that I’m still jealous…haha 🙂 Last year was so much fun but this year was tops with The Voice crashing your luncheon! ♥ So glad that you videoed him..awesome!!!! Thanks for you and all that took photos and videos so we all could enjoy too. David is so much fun to hang with. That is the way he was at one of the VIP’s that I was at here in KC.

    Dayzee, I was going to do the same thing because it was 1am by the time I was able to get on here. But…..I watched them all and enjoyed every minute! Of course! He’s worth going to bed at 2am! 🙂 It’s 4 weeks before I come out there, but I’ve started to pack. I told myself, let’s get Thanksgiving over with first. 🙂 #anxious


  11. djafan said

    Tawna, Thank you! As I watched it again I saw that the last few minutes there was no clear focus as to what I was recording lol We need to let Tuacahn know that we want annual David at least two concert event in September!

    Dayzee, It was so good seeing you! I actually thought about not including the videos but how could I not? They need repeat watching I say lol Yes, I haven’t checked sales but I hope they’re up!

    Jans, Awe thanks! So sorry you couldn’t make it but we have to work on it for next year!

    Tomorrow tomorrow is only a day away for NUMB!


  12. jans11 said

    DJA, your bubbly excitement is so catching! 🙂 I always see your smiling face when I think of you. Gosh, David fans are so special! 🙂


  13. djafan said

    Thank you Jans! The smiling face gets me tons of teasing from the family. Most of the time I don’t even know I’m smiling! I’ve heard someone we know say that before ahem…lol I was born first so I’ve been at it much longer haha.

    And lookie here!!!!


  14. djafan said

    This song is growing legs!


  15. djafan said

    So sad…..


  16. bebereader said


    Superb. written passionately, your trademark.
    I savored every little morsel.
    Thank you for taking pictures and video.
    Loved when David asked what you guys had for lunch. Hearing “soup and salad” wasn’t enough for him. He had to ask what kind of soup y’all had.
    lol Maybe he was hungry.


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