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More from Tuacahn and David Archuleta’s 3 shows!

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, November 6, 2016

sounds-of-davidCredit: Sounds of David

What a wildly successful weekend it was! David completed three consecutive concerts at The Tuacahn Amphitheatre, making for a musical hat trick. Thanks to the generous fans who took Periscopes, video and pictures, the rest of us back home were able to witness David’s comeback in real time!  I can’t wait to hear more of his new music because what I have heard thus far is just wonderful!

Safe travels to everyone going home today!


65 Responses to “More from Tuacahn and David Archuleta’s 3 shows!”

  1. Abrra said

    Because I slowed down the site so much in last thread with all the wonderful David/fan stuff, we made a new thread. I’ll try to be careful and post links where I can rather than multiple videos.

    These are from the end of last thread, so you didn’t miss anything.

    Part 2 from the fan lunch.

    Link to all Shelly’s videos:

    Link to all 8throwcenter (Nancy) videos:

    Here we go!

    Check out @rhiminee’s IG page for a bunch of concert clips

    Do not miss these gems!

    Sounds of David Facebook has tons of pictures from Tuacahn.
    Jump in here:



  2. Abrra said

    David sends a very important message in today’s puzzle.



  3. Abrra said

    Bringing this from last thread

    From jans11
    Very important message Abs. Fun puzzle…thanks. I think like Sky, I want to be a lifetime patient. Everyone must be still recovering from the last 3 days…it was absolutely the best and I wasn’t even there! ♥


  4. Dayzee said

    My granddaughter told her mother, ” Before the concert one of Grandma’s friends told me that when the concert was over I would be in love with David. She was right.”

    When I was at the Thursday night concert with my daughter she said I seemed to know every one there. On Friday with my son he told me I must have at least 100 friends there. I spent 3 days living in that aura that David brings with him. A love fest. Today I went to the Cashman Center with my son who lives in Las Vegas. I just wanted to look over the venue for next month. A huge craft fair was in progress so we went in and wandered around with hundreds of people. I was thinking this was really weird to be in this crowd and not know any one. Bring me back my David fans.

    I remember having this same feeling after the Not a David concert in Az. SB had distributed those black bracelets we all wore. It was the first time I could check someone’s wrist and know they were crazy like me. We would see the wristband and introduce ourselves. I met so many new terrific people there. When I went to the airport for my return flight I could not see a single black wristband and felt like I had lost something wonderful. I could not approach anyone in the airport and start taking David.

    So happy the Christmas season is on the way. The time of year when David really shines. We are so blessed that he always gives himself to us for Christmas.


  5. Pat Parham said



  6. Abrra said

    I am trying to be good but this is worth posting 🙂



  7. tawna21 said

    We have most definitely seen a new David in the last three days!! I luuuvvvv the new David!! It’s great to see that he does love us, as his fans. He truly appreciates what we’ve done for him in our support and endless waiting. Waiting for him to find him (to say me) has been a challenge our patience, but what he has brought to us was worth the wait. I love what he has become. What a man!!! Yeppers!! I’m a fan forever!!

    Dayzee, I’m looking forward to BYU. We need to plan to meet — for sure! I can’t even imagine trying to come down from the high that you guys have been put on this weekend. It may be a tough one — best wishes to you all! ♥♥♥


  8. Kristin said

    “It’s great to see that he does love us, as his fans. He truly appreciates what we’ve done for him in our support and endless waiting. Waiting for him to find him (to say me) has been a challenge our patience, but what he has brought to us was worth the wait.” Tawna, very well said :).

    He looks really, really good and that makes me happy. Even the best of people sometimes need to step away to find themselves and mend those struggles within. The last two years since he came back have, indeed, been quite a challenge and I’ve seen the various responses people had on social media, on fansites, etc…and the ones in our own lives too, can relate personally as my friends saw those ups and downs and sometimes frustrations and tears during my final two years of college. I just hope the next time something rough or disappointing happens maybe some people will have more compassion and remember these good things. Not gonna lie, it’s easy to forget or doubt until you see the proof for yourself.

    For everyone who shared what they have, thank you! I hope everyone who went had a great time and by the looks of things, they have. Hopefully one day soon that will be me.


  9. djafan said



  10. jans11 said

    Dayzee glad you are “casing the joint”…Cashman…..After the last 3 days I am anxious to get out there and have my turn. 🙂 I have life here that’s going on big time with it being the holidays coming up and that will make the time fly by. So it will be here before I know it and will be so glad to talk David again. Everyone here listens but it’s just not the same.
    So glad that I can come here and talk about good times with good people!

    Kristin, I hope it will be soon when that your day will come….there’s nothing like it…there’s never enough of seeing David in a concert…you want more, more…he is just the best!

    Did I ever tell you guys that I think David is just the best??? 🙂 🙂


  11. Everything looks great and sounds great with David. I am planning now on the trip by way of Philly, Louisville and finally Indianapolis to see what the rave reviews are all about and to have a very special start to Christmas.

    Meanwhile with tongue in cheek I have something for you that is if the tough gets going, or the sledding is slow! Many articles in the news on our open and sincere invitation.



  12. Abrra said

    Some of my fav pics of David are like this. It’s as if he is in deep thought mid song.



  13. djafan said

    Still on the road. Heading home today. Exhausted, numb lol, but I’m ready to do it all over again in a heartbeat! I wasn’t planning to do Vegas Christmas show but Vegas here I come! Can’t be helped 😁

    So much fun. Once I settle in back home I will try to write down my thoughts on a weekend well spent 🙂


  14. tawna21 said

    SB.. That’s quite the route you’re taking to end up in Philly! 🙂 Cape Breton looks like a nice place. The Nova Scotia area has been on my list of places to visit, but I’ll always return ‘home’ to Utah.

    Dja.. drive safe. I can’t wait to ‘read all about it’ (news stand guy calling out) when all of you come to your senses. 🙂


  15. bebereader said

    It feels like the old days, doesn’t it? I know David has had many concerts appearances since he came back from his mission but somehow these shows in St. George were different. It’s like he’s really back now. Maybe these three shows could be considered his comeback tour. I can’t wait for my turn, when he makes it out to the east coast but in the meantime I am happily living vicariously through everyone who has been kind enough to share their concert experience with us.


  16. Abrra said

    Dang It! David fan site did a write up about Tuacahn concerts.

    “…Arriving on stage to a roar of applause David Archuleta possesses a reinvigorated sense of passion, a new lease on life after his mission and a great collection of new songs. With new material inspired by reflections on showbiz industry, fame and his mission he has a lot to get off his chest. New songs see the singer yearning for greater insight into the changing tide of his life during the last couple of years. His powerful embrace of his faith has given him power. New songs embody every type of emotion and vulnerability yet his roaring vocals ooze confidence and empowerment.”

    Read the rest here:



  17. Jenny said

    It was great seeing and hanging w Dayzee and DJAFan. I’m pretty sure they r angels. Concerts were amazing, very moving and personal. For him to show up at the luncheon! My only regret is having a near convulsion right in front of him while he sang “Numb” at the luncheon. I couldn’t help it! The more I tried to contain it, the more I looked like a violent boiling pot! I hope I didn’t gross out David too much. If I had known in advance he was gonna show up, I would have mentally prepared myself through mental imagery, etc. or taken some pill. But besides that, I was over the moon.


  18. Abrra said

    Jenny LOL I’d pay for video of you watching him.

    Another new cover from Tuacahn




  19. Kristin said

    StageRightSecrets interviewed David when he went to The Tyler Robinson Foundation gala 😀


  20. Jenny said

    Abrra, nooooo! I am almost crying thinking about him looking at my ugly crying face and thinking “gross”. 😂😱


  21. Hi Tawna…So much humor from everywhere with this election the likes of hopefuly we will never see again.

    Indianapolis definitely does not have a direct or easy flight from Halifax with long layovers.

    I have never seen a jacket like the one in comment 12 (the color is the best) that I could like any better. Is it leather?

    Anyway, I am looking forward to Christmas starting once he takes the stage on November 28.

    A big day, take care.



  22. bebereader said

    It looks like gray leather, SB.
    Isn’t it gorgeous?!


  23. tawna21 said

    Yes, SB, another 10 hours or so and this will all be history!! What a mess it’s all been! 😦

    And the jacket … David does well when it comes to choosing jackets, I’ve noticed. It’s gorgeous!

    Take care all of you U.S. citizens and please vote … I don’t care who you vote for, that’s your decision, please just use this right and vote!!


  24. Abrra said

    After all these years , this is good news!

    What the what?



  25. Kristin said

    Oh dear…lol David doing his first Facebook Live!!! He’s gonna do another later!!


  26. Kristin said

    Credit to the wonderful ShanelleArchie for sending me a DM of the video.


  27. tawna21 said

    David in all his dorkiness!! 🙂 What a character in his FB live attempt! This is why people from around the world love this guy! ♥♥


  28. djafan said

    Oh My!!!! Did not expect that. So cool….guess what I just did….I have ticket for Las Vegas….ahahhhahahahah… Couldn’t help myself lol.

    Trying to catch up at work…..see you later!


  29. Abrra said

    New treat in the Candy Jar. Can you guess what it might be? 😉's_Facebook_Live_videos



  30. Abrra said

    Updated the count!
    There are 94k views on David’s Facebook Live video on his page.



  31. clairerolfe35 said

    David has a 3 minute message and spends 7 minutes saying goodbye. Hahaha.

    We were so excited when we gathered for our St. George luncheon and Kari showed up. She was so nice and it was such fun to hear her speak of David. Later that day, just after David had left, Abrra sent me a text asking what Kari had said. At the time my head was so full of David I could not go meandering through my thoughts to find Kari memories. Abrra asked me to get back to her later because she had seen a video and could not understand what Kari had said. She thought other fans might have had the same problem and wanted me to explain what I heard. I try to please Abrra because she always pleases me.

    We asked Kari why David had changed the playlist between the Thursday and Friday concerts. She told us David did that because he knew there were people like us who were going to all three nights and he didn’t want us to get bored. At the time we had no idea what was coming on Saturday night, when he sang with Gracie, came up with songs we had never heard him sing and out pops James the Mormon. None of us were bored, so he was successful with that goal.

    We asked where David was at the moment she came to see us. She told us he was rehearsing for his Christmas shows with the band. What? He’s in the middle of performing and already preparing for the next go round.

    Kari told us David had been very nervous Friday night, it being the first night but mostly because of Numb coming out along with 2 new songs at the concert. She felt he was much more relaxed on Friday. His nervousness was obvious to all of us on Thursday night both times he went to the piano to play his new music. His hands were visibly shaking. We could tell these new songs were important to him. Kari said he had other new music almost ready to debut. She said she had a favorite that we are still waiting to hear. Eeek! Something she likes better than what we have heard? Bring it!

    When the fans told her how much they liked the apparel he wore on stage at Tuacahn Kari told us he had chosen that outfit himself. She said they had someone there to dress him and he brought out his own selection and said, “How about this?” As SB said, a beautiful jacket. Someone asked when he might wear his pre-mission pants. Kari said those pants no longer fit. LOL

    I was sitting next to Jenny when David surprised us at the luncheon. She had a big time vibration going. Half an hour after he left, she was still shaking. However she looked lovely and not anywhere near “gross” as she would have you believe.


  32. Dayzee said

    Oh shucks. Pretend the comment at 31 says it is from Dayzee


  33. tawna21 said

    As if we get bored with repeat performances!!! However, David is so mindful of others, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that he would have those thoughts running through his head. Thank you for relaying Kari’s messages to us. We should never forget the caring way that she takes care of our ‘main attraction’.


  34. Jenny said

    Dayzee, you r confusing me lol. You r so sweet. I guess I’d be preaching to the choir if I try to tell you ….I can’t describe what David’s voice, singing does to me!
    It’s very sweet of you to recap the q and a for everyone.


  35. jans11 said

    Dayzee thanks for the recap and it was almost like I was there because of being there last year. I could feel the excitement right through the computer! 🙂

    DJA Yea! I get to see you again. Meeting fans is always fun.

    Loved sending little happy faces and hearts to David while he was all amazed at the fans from all over the world! 🙂 So glad he’s back! ♥


  36. Abrra said

    This morning I was working on the Facebook Live video. I had to flip it because you know it’s backwards right?
    If you get the chance to play the video and don’t watch, just listen, you will get a good dose of the giggles. David is so random ! Hysterical 🙂



  37. djafan said

    Good morning everyone! I’m not one to discuss politics online but I have to confess the tweets about David and this election were something. It goes to show that just about everyone remembers the archie vs cook reality lol


  38. Abrra said


  39. Abrra said

    Dayzee and I text while she waits to see David. She told me all that stuff she wrote in her comment so I asked if I can post it or would she remember to do it. Here is what she told me:

    “It’s all I can do to make it to the venue. David mist is everywhere.”

    I laughed so hard at that. It’s exactly what is it. David spreads a mist in your brain that takes a few weeks after the concert to dissipate.



  40. djafan said

    That’s it! I’ve been David misted! Focus focus lol


  41. Dayzee said

    At Tuacahn I took four people who had never seen David perform in person. They were all related to me in some fashion. They were all a little curious as to why he meant so much to me, but even though they lived in the St. George area none of them had ever attended his show. I have heard from each one of them today. They are asking how to obtain tickets for Las Vegas.

    Dja How fun to see the Davids’ voting duel talked about.

    Every night David would mention how he was trying not to talk so much and do more singing. By the way, the new people I took to the shows loved to hear him talk. On Saturday David did more speaking than before and towards the end of the show he said he would go ahead and finish his story because we had an extra hour with Daylight Savings time ending. This was the longest show of the three. I always look forward to getting my hour back in the fall. I think up ways I plan to spend that extra hour. This year was epic.

    Next time I see David will be at BYU with Tawna and Ron. Woohoo.


  42. Abrra said

    Dayzee be sure to tell your family about the Candy Jar. I am sure they will develop a sweet tooth for David’s music.



  43. Abrra said


  44. djafan said

    Well this is a surprise!

    David Archuleta | Tell Me | Official Lyric Video
    Ivory Music & Video

    Published on Nov 9, 2016
    David Archuleta | Tell Me | Official Lyric Video (C)2016 Ivory Music & Video, Inc.
    Now available on iTunes:


  45. Abrra said

    This is from last year, but it’s new to me. I missed it maybe because it’s Vimeo. A nice mix of pictures of David before and after 2014.



  46. TOfan said

    A big *wave* and much love to all y’all! 🙂 (esp. you, Abs! ♥ ♥ ♥)

    DJA, was so great to see you at Tuacahn!!! and to finally meet Jenny and Dayzee!!! (and thanks for the recap of what Kari said because I was at the back of the room and missed half of that, hahaha… maybe it’s that “David mist” LOL… love that!)



  47. djafan said

    Hey there TOfan!!! It was great great seeing you! It is a great time to be a David fan!!!!! It has sure been worth the wait :)))))

    Gracie put this adorable picture up and really nice thank you to David.


  48. Dayzee said

    That is one gorgeous video at #45. Whoa! I could spend a whole bunch of time with that.

    I was thinking how lucky we were that David could visit our lunch and actually sing 2 songs. So many times in the past he was on “vocal rest” before a concert. And I remember one VIP I attended and he could not even speak. His voice was very husky and someone asked him if he was having a problem or was he ill. David told us he was often asked those questions, but this was now his normal voice. He thought perhaps the paralyzed chord might be a factor. Whatever, it is working and I find it delightful.

    Great to see Gracie and David enjoying life.

    It was nice to share a table with TOfan Let’s do it again next year 🙂


  49. jans11 said

    #45…Oh yeah…that’s our Angel alright! 🙂 Nice! How did we not see that one before!!


  50. Kristin said


  51. Kristin said

    Woo woo!!


  52. Abrra said

    That’s great that David will get play on satellite radio. A call in interview would be frosting on the cake. 🙂



  53. Abrra said

    Suttygal recorded Numb on Siriusxm



  54. Jenny said

    Hi TOfan! It was great to meet you too! David mist, for me it’s a David fog. Still can’t think straight. I’m trying to remember that he’s just human but on the other hand, it’s nice to have someone just the thought of whose face makes my brain explode w happiness. I know it’s his music that makes me feel this way but when I see how sweet he is in person, my brain gets confused lol.


  55. Dayzee said

    One week ago I was looking at David. Like Jenny, the thought makes me smile. Thanks to all you folks who record and share these events.


  56. Abrra said

    It’s Sunday. Just smile. 😉



  57. Dayzee said

    Abrra, now that is a championship smile. I’ve forgotten where that pic was taken. Can you tell me?

    I would like to tell you about a girl I met in St. George. It was after the second performance on Friday night. Several of us met at the Black Bear Cafe. We were swimming in the River Euphoria, having seen David 2 nights and still looking forward to another. At the table with me were Marciami, my daughter who had seen her first David concert the night before, and a girl who grew up in a tiny village in Indonesia.

    When she was 13 she saw a 30 second snippet of David from AI. She was gobsmacked. The next day she traveled to a larger village where they had TV and happened to see a newscast announcing David Cook’s win over David Archuleta. She was surprised to realize this was the same fellow and very excited to have his name. She saved her money until she had earned $2. This was equal to 3 meals. She spent the money for internet time available in the larger village. She was devastated to find that all information was written in English. She obtained a language dictionary, saved another $2 and returned, translating as best she could. She was now determined to learn English. She continued to keep track of David. One time she was on a scholarship in Europe (I am thinking France, but not sure). David was in the same city, but she had to perform at the same time as David’s show or she would lose her scholarship. Again, she was on a mission exchange program in Chicago and narrowly missed seeing David. She is now 21 years old and lives in Abu Dhabi. She spent 20 hours on a plane from Dubai to Las Vegas and arrived in St. George to finally see David. She was not disappointed.


  58. tawna21 said

    Dayzee, that story is incredible!!! Bless that sweet girl’s heart for her determination to see David! ♥


  59. Abrra said


    Its a screen cap from an interview video from last year? I forget exactly, maybe to do with Meet the Mormons promotion. I do recall him being asked if he had a girlfriend (it was a fan question) and he got all flustered.

    Is the girl Dhia Fani? She made an incredible fan video using Numb and scenes shot around St. George and David performing at the fan lunch. Talk about determination! David’s music has a way of settling inside your brain that forces you seek him out no matter the distance.

    Dhia Fani
    “Published on Nov 13, 2016

    This is a video of David performing “Numb” during the surprise lunch. I initially did not want to post this online because there will be a music video coming up from him. Nevertheless, I have been made aware that this event was so important to so many people who were in the room or even those who were not there. So, I decided to put it up here and to share it with you.

    Please support David by purchasing his single “Numb” here:

    P.S. I made this as a film editing practice since I’m taking film classes this semester.”

    Thanks to Tawna for the heads up on the link for this video.



  60. Dayzee said

    Yes, Dhia is the girl I met. What a beautiful video.


  61. jans11 said

    56…Love the puzzle Abs. Today has been a busy one and I forgot about the puzzle til I got on the internet. It was a pleasant surprise!

    57…Dayzee that is a wonderful story. David has a way to make people do things like that. He makes things possible for us and we do the same for him!

    59…Thanks Dhia! What an awesome video! So glad you didn’t give up. ♥


  62. djafan said


    Beautiful video from Dhia!

    They’re playing Numb on Florida radio!


  63. Abrra said

    David is being a tease AGAIN!



  64. tawna21 said

    So… I’ll rate the 8 second clip with a two thumbs up 🙂


  65. Kristin said

    What the? Why on earth is he in Mexico?


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