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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta Returns to Tuacahn in Saint George, UT for three concerts! Plus new “Numb” lyric video is here!!

Posted by bebereader on Thursday, November 3, 2016

ctoejgaukaaz1wlSt. George, Utah one year ago/credit pocoelsy

Exciting days coming up with three concerts and great weather ahead. It’s almost one year to the day that David performed at the Tuacahn Amphitheater in St. George, Utah!  He must have been a success because he will again have three concert appearances in the same venue, starting tonight, Thursday, November 3, then Friday, November 4 and concluding on Saturday evening, November 5.  If you’re lucky enough to attend any of the three shows, have a grand ole time and please report back to us, every little detail you remember!

tuacahn_fountain_signphoto credits: Tuacahn website


From the Tuacahn website:

“The Tuacahn Amphitheater is a 1920-seat open-air amphitheater…The rear of the stage is open to expose the desertscape and red rock cliffs behind the stage which contains lighting, sound, pyrotechnical, and water effects installations. The area behind the stage is a mixture of natural stone and naturally colored concrete. This concrete riverbed was installed during initial construction to facilitate a massive 55,000 gallon flood of water that comes from the back of the canyon and across the stage toward the audience. Though conceptualized and custom-built for the “Utah!” production, this special effect and other water effects have been featured in numerous productions at Tuacahn.”

Djafan, Dayzee and Jenny and all other fans going: Hope you arrive safely!  It’s 55 and sunny in St. George, according to my Weather Ap. Enjoy yourselves. Wish we all could join you!

And look what we have here! The lyric video for “Numb”, already with close to 2.500 views in a matter of minutes!

88 Responses to “David Archuleta Returns to Tuacahn in Saint George, UT for three concerts! Plus new “Numb” lyric video is here!!”

  1. Kristin said

    I feel nothing but joy and happy for David. The lyric video is awesome, I love the sound…and now I’m gonna try to perfect it by singing LOL Just wonderful 🙂


  2. angelofdja said

    Dja & Abrra, thanks for your help in finding a taker to fill the seats I cannot at Tuacahn! FYI, I contacted the box office as Djafan suggested, they pulled up my name and attached a note for Juleelynn to use the tickets! I’m waiting for her response to my email so she knows the tickets are available to her!

    WOOT! WOOT! I am so happy those seats won’t be empty!


  3. Abrra said


    That’s good news! We try to assist in getting folks hooked up when both parties post here. It makes it so I can grab email addresses from the “back room” to pass along.

    Preparations are under way in St. George.

    Fans are all over Twitter announcing their arrivals In Las Vegas, then driving to St. George.



  4. Abrra said

    I suggest that everyone look up your local radio music station and tweet the link to Numb and ask them to listen.



  5. Kristin said

    My brother works at a radio station down in CT, just tweeted his work hehehe will be looking forward to and probably dreading him texting me to ask about that…


  6. Kristin said

    That didn’t take long he said to stop tweeting his workplace XP *rolls eyes* anyone wanna go harass my brother on Twitter by tweeting the link to him lol?


  7. Kristin said


  8. oliveoil said

    I’m so proud of him . Great song, great lyrics , great lyric video, and of course, the greatest voice !!! This is the perfect reintroduction of David to the music world. :):):):):)


  9. Abrra said


    It’s a public station so feel free to tweet whatever you want. What they do with the info is up to the program director.



  10. Kristin said

    Well Abrra, I shall but I don’t wanna be annoying XP My brother certainly made me feel like crud it was one flipping tweet sheesh!! I tweeted at the station not at him.


  11. bluesky4home said

    Wow!! The lyric video is all I hoped for. I love the arrangement and music editing. I am SO amazingly happy for all who are going the next two days!!! Yippeee!!!

    This is it. You may not be here, but this is the beginning of his trek east, north, south, and west to the far east.

    Just wait.

    No. Don’t wait any more….celebrate the phenomena: “Coming to a city near you!!”

    I feel it in my bones.

    bluesky ^_^


  12. Abrra said

    You cannot escape my scream cap catcher, David!

     photo Fullscreen20capture201132016206501320PM.bmp_zpsknraowac.jpg

     photo Fullscreen20capture201132016206502920PM.bmp_zps7nbpkjyn.jpg



  13. tawna21 said

    The excitement is rising! The floodgates are ready to be pushed open!! Bring it on!!!

    Can’t wait to hear some stuff from tonight! 😀

    Abrra – scream caps for the win!!

    Just pondering (it’s a little slow at my house right now) … I wonder why David decided to start wearing sunglasses. Remember, back in his teen years, when all of us moms and grandmas (and you too, Ray) were wishing he would protect those golden hazel eyes and he didn’t? Well, I for one am glad he came to his senses. 8)


  14. Abrra said

    I like the new branding logo.



  15. Kristin said

    Very nice merch there. Saw this on Twitter, awesome write-up on Billboard 😀 My Little Prayer will come out as a Christmas song!!!


  16. Abrra said


  17. Abrra said

    Soundcheck for Gracie Schram



  18. jans11 said

    Thanks for all the goodies, Bebe! Gosh, it sure doesn’t seem like a year has passed since I was in St. George seeing David at Tuachan! It is a beautiful place, for sure. So happy that he chose to stay in music….thus….the song Numb! I agree with you, Bluesky, he is getting there, slowly but surely. Wish I was there again this year, but happy for all those that got to go. Sounds like the whole gang is there…band wise and fan wise! 🙂

    I noticed David’s reflection in his sunglasses of him holding his phone… 🙂

    #cantwaittihearwhatsongsheissinging #lovehistshirts


  19. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Great view!

    credit Joanie S


  20. bebereader said

    djafan just texted that Gracie just finished.


  21. bebereader said

    1st Periscope from djafan! Thank you! “Parachutes and Airplanes”, “Works For Me” and “Elevator”!


  22. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit rhiminee


  23. bebereader said

    djhsail’s Periscope


  24. bebereader said

    rhiminee’s Periscope


  25. bebereader said


  26. bebereader said


  27. bebereader said


  28. bebereader said


  29. bebereader said


  30. bebereader said


  31. tawna21 said

    I sure hope Rhiminee’s periscope will be captured … Abrra (wink, wink). I can’t stay to listen to the whole thing, but I’m loving what I’ve heard. I mean LOVIN’ IT!!

    Can anyone tell if it’s the same band, other than Brady?


  32. tawna21 said

    Never mind… I got caught in the periscope… it is the same band. 🙂 🙂


  33. clairerolfe35 said

    Tawna it is the same band.

    I took my daughter and her friend for their first David concert. When David was in the middle of rambling my daughter said “Oh I get it now. He’s adorable”. He is still the king of ramble.
    When the concert ended they both said it was amazing.

    He was clearly nervous and excited about his new music. Me too.

    Lots and lots of forever fans showed up. And David thanked us once again for continuing to listen.

    Sorry but my mind is swimming in David dust and I cannot make any more sentences. Maybe tomorrow


  34. tawna21 said

    Hugs, Dayzee!!!!


  35. jans11 said

    Dayzee, so glad your daughter and friend went this time. Last year she said someday she would have to go just to see what the fuss was all about! 🙂 Well, now she knows! 🙂 From previous post I seen that your granddaughter was in the hospital. So glad she is better and here’s to a speedy recovery. ♥

    Also, Tawna, seen that your hubby had some problems and hoping that he is much better. ♥

    Thanks to all that shared the concert with us. I heard most songs except one of his new songs and hope it has been recorded. I hope he keeps the same band. I really like them. Brady is awesome.


  36. jans11 said

    Love it!


  37. clairerolfe35 said

    David sang 2 new songs, I’m Ready and Say Me. His hands were shaking as he sat at the piano alone on the stage. At the end of My Little Prayer there were obvious tears. An emotional performance

    I thought maybe he would do the Workin’ song as a duet with Gracie but that didn’t happen. 🙂


  38. djafan said


    Just got to room. I cannot sit still to do a de ent recording! Lol. Oh David, you guys he’s incredible! I looked for Dayzee but. Ouldnt find you!

    Day two coming up!

    I apologize for going mia. He turns my brain to mush!


  39. Abrra said

    I am holding off until all the shows are finished before I pick performances for the Candy Jar. I must conserve space so I will probably put up the new stuff. Periscope videos now stay on a person’s account until they delete them.

    Love his version of Black Bird ( closer to the original) more than his Myrtle Beach version.



  40. Abrra said

    Thanks to Shelly for her videos! I will be adding more as they are available.

    And Liz-Mag has some coming, too! Here is a new cover.




  41. Bluesky said

    38 Djafan!!!! 😋
    Hold on to something. But don’t come down till you have to. ^_^


  42. Abrra said

    Some videos from Nancy!



  43. Abrra said

    We agree with you Pastel!



  44. clairerolfe35 said

    David was the only topic at my daughters home this morning. They kept saying they had no idea. Their favorite part was when David danced. And when he talked. Oh yes, and the singing. Last year they were thinking Jan and I were pretty odd, but now they are bubbling over With ODD. I’m loving it.

    Tonight I am taking my 14 year old granddaughter to her first concert. Got to be awesome. Best way to start your concert life is with David.

    Hope to see Jenny and DJA tonight. Looking forward to Saturday. So many nice people attend David events.


  45. Kristin said

    Today is the day!!!


  46. Kristin said

    Thanks to periscope, was able to listen to Say Me. Wow…(hands over heart) I loved it.

    Also, checked out that cover of Don’t You Worry Child, that was awesome!! Kept laughing with him jumping all over the place like a jumping bean it was great! Will have to watch for the periscopes tonight for that other new song XP.


  47. Abrra said

    Kari posts about David’s new song Numb.



  48. moelita said

    Abbra, thank you for the Candy Jar gifts. Truly beautiful. David is one in a million.


  49. Abrra said

    Article I want to re-post here is by Brian Passey, see #42 for his IG picture of David performing last night.

    365 Days of Love, Day 351
    Brian Passey·Friday, November 4, 2016

    On Thursday I wrote about the power of art to not only entertain but to actually create joy. Appropriately enough, tonight I attended a concert that did just that.

    Last year I had the opportunity to review a performance by David Archuleta at Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivins. I went to the concert almost grudgingly. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the show. In my mind, he was a good singer but I assumed his music lacked substance. So I was just there to do my job.

    It turned out that I was wrong about David. While it still wasn’t my favorite type of music, I found myself entertained by his performance and intrigued by his stage banter as he told the stories behind his music and even why he chose to sing certain songs. A middle-aged woman sitting next me summed up the night perfectly when she described him as “endearing.”
    A couple of weeks ago I actually interviewed David. We talked for 45 minutes and I became further impressed by him. He saw stardom at an early and impressionable age. The massive fame that came after becoming the runner-up on “American Idol” at age 16 could have ruined him. But it didn’t. Eight years later he remains genuine.

    Throughout the concert he spoke of his love for his sisters, the importance of inner beauty and the power of simple acts of goodness. He said life is about making choices. We can choose to be greedy and selfish and angry. Or we can choose to smile at someone or take a moment to just say hello.

    At one point in my notes I put a star next to something I wrote, indicating that it was an important thought. This is what I wrote:��“He’s real. That’s the allure. He performs like a star but he talks like a real person.”
    Those were my initial notes. I would add to them that he is not just real, but also genuine. I believe he truly inhabits the sweet spirit he projects on stage. And he doesn’t just “talk” like a real person, he “engages.” That is why his fans love him so much. He talks to the audience in such a way that it’s almost is if he’s having a personal conversation with each person. He makes them feel special. He brings them joy. He provides far more than simple entertainment.

    Nathan, my new Little Brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters, attended the concert with me. I think he liked it but he’s so good-natured I probably wouldn’t even be able to tell if he hated it. But we had the chance after the show to briefly meet with David and get our picture taken. There was a line so we didn’t a long time with him, but I briefly introduced myself as the reporter he had spoken with two weeks earlier and then introduced Nathan as my mentee. David immediately focused on Nathan, treating him like he was the only other person in the world for a few moments, even though dozens of people were still behind us in line.

    At David’s concert last year I noticed that many of the younger fans would yell out “I love you” to him. It was obvious that it made him feel awkward. So I asked him about it in my interview a couple of weeks ago. He said he has simply learned to say “thank you” because he doesn’t believe in being something he’s not and saying he loves someone when he doesn’t truly know that person.

    Some might interpret that as being aloof but that’s not the way he means it. He simply wants to be genuine. He doesn’t want to lead anyone on with some sort of celebrity crush. It’s not that he doesn’t have love for his fans. In fact, it’s the opposite. He has a loving personality. He shows that love to his audience and that’s why they scream “I love you” to him. He may not be saying the words, but he’s the one actually starting the exchange. In reality, those screaming from the crowd should be saying “I love you too” in answer to the message he his conveying to them.

    Yes, I have become a fan of David Archuleta. While I think he has a fantastic voice, I’m not a fan of his music as much as I’m a fan of him. I just think he’s a swell guy. And he’s a great example of an entertainer who truly strives to live the motto of this project: Love first.



  50. Abrra said

    You are very welcome.
    I thank the fans who give me access to their videos so that I can share the music.



  51. Jenny said

    Thank you Abrra for putting vids together. Nice write up from the reporter.
    David has surpassed my high expectations last night. It was even more energetic, personal, touching and joyful than last year’s. His new songs w him playing piano…what a gift.


  52. Abrra said

    Numb, live!

    What is that move at :05? lol




  53. bebereader said

    Glorious – Encore

    credit: Austin Leslie


  54. tawna21 said

    Thank you, to the moon and back, for all the videos and pictures that you’ve gathered, and posted, from those who supplied them. There isn’t enough thank yous to express my thanks!

    And that report from Brian Passey — WOW! Did he hit it on the head or what!?! Love that write-up!

    You’re right about Blackbird. It has more of a ‘David feel’ to it now… mellow, mature. He’s sounding so, so amazing!

    Dja, Dayzee, Jenny…. are you hanging on?! 🙂 Don’t let go … we want you back here in a few days!!

    numb. I. Love. It. When does the video come out? Or have I just missed it somewhere?


  55. Abrra said


    Its what we do 🙂
    I can’t stay awake for these shows anymore. Thanks to Bebe for posting last night. I am an early riser so I catch things up in the morning. Bless periscope for not deleting the videos anymore. That’s what I look forward to first. Then the fan videos start to trickle in. 🙂



  56. bebereader said

    My Little Prayer

    credit: Austin Leslie


  57. jans11 said

    Dayzee, so glad that your daughter sees what we see now. David has caught some more fans! How does he not??? 🙂

    49…Yep, Tawna, he sure did. He described David to a T! Great article.

    Exciting for all the fans on the 2nd David concert. David, you are awesome……


  58. tawna21 said

    Thank you Bebe for covering the bases for us last night! It’s so comforting to know that we have admins that cover both ends of the candle for us. We are very spoiled, but know that it does not go unappreciated or unrecognized! Love you keepers of the watch!!!!


  59. MT said

    Hope this works. It should be an Instagram (Thanks, Joanie!) of David singing a Stevie Wonder song. If I mess this up, can one of the admins fix it? Pretty please. 🙂


  60. MT said

    Oops, forgot to say thanks to Bebe and Abrra for all the goodies. Thanks!!! 😀


  61. jans11 said

    Thanks MT…Love it…Good job David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  62. skydancer1x said

    the whole enchilada! liz got it!





  63. Abrra said

    The Stevie Wonder song is Higher Ground



    A few years ago we admins gifted The Beatles song catalog via iTunes to David as a birthday present. Our wish was to allow him to have all their songs to inspire him to do some covers. Hoping it will pay off and we get a few more songs.

    This is just the best cover of one of my personal favorite Beatles song, Black Bird. Here is a bit of history about why Paul McCartney wrote it. David pics songs for many reasons and this one just “ticks all the boxes” as Simon would say.

    “Paul McCartney wrote this about the civil rights struggle for blacks after reading about race riots in the US. He penned it in his kitchen in Scotland not long after an incident in Little Rock, when the federal courts forced the racial desegregation of the Arkansas capital’s school system.

    McCartney told Mojo magazine October 2008: “We were totally immersed in the whole saga which was unfolding. So I got the idea of using a blackbird as a symbol for a black person. It wasn’t necessarily a black ‘bird’, but it works that way, as much as then you called girls ‘birds’; the Everlys had had ‘Bird Dog,’ so the word ‘bird’ was around. ‘Take these broken wings’ was very much in my mind, but it wasn’t exactly an ornithological ditty; it was purposely symbolic.”



  64. Abrra said

    Today, rather than load up the site with every video from these fans, I’ll post a link to their YouTube channel and you can go play at your leisure.






  65. bebereader said

    MT and Sky, Thanks for the “Higher Ground” video. Didn’t realize David sang that song at St. George. I must have missed it on Periscope.

    I didn’t forget about being here last night. While I was waiting for a Periscope link, I must have dozed off after being up til all hours of the previous night, listening to the show with headphones. I thoroughly enjoyed it from home and even got that euphoric feeling that I always get when I go to one of David’s concerts.

    Tawna, Hope your husband is feeling better.

    Dayzee, Glad your granddaughter is doing better.


  66. bebereader said

    “Numb” is available everywhere now!
    To purchase from ITunes”:


  67. Abrra said

    Selfie IG by David 🙂 I spy a Dayzee in the front row to the left of David.

    There is an IG Story by David from last night. He speaks to us from backstage. Open IG on your device and look to the top of the page for his icon in a circle.

    Here is another article by Brian Passey, published in The Spectrum. He explains more in depth why he was at David’s concert.

    Archuleta, fans feel the love in concert



  68. Abrra said

    I see a heater.

    Thanks to Pastel for the pics. 🙂

    #9 Numb
    David Archuleta

    Genre: Pop
    Release Date: November 4, 2016
    Current Rank on the iTunes Top 100 Pop Songs Chart: #59

    iTunes Top New Pop Songs

    Chart of the most popular and best selling new pop songs on the iTunes pop chart. For a song to be listed below it must have a release date no older than two weeks from the current date and it must rank among the top 200 best selling pop songs on iTunes. The amount of songs on the chart will vary from day-to-day.

    When a song has a light green background, on the chart below, it means that song is currently in the top ten on the iTunes top 100 pop songs chart.

    Chart of the best selling new pop song releases was last updated: Saturday, November 5 2016, 5:35 am



  69. djafan said

    Hola! Concert night #3! I’m going nuts lol.

    Thank Bebe and Abrra! And thank you all for joking I got the spazzing! My brain is numb lol


  70. Bluesky said

    “Even Nathan seems to have enjoyed the performance, though he wasn’t as familiar with Archuleta’s music as the Archies.

    “It was fun to see older and younger people singing and dancing together,” he says.

    I love how that is what Nathan, at 14, noticed about the show: the sense of community it created among those who love the music of David Archuleta.”

    This is perfect. This quote from the end of the article by Brian Passey. Thank you all for being part of my DA community! ^_^


  71. Abrra said


  72. Abrra said


  73. Abrra said

    And another that djafan sent via text to me.

     photo 14djafan_zpsdugpnntk.jpg

    I might be a bit jealous 😉



  74. Abrra said

    Must have been driving to the party? 🙂



  75. Abrra said

    Haha Party crasher 🙂



  76. Kristin said

    He’s a good party crasher though Abrra LOL oh my word I don’t know what to say anymore. Is dja still with us LOL wow…all I can say. If you excuse me I’m gonna share that little video with friends haha!!


  77. Abrra said

    Djafan is ok so far but Dayzee is toast!



  78. Abrra said


  79. jans11 said

    Oh, David you are the best! I can’t imagine Dja being ok but I can imagine that Dayzee is toast! I am just watching the videos! Oh, those dimples! 🙂 I can see Dayzee right behind David over to his left. I have to say this year’s photo is better than last years because David and the band is in it!!!!!!!


  80. bebereader said

    Here’s more footage from fan luncheon, courtesty of Shelley!


  81. bebereader said


  82. Bluesky said

    I am watching this lying in bed after a looong day. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me, for him, for all of you there!! I am just crying with gratitude and joy.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, so, so, so happy!

    This is just perfect.

    Love you guys.



  83. bebereader said


  84. bebereader said


  85. skydancer1x said


  86. jans11 said

    Abs, I already told Dayzee that I was jealous! 🙂 lol David Archuleta never fails!!!!! This is how he tells us he loves us…he is the best!


  87. jans11 said

    Very important message Abs. Fun puzzle…thanks. I think like Sky, I want to be a lifetime patient. Everyone must be still recovering from the last 3 days…it was absolutely the best and I wasn’t even there! ♥


  88. Abrra said

    New thread to help with slow page loading. —————————————–>>>>>>


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