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DAVID ARCHULETA ~ Sacramento Event: Tonight TOFG & Tomorrow TOFW ~ Christmas Concert Dates & Venues Announced!

Posted by djafan on Friday, September 16, 2016

credit me from 8throwcenter youtube video

David will be participating in two sold-out performances tonight and tomorrow.

credit Time Out For Women


September 16th Friday



September 17th Saturday


 credit Sacramento Convention Center

 David Archuleta’s “#minivlogger” latest instagram just because 🙂

davidarchie I’m just sitting at my gate in LAX waiting for my flight to take off and then think “…Why can I hear myself? Is someone messing with me?” It’s funny when everyone you’re around is listening to you and they don’t know it’s you. Probably don’t even notice nor care to be honest but It’s still kinda funny. I wish I could do that in real life–just sing in the airport all I want out loud and know one knows or cares. 🎤#lax#airport#crush#minivlogger

As always, hoping for videos, pictures any news from the events 🙂

Christmas concert dates and Venues announced!


 I’ll be adding ticket sale information as it becomes available in the thread.  You can also check David’s OS or his booking agency Windish.


84 Responses to “DAVID ARCHULETA ~ Sacramento Event: Tonight TOFG & Tomorrow TOFW ~ Christmas Concert Dates & Venues Announced!”

  1. djafan said

    Sacramento Christmas concert tix on sale now!


  2. Gwen Rogers said

    Awwww! I ❤️ him so much!!!! How can I get more active in his fan club? ( I guess that’s what it’s still called) lol! 😍

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. djafan said

    Hi Gwen! Just join in the conversation and celebration 🙂


  4. Kristin said

    Hello Gwen! Welcome!! Meeting awesome fans like us is a start so you’re on the right track! As dja said, joining in on the conversation is another way too. Have a wonderful day!!


  5. tawna21 said

    dja, thank you for the new info ….. I’ll be watching for those Provo sales to open!!! 🙂 Hoping for pics and vids from these next two ‘not David concerts’. 🙂

    Welcome Gwen!!


  6. bebereader said


  7. Kristin said

    Eh, it’s cute. (shrugs) Nothing new.


  8. fenfan123 said

    Looking at the tour schedule, there’s time between November 6 and 24 for him to fly over to where I am to sing a few songs. And I want O Ven O Ven Emmanuel on the set list. Thank you, David.

    Looking forward to a wonderful Christmas filled with David music. I am so happy he is going on a Christmas tour.


  9. Dayzee said

    Welcome Gwen. Please, jump right in.

    Fen, every December we expect to hear David sing O Ven. We received the glimpse from Chile but it has not made it to any northern hemisphere concert. Perhaps this will be the year. Seems like Nathan would be perfect for it also. Surely it will someday happen. In the last thread you mentioned David dancing on the sidebar. Abrra has done a great job decorating here. Makes me happy just to know David is dancing in my computer at all times.


  10. fenfan123 said

    Haha Dayzee, David is singing O Ven in my head right now. I can’t seem to chase him out!


  11. djafan said

    Oh please sing O Ven🙏



  12. Kristin said

    Fen, LOL I’ve had instances of that. The other day when I was out with my mom and great aunt, Numb was suddenly going off in my head for no apparent reason. He eventually goes away haha


  13. bebereader said


  14. djafan said


  15. djafan said


  16. djafan said


  17. djafan said


  18. djafan said


  19. jans11 said

    Dja, thanks for all the great photos and videos! David is getting so popular I’m thinking I might better get my ticket as soon as they go on sale or I will be out of luck! His concerts always have sold out fast, but I’m thinking they will go even faster now. ♥

    #ifpossible 🙂 #peoplearemoreawaretho #thisisgood


  20. tawna21 said

    Jan, I’m with you!!!! If for some reason I can’t go, there will be no problem selling that ticket!!! Better safe than sorry!! Dayzee!!!! We need your magic fingers and to know how to hold our mouth just right so the tickets happen!! 😀


  21. Kristin said

    What David said:

    “These girls have no idea I’m sitting right behind them. 😂 #onewaywindows great weekend in Sacramento! Thanks everyone for coming! #tofgsacramento #tofwsacramento #sacramento”

    It’s stuff like this that makes me stop being mad at David XP I don’t think I can embed the link because I don’t have instagram. I’m an old fashioned oddball haha. If someone can teach me how I will greatly appreciate it!


  22. Kristin said

    HOLY COW IT WORKED!!! NO idea how I did that lol


  23. Bluesky said

    21: he looks so bright eyed and mischievous there!! Too fun!! ^_^


  24. Dayzee said

    Oh boy! Puzzle tomorrow


  25. Abrra said

    Sunday puzzle credit to David’s OS.



  26. Dayzee said

    Another great puzzle from Abrra. She never disappoints me. Never tries to sneak in a pic of Kanye or Pat Boone. Sometimes she even snips out things not David.


  27. Kristin said

    Yes yes another wonderful Sunday puzzle. Almost didn’t finish it as I saw what the picture was…(face turns red) ANYWAY…

    Yes Bluesky that man is mischievous. FYI David I can see your reflection nice try bud HA. 


  28. jans11 said

    Yep, you guys are right. Thanks, Abs for the super duper puzzle! Naturally, that cute little face went in first! 🙂

    Dayzee….. 🙂 I think she knows better to try and sneak someone else in there….on the other hand, she wouldn’t like it either! 🙂 And, like the snipping…… 🙂 so all things are David!


  29. tawna21 said

    Great puzzle, Abrra. Difficulty level — a little tricky with all the white — keeps the brain cells working! 🙂


  30. djafan said

    David sounds incredible in all these. And I love the way he speaks and shares stories. This one below made me laugh so much, he is something else lol. Thank you Shelley for capturing!


  31. tawna21 said

    Dja, you’re so right…. David is becoming more and more comfortable with public speaking. His speaking voice is a easy to listen to as his singing voice. Color me addicted! 🙂


  32. Kristin said

    I agree dja and Tawna, I’m very impressed and pleased with how comfortable he is with public speaking now. I also cracked up laughing from the third video. He is something else indeed!!


  33. Bluesky said

    DA believes exactly what he says. It isn’t just words to him, just something to say because it sounds good, because it should be true, or because he is naive.
    He is writing love letters to every heart – because he believes in love, in light, and in beauty – and he uses that love to create music.


  34. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Bluesky, “He is writing love letters to every heart – because he believes in love, in light, and in beauty – and he uses that love to create music.”

    I can’t wait to hear all that love. And that dry wit, those funnies that happen without planning them, he’s such a natural and genuine human being with a neon light that is sometimes blinding.

    And this if you guys missed it just so David.


  35. djafan said

    Tickets on sale for BYU Idaho Center in Rexburg now.

    Center Stage
    BYU-Idaho Center
    Saturday, Dec 3, 2016 at 7:30 PM (MT) to Saturday, Dec 3, 2016 at 10:00 PM (MT)

    A BYU-Idaho Christmas

    with David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco

    Saturday, December 3

    7:30 p.m., BYU-Idaho Center

    6:00 p.m., Preshow dinner in Manwaring Center

    David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco will be the featured guests at the university’s sixth Christmas program in the BYU-Idaho Center. They will join the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra, combined choirs, and other students from the College of Performing and Visual Arts. Pop singer David Archuleta and classically trained tenor Nathan Pacheco are featured together on the popular YouTube video of “The Prayer.”

    Tickets go on sale September 19. $10 for BYU-Idaho students, $15 for general public. No children under six. Event dress.

    There is also a preshow dinner for sale.

    Center Stage
    MC Grand Ballroom
    Saturday, Dec 3, 2016 at 6:00 PM (MT) to Saturday, Dec 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM (MT)
    Manwaring Center Grand Ballroom

    $20 extra (deadline November 28)

    Crisp apple salad with poppy seed dressing

    Carved roast beef

    Cranberry citrus chicken

    Wild rice pilaf

    Garlic mashed potatoes

    Fresh vegetable medley

    Assorted dessert bar


  36. Kristin said

    Bluesky, my sentiments exactly. That’s why David has always had my respect all these years. He actually means it and the sincerity shows. Thus why I joke with friends if more guys were like him we wouldn’t be whining about our love lives LOL Plus, for someone like me who has been used to such disappointment from people and being let down by those who just throw words out there and don’t mean them…David has been refreshing to me in that. Wish more were that honest and sincere…especially these days.


  37. tawna21 said

    Does anyone know just what he was saying in Rhiminee’s clip? He was apparently climbing out of a hole he was digging. 🙂

    Sure wish the BYU-Provo tickets would appear!!


  38. Kristin said

    Dumb Internet timed out. Trying this again. Tawna, David is saying something about needing to finish a cookie “because I’m your Dad” ROFL I also made him out saying “I’m not talking about me” and “I was just imagining” in reference to how God is like a Dad (which I agree with and have thought that way myself). With the imagining quote he was talking about, I’m guessing, imagining himself as a dad LOL so precious. He is something else for sure. He keeps this up I might hopefully forgive him for having to wait LONGER to see him in concert. Him being himself the past few days is softening my heart.


  39. Bluesky said

    Tawna 37: DA being “dad”.

    If you listen to the complete vid, the talking and singing that is part of #30 post: “beautiful”, you will hear the whole lead-up that made him say, “I’m your Dad”. Which basically brought the house down. ^_^

    “Whose your Daddy?” never had such an easy straight-man line.


  40. Dayzee said

    Dja, thanks for the heads up on the ticket sales. There’s no clues for me on David’s OS. Nor Windish. I was able to get tickets for Rexburg by calling the venue. The internet sales site kept me running in circles. Lots of waiting on the phone line too. I was told they were very busy.


  41. Bluesky said

    Oops! Nope, the “beautiful” talk is where he mentions girls who take a lot of “selfies”, when they are worried about how they look.

    The “I’m your Dad” comment begins about 2.30 in the “pride” video.

    Who knew?! Well, someone who felt it necessary to watch them both just to get it right. No. Other. Reason.



  42. djafan said

    Dayzee glad you were able to get tickets. I hope we get advance notice!

    Bluesky I have viewed those to many times to count lol

    In the meantime David is out buying a mattress 😉


  43. Dayzee said

    Tickets for the Layton shows are scheduled for sale 10/18. If you are a member tickets are available 10/11, but it is too late to join this year.


  44. djafan said

    Hi Dayzee, this ticket sale is crazy. Checking the Sacramento sales on the site is down for sales! They’re working on it! Could it be the buying frenzy for David tickets???!!!! Maybe.

    And other than the mattress buying news, David’s been pretty quiet.


  45. djafan said

    Not going to lie, these dates and venues and ticket purchase process is very frustrating! But I did call Sergerstrom in Costa Mesa to ask about tickets and it’s not on their calendar. They’re waiting for confirmation but wouldn’t say who’s. Hmmm… Just hope we get a heads up.

    oh David lol


  46. djafan said


  47. djafan said

    They go on sale 9/23 10am according to venue >>>


  48. Dayzee said

    Dja, thanks for your great detective work. Thanks to you I have found the place to purchase Mesa tickets, but nothing for LV or Boise. Never had such a difficult time trying to find a place to buy tickets. I see Mesa mentions VIP, but the Layton box office could not find anything on that subject. Nor Rexburg. Really don’t know what to plan for. I can’t seem to find the light.


  49. jans11 said

    Hoping for all the venues to get all their stuff together so things will be easier to get those tickets! I know when the right time comes up, Dayzee, your magic fingers will do wonders! 🙂 I would get my own tkts but we wouldn’t be sitting together. I probably need to pay you a handling charge. 🙂


  50. jans11 said

    What are the little w’s for at the top of each comment?


  51. tawna21 said

    Jan, what little w’s?


  52. jans11 said

    Tawna, just call me crazy!!! 🙂 🙂 They are gone now, but the last 5 comments had little w’s right above everyone’s name. They really did….no, please, I’m not ready to go to the nuthouse…. 🙂 🙂 ….I don’t think…. lol That is so weird….


  53. Bluesky said

    Dayzee, October 18 for Layton tickets? Are you a member? If you can get yours on the 11th, would you buy one for me as well? Let me know the amount and I will send it to you the first of Oct.

    By the way…on the page for De Jong concert hall in Provo, it says that tickets will go on sale for the November dates on Oct 3rd, a Monday. (Does that mean midnight Sunday?) ^_^

    Will it be a popcorn and movie night to stay up late and buy tickets? I checked for pricing for Provo and did not see it listed.


  54. djafan said

    Well I spoke to Sergerstrom again lol They are so nice. It’s going to happen. They’re just waiting for some loose ends to be tied up. Asked me to keep checking back, that they’ve received quite a few calls. So if you plan to go, call. Let these venues know we want him there so they can apply pressure to the promoter. That’s my two cents 🙂


  55. jans11 said

    Whew! My cheap tickets on SW disappeared. They went up on certain days because of being around Christmas. But, between Dayzee and I, we got it figured out. Will have to come home a day or two earlier but it’s better than paying the exhorbant prices they want just for one way! Dayzee, good luck on your dancing fingers tomorrow on getting those tkts! 🙂 Send me a photo on my phone! 🙂 Thank you so much! You are totally the best! ♥


  56. djafan said

    Great Jan! Dayzee let us know if you were able to get tickets.

    This from team archie. I’m still waiting for Costa Mesa.


  57. djafan said


  58. Dayzee said

    Dja, I could not find where to purchase VIP. I did get my concert ticket. Have called and left a message for help. All lines are tied up of course


  59. djafan said

    Dayzee, I went and pretended to buy and the VIP option is at check out time at the bottom of page. Hope you get through!


  60. Dayzee said

    Boise people have not called me back, but I’m ok with it. Was able to get tickets for Mesa and Las Vegas. They charged me for VIP’s but cannot find any confirmation or tickets for those. Will be patient.

    Bluesky, I am not able to get tics for Layton until 10/18. I would be happy to get them for you and me then. Did ;you want to go Fri. 12/09 or Sat. 12/10 or both? Were you interested in VIP if it shows up?


  61. Dayzee said

    I love watching that third video at #30. The part where he shows us how we pose for selfies is hilarious. I love hearing his “you all”s, something he has picked up in Nashville. When he asked what type of music we are listening to my answer was “I listen to you, David”. He talks about what a great influence music can make in our lives and I think of so many people who have had their lives enriched by David. How nice to have him sort out my play list.


  62. tawna21 said

    Dayzee, I laughed out loud when he did those selfie poses! Yes, it is nice to have our play list set for us. How nice it’s going to be to have some new music on that play list. ♥

    I wish I had my tickets purchased. The stress of forgetting the opening sales date causes me anxiety. I did get me some Gentri Christmas tickets the other day. I made sure it wasn’t going to be any conflict with when I hope to see David. 🙂 I should hire you as my ticket agent! 🙂 🙂


  63. Jenny said

    Loved that video too. He has a cheeky side that he hides to be respectful. He should have some compassion lol – Not everyone looks good at every angle like himself.

    I can’t wait to get those tix for Costa Mesa. It’s very weird having David in my hood. I associate David concert with traveling. I’m thrilled! I wanted to get Vegas tix but my husband started counting David concerts I went to this year with his fingers, so marital harmony before my concert needs.

    Excited about Tuacahn too, hope it’s warmer this year! But I got a larger thermal blanket just for the concerts.


  64. jans11 said

    David taking his selfie was so funny! The video really is hilarious! He does have a great sense of humor that’s for sure! 🙂 And I love his “you all’s” too! He is the whole package! ♥

    Dayzee, I didn’t understand that our tickets were VIP tickets. I thought VIP were higher in cost. If so, that’s great. If not, we can add VIP on one of them later. (if any is left) 🙂 I would love for 1 of them to be VIP if possible…….

    Did SW email you my flights? I forgot to ask you earlier. If not I will let you know.


  65. djafan said

    That selfie routine cracks me up everytime. Such a natural.

    Workin is being played all over the world. There is something wrong with the states.


  66. djafan said

    Jenny, was trying to figure out how to do Christmas in Vegas lol. Won’t work lol

    Just hoping for this that ticket sale announcement like Indy just now!


  67. Dayzee said

    Jenny, so happy for you to get a neighborhood concert. Hoping Tuacahn will be a little warmer this year or they fix me a plug for my electric blankie.


  68. Jenny said

    DJA, yea, I find Vegas a little depressing now. I do like the food there.
    I’d have gone to see David in a heart beat if it weren’t my boy (my husband) whining about it. I have to admit though, he’s pretty nice about all my concerts

    Dayzee, wouldn’t that be nice if they have little outlets for electric blanket?
    Might be a bit of a fire hazard.. Lol.
    Yes, I live 15 min away by freeway from OC venue! We Goto the mall next to it almost weekly.

    And East Coast Archies, I hope you get your concerts soon. I know you will because Kari mentioned that they were working on it during VIP at Orem.
    Maybe not Christmas, but soon.


  69. Jenny said

    I meant Vegas strip and the whole tourism scene. I know there are nice suburbs there.


  70. Kristin said

    I will be amazed if this comes up again cos I have no idea what I did last time.


  71. tawna21 said

    #70 Who else donates blood in a suit, white shirt, and tie?!


  72. jans11 said

    I was thinking the same thing, Tawna! Wonder what he was all duded up for? 🙂


  73. Kristin said

    I’m guessing, ladies, something church related since that is when he’s usually dressed up like that.


  74. Abrra said

    I am in Unplugged if anyone wants to come sit and chit chat.



  75. Abrra said

    Kristin is with me anyone else coming?



  76. jans11 said

    Sorry, I was tied up tonight and didn’t know you were on unplugged til now. It would have been fun. 🙂


  77. Bluesky said

    “Since the lady was from the Ph…” Too funny! You crack me up, DA!!

    Yeah, all…”I can remain hidden as long as any person from a whole COUNTRY doesn’t see me!” Not to mention that country is half way around the world.
    And I love the lady in back with the “V” sign.

    Tips for getting a pic with DA in public: Just strap him down, open a vein, and siphon some blood. No problem! ^_^


  78. Abrra said

    Jan I was adding some videos, so I invited folks to come by chat while I was there.

    The Sunday puzzle is compliments of David!



  79. jans11 said

    Kudos for another great, fun puzzle Abs! You never fail! 🙂 And thanks for the videos too!


  80. Bluesky said

    Thank you, Abrra for the great puzzle!


  81. Abrra said

    David makes it easy 🙂



  82. Dayzee said

    Sorry I missed Saturday night. So much family in the house I was unaware. Went skydiving with my son and his son and a couple of friends. By the time we all got settled down I had missed the chat. Dang it.

    The puzzle was lovely.

    They really had David in their clutches, didn’t they? And they all seem quite pleased.


  83. djafan said

    Yeah I was tied up to! Would have loved to chat in unplugged. Maybe we can plan one :))))

    David the blood giver. Bluesky he sure does crack me up.


  84. Abrra said

    New Thread ————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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