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By Guest Writer FenFan, “David Archuleta Tours Taiwan”

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ClsOAuQVAAEcESE.jpgsaffprdcredit: Shelley

Patience has paid off for fans of David Archuleta in Taiwan. After waiting 8 long years, they are finally going to see the guy they call Sunshine David perform in Taiwan from August 11 – 17, 2016. The tour, at the invitation of the LDS Church, will take him to seven cities around the island in as many days. 
Here’s the schedule, according to David Archuleta in Taiwan Facebook page:

10 August 10am     Press Conference, Jinhua Street Church in Taipei

11 August   7:30pm Forget Year, Know Music Concert, Taichung Seaport Art Center in Taichung

12 August 7:30pm     Love in the Family Concert, Tainan Cultural Center in Tainan

13 August 2pm            LDS Community Awards Ceremony and Concert, Jinhua Street Church in Taipei

14 August  2pm             Concert of Hymns and Chinese Music, Tzu Chi University Hall 8101 in Hualien

15 August 2pm               Appointment with Youth Concert, National Hsinchu Commercial and Vocational High School Stadium in Hsinchu

16 August  7:30pm          Hope, Love Public Benefit Concert, Chiayl City Culture Center Music Hall in Chiayi

17 August 7:30pm           Concert (Untitled), Kaohslung Labor Affairs Bureau 1st Floor Auditorium in Kaoslung

I googled some of the venues and found that the concert hall in Taichung seats 546 people. It is equipped with a proscenium stage and the building’s white roof is shaped like a bamboo hat. If the title of the concert here sounds a bit strange it’s because it’s a word for word translation of 忘 年 知 音 which I do not know how to translate into English! 忘 = forget, 年 = year or age, 知 = know, 音 = music or sound.

Taichung is in central Taiwan, just over a two-hour drive from Taipei.  From Taichung, David will head south to Tainan, about two hours by car.  He will perform at the Tainan Cultural Center which has a Performance Hall in a 3-storyed building.  The Hall has 1803 seats in a fan-shaped area. The Cultural Center also has what is called “The Native Theater International Hall” which seats 260.

Next, it’s back to Taipei for his performance at the LDS Community Awards at the LDS Temple in Jinhua Street.  The temple was the earliest  meeting place for Mormons in Taiwan.


After the Awards, David will head to Hualien, two and a half hours by train or 45 minutes by plane from Taipei, on the east coast of Taiwan.  David will be singing hymns at this Sunday performance at Tzu Chi University.  Tzu Chi U is a private university set up by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and is well-known for its College of Medicine.  But I think this performance has nothing to do with the University and they are just using the facilities.

Midway through the tour, David will be in Hsinchu in northwestern Taiwan. Hsinchu, known as the Windy City, is home to six universities and many elementary, middle and high schools.  So it’s no wonder the concert here is billed as an “Appointment With Youth”.

After Hsinchu, David moves south again to Chiayi where he will perform at the Music Hall in the Chiayi City Culture Center which also has a museum and a library.  The Music Hall has 1113 seats.  It’s stage curtains were designed by Chinese master painter, Lin Wu-Shan.  They are made of hand-woven silk and satin and have a lotus pond theme.
According to the David Archuleta in Taiwan Facebook page, David will be the only performer in the Chiayi concert. Rumor has it that he will be singing a new song that he is currently recording, at this concert and at the next one in Kaohsiung. David’s performance in Kaohsiung will be the final one of this tour.  
Kaohsiung, in the south, is Taiwan’s largest port and second largest city. The Love River which runs through the city is a popular sight-seeing spot. Visitors can take long walks or cycle along the river banks or go water skiing. There are also lots of cafes, bars and restaurants on the river banks.
 Love River

I hope that despite his busy schedule, David can find time to see some sights and sample some of the delicious cuisine of Taiwan. First on the list – stinky tofu – smelly cubes of deep fried tofu, crispy on the outside and like soft custard on the inside, slathered with a sweet and spicy sauce. I don’t like it but I think David should take a bite just so he can say he’s had a taste of this iconic Taiwanese snack. He’ll just have to hold his nose while eating it.


If stinky tofu is not to his liking he can try some beef noodles, fish balls (not what you think! these are minced fish shaped into balls), braised or roast goose, suncakes or taiyang bing (crispy, crumbly pastries filled with honey or taro paste), oyster omelettes, lurou fan (five-spice braised pork spooned over rice), and san bei ji or three-cup chicken (so-called because the chicken is cooked in a cup each of oil, soy sauce and wine). I could go on and on but you get the drift. There’s lots to eat! Oh and before he goes home, he should buy some pineapple pastry as a food souvenir. These small pastries are made of candied pineapple wrapped in a buttery, crumbly pie crust.
 pineapple pastry
 All pictures found on Google Images except lead pic

Finally, if there is just one thing I hope David would do, it would be to sing a song in Mandarin. How about this one – The Moon Represents My Heart (Yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn) – a classic romantic ballad made popular by Teresa Teng, arguably the most famous Mandarin pop singer in the world at the time of her death in 1995.

 credit: qqqqq
PS  Some useful Mandarin phrases David could say or hear at his concerts.
– Hello: Nǐ hǎo
– Good evening: Wǎnshàng hǎo
– Thank you: Xièxiè
– Thank you for welcoming me to Taiwan: Xièxiè dàjiā huānyíng wǒ dào táiwān
– I love you: Wǒ ài nǐ  He might not want to say this but if he hears it he would at least know what they are yelling and he can reply xiexie!
– Sunshine David: 陽光 大衛 Yángguāng Dà wèi. This is the nickname that the Taiwanese have given him.

159 Responses to “By Guest Writer FenFan, “David Archuleta Tours Taiwan””

  1. Jenny said

    Thank you Fenfan! I feel like I took a mini tour of Taiwan myself.
    I hope that David enjoys himself as well as sharing his faith through music there.


  2. djafan said


    Thank you for this, so much information. Wow David is packing it in on this short trip. and you packed us with some great information to keep up with this world traveler. I’ve learned so much geography with his travels and articles by his amazing fans to guide us around.

    Thank you!


  3. djafan said

    This fan got a bday message for her dad!


  4. djafan said


  5. jans11 said

    Thanks, Fenfan. It is so entertaining to see the neat places that David goes to. I have learned so much from his traveling! 🙂 Some of the food didn’t sound so good but the candied pineapple pastries did. Hope he has a fun and enjoyable trip and that we get to see some of the performances. I got to see the Press Conference via Gregorie on FB earlier. He looked so handsome and sang Glorious.
    Sad to hear the passing of Teresa Teng. She was a great singer and The Moon Represents My Heart is a beautiful song. I can just hear David singing it, just made for his voice. If he learned the lanquage and sang it, we’d add it to his list. 🙂 How he does it is beyond me.


  6. djafan said


  7. Abrra said

    I woke up at 2 am and decided to poke around the net.

    Greg Ranin was at the press conference. Check his FB for a few videos.
    Here is the link to some pictures



  8. fenfan said

    Jenny and Dja Glad you liked reading about Taiwan. It’s a great place to visit. I am sure David will have a good time there.

    Jans – Taiwanese food is awesome! You need try it. I missed the press conference because it’s day time where I am and I had stuff to do. What did David say, besides singing Glorious?

    Abrra – I clicked on that link but did not see any press conference stuff.

    David looks tired. Hope he gets over the jet lag in time for tomorrow’s event.


  9. Abrra said

    Here is his name on FB:

    Gregorie John Ranin.

    You might need to friend him to be able to see his content. The link was to his photo page which is linked at the top of his FB. Hope you can figure it out sis 🙂
    Thanks for a fun read about Taiwan. David will be so busy, but it looks like he has built extra days in to sight see and rest.



  10. fenfan said

    The DA in Taiwan FB has video of David speaking at the press conference and singing Glorious. But I don’t know how to bring it over.

    Here’s the link to the page if you haven’t seen it yet.


  11. fenfan said

    A fan’s blog on the press conference.


  12. bluesky4home said

    Great write-up Fenfan!! Thanks so much!! ^_^

    #3 He is just TOO cute for this world. Those eyes.
    Still have that penetrating magic touch. Stilettos of light and warmth, x-ray eyes. No way to make sense how to say it.


  13. bluesky4home said

    Great links, Fenfan!!!! How sweet is that that she got to be there and have a birthday message!!


  14. tawna21 said

    Thank you, thank you, Fenfan! Love the geography and cuisine lessons! It makes it seem a little more like we are there when we know something about the country.

    I thought David looked tired also. He acted tired, and with the schedule they have him on it may be difficult for him to get entirely rested throughout this trip. Like you, I do hope he’s able to take in some of the culture.


  15. Abrra said

    Thanks to Bebe for editing and posting Fenfan’s article. She had a knockdown, dragout fight with WordPress to get it formatted 🙂

    She is so good at what she does. 🙂



  16. tawna21 said

    That tiger in Bebe’s tank won!!!!! Thanks Bebe!! Love ‘ya!! 😀


  17. djafan said

    Fenfan, thanks for the links! The second one surprised me and also impressed me. Gregirie approaching David and David said “put the phone down” 😳 Not mean, kind tone but very assertive. Gregorie did post pictures with David so I’m sure all was ok 👍 Go David.

    Remember Gengen? She was there!


  18. Abrra said

    Which link are you talking about where David speaks about a phone?



  19. bebereader said


    It was a challenge but totally worth it to get your article up about David’s trip to Taiwan. Thank you for doing all the research on the venues and places of interest. You gave us everything we needed to feel like we are along for the ride.

    I heard David say a word in Mandarin in one of the videos. Then he chuckled. So cute. Do you know what he said? Maybe it was one of the expressions you listed at the bottom of your article?

    I thought it was so cool that a few fans met him at the airport with the welcoming poster. He’s known and loved wherever goes, from home to far off places. I wonder sometimes when David is coming back to NY so I can see him in concert again, when the fans in Taiwan have been waiting for nine years! Again it shows the effect his voice has on people. Once you hear it you can never forget it. It stays with you forever.

    Dja, I remember Gengen and the beautiful pictures she took of David. Glad to read that she was there.

    Fen, thanks again! Missing you and all the fun we used to have together in Unplugged on Saturday nights!


  20. jans11 said

    Yes I seen Gengen. She’s on my Fb too. I talked to her when she was here in KC to see David’ Christmas concert. She too is an avid David fan and was so excited to see David over in her neck of the woods. 🙂 She is so sweet.
    I seen where David told him to put the phone down too, but it wasn’t mean, just a statement. He told Greg later that he was nervous because he was on video. I noticed that he was fidgety and bending his fingers back and swinging his foot a little. He’s just so different when he is on stage…morphs into the great entertainer/singer. So I don’t know if Greg will video anymore.


  21. Abrra said

    All together now……awwwwwwwwwwwwww



  22. funfee said

    Great post, thank you! 😘


  23. skydancer1x said

    Thank you Fen!!! So appreciate your great post, so interesting and fun. I also hope David tries the stinky tofu, just so he can say he did haha .
    wow, the pics are all great, such a colorful place! Thanks to you too Bebe, for your hard work!
    It amazes me that David has been to so many places, at his age already. …did D make this trip over by himself? Kind of sounds like he did.
    Abs,glad to see “kitty” up in the corner keeping an eye out for his return. And love that pic at “awwwwwww” lol

    Still liking the song Workin’ ..guess the words were below the video the whole time,(duh silly me! haha) Had fun though.
    I have been playing the song to exercise to every day, since its got such a great beat and I can listen to David’s silky vocal stylin’ :D.
    Nice of D to lend his voice (and his popularity) to this effort with James for the missionaries…must have been so fun for him to be involved..and he makes any song sound awesome but in truth,I am so ready for those new songs from just David himself. ♥
    So happy for those few who get to see him on this trip. wow nine years for that sweet girl.
    I love that Gengen got a huge great hug and smile from David,he looked very happy to see her.A familiar face!
    Jan,aw hope Greg understood and didn’t get his feelings hurt.
    Dear D,
    We easily forget what we are doing in the moment David when you are standing right in front of us,we just get really excited when we see you.


  24. fenfan said

    Haha Bebe, I am so sorry for the trouble I gave you. My MS Word would not cooperate. It keeps asking me to install a spellchecker and refuses to budge till I do but I already have one. So we are at an impasse and I had to resort to writing my article in email! LOL My battles with technology has now extended to my mobile and my tablet!

    But I had fun researching and writing this. And I am glad you all enjoyed reading it. Taiwan is a wonderful place to visit. You should all go and then swing by farther down south to visit me!

    He did say “Nǐ hǎo” (the equivalent of hello. Actually Ni = you and hao = good) at the start of his little speech. Then at the end he said “Xièxiè” (thank you). Both expressions are in my list so we can now cross those off as having been said!

    Yes I saw that GenGen was there. Here’s her website if you are interested.

    BlueSky, I totally agree. He is too cute for this world. Sometimes I fear for him because of that.

    Bebe, miss you in Chat too.

    I did not see the David and phone video.


  25. fenfan said

    I see Gina Orr is there with him.

    The MC of the press conference called him Sunshine David when introducing the participants at the start. LOL


  26. fenfan123 said

    Here’s the link.


  27. fenfan said

    Sorry for spamming while you are all asleep.

    David live streamed on his instagram while on the high speed train to Taichung earlier today. I missed it because I was out living my real life! boohoo!!!

    The DA Taiwan FB says he will be singing a special song for the Taiwanese fans. The editor of the page is asking fans not to disclose information about the song after they’ve seen the performance so that it would remain a surprise for those going to the later shows. So if the audience obeys this editor’s “directive” we are not going to find out what it is. Hah!

    In reply to one comment, the editor said David has been learning Chinese.

    Thought I’d put that here to save you the trouble of having to read through everything over there.


  28. fenfan said



  29. Abrra said


  30. fenfan123 said

    Apparently he sang a Chinese song. I’ll have to kill someone, just anyone if no one uploads video of this.


  31. fenfan said

    sorry to keep spamming. he sang the moon represents my heart!!!! i am sdklsiosl;,.xcl;zdsfl;vk


  32. djafan said

    Fenfan, spam away!!!!!

    Dang that voice in sound check, it blows me away. That was a great video compilation of yesterday. Was it done by a fan?

    Davids Instagram story👌


  33. Abrra said


    You are dangerously HILARIOUS! 😉



  34. djafan said

    I want it all!!!


  35. Abrra said

    How about a Thursday puzzle? Some sweet-faced singer I heard about….



  36. Abrra said

    David sang MKOP at the piano.


  37. jans11 said

    Fenfan, thanks for keeping up to date with your spamming! Love it! 🙂

    Dja, I want it all too! Bet it sounded just like we thought it would! ♥

    Abs, thanks for the Thursday sweet faced puzzle! I have heard about him someplace too! 🙂 🙂


  38. fenfan said

    #33 Dear Abrra, I am Fenfan. The dangerous and hilarious one is Fenfan123. That imposter! Bah!

    #34 OMG That was perfect!!!! This song is THE song to sing in Mandarin. If you google it you will find that it’s considered one of the greatest Mandarin pop songs of all time. There is no bigger compliment to his Taiwanese audience than to sing this song to perfection live. He will have all of Taiwan eating out of his hand now. I bow to the genius of Mr Sunshine!

    I am very touched by his singing it. I think I would have bawled throughout the song if I were in the audience. I want to hear it all too. I hope someone sneaked a complete recording and uploads it.


  39. Abrra said

    Fen whatever your name is

    I see 2 men dressed in white uniforms, armed with a rather large net in your future 🙂



  40. fenfan said

    HAHAHAHA Abrra so in addition to being a magician you are also a seer!

    In case anyone is interested (besides me), here’s a video with translation of the lyrics of The Moon Represents My Heart so you’ll know what David is singing WHEN we get video and you can sing along with him.


  41. djafan said

    Fenfan, I’ve been listening to a Chinese song I don’t understand imagining David’s velvety voice singing those exquisite melodies. Thank you for your optimistic post of the lyrics foe “when” we get the full song, perfect👌

    Gina Orr retweeted the requests to hear David singing TMRMH song, could it be a sign?


  42. fenfan said

    Dja – That song has been running in my head since I wrote this article about his tour. It is the only Chinese song I can play on the piano and sing. It’s a karaoke favourite in my part of the world.

    A few months back David tweeted something about learning a new language. I immediately thought he might be learning Japanese or Chinese and hoped that if it was Chinese he would sing this song one day.
    I am ecstatic that he has chosen to sing it.

    His pronunciation is perfect in the little bit we heard. Many people not used to speaking a tonal language finds it difficult to get the tones right. David seems to have no problems with that.


  43. Abrra said

    Something sort of new to IG is IG Story.
    David has jumped in with both feet on this idea.
    To be able to view his short videos on IG Story make sure to update your IG app on phone and iPad. Open App Store app on iPhone. Tap Update icon bottom right. Tap update next to IG.
    If there is no update, then you are current and ready to go.
    After you have updated open IG on your device you will see some icons (round icon with profile picture) at the top of the page. David’s should be there. Click his picture and the video will start.

    This is not available for PC, only devices at this point.

    I wanted to know how to copy the videos so I did DM messages with the person who made this video Tweet. It’s done by filming the IG story running on iPad with her iPhone (DOH!). So now I know how to copy them directly. 🙂 I love tech stuff hehe 🙂



  44. Martha said

    This write-up is awesome! Very informative! Thank you! ♥


  45. Abrra said


  46. Abrra said


  47. Abrra said


  48. TaterZen said

    Really enjoyed this post about Taiwan. Thank you!

    There is nothing quite like a David Surprise, and I hope we get his full version of the beautiful Chinese song at some point. Loving the IG stories too, not that we want to know what David is doing every minute. It’s just that we want to know what David is doing every minute.


  49. djafan said




  50. fenfan said

    I want to scream. He is killing me! i have no words…


  51. djafan said

    Fenfan, Screaming with you!!! How does David make you feel his heart and soul in a foreign language. He has me in tears❤️


  52. Abrra said

    Beautiful song done so well by David!. The clapping… hmmm. Anyone want me to put this in the Candy Jar?



  53. fenfan123 said

    Oh no Abrra, please don’t. You know we don’t care for David singing this silly song! bawahahahaha


  54. Abrra said

    Here it is in mp3 & mp4. Fangirl all you want 🙂 i trimmed the whoohooing at the end on the mp3. Hurts the ears ya know?



  55. fenfan123 said

    The clapping is to be expected. That’s how they do it, especially the clapping in the middle.
    His “wǒ” sounded a bit off in some parts. But that’s just nitpicking, He was perfect. If one were to listen to him without knowing who he is one could believe he was Chinese or a Chinese speaker.


  56. TaterZen said

    #49 Noting how quickly my wish was fulfilled. Visited the Candy Jar (thank you!).

    Current status: Blissfully melting.


  57. skydancer1x said

    o.m.g. how beautiful was that!??
    Gee,he made me cry too. I loved it.
    We love him.They love him. How special that he sang this special song ,dear to their hearts,in Mandarin.
    Thank you Gregorie for the video!! Thank you Abrra for this beautiful addition to the Candy Jar. Thanks Fen for the translation vid too, such a perfect song for D to sing.
    I liked the clapping along Fen.:D they kept good time to the music. I liked the screams and claps when they realized he was singing this song in Mandarin. so special.
    “Mr.Sunshine” ( I love that) performing his heart surgery again.♥Taiwan will never be the same:)

    He sure is one of a kind.


  58. Abrra said


    I want to tell you that every time I consider changing the quote on the sidebar, I can’t. Those words of yours are a perfect description of how David’s music is a healing for all who will listen.



  59. Abrra said

    Blaine Heggie

    I added this video and an mp3 to the Candy Jar.



  60. Abrra said


    Blaine Heggie



  61. gladys1961 said

    this child amazes me from his 17 years, I think he will continue to amaze me for the rest of my life.


  62. fenfan said

    #59 that’s the first night’s performance. The second one in Tainan is better. He will be awesome with this song by the time he gets to Kaohsiung. Maybe even better than Teresa Teng! Her fans would consider it sacrilegious to say this. But I can’t help it. Not biased at all. LOL


  63. jans11 said

    I love fangirlin’ with my archie fans! 🙂 He is the cat’s meow! 🙂 But, personally, I don’t like the clapping during the song…. Just David’s voice singing… that’s what I want to hear. Love the clapping after the song is finished though. To me, clapping is great for a bouncy song, not a slow song like this one. jmo But, I love how they love him like we do!


  64. djafan said

    What did Gengen say?????


  65. Abrra said

    Feel better soon, David! Not surprised he lost his voice. It’s a busy schedule.



  66. Abrra said

    Shout out to @DavidUniverse for excellent reporting on all things David in Taiwan! Follow them on Twitter and davidarchie2812 on Instagram.



  67. fenfan said

    #64 DJA Please see below – my very rough translation of what was said in the video.

    The MC said she was surprised and touched to see fans who had come from Britain, America, Canada and the Philippines to attend the press conference and asked them to say a few words to David.

    GenGen talked about her experience as a fan of David from Idol days till now. David came to her attention when he sang Angels and Imagine. She was in Canada at that time and set up a David news site. There were many Chinese fans at that time who were around the same age as David i.e high school age. They were all influenced and inspired by David. Gengen herself had never followed any idol before David. She is very inspired and moved by his singing and his spirit. While she was in Canada she attended nearly 20 of his concerts in America. Then David went on his mission and activities died down. During the time when David was away, Gengen herself was in China where she was involved in a project (I didn’t understand what this project was about). Now David is in Taiwan and she is back in Taiwan. She believes she and the fans and David have yuanfen, having been on this fan journey for almost 10 years. She hopes the other fans can say a few words. She and the fans want to sincerely thank David.

    A note on yuanfen: this is a Chinese concept that has no equivalent in English. It roughly translates to a kind of fated or predestined affinity, connection or relationship. Please google for further explanation of this concept as I am in no position to expound on Chinese philosophy here. LOL

    Please also note that I am no expert in translating Chinese to English. My apologies for any mistakes of which there are probably quite a few. haha


  68. Abrra said


  69. Abrra said

    Why everyone loves David!
    1:02 mark “I don’t want to get poked by anything.” hahah


    What’s your favorite Davidism in this video?

    Her channel has some wonderful short videos. My other fav is titled “The Search is Over”. It’s the Nandito Ako mash up. That dang watch scene still gets to me.


  70. djafan said

    Hope David feels better and gets well quick!

    Some really great David pictures, those dimples! Though you could see his eyes look under the weather 😥

    Fenfan, Thank you! I could see Davids expressions listening to the translater and knew she had to be saying complimentary things. Yuenfen makes perfect since to me and probably to many of his fans. It’s an inexplainable connection with David that continues to surprise me and him I’m sure. He doesn’t know what he does for us to wait for him and continue to follow him, his own words from an interview in Idaho.


  71. jans11 said

    Thank you , Fenfan for interpreting Gengen’s words. Yuanfen sounds like the perfect explanation of our connection with David!

    Oh, those dimples! 🙂

    Get well soon David, we don’t like it when you lose your voice. at. all. !!


  72. jans11 said

    I love adorkable Archie! 🙂


  73. tawna21 said

    Yuanfen …. that’s what it is for all of us! Love that description. Thank you Fenfan.

    I’m so sorry that David is not well! Please get well soon, David! What we all determined as jet lag, in the first photos after his arrival, was probably this bug working on him. His eyes really do look heavy. But, he continues to smile. I swear those dimples are getting deeper. *sigh


  74. djafan said



  75. tawna21 said

    Rinnie’s blog is so sweet!!! Boy that creates flashbacks to Layton last Fall!! David is such a trooper and just can’t stand to disappoint his fans.


  76. gladys1961 said

    70. dja, where you saw the video which you’re talking about ?? I can not find it.


  77. jans11 said

    Thanks for the great recap Rinnie! So happy that you all got to see him. Even when sick, no one can beat that guy! 🙂


  78. jans11 said

    Saw this om FB:


  79. djafan said

    Gladys, I can’t find it either. It may have been set to private or deleted.

    Jans, yes. I purchased the pink one so I now have two! Lol


  80. Bluesky said

    Jans! I bought the pink one to begin with and now I want to go back and buy the other one as well. Free Concert!! Makes me want to go just to see what it would be like. I had never heard of this guy and rap is not my favorite kind of music. But I like what I hear and the connections this is making for DA. How great to have DA’s name charting on Billboard!!!?

    Also, in reading about his history, JTM mentions the healing effect rhythm has on recovering from trauma and how that application of rap music (in a healthy way) has helped him in his life. Trauma survivors are just my favorite people. ^_^ This is a group that I love to work with. JTM seems to have some fun friends, I am tempted to check it out.

    Now, Dear DA….please lean back, let the arms that sustain you heal you. May you be comforted as you comfort others, may the gift you have been given continue to shine. We like the way you shine. You know you are not alone, you have our prayers, you have His love, you have a ways to go yet and you need to take those little vocal chords with you. Be safe. Be blessed. Just be you.


  81. djafan said

    Bluesky, go and tell us all about it, who knows maybe David will make a surprise appearance for a live performance of Workin!

    Amen to your beautiful prayer.

    Gosh I love this guy.


  82. djafan said


  83. Abrra said

    Sunday’s puzzle fresh from Taiwan!



  84. jans11 said

    What a “hunky dory” puzzle of David! Thanks, Abs. 🙂

    Yes, Bluesky. Go and give us a recap on it. I would think it would be an enjoyable event with it being free and all. Free food…you can’t go wrong… And if David would make an appearance, that would be the cherry on top! 🙂 Love your little prayer for David. He needs it…he’s always giving and right now he needs to slow down a bit and rest to get that fine voice back.

    I downloaded 2 different ones so I hope I have the “right” one! 🙂

    Abs, I agree with you on the Skys description of David up in the left hand corner. Every time I read it I always think yep, he truly does that.


  85. jans11 said

    Dja, just seen the video. Even with voice issues, he is the best! 🙂 That’s why we all love him!


  86. Bluesky said

    81 Djafan…hummmm. I hadn’t thought about that. Will he be home y then? *thinking, thinking*


  87. ray said

    i got to say, my ADMIRATION for this young man has reached the moon, and beyond


  88. tawna21 said

    Ray, I’m with you!

    Thank you, once again, Abrra for the Sunday puzzle. ♥

    Listening to David sing ‘My Little Prayer’ makes me tear up. It’s got to be hurting to sing with his vocal cords not feeling well. Since my neck surgery, where they had to fiddle around with my esophagus, it’s left me prone to losing my voice in dry conditions or if I use my voice for too long (ha ha). It can even hurt at times. So, my heart hurts to know that David is pushing himself in what could be somewhat painful to him. ;(

    Bluesky, thank you for your prayer. ♥


  89. jans11 said

    Thanks to Pocoelsy on Twitter:


  90. jans11 said

    I read on Twitter that David cancelled his concert. Don’t know if its true or not. Hope he bounces back real fast and that it isn’t anything serious.


  91. Abrra said


  92. angelofdja said

    I am praying for David. Lord please help David recover from what is ailing him and his glorious voice!
    Amen. 🙏


  93. djafan said



  94. fenfan said

    Hope he gets well soon.

    #89 That’s a lovely photo. All grown-up, elegant man about town.

    This line I wrote – “If the title of the concert here sounds a bit strange it’s because it’s a word for word translation of 忘 年 知 音 which I do not know how to translate into English!”

    Well, I have solved the puzzle. That’s not the title of the concert but the name of the duo that was performing. It was a double bill. “Sunshine David and 忘 年 知 音 In Concert”. My bad!


  95. Abrra said


  96. bebereader said

    David checks in with us on Instagram!


  97. Bluesky said

    Now that!
    That shows the measure of a man. How one deals with adversity. May he be blessed and carried, and may the audiences still feel his great heart and presence and love.


  98. angelofdja said

    Ever since I “met” David Archuleta I have been brought to tears more times than I can count! This last Instagram post has once again rendered me a blubbering mess! The most amazing thing is that my tears are always “happy” tears! He moves my soul…sincerely & honestly wish we had more folks who truly understand what is important in life. One can only hope there are more listening to his message & finding these characteristics in themselves as well. I know I think more before I do…& I am very “grown”!


  99. djafan said

    Yes, measure of man Bluesky.

    It reminds me what Paula told him on AI “the fact that you can rise above adversity, come back strong that challenge doesn’t build character, it reveals your character”

    David displays this in all he does.


  100. djafan said

    Angelofda, I hear you loud and clear. This message via instagram says it all, this is why we follow and support this young man with a heart of gold. When I grow up I want to be like him 🙂


  101. Abrra said

    David has a new Instagram “story” for fans. Check IG on your phone and look for his profile picture at the top. He did a couple of short videos showing some locals sights.



  102. Abrra said


  103. djafan said


  104. fenfan said

    #103 The music in this tai chi video is from probably the most famous and most watched Cantonese opera of all time. This particular excerpt is what every one would hum or sing if asked to demonstrate a bit of Cantonese opera. Even I could sing some of this when I was a child (LOL) because my father used to listen to this all the time and he would take us children to the theatre to watch famous opera singers from Hong Kong and China perform.

    David also encountered some Chinese opera earlier which he showed in his latest IG Story. I think that particular bit of street opera was in Hokkien, a dialect that I don’t understand. What he saw could have been entertainment put on for the current Ghost Month. Today (17 August) is Zhōngyuán Jié, the culmination of the month during which, many Chinese believe, the gate of hell is opened and ghosts roam the world of the living seeking food and entertainment. Opera performed on makeshift stages in public areas is one form of such entertainment. Every one is welcome to watch. Just do not sit in the front row as that is reserved for spectral guests who would not appreciate having you on their laps. Please google Ghost Month for more information if you are curious to know more.


  105. fenfan123 said

    Sorry I forgot to mention the name of the opera from the video in #103.
    It’s 帝女花 or The Flower Princess. You can watch the part where the tai chi music was taken from in this video if you like. It’s a bit different from David’s singing. LOL


  106. djafan said

    Hello! The man is feeling better!!!!!


  107. djafan said


  108. djafan said

    Go David Go!!!!


  109. Abrra said

    Gengen captured a few video clips and a full Imagine.



  110. Abrra said


  111. djafan said

    Interesting. AI tweeting David wisdom.


  112. jans11 said

    Fenfan, thanks for the info on the Flower Princess. The costumes are always pretty, but, you’re right, the music isn’t anything like David! 🙂

    Glad David is feeling better. And if he can’t sing, he can dance! lol 🙂 Thanks for all the goodies, Dja. Even though David is much younger than I, he sure has helped me look at life better. He has an old soul, much older than his years. Just love him to pieces! 🙂


  113. djafan said


  114. djafan said


  115. djafan said


  116. djafan said


  117. Abrra said


  118. Abrra said

    Killer smile ALERT!



  119. fenfan said

    You forgot the killer hair alert.


  120. Abrra said

    I am so happy for these fans who probably had never imagined that David would perform live for them. Dreams do come true.



  121. djafan said


  122. jans11 said

    When does David come home? Whenever it is, safe travels, David!


  123. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Jans, his last performance was on the 17th which was our 18th so if he may be on his way home, or hanging around for a bit, or making a pit stop somewhere else (Philipines) who knows lol.


  124. Abrra said

    Check out these great pictures from Che Wea HU.


    Click the link. (I had to add quotes or else it posts a single picture.)



  125. tawna21 said

    So much ‘beautiful’ information here!!

    Abrra, you’re so right about the wonderful fans in Taiwan. David has awakened them from their dreams and brought them much happiness!!

    Yes, Jan. Safe travels home, and some rest time for his physical well-being!!


  126. djafan said

    Tawna, “Safe travels home, and some rest time for his physical well-being!!”

    Thank you Tina and Mama Lupe!


  127. Abrra said

    I added the GIF to the right sidebar. If folks feel it slows down the page loading too much, I can remove it.



  128. Abrra said

    For those who had doubts when Brooke gave David a haircut, she talks about her experience with hair.



  129. tawna21 said

    Doing hair is an art. Some can do it and some just can’t (me). 😉 My poor daughter grew up with ponytails and regular type braids. ♥ She is now a stylist with her own shop and does awesome stuff. Jan is one of the blessed ones. Thank goodness there are those that can do it! 🙂


  130. Abrra said


  131. jans11 said

    Thanks Tawna. I have been doing hair for 45 years. It’s in my blood….in my family…my mom, aunt and cousin were all hairdressers! I had my first “hotwave” perm when I was only a year old, I had enough hair. 🙂 My mom was scared to death I would get burned, but my aunt was careful. Now a days they are “coldwaves”! 🙂

    He’s on the way home!


  132. jans11 said

    Good minds think alike, Abbra! 🙂


  133. jans11 said

    Thanks to Pocoelsy on FB…..


  134. Abrra said


  135. fenfan said

    The sneaky fellow. What’s he doing in Shanghai? Hope he eats some xiao long bao and la mian.


  136. Abrra said


  137. tawna21 said

    Okay, I’m sorry but eating that gold fish just wouldn’t happen if it were in front of me. Nope!

    Fen, it’s amazing the way David slips here and there. He definitely gets the most out of any trip he goes on! Which is a good thing!! 🙂


  138. fenfan said

    LOL Tawna that’s a grouper steamed the way the Chinese like it. The fish’s cheeks, belly and bits around its gills are the best parts. Some like the head, especially the gelatinous bits around the mouth.
    In better restaurants the waiter would fillet the fish at the table. But the head could still be served because hey, we eat every thing!


  139. tawna21 said

    Oh Fen…. that just makes my tummy quiver!!!


  140. Abrra said

    Today’s Sunday puzzle compliments of DAUniverse. Twice the David is always a fun challenge.



  141. Abrra said


  142. jans11 said

    Fun puzzle Abs! Twice that sweet smile is twice the fun! 🙂


  143. tawna21 said

    Abrra, first of all…. great puzzle! Thank you!

    Second. #141… Hair!! Oh and smile and crinkly eyes! Again… Hair!


  144. jans11 said

    Tawna, I was reading your comment about your daughter and then thought maybe her name was Jan. So I apologize If I intruded in your shoutout to her.

    Second it on the fish. No way could I eat all that! I love salmon and shrimp, but not all that other stuff! 🙂

    Here’s hoping he doesn’t go running to the barber shop when he gets home! 🙂


  145. tawna21 said

    No, no, Jan, I was referring to you as one of the blessed ones that can do hair. My daughter is Cindy. ♥


  146. jans11 said

    Okie dokey! That’s what I thought. Didn’t think I ever heard your daughter’s name being Jan, but I just wanted to make sure. 🙂 Thanks again. I do feel blessed being able to do something that I love. I tell my kids to always pick a career in something you love and it will never be work to you! ♥

    #guessdavidisonwayhome #becareful #safetravels #restup ♥♥♥♥♥


  147. jans11 said

    Is he or isn’t he???? He was here today…..the little ninja! 🙂


  148. Jenny said

    How handsome and sophisticated does David look in that Shanghai pic?
    Just wanted to say that.

    I also wanted to share something personal here. Over share alert.

    Other than the obvious (good looks, unbelievable singing, charm) I realized why I’ve been so obsessed with David. I grew up in a household with brilliant, much better looking siblings where it was made pretty clear that everyone has a number value and that there is a hierarchy. I always felt afraid in a world where I felt inadequate and one that seemed so oppressive. I am realizing that there is an alternate view, where everyone has value and is worthy of love and kindness. I guess David represents that kind of warmth and world view for me. It’s not all worked out in my head yet, but I am working on it.

    Sorry if that’s an over share.


  149. Jenny said

    And I felt it through his music although it took me a while to figure out what it was.


  150. jans11 said

    Jenny, thanks for sharing. David has taught a lot of people a lot of things in their own personal lives. I have heard a lot of those stories and it is so awesome to know that he has that effect on people. I think that is the main part of his magic. I still gasp when I hear him sing certain songs even though I have heard that song a million times. Just takes my breath away. He is just that good in singing and he is just that good of a person to make a difference in peoples lives. I know he has mine and he has taught me a lot in his few short years on earth. My motto is to learn something new every day and a lot I learn is from him.
    We all have our over shares! 🙂


  151. djafan said

    Jenny, this the perfect place to share in abundance, we are with you. Yuanfen has been stuck in my head lol. Just when I think I figured it out it slips away😉


  152. djafan said


  153. Jenny said

    Thank you Jan and DJA!


  154. Abrra said


  155. tawna21 said

    Jenny, thank you for sharing your heart. It all makes sense. ♥


  156. Jenny said

    Thank you Tawn, I’m glad you understand! ❤️


  157. Jenny said

    I meant Tawna!


  158. Abrra said

    Just.Stop.It. 🙂



  159. Abrra said

    NEW THREAD ———————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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