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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Dayzee’s recap from Arizona: “I Love David Archuleta Fans!”

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

CelzTTtWsAQxx6kcredit: Shelley

The first night in Arizona the gathering of fans began early at the Olive Garden. So great to have a group of people who don’t cut you off when you mention David. Haha

Screen-Shot-2016-03-25-at-9_05_59-PMAll photos property of Dayzee unless stated otherwise

Jan and I reached the venue an hour early and there were fans milling around everywhere. Met old friends, some we had not seen since the last time we were in Arizona (home of the infamous chair scooting incident). Some we had met at Tuacahn last fall. Seeing those familiar faces is just what you need when your tummy is full of butterflies and you are so high you can’t keep track of your tickets and keys.

doorDavid’s pic on the door

The door of the venue was covered with a pic of David and fans were standing in line to take photos of themselves with that David pic. Jan said when the line slowed down she would take a picture of that herself, but the line was constant and even longer after the performance.

FullSizeRenderLine of people waiting to take their pics of themselves
with the door pic

Inside, Jan and I separated as we had bought our tickets separately. I was by myself but had a ticket for front row center. Yayy! As I found my seat a girl jumped up from the adjoining chair and said “I hope we don’t make too much noise for you.” LOL. As I got to know this new fan I realized she was pretty much the opposite of me. She was 18, I was 81. It was her first time to see David, it was about my fifty-first. We no doubt had little in common, yet here we were, side by side at a David concert.

I showed her some videos on my phone from the Richfield concert. She was quite excited at the thought of getting her own videos and promptly started taping. About half way through the show I told her I would have to stop because my phone was almost dead. She said, “No problem” and hooked me up with a power plug she had found right on the edge of the stage. What??? Arizona not only let you take all the video you wanted, but helped you power up. I love Arizona.

My new friend Nicole was absolutely delightful. She helped me get through “Everybody Hurts” and I helped her through “7 Years”. You know, sometimes David is just overwhelming and you need a hand to clasp or a thigh to squeeze.

As soon as David left the stage I helped Nicole jump up and she gathered set lists and water bottles, handing them to fans standing at the edge of the stage. Everyone loved her. She scampered from the stage, barely escaping the grasp of the stage police.

IMG_0131According the David, the way we will be watching him drink water now since he has decided it’s weird to have 700 people watch you drink

IMG_4733It makes me happy every time I open the refrigerator door.

Nicole came and gave me a hug the second night. Perhaps we will meet again when David visits Arizona. I will not worry about her because I know she has the very best role model. Makes me happy to know there are new young fans. How long can we old ladies carry this banner anyway?

I had not met SuzieQ before, but was fortunate to be sitting next to her on the second night. I loved her for the respect and enthusiastic admiration she showed David.

Remember all those one-armed hugs we used to get from David? They have evolved into two-armed hugs of appreciation that are shared by fans of all ages everywhere!

24 Responses to “Dayzee’s recap from Arizona: “I Love David Archuleta Fans!””

  1. TaterZen said

    Loved your recap, Dayzee! Such a fun perspective, as usual. Thank you.

    [Dayzee loves David Archuleta fans and they love her right back, although that is not exactly news here. She is as sweet and kind as David himself, and with plenty of spunk that belies her age. I had another chance to visit with her at the Boise Meet n’ Eat, where she ordered up rare prime rib and then entertained us with stories of her sky diving adventures. What is not to love here?]


  2. jans11 said

    Great post Dayzee! ☺ It was if I was right there with you! ☺ 😆 💖 I am at the airport waiting to go home to KC! Thanks, Dayzee for another great David adventure! ☺


  3. skydancer1x said

    aw Dayzeeeee♥, love your post and pics! ! I see you! 😀
    The water thing is so funny. anyway David wants to drink his water is ok by me:D
    I sure look forward to meeting you in person one of these days! David fans are the best♥
    Hi Taterzen,hope to meet you too one day.
    Both you and Dayzee brighten up my day always on line!♥

    Davids fans are always young at heart,and we know its the heart that matters. “It was her first time to see David, it was about my fifty-first.” hahaha,
    Dayzee, you are probably in the ballpark with that number,you lucky “gal” ( I love when he says gal,gals♥)

    Jans, hope you had a safe and good trip home! what fun!
    Been watching/listening to DRA alot his changeups on that song.Gah,David you are ridiculous. No one else sings like that.just no one. Never stop.


  4. tawna21 said

    Dear Dayzee,
    You, dear friend, are the best David fan in the world! Not only that, you are a super person to call a friend!! Thanks for being around so I can be around you. 😀

    I met a seasoned fan in the lobby the second night before the concert started, and for the life of me I can’t remember her name. I met her at Tuacahn and I know that she’s from Michigan. She is fun to visit with, she has lots of stories about her travels … her hubby travels with her also. No, we DO NOT travel with our hubbies, they travel with us — because they love us and really like David. 🙂

    We had some young girls sitting behind us that were crazy giggly, and noisy when they came in and sat down. I turned around to see them and they quickly apologized “for being so noisy and excited” (their words). Oh man, I gave them the warmest smile I could find and let them know that I expected them to be noisy and excited…. they didn’t let me down! I thanked them afterwards for their enthusiasm. Then, there were the three young adults sitting to the left of me. I honestly don’t know why they were there. They were as dead as the ants in my last hotel room were, after I sprayed them with my husband’s hair spray — hey!, I’m not using mine up on ants! Honestly, I wanted to smack them! They were that way when Firefly was on stage, also. Weird!! The only good thing about the concert coming to an end, was that they were able to leave and let me have some peace that they were no longer being stuck in their chairs.

    Yes, the 1535 miles we traveled was worth every penny (some of those gallons of gasoline cost a pretty penny), and then some! I loved, loved, loved hearing The Voice again – live. And I loved, loved, loved meeting with fans again — they make me happy! And I really loved the temperatures in Arizona, and the orange trees growing everywhere, and the beautiful places that we visited, and the people on the streets. What a wonderful weekend, and David made it possible. ♥♥

    Jans, I hope your trip home was a safe and good one!!


  5. Suzy-Q said

    On the 26th, I took four family members. Three had never seen David perform in the past and one of them is a professional musician. I sat in the fifth row between two of David’s long time fans. One was Jan Wickham and the other was Dayzee. That made the evening even more fun because we got to share each other’s enthusiasm and insights into David’s performance that others wouldn’t know about. At one point we stood up at the same time that three girls in back of us stood and this was when only the people on the three front rows located on the far left were standing. They stood at least half of the night. David went over to where they were several times but at one time, he came to closer to where we were, waved and gave us a thumbs up. I felt that David felt even more comfortable and stoked at this second performance than the night before. He was really on fire this time. There was no stopping him and we loved it. The night was exciting and so much fun. David picked such a good variety of songs. Something for old fans, new fans and first timers. I am sure that everyone will make an effort to see him perform again. I can’t wait to see him again, whenever that may be.

    I was so happy to meet Dayzee that night. What a delightful and fun lady she is! We just giggled and smiled a lot at each other every time David said something that was so cute or kind of awkward. We hugged goodbye and said we hoped to meet up again. I just love her!!


  6. jans11 said

    Just want you all to know that I made it safe and sound! 🙂 Back to the real world again! 🙂


  7. bebereader said


    I just love you!!
    Your recap brought back so many memories about the next best thing (besides David, of course) about going to one of his concerts. It’s the fans. One of my mottos is that I’ve never met a fan of David’s that I didn’t like.

    It was delightful to read about your encounter with new fan, Nicole. You really do have a lot in common with her, you know.

    I would have loved taking a picture of the pic of me and David on the door. I remember doing that in Atlantic City many years back when there was a pretend Hulk Hogan on the beach. It was priceless but I’d trade it in any day of the week for the one of me and David. haha

    Glad you and Jan made it home safely. ❤


  8. tawna21 said

    Glad you made it home, Jan! The real world isn’t nearly as fun as the world we live in during a David concert. jmho 🙂


  9. GrammyJ said

    Thanks for the great recap Dayzee. I love the little tidbits like how there was a long line to take a photo with David’s big poster. And having Nicole get on stage to grab water bottles and the set list was sheer genius! It has always been such fun being a fan of David.


  10. bluesky4home said

    A great recap, Dayzee! You are one great adventurer. ^_^ Thanks for the local color, stories, and just general fun and DA craziness.

    It is just that DA “crazy” is normal for us. Although I am a quiet-type person, I love all the excitement you bring. Thanks so much for just being who you are.

    You are NOT any more or less than just as you should be!! Never change. ^_^


  11. Dayzee said

    Well, you can see why I love David Archuleta fans. They say such nice things.
    TaterZen, you made Boise special by setting up that great Meet N Eat. The cookies were a big hit. I have them in their baggie right here by my screen.
    Jan, That was a great adventure and not the last.
    Sky, I don’t know why all of a sudden he is self-conscious about the water. We’ve been watching him drink since he was a teenager. 🙂
    Tawna, glad to hear of more younger fans. I noticed you used the euphemism “seasoned fans” and Suzy said “long-time” fans. Funny, because I had been trying to figure out how to get around “old fans”. Good job!
    Suzy, It seemed we both caught every nuance of David’s performance and enjoyed it more because we could share. Thank you.
    Bebe, I love you because you love David’s fans, You do so much for us here.
    Grammy, you should have seen how pleased Nicole was to make other fans happy with gifts from the stage.
    Bluesky, You may think you are a quiet-type person, but I have seen you in action. If you encounter a problem or opportunity that involves a David concert you do not hold anything back. Just sayin’

    Got home tonight to thirsty plants and lots of mail. All of my mail ends with “please pay this amount”. Never “You have won a million dollars.”

    Thank goodness we are looking forward to more concerts. Wouldn’t it be glorious if we could all attend together! I hope we can see each other (and David) often.


  12. djafan said

    Dayzee, you are one of the sweetest, adventurous, young ladies I’ve ever met. I had such a great time visiting with you and can’t wait to do it all over again.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. Love the water picture 🙂

    Suzy-q, I missed you! What a great family night! That’s one of the best things of a David concert, the passion, the fire, his performances are incredible yet you don’t have to worry about crotch grabbing for offensive language, the best I tell you. And thank you for sharing 🙂

    Tawna, it was great seeing you and your hubby again. So glad you made it. I loved the enthusiasm of all the young, the old, and the in between. I saw some of those fuddy duddies and was wondering why bother to go? They seemed like they thought they were to cool to be in the moment…silly.


  13. djafan said

    Rolling Stone lists the top 16 most successful non winners. David is #6!!! Nice!

    How Far Did He Go: Runner-up

    Most Memorable Performance: John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which he reprised in the finale (and left out the line about “no religion”).

    Biggest Hit: “Crush,” his debut single, sold two million copies worldwide.

    Career: Idol’s clean-cut, Mormon teen dream, he started his run at 17, as a budding pop star in the age of purity rings. Plus, he was part of the epic David vs. David showdown finale. Archuleta was the lesser of the Davids, according to voters, but has had a fine career nonetheless. Even a two-year hiatus in 2012 to serve as a Mormon missionary didn’t slow down his fanbase, and he returned to release two more albums in the U.S., and an additional album of Filipino covers, Forevermore.

    Read more:

    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook


  14. djafan said

    American Idol mentions David.

    Over the past few weeks, David Archuleta has made his way around the Western states, performing in Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.
    Join the discussion below, or Read more at Great Bend Tribune.

    And GB Tribune.

    Over the past few weeks, David Archuleta has made his way around the Western states, performing in Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

    A YouTube video shows part of his Saturday performance in Queen Creek, Arizona. Archuleta performed a Peter Gabriel song, “Don’t Give Up,” with Madelyn Merchant.

    Archuleta rose to popularity after taking second place on the seventh season of “American Idol” in 2008.

    Merchant is a member of the band Firefly, composed of three sisters from Gilbert, Arizona.

    “It was an incredible honor for me to sing a duet with David Archuleta,” Merchant wrote on the Firefly Facebook page. “We have admired him as an artist and as a person ever since we watched his first ‘American Idol’ audition clips on TV and knew he was someone very special.”

    While in Arizona, Archuleta volunteered at an Easter egg hunt hosted by Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona. He posted a photo from the event on Twitter.


  15. djafan said

    David mentions!

    Kris Allen

    He will attend the series finale in L.A. next week though he can’t say what he’ll actually do. (Most likely, he’ll be teamed with other “Idol” alums in a medley.)

    He is looking forward to hanging out with the other alums. He especially likes seven 7 runner-up David Archuleta. “I love talking to that dude,” he said. “He’s just the sweetest kid.”

    Trent Harmon

    Names David Archuleta as his favorite past american idol contestant.


  16. Dayzee said

    I finally got tickets for Scera. The website was broken, the phone lines were broken. I think David is popular here. The phone line said they had a high volume of calls, but you could hold. Then it said too many to hold. It offered to take your name and number, but then I was told the mailbox was full and to call later. I just kept trying on the website and after an hour and a half…..Success!! Filling up that envelope in my closet 🙂

    Dja, thanks for all the tidbits. You are so good at snatching up anything Davidish. I love it


  17. tawna21 said

    Dayzee, I got my tickets for Scera! 🙂


  18. djafan said

    Yay Dayzee and Tawna!

    The phone lines and website was overloaded and crashed by all trying to purchase at the same time!

    Seems all seated area is gone!


  19. djafan said

    David has been challenged!


  20. tawna21 said

    That’s quite the challenge! 🙂


  21. jans11 said

    Happy that you all got your tickets! He is one popular guy in the west there. Here’s hoping he will branch out to the midwest and eastern part of the US so those fans can have the fun of trying to get tickets with the websites closing down and making them go into panic mode! 🙂 yessiree! 🙂 I would love to be able to experience that in the near future!


  22. jans11 said

    Thank you Trent for David Archuleta being your favorite past American Idol! You are one smart guy! 🙂 Wish David was going to be on the finale! He was such a big part of it and is the best singer ever!


  23. Abrra said


    I am late to the party. I have had a nasty cold this week and my internet went out. I am much better and my tech guy came today so I am back in business. 🙂

    I enjoy seeing your pictures and reading the story of your adventures with Jan to Arizona.
    It may be just me, but when David turns his back to the crowd its more awkward 😉 As if we don’t know what he is up to.

    Here is today’s Sunday puzzle. Casual David.



  24. bebereader said

    New article: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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