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The Fight For Balance Within ~ New Blog by David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

poco balanceart edit credit pocoelsy

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog.

I have to admit, it has felt kind of nice.  Not because I don’t like connecting with all of you.  But more to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.  I haven’t posted as often on Instagram and Twitter as I would before, but that has also felt really nice as well.  Not because I don’t like sharing, but it’s because I have a tendency to get caught up in what everyone thinks about what I’m doing.  I’ve learned to enjoy the moment and the people that I’m with, rather than think “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be showing everyone my life and how great it is.” and “I’d get more followers if I post more of this.” Or “The more of my face in the photo the more likes it’ll get.” (I talked about this in my last blog, but will expand on it a little more today.)

I will say every now and then I like to share moments, quotes, thoughts (And honestly I think it is fun to post photos and videos occasionally) but afterwards I feel a little overwhelmed.  I think it’s from my nature that I’ve always been someone who likes to keep to himself and stay away from attention.

People say “Well you picked the wrong career for that, buddy.”  But I’d disagree. We all have obstacles we face.  Life is designed to give us hurdles that would keep us from following our dreams, keep us from making new memories, and from being happy if we choose to let fear run its course in us and always take the path of least resistance.  But life is made that way because happiness and satisfaction come from accomplishing things that we think are beyond our limits.  How many of you have done something that you didn’t want to do because you didn’t think you could and felt nervous, and afterward felt so good and satisfied for now having accomplished something you didn’t think you were capable of?  It really is designed that way for a reason.

Just because I don’t like attention doesn’t mean I don’t like singing.  I’d sing for everyone all of the time if I could be off the stage, unnoticed and still give everybody the experience of feeling better and more motivated after listening.  But I’ve been given the challenge.  I find so much joy from keeping to myself to give me time to meditate and be still in an inconspicuous world, but I also find joy in sharing with as many people as possible the things that make me happy.


I found an interesting balance of the two of these while I was a mormon missionary in Chile for 2 years from March 2012-March 2014.  I could walk around the streets talking to every type of person you could meet: old and young, wealthy and poor, content and depressed—You name it.  I love people.  I love hearing their stories.  I love sharing with them things that I feel can motivate them to become their best selves.  Sharing my beliefs and the things that filled my soul without expecting to get anything back felt amazing.



Hardly anyone ever recognized me down in Chile for my music career, but I would sing for just about everyone I met.  Many of them worked in the Chilean copper mines, while many others worked in the fruit fields.  Others were teachers, students, security guards, small business owners, etc.  I’d sing for people on the streets, in their homes or in their yards.  For some reason I had some of the most fulfilling performances of my life singing for 1 or 2 people at a time, without the applause or notoriety of crowds—No way of keeping track of social media’s hits/likes/views.  I realized music could touch me and them the same way it could having a special musical moment on TV in front of millions of people.  For some reason, that moment of satisfaction isn’t about the numbers.  It’s about that moment being real and honest regardless if it’s singing for 1 person or 1 million people. Whether it’s singing for the president of the United States or the old widow at the end of the street who lives by herself, it’s all about that moment of connecting person to person, along with this connection originating from something greater than me from above.  I certainly believe it’s a connection with God.

So yes, it’s a challenge for me, but I don’t intend on giving up.  I’m trying to find the balance of living a life that’s meaningful to me both personally (in my quiet and simple world) and career-wise (as a performer and musician.)  Each aspect involves 2 principles: (1) loving people and (2) keeping that spiritual connection with God.



I’ve been continuously writing and in the last couple of weeks have been looking for producers to work with.  I’m hoping I can work this time around with people who can keep me focused on the things I’ve told you about.  Talented people who are good at their craft but keep the focus on the simple but special moment, instead of the pursuit of being “the hippest, biggest, and greatest.”  To be honest it’s hard to keep that focus.  You get tempted to keep up with everyone and everything else because it looks amusing.  But learning from the past I know what that does does and doesn’t do for me.

Do any of you have conflicting aspirations or goals?  If you do, have any of you found a way to find a balance for them to work?  If you haven’t, I hope this helps you think twice, and as you make progress please share it.  You can share it here, and also be sure to share it with your family and friends.


There’s a reason the contrast of yin and yang find a happy balance to create something greater than if they were separated.  I believe that balance comes from finding common ground, similar goals, and the same purpose.  It’s up to you and me to find the way to make that balance happen.



 Do the red and white in a pokeball count as showing balance too? (Gotta Catch ‘Em All)


68 Responses to “The Fight For Balance Within ~ New Blog by David Archuleta”

  1. jans11 said

    From previous post…… Love David’s blog. I thought he knew by now that he shouldn’t have to worry about what others think. With his voice, all I care is he can sing and I can listen! Yin and yang…for sure! Guess he might always be that way. I can talk one on one but clam up in front of a lot of people..afraid to say the wrong thing….have always been that way. But when I went into cosmetology, I just kept on and feel comfortable in it after 45 yrs! You go David!!!!

    I told him that I was glad that he stayed in music, that his voice blessed a lot of people. Hoping that he will find it easier as time goes by to be in front of people. ” It’s up to you and me to find the way to make that balance happen.” I love that and I told him that he never had to worry about saying the wrong thing in front of us, that we will always have his back! We are working together that way and I think that will make that balance happen. It works for me, hope it does for him! 🙂

    PS, I hate being first to comment…………


  2. bluesky4home said

    Oh, Jan… you make me smile! I have not gone to his page yet to comment. Perhaps I will ….. maybe.

    But I can certainly agree with what he has said here. He is a singer. That is his gift: a heart with a voice.
    And I like how his little dissertation here explains what some found confusing about his “friendliness”. He certainly WAS interested in every person he met. He really DID love and care about his fans. Perhaps more than others might.
    What was so difficult was the full-on overwhelm of the feedback and loss of privacy, the expectation of what that “care” for his fans would look like.

    How very happy I am that he cares enough about himself (therefore us as well) to take care.

    I have a similar dichotomy in my own work. I have a training that I have been doing for 19 years. This last year I offered it free to members of a certain group (if they took it within a year). My classes with them – although I do not receive payment in dollars – have been just about the most rewarding and fulfilling of any classes that I have ever taught. Why? What makes the dynamic different? I do not know if I can truly say. I just know that it is. I am teaching because I believe in the work, I believe in what it can do, and how the material can bless the lives of others – whether or not I receive recognition.

    Does this mean that I do not want to get paid for my work, or that I do not value it, or conversely, that money lessens it? No, none of the above. But it does somehow change the focus, and change how “I” value it. It both requires me to re-evaluate what I do and why I do it.

    And the inner blessings that I have received have been great.


    Thank you, DA, for your courage to be a “concrete” example to us of an issue that we all struggle with in some way. You sound stronger, and more grounded, and more focused and even, if that were possible, more passionate.

    Seems like a winning combination to me. ^_^
    No wonder at all that we will be continually blown away by the delivery system your passion uses to shake our hearts with sound, light, heartbreak, and love.


  3. djafan said

    Thanks Jans for sharing with him what we all feel, I hope he was reassured.

    And Bluesky for your thoughts. “No wonder at all that we will be continually blown away by the delivery system your passion uses to shake our hearts with sound, light, heartbreak, and love.” YES!

    I’m still amazed at the depth of this guy I’m a fan of. Most of us live trying to balance life. We sometimes are off kilter to one side or the other and it usually takes a serious event to knock us back, and it is hard at least for me with trying to do to much that something ends up neglected and the results are usually negative.

    Now I try to imagine me doing all this balancing in the public eye? No way, it’s not pretty haha.

    David was given this huge gift that he and I believe needs to be shared and the fact that he is sharing his thoughts and emotions with us is huge for me because I am a fan of him and he doesn’t have to. I appreciate that he recognizes that we’re here even if he doesn’t do it every day and that’s ok.

    Thank you David.


  4. djafan said


    FEB 10, 2016 10:27AM BY HEATHER THOMPSON
    IT’S HAPPENING: David Archuleta Working On New Music

    David Archuleta penned an informative and eye-opening blog entry this week about his life, his feelings towards social media and fame, and his upcoming tunes! That’s right – David revealed he’s been busy writing new music, and he’s on the hunt for a producer to help him in the studio.

    “I’ve been continuously writing and in the last couple of weeks have been looking for producers to work with,” David explained. He also revealed, “I’m trying to find the balance of living a life that’s meaningful to me both personally (in my quiet and simple world) and career-wise (as a performer and musician.) Each aspect involves 2 principles: (1) loving people and (2) keeping that spiritual connection with God.”

    “I’m hoping I can work this time around with people who can keep me focused on the things I’ve told you about. Talented people who are good at their craft but keep the focus on the simple but special moment, instead of the pursuit of being ‘the hippest, biggest, and greatest.’ To be honest it’s hard to keep that focus. You get tempted to keep up with everyone and everything else because it looks amusing. But learning from the past I know what that does and doesn’t do for me.”

    David ended his entry in possibly the best way ever – posting:

    David Archuleta Blog Post

    Are you as excited for David’s upcoming music as we are? Take to the comments to let us know!


  5. djafan said


  6. tawna21 said

    “Are you as excited for David’s upcoming music as we are?” ….. Yes!!!!

    All I can say is, “Thank You, David”, for being able to recognize how important it is to put balance in your life. And, to be wise enough to recommend it to all of us. I’m not there. I allow the ADD/OCD part of me to work too much, and it keeps me running from this to that and the yonder, and still being behind in all of it! I want to know where he gets this enormous amount of wisdom from…. I’d like to tap into that flowing well. I have to agree with his take on social media. It can be a real mess.


  7. Dear David,

    If you read the biographies of Andre Bocelli and the beautiful Sissel you will find the amazing stories about two famous singers who have worked hard towards balancing their lives. It is common and not out of place for a great talent to cause artists considerable thinking and timing to achieve what is called a balanced or happy or meaningful life.

    It is rather a natural instinct that we all try to achieve.


  8. The news has it that twitter is losing social media popularity so it is not David who is the only one using twitter less. Everything has its growth and peak and then some slowdown etc. He might think that he is the only one but no, days, months, years change your habits and activities. The things that David thinks defibe him as being different are really quite normal ways of life.


  9. bluesky4home said

    Good to see you SandyBeaches ^_^


  10. Abrra said


  11. djafan said

    Hello all!

    Love how David invites “friends” to his concerts. He seemed a bit more relaxed in the latest invite. I read that the sales in Denver picked up after his invite and radio.

    There’s a new concert date!

    SB, your right, balance is a life long effort. I wasn’t aware of it at 25, I wish I had been. Bocelli’s life has been an inspirational one for sure. A great read.

    The David’s PO Box must been receiving mail because it’s been paid for another year!


  12. jans11 said

    So much good news here! ♥♥♥♥♥


  13. SandyBeaches said

    Sissel in an interview in Utah following her return to promote the CD/DVD for her guest performance with the MOTABS.

    I believe that David would find from listening to her, some of the answers he has been searching for and even more peace of mind.


  14. jans11 said

    SB, I agree, her answers does compare to what David is searching for. Hoping that he finds his “happy medium” soon. I think he will as time goes by…..”I love music, it talks to my heart.” I love what she said there…. and ain’t that the truth! 🙂


  15. Abrra said

    Pocoelsy was busy making edits for Valentine’s Day! Lucky us 🙂

    Another puzzle for this special day!

    Happy Valentines Day to all!!



  16. djafan said

    Happy Valentines Day All!


  17. jans11 said

    Thanks Abrra for the 2 beautiful puzzles of the many sides of David! ☺ 💕 Happy Valentine’s day everyone! 💖💗💟💝💕


  18. jans11 said

    Here is a video of Nathan singing “More” and announcing baby #2. His little boy is so cute and his wife is very pretty.


  19. tawna21 said

    Beautiful — challenging– puzzles, Abrra. Thank you! A very Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!!!!


  20. bluesky4home said

    Thank you for finding and posting that video, Jans. ^_^ What a sweet, tender, personal love song…. the way he sings it, it sounds like he sang it just for his wife alone to hear.

    I have the CD where he sings this, and I have heard him sing it in person, but until I saw this video, I didn’t fully appreciate the almost private way it is constructed. I had wondered. So, thanks for the vid. I will be thinking of it now when I listen.


    You are the Best of the Besties. May your every loving wish be loved right back at cha!


  21. bluesky4home said

    I couldn’t resist some of my favs, just to say: It is Valentines Day. Have a HUG!!


  22. bluesky4home said

    Hum. The other one did not load. I will try again.


  23. fenfan said

    Love Me Tender was my favourite from AI. I hope to hear him sing it again one day, when he is in love. It will be the ultimate big love song!
    Thanks Bluesky for posting this and Rainbow, another favourite.


  24. skydancer1x said

    ♪♫♪”hello from the other siiiiide♫♪♫♪ 😀
    Thanks Bluesky for bringing videos over!
    Without a doubt,David singing Love Me Tender,was beautiful. Def. is one of my favorites he sang on Idol. ♥
    Nathan singing “More”…reminded me of my Mom and Dad♥one of their favorites by Perry Como back in the day…way back lol.. Nathan sang that beautifully and you could feel his heart.too. In a minute I will watch the Sissel vid.

    SB good to see you!..waving at you♥:D
    and everybody else! I know I have been awol!

    Happy day after Valentines Day, to you all! Hope you had a good day, smothered in love ♥ and now ,Happy birthday to George Washington and happy Presidents Day today.
    (Come back George Washington!We need you!)

    I love that we got a blog!! with David sharing where he is right now,and sharing his struggles,searching for the perfect balance for his life and his music career..and letting us know he is looking for a producer.Hope things fall into place for him.♥ah balance, It doesn’t get any easier David, its a constant in life,finding that balance,
    as SB said “It is rather a natural instinct that we all try to achieve.”
    (ahhh why in the back of my mind is the thought,if you think its hard finding balance, “just wait till you have kids!!” Ha! where my mind and focus has been lately. )

    I will be going to see David in Denver!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy! along with my concert buddies,the lovely Terry♥ and lovely Funfee! ♥ Woot!so excited!!! Hoping for a new song or two?:D
    love ya’ll !!~


  25. Abrra said

    David flies a drone! I wonder if he is planning a spy/action flick?

    Looks like an iPhone is attached to the controller. I do know you can livestream the view that the drone camera sees in flight.
    “There’s an app for that.” 😉



  26. djafan said

    David sure is trying new things. That looks like fun.

    Bluesky, ahhh memory lane . Great picks!

    Fenfan, LMT is one of my favs. I remember that I held my breath through that performance.

    Sky!!! Love that you’re going to Denver! Say hi to Funfee and TerryTampa for me!
    And gosh anything you can share😊


  27. bluesky4home said

    No coat, no snow, and …. Palm Trees!! He is definitely NOT in Utah. ^_^


  28. jans11 said

    Thanks, Bluesky.

    More new David things! 🙂 (where’s that album)…. 🙂

    Fenfan, that will be something when it happens!

    Happy for you, Sky! My plans just won’t gel for any of the concerts…so far anyways. Everyday I ck things and replan, but alas, it just doesn’t work out. So I think I’m just not suppose to go yet! 🙂 Have fun!


  29. djafan said

    Arizona Queens tickets are all sold out!

    Safford tickets go on sale today!


  30. djafan said

    Tickets are selling!


  31. fenfan said

    I checked out tickets for the Safford show even though I won’t be able to go. Not sure whether I am reading the info correctly but it seems like a lot of the tickets have been sold! Not all that many left! People in Arizona must be really hungry for David concerts.


  32. djafan said


  33. djafan said

    Fenfan, You’re looking correctly!

    They’re selling really well. Hoping for a South Cali venue soon!


  34. djafan said

    134 tickets left for June 22!

    Stuck on this right now.


  35. angelofdja said

    If even one person in Arizona listened to David and Nathan sing The Prayer, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised that person told another, “you just HAVE TO listen to this”! Then that person tells another, and another…and then each of these smart folks go on-line to get any idea where the next opportunity will be to hear that VOICE! The rest is in the ticket sales!
    I am very happy others will soon be hypnotized and mesmerized!
    (Is it March yet?) 😜


  36. djafan said

    Hi Angelofdja! I agree. Most fans are not on social media, they know of David from American Idol and go to concerts because they’re fans and hear about them via other forms of communication. I have several coworkers asking me when is he coming to the area because they want to go and don’t go online. So I’m their form of communication 🙂

    Sia has taken the need for privacy to another level. I don’t want David to ever do this! But she makes a point and it’s working for her. I want David to go on carpool karaoke with this guy.


  37. djafan said

    I tweeted this

    And 3 minutes later there was this tweet! Get ready to celebrate another sellout!!!!


  38. fenfan said

    Sold out! Well, I suppose I should cancel my flight to Arizona then.😯✈


  39. jans11 said

    Haha Fenfa! 🙂 Me too…even though I wanted to go.


  40. jans11 said

    Photo of David and Gracie…she will be touring with him again! 🙂


  41. Abrra said


  42. Abrra said

    Someone has a special day! 😉

     photo dayzeebirthday_zpsaz2wke8v.gif

    Wishing you a wonderful day, today 🙂



  43. bluesky4home said

    Wooooo HOOOO!!!!!

    Wishing you all the love and fun that you can possibly received!!


  44. djafan said

    Good morning!

    Amber wrote a blog with the encouragement of her “brother” a lot of similarities.

    WWTT Party TODAY!!!!


  45. djafan said

    Dayzee! Happy Birthday!!!!

    Guess who? hahaha


  46. jans11 said

    Happy birthday Dayzee! ☺ 💕 🎁 🎂 🎈 📀 🎹 🎶 🎸 Have a perfectly wonderful day…and eat lots of frozen yogurt! ☺ 😆 💖


  47. djafan said

    David’s a hoot “brotha” and quoting scripture. He likes Twenty One Pilots.

    Blurry Face


  48. Dayzee said

    Thanks for the happy birthdays. I had to laugh when I read Jan’s wish for lotsa frozen yogurt because I just got home from the yogurt store. It must be my birthday because they had all my favorite flavors. The best part of every birthday for the past few years has been coming to The Voice and having David sing for me. Love it! Thank you!

    Sky, excited you are going to Denver. Can’t wait to hear how awesome it was in your own words. I’m sooo ready for my trip to Boise. Time to dust off the suitcase.


  49. tawna21 said

    The happiest of Happy Birthdays to dear Dayzee!!!! 😀


  50. skydancer1x said

    Happy Happy Birthday dear Dayzeeeeeee! love you! 😀 Yogurt store ooh yummy!

    I am excited I am going to Denver too, Dayzee, thank you, can’t believe I will get to go to another one so soon.
    David fan friends are just the sweetest and best people to hang out with,
    and my ears and heart could use another tuneup from the Archuleta ♥:)


  51. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hope it’s not too late for cake! What’s a birthday without the cake? And there is more than enough for everyone here.

    Happy Birthday, Dayzee. Best wishes to a great lady! Hope to meet you one day at a concert. That would be be a real treat! Glad you enjoyed your day!


  52. Dayzee said

    A sparkly cake to share. Everyone pull up a fork and enjoy. Thank you Bebe. Spending time with you at a concert would be awesome. I have that on my bucket list,


  53. jans11 said

    Yummy! That cake would go good with some of that frozen yogurt! Delicious!


  54. angelofdja said

    Happy belated Birthday Dayzee! Hope your year is a fabulous one! 🎂💐😜


  55. jans11 said

    I am doing a happy dance as I stumbled into a great deal to see a double concert in AZ. WHOO HOO! Now off to find some good cheap flights! 🙂


  56. fenfan said

    Late, but still better than never! 😊 Happy birthday, Dayzee! Hope you had a wonderful day filled with David music. 🎂


  57. Abrra said

    Thanks to Taterzen for today’s puzzle. I am defiantly a gold star member of this club.



  58. jans11 said

    Cute puzzle, Abs. Except it’s not a cute way to live. 😦

    Still looking for that perfect flight! 🙂 Is there such a thing??? 🙂


  59. djafan said

    Jan’s! Praying for your perfect flight!!!

    Well I tried the puzzle and it took me forever! That was a hard one and after reading Ambers blog it got me thinking about introverts and homeschooling. Wonder how it works…


  60. TaterZen said

    I come here for every puzzle. I knew exactly what this one was of course, but sure didn’t set any record putting it together. It took longer than most.


  61. Abrra said

    Thanks Taterzen, for posting that graphic on Twitter last week. I related so much to several (not all) of the traits mentioned. I made a puzzle to spark interest in the topic because there was so much honesty in the words. Life isn’t always pretty for some individuals, regardless of the face they show in public. Some of us realize that we are happier just staying in the background. I am happy being an introvert. 🙂



  62. tawna21 said

    Great puzzle, Abrra. It was a tough one. It’s even more tough when reading thru it I found myself in lots of the squares. Yeah, I the ‘back row Betty’ type of person. Lots of times I wish I were more ‘front row Francis’, but it doesn’t pull me under that I’m not. My life just goes on….. and on … and on…..! 😀

    Hubby and I have spent the afternoon working on a ‘plan’ for Arizona next month. We’re trying to decide how to make it more than a down and back trip. Adding some sightseeing, etc. Guess we’ll have a go at it another day, we’ve had too many interruptions and can’t stay focused.


  63. fenfan said

    I was watching youtube videos of you know who when I stumbled upon And So It Goes. It brought me to tears, quite literally. It was like he ripped my heart out all over again. Oh David, please never stop singing.


  64. sandybeaches9 said

    Happy belated Birthday Dayzee! Wonderful cake!

    Hope David soon gets settled (I know it takes years) and sings to the people who have loved to watch and listen…thousands of miles to the east again maybe? Always a ray of hope.



  65. Yes Fenfan what a wonderful song and we hope that “he chooses to be with you (everyone)”. He is in that room, the sanctuary safe and strong where it is healing the wounds it seems. The choice is his to make. Great lyrics. I always favoured that song and the way he sang it I think it is a favourite of his. The new one to come along is that waiting, empty stage that belongs to him. I always would say when he came out on to the stage, that the stage was his home where he became alive. And so it goes!



  66. Dayzee said

    My family gave me a special birthday gift this year. They let me choose to be any age I wanted. So, I am 33 for this entire year! The only dissenter was a 33-year-old grandson who didn’t want to share his age with his grandmother. He was booed into submission and it is now official. Yayy!

    The puzzle took longer than any other I have done, but it was so interesting I didn’t realize I had taken so long until I saw the time at the end. Thanks Tater and Abs. I think it took so much time because I couldn’t find David’s picture in there anywhere. I found the essence of David more difficult to put together than his outward features.

    Fen, I was remembering your wish for O Ven this last Christmas season. It is probably too late now 🙂 I will join you in wishing for that for next Christmas. So much music we want to hear from David. Appreciate every gift he gives, but still yearn for more.

    So much fun arranging our lives to stay in touch with David. Hope all of your plans and dreams come true.


  67. Abrra said


    Grats on being 33 AGAIN 🙂

    ” I found the essence of David more difficult to put together than his outward features. ” That sums up what the point of the exercise was about. When you look past the face, and see the soul of someone, you get to know their essence.

    It took me 23:17 to complete the puzzle. I focused on the lining up the “lines” and the rest fell into place.



  68. bebereader said

    New article >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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