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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Snowboarding!

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

72 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Snowboarding!”

  1. jans11 said

    Thanks for the photo, Dja. Just so dang cute! 🙂 David, watch that you don’t catch cold…we don’t want you sick and lose your voice! Just grandma here… 🙂

    From previous post…love the puzzle…the colors were beautiful. And David singing Up Above the Northern Lights is one of my favorites! Thanks, Lynne


  2. Abrra said

    He is referencing song lyrics again. The earth is back spinning on its axis now. 🙂




  3. angelofdja said

    Yes Abrra! The world is turning again! WOOT! Makes me feel all good and happy!


  4. Dayzee said

    Love to see David enjoying the Utah snow. Like Angel “Makes me feel all good and happy!” Funny how that works. Every time I visit this place that’s exactly how I feel. Thanks Abrra for explaining the quote to me. I never would have known. Haha

    Grandma Jan, David does look frozen, but robust. I think he is OK.


  5. djafan said

    I laughed out loud when I saw that he quoted lyrics! And not just to one song! So I had to give David’s post center stage! That face!!!! The joy is pouring out of his face!!!

    Abrra, Yes, the world is all good now haha!


  6. tawna21 said

    The cutest snow bunny on the hill!!!! ….as The World Turns….. 😀


  7. djafan said

    David knows his music :))))))

    Ice Ice Baby


  8. djafan said

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the ice ice baby video 😦 It does have a good beat 🙂

    David’s snowboarding lyrical picture post was pretty popular 🙂

    Instagram 16.2k likes
    Facebook 35,629 likes
    twitter 1.2k likes

    Who has one of these??? I do!


  9. bluesky4home said

    I have one. The only “item” I have. Not a collector. ^_^ But my sister-in-law bought one for me as a gift, the one concert she attended with me. I went with her to hear Josh Groan and she came with me to hear DA. Fun times.

    (I wore it during a trip to Europe with two of my teenage sons. They were a tad embarrassed.

    It was good for them.)


  10. tawna21 said

    Bluesky #9….. I’m pretty sure it’s just a typo, but it’s certainly making me giggle…… ” I went with her to hear Josh Groan…”. Could that maybe be Josh Groban? 😉


  11. bluesky4home said

    What? Groan? *ahem* Must have been subconscious typo. ^_^


  12. djafan said

    “Groan” hahaha I used to listen to Groban, I can’t anymore, not pleasant to the ears. I know I know, David has ruined others for me 🙂 But I’m not complaining :))))


  13. jans11 said

    Aren’t they doing a WWTT tonight with “The Year of the Archuleta? Haven’t seen any more about it. Will check more. It is at 9pm my time.


  14. jans11 said

    Guess not. Don’t know why they showed it though. Did find this on Twitter though: Guess David is back in Nashville now.


  15. djafan said

    Great picture! Cool that he’s at Crytals concert. A spontaneous duet would be awesome!


  16. djafan said

    Jan’s, I didn’t see anything about a WWTT. I think it should wait for music news 😊


  17. jans11 said

    I do too. I actually seen it just a few days ago and wondered why it was set up for this Fri night. It was a photo showing the info as it usually does. Haven’t seen any more about it. Here’s hoping for some music news real soon. February has to be more exciting than January! 🙂 It would be awesome to see that David done a duet! (Even though I never cared for Crystal’s singing.)


  18. jans11 said

    I, too, didn’t know about the quote thing. Thanks, for explaining Abs.

    Thanks, Dayzee for the reassurance. 🙂 He really is very robust! 🙂 Was thinking about his vocal chords…. 🙂 🙂


  19. Abrra said

    The Sunday puzzle is an edit from David Archuleta Community Facebook.



  20. djafan said

    Good morning!

    I hadn’t seen this Nunca Pense from Texas…WOW!


  21. bluesky4home said


    I really like this version better than how he has done it in the past. Before he paused and did the “audience participation” piece. Here instead, he treated us to -the music in his head- and just let them clap along. A great improvement in my book!!!

    He is able to not only keep the momentum of the beat and the general movement of the song/message, he rides it right along and up the ante with his vocal pyrotechnics.

    Fireworks, DA. Do you have a license?


  22. bluesky4home said

    Sorry!! “Ups the ante” My bad. Too early, I guess……


  23. jans11 said

    Thanks for the Nunca Pense video Dja! How can people not love this guy??? He is so good! Bluesky, I agree with the “ups the ante”….he really did! I’m really enjoying his cute flirty smile that is coming back….looking more like the “old David”. 🙂 Getting antsy for the new album!

    Four heads are better than one… 🙂 thanks for the puzzle Abs….another great one!


  24. Dayzee said

    DJA thanks for the video of that full-bodied performance. 3:42 of stage gold. The ante is upped along with everything else.

    When I got up this morning i thought Yayy! Puzzle day!
    “Four heads are better than one… ” Only when they are all David. Where is that album, Jan?


  25. Abrra said

    From Paul Williams IG.

    He was a popular singer, prolific composer/songwriter and actor in the 70’s and 80’s. Today he is the president of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).



  26. tawna21 said

    I really, really like this version of Nunca Pense!!! I agree, Bluesky. David keeping the music in his court is sooo much better. I like how it just keeps flowing along. I mean, the audience is participating anyway…. we always do even when we aren’t invited to. 🙂 Oh, and those steps! mama mia!!!

    Awesome puzzle, Abrra!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  27. tawna21 said

    #27….. Abrra, that is an awesome message!! It’s so true. Sadly, we don’t reflect on this idea very often when thinking about any kind of art. We just want what we want when we want it. I’m pretty sure this will cause me to think in a different way about any kind of art.

    BUT!!!!……. Where is that album?! 😉


  28. Abrra said


    When I read that message in #25 it reminded me of how hard an artist works for their art. It can’t be rushed and every artist has to be allowed to create, no matter how long it takes. What we see hear or read, in the end, is a pure expression of who they are.



  29. tawna21 said

    I completely agree. I think it’s just so hard for us to realize that. We get so restless. We think they can crank their creations out on a whim, and it just isn’t that way. Some things look and sound that way to a lot of us– if it’s an art form that we don’t enjoy. But, in reality, it’s taken that artist just as much pondering and doing as it has the other — the ones that we enjoy. jmho


  30. jans11 said

    Although #25 is true, David gave us 3 albums to be released while he was gone those 2 years and now that he’s been back almost 2 years there isn’t even one released yet. I know he is particular, but I bet he sings in perfect pitch even if he’s singing in the shower or singing to his dog! 🙂 I know that he hums in perfect pitch too! 🙂 C’mon David we want that new album! 🙂 jmo 🙂


  31. Abrra said


    What the quote in #25 is talking about is appreciating the original creation of art. Recording covers or re-releasing music is not as difficult to accomplish. If “Numb” is any indication of the complexity of his new style, it’s worth the wait to me.



  32. Abrra said

    David is going to be a busy guy 🙂



  33. jans11 said

    I understand it Abrra. I was just trying to make a funny and I guess it didn’t work! 🙂 Yes. Numb is awesome for more than one reason. More so because of what David was going through to write it.

    Wow. David’s going to Slovenia! It’s not KC but it’s on my anniversary! 🙂 Too far for me to go…. 🙂 But it will be awesome…..


  34. tawna21 said

    #32 … Dang!!! David is growing by leaps and bounds!!!! What an opportunity… and are we hoping for videos? … I am!!


  35. djafan said

    Still lost in that Nunca Pense video😂 The ante has been upped 100 fold 👍

    Slovenia? That pianist is good and on the billboard charts, pretty good.

    Counting the days for Arizona road trip😆


  36. fenfan said

    So David is going east. How about travelling a bit farther to the real east?
    I see his concert buddy is a pianist. Does that mean David is going to sing The Prayer all on his own? I am sure everyone is going to be so enthralled they won’t remember that song is supposed to be a duet.
    And shouldn’t it be David Archuleta in concert with special guest Paul Cardall?


  37. Abrra said


  38. bluesky4home said

    Oh, I am so excited for him. But I really do wish he had a publicist going along – one that would journal all of it for us. Not going to happen. ^_^ But I can dream.

    Oh, my yes. There had better be videos. I supposed Paul Cardall and the venues will have a bit to say about that.

    Dear DA:
    Don’t you know that when an irresistible force meets an immovable object that “somethings gotta give?” All this power, experience, knowledge, talent, love and irrepressible vibration of “wonderful” – well, it is simply going to explode. That is all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Nothing to be done: if you keep singing, dams will burst, birds will sing, flowers will bloom, and love will grow.

    As hungry birds, we are here to collect the fallout. And we will enjoy every bite. ^_^


  39. tawna21 said

    That video, #37, gets my head reeling with ideas of David’s upcoming time there!!! What an absolutely, perfectly, wonderful opportunity for our Season 7 American Idol. I’ll just bet that Paula never had this in mind when she told David he is destined for stardom! My heart is just bursting for him!!! ♥♥


  40. bluesky4home said

    Fenfan: Oh, I wish he were going to where you are. And I believe he will. He has not forgotten!

    “For a good number of years, Slovenians have been caught in the politically sensitive debate on the quality of that care. Standing with families and children are several support associations including the Slovenian Heart Foundation.

    Tying all this together is Cardall’s heart transplant six years ago. Since birth, he suffered with CHD. He was born with basically “one-half a heart.”

    Four points of purpose were aligning. Within weeks, all entities would arrive at a pinnacle where all stood for one purpose: Children and families who need community to be actively aware of the number one, worldwide birth defect and the need for more science and better care.”

    Paul Cardall gave a benefit concert in Slovenia last Sept for children born with a heart defect. Perhaps this concert is in someway related to that event. I am posting a link to the full article from last Sep 2015 below. The article appeared in Meridian Magazine, an LDS online publication.


  41. Abrra said


  42. jans11 said

    Wow, Slovenia is a very beautiful country. I am excited for David…safe travels.

    Bluesky…perfect….Dear DA:
    Don’t you know that when an irresistible force meets an immovable object that “somethings gotta give?” All this power, experience, knowledge, talent, love and irrepressible vibration of “wonderful” – well, it is simply going to explode. That is all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Nothing to be done: if you keep singing, dams will burst, birds will sing, flowers will bloom, and love will grow.

    Love it…so true.


  43. jans11 said

    Paul Cardall sounds like another musical miracle like David. Kudos for everything he does for people experiencing heart problems.

    Tawna, so glad that David stayed in music so Paula’s “destined for stardom” will come true. I feel that Paula really did get David and knew he would be big, she seemed to really love his voice…Randy did too. And like a lot of other fans, I am here waiting for that to happen….”he is destined for stardom”! YES!

    41…so cute of you David…and cute little boy Pokemon! Good to from hear from you.


  44. djafan said

    Slovenia is beautiful, what a great gig!


    “Dear DA:
    Don’t you know that when an irresistible force meets an immovable object that “somethings gotta give?” All this power, experience, knowledge, talent, love and irrepressible vibration of “wonderful” – well, it is simply going to explode. That is all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Nothing to be done: if you keep singing, dams will burst, birds will sing, flowers will bloom, and love will grow.”

    I don’t think he knows, or does he? Or should he?

    I’ve actually been listening to Paul Cardall. His piano playing is good, so good it doesn’t bother my hearing because so far to date only David’s voice will do. All other voices actually bother me lol.

    His is a heartwarming story. It is a good cause. And what an opportunity for exposure in a whole other audience. It will bode him well IMO 🙂


  45. djafan said

    rhiminee’s tweets and tumblr posts are some of my favorites. Check out this latest one 🙂


  46. tawna21 said

    rhiminee is something else…. love her stuff!!!


  47. jans11 said

    I do too, Tawna and I love our guy’s rambling so much. He is so unique and I could never quit him either. ♥♥


  48. djafan said

    Nope can’t quit him either. Life continues as it should 😊


  49. Dayzee said

    Love my mailman. He brought the ticket for the additional show at Queen Creek. Woohoo. You know how much I need to have those tickets in my hand.

    Getting another geography lesson courtesy of David. He has taught me more about Geography than I learned in any class. The city of Ljubljana looks marvelous. Wish I could go and see all that gorgeous architecture. Oh, and see David too.

    Brian Passey who writes for the St. George newspaper (The Sprectrum) wrote “While the singer seemed at home on the stage while performing, the dialogue between songs was at times awkward. It occasionally took him a few minutes to get to the point of what he was trying to say. He rambled a bit. But somehow it was endearing. He seemed genuine and unfettered by the fame he found early in life.” Endearing 🙂 Yes


  50. Abrra said

    I am guessing it’s not a health food place LOL



  51. jans11 said

    Doesn’t look like it Abs. But it looks good! The tablecloth pairs up perfect with David! 🙂

    Dayzee, good that you are still padding that folder of yours! 🙂 Love it!


  52. Abrra said




  53. Dayzee said

    When those nice people at Queen Creek put my ticket into the envelope they also tucked in a lovely bookmark with David’s picture on it. How nice! Well, there were five other performers on the bookmark, but David is the one I see. Do you suppose the fans of those other performers do not notice David? I was thinking how strange that would be. Probably not happening.

    Great pic of David with the Valentine table cloth. Seems he always looks extra smiley when he has a full plate. Everything looked so good it made me hungry. Back to the kitchen.


  54. Abrra said

    I loved this so much that I had to make a Friday puzzle 🙂 Thanks to Shelley !



  55. Abrra said

    Nature’s beauty!


  56. tawna21 said

    Abrra, thanks for the puzzle! I wondered if you’d make a puzzle from this when I saw it on FB. 🙂 It was a stress reliever after a long day at the hospital with my hubby as he went thru a surgery. He’s great and will be up and at ’em soon!!

    And….. your landscape is breathtaking for sure!! For all the cold and havoc that snowstorms can cause, it is nothing compared to the beauty that they can also bring.


  57. jans11 said

    What a lovely bunch of David’s! Thanks Abs! And the sunset after the snowstorm is beautiful. Very picturesque.


  58. Dayzee said

    Tawna…Hope Ron is soon back to his healthy self. He doesn’t strike me as the type of fella who tolerates a lot of sittin’ around.

    Always good to have an extra puzzle. Shelley has given us so many awesome visuals. Jan’s favorite type of bouquet. “No thanks, keep your dozen roses, Just make me a puzzle full of Davids”


  59. tawna21 said

    You are so right, Dayzee!! Ron is not a patient, patient. Problem is, when your back has some stitches in it, you better learn some patience! 😉


  60. Abrra said

    Greetings, Denver show soon !



  61. jans11 said

    Ah, Tawna, here’s to a speedy recovery for Ron. Missed the comment earlier.

    Yes, Dayzee, a bouquet of David! Can’t get any better than that!

    Hey David, wish I could come to all 5 of your concerts coming up, but things just aren’t coming together to go to even one! 😦 But I’m still trying! 🙂


  62. Abrra said

    Sunday’s puzzle is courtesy of Bench.

    Baby you can drive my car. 😉



  63. jans11 said

    I wanna ride too! 🙂 I always loved that picture of David! Thanks Abs.


  64. Abrra said

    I think David looked his best when he was in the Phills.



  65. jans11 said

    Yes, I loved his songs and photo ops from there too. Wasn’t crazy about his hairdo tho, but I got used to it since it was for the show. I also love that the fans over there are so crazy over him and show it, big time! It always made it exciting to watch. 🙂


  66. djafan said

    Good Morning! Hope you’all had a great weekend. I had a super busy one.

    One month to Denver! Seeing lots of activity on twitter about people going to Denver! Love the promo video. Radio promo too! Hoping he does some interviews to get it going!

    He was in Texas this weekend, that guy sure gets around.


  67. djafan said

    If you’re considering going to Denver, gosh I wish I could! There is a promo code! Also some have found $80 round trip airfare!


  68. djafan said

    The Hyatt has David event listed on there calendar of events.

    Bellco Theatre—three blocks from the hotel
    Disney Junior LIVE! Mickey and Minnie’s Doorway to Magic- 1/29 to 1/30
    Colorado All-State Choir Festival 2/4-6
    Adam Sandler and Friends 2/11
    Yanni 3/8
    David Archuleta 3/9


  69. Abrra said

    David wrote a new blog.

    His IG



  70. jans11 said

    I sure haven’t found any airfare for $80. I’ve done about everything but stand on my head to find a way to go to any of his concerts. Things just won’t line up for me, so I take it that I’m not supposed to go right now. 😦

    Love David’s blog. I thought he knew by now that he shouldn’t have to worry about what others think. With his voice, all I care is he can sing and I can listen! Ying and yang…for sure! Guess he might always be that way. I can talk one on one but clam up in front of a lot of people..afraid to say the wrong thing….have always been that way. But when I went into cosmetology, I just kept on and feel comfortable in it after 45 yrs! You go David!!!!


  71. Dayzee said

    New blog from David! Yayy! Good to have him reach out. No rambling man in that blog. And a June concert in Tucson? Great!

    And it’s February. Almost March, the month of many concerts. Life is good.

    Getting excited for March. Making plans.


  72. bebereader said

    New article >>>> new blog >>>> new article >>>> new blog >>>>>


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