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David Archuleta “The Prayer” December 10th on iTunes!

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

the prayer

David Archuleta @davidarchie Coming Soon. #ASaviorIsBorn

Had the pleasure of designing the cover for David Archuleta & Nathan Pacheco’s new release. Available December 10th, 2015 Only on iTunes.

56 Responses to “David Archuleta “The Prayer” December 10th on iTunes!”

  1. djafan said

    I’m excited to have a plan to be on itunes Dec. 10th! David’s voice sounds sublime. I do get what fenfan means lol, though I’ve gotten pretty good at tuning out any voice that is not David’s. That may seem harsh but my ears only seem to want “The Voice” 🙂


  2. tawna21 said

    I honestly think this duet will put me right under the table!! That 2 seconds of David’s voice stopped my heart! I’m like Dayzee, for the most part, and put David’s voice out front and center, but on this one I think it’s going to be a duet of two of the most sublime voices. I feel that Nathan and David have the connection to blend beautifully…. jmo. Can’t wait to find out!

    Djafan…. “I’m excited to have a plan to be on itunes Dec. 10th!” Me too!!!


  3. bebereader said

    Thanks, DJA for this post, showcasing the new release of “The Prayer” coming our way soon. I first heard it sung by Celine Dion accompanied by Josh Groban years ago on a TV special. But there’s no comparison once David got his hands on it. (All these years I was secretly hoping he would.) Those fifteen seconds are sheer heaven!


  4. jiana said

    OMGGGGG his voice!!!!! love love it, gotta be in iTunes on the 10th of dec..benn waiting for a long time..hope this could be in cd too..


  5. Dayzee said

    “I pray you’ll be our eyes …. and watch us where we go” Twelve words sung in a quarter of a minute and I am once again lost in David’s magic. Don’t bother trying to extricate me from this spell. I won’t come back willingly.


  6. bluesky4home said

    Wooo Hoooo!! So excited!! ^_^


  7. tawna21 said

    Does anyone have the link for the LDS Church’s 12 Days of Social videos? I can’t seem to come up with it. o_o


  8. Abrra said

    Do you mean this? I posted it on the last thread.

    Some more info on David’s upcoming holiday project.

    Lindsey Stirling and David Archuleta Headline’s #ASaviorIsBorn Initiative

    35 Million Global Followers to Receive 12 Days of Social Presents from YouTube Stars
    December 01, 2015 01:12 PM Eastern Time

    SALT LAKE CITY–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–After the success of last season’s Guinness Book of World Records largest live nativity (, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched a new social media campaign reuniting a variety of YouTube stars for a Christmas event called the 12 Days of Social. Each day, beginning December 1, a participating YouTube creator will release a new video on their channel sharing a message centered on the global campaign of #ASaviorIsBorn. Participating YouTube stars include:

    “Each YouTube star has become personally invested in using their time, effort and influence to share this Christmas message. It’s amazing to see them band together from across genres to support this cause.”

    Lindsey Stirling –
    Alex Boye –
    Tiffany Alvord –
    Gardiner Sisters –
    Ellie & Jared –
    David Archuleta –
    Bored Shorts –
    Stuart Edge –
    Peter Hollens –
    Jenny Oaks Baker –
    Devin Graham –
    Studio C –

    At the conclusion of the 12 days, a music video featuring a variety of YouTube stars singing the Christmas carol, Silent Night, will be released to a global viewership on the Shaytards YouTube channel (

    “Christmas is a time for messages of peace, hope and the love of Jesus Christ to reach a world that really needs a little holiday cheer,” said Greg Droubay, Director of Media, Missionary Dept., The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Each YouTube star has become personally invested in using their time, effort and influence to share this Christmas message. It’s amazing to see them band together from across genres to support this cause.”




  9. bluesky4home said

    Tawna… at this link ( you can scroll down and you will see a display like a slide show. The videos are in order – the twelve days of Christmas – so the first two videos are out. (And yesterday’s offering of Jenny Oaks Baker playing O Come, O Come Emanuel is really good!!)

    As you click on the different slides you can see that DA (with Nathan Pacheco) is scheduled for his video to air on Dec. 10. So…. it looks like the duet with Nathan is his contribution to the Twelve Days of Christmas. Then on the 13th they will show a video of Christmas Carolers. The video at the top of the screen or window, is the video from the LDS church celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Hope that helps?



  10. bluesky4home said

    It is fun that we not only get a song…. heh, heh…. but it looks like we will get a video as well. (you all probs already knew that!!)

    I won’t complain. ^_^


  11. tawna21 said

    Abrra, that is the only link that I could find, but it wasn’t giving me today’s video. Bluesky, why did I not think of That’s what I’ve been trying to find. Thanks to both of you. 🙂


  12. djafan said

    I love a visual to go with the singing. So really looking forward to the MV.

    David eating!


  13. Abrra said

    Somethin’ definitely missing from this thread!




  14. betsy said

    Abs, #13 could have it’s own website.


  15. Abrra said


  16. bluesky4home said

    Already on it, DA. ^_^
    We all feel small from time to time. Or even most of the time.

    Good thing that even a small candle makes a difference.


  17. Abrra said

    I find this interesting. Some fans reported that they were informed that there would be a DVD of the Celebration of Christ ( from Dec ’14) concert out this year. When Kari was asked about it, she said she wasn’t aware of any DVD.

    Then this shows up on Japan’s iTunes, looking all official, but not released by David’s team.



  18. bluesky4home said

    I see the DA’s FB post has more than 3.5 million likes in the space of nine hours.

    Hope that things are all kosher with that release, Abrra….


  19. Abrra said

    Bluesky that is likes since he opened the account.
    I think the 9hrs is from the time he last posted at 12:53 pm .

    This is for the post ( its below his comment).
    5,993 Likes · 203 Comments · 262 Shares

    Djafan what say you ? You be the guru for social media. LOL



  20. Abrra said

    Kari responds about the Japan iTunes entry.

    It’s a shame because it seems like the concert promoters took advantage of the artists. It sure looks like it was sanctioned by them. I hope it gets cleared up.



  21. bluesky4home said

    19… Oh… Ha, ha. You can tell how much time I spend on FB. ^_^
    6, 000 is not too shabby either.

    Six more days!!!!

    Fun to get an early Christmas present.


  22. djafan said

    You two lol

    It’s now at 8,378 on facebook, 7,978 on instagram. With an overwhelming amount of comments. Many voicing my same reaction. Nooooo David can’t be down and feeling small! He’s my joy and a giant!!! I felt sad that he has feelings like the rest of his, like a normal human! But he is, he really is and the fact that he shared this personal feeling with “us” his fans tells me we’re still in a relationship with him 🙂 Not that I ever doubted it and it was all confirmed in St. George :)))))))) Love the guy.


  23. jans11 said

    20….don’t like anyone taking advantage of David or any other singer! 😦

    22…dja…”He’s my joy and a giant!!!” My sentiments exactly! And amen to the rest of your comment too!


  24. Abrra said

    Kari checked in tonight.

    She went to a play with Josh’s manager 😉

    And then face timed with some guy 😉

    It looks like someone might still be sweet on Josh.



  25. Abrra said

    I found this clip on her timeline. Nice duet from Miami



  26. Dayzee said

    A little clip here and a little clip there. Feels like peeking at my Christmas presents and finding them wayyyy more exciting than I had even hoped.

    I was expecting the Celebration of Christ 2014 dvd to be available now. Have been looking and only found 2013 in Deseret Book’s catalogue. I would love to be able to purchase some, but don’t see anything legal.

    I have an extra ticket for the Pocatello performance, row L center section. Would be happy to give it to anyone who could use it.


  27. djafan said

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Run Run Run!


  28. djafan said

    A special live track besides The Prayer! I’ve ordered mine!!!!


  29. djafan said


  30. Abrra said

     photo 7pledgemusic_zpstdmocded.jpg
    credit Pledge Music (my crop)
    When I entered my CC number I had use no spaces between the number sets, or else I got a message saying that the card was invalid.

    All set now 🙂



  31. Martha said

    Thanks djafan and abrra for all you do! Exciting day!


  32. sweetonda said

    Thanks for the info, got mine ordered and can’t wait to hear it! Don’t you just love that smile? It warms my heart and always makes my day.


  33. bluesky4home said

    I am so amazingly happy for these two “chipmunks” to be singing together.

    *sigh* ^_^ If I could grin as well as they do we could circle the world with a smile.


  34. djafan said

    I just preordered on iTunes. Only the song is being offered for preorder. Maybe this is what he meant about iTunes being behind.

    The Prayer – Single by David Archuleta & Nathan Pacheco


  35. tawna21 said

    Ordered mine from Pledge (Abrra… PayPal is my friend 🙂 ). It will be interesting to see what all comes with this order (the bonus)! #happydance


  36. fenfan said

    I ordered from Pledge. Didn’t think I could but they took my money so I hope I get the music. It was the bonus track that got me! I like surprises. LOL


  37. tawna21 said

    I’m a sucker for a bonus track, too! 🙂


  38. fenfan123 said

    Question – is the Pledge order for just the music or for the video? I am a bit confused now. If it’s just music then it seems like they are actually selling three things i.e The Prayer, bonus track and wallpaper for $5, while iTunes is selling just the song (music) for $1.29. In which case, the bonus track is no bonus at all. Although anything David sings is more than a bonus! So it’s all good, I guess.
    To break it down:
    The Prayer (if it’s just music) = $1.29 (presuming it’s the same iTunes price)
    Bonus Track (also music? although I don’t mind a video) = $1.29
    Sub-Total = $2.58
    This means the wallpaper costs $2.42.
    Call me a scrooge, but that wallpaper is expensive! I hope it’s all David!
    My conclusion – David is, at last, showing that he is thinking like a businessman. Maybe.
    Looking forward to receiving this Christmas “present”.


  39. bluesky4home said

    Fenfan, I am pretty sure that it is a video, cause they are all doing vids for the 12 days of Christmas. I am not sure how “buying” it is any better than watching it on youtube. …. But I don’t really care. I am glad for them to get some $$ for their hard work.


  40. jans11 said

    Got mine ordered! 🙂 Whatever it is, as long as it’s David, I’ll love it! 🙂


  41. Abrra said

    Serenity Sunday courtesy of an unknown fan.



  42. tawna21 said

    Thanks Abrra…. very peaceful photo in the puzzle.


  43. ray. said

    #30 the cat that eate the mouse,look. not me i didn<t do it lol


  44. Abrra said


  45. Dayzee said

    Ray, loved your comment! Perfect description of that face.

    Great day for me yesterday. My mailman brought me Snow College tickets already. I thought I would have to stand out in the cold all weekend waiting for those tickets, but no! They have arrived! Also ordered that David music we have been waiting for. Now counting the hours until Pledge and/or iTunes delivers. Yayy! ! New music!
    Yes, Jan, whatever it is we will love it. 🙂


  46. Abrra said

    Tawna #42

    I just did the puzzle in about 15 min. David shows up ever so slowly as the pieces fall together. It’s a beautiful edit.



  47. tawna21 said

    Yeah, Abrra, it took me a little over 14 min. to do the puzzle. David does emerge quietly. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to be there. 🙂


  48. jans11 said

    Abs, bee yoo ti ful puzzle! Love the colors!

    Dayzee, happy that your folder is getting fatter again! 🙂 A fat and plump folder makes a happy Dayzee! 🙂

    Ray, 🙂 so cute!


  49. fenfan said

    I have been thinking about the bonus live track. Does live track mean a live recording of one of the songs he sang in concert, whether recently or in days of yore? If that’s the case it probably means there is zero chance of my getting O Ven O Ven Emmanuel.


  50. Dayzee said

    Abrra, that is one gorgeous hunk of puzzle.

    Fen, never give up on O Ven. I will be hoping with you.


  51. bluesky4home said

    A really great take on Little Drummer Boy by Alex Boye!

    I would love to see DA swinging (his arms and singing) along with them. I love Alex’s enthusiasm. Until we come to Thursday… my wish for you is to receive and share some great Christmas spirit.. ^_^



  52. djafan said

    Fenfan, I have no idea what that song maybe but I’m sure we won’t be disappointed :)))

    O Ven would be epic though.



  53. Abrra said

    The only Spanish song is Riu Riu Chiu on that CD. Unless he is singing another of the songs in Spanish.



  54. bluesky4home said

    I love Riu, Riu!! It has always been one of my favorites. Thank you, DA!


  55. bebereader said

    Recap coming soon!!!


  56. bebereader said

    New article! >>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>


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