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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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“Riding on Clouds” – Dayzee’s recap of David Archuleta’s concerts in Layton

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, September 27, 2015

leadphoto credit Shelley#2015

The long drought was finally over! The two shows in Idaho Falls had been the stuff we dreamed about for years. Our golden voice was back. We were riding on clouds. Saturday night our euphoria suddenly ended in Layton. I was second row center and could see David’s lips moving and heard no sound. A short “erk”, a small “ech”. People behind me were saying there was something wrong with the sound, but I could see it was something wrong with David. After a valiant effort to sing several songs, David left the stage.

He came back with Kirt Bateman, Executive Director of Davis Arts Council to announce David would return with a Christmas gift for us. Mr. Bateman’s arm was around David while on the stage. How many times have we seen that picture? David draws hugs.

shelley5photo credit Shelley#2015

You have probably read Kirt’s email to us, but I want to repeat it here:

“Mr. Archuleta with a fever, no voice, aching body, and virtually no energy, went out on that stage in front of 1700 expectant people on Saturday and, like the true star he is, gave them all that he had! Why? …. he’s a man of integrity and wanted to give you the show he had planned and rehearsed for you.”

David talking the words to MKOP was the most memorable part of that evening for me. He said he did not want to spoil the words with his imperfect singing voice. It was the most moving rendition of that song I have heard.

pamela pike mkopcredit Pamela Pike

Monday night was better, but all singing done low-key and in a lower key. No high notes. Few glory notes, though he often made the effort. At least he was singing. Love and respect were tangible.

Both nights David’s band led by Kendra did a number without David to give him a rest. They were great.

Loved the brother/sister act. David ran off the stage mid-concert. We were so worried. A minute later he returned with sister in tow. He announced that she was going to speak for him so he could save his voice to sing. Pretty obvious that she had not volunteered for this assignment. A little hemming and hawing and then she said she only found out about this an hour ago.

pampike3credit Pamela Pike

David got in her face “Excuses, excuses” he said as a brother would. Jazzy grudgingly began (as a sister would) and soon became more comfortable and smiley.  Later she returned and did a second reading of his notes.

Towards the end David said he had not had enough time to write any more thoughts out for Jazzy to read. He told us he wanted to talk to us and tell us things but he also wanted to sing for us. There was such anguish in his voice, on his face. A little leaking around the eyes.

I did not expect him to come out for an encore. He seemed completely spent. But there he was. Still gamely giving his all for us. His mother and her sister were lovely and covered much of the singing on the encore.

My companion that night had never seen David in person. I told her she would love him. And she did. Her favorite song was Glorious and I never expected David to last long enough to sing that last song.

Could not have asked for more.

pampike1credit Pamela Pike

88 Responses to ““Riding on Clouds” – Dayzee’s recap of David Archuleta’s concerts in Layton”

  1. tawna21 said

    Lovely Dayzee!! David can NEVER be replaced! There is no other like him!! I wasn’t at the Saturday, Layton concert where he had to leave the stage, but on Monday, I could definitely tell that it had probably been a tough weekend for him. It made my throat hurt to listen to him as he gallantly worked his way through song after song. His voice, though hoarse, was absolutely perfect! Those lower key changes were pretty awesome! It was really interesting to be expecting a certain note to happen, and it was a different sounding note that did happen… but it made sense, didn’t sound weird, and was awesome! Yep! We could not have asked for more!


  2. fenfan said

    I really really want to listen to that spoken MKOP. I almost ache to hear it. Isn’t there some ninja out there who recorded it???? Even just the audio??? Please?????


  3. skydancer1x said

    Dayzeeee thank you! love hearing any and every little moment♥
    “David talking the words to MKOP was the most memorable part of that evening for me. He said he did not want to spoil the words with his imperfect singing voice. It was the most moving rendition of that song I have heard.”

    oooooooh,so wish I had been there. David’s deeper speaking voice is totally captivating to me, it is melodious!.

    Fen I agree, sure wish something would surface! maybe it will:D


  4. Dayzee said

    Thanks to Bebe for choosing pics from two of my favorite photographers, Shelley and Pamela. Gosh, aren’t they beautiful?

    Once again Tawna has explained what was caught in my mind but I could not express. The “expecting a certain note to happen” thing. You knew a song went a certain way, but this night was just….different. Not weird, still awesome, but different.

    Fen and Sky, we were all stunned at how beautiful that MKOP was. We had not expected anything so amazing to be handed to us that night. If we had known, all of us would have been recording.

    After that Saturday night, I don’t think David will ever “call in sick”. I think “stubborn” covers it. Those stinking flu bugs were brought to their knees.


  5. tawna21 said

    Dayzee…. “Those stinking flu bugs were brought to their knees.” Yes. They. Were!!! Don’t mess with The Archuleta, he’s in charge!!! 🙂


  6. sandybeaches9 said

    Very nice recaps and pictures Dayzee and tawna…


  7. djafan said

    Dayzee, I love recaps!!!

    “He told us he wanted to talk to us and tell us things but he also wanted to sing for us. There was such anguish in his voice, on his face. A little leaking around the eyes.”

    This hurts for him but it also warms my heart.

    Kalei is gathering names for a fanvention on Nov 7th in St. George. Send her a dm if you plan to attend. I already have!!!

    Windish has added Arizona to it’s list of David performances!

    Current Tours

    Sat 03/26/16 Queen Creek Performing Arts Center Queen

    Dayzee, was just thinking of what you said “could not have asked for more” and it reminded me of this.


  8. djafan said



  9. djafan said

    rocktellme attended Idaho Falls and Layton all the way from Japan!


  10. Dayzee said

    Good to hear from you Sandybeaches.

    Dja, how do we get in touch with Kalei?

    I loved the Could Not Ask for More video. He is so young and perfect. His right hand has made great strides since then. Funny how so much of our (the fans’) vocabulary is made up of David phrases. We are absorbent.


  11. bebereader said


    It was a pleasure to go through all the pics of David for your article. Hey it’s a tough job but someone had to do it and I’m glad that someone was me. He’s one of the most photogenic people I have ever come across. He doesn’t have to smile to look good; all he has to do it show up. LOL

    Recaps are delightful for those fans who can’t make it out to the shows. We savor every word and try to imagine everything through the amazing descriptions in the recaps. So thank you Dayzee and Tawna! ❤


    When i read the lyrics to My Kind of Perfect, I can't imagine David speaking the words but I keep trying……

    I was thinking about ya
    I drew a little picture
    But some things you can't put on paper

    Like you like shooting stars?
    And write songs on guitars
    Got more things to do than stare at a mirror

    I know, I know, she's gotta be out there, out there
    I know I know she's gotta be

    Maybe I'm wrong
    Maybe I'm right
    Maybe I just let you walk by
    What can I say?

    Maybe I've known you all my life
    Is she the one? Is it today?
    Will I turn the corner
    See my future in a beautiful face, maybe

    She's anything but typical
    A sweet surprise
    No matter what, she's looking at the bright side

    It's gonna be worth it
    'Cause that's what love is
    I'll keep searching for my kind of perfect

    I know, I know, she's gotta be out there, out there
    I know, I know, she's gotta be

    Maybe I'm wrong
    Maybe I'm right
    Maybe I just let you walk by
    What can I say?

    Maybe I've known you all my life
    Is she the one? Is it today?
    Will I turn the corner
    See my future in a beautiful face, maybe

    They say give it time
    Give it time, and it will fall in line
    But I keep wondering how and when
    And why I haven't met you

    But maybe I'm wrong
    Maybe I'm right
    Is she the one? Is it today?
    Will I turn the corner
    See my future in a beautiful face, maybe

    Maybe I'm wrong
    Maybe I'm right
    Maybe I just let you walk by
    What can I say?

    Maybe I've known you all my life
    Is she the one? Is it today?
    Will I turn the corner
    See my future in a beautiful face, maybe

    I'll keep searching for my kind of perfect


  12. djafan said

    Hi Dayzee,

    I sent her a direct message on twitter. If you’d like I could send in your name and if anyone else reading here is going let me know and I’ll do the same.

    Bebe, I imagine MKOP like that either.

    It seems like someone else has caught the DA bug 🙂


  13. djafan said


  14. fenfan123 said

    Bebe, I tried and I can’t either. That’s why I really do need to hear him do it. I can only think that he must have spoken it with quite a bit of sass given what he said in the intro when he sang it in Idaho Falls and that “maybe” in the middle. I love me some Sasschuleta!

    #12 Resistance is futile. No one is immune to the DA bug.


  15. Abrra said


  16. Abrra said

    Dayzee and Djafan here is the information you asked for.

    From FOD front page 9/26/15

    “Calling all Archies going to St. George, UT for the Tuacahn shows! We are planning a fan lunch get-together on Saturday, so fans will have a chance to meet each other and celebrate David’s music!

    The lunch is still in the planning stages, but I do need a rough headcount to ensure the venue we choose has enough room for everyone!
    Date: Saturday, November 7, 2015
    Time: 11:30am – 2:30pm (approximately)
    Place: TBD
    RSVP: With the total number in your party that will be attending and everyone’s name. Email us at

    Even if you are not attending the concert, but live in the area and would like to meet up with other Archies, please plan to join us! Details for the lunch are still in the planning stages, but you can plan that we’ll keep lunch costs to no more than $15.00/person. Hope to see you there! 🙂 ”



  17. jans11 said

    Great recap Dayzee! You have a special way of wording things that I love to read! I also would love to hear him say MKOP…that would be so much awesomeness!

    This is the 3rd comment that I have tried to post. The first 2 was to no avail thanks to WordPress! It wouldn’t accept my password so I had to go ahead and change it. Now I’m on a roll!! 🙂

    Dayzee, don’t forget me on the luncheon thingy. 🙂 I talked to Kalai on twitter a few weeks ago and she said she was going to post the info on FOD….to watch for it there. With me being gone, I haven’t kept up to date on things.



  18. jans11 said

    Just posted my last comment and presto…there’s the info! 🙂


  19. Abrra said

    Found this via FB

    Ninja video from Friday night Idaho Falls.




  20. Abrra said


    Sometimes I can’t post here either. The post comment icon just will not activate. Here’s what I do.

    Clear browser history.
    Close the browser and re-launch it.
    Post my comment.

    Sorry if you had to reset your PW. That was not even a consideration for me.



  21. jans11 said

    Thanks, Abrra. Between me and my daughter it took 7 times to finally get it to work and that is after changing my password. I usually never have any trouble, but I think they had me pegged for “let’s make it hard for Jan today”! 🙂

    Love the version of DGU on 19! Why could I listen to that voice all day?? He is just sublime!

    #sickornot #bestvoiceever


  22. Abrra said

    David gives a shout out to Gracie Schram!



  23. Dayzee said

    Dja, would you please add Jan & me to the lunch list? I went to FOD but the email address listed for joining the lunch did not come up for me. And can I bother you some more; and ask you to confirm you were able to do that because you know how I worry. TY

    Good to hear from Jan. I thought only a kidnap by aliens would keep her from posting here, but I guess it was just a computer problem.

    Completely addicted to Numb now. First thing I reach for in the morning, last thing I hear at night.


  24. jans11 said

    Haha, Dayzee, I guess the computer is more powerful than them there aliens! 🙂 It sure sounds good to be making plans for the luncheon now. Makes it more realistic!
    It’s after midnight now…so it’s 37 more days! 🙂



  25. sandybeaches9 said

    I often listen to music that reminds me of what I enjoy the most about David and his music and it isn’t pop or anyone’s cover song but what I see as music that will always be what I appreciate the most about him. Right now and for the past few years he is finding his way on a journey that he even mentioned he would be on for the years ahead. He is young and can sing pop music and perform wonderfully like any other star out there but the difference is he has the immense talent for music beyond all of that. I remember sitting at one of the Christmas concerts in SLC with the Tabernacle choir and felt so proud of his music in Latin, French, Spanish or any language, That is the place that I see David in years to come and he is looking and finding his way. I think that Kari has seen this over the past few years. He will get there. It is like the game where you travel different routes until you find the one that takes you out of the maze. I can’t think of the name of it.

    In the Pope’s speeches he said that everyone can be of the same religion not naming titles of their religion but simply being a kind and helpful person and that is what matters. I am not quoting the Pope accurately but trying to convey his message as I understood it. We sometimes are concerned about different religions but if you take the top coat off it is not the title but who you are and that is how I see David not with customs and past histories but with his own kindness that he is trying to place somewhere where he is forever happy and giving of his remarkable voice.

    I listen to this when I think about David and it is so far from pop but it reminds me of music to come someday worked in with his passion for all other music.



  26. This is just listening music not all of what could be in his repertoire but still beautiful and so peaceful!


  27. Abrra said

    Sorry for any confusion.
    When an email is in a comment you will need to copy it and paste to your email program in the To: line. It is FoD’s main email. They will get it if you send An RSVP.



  28. tawna21 said

    Your comments ring some beautiful thoughts and ideas. I particularly liked… “In the Pope’s speeches he said that everyone can be of the same religion not naming titles of their religion but simply being a kind and helpful person and that is what matters. I am not quoting the Pope accurately but trying to convey his message as I understood it. We sometimes are concerned about different religions but if you take the top coat off it is not the title but who you are and that is how I see David not with customs and past histories but with his own kindness that he is trying to place somewhere where he is forever happy and giving of his remarkable voice.” Thank you.

    I have the music you linked playing in the background while I’m working…. it is very peaceful. Thank you, again, for sharing. ♥


  29. djafan said

    Thanks Abrra!

    Dayzee and Jans you have mail.

    SB, I’m following the Pope on twitter. I like his messages of what unites us all in spite of our differences. In the Face to Face interview with David one of the questions sent in and asked was what did he see in common of all he met irregardless of their beliefs and he said “love”. That everyone wants to receive it and in turn give it. It didn’t matter what their religion was or if they had one at all and that he believed it to be the most important message. And I’m also sure I’m not quoting exactly but that was his response.

    Motab was unreal and I’m also sure David will be singing songs that we all connect with. This looks like it was a magical experience with voice almost gone and all singing with him.


  30. Tawna, I find the music on the link I added as very peaceful. I said, “simply being a kind and helpful person,” but I prefer compassionate person as that is so needed.



  31. tawna21 said

    SB, I think you are right… a compassionate person is a kind and helpful person, but to a different level. (jmo)


  32. jans11 said

    25…SB I love to listen to certain classical music too. Not a steady diet, but at night when trying to get to sleep is a good time for me. That’s when I love to listen to those kind of David songs and music…so soothing.

    29…thanks for the video dja. His voice was still like honey, even if half there! He has the bestest fans! Thanks for the email. I emailed you back and hope that you got it ok. It’s going to be so much fun. Can’t hardly wait…it’s been over 4 yrs since I met you the first time! 🙂


  33. Dayzee said

    Watched that video at 29. Gulp. David is my hero. He is standing there a warrior having reached the end of a victorious fight


  34. gladys1961 said

    I have a doubt. I want to take toblerones for David, but it will be very difficult to deliver. My question is, someone will want the toblerones?


  35. Dayzee said

    Jajajajajaja Everybody wants the Toblerones


  36. djafan said

    Gladys, like Dayzee says, everyone will want them. But I will do my best to get them delivered to David before you give them away, believe me 🙂


  37. jans11 said

    Wasn’t familiar with Toblerones, so googled it and they sound delicious! 🙂 It would be nice to try at least one!! 🙂 I’ll bet David would share! 🙂


  38. jans11 said

    Only 36 more days! 🙂 And I sure like the sparkle in David’s eyes! 🙂


  39. djafan said

    Jans, David sparkling eyes. He sure looked like he was at home on that stage. 35 more days!!!

    These videos just popped up!


  40. Dayzee said

    Those eyes don’t lie. That’s a happy David


  41. jans11 said

    Thanks, dja for those fabulous vids! Oh boy, just think how he will be in 35 days! haha 🙂

    So true. Dayzee. His happiness shines right through his eyes! Just awesome!

    #startedpackingnow 🙂


  42. jans11 said

    Gosh, you would think I had never seen the guy before! But the excitement comes because I have and his concerts are awesome…not wanting them to end. 🙂 And it’s been almost 4 years since I’ve seen him last!


  43. Abrra said

    New show announced !



  44. tawna21 said

    A video!!!! Nathan Pacheco and David — Wow!! ♥ ♥


  45. Abrra said

    Some info from Facebook

    Susan Stipcianos
    5 hrs

    Nathan Pacheco is confirmed to perform in the city of Miami at the Adrienne Arsht Center on Friday, October 16th

    Spacial participation of David Archuleta

    Miami Florida 10/2/2015 What promises to be a magical night full of music will feature the special participation of singer and sing-writer of Honduran origin, David Archuleta. Archuleta, who participated in the seventh season of American Idol, will share the stage with the tenor for a unique and exclusive presentation.

    Nathan Pacheco is American-Brazilian classically trained tenor born in the United States with a passion for music. In addition to being a television and recording artist, Nathan completed his debut solo tour in 2013. He has been featured globally in live performances, including touring the United States, Canada, and Mexico with Yanni; performing with Latin singing sensation Olga Tañon; touring England, Scotland, and Wales with Katherine Jenkins and the National Symphony Orchestra; performing for Prince Charles in conjunction with the British Forces Foundation and the USO; and performing with the San Diego Symphony. PBS also aired the special “Introducing Nathan Pacheco” and “Christmas with Nathan Pacheco”. He has been featured on multiple Yanni recordings, including the latest album Inspirato, where Nathan was featured alongside Plácido Domingo, Renée Fleming, and other opera stars.
    Paragraph before: Both his albums registered as top ordered classical/crossover on iTunes and Amazon. Pacheco’s music will thrill and fill the hearts of music lovers alike.

    Both his albums registered as top ordered classical/crossover on iTunes and Amazon. Pacheco’s music will thrill and fill the hearts of music lovers alike.

    Spanish translation also here, if you scroll down.



  46. djafan said

    Wow!!! Tickets run from $53 to $534!!! What a beautiful venue and event! What will they sing? What will he sing?


  47. jans11 said

    That’s some super good news! ♥♥


  48. tawna21 said

    Maybe he’ll get them all chair dancing with his Tarzan Medley!!! #davidcanscat #lovehisstyle #jazzattheoperahouse


  49. Dayzee said

    I loved that Tarzan medley. Hope it shows up at Tuacahn.

    So happy that he is performing in Miami. I want everybody to see David.


  50. fenfan said

    OMG David and an orchestra!!!! There will be an orchestra, right?

    This is the most random and the most wonderful news. I wish I could be there.

    You know, I think this is a sign – for me.

    I was just reading about the New York Philharmonic Orchestra returning to Carnegie Hall for a concert on 7 October and thinking one day David will perform there with it and I will be there, do or die.

    A little voice in my brain insisted that such an event was a bit far fetched. But now I think, maybe not.

    One day, it’s going to happen and I will be there in Carnegie Hall watching David perform.

    Am I mad to think that?

    Or is David at Carnegie Hall a reasonable contemplation?


  51. moelita said

    Sounds reasonable to me.


  52. jans11 said

    Dayzee and Tawna, I loved the Tarzan medley too and I hope he sings it again in St George! 🙂 Tawna you’re getting good with those hashtags! 🙂

    Fenfan, very reasonable! I have always had those thoughts in a little corner of my brain too. Ever since he started touring. So far MOTAB had been pretty close to it.

    #34moredays 🙂


  53. SandyBeaches said

    Singing with Nathan Pacheco can be the time for fans to say [[[Bingo]]]. This could be a turning point. It was interesting to listen to him on You Tube.


  54. djafan said

    Fenfan, I think it is very logical to think Carnegie Hall, its a perfect fit in my opinion.

    Moelita, “sounds more than reasonable” DITTO!

    Jans, Motab was wow and a taste of what David is capable of in this genre.

    SB, Bingo!


  55. SandyBeaches said

    Well I think that his destiny is with the great voices singing classical and pop.


  56. Remember that he can do both. Tell me any of the singers his age both pop and country stars who can sing pop and classical and in how many languages?


  57. lynnella said

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Sandybeaches. When he sang The Prayer for the Christmas concerts in Chile, it just gave me goosebumps. His pronunciation in all the languages he’s done songs in is perfect, according to those who have commented and know. I’m not included in that group, just going by what I’ve read. But it sounds good to me. When he sang with the MoTab Choir, he was just a natural with that semi-classical music. I’ve always thought he was a cut above the run of the mill pop singers, and capable of so much more. I can hardly wait to hear what they have cooked up for us. By the way, Nathan Pacheco also sang with the MoTab Choir for a Pioneer Days concert. So, they have that in common. Also, they both sang Bring Him Home. I wonder what their duet will be. I would think something from Broadway. Glad there will be a video.



  58. bluesky4home said

    Oh. My. Gosh!

    Maybe a year ago I said that my dream would be a concert with DA, Nathan Pacheco, and the group called Guster.

    Well, I may just have to fly to Miami. But Nathan is SOOOO good to put up videos on his website. I know there will be vids. (DA…please take a page from his book. He also takes requests from fans and sings to them over Skype. Sometimes. Just saying. *_*)

    Here is one vid from his website:

    and here is another…

    Dear DA… I do not know what good Gods are working here. But I am SOOOO happy for both you and for him. Love you both to pieces.



  59. bluesky4home said

    Also… please notice, Dear DA: bare feet.

    (Just saying.)


  60. bluesky4home said

    Seems my links aren’t posting. They are worth your time if you want to click.

    I have been gone out of states to a conference and could not get good connections there for wordpress. I was able to read Dayzees lovely write-up, however. She is a lady of many talents. ^_^

    I am not over Layton yet. My first time to see him up close. And all I wanted was for him to stop trying to sing. There will be other times. The music lives on and is SO alive in him. I don’t need to be close. Just in the same building. And I will be later this month.

    Love you all a lot. Thanks for being here. I will be as I can.



  61. bluesky4home said

    Sorry…. spamming here. (!!!)

    Watching DA’s face during this vid….. just making me smile. A Lot.


  62. bluesky4home said

    This was supposed to be the second vid. Can you fix this for me Abrra, or Djafan? I promise to stop. Something. ^_^

    Admin Abrra: I don’t know what to fix? You spammed it all 🙂 I figure you got all you need here.


  63. bluesky4home said

    Since no one is going to stop me from spamming… here are the same links to Nathan Pacheco, only in you tube instead of his own website…which does not want to cooperate.


    I am in love with DA’s break-out version of “beautiful” especially from 2.00 on. Love, love, love, the ripples, bendings, dynamics, throbs, etc. Ultimate breath-analyzer.

    “no matter, no matter what we do, no matter what we saaaaaaayyyyyyy.”


  64. Abrra said

    Send us a recap. I’m sure fans would love to hear about Layton from your perspective. Get it all out, girl 🙂



  65. tawna21 said

    We want to hear it!!!


  66. jans11 said

    Oh man those 2 together will be something else! Fantastic!

    SB and Lynella, I agree that David is way above any of the pop singers. He can out sing any one of them with especially being able to sing in 6 different lanquages. So talented! And he always spot on…never off tune in any of his songs, perfect pitch, I call it.

    #gladheisonhisway #only33daystogo 🙂


  67. djafan said

    Bluesky, when you have chance no pressure but want it! Lol.

    SB, Most definitely he can do both! I guess crossover is the term for it and I so excited for what’s to come. I hope all of you that can travel are able to see him in Miami. Let him so your familiar faces in the audience 😊


  68. bluesky4home said

    If you go to this link you can see pics of where DA will be on Oct. 16th. With Nathan Pacheco. In concert. ^_^

    Nathan is one of the most humble, approachable people ever. He has a little family. He has brought his baby out on stage with him (who tried to eat the microphone). He sometimes makes you-tube vids for fans who have requested songs. He could have gone full classical, but wanted to sing in more of a “between” place – to more people. He has a range that is out of this world – octaves galore. And he prefers singing in spanish and italian, even though his audience cannot always understand, because it is better for his voice and he can sing longer….and he just loves singing….the melodies…the messages, etc. I have seen him sing in big places and little ones. Once to an audience of mostly farmers and college students: they were on their feet.

    This is an amazing experience for DA, and for Nathan. I am so excited for them both.


  69. Abrra said

    Profiles in singing is courtesy of ShelleyFOD for today’s Sunday puzzle.



  70. Dayzee said

    An exceptionally lovely puzzle.


  71. bluesky4home said

    Abrra, the link will not work for me, the site says that the puzzle in inconsistent with the “terms of service”.



  72. Abrra said


    It may be related to your security settings or try clearing history and cache.Try another browser and paste the link in.
    No one has said there was any problems, it’s the same site I always use.



  73. djafan said


  74. Abrra said

    I’d know those knees anywhere 😉



  75. djafan said


  76. tawna21 said

    Abrra, I get the same notice that Bluesky got about accessing the puzzle. hmmmm

    And… LOL “I’d know those knees anywhere 😉 “


  77. dh said

    I can’t get into the puzzle either. I used another browser and cleared my cache.


  78. Dayzee said

    Although I was able to get the puzzle and work it this morning, tonight I get the same message as the others. Which is a shame, because it really is an exceptionally lovely puzzle.

    Abs, your “knees” comment brought giggles.


  79. Abrra said

    I am sorry for those unable to access the puzzle today. I have not changed the site I use, so I am baffled.

    This is a new puzzle. See if it works for you.

    Clearing browser cache and history is all I can suggest. It could be some security setting has changed on your anti virus program. They tend to warn when no warning is really needed.



  80. tawna21 said

    Abrra #79, that puzzle link works. Thanks. Off to work on a puzzle!! 😀


  81. Abrra said

    Thanks Tawna! I’m glad it works now.



  82. jans11 said

    Couldn’t get the 1st puzzle either. Got the 2nd one, but it was already done, so I had to scramble it and then do it. Got on a roll doing a few more too! 🙂 Thanks, Abs!

    Love David’s knees! 🙂



  83. fenfan said

    Those are the bee’s knees!


  84. tawna21 said

    Fen #83
    ♥ 😀 ♥


  85. bebereader said

    I am so excited for the duet with Nathan Pacheco. If anyone thinks David can’t sing opera they don’t realize that David can sing anything. I got curious if there are any songs I know that are opera songs so I googled it. It turns out that although I’m not familiar with most opera songs, I do know several. One is from Porgy and Bess “Summertime” and another is “Ave Maria”!!! Who knew that “Ave Maria” is considered opera? So, in effect, David has been singing opera as long as he has been singing “Ave Maria”. 🙂


  86. djafan said

    The “recognizable bee’s knees” lol To funny.


  87. TXNancy said

    Here’s a super article about the BYU Spectacular this Thurs/Friday! Lots of info about how David is going to be involved. David will WOW the crowd and be SPECTACULAR!!!! Dayzee & Tawna, you are going, right? Maybe some others!

    THX, Abrra, for posting the 2nd puzzle. I’m one, who couldn’t download the 1st one either.


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    to this phrase.


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