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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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“Unplugged and Un-wired” – Tawna’s Recap of David Archuleta’s Idaho Falls concert – Second Night

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, September 20, 2015

balconyAll pictures credit Shelley #DA2015

It was an awesome Friday night concert. I love the man that David brought back to the stage! To think that he almost didn’t is frightening.

He was so delightfully chatty and witty. He had some of the front row girls almost dead when he gave them a full-face, right-in-your-face, smile and point of his finger. On one song that he was introducing (I don’t remember just which one), someone from the side yelled “I love you, David!” and he chuckled, smiled that impish grin, looked over their way pointed his finger, twirled it, and in a melodic speaking voice sang something to the effect… “you say you love me and you don’t even know me”, he smiled bigger and continued on with his monologue. It was hilarious!!

CPUl3ulUsAExXd8It was so good to see him ‘unplugged and un-wired’. All of the band members had monitors, but David didn’t…. I guess it’s up to them to figure out what he needs and not him figuring out how to make his sound work with theirs. His hands were beautiful instruments in helping to create the feelings that he wanted us to feel with his songs. It was almost like they were pulling these emotions from his heart and spreading them to us. They are very graceful and fluid.

His new song “Numb”! Holy Toledo! If these words don’t explain to people where David has been, then nothing will. That includes the venue usher lady that was standing in the way as the crowd was trying to leave and asking me if I had ever seen him before… ME: “Oh yes! Several times.” LADY: “I wonder what took him so long to come back to the stage?” ME: silence, no words to say, dumbstruck…. then quickly as I moved on… “He just told us he needed to find himself, get himself to where he needed to be and now he’s there and he’s back!” I wanted to ask her if she hadn’t been listening to what he had been saying all night, but let it go. She must have been one of the gestapo watching for cameras and not paying attention to David. My husband even commented about how rude they actually were in the way they were treating people. It was very distracting to have them hovering like ravens in the corners and on the sides. But, they were just doing their jobs, I guess. You had to be there to really appreciate what I’m saying! I wish these venues would realize that these YouTube videos are an important part of promotion for these performers. If the venue were to come out with a professional video to sell, they would make a fortune in sales.


I think I could die now and all would be well. I have heard David sing ‘Everybody Hurts’ live and in concert. I’ve heard that glory note at the end sung in the flesh. I shall never want again!! I wish we had Friday’s version. To me it was just a little more ‘there’ (if you know what I mean) than the first night. I may have had some tears leaking from my eyes.

Oh, and the dance steps! The backward staccato steps! The backward slide steps! The foot pounding! The hunker-down! The hand pounding his heart! The ripping-his-heart-out-and-handing-it-to-us-in-an-open-hand gesture! The full of life and light smiles! The rambling and waving of hands — yes, he still does that! David is back!!

There were some emotions at one point as he referred to his mission. In my opinion, had David not gone on the mission, we would have had a different David singing to us. The man we have now is a performer and song-writer who will bless us in a much stronger way than he could have before. He is giving us his ‘real’ heart and soul because he has found and developed what is real to him.

It was so fun to see again some ‘old fan friends’ and to meet some that I’ve never met before! Archies Rock!!!!


Special thanks to Shelley for her fabulous photographs!

119 Responses to ““Unplugged and Un-wired” – Tawna’s Recap of David Archuleta’s Idaho Falls concert – Second Night”

  1. tawna21 said

    I was there the 2nd night…. Friday.

    Admin Edit: Sorry Tawna. Fixed now.


  2. tawna21 said

    And Shelley’s photos prove how awesome the night was!


  3. jans11 said

    You’re right Tawna! Reading your recap the first time was awesome but the 2nd time was even more awesome with the perfect photos injected in the right place! I felt like I was right there enjoying every little move and note! Thanks for taking me to the concert! 🙂


  4. tawna21 said

    {{♥}} you Jans!! Missed you being there!


  5. Abrra said

    I copied Dayzee’s comment from the end of the last article. I didn’t want it to get lost. She sent me pics to add in her comment. ~~Abrra

     photo dayzeeIF_zpsoy0ztzkd.jpg

    Dayzee wrote:

    Thursday night I took my granddaughter down to the very front row and we sat down.

    She: Grams, these are great seats.
    Me: I know. And we have these same seats tomorrow night.
    She: What??? There’s another show tomorrow?

    Well, that took some talking. I told her if she couldn’t stay I would put her on the bus but I was not leaving Idaho until Saturday. What a good sport she is. Even though she had planned to leave for Disneyland Sat. morning she made several adjustments with her schedule and everything turned out great. And we are still BFF’s.

    Saturday morning we walked past the Colonial Theater and noticed the window that had held David’s picture for 5 months was now empty. It saddened me to see it gone, but then I realized someone had been waiting all that time to get permission to take that huge David picture home and put it on their wall. Lucky someone!

     photo dayzee1IF_zpspbttkeyd.jpg

    Saturday night it was obvious from the minute David tried to speak that something was horribly wrong. I texted Abrra immediately, probably because I think she can fix anything. If not David, then me. People, he tried so hard to entertain us. He looked more miserable from the thought that we would be disappointed than he did about his illness. No sound from David was just too scary for all of us. None of us wanted him to do anything that would jeopardize that golden voice for the future. He just would not leave until he could no longer stand. This David is the most caring human being I have ever seen. Any doubt of his gratefulness to fans sticking by him is crazy talk..

    It was good to have Bluesky riding with me to help find the way home. Between us we weren’t lost for too long. Hard to concentrate with thoughts of an unwell David.

    My favorite 2 words from Saturday night: 1. Christmas 2. concert. :)))))

    Good to see the chicken soup to augment our prayers. So hoping for a complete and rapid recovery.


  6. jans11 said

    So glad you did, Abs. Wouldn’t want to miss another great post! Christmas sounds great, but they will probably be out there in Utah! I told Dayzee that i needed to move out there so I could go to all the shows with her! And if she got tired of me she said she would put me out on the front porch! 🙂 How I love your sense of humor….you were kidding weren’t you Dayzee! 🙂
    Thanks Tawna…love you too and I missed being there! I will be in St George in Nov. Hope to be in SLC at one time so we all can get together again. That would be awesome!


  7. Abrra said

    A lil more Layton magic.

    rockmy socks



  8. Abrra said

    I added a few more things to the Candy Jar and Unplugged. I am done for now. If he sings any different songs in the upcoming shows, I’ll add them.



  9. tawna21 said

    Thank you Abrra for Dayzee’s comment. I saw it then lost it! 😦 Now it’s found!!! 🙂 One minor detail sweet Dayzee forgot…. her dear traveling companion grand daughter is a college student and she had a test that was due by midnight on Saturday. She had to find the local library, get set up on their older system to take the test from University of Utah!! The library closed while she was taking the test, so there she was working thru their system to finish in a reasonable time so the workers could go home. Meanwhile…. Dayzee, my hubby, and I are waiting at Chili’s for dinner. We went ahead and ate. We were just finishing up and BFF grand daughter (she really is a sweetie and she’s smart too) arrived. We had some good laughs over the events in her life, caused by the events in her grandma’s life, that are events Archies are used to… we just disco with the flow!!

    Boy, you can hear, in the above video, how un-well David is feeling. But, he doesn’t lose his smile! He is so dang lovable!!


  10. Dayzee said

    Tawna, thank you thank you! You have done the best job so far in explaining the impact of David’s hands. “Beautiful instruments” Perfect! The hands were so much a part of that performance and I so wanted to share but could not. Thank you.

    I do not want you to die now that you have seen David sing Everybody Hurts, but I understand the feeling that we really couldn’t ask for anything more than that. “Leaky eyes” were everywhere.

    Jan, you are welcome here any time and the front porch is really not that bad. Hehe

    David does not turn my world upside down but rather sets it right side up for me. Always when I spend some time with David feelings of contentment and well-being cover me. It’s as if there is no problem I cannot work through. David shows me all things worthwhile and helps me throw away the chaff in my life. More therapy tonight! Yayy!

    When David said (tongue in cheek) that you say you love me but you don’t know me I was taken aback. It was a great line, but made me think. I do love David. I do not know him. How does that work? I love what he does. I love his voice. I love to hear him talk. I do not know him but I do love him. Lots of different kinds of love in this world. Can he accept that we cannot settle for saying “I like David”?


  11. Abrra said


    “Oh, and the dance steps! The backward staccato steps! The backward slide steps! The foot pounding! The hunker-down! The hand pounding his heart! The ripping-his-heart-out-and-handing-it-to-us-in-an-open-hand gesture! The full of life and light smiles! The rambling and waving of hands — yes, he still does that! David is back!!”

    I wasn’t there in person, but I could see this perfectly in the videos and especially by the Periscope broadcast by Liz_Mag. David is at home on the stage. this is where he can let loose the tiger inside.

    In a way, I am glad I wasn’t at the Friday show. It was very emotional and I might have had a hard time processing it out of my brain. He is a special man. It was hard to watch him struggle I am sure of that.

    Thank you for adding what Dayzee left out. I am not a bit surprised because her granddaughter comes from great Dayzee genes



  12. tawna21 said

    Dayzee, I can’t be dead yet…. concert tonight!!! I hope so fervently that David, and the band, have spent the weekend resting and have recovered (that includes Gina and Kari).

    Abrra, I share your feelings regarding the Friday show. I’ve spent the weekend with David on my mind and in my heart because of his health. He definitely is a very special man.

    Just thinking.. out loud… is it Christmas time yet?!


  13. djafan said

    Bringing Olive Oils comment from end or prior thread.

    Oliveoil said

    Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 9:33 PM e
    Thank you so much for the awesome videos !!! I’m sure David is going to be just fine with some rest and mama’s chicken soup. Anyway, I just LOVE the new song, Numb. Does anyone else notice a little Ed Sheeren type vibe ? This song makes me very excited about the next album. I hope he can find a way to keep making music and at the same time satisfy that desire to really help others in a hands- on way. That seems to be the most important thing to him. At the same time, he knows that God gave him his gifted voice for a special purpose. That gives me hope that he will continue having a career in music as well.


  14. refnaf said

    Tawna!!! Thanks for the recap!!! What an awesome experience…. I real roller coaster ride this trip has been!
    So great to meet you!!’
    Love to all you voice peeps!


  15. refnaf said

    Yikes! Forgot to mention what a joy it was to meet dayzee!! ((((hug))))


  16. djafan said

    We’re daid!


  17. djafan said

    Awwwwe! Love this man.

    From TOfan:

    TOfan says:
    09/21/2015 at 4:00 pm
    Just got an email from the Layton Amphitheatre peeps about the Christmas show half-price tickets David offered on Saturday (they are still working out where, when, etc.)… the emails from these guys are so sweet, they even sent one before Saturday to say the grass was wet so bring chairs, and I LOOOOOOVE what they say about David in this one *sniff*:

    “Because David decided he wanted to do this for YOU, his fans that were so supportive of his very difficult performance on Saturday, we really have no other details at this point. Mr. Archuleta with a fever, no voice, aching body, and virtually no energy, went out on that stage in front of 1700 expectant people on Saturday and, like the true star he is, gave them all that he had! Why? His decision to come back was made very quickly because he’s a man of integrity and wanted to give you the show he had planned and rehearsed for you (only this time…with Christmas/Holiday songs too).”


  18. gladys1961 said


    that photo makes me think of a phrase : who’s your daddy now?


  19. djafan said

    ajajajajajaj hahahahah Perfect Gladys! Perfect!


  20. Abrra said

    Blythe Thomas has removed her IG post of David’s photo shoot picture. I did post it here assuming it was ok to do so. Since it has been taken off IG, I have taken it down from this site in case it was a request from David’s team.



  21. tawna21 said

    It was so great to meet TOfan and refnaf!

    Can you believe David’s concern for the fans?!! If there was ever any doubt by anyone as to whether or not he is even aware of, or cares about, the fans there’s the answer!! And guess what… I love David and I don’t really know him. Or do I? I really like Dayzee’s definition of loving and liking David. 🙂

    I’m in Layton!!! Checked in to the hotel!!! It’s in the flight path of the jets from Hill Air Force Base. 🙂 I’m loving the sounds!!

    Let’s hope for some more pics and vids tonight.


  22. djafan said


  23. djafan said


  24. skydancer1x said

    Waving at you Tawna! Have fun tonite!! and hope all goes sure looks good! Loved your recap so nice to see recaps again after so long!!!Thank you.

    ,”When David said (tongue in cheek) that you say you love me but you don’t know me I was taken aback. It was a great line, but made me think. I do love David. I do not know him. How does that work? Lots of different kinds of love in this world. Can he accept that we cannot settle for saying “I like David”?
    I was taken aback myself hearing about that.
    I hope whoever yelled that out, didn’t get her feelings hurt.I kind of liked it when he just used to say aww thanks”Or thank you. haha. I remember when he was in Australia and he talked about sister Dalton? He said she radiates light and is so special then something like “I just love her!”
    That is how we feel about you David!!!!♥ sorry but,We love you!

    looks like the show tonite is gonna happen! 😀


  25. Abrra said

    While we wait. I saw this helpful information that I wanted to share. Be sure to follow each step exactly. 😉
    Thanks Tawna for posting on FB.

     photo wash20a20cat_zpsjuzdkqax.jpg



  26. djafan said


  27. djafan said


  28. djafan said


  29. djafan said


  30. fenfan said

    Oh how I wish I were there!!!!!


  31. djafan said


  32. djafan said


  33. djafan said


  34. djafan said


  35. djafan said


  36. djafan said


  37. djafan said


  38. djafan said


  39. tawna21 said

    I have never felt the love come from a stage like I felt tonight! David gave more than his all and it was glorious! He didn’t sing Numb, but he sang BOTW! Now I really can die and it would be in peace. David singing that song with 100% of his voice is beautiful, but when he sings it with a lesser amount of voice (quiet, hoarse, pulling it out of his throat) it spills more love and beauty into the words. Dang it David! You are going to slay us all!

    I’d like to know what he was drinking in his mug tonight (no water bottles). My guess is hot lemon water. It was so cute to see him pick up that insulated mug…. a new thing, and I just thought it was cute! Plus, it made me feel good to know that he is taking care of himself.

    I’ve got to get to bed and try to sleep…. collect my thoughts.

    **Abrra, that cat post made me laugh out loud when I read it on FB! 🙂


  40. jans11 said

    25…The cat/dog joke is the cutest thing! 🙂

    Glad for David tonight that he could do the concert with the help of his family. He is so giving, he will get it done some way not to disappoint! That’s David and that’s why we love him. “Love him” sounds better than “like him” to me! 🙂 I’m sorry David, I don’t like your voice, I love it!!

    Abs, got to see “the” photo before you took it down and they guy has grown up! Whoa!! On surfing the net, I have seen the photo up in different sites now, but don’t know if it is “legal” or not. It may be for his album, and it would sell a billion! 🙂


  41. fenfan123 said

    I am so glad the concert went well.

    Yes, Jans11, “love him” sounds better than “like him”. Love, love, love him and his voice!

    I hope there is video of BOTW. As Tawna said, his singing it with 100% of his voice is beautiful. But I have always thought that song should be sung with “a lesser amount of voice”, a bit more quiet and more vulnerable.

    Just like how Tawna put it:

    “(quiet, hoarse, pulling it out of his throat) it spills more love and beauty into the words.”

    Please, someone, post a video of BOTW.

    I am waiting to be slayed.


  42. fenfan123 said

    Found one, finally.

    Oh David!!!!!


  43. fenfan123 said

    bwahhahaha Abrra I was posting that and listening to it at the same time and I got lost in the beauty of it and forgot to click post and then when I did I saw you had posted it!!!!
    He is singing in my ear right now and I am mush!!!!!
    He should always sing this when he is sick!!!!


  44. Abrra said

    It’s ok Fenfan. I removed the extra one I posted.

    I put an MP3 of BOTW from Layton in the Candy Jar. it’s #14



  45. Abrra said

    It was a Family Affair in Layton!

    See more of ShelleyFOD’s pics on her Twitter timeline here



  46. fenfan123 said

    Oh why do I melt when he sings “water”???????

    Thanks for the MP3, Abrra.


  47. djafan said

    Tawna, I love your “unplugged & unwired” recap!!! All of it! Getting so anxious for November 7th!!! And I got tix for the 6th thanks to a beautiful fan Mary Dee!!!

    Last night was sad in that I so wanted to be part of it like the first concert via Periscope but I just have be grateful and not greedy lol So all is well. The pictures are beautiful, and it looks like he has embraced his musical expressive hands, a whole new level that was not imagined.

    Tickets are now available for Luz De Las Naciones in October. “Light of the Nations”


  48. djafan said


  49. djafan said


  50. djafan said


  51. Abrra said

    Sweetest face ever!


  52. Abrra said

    This cracked me up!



  53. djafan said

    I love his dressy black boots!


  54. djafan said


  55. djafan said

    Just a few stats 🙂

    Overall, David Archuleta’s metrics have been VIRAL over the last 7 days, with a median change of 121.3%.

    Metric Trends are defined by most recent changes across multiple metrics. There are four trends in overall metric performance: Slowing, Stable, Growing, and Viral.

    David Archuleta is in the 88th percentile for overall reach metrics, earning David Archuleta LARGE audience reach, identified as performance within the 84th to the 98th percentile.

    David Archuleta performed best on Wikipedia, adding an average of 573 pageviews per day over the last 7 days, which is 12x the average growth for this network.

    Audience Reach is defined by growth in overall audience size. There are four levels of audience reach: Small, Moderate, Large, and Enormous.

    Only Epic is left!

    David Archuleta’s 73,090,645 Vevo Video Views correspond with similar values for other Mainstream Musicians. You need to have at least 40,000,000 video views to reach the Mainstream stage on Vevo. David Archuleta needs another 326,909,355 video views to reach the next stage, Epic.

    Artist Social Stages are defined by the size of an artist’s social reach compared to typical reach values at common career milestones. There are five different artist stages—Undiscovered, Promising, Established, Mainstream, and Epic—through either Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Vevo.

    David is working on this one but not to shabby IMO.

    David Archuleta is in the 60th percentile for overall engagement metrics, earning David Archuleta MODERATE engagement, identified as performance within the 16th to the 84th percentile.

    David Archuleta performed best on Instagram, seeing an average of 5,638 likes per day over the last 7 days, which is 4x the expected activity for an audience of 97,283 total followers.

    Audience Engagement captures the relationship between recent fan activity and overall audience size. There are four levels of audience engagement: Occasional, Moderate, Strong, and Passionate.


  56. djafan said

    Love this!


  57. djafan said


  58. tawna21 said

    Loving these pictures. Thanks for the mp3 Abrra. 🙂 It was so good to see Alex Rowe again. He’s awesome with David…. they should work together. jmo.

    It was so touching to have Jazzy helping David with the ‘stories’ that he wanted to tell about the songs. He was sooo frustrated that he couldn’t talk. At one point he kind of threw his hands in the air and said, ‘I just want to talk to you, but I want to sing too’. So, he sang. And, it was beautiful!


  59. clairerolfe35 said

    The 5 year old boy mentioned at #51 was actually a young lad from the audience that Lupe brought up on stage after watching him join in the singing. I don’t think they meant David was a 5 year old


  60. djafan said

    This is so special “At one point he kind of threw his hands in the air and said, ‘I just want to talk to you, but I want to sing too’. So, he sang. And, it was beautiful!”. Can’t wait for my turn!

    Numb, Numb, Numb


  61. djafan said

    RIP Tweet from David


  62. djafan said

    BYU event soldout, released 100 more seats.

    Now these tickets are gone for 2 of the 3 days. I’m sure they’ll be gone too.

    Event Description
    Luz de las naciones: Juventud de la promesa is the name of the upcoming Latino cultural event and Sunday evening Devotional to be held in the Conference Center. The cultural program is Friday and Saturday, October 23 and 24, 2015 at 8:00 PM and the Sunday, Devotional is October 25 at 7:00 PM.

    Cultural Program:

    This production is a special youth and young adults focused event performed in Spanish with special guest artist David Archuleta. There will be a 300-voice youth and young adult choir along with musicians and various dance troupes performing traditional and contemporary dances from Latin America. We invite you to come and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Latin America.


    On Sunday evening there will be a devotional with David Archuleta and a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presiding.


  63. djafan said

    WOW! Didn’t realize it was this big.


  64. djafan said

    Anyone get tix to the Luz de Naciones?


  65. jans11 said

    55, Dja, I think those stats are great considering he’s just getting back into action after being out of the limelight for almost 4 yrs. The only tickets I got is for St George in Nov! 🙂
    That devotional is a big deal! So glad for David for getting back in to music.

    59…Dayzee, I thought it was a typo being 5 instead of 25…even tho he’s not 25 yet…that’s what went thru my little noggin! 🙂 Thanks for the explanation…it makes more sense than mine. 🙂


  66. clairerolfe35 said

    Jan, I think the St. George show is going to be the best yet. Can’t wait.


  67. Abrra said

    Some magic from Idaho Falls

    Love this view. You can see him play the piano.

    A long view of Don’t Give Up

    Ronna Park



  68. tawna21 said

    “Don’t Give Up”!!!! …. love it!! In all honesty, MKOP has not been on my Top10 list up until I heard it in Idaho. Now it’s made it’s entry onto that list. Really though, that list is not a stable one as it has a tendency to change frequently! 🙂

    Thank you for bringing these over Abrra.


  69. jans11 said

    Thanks for the photo, Abs. I printed it off for a keepsake! 🙂

    I agree, Dayzee…he’s just getting warmed up! 🙂 Wonder what date or dates the Christmas concert will be? Will I have to fly back out for that?? 🙂 Gosh, David, the things you make me do! 🙂


  70. fenfan said

    Is there any recording of the spoken MKOP?
    If not, I hope he does it that way again in his next concert and someone records it.
    I would really love to listen to it “sung” that way.


  71. Dayzee said

    In Layton I left my seat during intermission between Gracie and David. The lady at the gate said I would need a wristband to get back in. I showed her I already had a wristband, She used her flashlight to check my black wristband and read “David Archuleta nobody sings it better”. She was confused but said I would probably need her red and white checkered one. I could have told her that wristband got me into a concert in Boise, but I simply relented and accepted her offering. Thank you SB.

    I should maybe explain to new fans that Sandybeaches gave a million black wristbands to fans years ago. She did that twice! Awesome lady.

    My granddaughter received an “A” on the test she took at the IF library, 🙂


  72. djafan said

    Dayzee, Those are great bracelets and years later they still speak the truth 🙂

    This from TOfan, sniff…

    I took this video on my iPod at the Friday night show (because I loved the song so much Thursday night)… I’m sorry, I can’t do closeups on it but the audio is pretty good, I must say… still gives me chills AND makes me choke up all at once, I think because of the raw, real feeling in it and because I love it so much… it was our soundtrack on repeat from Idaho to Utah so, David, if you had wanted to do it Saturday and Monday, at least four of us totally knew all the words and could’ve jumped in. 🙂


  73. djafan said

    This cracked me up 🙂


  74. oliveoil said

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!! LOOOOOOOOVE this song !!!!! Thank you so much for posting . The audio is really great . Ditto for chills and choked up. I loved when he said he’s giving it a second chance and he’s not going to run run run.


  75. tawna21 said


    I think the folks in Layton were still reeling from the shock of having two concerts sell-out so quickly! They have no idea of the power that David’s fans have when it comes to ticket sales (they do now)!! You know, it never ceases to amaze me how orderly the people, whether old fans or new ones or not even one yet, are at David’s concerts. There is the screaming and whistles, but no unruly-we-need-the-bouncers type of stuff going on. We just keep the camera cops hopping (job security for them)! 🙂

    Hey!! A huge high-five to your granddaughter on her test! That’s awesome!

    Fen…. I’d love a video of that MKOP also. It was so cool to hear it done that way. ♥♥

    Jans… plan to fly out for Christmas!!!!

    ‘Numb’ is about at raw as it gets….. David spilled all he had been thru and where he is going in those few minutes. Thank you for the video Dja.


  76. Veronica Kim said

    Does David really not know what people mean when they say “I love you”?
    Hmm..He must be like Spock in that aspect.


  77. tawna21 said

    I’m loving this…..



  78. Abrra said

    Nancy posted new video from Idaho Falls!




  79. tawna21 said

    Beautiful video!! I’m not running away…. no way, no how… I’m stuck!! Have you noticed, that for the most part, the fans have learned to wait to clap until David is finished? There were a few times where we cut him off, but not like it used to be…. many moons ago! 🙂 #wearelearning


  80. jans11 said

    Oh gosh, I wore my bracelet the whole 2 years David was gone, then took it off. Now I can’t find it! I have 42 days to find it before I fly out! 🙂

    Tawna I will try my best, that’s for sure! 🙂 If I can find good cheap fare like I did for this trip, I will!

    Glad for your granddaughter, Dayzee! I just knew she would ace it! It runs in the genes!

    I’m going to Branson, MO. tomorrow, will try and be on here as much as I can. Be back Mon. Then it will be 38 days before I go to David’s concert, but who’s counting?? 🙂

    #lovenumbtoo #wonteverrunawayeither!


  81. Abrra said

    The merch lady checks in with some selfies with David.



  82. Abrra said

    The ARCHUGLOW is full effect!



  83. fenfan said

    #82 That’s a great picture, just perfect. The ARCHUGLOW indeed! It’s almost like he is some superhero in mid-transformation from his human guise. See, this writing of songs, making an album, warm up concerts – they are just a pirouette in slow motion. We just saw part of that change these past few days. When he is done, he will be completely transformed and that David Archuleta is going to slay us all over again in the best and most wonderful way. Ever.

    Oh and #81 – is he taller than his 4 year-old cardboard self? The merch lady seems to have to stretch a bit higher to reach his shoulder.

    #doihearsomeonesayneck #isthatallowed


  84. Dayzee said

    Fen, hashtagging of neck, did you notice MKOP at #67? Any screamcap between 0:14 and 6:40 would be appreciated. That neck is just showing off.

    re 82……Wow,….. just wow.

    Missing Bluesky’s comments. She is at a convention in Canada


  85. fenfan said

    Haha Dayzee hush!!!

    So I just watched the talking part of that MKOP vid at #67 without sound and I knew exactly what he was talking about with every gesture he made.



  86. djafan said

    More beautiful pictures on The Sounds of David (Pam Pike) facebook!


  87. TOfan said

    It was so great to meet you, Tawna! and “backward staccato steps” … perfect description! that move is definitely a new one and I hope it’s picked up on video.

    Tough getting back to “reality” isn’t it? lol Thanks for recapping so I could relive the amazingness all over again!


  88. Abrra said

    From David Arts Council FB

    From The Sounds of David FB



  89. Spirit said

    Wow! This last group of pictures is just stunning, Abrra! I’m thrilled to see that glow back again!

    Dayzee and Jans11….I wanted to share my thought on the 5 year old boy comment by David’s sisters. I actually think that they were referring to David because one of the comments added “the 5 year old boy who sang amazing even though he was sick.” I remember reading a post by one of his sisters on a fan site several months ago and they referred to him in the same way. I’m guessing that it must be an inside joke among the siblings. David used to say that he didn’t think he acted his age, and he has also talked about he and his sisters acting silly together. Maybe the 5 year old boy comment references their enjoyment in letting their inner 5 year olds come out to play. Just my speculation and pondering! Haha!


  90. tawna21 said

    TOfan, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you and refnaf! And, yes it is hard getting back to reality. I was thinking just this morning how I was on my way to Idaho this time last week. It seems like so long ago, and yet just yesterday.

    My mom asked me how the concert was and if I was going to the show at BYU. When I told her that I am going to BYU, she laughed and said that I needed to let David know that ‘he owes me’ for going to so many of his shows. I smiled and responded that ‘No, David doesn’t owe me anything. He gives me light and happiness in my life because of his music and example”. She just nodded her head.

    These photos are going to cause some serious health problems!!! They are beautiful! That archuglow one is needing to be viewed with sunglasses!
    I noticed someone off to the side of where I was sitting with a nice looking camera and tripod taking photos, and the security was letting them do whatever they had in mind. It must have been someone with the Arts Council.

    Speaking of Arts Councils! I am now getting all kinds of emails and schedules from the Idaho Arts Council (of which I am a card carrying member 🙂 ) regarding their upcoming shows. It makes me laugh at myself!! Actually, if it weren’t such a drive up there, I would consider seeing some of them.


  91. skydancer1x said

    Boy the site is looking just gorgeous these days isn’t it?
    Still reeling over NUMB, and all the songs,still reading recaps again and again, and listening and watching all the beautiful videos.
    So happy for everyone who went to the concerts and shared so much…especially David himself! So happy all 4 concerts were packed with fans.

    Fen, what you wrote! YES!
    “#82 That’s a great picture, just perfect. The ARCHUGLOW indeed! It’s almost like he is some superhero in mid-transformation from his human guise. See, this writing of songs, making an album, warm up concerts – they are just a pirouette in slow motion. We just saw part of that change these past few days. When he is done, he will be completely transformed and that David Archuleta is going to slay us all over again in the best and most wonderful way. Ever.”

    Do any of you feel like I do?…..I feel like I have learned more about David this past week,than in the year and a half since he’s been home♥

    89. Spirit, yes think you are right about the” 5 year old thing”, haha I remember that too.Think it was also said in a video blog he did way back when with his sisters.

    November 12th for Midland and can hardly wait.Am hoping things ramp up and the Texas stop gets some promotion from D in October 🙂
    night all!


  92. BellaGoGetter said

    I think the 5 year old reference has to do with his age 23. If u add 2+3 they equal 5.


  93. djafan said

    Hi Bella! Thing is he’s 24 🙂

    Sky, “Do any of you feel like I do?…..I feel like I have learned more about David this past week,than in the year and a half since he’s been home♥”

    Tawna, Yes. And he wants to talk to us!!! So much was going on with him but I see the sparkle and glow in full effect! He was so appreciate that we still want to hear him, he needed that, we needed that.

    I will be starting my Midland Texas promo soon!

    David is rehearsing for the huge Luz event! Hoping and praying for video!!!

    And this is a must read from SnowAngelz: A @DavidArchie concert recap from the artist formerly known as Archugeezer


  94. djafan said

    New videos posted by Muldur!!


  95. poof said

    Hi everyone,
    I just got back from two weeks in England. So I missed the concerts and all the before, during and after videos and comments. Trying to catch up today,,, a very nice way to return home.
    Thanks to all who have given us a hint of what we missed.

    I am always caught off guard on how David makes me emotionally “react” to his concerts. We always talk about him being a light. To me, he seems more like a fire, always giving off energy in the form of raw feelings and emotion. Maybe he is like a pilot light, always burning, sometimes stronger, sometimes less but always on. His “Don’t Run Away” was just Wow. It must be exhausting to put so much of himself into a song. It exhausts me to listen, but I sure “hear” him. Beautiful for sure, but so much more.


  96. tawna21 said

    Dja, I just finished the recap on Snowangelzz….. what a delightful read!!!! Archugeezer always makes me laugh!

    New videos!! Thank you for bringing them over! ♥

    Poof >> “I am always caught off guard on how David makes me emotionally “react” to his concerts. We always talk about him being a light. To me, he seems more like a fire, always giving off energy in the form of raw feelings and emotion. Maybe he is like a pilot light, always burning, sometimes stronger, sometimes less but always on. His “Don’t Run Away” was just Wow. It must be exhausting to put so much of himself into a song. It exhausts me to listen, but I sure “hear” him. Beautiful for sure, but so much more.” So, so true!!


  97. Dayzee said

    So much gorgeousness here. So many pics and videos and lovely words. Such a feast!! Please pass me some second helpings. And thirds. Bestest nourishments and no calories.

    The quote in the upper left corner attributed to CADTHU “Btw David’s hoarse voice > all other voices” Yeah! I liked the pic with it so much I made it my desktop. Now every time I start up my computer it takes me forever to get past it. Why would I go anywhere else when I can just look at perfection?

    It was so nice to see fans we had not seen for years. My friend who went with me on Monday night had never been to a David concert. I introduced her to several people before the show. She asked me,”Why don’t your friends sit down? ” I was at a loss to explain to her how difficult it is to just sit and wait for David. Nerves keep us moving. We lean on each other to get through those loooong moments waiting for David to appear. Oh well, next time she also will be too antsy to sit in a chair.

    Good to see so many postings here at The Voice. I love that you share.

    13 sleeps until BYU


  98. tawna21 said

    Dayzee…. go read Snowangelzz latest (if you haven’t)….. it will ring so true!! 🙂


  99. tawna21 said

    If you listen carefully to Nunca Pence from 9/18 that Muldur did, you can hear, towards the end when he speaks and sings, that his voice was starting to fade. He drank a lot of water that night, and I’m thinking (that’s scary) the bug was starting to get him even then. What a trouper!

    These are both great videos….. and even more so because somehow she got past the little ladies, in white blouses, that were patrolling for cameras and phones. 🙂 I love watching how David subtly leads the band with arm and hand movements…. sometimes even a look. Gosh! Do I sound like someone that has had a tall glass of cool water following a real dry spell?!

    I really need to go get something accomplished!!


  100. Abrra said

    Awesome clip of an awesome singer!

    Gonna be my new ringtone 🙂



  101. fenfan said

    Did David sample Pink’s “Try” when he sang “run, run, run” in Numb?
    That particular phrase in the song got stuck in my brain the moment he sang it. It sounded very familiar and I couldn’t quite figure out where I’d heard it before until I happened to see Pink sing “Try” in an old talk show on TV.


  102. Dayzee said

    That awesome clip of an awesome singer is doubly awesome due to his perseverance in giving us that gift on a night when his voice was challenging him. “David’s hoarse voice > all other voices” And he has certainly figured out what to do with his hands.

    There is a huge pile of presents from David on this thread. He spoils us. Spoil us some more David.

    Snowangelzz recap was great. David’s fans also spoil us. In a good way


  103. lynnella said

    #101 Fenfan – Thanks, I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember what that reminded me of. I’m sure it was unintentional, but it does sound very similar. Still a good song otherwise.


  104. tawna21 said

    Abrra (on bended knee) any chance of the two videos in #94 making it into the Candy Jar?

    I’m seriously wishing I had a phone that I could use that ‘cry’ as a ringtone!! That song has an effect on me every time I hear it, and since hearing it live it puts me into a puddle!

    Yes, Dayzee, David does spoil us. ♥


  105. Abrra said

    There is an mp3 ringtone called Don’tGiveUpDA in the candy jar now. (Don’t get the mr4 version). You can play that on your music player.'s

    I put the 2 from #94 in there for a week . They are the only ones with his name on them. I need to be conservative of space, so please get them as as they will be deleted.



  106. TaterZen said

    On a borrowed computer and just now able to peruse the fan sites to enjoy concert comments and videos. (May it never end!) Computer went down and will be in the “hospital” until next week. Pecked out a recap on a wacky persnickety laptop and then poof! Another device down. RIP. I have terrible timing.

    Enjoying the photos and videos and comments here (a lot of joy in the comments). Thank you, all! Tawna, your recap is a delight, so many spot-on observations! Yes, David IS back, and so are his fans. Isn’t it fun?!


  107. betsy said

    Great recap, Tawna!


  108. tawna21 said

    TaterZen, the fan-dom is so much fun!! As I told refnaf in Idaho, David can never quit because then we couldn’t get together as fans! 🙂

    Besty, thank you!! It was a great time.


  109. tawna21 said

    Abrra, thank you. I was overlooking those two files. They are pretty big aren’t they!


  110. Abrra said

    They weren’t in there until you asked for them. 🙂 Video files are much larger than audio files, yes.



  111. bebereader said

    The awesome clip of an awesome singer in #100 is…..well, awesome! That particular part of the song in “Don’t Give Up” has to be very tricky to sing and David nailed it!
    Ringtone, here we come!


  112. Dayzee said

    Went to the wedding of a granddaughter today. It was a great wedding and fun to see friends and family. BUT 4 hours in a Davidless car, 3 hours of wedding with no David music! I had to come home and plug myself into Unplugged for an hour to recharge.


  113. tawna21 said

    So, Dayzee, now you are back in the real world… the one with David music at your fingertips?! 😀


  114. fenfan said

    I was just over at Unplugged. I see the view has changed. It is more beautiful than ever.


  115. Abrra said

    David takes a moment to reflect. Thanks to MaggieA for the inspirational photo.



  116. tawna21 said

    This is short, but has a bucket load of close-ups…. David may have been ill, but he is still radiant!!

    Beautiful puzzle, Abrra. ♥


  117. bebereader said

    New article————–>>>>> Dayzee’s recap


  118. Koneyfod4ever said

    Thanks for sharing. I wish he will do a concert here in the East Cost one day in the future so, that I’ll have the chance too to watch his concert. Anyway, I’m very thankful for all the Archies who’ve been sharing photos, videos and unforgettable experience watching David for the first time after his mission. I


  119. SandyBeaches said

    Definitely David’s mission seems to be his center of attention and everyone needs one whether it is a career in medicine, the Red Cross, firefighting or any volunteer or professional service that assists people.

    Djafan, once David has a concert of his own I am sure I will want to be in the audience. It is a very long way from here!!


    The recordings of his numbers should be great, with his duet the most I am looking foreward to.


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