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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta’s OS~A Fresh New Look!!!

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I’m really liking the new look of the official site.  Every link has a unique header and it’s easy to navigate, clean and sharp.  The new logo is simple but elegant and very recognizable.  Click on the logo and go explore and comment!



The header pictures are beautifully done.



blogs vlogs







Plenty to see and friendly layout for all.  Hopefully we’ll see more traffic as the new BEGIN.ning starts up.

140 Responses to “David Archuleta’s OS~A Fresh New Look!!!”

  1. djafan said

    I think this is my favorite right now.


  2. djafan said

    Shelley is on her way to Idaho!!!


  3. djafan said

    Sold Out!!!


  4. jans11 said

    Yes, dja, mine too! So awesome! So grownup now!
    Have fun Shelley!! Can’t wait for my concert! 🙂
    From previous post: thanks, Grammy for the info. So appreciated!


  5. djafan said

    I know Jans! So excited for tomorrow and all of a sudden my concert seems like years away lol

    New facebook look!


  6. bluesky4home said

    Dear DA, glad you finally got the message: “DA” rocks. ^_^


  7. djafan said

    Bluesky, :)))))))))))))))))

    From David’s facebook!


  8. tawna21 said

    I love the new look!! Dja #1, I think that has to be my favorite photo also. We knew David had grown up, but this pictures really confirm that!!! *sigh

    Gettin’ ready to road trip tomorrow!!! My tickets are for Friday! Funny story…. my hubby was packed before me!! 😀 However, I’m one of those people who doesn’t close the bag until walking out the door… one more shirt or hoodie!


  9. djafan said


  10. MT said

    Does anyone know if someone is going to try Periscope tomorrow night? If so, who do I need to follow? Thanks. 🙂

    Nice updates on the OS! And first show tomorrow!

    One …
    More …
    Daaaayyy!!! 😀


  11. skydancer1x said

    WOO HOO! ain’t no small potatoes Idaho Falls,DA is in town and we are ready to rumble!!!!!
    GO DAVID!!!! ♫♪♫♪♫♥♥♥♥


  12. Abrra said

    #9 COUGAR alert!!

    @muldur and @liz_mag3 tested their Periscope skilz this week. Both of them do videos too, so they may take turns with video and Periscope.
    Just have Periscope open during the time when the concert is scheduled. When they start using it, their name will show up as going Live. Click on their window.The biggest issue will be their connection. With so many phone in use inside the theater there may be congestion on the wifi. If it drops it will reconnect on their end automatically. If not, they can reset and start a new session. There is a chat function, but you can disable it by swiping right. I think there is a chat bubble that you tap to disable. Just be patient and know that we will have great regular videos from a bunch of fans later.
    Periscope videos last 24 hours. You have that amount of time to replay them.



  13. betsy said

    Hi everyone!
    Very excited for tonight, although I don’t have my phone with me. Even though I have
    periscope on it, my husband broke his phone and borrowed mine for a few days while
    I am on vacation (home) and he went out of town to fish.
    I have been reading best practices on how people tried to install periscope on their pc’s
    and macbooks, and it seems that even the best of the best have issues. I’ll have to
    wait for videos on youtube, and that’ll be fine. 🙂

    DJA, that is my favorite picture too. 🙂


  14. Dayzee said

    Time to go! Yayy. Have my granddaughter to drive in case I am incapacitated with anticipation. Wheeeee!

    I’ve heard from several fans that will be there, including Refnaf. Going to be a hot time in the old town.


  15. djafan said

    Tawna and Dayzee and all else who is going tonight, have fun!!!! And show him our love, represent us all who can’t be physically there, we’re with you in spirit!!!

    Betsy, Nancy, Shelley, Lisa, and many more will be there so yes there shall be videos, I can’t wait!

    Let see if this works here…


  16. fenfan said

    I just remembered there is a time difference – 7.30pm in Idaho Falls is 5.30am my time! I’ll have to wake up early if I am to watch any Periscope broadcasts of the concert.
    BTW, those new photos are not too shabby!


  17. djafan said

    It’s BEGINNING!!!!


  18. lynnella said

    I was looking at mjsbigblog a while ago. They always tell which Idols are in concert for that night. I noticed that David is not mentioned. I don’t know how to contact them and thought someone on this site might be able to. This should definitely be on their site info.

    Thanks, Lynne


  19. djafan said


  20. djafan said

    Betsy 🙂

    Lynnella, Mj knows. Don’t know why she hasn’t been including David news on her site, not cool. Maybe she will later.

    In the meantime Archie’s are traveling and getting ready for tonight!!! Idaho is MT so it is 11:19 there right now! (Note: Our site time stamps CT in comments.)


  21. djafan said

    A band possibility?

    Jani says:
    September 17, 2015 at 3:31 pm
    Ok, I’ve scoped out the place! Got inside the theater (by someone who let us in just before they were locking the doors….thank you nice young man in the red t- shirt!) I can tell you that on the stage are a drum set, grand piano, key board, a few mikes, sound equipment, etc. The best part is seeing that SOLD OUT sign slapped across David’s poster out front! It wasn’t there last night. I took a pic but see that Shelly already posted it. So excited!!!


  22. jans11 said

    Feeling all the excitement for tonight! My heart is with you all that will be there! ♥ Think there is an hour time difference for me too, so I won’t miss too much if I can even get Periscope to work. Not necessarily my ineptness but that there might be so many fans on it that it will crash! 🙂 But there will be a lot of good videos and photos…the fans never fail!!

    All that equipment sounds like a band to me!!!! All’s well in Archuleta land!

    #havefuneveryone! #graciewillbegreattoo!


  23. Abrra said

    Concert starts at 6:30PT 7:30 pm MT, 8:30CT, 9:30 ET . There is an opening act, so David will be on a bit after that.

    Fenfan good luck on the time zone shift 😉



  24. Abrra said

    There is a Contact link ( all sites have one) at the top left. Here is the link



  25. Abrra said

    #21 Dja

    LOLOL Ya think?? 😉

    Abrra the spammer.


  26. bebereader said

    So excited for tonight’s sold out show and for all the shows to come. To the lucky fans going tonight, thank you for representing those of us who can’t be there. I am not in the least surprised that the shows are selling out. It’s David Archuleta, The Voice and the best singer in the world! If David had any doubt that we gave up waiting, the proof that he is worth the wait is in the sold out shows.

    The pictures on the official site are just beautiful and represent the more mature David but his boyish charms shine through. I don’t think they will every leave him; it’s just part of his personality.

    See you tonight on Periscope!

    Abrra#25 I think. But the baby grand is exciting too!


  27. betsy said

    Could it be that tonight he whips out the guitar?
    Probably not, but somebody has to play it. (or should play it) 🙂

    Bebe – It’s a little like old times. Except for Periscope WHICH I CANNOT DO TONIGHT.

    Abrra you are totally spamming lol.
    I miss that.
    sent from my pc because you know who has my phone.


  28. djafan said


    David Archuleta

    Just some natural dull awkwardness mixed with some nerves and excitement for this first show in Idaho Falls! #almost4years #concerts #idaho #potatoes?


  29. djafan said


  30. djafan said

    Lynnella, better late than never. Did you email her?


    Concert Schedule: David Archuleta Hits the Road


  31. fenfan123 said

    I just woke up. So is he is singing yet?????


  32. djafan said


  33. djafan said


  34. fenfan123 said

    Oh I got it wrong. 7.30pm in Idaho is 9.30am my time! LOL


  35. djafan said

    lol Fenfan! We are ready to goooooo!!


  36. MT said

    LOL Fen Well at least you weren’t late! 🙂

    Just a few hours to go folks!! 😀

    So happy for those going. Hope everyone has a fabulous time!!


  37. djafan said



  38. lynnella said

    #30 Djafan – I didn’t contact her. I just saw the link a few minutes ago. But, I did see the snippet she put on her site right before that. Hopefully, after the concert, she’ll put more info about the other concerts with a video of a song from tonight. A lot of people who weren’t hard core fans like a lot of us, have probably forgotten about him. A little free advertising would be helpful. I’m sure there are those out there who would be curious if they heard a song or two, or saw a video and an article about his upcoming concerts. I’ve seen too many posts where someone has mentioned him to someone, and they say, Oh, I loved him, whatever happened to him. Also, now that he’s more mature, I’m sure he could have a whole new group of fans. My sister didn’t care for him, because she thought he was too young. To me, his age didn’t matter, all I care about is his talent and what a wonderful young man he is. So, maybe tonight will be the start of a whole new career. I hope so, he deserves it.



  39. bebereader said

    I love the new merch! I hope people buy since that is another way, besides ticket sales that artists make $.

    Getting ready to roll!

    From New York


  40. bebereader said


  41. bebereader said


  42. bebereader said

    Go here:


  43. Abrra said


  44. Abrra said


  45. Abrra said


  46. Abrra said

    This one says it all.



  47. lynnella said

    Thank you so much LizMag. I got to watch the whole thing and I’m in Kentucky. Thank you for your generosity in showing it. I know it couldn’t have been easy.



  48. betsy said

    His face during Don’t give up.


  49. jans11 said

    Thanking all the gals that made his concert possible across the world via Periscope! It was absolutely mesmerizing! Our guy is back!!!!!! Never thought I would ever get to see the whole concert except for about 2 songs. It would stop after awhile then I would pick it up a few minutes later. I actually heard Pride 3 times! 🙂 That was great, never too many times to hear David sing any song! He sang 14 or 15 songs and came back after a standing ovation and sang 2 more! Everyone was/is sooo happy!! Will be on twitter tomorrow night to trend “David Archuleta”!

    #yeadavid!!!! #thankyoudavid!!!


  50. angelofdja said

    It was so great to hear and see David back on the stage and singing so dang good! Thanks to Periscope and LizMag! You made it possible to feel David and his music again! LOVE his new song “Numb”! I will be trending “David Archuleta” on Twitter this evening! I’m too excited to sleep!


  51. MT said

    I got to watch and am sooooo grateful to Liz-Mag for broadcasting. Thank you!

    It was awesome! David was looked and sounded great! If anyone does it again tomorrow, I’ll watch again. 😀

    David’s voice was so good! I love, love, loved Everybody Hurts. ♥ That’s my favorite from that album and I was so glad I got to hear him singing it live!


  52. MT said

    Heh sorry for the edit snafu! Should be: David looked and sounded great!


  53. jans11 said

    Hope it works this time. If it doesn’t you can type the youtube code in by hand. Don’t know why it won’t come up but its a good interview of David before the concert!


  54. jans11 said



  55. djafan said

    I’m spent! Found myself holding my breath throughout that epic David concert. I’m ready to do it all over again tomorrow. It exceeded all my expectations.

    Periscope and Lisa rock!!! Now to wait for videos!


  56. Abrra said


  57. Abrra said

    Night everyone.
    Abrra zzzzzzzzzz


  58. Abrra said


  59. fenfan said

    Real life is suspended for the next few days. I just can’t stop watching the videos.
    He is killing me with Forevermore. That “shindig” in the Philippines is the gift that keeps giving!
    Dear David, please come to Singapore. Shindigs here are awesome too! LOL


  60. fenfan123 said

    I should stop watching this video but I just can’t.

    Some things I noticed:
    – his eyes are like emeralds
    – he seems to have something in his jacket pocket that needs adjusting
    – he did not have any in-ear monitors
    – his singing is flawless
    – his perfect voice has become “more perfect”
    – his hand movements are fascinating

    I could go on but I should stop. Those vids are calling me.

    p.s. Can someone please make a scream cap of the part of 8throwcenter’s Forevermore video where he looks up with his eyes wide open – around 2:47min. I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance.


  61. fenfan123 said

    Ok I think the monitor is in his pocket. You can see it in this video.

    Everybody Hurts may be my new favourite.

    So sorry; I’ll stop spamming now.


  62. Abrra said

    Here you go Fenfan.

     photo 47_zpsxltf0v8m.jpg



  63. Abrra said

    New song written by David. Lyrics posted on @rhiminee’s Tumblr page.


    Numb by David Archuleta

    I think I’ll take a second chance
    I won’t be passing by these waters again
    Wanna feel redemption’s hand
    See this life only for what it, what it is
    I know the river’s not too wide
    I can see it for myself with my own eyes
    Someone out there’s on my side
    It’s not my place to question why

    Everybody needs time away
    To wake up with the sun on their face
    I’m not there yet but i know
    That I don’t wanna feel numb
    Falling over all of my shadows
    Yeah I’m all done
    Cuz none of that ever really mattered
    It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
    But it’s a chance I can take
    I won’t run run run

    Cuz I don’t wanna feel numb

    So deep inside these hills I run
    To a place where I can see til Kingdom Come
    See the days one by one
    And love this life only for what it, what it is
    I hear the whispers in the stars
    The words that tell us more of who we are
    Someone out there’s not that far
    Everything I need is here now



    A tidal wave brought to life
    Rushing over every doubt of mine
    Open soul open sky
    Everything, everything is right
    I don’t wanna feel numb
    Falling over all of my shadows
    Yeah I’m all done
    Cuz none of that ever really mattered
    It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
    But it’s a chance I can take
    I won’t run run run (x2)

    I don’t wanna feel numb (x3)

    Thanks Tina!



  64. GrammyJ said

    David is baaaaack!!! I am forever thankful that I could be there via Periscope. David certainly didn’t disappoint. He looked great and sounded fantastic! I am so thankful that he didn’t quit music. I love his new song, “Numb” so I think his next album will be fabulous.


  65. betsy said

    David, completely raw and honest. I love his new song.

    Dear David,
    I am so glad you never wrote a song including the word shawty. Mostly I am glad you haven’t given up.

    Fen, I love your spamming. 🙂


  66. djafan said

    People, I love the new song, thank you rhiminee for staying up all night compelled by the need to write out the lyrics. I loved everything about him, his voice has reached a new level of awesomeness, his confidence, humbleness, honesty is so dang refreshing. The song choices, I loved them all, the past, present and future all in one. So happy he chose to sing. At the end when he got choked up thanking everyone there I believe he got the message, we have his back even if he doesn’t understand why 🙂


  67. djafan said

    So David, mature but still his sense of humor, love it.


  68. Abrra said

    Flawless OMGsh 🙂



  69. MT said

    #67 ♥

    I think I just gained a whole new appreciation for MKOP. That was so so good! Loved it. Love all of them! *sigh* He is so talented. I can’t imagine him ever not singing.


  70. djafan said

    fenfan, please don’t stop! I loved his shindig and hope he does more! Forevermore live, wow.

    MT, Yep MKOP was perfection.

    Grammyj, Periscope is way cool! It doesn’t take the place of videos but to see it so clear and the sound so good, being there via our technology in real time I was blown away.

    Betsy, “shawty” lol Raw and honest, he wears it well, really well.

    I was pretty happy he sang this.


  71. djafan said

    Jans, He doesn’t know why the fandom after so long lol, such and natural.


  72. bluesky4home said

    There was an earthquake in Chile yesterday. One million people were displaced. It was felt all the way to Brazil.
    DA will be wondering about the people he knew there.


  73. bluesky4home said

    Ha, ha!! It is ALL about the hands. ^_^ (clap, clap, clap!)

    Finally, DA is able to use his hands as an extension of his voice. (all puns allowed) Finally….. that tells me more than anything else the extent to which he is now able to more comfortably be who he is.

    I am in love with this huge improvement. It tells me so much about his inner happy state of being. *sigh* Good job, DA. Good, job.

    (yeah, he still speaks – re: interview – in basic generalizations instead of particulars – kinda hard on interviewers. But at least we all know that, that is just how he speaks, how he thinks. It may seem at times to be distant ((I felt a little bit bad for the interviewer.)) but it is just how he processes. His intimacy comes much more to the fore when he sings. It is his doorway into the shared-world/heart of others.)


  74. DA fan24 said

    Oh Wow the tour videos, David gotten so Mature on stage and it happens when u are in a relationship as well too! David will be in engaged and marry to his girlfriend sometimes in the end of 2016! U wait and see! Don’t be jealous girls because u cannot have him for yourselfs, be happy for him and not just his music job but one of his dreams is to get marry too. Bye david archuleta voice website.


  75. Abrra said

    So much emotion here 2:45 ish with beautiful performance.




  76. Abrra said

    My plan is to wait for tonight’s videos to be up over the weekend, then start picking the best recordings for the Candy Jar.

    A little more Patience. 🙂



  77. djafan said

    Bluesky, Awful and scary for sure.


  78. djafan said

    Bluesky, “His intimacy comes much more to the fore when he sings. It is his doorway into the shared-world/heart of others.)”


  79. djafan said

    David Archuleta performed his first concert in almost 4 years in Idaho Falls Thursday September 17.

    The American Idol season 7 runner-up premiered a new song, “Numb,” co-written in Nashville at a time when he wondered if show business was really where he needed to be. David introduced the song with a story about having a hard time adjusting to “civilian” life after returning home to Utah in March 2014 from his 2 year Mormon mission in Chile.

    David figured he’d get right to work on his music career, picking up where he left off. But, after holding some meetings in Los Angeles, “It kind of freaked me out,” said David. He had just spent two years on his mission serving people and had problems bringing the focus back to himself. “I guess it wasn’t the best idea just to jump in,” David confessed.

    He returned home to Utah and holed up for a couple of weeks. After a few trips to Nashville for songwriting sessions, David began to question whether he wanted to continue a singing career or not. He went as far as calling his manager to say he might not want to do music anymore. “I was so confused,” said David, “I was trying to put myself in a place I was before, but I realized I’d changed! I wasn’t the same person.”

    “I was so happy on my mission,” said David, “Why would I go back to a place that almost felt like stepping down?”

    What turned the tide for the singer was writing a song about his confusion. Going into another Nashville writing session with Jamie Kennedy and Trent Dabbs, they asked David what was on his mind. David poured his heart out and the result was the new song, “Numb,” where David expressed his need to continue a music career, but not in the same way he did before.

    “I feel like I opened myself up and realized what made me the most happy,” shared David. “Just through simple…meaningful things like my family, and caring about other people, helping them out…and relying on a higher source of power for the rest.”

    “So we wrote about that,” said David. “And we want to share that with you tonight.”

    Watch David Archuleta perform his new song, “Numb” right here. Check out David’s upcoming concert dates HERE.

    Leave a comment if you can.


  80. bebereader said

    Many thanks to LizMag and Muldur for their sleuth skills that made the fanbase so happy.

    I was overwhelmed last night during and after watching David’s performance from Idaho on Periscope. For those who have been here since the beginning, how far we have come from underwater cellcasts to Periscope.

    Close to four years have passed since David’s last performance as a solo artist and he seems both familiar and fresh. He wears his maturity well! His confidence level has soared, his onstage bantering was a pleasure, his entire demeanor onstage has sharpened. As the show went on you could see him loosening up. I expect him to loosen up even more on this short tour. He seemed baffled to see sold out shows. I wish he had more faith in us diehard fans.

    I liked the new song “Numb”. However, it made me sad to hear David say that he thought he was finished with music. With his kind of talent it would be a crime to hold it back. I understand why he got turned off by the executives who said that they could make him a star again. I hope he sees now that you don’t have to be a star to have a successful career. I have not read all the lyrics to the song yet but I plan to.

    Meanwhile, it’s back to MKOP, my newest oldest obsession. haha
    Thanks Fenfan, for posting those middle of the night videos for us in the east!


  81. GrammyJ said

    Yes, it would have been a shame if David had quit music. I believe he can help more people through his music than about anything else he could do because of his talent and the songs he sings. I think maybe that is why David decided to continue his music career despite the fact that its a difficult career path.


  82. djafan said

    Oh David, you sound good!


  83. djafan said



  84. djafan said

    He was found!!!


  85. djafan said

    Better picture.


  86. Gayle122890 said

    I don’t have much in comments. I’m just here taking it in. His return. I know David has done singing in public and at events with his church since he’s been back from his mission, and during his mission, but this and the other appearances have been prepared for us-the fans. He has finally made that much waited-for connection. And to think that it almost didn’t happen. I would have been glad for him with whatever path he chose, but THAT VOICE..! That gift would have been kept limited to give, I think. Thank you, David. Welcome back.


  87. Abrra said

    OHhhh 🙂




  88. djafan said

    Gayle, I agree. I would have accepted whatever he chose to do but so glad we will continue to hear that voice.

    Shelley found him to!!!


  89. djafan said

    Message for his Chilenos.


  90. djafan said

    Message from an old band mate 🙂


  91. Abrra said

    Dja can You translate those Spanish posts please? ty 🙂



  92. sweetonda said

    I’ve been in heaven last night and today reliving all these songs that David sang for us! I loved them all. I’m so glad he took his time to find out what really matters to him and he decided that he wanted to continue singing. I’m so proud of the man that he has become, but also shows that he is still David! Love his new song and can’t wait to hear what else he has to say to us on his new album. We have so much to look forward too!


  93. jans11 said

    71, Dja, David is so modest to not think his gift of singing is why us, his fans are still here! Not just his singing, but him, himself is just so unique, I couldn’t be anywhere else! I caught the Archie train some 7 years ago and will stay on it forever! When I wrote him, I sent him thank you cards as I couldn’t thank him enough for his voice, his demeanor and personality; just being David! And now that he is back, finally, it is scary to think how close he came to not come back. Thank God he got the right answers to come back to us!!!!
    Love his new song and can’t wait to hear his album. Our guy is one in a trillion!! Whether he thinks so or not! 🙂
    Will be trending David Archuleta tonight on twitter and hope I can catch some more concert on Periscope.


  94. Sweetpea said

    Before anyone here bash at me what I just post, FYI david had been dating about a year now, fans knew about this for months, it no secret, I know how his crazy female fans can be sooo senstive about this….

    admin Abrra edit: Please do not mention a name.


  95. bluesky4home said

    Are there periscope links for tonight?


  96. Abrra said


    Watch for the same folks. That’s what I am going to do. I leave the program open on my iPad. Not seen any mention on Twitter, specifically.

    If someone you follow is filming, you’ll get an alert. And watch your timeline. It will post a link when they broadcast.



  97. Abrra said

    Nothing yet on Periscope. Maybe the ladies are gona sit back and take it in. They deserve it.



  98. Abrra said

    Looks like they enforced no recording rules.



  99. angelofdja said

    I was wondering…well, I guess we are lucky for last nights Ninja Archie’s! I was sad to see a commenter give 8throwcenter a hard time over on YouTube. I have always appreciated her videos, a lot!


  100. gladys1961 said

    unfortunately I did not know anything periscope system. I’ve seen the videos that fans have posted. I want to thank all the fans who have posted these videos.

    I have noticed something new in David, a man looks different when it is completely free. It is beautiful to see David with wings, now he can fly in any direction.
    (I’ve seen that even his ears are free, hahahah)


  101. clairerolfe35 said

    Gladys you are so funny. As Fen mentioned David’s ears were free and I loved it. None of that distracting hassle with cords.
    Before the concert tonight a very stern lady told us cameras and phones would be confiscated and not returned if we were caught infringing on copyright laws. So sorry if there was no periscope tonight.
    The audience tonight was extremely rowdy in a good way. David told us we were “very energetic “. There were several diehard fans there tonight who were not there last night (not saying it was all Tawna but she was in attendance tonight). The new guitarist looked like he had never been involved in such a love fest. He had that Wow What Is Happening look on his face.

    I think both David and the fans got over the opening night jitters and we all just had a huge party. My favorite parts
    were Numb and Everybody Hurts. The part I liked least was David leaving the stage.

    It was great to see all the fan hugging going on. So good to see folks we have been missing.


  102. Abrra said

    There were a few ninja videos from last night from Shelly.. Maybe Layton concert will have some this weekend. Keep checking these channels.



  103. SandyBeaches said

    Did David comment on how good it was to see people he has known as fans?

    Does anyone have a set list? Is he singing happy songs too?


  104. GrammyJ said

    SandyBeaches, David sang nineteen songs so, yes, there were lots of happy songs too. He sang songs from all of his albums except his Christmas album plus a Tarzan song medley, his new song, his Spanish song, and Glorious. The set list is on yesterday’s post at FOD. There was a Periscope of most of the concert, but unfortunately Periscope videos are only up for 24 hours so they aren’t there now, but I think most of them were made into you-tube videos. You can find some on the thread here and also at FOD. David’s voice is better than ever IMHO. As always, his set list was a good combination of upbeat songs along with his signature ballads that make people cry. David is BACK!


  105. Abrra said

    Comment #57 has the set list for Idaho Falls.



  106. djafan said

    Strict rules last night but so much gratitude for the ladies giving us the opportunity to experience a little of David’s first show. As much as I missed being able to do the same last night I’m glad they were able to enjoy. And from what I hear he was even better last night. Let’s see what tonight holds.

    Hello gayle and sweetonda!

    Gladys! Get periscope just in case for tonight!

    Dayzee, can’t wait to interrogate you in unplugged! Abrra will be doing her magic! Soon!

    Can I just say how much I love Numb?! It is spinning in my head. I love the message of hanging in there and moving forward, creating your own path. My young adults love it. Reading comments from non fans and it has been positive which is a first for many.


  107. djafan said

    This from TOfan, gives me the chills of anticipation!

    Yes, I am still in Idaho… awesome so far but I still haven’t had a potato. How is his fair? I bet Mr. Archuleta has had a potato. He was a completely different David in concert tonight. He was sassy and swaggery, putting proposing fans in their place and slaying them with snappy comebacks… in song, of course.

    It was great to see him more relaxed, having fun with the crowd, which was an “energetic” Friday night audience, as D. put it. Spontaneously cheering, standing and clapping during Crush, calling out “I LOVE YOU, DAVID!” … just like old times.

    I thought he might not be as chatty tonight but he was more so, I think … such a storyteller… with gestures that make the need for a hearing-impaired interpreter completely unnecessary.

    The merch table was hopping for David tonight… even if I didn’t already own 2,25485348 copies of Begin. , there is no way I could’ve gotten near enough to the table to buy another 6 or 7. And tons of girls came to the concert wearing the shirts that were on sale for the first time ever last night.

    He is so grown up now… a grown man… yet still David. Isn’t life grand?


    I met so many lovely Archies for the first time tonight and last night…. we’re a pretty awesome group, aren’t we? 🙂 🙂 🙂


  108. Abrra said


    My magic will be slower to finish. After reviewing the videos, I don’t have a complete set yet for the Candy Jar. People were talking on a few of them and I can’t make a nice mp3 with that happening. I’ll hope for some Layton vids to fill in the missing songs.

    Still working on it.

    Here is the link to the folder



  109. betsy said

    Abs, thanks for the mp3’s. I just got home, saw them and downloaded the best. 🙂 Mulder told me she bought a new mic
    for her equipment, and it really shows. (especially on Don’t give up, which looked far away, but to me sounded like it
    was recorded professionally live lol)

    Now that I’m home from work and all cozy in my leggings and sweater, I’ll relax with some videos. I don’t need or
    demand much to make me happy.

    Love to all. ♥


  110. Abrra said

    The videos are up and playing in Unplugged on repeat. Enjoy!



  111. skydancer1x said

    Thank you Abs!!♥
    running out for food lol !!! been in a lovely David fog,and I LOVE NUMB! cannot stop listening to it,and so excited for whats to come.He is killing me, and I like it.

    So thankful to Nancy and Shelly and Liz. You guys made us feel like we were there!!

    “I have noticed something new in David, a man looks different when it is completely free. It is beautiful to see David with wings, now he can fly in any direction.”

    There is a pic from Shelley over on FOD front page. the group of 3 pictures that have had me grinning ear to ear all day.His face is lit up,smiling ear to ear and looking up(balcony)? Made me cry and smile all at once.
    Its the look of a happy and contented man looking out and up at his audience.
    He’s back , he’s beautiful ,and his eyes are glistening. Sweet sweet medicine that grin
    My new desktop pic…thank you David, for coming home to us.

    so excited for tonite and Monday too.

    I saw that note you left on Shelleys car!! hehe♥


  112. jans11 said

    Thanks to all for the recaps! Makes it sound like we were there! There is so much excitement oozing from the words….. and I can’t wait til I am there too! 🙂 He is something else.
    I seen the note you left too, Dayzee. 🙂 The car sure was decorated up good! 🙂

    #sohappyfordavid #gladheisback #lovenumb #heisfreenow ♥♥♥♥


  113. Abrra said

    Follow her timeline here for pictures from last night and tonight.



  114. bebereader said


  115. bebereader said

    Aww feel bad for him but he has to rest his voice and get better for the rest of the tour.


  116. tawna21 said

    I noticed in IF on Friday that he was drinking a lot of water…. maybe it was starting on him then. He sounded good and seemed to be hitting the notes. Dang it! David. Take care and rest! ♥♥


  117. Abrra said

    Handsome as ever !!



  118. bebereader said


  119. skydancer1x said

    awww Bless his heart♥ 😦 We know there was no one more disappointed than David.
    love that picture abrra.
    who else can manage to look so handsome when they have the flu?!


  120. tawna21 said

    Sky…. who else can manage to look so handsome when they have the flu?! How true!!!

    I want them to cancel the Monday show and let him rest and get better. He would rest so much better if he didn’t have to worry about Monday night. Kind of like when you get sick at night and can’t call the boss until in the morning and you can’t really relax and rest until you’ve notified him/her.

    Prayers for David’s well being. ♥


  121. bebereader said

    I agree with you Tawna about cancelling Monday’s show. I hope he does.

    Amen on the prayers/


  122. Dayzee said

    Well or sick, David is awesome. His band helped him sing, the audience helped him sing. Many lyrics spoken rather than sung. Still beautiful. And I am still worried about that guy.


  123. jans11 said

    Gosh, I sure hate it that he got sick. Everything seemed to be going good and whamo…. Feel bad for him as if he was my own kid. Get lots of rest and eat chicken soup, David!


  124. Abrra said

    More on her timeline here



  125. Abrra said

    Shelley uploaded more videos from Idaho Falls

    This might one be a new duet! LOL

    All videos by ShelleyFOD

    Thanks Shelley for capturing a very special evening for all fans.



  126. Abrra said


  127. Abrra said

    Love these !!

    Ronna Park


  128. Abrra said

    Today’s Sunday puzzle is courtesy of @davidarchie!



  129. Cindy said

    Abrra, thank you for the new goodies in your Candy Jar! You are very much appreciated, along with all the other super fans who made the recordings. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!


  130. tawna21 said

    Okay then! Great puzzle Abrra, but it challenged me! It’s such an endearing and mischievous photo.


  131. Abrra said

    Nancy(8throwcenter) filmed the Tarzan Medly complete in one file. I put it in the Candy Jar as MP4 movie and MP3 audio.



  132. jans11 said

    Another awesome puzzle Abs! Thanks to you and our guy. How come I always get his face done first?? 🙂


  133. djafan said

    Hello all! Busy with family stuff but my phone and earbuds are always attached lol. Felt awful about Layton and hope this guy gets some rest. Read that Kari and the band had also started to feel ill. I’m also on the side of rescheduling tomorrow and take time to recoup. The pictures sure are heartwarming, classic David, not a bad picture ever. And that voice is better than ever. Numb is stuck in my head, real stuck.and if there was ever a silver lining in the clouds, I believe I heard something about Christmas concerts😳


  134. djafan said

    Looks like they’re getting some TLC!


  135. Abrra said

    credit rockmy socks

    A gift from Layton show.



  136. Abrra said


  137. djafan said

    Abrra, the gift from Layton is proof that hoarse David is > than all other voices❤️


  138. jans11 said

    Good to see they’re getting their chicken soup and OJ! Works wonders! 🙂


  139. bebereader said

    New article >>>>> Tawna’s recap>>>>> run>>>>>>>>> haha >>>>>>>


  140. oliveoil said

    Thank you so much for the awesome videos !!! I’m sure David is going to be just fine with some rest and mama’s chicken soup. Anyway, I just LOVE the new song, Numb. Does anyone else notice a little Ed Sheeren type vibe ? This song makes me very excited about the next album. I hope he can find a way to keep making music and at the same time satisfy that desire to really help others in a hands- on way. That seems to be the most important thing to him. At the same time, he knows that God gave him his gifted voice for a special purpose. That gives me hope that he will continue having a career in music as well.


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