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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ #Surfin

Posted by djafan on Monday, August 24, 2015



105 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ #Surfin”

  1. Abrra said

    I was just about to add that picture to the sidebar. I’ll wait a bit.

    I cropped it and made it huge. 🙂 For any who want a desktop image.

     photo 79a_zpsjgofsxeb.jpg



  2. bluesky4home said

    Only DA would discover a water sport that required him to WEAR SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. Abrra said


    And don’t forget modest clothing covering him top to bottom. haha



  4. Abrra said

    Thanks Pocoelsy!


  5. jans11 said

    2 and 3…yep and yep! Never fear, something else for him to excel in, I’m sure! Would love to see him trying! 🙂 Go David! 🙂

    #hair #allblack #idknowhimanywhere! #loveit!


  6. Abrra said


  7. Dayzee said

    Haha. Shoes, long sleeves and turtleneck. That’s our David. How does he make that look be so stylin’ ?


  8. Dayzee said

    yep, Emmerson Jane. That is exactly what he does. Blesses others” lives.


  9. tawna21 said

    Blesses others lives… yes – definitely. Wears all black very well…. yes – definitely. HAIR…. YES – DEFINITELY!! Whiskers… ahem, yes – definitely! David, are you really real?! #cantgetenoughofthisman

    Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary tonight at a Nashville Tribute Band concert. Great Times! Although, I must say that David sings The Son of Man better than the one who did it tonight. Still good, but just not David’s voice. ♥


  10. tawna21 said

    Can I just add, David please remember there are sharks in the ocean!!!


  11. djafan said

    I’m still in disbelief😳


  12. bebereader said

    Loving the longer hair now! Maybe this is his new look! haha


  13. bebereader said

    <a href="//


  14. bebereader said

    Thought I’d post this since I can’t get this song out of my head now!

    credit douglas roth


  15. jans11 said

    It’s funny how something can get stuck and you just have to hear that song! I do that with a lot of David’s songs…not happy til I listen to it! Some of those surfers look a little like David! 🙂 I’m happy to see him doing new things, looks like he is venturing out a bit more….other than traveling.

    Yes, I hope the sharks don’t like black! 🙂 Be careful David!


  16. jans11 said

    Oh, I want to wish you and hubby a happy anniversary, Tawna! May you have many more!


  17. fenfan said

    I always thought male surfers go shirtless and bare-footed, and wear tiny swim shorts. How is it that this particular surfer is all covered up? How does he hang ten with shoes on?


  18. bluesky4home said

    Fenfan – it depends on the location. The surfers I see on the CA coast by Ventura always wear protective clothing: the water is just so cold. Brrrrrr!!


  19. MT said

    Awww Nice to David out having fun. 🙂

    Do you think D sang that song while surfing? LOL He might have!

    Hahaha I was LOL when I read your comment about him wearing shoes. That is too funny!


  20. Abrra said

    Happy anniversary Tawna!

    Fenfan, Are you seriously thinking that David would dress like that? hahah He is smart to cover up or risk being scraped and scratched when he wipes out. That beach surf looked more like a beginner’s setting. I hope he had a successful run and enjoyed the experience.

    Loving the longer hair as usual. 🙂

    MT! Nice to see you 🙂

    Maybe singing this one ?

    credit JB Production



  21. bluesky4home said

    Abrra… one of my sons (yes, I am talking about my sons again! *_*) was talking to me about music, maybe ten years ago. He was still in HS. He said what he liked about the old music was that all they sang about was cars, surfing, and their girlfriends. I told him that it was a different time. Before Vietnam. Before a lot of things.

    Good memories. And interesting that he would notice and comment on the topic.

    For sure, DA has no end of interesting topics to sing about in our day. And still… I hope he can have some time to sing about “cars, surfing, and girls”. Let it be.


  22. skydancer1x said

    Well there’s a suit I never imagined him in !!
    ♥ GO David! Bet he had a blast.

    Thanks for the new desktop pic Abs:D

    sharks? I’d say watch out for the ‘sharkettes’ eeek!lol

    Bebe, thanks for the Beach Boys song! LOved that one.Loved ALL their songs.growing up on the beach as a teen, it was the Beach Boys forever♥

    shoes, hahaha Blue.
    (I would have to have velcro on the bottom ‘feet ‘of that suit to stand upright on a surfboard)


  23. skydancer1x said

    ok, digging out my Beach Boys CD now of ‘greatest hits’ while I clean my apartment .ya”ll got me started again.♥


  24. MT said

    LOL Love that one too!! He needs to do a vlog singing Surfin’ Safari! 😀 OMG how awesome that would be!!

    Those are great upbeat songs. Your house will be clean in no time!


  25. tawna21 said

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes. 🙂

    These comments today are cracking me up!! Velcro to stand upright on the surfboard! I’m with ‘ya Sky!!

    I was at lunch with a friend today and we got talking about the ‘way it used to be’…. yesterday’s music. Had some nostalgic moments.

    Bluesky, Viet Nam changed so many things. Sad, huh?

    And I’m willing to bet that many of us would pay good money to hear David sing Surfin’ Safari!! 🙂


  26. Abrra said

    I bet they finish each others sentences. 😉



  27. tawna21 said

    The cats made me smile…. too cute!! 😀


  28. Abrra said

    A surprise, mid-week puzzle! David is actually no stranger to surf boards.



  29. jans11 said

    Thanks for the puzzle Abrra! Thought it might be the “all black” photo that would be a doozy but it was a great colorful one! 🙂 Also, the cats are adorable. Made me think of when my kids were small and they would carry on a conversation in baby talk. Had no idea what they were talking about, but it was so cute! 🙂


  30. jans11 said

    Looked at the “all black” photo again and it wasn’t! haha Lots of sky and water and sand too. My bad!

    Yesterday was a “nastalgic day for me. With all the good surfing music and then going over to visit people that lives in my old “stomping grounds” brought back many memories. Those were the “good ol days” as they used to say. Thank God for David that makes these days good ol days too! 🙂


  31. tawna21 said

    Windish is showing Gracie Schram as David’s opener in Idaho and Layton. Off to discover something about her.


  32. tawna21 said

    Gracie Schram is a 16-year-old singer, songwriter & philanthropist whose rustic indie-pop sound is captivating listeners and changing the lives of orphans around the world. Gracie’s disarming voice delivers rich, catchy melodies and heart-hitting lyrics with refreshing honesty and hope, and is already inspiring change and winning fans of all ages.

    Upcoming Tour Dates


  33. djafan said

    Tawna, thank you for bringing that info over! It’s feeling real!

    Thanks for following he puzzle Abrra! I still see him with that surfboard and can’t believe it, David spoke about skydiving and now nothing he does will surprise me lol


  34. tawna21 said

    Thanks for the mid-week puzzle, Abrra! So great to break the week up with one of these puzzles!


  35. djafan said



  36. MT said

    35. Dja,
    I never thought of Crush as a song to dance to. Obviously I was mistaken. LOL She’s doing a great job dancing to it!


  37. Abrra said

    Watch the stress melt away 🙂



  38. Dayzee said

    That cute Carlee knows a great guy when she hears one. Another example of David making others’ lives better. Wish he had been singing when my babies were fretful. His voice is the medicine with no unwanted side effects.

    Looks like Lauren is packing her stand-up David for college. Don’t leave home without it.

    Nice to find a “surprise” puzzle today. Thanks to Tawna for the Gracie info. Lots of happy stuff here today. My favorite part is still the huge photo at #1


  39. Dayzee said

    I see Gracie Schram is from Kansas City. Jan, are you familiar with her?


  40. jans11 said

    Little Carlee sure was taking in every word that David sang, Really studying his voice! So cute!

    One article said she was from KCK. But she goes to Blue Valley North High school and that is south of me in another county. Tried to find her bio but to no avail. She has sang at the Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas City Royals, the Nascar Kansas Speedway and Sporting KC, our soccer team. She has been interviewed on our local tv channel 4.
    I really like her voice and that will be a great concert. Wish she was going to be at St. George too.

    I found this on Youtube:


  41. jans11 said

    forgot to say that the article was about Gracie. Hope you understand it wasn’t about Carlee…. 🙂


  42. tawna21 said

    Jans, I tried to find a bio on Gracie, also, but couldn’t. She should be a crowd pleaser for David’s concerts. 🙂


  43. Abrra said

    From Gracie’s web page under Bio:

    singer ◦ songwriter ◦ philanthropist

    You could walk right by Gracie Schram at a crowded party and not notice her. And that’s partly by design. “I’m a wallflower,” the youthful brunette proudly belts, “you might miss me if you’re not looking.” That humble but ironic statement comes on track 2 of I Am Me, Gracie’s stunning new album of disarming and rustic indie-pop songs of yearning, hope, and self-discovery, released May 5, 2015.

    Though she’s a proud outsider to the core, Gracie won’t be a bystander for long. A mere 17 years old, she already possesses all the songwriting brilliance and vocal prowess needed to earn fast fans among critics and casual listeners alike.

    Gracie proves her mettle again and again on I Am Me — on songs like the shimmering slow-burner “Different,” co-written with indie luminary Jason Reeves (Colbie Caillat, Lenka), with its outcast-anthem chorus, “I’m in love with being lonely, and I’m awkward when you hold me.” And also on the bluegrass-infused ode to a not-yet-existent love, “Breakup,” which showcases not only Gracie’s impressively gritty vocal range but her knack for smart storytelling.

    Though Gracie alone with a guitar could probably stop a noisy party in its tracks, I Am Me is driven by expert production from Nashville tunesmith Charlie Peacock, best known for his work with contemporary folk acts including The Civil Wars, The Lone Bellow, and Brett Dennen. Peacock’s backporch wizardry is on full display throughout this 11-song jewel box of sparkling, country-flavored tunes rich with emotional nuance, heartstring-plucking acoustics, and tightly woven harmonies. A seasoned vet and an inspired upstart, Peacock and Schram collaborate to form a sweet and potent chemistry.

    I Am Me marks Gracie’s first time working with a full-fledged producer, but, surprisingly, it’s not her first album. At the age of 10, she recorded and self-released a six-song CD to benefit underprivileged children in Haiti and Africa. The impressively polished Showers from God went on to raise more than $30,000 for The Global Orphan Project, and the follow-up 7-song release, Different, also benefitted charity.

    Giving back is at the heart of Gracie’s passion as a songwriter, and it drives her pursuit of a career in music. “That’s the reason I got into music at all,” she says. “And as I started to perform more and more, it was great to see people inspired by my music and connecting to my songs.”

    Gracie intends to donate a portion of her proceeds from each album to charity. She hopes that her songs will empower listeners to make positive change. “I want people who hear my music to know that when you are your own true self, you can make a difference,” Gracie says.

    Whether she’s writing songs to build orphanages in Haiti or simply to comfort lonely souls in need of musical solace, Gracie Schram is as true as they come.



  44. tawna21 said

    Abrra, #43….. And that is why Gracie is David’s opener! A young woman possessing the same heart and soul that he does. Thanks for digging deeper than I did and finding this. She sounds like a treasure!


  45. djafan said

    Listened to some of Gracie’s songs and I like yellow shoes, her voice is pleasant enough. She’s only listed for the first 4 concerts, now I’m really curious about St. George.


  46. djafan said

    Wonder what he’s up to now? Skydiving?


  47. djafan said


  48. Abrra said

    ok I can now say I have seen everything!

    My client at today’s job has a new toilet that has a remote control. UHH???? It scared me. When I walked near it. the seat flew open and some lights came on inside. UHHH? Not going to be touching that thing, it may bite!

    Surf’s Up! Haha!



  49. djafan said


  50. djafan said


  51. djafan said


  52. djafan said


  53. djafan said


  54. djafan said

    Abrra, haha be careful!

    “Perfection from a perfectionist”



  55. bluesky4home said

    Humph. If he wants perfection, all he has to do is set it up so that we can have a “concert CD” for every few performances.

    Well, maybe he has a way to catch all that “instant lightening” and engrave it on a CD. Maybe that is what he is working on so hard?

    Dear DA. If you are waiting to sound like w.e. hear you….. give it up. ^_^ Just let us record you forever. Cheaper. Easier. And…we are dedicated.

    Just saying.

    For us, your concerts are where the “perfection” happens. If you have figured out a way to do that w/o a concert, you are even more of a genius than before. (*_*)


  56. bluesky4home said

    (we work for free and will still buy the product. we are crazy that way!)

    Just like you.


  57. fenfan said

    #48 hahahaha Abrra, those Toto toilets scare me somewhat too. I have not dared to use many of their special functions. But what I like best about them is that the seats are always warm so that in winter you don’t get a cold shock as you sit down.

    So he will be singing some new songs! Looking forward to whatever videos come our way in September!


  58. Abrra said


    Got text from client
    Her:” How did you like the “toilet” ?? !!
    Me: “It scared me, I jumped.”
    Her: ” I was hoping it would happen before we left. It scared the devil out of me the first time!!!!”

    She and her beloved went to lunch before I was done cleaning, leaving me alone with the evil toilet. I think it was a set up to scare me. 😉



  59. Abrra said


  60. ray. said

    all i can say is, talk about perfection,look at god,s veresion at pic # 1


  61. Lilly24 said

    Is david archuleta girlfriend name is rachel ann stork?? Are they suppose getting engaged as soon she get back from LDS missionary?? Keep surfing david A!


  62. jans11 said

    Don’t care for the Toto toilet! 🙂 Wouldn’t want that tube coming out spraying water all over me! 🙂 Just give me the plain ol regular one! Not the outhouse version though! 🙂

    Loving “Crazy” from the perfectionist! I’m crazy over all his songs! 🙂 Got to hear him sing that at my first VIP! Just awesome.

    59…man if I lived in Utah I would grab up those tickets in a flash!

    Ray, I totally agree with you, David is God’s version of perfection to me too!


  63. TXNancy said

    My daughter tweeted the following today…….FINALLY, some radio promotion in Idaho Falls for David’s concerts in just 19 days!!!!!! Hope both nights will be SRO, to give David the awesome welcome he so deserves!

    #LookingForward ‏@iteachkidz22 2h2 hours ago
    Hubby heard @DavidArchie IF concerts advertised on the radio this morning!


  64. Abrra said

    A few pics from Australia of David with the woman who played piano for him.



  65. Lilly24 said

    I wonder who took that picture of david surfing hmm, could be his good friend Jeanette MCcdury!!?? She does love to surf herself too!?.


  66. Abrra said

    This Sunday puzzle is compliments of pabuckie’s collage art.



  67. tawna21 said

    Thank you for the puzzle,Abrra. As long as you keep ‘puzzle-ing’ these collages of David, our brains are going to keep being strongly stimulated— thus, no dementia in these brains is gonna happen!! 🙂 🙂


  68. bluesky4home said

    Anyone else loving that top pic in 64… with “serious face”?


  69. jans11 said

    Bluesky, yes, I am! Wonder what he was pondering about! 🙂

    Abrra, thanks for the purty purple puzzle! 🙂 Very colorful!



  70. bluesky4home said

    Still no word on a “band”. Hummm.

    Has he decided to extend the “karaoke” phase of his career?

    Is he keeping them in a box? With tissue paper? (ha! that would make it a “band box”) (don’t ask, my sideways brain on tired)

    Where is he keeping the band? We could have a guessing contest: they all live in New Zealand and are practicing by Skype and the will fly here together.

    He will go all acoustic and only have a guitar/piano and a beat box. (like he did once or twice already)

    But…that makes me wonder about the CD: will it be the same? Nothing but the “voice” and a bit of accompaniment?

    What do you think?

    Or…. it could be a band of mice. He did used to have a pet mouse for a manager as I recall. All he would need to do is adjust the sound system….and the lights…..and the staging….and the security arrangements (no cats, please. or dogs close by, thank you very much)

    I am curious about the band. Can you tell?


    bluesky for musings and all circuitous trails of musical miscellany.


  71. Abrra said


    The performances he has done so far are on someone else’s dime. This is the new David. He will do something spectacular for his own shows. I am confident!

    My opinion by reading the tea leaves in Kari’s twitter comments is that he will not have a CD ready for touring this year. She reported that he will be doing some of the new songs this fall. I suspect they will be testing out some of the songs like he did in Rexburg in 2010.

    Lilly #61
    Why would you have any interest in David’s private life? Posting a name on a fan site, in that context, is an invasion of that person’s privacy. It’s not our business to name names. Unless David has said from his lips who he is interested in, it’s best to let it go.



  72. jans11 said

    Bluesky, glad that you are thinking of a band! All I was thinking of was myself and how I would relish in the sound of that voice of his! 🙂 You have some very good points….I call your comments….Sunday musings. They are all very thoughtful! 🙂 Seriously, if he is going to have a band, he needs to get it going on the tryouts unless he’s is doing that secretly! 🙂 I did like the Rootstech combo tho. But I doubt if he would use them for a whole album. He’s really got us for now that’s for sure.

    #wondering #secondguessing #letshearsomenewsdavid


  73. bluesky4home said

    Jan’s…well, at least you didn’t call them Sunday mouslings.

    Abrra…. You are full of good sense. I love you thusly. I just can’t quite get there from “here”. Probs need some sleep. (*_*)


  74. Dayzee said

    Abbra, a toilet that has a “how-to” video is way out of my league.

    Some interesting ideas in Bluesky’s Sunday musings. He is playing in the sand while we worry about putting these concerts together. As long as he brings his voice I am okay. Getting real excited for Idaho Falls. Eeeek! Time to pack my bag.


  75. Lilly24 said

    Let u telling what I read on gossip site on DA, I hope david is happy whoever he with. So let keep that way than Thank you.


  76. Abrra said

    Next time, why not leave gossip where it is? It’s not helpful to spread stories like that. Don’t you realize that those sites make up stories about celebrities just for the sake of getting clicks on their web page?



  77. Abrra said

    I just don’t think about the time line for the CD. If he is out surfing or doing something that takes time away from his music, I bet he has a good reason that makes perfect sense to him. Writer’s block is one possibility. Creative people produce art on their own time table. I am willing to give David the space because I know it will be worth the wait.

    It was scary enough just walking near that toilet and having the lid fly up! No thank you. 🙂 I plan to tell my client that she can take care of anything concerning it’s “maintenance”.



  78. tawna21 said

    Can I just tell you that this toilet conversation has me laughing out loud!! I’ve never met you in person, but I get a visual each time I think of you walking past that Toto and having the lid fly open!! I think we are close in age, and I know exactly what my response would be if it happened to me, so I figure yours would probably be pretty close to that. It could be a real heart-stopping moment. 🙂


  79. bluesky4home said


    ^_^ No worries!

    I am not the least worried about any aspect of the whole thing. None. Just wondering what the music presentation will be like. Before, we have been stealthily stalking here-to-for mostly unknown peeps, getting the low-down on who is playing with him.

    I really was just musing and wondering what he might come up with. I have no idea. Could be something totally unexpected and new.

    Bunch of fish, octopi, and lobsters for all I know! (last I heard he was quoting Finding Nemo) Let’s hear it for “under the sea”!

    Okay… I really am tired. Night all. Blessings.


  80. bebereader said

    #37 re: little Carlee, Nobody can deny that David’s voice works magic. Even babies feel the effects within a few seconds. I think that’s proof enough!

    So he will be trying out new songs at this tour! I’m all sorts of dkj;aldjfad at the thought. That is snippet enough for me!

    I bet there’s a band in David’s backpack, just waiting to be unleashed. LOL Seriously? I prefer a band backing up his vocals. His voice deserves the richest fullest instrumentation that money can buy. Shades of MOTAB.

    Then again, he doesn’t need any accompaniment at all because his voice alone is music.


  81. djafan said

    This guy keeps me on my toes for sure. I was like “what?!” at his quoting Lord of the Rings!

    Then have you heard his cover of True Colors?! That head throw sip like growl thing😳. Then that Pride clip? Blue me away. So needless to say I’m super super excited for I’m not sure what he’ll be doing, singing but he’ll be on stage in front of his fans for the first time in over two years. It’s going to be epic, I feel it in my bones 😁😁😁


  82. Abrra said


    I was so startled, AHHHHHH!!! Too bad the client wasn’t there to enjoy my fright! LOL



  83. fenfan said



  84. fenfan said

    Now that I have recovered somewhat I should clarify – I found that video at #83 when I clicked on Rhiminee’s tumblr while over at SnowAngelz. Now I know why ToFan says Rhiminee’s tumblr is awesome.


  85. Abrra said

    He is full of surprises!

     photo 1_zpsrrfvt1sg.jpg

     photo 2_zps8ytjlzp3.jpg



  86. djafan said

    What was that? What’s sprinkles? I’m confused !


  87. tawna21 said

    Dja, I’m on the same page that you are…. I’m not sure which page… confused!


  88. djafan said


    Sprinkles Cupcakes
    cupcakesice creamcookiescandace nelsonfood philosophysustainabilitydesign
    Since we opened the world’s first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills, our freshly baked treats have inspired long lines of devoted Hollywood stars and serious epicureans alike.

    Sprinkles Cupcakes are handcrafted from the finest ingredients, including sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh bananas and carrots, real strawberries and natural citrus zests. Topped with Sprinkles trademark modern dots, rich chocolate sprinkles from France or seasonal sugar decorations, Sprinkles cupcakes are a deliciously sophisticated update on an American classic.
    “the world’s first cupcake bakery” – Food Network
    “the progenitor of the haute cupcake craze” – Los Angeles Times
    “most cupcake bakeries take their inspiration from Sprinkles”
    – The Washington Post


  89. angelofdja said

    I am guilty…I love baking cupcakes & got into the craze along with many others! I have heard of Sprinkles, the creme-de-la-creme of cupcakes! I am pleasantly surprised to see David promoting them! 😉


  90. betsy said

    Hi all.
    I ran across this interview with Vince Gill tonight. It’s just so good, I had to share.
    People call him a perfectionist, he says he just has “really good ears” I’d never heard
    it put like that.
    He sheds light on the music industry and why he likes to make music at his home in Nashville. 🙂
    Get some kleenex ready for the part when he speaks of his brother.


  91. jans11 said

    Betsy, the video of Vince was real interesting. He is a modest guy like David and some times his answers ran parallel with Davids. It is a real hard time in the music business right now for David, but I think he will make it ok. Especially the way David wants to, kind of like Vince…just sing and make music…not be a big star. I think some day that will happen for David too because he is so good. Was sad about Vince’s brother. I remember when he passed and Vince wrote the song for him. I’ve heard that song a lot at funerals, a real tear jerker. Johnny Cash had a brother that died when they were young.

    I bet those Sprinkle Cupcakes are delicious! I love cake!


  92. jans11 said

    Wanted to bring this over from FOD:

    * * * * * *

    Thoughts, Prayers, and Condolences Extended to Virginia Banker’s (@bankergin1) Family~


    Our deepest condolences go out today to the family and friends of one of our own, Virginia Banker, a Golden Archie who we’ve been holding up in prayer recently. Kari also shared recently that she had been placed in hospice care. DavidFT received word from her daughter that Virginia passed away earlier this morning. We are so very sorry to hear of her passing. She will be so greatly missed! Please lift her family in your prayers during this most difficult time. This is the note and information she shared~

    Virginia Banker 2

    From Margaret Torres-Furno To all. I am sorry to say that my mom Virginia has passed away this morning. She was a wonderful and caring person and we will miss her. I would like to thank David Archuleta for sending mom a personal video and singing one of his hymns. David you are truly a wonderful person and your music kept mom in a peaceful place.

    God Bless David for his kindness and thoughtfulness to a dear fan. I’m sure his “reaching out” meant the world to her and her family. What an incredibly special act of caring and kindness. ♥ ♥ ♥ In remembering Virginia today, I can’t think of a more lovely song to share than David singing Be Still My Soul~


  93. jans11 said

    His latest tweet “If we are too busy to help someone in need, then we should reconsider how important whatever is keeping us so busy” pretty well explains why he does what he does. Like sending Virginia a personal video! He is so giving.


  94. djafan said

    15 days🎶😂🎶


  95. djafan said

    So sorry for Virginia, prayers for her family.

    Betsy, tears 😓

    David has a heart of gold❤️


  96. djafan said

     photo 4_zpsfqlczocz.jpg

    credit: Bruce and Patsy Brereton


  97. skydancer1x said

    Heyyyy peeps!
    I keep getting sidetracked, lost in the land of videos.. but keeping up.
    I have a big red “D!” marked on the calendar on my kitchen wall for the comeback concert …can’t believe it is almost here, pinching myself and telling myself it really IS going to happen after all this time!!♥

    Bluesky♥, love your musings and this ” Bunch of fish, octopi, and lobsters for all I know! (last I heard he was quoting Finding Nemo) Let’s hear it for “under the sea”!” hahaha!
    yep! don’t suspect we will know till he hits the stage, whats in store for us.
    If it was just David sitting on a stool singing, and playing the spoons I’d be Totally looking forward to him turning us into a heap of mush in a couple of weeks.

    gosh,how kind of David to do what he did. sure left a lump in my throat
    Rest in peace, Virginia♥


  98. tawna21 said

    Okay, this is totally unrelated, but it’s an awesome video! However, this is also something that David would, and has been known to do. (you should be able to click into the video in the article)


  99. djafan said

    Sales are looking good! 14 more days!


  100. Abrra said

    #96 picture is perfect for a puzzle!



  101. MT said

    Thanks for the puzzle. That one was quite a challenge. Took me almost 15 minutes but was fun! 🙂

    Two more weeks! Can’t wait to see what he does.

    I’m wondering about a the band, too. After all this time, we’ll know in just Two…More…Weeks!! Excited! 😀


  102. moelita said

    There is a new picture on David’s instagram . I don’t know how to bring it over.


  103. MT said

    I don’t know how to post instagram but I’m trying it. Click on the first pic and there’s a message from David, too. If it doesn’t work, can an admin fix it please? Thanks 🙂

    IDK what’s happening to me. I’ve been MIA for a while, now I’m getting all excited. LOL

    I guess it’s because ♫ It’s getting closer now, closer now ♫

    #warmingup #soondavidsoon #concerts #music 🙂


  104. Abrra said

    If you click his IG picture and copy the URL link at the top, you can paste it here.



  105. Abrra said


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