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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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All About That Voice ~ David Archuleta by Skydancer

Posted by bebereader on Monday, July 27, 2015

fencefullcredit: Blythe Thomas

Along with David’s music, the catchy tune “All About That Bass”, Meghan Trainor’s mega-hit gets played the most on  my Iphone.  It’s just plain fun to sing along to! Thought I would parody the song into some silly lyrics as we wait for David Archuleta to return to the stage in his first solo concert in years! Woot! I, for one, am ready to get pumped!

Here’s a link to when Meghan performed the song live on The Today Show.

For us, of course, it’s not all about that bass.

Rather, it’s “All About That Voice”.

Listen to the song again and try to replace the lyrics with these:

Because you know it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice, no other!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice whoa brother!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice, oh mother!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice..voice..voice..voice


Oh yeah it’s pretty clear, we ain’t no twenty-two

But we can shake it, shake it, just like we used to do

‘Cause he’s got that vroom vroom that all the girls chase

and all the right notes, in all the right places


We see your pictures, don’t need no Photoshop

We know that you’re for real, (you’re on our desktop)

You’ve got the talent talent,  just raise it up,

‘Cause every note you sing is perfect from the bottom to the top


Now Aunt Madeline she told me don’t worry about the years

if you sit back and wait for life’s pleasures you’ll soon be in tears

So enjoy all you can while you can, and don’t have no fears

Just remember the joy that The Voice always brings to your ears!


Because you know it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice, it’s soothing,

all about that voice ’bout that voice, it’s moving,

I’m all about that voice ’bout that voice, so sue me!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice


Please bring the music baaaaack!

we know that you’ve laid down some traaaaacks

Perhaps a little hint or two?

No, I’m just playin, but we’d love it, I’m just sayin’

if we heard a snippet soon 😀


Now we all know it’s clear oh so “patient” your fans have been  

As we wait for the day when you sing to us all again

we all know you have grown, a new you you’ve brought home, that’s true.

What you sing we don’t care, just please sing anywhere you choose!


Because it’s all about that voice, ’bout that voice from Season 7

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice,  just heaven,~sigh~

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice not kiddin’!

its all about that voice ’bout that voice

Yeah Yeah


Because it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice, hooked on it

it’s all about that voice, ’bout that voice, our tonic!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice doggone it!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice!

You know you love it!


SkyDancer is a Staff Writer for The Voice.

68 Responses to “All About That Voice ~ David Archuleta by Skydancer”

  1. tawna21 said

    Oh Bebe…. you created an evening smile for me!! 😀 This is so catchy and happy. Thanks!

    …”Please bring the music baaaaack!

    we know that you’ve laid down some traaaaacks”

    Love. It!


  2. jans11 said

    Fantastic Bebe! I just know that your song would sound better than Meghan’s! The words are right on! ♥


  3. bluesky4home said

    Great work, Skydancer!!


  4. bebereader said

    Tawna and Jans, I’d love to accept the compliment but this article was written by our Staff Writer, Skydancer, also known as “Sky”. I’m sorry for the confusion. I merely had the pleasure of posting it for her.


  5. tawna21 said

    oops, Bebe…. I just saw that! That should teach me to read ‘the fine print’!! 🙂 SO…. Skydancer {hugs} and a hearty thank you for your cleverness that really did make me smile. 🙂


  6. angelofdja said

    LOVE the whole thing Sky! Such a fun, catchy song. I like your lyrics a bit more than Meghan’s…lol 😉


  7. jans11 said

    Whoops! Sorry, Sky. I even checked and it said “posted by”, not realizing it was written by Sky! Thanks Sky! Great post! 🙂


  8. MT said

    Such creativity! I was actually singing it in my head and it works perfectly to the tune!

    My favorite part ……

    “Please bring the music baaaaack!

    we know that you’ve laid down some traaaaacks

    Perhaps a little hint or two?

    No, I’m just playin, but we’d love it, I’m just sayin’

    if we heard a snippet soon 😀 ”

    LOL I LOVE IT!! *two thumbs up* 😀


  9. djafan said

    Sky!!!!! This is so cool. I love your way with words! It so fitting, all of it. I would love for someone to record it! I put it out there lets see what happens 🙂

    You’re Aunt Madeline is very wise 🙂

    “Now Aunt Madeline she told me don’t worry about the years

    if you sit back and wait for life’s pleasures you’ll soon be in tears

    So enjoy all you can while you can, and don’t have no fears

    Just remember the joy that The Voice always brings to your ears!”


    And Midland ticket sales news courtesy of FOD! Sky get ready! And anyone else going!!!

    The pre sale for this show will happen next Wednesday,(JULY 29th) and if you are signed up, you should receive an email. This will allow you to purchase tickets ahead of the general public – those tickets will go on sale next Friday, July 31st.


  10. djafan said

    Trending Party!!! Join us!!!

    <img src=" photo unnamed1_zpsymrtveio.png” alt=”” />


  11. skydancer1x said

    DJA Yes!Tickets go on sale for Midland tomorrow!!
    Boy! been a long time since I did the ticket buying thing! Still makes me nervous when I do it. haha better practice today.

    well,as D used to say “aww thanks you guys!”♥
    Tawna,Jan,Bluesky,Angel,Bebe,MT,Dja and FOD!, thank you for the mention . that was so nice.

    I had such fun with this,.and gosh how many times have we all said the words GAHHHH that voice! over the years?!

    Bebe,dressed me up with Ds new pic and Megan’s appearance video, and her editing you Bebe!
    and I really love that pic of David monkeying around .Thanks again all, for letting me do the same ♥


  12. djafan said

    Sky! Kari saw it!!!


  13. TOfan said

    hahaha, awesome, Skydancer!



  14. djafan said


  15. funfee said

    Haha Sky!! Love it!


  16. djafan said

    Hola David!!!!


  17. bebereader said


    This was so well-done and pure fun! You are my sunshine on a cloudy day and I love you, too! The little song that could! Look how far it went from the idea you had to do it several weeks ago and now Kari is talking about someone to record it! Imagine that! When it comes right down to it, it really IS all about that Voice for us, that beautiful, inspiring voice that once you hear it, there’s no way out; it stays with you forever.

    So happy for Sky and Martha and others planning to go to the TX show. Maybe you both can meet up and hang out there. The friendships that develop on behalf of David warms my heart.


  18. djafan said


  19. djafan said

    ANOTHER PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. djafan said

    THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!


  21. djafan said


  22. jans11 said

    Way to go, Sky! I’m like Mt, I’m wanting to sing along with the words and jump up and down with my pom poms like a cheerleader! 🙂

    18…still wonder what the album theme is going to be… 🙂

    21…Great photo….awesome people!!! Loving those shorts! 🙂 Oh and the waterfall is pretty too! 🙂

    #stillbeingpatient! #thinkitsgoingtopayoff!


  23. bluesky4home said

    Until I see differently, I am going to believe that he is standing in all that water wearing crew socks and shoes. Has to be.

    I love all the “get ready” stuff showing up. He looks like he is having such fun! Okay DA…. remember? This is what it is like… and you can do it. And we are ready to hear you sing.

    Or so we believe. ^_^


  24. tawna21 said

    Bluesky…..”Until I see differently, I am going to believe that he is standing in all that water wearing crew socks and shoes. Has to be.” Me too! haha That water looks too cold!

    Jans… love your hashtags!


  25. djafan said

    New video of David”s AI home visit,


  26. Abrra said

    Great job on the song Sky! I see this post got back to the David team on Twitter. HMM How funny would it be if David did a short version of it during his tour?

    David and family took a trip to GA to surprise his cousin Willie on his birthday.

    And they surprised cousin Vanessa at her job.



  27. skydancer1x said

    morning folks!
    well I spent this morning at the ready calling and checking pre sale tickets,and actually the performance has been removed from the venue site for now.Thought I was losing it haha it was there this morning.. and then it wasn’t
    The man at etix says
    they have no presale today , but tickets WILL go on sale as scheduled this Friday,the 31st I am worn out!

    23.Bluesky hahahaha yeah! show us those sockies D

    22 jan, I would pay good money to see you doing a cheer pom poms and all! lol

    Fi and Tofan,waving at you! HI!!!!!

    wow Dja, hadn’t seen that one weird how things pop up from the past .

    26. thanks Abs! haha nooooo

    Bebe, “When it comes right down to it, it really IS all about that Voice for us, that beautiful, inspiring voice that once you hear it, there’s no way out; it stays with you forever.”♥
    yep, I just want to hold a ticket in my hand to go hear it! haha Martha,will see you in November! Midland or bust!:D


  28. djafan said

    Sky! Martha! Anyone who’s going! Midland tickets on presale now!!!!


  29. Martha said

    Thanks, djafan – Presale password is PRESENTS


  30. skydancer1x said

    Thanks Dja, and Martha!
    I got a ticket♫♪ I got my tiiiicket♫♪♫♫
    Martha, you all set ??:D



  31. djafan said

    Yayaya Sky!!!!


  32. jans11 said

    24…thanks, Tawna! My “after thoughts” go into hashtags! 🙂

    27…Sky…haha. I used to do that when my football team would make a touchdown. When my grandkids were small they thought I was nuts at first but got used to it and would come a running and joined in! 🙂

    30…Sky hip hip hooray! 🙂 I feel bad missing all of you going to the Midland concert, but just can’t make them all! 🙂

    #dangit #wishicould #maybewinthelottery… #havetobuyaticket!


  33. jans11 said

    Thought this was interesting:


  34. djafan said

    Jans, Yes very interesting indeed. Did David ever get his gold? I hope so if this guy did.

    Bringing this over from FOD.

    Daniela says:
    July 30, 2015 at 4:35 pm
    Hi! i think this is the first time I comment on here, but I visit almost everyday since David came to Mexico for the MTM premiere, because i found out too late. So I wanted to be well informed about what he’s up to and i found this website. I just wanna say you all are awesome, and thank you for sharing all the information you find.

    And talking about sharing, i don’t know if you have already seen it (you probably have since, like i said, you are really good at finding info ;D). A guy that attended JAS conference in Guadalajara wrote his experience on his blog. There are some pics of David. And some interesting things that happened, one of them was that David attended the Pirate themed dance and was DANCING, he mentions that he even danced with some girls.

    Here’s the link:

    Have a great day.


  35. djafan said

    The man tweets :))))


  36. djafan said

    Spanish David article from Mexico. Well done. Don’t have time to translate right now but interesting how it triggered many Latin entertainment tweets.

    Admin Abrra: Here’s a Google translate

    David Archuleta is here to stay

    There are two types of first finalist on “American Idol”: those
    out of radar and those who remain.

    It will not be as flashy as Adam Lambert or will have sold so many records
    as Clay Aiken, but David Archuleta definitely belongs to
    second type.

    Honduran singer mother has written a successful book, he has left
    tour and has released an album a year since finishing second in the
    Fox competition in 2008.

    His most recent CD, “The Other Side of Down”, is now on sale.

    In an interview, Archuleta talked about what is recorded in the studio and
    Thursday new “Idol”, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

    This is your third album. Do you feel more comfortable in the studio

    “I’m always nervous (at the beginning) … because there is no turning back once
    that something is already in the record. Usually a few hours before I feel
    more comfortable and I get to experiment with notes. The funny thing is that
    many of the engineers or producers say anyway use
    the first shots (laughs) because they are raw. ”

    Do you find it difficult not to compare yourself with other musicians your age?

    “One wonders what others are doing. But it is not
    really,’¿qué others are doing to sell? ‘but,
    ‘¿qué Is making people like me? Does that leave an impression
    me? ‘That’s what I want from my music. For me it is so important to have
    substance because … last much longer. ”

    You Have 19 years. Will not you be like other young people in the

    “When I was not doing this always felt that something was missing … I
    the more valuable it to the higher cost. It will be harder but that’s what gives
    so valuable, how hard you worked for something. It is not easy but definitely worth
    it. I worked so hard for this and no one can take away the experiences and
    the vivid learning “.

    Have you bought something special? A car, for example?

    “Well, no … because I have the car I won in’American Idol’ (each
    season winner and the first runner receive a Ford; he obtained a
    Hybrid) Escape “.

    True! You still have it?

    “Yes, it still works. It is a really good car. I would not have purchased
    one like myself. It has been a real blessing to have him. ”

    “American Idol” has new judges. How do you think you would have tried
    Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler?

    “I had not seen that way … Probably would have been very
    different. It will be interesting to see their technical and hear their views
    because really matter.

    “The way the public thought,’Veamos what Simon (Cowell) will
    decir’ carried one (as a contestant) to wonder the same thing. I think
    J.Lo’s really talented. He has worked hard.

    “He has built a wonderful career. America is also, I think
    It is incredible. Steven Tyler is a legend. So we’ll see. ”

    Updated: July 30, 2015 – 4:33 pm


  37. Abrra said

    Now this explains the picture of them dressed as pirates!

     photo 78_zpsjvrridp1.jpg

    From the blog link in #34 I used Google Translate. Videos were mentioned but the links to them in the post didn’t work for me.

    Dancing with pirate theme
    The pirates of the caribbean

    After dinner came the joy, finally the lights went on. We all applauded. The tables were removed and all looked toward the stage. We were asked us to sit on the floor with a space in between. Once it has done began a brief theatrical representation of the pirates of the Caribbean.

    Pirates started dancing women preparing for a battle. After roles Elizabeth, Will and Captain Barbosa were interpreted in a battle where women pirates climbed the stage from the ground up simulating a boat.

    There was a simulated explosion involving heroes and villains run for shelter and after the audience for the aisle that had been left, with music from the soundtrack of the movie appears someone dressed as Jack Sparrow mounted on a black box drawn with wheels and raising a candle simulating a boat. Jack Sparrow triumphant in front of his ship. The audience applauded and shouted fascinated by the unexpected touch and excellent makeup and wardrobe.

    The character takes the stage with his now well-known and popular body language making us laugh and fascinate the audience. After a little more suspense and comedy encapsulated in the role of pirate battle resumes, more espadazos, jumps and acrobatics, sword thrown into the air and another breaks upon impact and … finally the unexpected, the characters die . Somewhat disappointing to an end.

    But then, to the surprise of the audience! all actors rise as zombies and begin to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller causing more applause in the audience. At the end it was clear that they had taken the night. Congratulations showered them everywhere and many took pictures with the participants.

    I give my appreciation to all well. I was struck by the unexpected ending adaptation to the effects they used, including the explosion, costumes and makeup; all very good. And of course the constant practice for battles. Congratulations to all. If you want you can also see a video recorded by an amateur .

    The music

    After that the music began to dance. DJ took over the same night, the smoke and the lights came back but this time predominate electronic music and almost not have a lot of other genres. It was common to see groups of people dancing and jumping to the center many rumbling rhythm of the trumpets. It was something like a friendly without pushing slam. I joined and jumped up tired. Then I went from group to group with others just laugh and dance comically.

    I missed what we had seen the night before. Expectations had been set very high after that first dance. The lights and smoke and were not surprised. The variety was needed. Yet many had fun and could test the resistance of the wood floor that held hundreds of JAS jump for hours without interruption.

    David Archuleta

    And for fans of David Archuleta, yes, he was there and stayed in a corner near his family and some adults. He danced with his mom and some girls that leaders approached him somehow.

    I am not aware that there has been some turmoil, girls screaming your name or hordes of people trying to abalanzársele. The vast majority of people remained on the dance floor. At one point he took a small group of people, perhaps no more than twenty danced around David and who then formed a circle.

    I think this could have been a better opportunity for him to get closer to their fans and most of all to show your personality naturally without choreographed direction. To some extent it had seemed isolated. No doubt that strong measures must be taken when so warrants, but wisdom comes in knowing how to adapt things in every situation. And if you want more details, yes, he smiled, danced and seemed to enjoy dancing which finished late and we did it with a prayer.
    Credit :Jesus Rosas



  38. Abrra said

    From the blog link in #34 using Google Translate. (some of the she’s and he’s get mixed up in translation)
    I should clarify that I picked the sections relating to David to translate, not the entire post.

     photo 97sosas_zpstwlniegw.jpg

    24:30 Devotional David Archuleta

    Once the activity had very little time to go swimming so many went straight to the main awning for devotional with David Archuleta.

    In case you do not know, David Archuleta is a young singer and actor of Basque father and Honduran mother in May . Born in Miami and raised in Utah, David is also a member of the Church and has won several singing competitions and awards, he even reached the final of American Idol in 2008. She has sold over a million albums and more than three million Song 5 . It is particularly famous in the Church and in the US but his fame has increased further. He even threw a Filipino album singing a song in Tagalog selling over 7,500 copies in the Philippines. 5 6 . David served a mission for two years in Chile and speaks Spanish.

    Several weeks ago when they announced that David Archuleta had been invited I figured he would be coexisting with all JAS. That would be part of all activities. I had imagined it would be in the rally and even be colored bathing in the career of color. But it was not until the day of the convention I knew he would be giving a devotional. In devotional banned taking pictures except me and four others. Apparently that request was a thing of the representative of David. To me he gave me permission because she was already helping cover photo activities for the organizers.

    Devotional began with the testimony of a participant followed by a video introduction by David Archuleta . After David was invited to the stage that had been fitted out as a small room. David sang and sat in the middle of the two presenters.

    The program was to read some questions previously submitted by JAS. The questions were so curiously heard what many fans would ask a celebrity like what you eat breakfast every day ?, What is your favorite pet ?, have some weird habit? or those things. In fact the questions had more to do with the spiritual aspect and some aspects of life and can face any challenges as a member of the Church in general. I think that speaks volumes about the kind of audience you have in front and I give credit to those who made these questions since these questions were mature and meaningful.

    Added to this, to the surprise of some, David responses were very similar to those of another JAS answers. There was rehearsed answers or responses of a large speaker of the word. That had its advantages because you realize you’re talking to a like you, which also has its own challenges and human challenges. Were responses from youth to youth and that in many ways has a greater impact on a young man when a person is middle-aged or more mature age.

    Among his responses I emphasize something that I felt issues identified by my travels, no matter where I go, he goes to church because the church is everywhere (well, almost). At first the people had said there was no time to go to church but then someone told David that yes, he always had time and that these people worked for him so he could say what he wanted to do. So after somewhat hesitant to tell his team what I wanted, they respected his decision and made the necessary changes so that David could attend church on Sundays.

    We also heard some of their stories in the mission and other challenges by what happened. He admitted some personal things about fame and at the same time how he wants to help people feel the Spirit. He was asked what he wanted in a woman. His answer was virtue.

    Some questions answered them with songs and I must say hear him sing live is not the same as singing hear a recording. Between what struck me most Glorious sang was the theme of Meet the Mormons and the hymn Oh it’s all good! This last hymn sung a cappella and with variations that I had ever heard. He finished the last verse chorus with very high notes and full volume with many long notes that we entered inside and when he finished just a few seconds there was silence enveloped us peace.

    David’s talent is undeniable, well-tuned and intoned each note. His well controlled and regulated breathing. Its range of high notes seemed to reach the sky and incidentally thereby take our souls to divinity. Their expressions and simple and at the end of genuine gestures accounts.

    At the end of the program they were invited to those who would stand in line to take a picture with David. The line was long but reverent, it seemed more like going to greet a general authority rather than a famous singer. Although I could not help but notice two brothers too close to him as if to protect something. If you want you can see a video of taking pictures of David Archuleta with JAS convention . Then we go back to David Archuleta at dinner and dancing.
    Credit: Jesus Sosas



  39. funfee said

    Sky, I got a ticket too!!!!! Not sure how I’m going to get there yet (it’s a long way from Louisiana!) but will make a plan!!! Last show I went to was 5 years ago when I met you!!!!!
    Hi everyone! 😘


  40. Abrra said

    If you use Firefox as your browser, you can install Google Translate add on here:

    After you have it installed. You can highlight the text that you want translated and right click to choose translation.
    A new page will open and you can choose Spanish at the top and it will do the rest.

    Not to worry, I’ll keep doing the translates here when needed. I am just a nerd who likes to share tech info.



  41. skydancer1x said

    Fi !!!!!!!!♥
    YAY! Yes!!! we have to work out a plan! That’s so awesome!
    I asked Admin. to send me your email address,is that ok? . that’s great news!


  42. bebereader said

    #41 Sent email addresses! Have fun, you two! 🙂


  43. jans11 said

    34..Dja, I think I read way back that David received his gold record.

    I read a lot of the blog on my phone that was translated. It was never ending, but interesting! 🙂

    Glad to see David tweeting!

    Happy for all getting their Midland tickets. Would love to go, just too close to the others for me.

    Question on the trending party Fri. night. Is it Archie Fever or ARCHIE FEVER? I have seen it typed both ways and want to do it right so it will count!


  44. djafan said

    Great news Fi!!!!

    Jane, only first letter is capitalized, Archie Fever, I think this ha hurt the trending attempts.


  45. djafan said


  46. djafan said


  47. djafan said

    The Midland tickets selling slowly but surely!

    Just like Idaho is!!!


  48. Abrra said

    I have discovered a Free APP that will be useful to those on iPhone/iPad or Android who want to watch our Livestream sites (and chat, too). Puffin has built in flash that allows videos to play where they did not before. How many times have to you tried to see a video, only to get an error message because your device didn’t support flash? That’s over now 🙂 This may come in handy in the future when we get some streamed concerts. Usually those streaming sites will not work on devices.

    Links to our streaming sites: Concerts and fan videos Nadito Ako series

    Type the URL into the top space.
    Once the page has loaded, tap the 3 vertical dots on the top right of browser (you get a menu)
    Tap Bookmark (star icon) and tap Save.

    I keep Puffin down in the taskbar for easy access. You can have as many as 6 Apps that you use most in that spot. Just drag them and drop in the taskbar.

    Djafan are you excited? This is what you always wanted.



  49. djafan said

    Abrra, that is music to my ears!!!!!! Going to get it!


  50. djafan said


    David concert in Arizona March 26!!! Only 5 hr drive.

    MARCH 26, 2016 – 7:30PM

    David Archuleta became a star when he was just 16. In 2008 more than 30 million television viewers fell in love with his angelic voice and their 44 million votes made him runner-up in Season 7 of “American Idol.”

    Soon after, the young Utahan signed with Jive Records and his first single “Crush,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the week of its release. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the track sold 166,000 downloads that first week in the U.S. and subsequently more than 1.92 million digital copies. Three months later, David’s self-titled album, “David Archuleta,” went gold, selling more than 750,000 copies in the U.S., and more than 900,000 worldwide. “It was so neat to see how positive fans were about ‘Crush,'” David says of the enthusiastic reception for his chart debut.


  51. funfee said

    Thank you Bebe & Dja! Sky, I sent you an email!


  52. TaterZen said

    It’s true. Every time I check into this thread to read new comments, I have to sing through Skydancer’s song first. 🙂 Brilliant parody by the way.


  53. djafan said

    It’s legit!!!
    @kariontour: @djafanTheVoice it is! Venue pre posted! We didn’t get to announce it first but will b adding it to the list.


  54. djafan said

    Tater zen, “It’s true. Every time I check into this thread to read new comments, I have to sing through Skydancer’s song first. 🙂 Brilliant parody by the way.”

    Lol now if I could find someone to record, I’m not goin to give up!


  55. sweetonda said

    I just checked the site and saw that David is coming to AZ!!! Thank you Djafan for the info. Got my tickets and now have something to look forward to. I can’t believe how many have already sold. Had to get tickets midway back but that’s ok too. So excited!!!! Who will I see there? Are you coming DJA?

    BTW, Sky I love your lyrics to It’s All About That Voice. I’ve had it stuck in my brain since I first read it here. So clever and I’d love to see someone record it for all of us.


  56. Abrra said

    Today’s Sunday puzzle shows David in a good place.



  57. tawna21 said

    David’s ‘good place’ was a bit of a challenge to find. 😉 Thanks for the puzzle this morning. 😀


  58. jans11 said

    Thanks Abs for the super duper puzzle!

    Had fun trying to trend David Fri night. Don’t think we did, but we had fun! 🙂 Twitter closed down on me and I had to quit!


  59. Abrra said

    I finished today’s puzzle in about 20 min. I also did the 4 David plaid shirt one in about the same time. Both were a fun challenge.

    Glad you like the puzzles ladies 🙂



  60. djafan said

    Sweetonda, Got TIX!!! So excited!!!!

    Abrra, you are a puzzle queen lol Good ones!

    Jans, I have two accounts just for that 🙂

    J14 saw the new photoshoot picture! They can’t even deal lol

    You guys we can’t even deal right now! David Archuleta has definitely been laying low working on new music, but it seems he might be on the way to releasing new tunes soon – he just had a fun photo shoot that we are hoping is for his album!

    David shared the snap below from the shoot, and he looks totally unrecognizable!

    The note he shared along with the photo was classic David: “Shot some new photos this week. Here with the crew. I was outnumbered 5 to 1. #photoshoot #Nashville #mymomwasthere”

    David Archuleta New Photo Shoot

    If the photo shoot was in Nashville, that’s where he has been working on his new music. Do you think this shoot was for his upcoming music? Share your thoughts in the comments!

    Keep up with David Archuleta in the pages of J-14 by subscribing now!


  61. djafan said



  62. djafan said



  63. djafan said

    J14 just tweeted another post dedicated to David!

    14 Photos of David Archuleta Through the Years

    David Archuleta shocked fans by sharing a new photo shoot snap this week where he looks like a totally different person! Seeing David’s transformation shocked us to the core, and made us curious to see his pics through the years side-by-side in a gallery!


    Click through to see what David has looked like since competing on American Idol. Then, take to the comments to let us know if you are as shocked as we are by David’s latest photo!

    Keep up with David Archuleta in the pages of J-14 by subscribing now!

    And they put up a slideshow!


  64. jans11 said

    It’s “music to my ears” that David will be acting again! Thought he probably would but it looks good in print! 🙂 Thanks, Kari and My Dear Writer!

    Dja, that’s a good idea when it comes to trending!

    I love it that he is getting his name out there again! Thank you J14!


  65. bebereader said

    David? Doing more acting?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Seriously, been waiting to hear this for a long time!


  66. Dayzee said

    Happy to see David is listing Texas and Arizona on his performances. More! More!

    Bebe, “David? doing more acting” makes me giddy. Where do we sign up for that?


  67. sweetonda said

    I’m with you on that Bebe! I would love to see him do more with his acting. The more you do the better you get!

    Dja, yeah, I will be looking forward to seeing you, Linda and anyone else who’s going in March. 🙂


  68. fenfan said

    #65 ROTFL Bebe, how did you get that picture of me???? Can’t wait for that first David movie coming out of Hollywood! But first, let’s have some music.
    Sky – you are BRILLIANT! Love your parody. I tried to sing along while playing the video of the real song but couldn’t quite keep up. Will have to try again. LOL


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