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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Public Sale Starts June 5th! Idaho Falls Concerts! September 17 & 18, 2015 ~ David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, June 3, 2015


david idaho

David Archuleta

 September 17 & 18, 2015

Colonial Theater • 7:30 pm

$55 • $45

Best-selling Pop artist and American Idol darling, David Archuleta brings his hits to the Colonial Theater with two shows.

Archuleta brings his hit song “Crush” and others to life with his charm and genuine enthusiasm, to make for an unforgettable night of music.

Pre-Sale for Members begins May 22nd

Public Sale begins  June 5th!!!!

david idaho a
Are you a member yet? IFAC members can get their tickets two weeks
credit Dayzee

credit Dayzee

All Ages Show ~ Purchase

Note:   Presale begins on 5/22! Tickets go on sale to the public June 5th!  Buy tickets >HERE

or Phone (208)522-0471

Public Sale begins  June 5th

credit Dayzee

credit Dayzee

Colonial Theater Seating Chart

Sponsored by: Onyx Financial • Smith Honda • Thompson, Smith, Woolf, Anderson, Wilkinson, & Birch

Historical Colonial Theater

Colonial - Deep Love

Built by C.A. Spath, cashier of the Farmers and Merchants Bank; Dr. C.M. Cline, physician and S.K. Mittry, contractor: the Colonial Theater opened on November 10, 1919, at a cost of just over $175,000. It boasted one of the largest stages in the Intermountain West, a modern ramp (in lieu of stairs) to the balcony, a ventilation system, which circulated fresh air every five minutes and superb acoustics. Traveling vaudeville acts and minstrels entertained, as well as musical acts like John Phillips Sousa.

In 1929, it was renamed the Paramount Theater and began showing moving pictures. Sadly, it fell into disrepair in the late 1980’s and was closed.

In 1994, Dick Clayton, Sr. and his son Steve donated the theater to the Idaho Falls Arts Council, a private nonprofit organization.

The Idaho Falls Arts Council launched a capital campaign, known as the Phantom project. An anonymous donor challenged the community to raise half of the total cost and the Phantom would donate the remaining. The successful $4.2 million dollar campaign renovated the Colonial Theater and the adjacent buildings into a beautiful visual and performing arts center for the region.

Renamed for the Phantom donors, Miles and Virginia Willard, who also chaired the campaign, the Willard Arts Center now contains a visual arts building with galleries, classrooms, artist studios, meeting spaces for events, and much more.

Today the 988 seat Colonial Theater is one of three large theaters of historical significance which still remain in Idaho. In 2014 alone, the Colonial Theater played host to over 25,000 patrons.

36 Responses to “Public Sale Starts June 5th! Idaho Falls Concerts! September 17 & 18, 2015 ~ David Archuleta”

  1. Abrra said

    I look at the picture of the stage and I can imagine David performing in dressy-casual attire accompanied by a 4 piece band. I wonder if he will have a backdrop set (CFTH style) or just his name on a huge poster (MKOC style). Every seat in the house will be occupied by someone who has eagerly waited to hear his voice again after a long pause in his career.I won’t be there to see him live, but will be counting on the fans who can go to bring back all the excitement of the evening. I will accept a cell phone call from anyone who wants to share the concert with me. I can conference in 3 others so it’s like having a mini concert in our homes. Do I sound desperate? You betcha, ‘cuz the chances are I won’t get the chance to see David live this year. Just putting it out there. 🙂



  2. djafan said

    Lol Abrra, Who wants my number?!

    The excitement is going to build and by the time November hits and I get to see him, I still can’t believe I’m going!!! Where was I??!! Lol.


  3. Dayzee said

    Today my son’s wife and I drove to Idaho. She went to purchase lottery tickets (that’s what people in Utah do…they drive over the border to an adjoining state to purchase lottery tickets). I went to pick up my David tickets from the will call office of the Paramount Theater. There in the front window was a huge poster of David. Is it September yet? No, but it is June.
     photo 3dayzee_zpsu8mjnkw9.jpg
     photo 5dayzee_zpsp7axwmgo.jpg
     photo 4dayzee_zpsuzizvmj9.jpg
    All images by Dayzee

    Abrra, you know I will be calling ;you for therapy and emotional support. Dang, I am already getting antsy.


  4. jans11 said

    Dayzee, I just knew you couldn’t pass up absorbing all that good stuff at another David concert! 🙂 Hope you have room to absorb more when I get there! haha And thanks for coming to Abrra rescue! That will be awesome! #hopingforpicsandvideos #toallofhisconcerts #timeismarchingby!


  5. MT said

    LOL Dr. Abrra may have to break out the 5 cent booth again.

    I wonder if anyone one going to one of the concerts knows how to livestream??

    ♫ Just wishin’ … and hopin’ … and thinkin’ … and prayin’ … Plannin’ … and dreamin’ … ♫ 😀


  6. tawna21 said

    Dayzee, had I known I would have had you pick up my tickets! 🙂 It was interesting, a few nights ago, as I was thinking about lodging accommodations up there. They are pretty full up right there by the venue. We have a place that we like to stay, by the falls, when we go up there so that’s where I made reservations for. It’s not within walking distance, which is nice when parking is a hassle (and I suspect it will be a hassle). But who cares about parking issues when inside that gorgeous auditorium we will hear the rafters ring with the voice of David.


  7. MT said

    Oh, BTW, very nice pictures, Dayzee. Love the great big poster in the window!


  8. Abrra said

     photo 70f55d0c-84fa-49cd-9c46-735768728d0e_zpsqbmvtkfp.gif


  9. jans11 said

    Hmmm, there weren’t any photos when I made my previous comment. They are really good ones. The big poster and the tickets…it’s David’s concert! Of course they are good! 🙂 I’ll be bonkers before November! 🙂

    Livestream would be nice…….very nice!


  10. jans11 said

    Thanks, Abrra, how’d you know…… 🙂


  11. bebereader said

    Been MIA with a head cold; you know the kind that is one step short of the flu, where you could muster up just enough energy to read comments but not one more ounce to post one? That was me. << But I'm on the mend now and (#stillobsessedafteralltheseyears) woke up in the middle of the night and went straight to my computer to make sure I didn't miss anything. #coughcough


    Your pics of the Colonial venue are driving us east coasters, northerners and southerners insane but they will also save us from feeling left out in the cold and concert-less for yet another year. Wishing all who have tickets a great night with that euphoric feeling that always follows one of David’s concerts.

    Abrra's Helpline will come in handy. I had to laugh, though because she who needs help the most will be the one dishing it out. hahaha

    Must get some more rest. #coughcough #thatwasarealcough


  12. Dayzee said

    I was expecting someone to answer that question appearing across David’s arm on the poster. ARE YOU READY? Perhaps it is a rhetorical question. Pretty obvious Jan is ready.

    Tawna, I didn’t think they would give me your tickets. They want to see your ID. I was a little nervous about the tickets because you couldn’t print them off and there was not even a confirmation that I could find. And besides, I like to hold them in my hand. And look at them.

    MT, good to know Abrra’s booth is open. Will be spending some nickels. Although she never sends me a bill. Does my insurance cover that?

    Dja, thanks for the interior pic and the seating chart. They fuel my fantasy

    Bebe, hope you are feeling better. I also hope David widens the area of his USA venues. It is fun to hear about other fan’s experiences with David. I feel like you must be pretty tired of hearing from me. Crossing my fingers for you all.


  13. lynnella said

    I’m hoping, since David is living in Nashville, that he will schedule a concert there. That’s only 3 hrs. from Louisville, where I live, and I could drive down and back. I’ve never been to an actual David concert. I’d like to go to at least one before I die, and I’m not getting any younger. Don’t know anyone that is now that I think about it. But when you get into your 70’s things you want to do before you kick off start to take on more urgency. This is one of those things.



  14. tawna21 said

    I know what you’re saying Dayzee…. I have a sticky note on my calendar where I usually paper clip any tickets or confirmations. I thought it was a little strange that they didn’t email a confirmation.

    I’m so hoping that some venues in different areas open up. And, it would make a lot of sense for him to do something in Nashville. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed for something!!!


  15. djafan said

    Dayzee, Great poster in that window! Thanks so much for sharing. And i am soooooooo ready!!!

    Lynnella, a concert in Nashville would be great and who knows what may come up. I’ll add to prayers 🙏


  16. jans11 said

    Bebe, here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. I had to take antibiotics for a sinus infection that I had for a long time and couldn’t shake it. A lot better now.

    Yep, Dayzee, I’m ready. But it sure would be great if he had one here in the midwest too. Nashville is about 6 hrs away from me and I could handle that. 🙂 If he came to KC he would be real close, as I am centrally located to most of the venues. Seen him 3 times here at 2 different places. That was sooooo long ago tho!! 🙂 hehe

    Lynnella, time marches on, doesn’t it! Hoping you will get to see him live this year. There ain’t nuttin like it! 🙂 He is sooo habit forming!

    I keep wondering when something is coming up about an album……. #soonihope #shouldbe #ithinksoanyway

    Dja, getting to meet fan friends old and new is exciting as well as seeing David! He has the best fans for sure!


  17. jans11 said

    Well, almost as exciting! 🙂


  18. djafan said

    Maybe something’s up?

    Maintenance Mode
    David Archuleta is currently undergoing maintenance.

    Please try back in an hour, a day, etc..
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  19. jans11 said

    Maybe album news! Or more concert dates! Sounds good anyway! 🙂 Night everyone!


  20. bluesky4home said

    I would LOVE it if DA did a concert in Nashville. I too, will add it to the prayers. You should get your wish, Lynnella. ❤


  21. djafan said

    Hope you feel better Bebe!

    Dayzee, that’s a great poster in that window! Thanks for sharing!

    David’s OS is still in maintenance mode…why does that make me happy??? lol

    Bluesky! Hope all is well with your son and you ((hugs))

    Jans, the fan get togethers are right up there. Where else can we talk all things David with no one rolling their eyes haha


  22. djafan said

    East Coast!


  23. marlie7 said

    #22 – Woo Hoo!


  24. djafan said

    Hello Marlie! More from Kari!!!

    Smile Always ‏@musicisjoy28 3h3 hours ago
    @kariontour Will David be doing any concerts in California too? ☺❤❤ *Really Hoping* 🍀🎉

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 1h1 hour ago
    @musicisjoy28 I hope so too! We are working in it. We’ve had some many great shows out there before.

    Annisaa ‏@AnnisaaBustami 3h3 hours ago
    @kariontour @kimak what about Asia? 😌

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 1h1 hour ago
    @AnnisaaBustami yes please! We will work on it!

    MarthaPB ‏@mlpb3 3h3 hours ago
    I think they have been working on all over for a while now.. just sayin’. @kariontour @DavidArchie

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 1h1 hour ago
    @mlpb3 @DavidArchie your “just sayin'” is right!


  25. MT said

    Awww I hope you feel all better soon! 🙂

    ” Will be spending some nickels. Although she never sends me a bill. Does my insurance cover that?” << I think you may be covered under the DA Umbrella for that. 😉

    Thanks for bringing over those tweets. It sounds promising. I'm crossing everything!! My fingers, my toes, I even considered crossing my eyes but it makes it hard to read.


  26. Dayzee said

    Still seeing the maintenance sign at David’s sight. Must be doing major overhaul. Hoping it’s a long list of cities David has nailed down for a concert. . David in Nashville would be awesome.

    What I am waiting for from Kari is “Sure, he will be going there soon”.

    Those Idaho Falls tickets look golden to me.


  27. skydancer1x said

    TGIF folks! nice to see ya’ll
    I was busy building an ark, but fortunately,the torrential rains finally stopped in North Texas.The good news is we are no longer in a drought here anymore.
    Sure wish we could have sent some of the record rainfall we had in May, to you Dja.

    Hi Marlie! 🙂

    Oh Dayzeeeee….. those tickets look mighty “purdy!”
    I would want them physically in my hand too♥ Just seeing “David Archuleta” printed on your tickets makes it more real to me that the time is coming closer. Thanks for sharing.I’ll take two.haha

    YES! to your hashtags..”#hopingforpicsandvideos #toallofhisconcerts #timeismarchingby!

    Lynnella,fingers crossed!!! Nashville would be great. I can drive that. If he has a concert there,I’m in!! And when (no if here)..when we go, then I guess we shall see each other then 🙂
    MT♥Maybe we will get a roadtrip after all !??

    Seriously,nice tweets to end the week , from kari.

    Bluesky,(((hugs)))to you and your son.

    hope you feel better really really soon♥

    I like the picture so much that David is using for his/this comeback concert. My most fave album cover and photoshoot ever♥.

    Have a good weekend everyone!!


  28. MT said

    Sky, ♥ I hope we get that road trip!! 😀 ALL MY FINGERS CROSSED!! Haha Nashville or Bust!


  29. oliveoil said

    Do ya think maybe since he’s using that promo picture that maybe , ummmm, his h—r may be styled that way for the show. ( just sayin’ , doesn’t really matter, forget that I asked.) 🙂


  30. Dayzee said

    Appreciate your restraint in the wording at #29 Oliveoil. It seems every time that word appears he runs straight to the barber shop


  31. oliveoil said

    You know, you’re RIGHT !!! eeeeeeek !!!!! ROFL


  32. Abrra said

    For those wondering about the current “HAIR!!!!”

    Cute calf 🙂



  33. djafan said

    Oliveoil, yep, looks like a fresh cut lol

    Awww love this picture. I saw some tweets talking about David getting bit by a tick? I can’t find where they saw that.

    Tyler Oakley a youtube celebrity who was recently on Ellen tweeted this today. he has 4.22 million followers.


  34. djafan said

    Just found on his facebook post.

    David Archuleta
    2 hrs ·
    Been spending a lot of time outdoors this week. Hung out with this little guy. First time feeding a calf, and they chug that stuff down in seconds. 🐄🌲 ‪#‎theoutdoors‬ ‪#‎alsogotbitbyatick‬


  35. oliveoil said

    OMG, I’m dying here !!!! So timely!!! So he’s visiting Sawyer Fredericks ??? haha


  36. bebereader said

    New article ————>>>————->>>——————>>>—————->>>


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