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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Glorioso Es

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

currentcredit Meet The Mormons

After the Youtube video for the Spanish version of “Glorious” was posted on this site, Gladys made this comment:

gladys1961 said
“The song is beautiful, David’s voice is sublime. It is different from the version in English. The lyric has totally changed.”

I was curious and asked Gladys if she would please transcribe the Spanish lyrics for us. When I read the Spanish lyrics and then translated them to English, I understood what Gladys meant. Although the sentiment is the same in both songs, the lyrics are very different. However, the song sounds just as beautiful in both languages.

David’s voice in Spanish has a natural flow. It may be because of his gift of combining the end of one word with the beginning of the next, weaving the lyrics together to create the melody.

What do you think?

glorious spanish

video credit Meet The Mormons

uploaded by OoFaNy

Glorious english



53 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Glorioso Es”

  1. djafan said

    Be Still My Soul, beautiful.


  2. djafan said

    Another night added to Layton because of demand!


  3. bluesky4home said

    Dang. Speechless.

    (shakes head in wonder)

    Strange way to do business, DA. Strange. I think maybe you need to worry about being such a “go against the normal way of doing things, guy”. (mild sarcasm)


  4. djafan said

    David Archuleta booked for a second performance

    TUESDAY , MAY 05, 2015 – 1:27 PM

    David Archuleta is booked for a second performance at the Kenley Amphitheater in Layton September 21. Tickets go on sale May 6.

    Raychel Johnson

    Music Reporter

    LAYTON — After his show sold out in record time, a matter of hours, popular pop singer David Archuleta will be brought back to the Kenley Amphitheater in Layton for a second performance September 21.

    Tickets to the Davis Art’s Summer Nights With the Stars concert series date that featured Archuleta went on sale last week and experienced the highest day of sales in their history. For the first time a show sold out in one day.

    Although a mass of the tickets were swallowed up by locals and season ticket holders for the concert series, patrons from all over the country also purchased tickets. Even someone from as far away as Denmark purchased a ticket to the first concert.

    Heather Hendrix, Davis Arts Council director of marking and communications, said Tuesday the arts council anticipated the show would be a success, but didn’t expect a record sell out.

    “His fans are so loyal and follow him around the country,” she said. “I think we did expect that it would sell out. I think Bill Cosby sold out in 10 days, and that was big for us. So it was just really the matter of how fast it sold out that was shocking.”

    Tickets for the second show will go on sale Wednesday, May 6 promptly at 10 a.m. Hendrix said the best way to ensure a ticket was to first visit

    “The fastest way for people to get tickets is definitely the website,” she said. “Tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. last time and there was probably a couple 100 reserved seats and by the time we picked up the phones at 10 a.m., people online had already bought all those seats. We didn’t have any to sell over the phone because people online are so much quicker.”


  5. djafan said


  6. tawna21 said

    Yep! Layton got the picture! 😀

    As for ‘Glorious’ I like what you said Dja, “David’s voice in Spanish has a natural flow. It may be because of his gift of combining the end of one word with the beginning of the next, weaving the lyrics together to create the melody.” While I don’t understand more than a lick of Spanish, I can still feel and hear David’s communications. He’s an extraordinary fella, he is.


  7. djafan said

    Bluesky, Yep he leaves me speechless 🙂

    Tawna, Extraordinary fella, I concur.

    I want to thank Abrra for her lyric graphics and great ideas.

    I also want to thank Bebe for her editing and oral transcribing my translations.

    You should hear our conference calls, epic lol

    And all of you for your continued support here on The Voice, thank you.


  8. jans11 said

    Thanks, Dja! Whether English or Spanish, Glorious is the perfect song for David to sing! To me, it was written for him to sing. Just another feather in his cap!! 🙂

    When will everyone (including David) realize that he is so good and he will sell out fast! I don’t blame him for building slow though, just to feel it out. Yea, he’s doing good!


  9. Dayzee said

    I cannot let go of the last thread without commenting on the Instagram Abrra posted at #76. Another confirmation of the excellent work David has done since his return. A few seconds that reminded me why I am so goofy about this guy. Appreciate Bluesky keeping me grounded during that performance. Well, she made an admirable effort. At least we got home safely.

    We are lucky to have Dja and Gladys to keep us in touch with the Spanish side of David’s singing. Gives us more to contemplate and enjoy. Thanks to you. I loved that top pic that shows David with a small satisfied smile after recording.

    I think that Layton show sold out in minutes. No surprise they are looking for another night of David tickets to sell. Hmmmm, is it possible to have too many David tickets?


  10. angelofdja said

    It’s exciting seeing David sell-out! So very quickly too! I do agree though, he sure is an interesting businessman! What’s next? It’s anyone’s guess! What a ride…LOL!


  11. betsy said

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. 🙂
    Also, thanks for keeping the site going. I know you know many people read it daily. 🙂

    p.s. Our cat came out from his earthquake hiding place after 2.5 days. Poor baby.
    Makes me wonder what on earth they do in Cali, Dja? Are they tougher out there?


  12. gladys1961 said

    Thank you ladies.


  13. djafan said

    Gladys! Is it November 7th yet??? lol

    A few reserved seats left!


  14. djafan said


  15. bluesky4home said

    Thank you Dayzee and Tawna for helping me with the new tickets for the Monday show. I really appreciate it!

    We have been waiting for the final word on the schedule, so now we know: our son Dan will be going in for heart surgery Friday of next week. Although it is a bit stressful, it is a really good thing that they can do the surgery that is needed. It just came a bit sooner than we thought it might.

    Keeping the people in Nepal and Chile in our prayers and all those in the middle east who are experiencing such devastating turmoil. It is nice to come here and see DA and reconnect with so many friends.

    Love you all!



  16. tawna21 said

    Bluesky! I can’t wait to see you again!! I know it is wishing my life away, but Sept. 21 can’t get here soon enough. And Dayzee did the hard stuff. I hope she has come down to earth since 10:05 this morning when I talked to her on the phone. I. Love. This. Lady!! She makes me a happy person just being around her. ♥

    My prayers are with you, your family, and very much so for your son as he goes thru this surgery. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. I understand your stress. My 85 year old mom just had knee replacement surgery and it’s been a little tough on her. She’s very sensitive to pain meds, and there have been a couple of times that they have nearly overdosed her in an attempt to keep the pain under control. Today was a much better day for her.

    I wonder who the wedding photo is of? David sure knows how to smile pretty!! 😀


  17. Dayzee said

    Tawna, I love that you appreciate David’s smile. He practices a lot. Doesn’t he look great? The center of attention in any photo, even upstages the bride and groom. haha For me anyway, perhaps not to the parents of the wedding couple.

    Good thoughts and prayers to Blue and Tawna for their family members. Difficult to get through those problems. You are both blessed with extra-nice families.

    Can’t believe I missed saying Happy Birthday to Betsy. So a late belated HB to you Betsy. I feel double guilty because I listened to David sing her Happy birthday and admired her cake.

    I have a manila folder with tickets for upcoming David performances. It sits on my closet shelf and sometimes it’s so noisy I can’t think of anything else.


  18. jans11 said

    David with his pink tie and rose…sharp!

    Bluesky, prayers are sent to you and your family for your son for a speedy recovery.

    And best wishes for your mom, Tawna. I am the same way with meds. I only need about 1/4 of what the average person needs. And allergic to a lot of them. I’m allergic to Zyrtec and that is for allergies!

    I hear ya Dayzee my tickets on my phone was yelling so loud I finally looked up the Amphitheater to check out the seating chart and then go to the airlines to check flights. In the Amphitheater, you picked out some great seats and it’s a very beautiful place. But it’s too early to book yet on one airline and the other one was having problems! So no luck on flights yet. Tawna, you are so lucky to live by such a great person as Dayzee. She’s a gem!

    In 2 weeks, my twin grandsons graduate from college in Austin. So we are going down for that and seeing 2 nephews that live there. One has bone cancer and he’s in bad shape. So there are mixed emotions on this trip. I have to brag a bit on my grandsons. They are graduating in 3 years in the top 4% of their class as they have made straight A’s throughout. They have already been hired by Google to start in August. They have interned there the last 2 summers and one of them designed the Android computer watch. I told them that when they got rich not to forget grandma!! 🙂


  19. bluesky4home said

    Wow, Jans! How wonderful for you to share in their success and inspiration! I am so happy for you. May the one with cancer be blessed to heal and come through his difficulties. Sometimes it is the difficult things in life that a bring out our “shine”. It sounds like the nephews are an inspiration to each other. All my good wishes to you and to them. ^_^


  20. Abrra said

    I loved the Spanish version that David sang of Glorious as much as the English, just in a different way. He sang it with more tenderness in his voice. The tone being much deeper than usual. reading the English translation gives me a better understanding about the nuance of language. It’s not exactly the same word for word, but the feeling and the message is the same.

    We are blessed to have Djafan and her pal Gladys to sort out all these Spanish words for us! Thank you ladies!



  21. afan said

    the wedding photographer has a picture of David in her blog that is WOW!!! I don’t know how to bring it here, so maybe one of you smart gals can do it. 🙂


  22. Abrra said

    Thanks for the find Afan .

    Here it is. It looks to me like he is playing piano and singing.

     photo 59loupephoto_zpslunppqoc.jpg



  23. marlie7 said

    Whew, that five o’clock shadow. That is all I am saying. 🙂

    PS. I had back surgery in early April and have been a bit missing in action. Back on my feet again, but I missed you all.


  24. Abrra said


    That shadow is covering my desktop. He is one good looking fella 🙂

    Glad you checked in. You were missed. I figured it was business that kept you away. Hope you are feeling ok now



  25. MT said

    I haven’t been able to access my computer for over a week. 😦 Geeezzz, I was going through withdrawls!! haha Glad to be back to it. 🙂 Looks like I missed some things.

    First, Gladys and Dja, Thanks so much for the translation of the Spanish version of Glorious. It’s certainly interesting how it reads differently, but I like it!

    Second, Woo hoo for another show added due to demand. You go, David! I hope it’s another sell out. Congrats to those who got more tickets and are seeing david again!! 🙂

    I see I missed wishing Betsy happy birthday, so …
    a belated Happy Birthday, Betsy!!

    Bluesky, hoping and praying that all goes well for your son’s surgery and a speedy recovery. And wishing a continued recovery for Tawna’s mom.

    Marlie, glad you’re getting back on your feet and hope you’re all better very soon!

    And last, but certainly not least, the photo in #22.. Very nice! Looking good there, David! 🙂


  26. tawna21 said

    Woah!! #22 photo! That is one very fine looking singing artist! I’ll just bet his voice is as ‘good sounding’ as he is ‘good looking’. Thanks AFan for the find and Abrra for the ‘poster’. I had a big, huge cork bulletin board in my room as a teenager with posters and pictures of all my favorite singers. If I still had that it would be filled with just David pictures! 🙂

    Jans. Congratulations on being the grandma of a couple of smarties! That is awesome. You have bragging rights.. you’re a grandma. And, my best wishes for your nephew who is suffering. I hope that he can feel your comforting spirit as you visit with him. Prayers for him.

    Marlie, so glad that you’ve made it this far in your recovery. Best wishes for you as you continue down the road and regain your strength. Yes, that 5 o’clock shadow didn’t go unnoticed by me either!! 🙂


  27. djafan said

    So busy today!!!!!


  28. djafan said

    Maggie Sloan ‏@maygee 4h4 hours ago
    Just met my first famous person since moving to Nashville. 😎

    Rachel ‏@stedbean 2h2 hours ago
    @maygee yeah but who was it?

    Maggie Sloan
    @stedbean David Archuleta. I was painting trim in the studio where he was singing and writing a song. I kinda love him now. Haha


  29. Dayzee said

    Whoa! re pic at #22. Isn’t that exactly what you would want to see at a wedding? Or anywhere. I am completely over missing the long locks now. He looks perfect,

    Good to hear from Marlie. Hope the worst is over and things go well for you now

    Also good to get a post from MT. Always miss her.

    People here are very kind to me. And a little (whole bunch) crazy.

    We all know where “I kinda love him now” goes, don’t we? I remember kinda lovin him in Las Vegas at the Idol tour, the first time I saw him in person. Yeah.


  30. jans11 said

    22….Looks like the little pink rose is falling for all the handsomeness!!! 🙂 Picture perfect!

    Best of health to you Marlie.

    28…Happy that people refer to David as famous, now. 🙂

    Thanks Bluesky and Tawna for your kind words. We are so proud of them.


  31. bebereader said

    I love David’s voice in Spanish, singing “Glorious”. Listen closely, it’s as if he’s whispering the entire song except he isn’t. It fascinates me how the lyrics have to be changed from the literal translation to fit the framework of the song to keep the melody. Gladys, thank you for your help with this article.

    #1 Imagine how David’s voice sounded filling up the arena, singing “BSMS” at the symposium. Love the changes at 2:56. As whispery as Spanish “Glorious” is, when I play “BSMS” I have to keep turning down the volume because even at low, it seemed like his voice was too loud. Maybe good acoustics in that arena.

    There are so many singing reality shows on the air now. Singers can come and go but for me, there will never be a voice that comes close to David’s.

    Not surprised that new shows are being added one by one as David is testing the waters. This is really a comeback tour whether it’s called that or not and he’s being a smart businessman by building a tour, one concert at a time.

    Many need our prayers now……to Bluesky’s son, Tawna’s Mom, Jan’s grandson, the people in Chile and Nepal who are still suffering effects from the earthquake.

    To {{{Marlie}}}, who’s been sorely missed here, glad you’re on the mend.

    Funny how MT refers to “computer withdrawal”. I was going through “MT withdrawal”. haha Happy to see you again, too.

    Tawna, regarding the cork bulletin board you had with posters of your favorite singers. I had one too except my Mom let me put the posters up on my bedroom wall, too. #alwaysafangirl

    #28 Dja “Maggie Sloan ‏@maygee
    @stedbean David Archuleta. I was painting trim in the studio where he was singing and writing a song. I kinda love him now. Haha”

    It doesn’t take much. In fact, it’s usually at first sight with David. 🙂


  32. djafan said


    Marlie! Good to see you!

    Betsy, Earthquakes in LA are pretty common place. We usually sit still, wait to see if its going to get more intense and kind of just ride it out 🙂

    Bluesky, Many many prayers going to your son and family!
    Tawna, Many many prayers going to your mama and family!
    Jans, Many many prayers going to your grandson and family!

    Bebe, I believe the slow and easy way is good business. I’m sure there are more to come.

    Dayzee, “We all know where “I kinda love him now” goes, don’t we? I remember kinda lovin him in Las Vegas at the Idol tour, the first time I saw him in person. Yeah.”

    lol I smiled knowingly 🙂

    MT! Hola! Glad you’re back! Those darn consonants in David’s Spanish singing are something let me tell you.

    Angelofdja, These sell outs should give the naysayers a clue. Denmark? These aren’t just local fans going to these shows, we all know this, been there done that lol

    Afan, What a “FIND”! Thank you and Abrra for bringing it over!

    Don’t forget to join in the WWTT Party!


  33. djafan said

    Layton added concert update.

    Orchestra and reserved sitting sold out!

    Some general admission available!

    Shine On David Archuleta!


  34. MT said

    Aww thanks guys! I missed you all too! 😀

    That Spanish version of glorious is wonderful. (I got to hear it really loud today. 😀 ) You’re right, it sounds gorgeous in Spanish. I like it even better. Hmmm, I guess it makes sense that since he was born with Spanish vocal cords and mouth, he was born to sing in that language!


  35. djafan said

    #22 is now my desktop. Oh man.

    Idaho Falls Arts Council

    DAVID ARCHULETA will be performing two shows at the Colonial Theater on September 17 & 18!

    Tickets go on sale to Members on May 22 and to the public on June 5!

    *Ask us how you can become a Member!* “People are becoming members for the presale of May 2nd!”


  36. tawna21 said

    Well.! As a native Utahn, and a current resident of the state of Utah, and as one who has never been a member of any arts council before, I am now a proud member of the Idaho Falls Arts Council!! Oh my! The things we do!! I make myself laugh at myself 😀 😀 Oh yes. The city that I live in has a world renowned Art Museum. I can’t remember the last time I went to an art show there….. a reallllly long time ago!


  37. djafan said

    Tawna, If these new shows were anywhere near me I’d be doing the same thing lol Good for you! Patiently waiting for more announcements as the days go by. We know he’s recording according to the painter of trim who kinda fell in love with him 🙂


  38. tawna21 said

    I want to see the paint job on the trim….. before seeing and kinda falling in love, and after. Just curious 😉


  39. oliveoil said

    Here’s a thought. Do you think that one reason we don’t hear much promotion from David himself is because he is depending totally on God to lead him in his career. That way he may feel he doing exactly what God wants him to do. David never really wanted fame. But he did want people to feel uplifted by the messages in his songs.


  40. Abrra said


    Here is my take on your question.
    From what David has said, his Heavenly Father has always been a driving force in his making decisions. But, they are David’s decisions.
    David is going to present the relaunch of his career when he finishes his next CD. There are concerts planned for the fall, so it seems that he may have things wrapped up by the end of summer. If he was doing as you say, I don’t think he would have an earthly “team” assisting him in getting that accomplished. He seems very focused on writing and recording right now.
    We will have to get used to the fact that he isn’t going to report to fans as he did before. When he has something to show for his effort, I believe we will hear from him.



  41. Abrra said

    Fans celebrate today because May 9, 2008 it was David’s homecoming day on American Idol.



  42. oliveoil said

    Abrra, what you said totally makes sense to me. I won’t lie though when I say I wish he would communicate more. Oh well, whatever he chooses to do or not to do, I’m excited to see how his career develops. Happy Mother’s day Y’all . 🙂


  43. gladys1961 said

    That big word that emanates from david whenever I see;



  44. loulou said

    II am still here !! Happy Mothers Day everyone !!


  45. tawna21 said

    Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to each of you! (Ray, you should have a happy day, also 🙂 ).


  46. skydancer1x said

    Tawna, I can’t stop laughing at what you said….”I want to see the paint job on the trim….. before seeing and kinda falling in love, and after. Just curious ;)”

    I want a poster of that pic at 22,not gonna lie..well… maybe lie down..on the floor…for just a minute. 0–I—<
    Glorioso es

    Marlie waving at ya! Glad you are healing♥
    loulou! good to see you too!

    Bluesky,Tawna,Jan, I will be thinking about, and saying prayers for your family members all .Love you guys.
    The venue in Idaho sure looks nice. Reminds me of the one in the Dallas area when I saw D with TerriTampa,and FunFee.
    Good times.♫♪:))


  47. ray. said

    thinks tawan21, shure will


  48. Gayle122890 said

    Hello everyone. It’s been soooo long. I’m still here. Although not having been able to come in and comment, I’ve been checking in often enough to try and keep up. Not as much as I would like to, but I’m hanging in there.
    The pages are turning on this Volume II of the David Archuleta journey. A new rising, with David directing and in control. With one constant: That truly glorious voice. It does my heart good. Shine on, David. Oh, the times ahead…


  49. jans11 said

    Happy mom’s day to you all! 💞 Have a wonderful day!


  50. bebereader said

    new article ——–>>>>>>


  51. Kevin said

    Muchas veces
    en tu camino
    no ves el destino
    asi algo al vas.
    Pero algun dia,
    veras que todo
    lo que buscabas
    en ti estas.

    Y al presentirlo,
    casi vas a oirlo.

    Es como la cancion
    que llega al corazon
    escucha y tu sabras
    cual parte cantaras
    con todo bella voz
    un coro se formo
    Y ahora ves
    gloriosos es.

    En cada estrofa
    pondras tu estilo.
    Tu decides quien quiere ser.
    Y para aquellos
    que dan sonido
    sera un nuevo amanecer.
    Pues asombramos
    de lo que, que amos.

    Es como la cancion
    que llega al corazon
    escucha y tu sabras
    cual parte cantaras
    con todo bella voz
    un coro se formo
    Y ahora ves
    gloriosos es.


    Ya sentir! Ya vivir!


    Ya veras!

    Que es como la cancion
    que llega al corazon
    escucha y tu sabras
    cual parte cantaras
    con todo bella voz
    un coro se formo
    Y ahora ves
    gloriosos es.


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