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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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David Archuleta #backonthestage

Posted by djafan on Monday, February 16, 2015

 photo 9a43c6de-066e-4614-bd9f-607b6d515d18_zpssatqe5ls.jpg

credit Tawna

I’m still in awe of the way “Don’t Run Away” smashed it’s way to the top of my listening list since Sat. night. I looked at the lady that was standing next to me taking pictures also and just dropped my jaw! It was a ‘Wow, what is happening here!’ moment. I just stood and shivered when he ended it.

I was so intent in watching his moves with ‘Nunca Pense’ that I really didn’t realize when he ended. 🙂 My Gosh! He put the moves, the swag, and miles on that stage. He hasn’t forgotten how to work the crowd. A little more stage time and he’ll have that fire in his soul, and feet, burning up the stage in a 3-alarm fire!!!

When he did a perfect slide into the high notes on “Mirrors” it was chilling (the good, blueberry ice kind). That’s a fast moving song with a lot of words to fit into a single breath, but he mastered it. He just smooth moved his way into ownership of this song.

And, of course, ‘Glorious’ was glorious. Stephanie Mabey had no idea, when she wrote the song, that somewhere in the future a man would come along and make her song come alive. It’s happened, and we are all witnesses of it!

David had the crowd in control and barely breathing. This man, in finding himself, has created a new crowd of followers. There was no screaming and hollering during his songs, afterwards was a different story. It’s what we’ve dreamed of, and discussed in the past. Let us hear ‘the voice’ and feel the music while he is performing. In slowing himself down and nurturing his needs and his talent, he’s gained the real respect that he deserves. I just can’t get over what I witnessed Saturday night. It was so beautiful.

Yeah, it was worth the squished in the crowd moments…. you have to understand where I’m coming from on that. At my tallest, I’m under 5 foot tall, and large, fast moving, crowds can cause some real apprehensive moments. There are times when I just won’t deal with it. But, then there are those times when I just suck it up and go with the flow. Saturday was one of those times. 😀

Recap by Tawna

videos credit Shelley

122 Responses to “David Archuleta #backonthestage”

  1. jans11 said

    Thanks, Dja! All these fantastic videos are proof that our guy is back, better than ever! Our patience has been rewarded! 🙂 He would be on fire doing one of his full concerts! David, we love who you brought back! 🙂


  2. Abrra said

    The full Lip Sync video from Roots Tech 🙂


    Thanks to Tawna for the photo at the top of the post and she sent along a few more.

     photo 72e7bcd8-479b-4272-b797-4db5db37e2f7_zpsdjpiqo5y.jpg

     photo 15f6d15c-cc47-4a13-9c5b-1bc4def6fbd1_zpspyindmhl.jpg

     photo a5f4833d-5380-4910-a252-b90e593ca76c_zpsbestt4f2.jpg

     photo 5f1308bb-9e47-4d8c-a737-663736ef834e_zpslota8kux.jpg

     photo 54a10e2a-6974-45c3-93c8-7180b286739b_zps2pxna6de.jpg

     photo 45428890-b5a6-445c-b7a5-c4388533a20d_zpszktixbc8.jpg



  3. Abrra said

    Bringing over comments from previous thread.

    Suzy-Q said
    Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 10:53 PM e

    Like Dayzee said, “I used to have this big mountain of problems. Saturday David took out his eraser and took care of all those pesky things that bothered me. Floating along on that David aura just makes life smooth and joyous. This might be an addiction, I haven’t figured out how it works, but it does. A dose of David is often required. And it can’t be too often.”

    Watching the “Roots Tech” videos has made me happier about David than I have been in over three years. What a blessing and a joy he is in my life.

    MT said
    Monday, February 16, 2015 at 12:03 AM e

    I’m still fascinated by his performance of the Spanish song. I saw a “spark” and that certain smile he has when performing that I haven’t seen in quite a while. Those were evident on all the songs but there is something extra when he sings in Spanish. I first noticed it when he sang Riu Riu Chiu way back when. I find he has a different attitude, moves differently, carries himself differently, even his tone is different when he sings in Spanish, even more so now that he is so comfortable with the language. It’s a level of comfort and confidence he displays, it just seems to come so natural. He said he grew up with Latin music and dance so maybe that’s why it just seems so right and comfortable to him. (More, please.)

    The JT song was wonderful. I think he did a great job on it! Those two were my faves but I loved it all. I’m hoping it makes him yearn to get back to touring and performing. heh I had to add that in there, of course. Just a little selfish? Sure, but then I am a fan who wants to see/hear him sing live. 🙂

    Oh, and one more thing. (Isn’t there always with me?) His hands. I used to notice how he seemed to not know what to do with his hands sometimes. I didn’t see one moment where that happened in these videos. To me, it seems like another sign of his comfort level on stage. Totally confident and in control, which is amazing considering he’s been away from performing for large crowds for so long.

    Ok, done. I think. 😉


  4. Abrra said

    More videos from Roots Tech from 8throwcenter!


  5. Dayzee said

    Gosh this place is beautiful. Just look around.

    Glad to see the complete lip sync video. It shows how David took over the studio C stage and owned it.

    Loving the new hair. I think he is singing “Works for Me” and we might as well get used to it. Remember when he talked about being told he looked 12? Looks like he can now travel on the plane without the airline requesting his accompanying adult.

    Great pics from Tawna. She knows what we want.


  6. ray. said

    to me him singing dont runaway is his wayof telling us to stick around.he will be right here on the stage.


  7. bluesky4home said

    Ray: DRA was my favorite from the night. It did not ever really register for me as any different from his many other songs, and seemed a bit “samish” in tone, lyrics and delivery. But Sat. night — oh, my. It was a completely different song and a message that was 1,000,000 times more impacting. To me. I think it may have been a message to himself for himself. And I like your take on it, too.

    With the rest of you, I love the spanish number. Completely. He owns it and lives and breathes it and will catch on fire each time he sings in that lovely latin language. LOOOOOVvvveee it. More. Please.

    I also liked the Mirror song. I liked them all. A lot.

    I like DA doing it his way.


    Yes, I got that song as it loco-motioned by, DA. And I have the tracks on my heart to prove it.


  8. djafan said

    I’m still on cloud nine. Nunca Pense is a of that and more. I wonder how and when it’s going to be released. It’s has huge potential in the Latin market.

    Don’t Run Away came to life before my eyes. What passion. Hearing him sing “I’ll be your voice” live just wow.

    I went to listen to JT’s live version just because I forgot how he sang it after repeated listens to David’s cover. JT does a great job but I prefer D’s voice. No surprise there haha.


  9. MT said

    Like you, I went to Youtube and checked out JT’s live performances of Mirrors and I agree. I’ve always liked JT’s song Mirrors but, with David’s voice on it, it’s even better for me. Nothing against JT, he is fabulous performing it. It’s a matter of taste in voices and I’m sure it goes without saying that the tone of David’s voice is my all time favorite. IDK why but my ears just love David’s voice more than any other singer I’ve heard.

    I’m still listening and still loving the Spanish song, but Mirrors is climbing fast and is almost tied with Nunca Pense. Right now, I think my favorite may depend on which of the two I’m listening to at any given moment. 😀


  10. bebereader said

    hahaha MT I get what you’re saying!
    I basically started listening to the songs last night and today and…

    “Ahooooooora!” Yes, the Spanish song is my favorite, although it’s hard to pick one; they are all good for different reasons.

    “Don’t Run Away”…it’s the first time he sang it live. I forgot how good that song would be live because it was released when he was away. It’s like hearing an old song of his except it’s new for us, except it’s old. Anyway, I really appreciated that he sang it; I’ve been pining for that song for a long time.

    I thought of you, Fenfan, when David covered “Mirrors” because I remember in chat how you wished he would cover it when he came back home. I wonder now if Kari had anything to do with David choosing “Mirrors” since she manages JT, too. It has a funky beat and a nice message. I hope David writes a song like that for himself one day.

    “Glorious” is always glorious, a feel-good song, no matter how you slice it.

    But the Spanish song had me smiling from beginning to end. He co-wrote the song and I couldn’t be more proud. I love the way he emotes on the word, “Ahora” and the way he feels the need to use the stage in the song and the way he got the audience involved. His delivery was so good that it seemed like he’s been singing the song for a long time.


  11. djafan said

    The lips ala Eddie lol


  12. Abrra said

    I recorded the clip in #11on a loop several times put in slow motion to see all the movements he performed. It needs to be set to a song, preferably one of his. Any suggestions? Keep in mind the tempo needs to be slower than Jump.

    Nice to see that Tawna’s recap comment was put in the article. Tawna you get it. LOL

    Loved this picture on my IG timeline by Sam Woolf.



  13. tawna21 said

    Thanks dja, I was not expecting that I’d be up top. I’m glad I spelled things right. 🙂

    Abrra, we are the blessed ones. David told us to be patient a long time ago. Little did we know that by following his advice, and developing patience, we would be afforded the opportunity to witness the cocoon release the butterfly that has been developing. The wings are unfolding and gaining strength. Sometimes we would like it to move faster, but then the strength would be lost that is needed to soar. It’s evident that taking flight is about to become a reality. I’m sticking to my leaf and holding on dearly for the ride of my life!


  14. Dayzee said

    Great recap Tawna! You really captured the moments.

    Liking the videos at #4 from 8throwcenter. All David all the time. I don’t need to see the surroundings. Don’t show me the keyboard. . 8throw is my kind of fan. Just watching David sing “away away away away away” is bliss


  15. clairerolfe35 said

    P.S. There are screamcaps begging to be taken from 8throw’s Don’t Run Away


  16. Abrra said

    I can do some later or tomorrow. Kinda sleepy tonight.

    A Q&A session with the cast of Studio C that included a surprise Lip Sync battle with David Archuleta. It’s a different view 🙂

    Jennifer Day



  17. djafan said

    Tawna, Thank you for the unexpected beautiful write up of David’s epic return to the stage so I took the liberty to move up top with the videos and what a picture you got there. I agree, patience has been key. David himself said his adjustment took more than a few weeks. I can’t even imagine.

    I really can’t pick a favorite, my favorite is whichever one I’m watching at that moment lol

    I will patiently wait for the more to come 🙂


  18. Abrra said

    Shelly gave us a few more pictures from Roots Tech.


  19. said

    This made my week….great performances from DA.!!! Thanks for posting….I specially liked his DRA performance…the new arrangement he did for the song moved me …i felt his message, i felt DA more..


  20. Abrra said

    Hi Hanaumaba!

    5a photo 5a-1.jpg



  21. tawna21 said

    Can you even imagine being his hair stylist?! With that black hair, one wrong move with the clippers, while shaving the sides and back of that gorgeous head, would require you to come up with an all new hair style. Nope, I don’t want that responsibility, even if I were a stylist!! Jans might take it on!!!!

    I may want to ruffle the top a little though. 😀


  22. djafan said

    Hey there Hanaumaba!

    DRA has been one that I listened to while he was away and never expected to hear it live. David made it come alive.

    Tawna and Dayzee, there seems to have been quite crowd and to hear that 100’s were turned away, wow.

    kim ‏@kimak 46m46 minutes ago
    @muldur @Shell_eeeyyy @rhiminee about how many folks were there looked crowded

    Shelley #DA2015 @Shell_eeeyyy · 34m 34 minutes ago
    @kimak @muldur @rhiminee I think there was 13000 to 15000?


  23. tawna21 said

    Yes, there was quite the crowd. I don’t know about Dayzee, but I felt like a fish swimming upstream regardless as to where I was going.


  24. jans11 said

    Thanks for the recap, Tawna. Made me feel like I was right there with you! I would have been swimming upstream right along with you, with all of my 5ft! 🙂 Now if Dayzee would have been there with us to make us the “3 musketeers” we’d had it made! LOL Being a hairdresser, just like David when he goes on stage, he just knows what to do and gets it done, I just do what they want and get it done. But working on David’s hair would be a different story, I can just picture all these zigzags in his hairline! 🙂

    #butitwouldbenicetotry! 🙂


  25. marlie7 said

    Tawna – what a great recap. I’ve been listening to (and watching) all of these videos since early Sunday morning – I just can’t stay awake for chat, dang it!

    I loved every moment of every song. It is so good to see David back on stage and looking so comfortable and confident. He’s doing it his way and that seems to be working out pretty good LOL. Many of us said we’d love to hear DRA LIVE and we got it. And boy does David have “IT” like never before. There is something different – I can’t describe it. And even though he still has that halting cadence to his speaking, every word was well-chosen and said what I think he really wanted to say. By the way, I love his hairstyle. It looks great! But then of course, he had me at Hello (2008)


  26. angelofdja said

    THANK YOU everyone who took video, pictures and posted their experience at Roots Tech! David is everything and more than I thought he’d be! Yes, Marlie7 something is different…and I really, really like IT!


  27. angelofdja said

    Oh, and THANK YOU Abrra for your candy jar! I’m still having struggles in chat, but I see a solution soon… 😉


  28. djafan said

    Bringing this from FOD comments with mulders permission.

    muldur says:
    February 16, 2015 at 10:38 pm
    Hi, all. thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I felt like my trip to SLC was one big gift to myself.

    For the person who asked, this was the song order:
    Before he came out to sing they played the Nunca Pense MV, then
    Don’t Run Away
    Nunca Pense

    Didn’t intend to write a recap but it’s coming out like one. Please don’t put it on the front page, mods! Just talking to myself and the room here.

    I truly cannot tell you which was best because they were all either surprising or moving or perfect vocally or some combination of the above. I would love to hear David sing Mirrors again. His tone is so rich and he put so much into it. So much connection to the song and from him to his audience. Even in that huge hall. The more he sings that song the more amazing it will get. Even though it was amazing already.

    Don’t Run Away felt like a surprise and a gift and again, so full of emotion. So moving. If I had to pick an absolute favorite it might be DRA. His vocal was so rich and another perfect example of how David singing live is 100 times more than David on a record. Someday please, can we have a record that IS David singing LIVE FOR AN Audience or something? There was something else there in this performance that I can’t put a finger on but it makes it important and sticks it in my head and heart.

    Glorious. Wow. I have heard him sing it four times now plus have seen other recordings of it and my very favorite was last night. It was perfect vocally and again such rich tone but the best moment was him cupping his hand to his ear and say to us, “did you listen? (sings) just keep listening” Talk about being in a perfect David live moment. He told us that song. Gosh. And the audience spontaneously started to sing with him at the end. It was so special.

    And Nunca Pense. David singing in Spanish is beautiful. And the song is beautiful. And fun. And we got to participate with him. You have all already said so much about this performance and it was all true.

    There was a lot of the experience that was exhausting and confusing. Waiting in line so much, never sure if we were in the right place. Not getting to do much but wait in line. But honestly, the connection of David with his audience was something you could almost touch. It reminded me of Northampton during solo tour. Of all the times i have seen him perform, that was the place that the audience though tired and too hot after being too cold was entirely in the palm of his hand the whole time. It makes me teary just to remember that and to have felt it on Saturday. There is something so powerful and beautiful to be part of that. So when WHAT happens, when he is ready to be out there performing again, I hope you’ll all go if you can.

    I guess that’s enough! Thank you again for kind words. And for all of you who have had sadness and ill health recently, thinking of you and wishing you peace and being well. Take care.


  29. djafan said

    Marlie, I can’t wait to see, feel, experience what is in those videos in person.

    Angelofdja, I see it in the videos, the difference, in a good, no great way IMO.


  30. djafan said

    Panoramic view from mulder. Wow.


  31. skydancer1x said

    Happy Tuesday guys! Tawna love to you, for your great recap. Thank you! Everytime I come to read and leave a comment i get lost in the vortex with these songs . Cant seem to get enough!! He looks and sounda so fabulous. We needed this so much, its like an oasis found in the desert and I cant stop drinking the water. Cant get enough 😀 sigh~. Woot!!


  32. Dayzee said

    Hanaumaba, loved your comment “I felt his message.” Perhaps he feels uncomfortable while talking because he is a genius at communicating in song.

    At the Saturday early morning session of Roots Tech we were told there were over 20,000 attendees. It looked like about the same amount for the closing. There were over 25,000 registered.

    I was such a slacker yesterday. Many things to do but could not pull myself away from David. And here I am again. Sigh

    Marlie, glad to see you are on board with the hairstyle

    I love to go places with Jan and Tawna because I get to be the tall one. 🙂


  33. Tawna, your recap, pictures, and videos were spot on, plus I got to see you and hug you!! What a great evening for sure. My husband and I attended all three days since we are service missionaries at the Ogden Family History Library and help people search for ancestors and provide answers to family history questions. The Roots Tech conference was incredible with over 22,000 people in attendance. BUT, of course my main focus was on David and Saturday night. What a special Valentines gift is was to experience “The Voice” with so many of my very special friends from around the country. When David bounded on stage along with the Studio C gang lip-syncing to “Jump” it took us all a minute or two to realize that it was David!!! He was so out of character and was so free jumping around the stage, what can I say it was incredibly fun to watch and experience.

    I invited three of my teen-aged grandchildren to come with me, one of them being Emma, who drew the two pictures of David that were featured here on the voice a while back. At the signing I introduced David to the three sweethearts and Emma pulled out her pictures to have him sign the originals. His eyes lit up as he exclaimed, “wow, really? Then he turned to Kari and exclaimed, “I remember this one, do you?” He seemed really happy and it made Emma’s day!. Sarah, had him sign a David Archuleta book and Mitch had him sign a picture that David’s team provided.

    David singing “Don’t Run Away” was a special treat for sure, as he told us he had never sung it in front of an audience before! He was on his mission when it came out. David’s voice was stronger and more beautiful than ever and he had a stunning presence, more confident and self assured. I loved the entire evening so much—another precious memory for me to hold close to my heart and feel extreme gratitude for the blessing of being able to be there.


  34. clairerolfe35 said

    P.S. Abrra, if you do go digging for screamcaps on DRA there is some gold around 46, 201 or 227. If any of those appeal to you, I’m sure you can see why they appeal to me.


  35. cb said

    Like Dayzee said, “I used to have this big mountain of problems. Saturday David took out his eraser and took care of all those pesky things that bothered me. Floating along on that David aura just makes life smooth and joyous. This might be an addiction, I haven’t figured out how it works, but it does. A dose of David is often required. And it can’t be too often.”

    Aw Dayzee, I so agree. (And, he is so purdy.) Loved the hair and outfit and he sounded great, although the sound system could have been better.


  36. Abrra said

    Here you go Dayzee. I will do more eventually. It’s been a busy week for me with my family in Florida. I have my hands full with keeping the birds feeders filled and the walkways clear of snow. 🙂 Today I spent the entire day at a client’s house while the leaking oil tank was replaced (they are snowbirds in Florida until May). Everything is all fixed now and the tank was covered under their contract.

     photo 73_zpsxdqhtcwa.jpg

     photo 71_zpsqijxv5uu.jpg

     photo d9c567e4-b7c9-4e15-842e-c68266a96ef1_zpsqpmasmu8.jpg

    You are missed in chat. Take a nap and then join us 🙂 I nap every week before chat. Sometimes I oversleep. lol
    It’s really nice to see some Utah friends commenting today.

    Can wait for you to join is again. I’m glad you enjoy the live music from the Candy Jar. It’s because once I was so desperate to have this music that I taught myself how to make those files. I love sharing them. I am grateful to the fans who shoot the videos that make it all possible.

    This made me tear up. “another precious memory for me to hold close to my heart and feel extreme gratitude for the blessing of being able to be there.” We who followed your journey back to good health believe you are blessed.

    Nice to see you. I agree 100% ” Loved the hair and outfit and he sounded great.”



  37. MT said

    Ooooohhh! Lady V retweeted and favorited my tweet to her. Yep, I still love that song.

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ retweeted you 23h:
    @LadyVmusic I still listen to ♥ Heart Falls Out ♥ & Am hoping for another song by you and @DavidArchie soon. 🙂

    Doesn’t that sound promising???? I hope that means she’d love to work with him again!


  38. gladys1961 said

    My friend Andrea de Colombia did the translation of the DVD ” DAVID ARCHULETA, CALLED TO SERVE”
    It was hard work, but she managed to do it. I hope you enjoy it.


  39. Hey ya, What david archuleta new gal pal name is???


  40. David has seen hanging out with a some girl around His hometown and even came to see him in Nashville, he got a secret girl??


  41. d said

    Abrra, thanks for the pics. I did not mean to give you a chore 🙂


  42. jans11 said

    Lovin those screamcaps! 🙂

    Been busy trying to get some cleaning done. Like the rest of you, when I get on here, I can’t get away! So I just didn’t get on til now and I should be going to bed. Just have to listen to my “cousin” again before bedtime! 🙂 Love these songs so much!

    Haha, Dayzee, I guess that 1 or 2 inches does make you the tallest! 🙂


  43. djafan said

    David tweets!

    @DavidArchie: Not sure what this is supposed to be.. but whatever it is I found it to be pretty amazing. #precision haha

    @DavidArchie: I feel like starting a precision club now so I can amaze people with things you never thought you could, should, or cared to be amazed by.


  44. Abrra said

    You made it so easy for me to make the scream caps 🙂

    Dear David,
    It might be time for bed when you find precision so fascinating that you think about forming a club. Just sayin’.



  45. bluesky4home said

    On the other hand…. (re: his tweet)

    Dear DA: Thank you for giving us this glimpse into your mindset. I like it that you are intrigued with things that might amaze; even things that people had ” never thought you could, should, or cared to be amazed by”.
    Believe me…..if this is part of your creative process, I will be only too happy to see the outcome put to music.

    (You amazing, musical ninja, you.)


  46. Abrra said

    It must be the generational mindset that divides David and me. My first thought at seeing the video was German Nazi soldiers. Hitler kept them busy with marching drills to allow their minds to remain “pliable”.



  47. bluesky4home said

    No doubt that is part of it. He has never seen the same images nor had the same references to associate. *sigh* Would that the world would remain a place in which such references remain only a memory.

    We have a family member who is in “Drill” and it is a great program for growing focus skills and self discipline, as well as being a great team-building experience. But they have none of the bad connotations or associations that we might have.

    I was more struck by DA’s thought process, that is, to where his mind was led. I am happy with his creative/innovative process.

    About marching in general: I understand that it has many good uses as well. For instance, troops must be able to rely on one another to execute a command in formation. This offers great protection to each individual as they are “covered” by one another. And the generals can see movements that the troops cannot, so that by answering a command quickly and with “precision” they are able to respond to a situation in a way that gives the body of men the advantage. There is not time in danger, for each person to act on their own.

    At the same time, my Dad told me that the ability of the Allied troops (since you mentioned the WW2 situation) to act on their own when they needed to, the ability to think for themselves when caught in an unlikely situation, the ability to innovate, the inner belief that they could do things, could solve problems – that these abilities helped immensely in the over-all scheme of things. These are skills that can be underrated in some schools of thought.

    I am counting on those same abilities in DA. We need people (and not just the young ones) who are willing to ask, to discover, to believe in the good within, and to be willing to step up to life. People who are determined to be awake and alive, and participate in the times we live in.

    I believe in people. ^_^ It can be scary (like what you were reminded of in the drill exhibition), but (I believe) we are here to meet the times we live in, and to help one another become the answers needed for those times.

    bluesky (sorry, my passion is showing!)

    *_* I just love you guys. …. Plus, the music here is amazing!!! Where did you find this guy?! *cough* Changes topic.


  48. MT said

    David’s tweet sure brought up some interesting thoughts.

    I did watch it till the end and I actually enjoyed it, but then again I like precision. Precision dance (think Rockettes or ballet), precision swimming, Marching Bands, Drill Team, and then there are the parades here for Mardi Gras that display our military marching and doing rifle exercises with great precision. Like David, I was amazed and admired the beauty of it.

    (But then again maybe it’s because it’s early and I haven’t had enough coffee so my mind hasn’t yet reached my usual analytical tendencies. LOL)

    His second tweet just made me laugh. 🙂


  49. djafan said

    Hi Pattirae!

    I’m so glad you were there!!! I didn’t know what to expect from this event but boy did David surprise and blow me away. Oh to have been there. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Hi CB!

    I could tell it wasn’t the best sound system which surprised me being that it had “tech” in the title of the event but David overcame 🙂 Happy you were there too!


    I sure was amused by his tweets, in particular the second one, “so I can amaze people with things you never thought you could, should, or cared to be amazed by” what? I like his mind. I watched the entire video and it reminded me of my son’s drumline years in high school, good memories.

    Bluesky, Please keep showing your passion.

    “I am counting on those same abilities in DA. We need people (and not just the young ones) who are willing to ask, to discover, to believe in the good within, and to be willing to step up to life. People who are determined to be awake and alive, and participate in the times we live in.”

    “I believe in people. ^_^ It can be scary (like what you were reminded of in the drill exhibition), but (I believe) we are here to meet the times we live in, and to help one another become the answers needed for those times.”


    I saw the tweets late last night and thought, huh? I love what I’m seeing, older, mature, and that wit alive and well. He did say it’s taken him longer than a few weeks to adjust, obviously lol But I believe there is more to come.

    Good Morning All!


  50. Hana said

    Oh Abrra, thank you so much for that magnificent photo. It’s beyond perfect. I personally call that the male Monalisa. He has that gaze that is so hautingly beautiful, the words fail to describe..


  51. djafan said

    And David tweets again! Things are happening???!!!


  52. djafan said



  53. betsy said

    Dear Kari,
    If I were you, I’d carry my passport everywhere. Just in case. 🙂


  54. tawna21 said

    Boy that precision brought back memories of my high school days. I was a member of the drill team, and that’s what we did but it was to music. So many of the high schools now have the dance teams instead of the drill. I still wonder why, being the shortest, I was always on the end of any formation and had to double and triple step and take huge lunging steps, to create the formation. (life’s just not fair 🙂 ). Anyway, it makes my legs ache to think of what we put them through way back then.

    Hmmm…. unexpected plans? passports? inquiring minds want to know!


  55. jans11 said

    Sounds like that they might be going somewhere together….?? #thatwouldbegood


  56. djafan said

    Betsy, Yes, please.

    Tawna, Inquiring!

    Jans, #itwouldberealgood


  57. bebereader said

    Thanks for writing what became your recap. So starved we were back home for morsels that we wolfed your’s down in record time. haha And may I add that it was delicious.

    “I was so intent in watching his moves with ‘Nunca Pense’ that I really didn’t realize when he ended. 🙂 ”
    I can imagine that it was a lot to take in at once, visual and audio.

    “In slowing himself down and nurturing his needs and his talent, he’s gained the real respect that he deserves.”
    From watching the videos, I saw that he had audience and the stage in the palm of his hand! That’s what I want for him, ownership of his talents.

    Tawna, I love your pictures too. Thanks to everyone who took pics and videos for us to relish.

    Hanaumaba, Welcome to The Voice!

    Marlie, there you are! Missing you in these parts! Yes take a nap on Saturday nights, like Abs said. (or fall asleep in chat, like I do. haha) Just be there!

    I had to admit that I’ve always been an advocate for long hair or more hair on David but surprised my own self by liking his new edgy hairdo.

    Thanks for recapping Saturday’s event.
    “When David bounded on stage along with the Studio C gang lip-syncing to “Jump” it took us all a minute or two to realize that it was David!!! He was so out of character and was so free jumping around the stage, what can I say it was incredibly fun to watch and experience. ”

    Funny thing happened to me when I first clicked on the lip-syncing snippet on Twitter. I clicked on it at the exact same time that djafan texted me these words “I can’t believe what I just saw!” I watched David lip synch to Jump and completely misunderstood. Duhh. I thought dja was referring to David’s brand new stage presence, animation and stage jumping, not realizing it was all an act and that she was referring to the DRA clip. haha I was so confused.

    So cool how David remembered Emma’s drawing of him!

    cb, dayzee…that euprhoric feeling, there’s nothing like it!

    MT!! LadyVee retweeted your tweet! I’d love if they collaborated again too.

    Regarding the video David tweeted, I can imagine the different affect it had for audience members sitting way up high in the bleachers, sort of like a marching band formation. So cool!


  58. djafan said

    Facebook interview…to short but lol


  59. djafan said

    David is going to MEXICO!!!

    La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias en México shared their event.
    32 mins ·

    ¿Quieres conocer a David Archuleta?
    ¡Este evento es para ti!


    Do you want to meet David Archuleta?
    This event is for you!


  60. djafan said

    David must have been shopping for his trip.

    Kenna Kane ‏@mckennakane 13m13 minutes ago
    My mom went to walmart today and met my favorite return missionary today! So jelous! @DavidArchie

    I’m so happy he’s going to Mexico 🙂

    Stephanie ‏@BaroneSteph 50m50 minutes ago View translation
    Mañana te veré por primera vez @DavidArchie


  61. bluesky4home said

    Mexico is big. I wonder which part(s)? I love the all the people I meet and work with when I go there! Whhooooo!

    But… I almost always get the “stomach thing”, no matter how careful I am.. BE CAREFUL – DA!! ‘Cept maybe being in Chile fixed that for him. Or his Latin heritage.

    Hope so. *_*


  62. Abrra said

    For Bebe. She likes this part.


  63. Dayzee said

    Bebe likes that part? Well who doesn’t.


  64. djafan said

    Bluesky, I see Mexico D.F. which is Mexico City. Some tweets of sadness because of the short notice but twitter came alive with excitement in Spanish 🙂


  65. Abrra said

     photo dc3c4cec-88e7-4dcf-8df8-a24645bbf024_zpswg3jxwb7.jpg



  66. Dayzee said

    Thanks Abrra. That birthday card is gorgeous.

    Today is my 80th birthday. I remember wanting to be 6 (starting school), wanting to be 13 (teenager), 16 (driving), 21 (Las Vegas), 55 (discounts). But I never thought I wanted to be 80. Are there some perks here I am unaware of? The only sure thing is that whatever your age, life is better with David. I am so blessed with the best of friends and family. And I won’t need any gifts this year as none could compare with the gift of a David ticket from Refnaf 🙂


  67. angelofdja said

    WOOT! WOOT! Happy, Happy 80th Birthday Dayzee! 🙂


  68. tawna21 said

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAYZEE!!! I want to be like you when I grow up!!!! Your vitality is amazing to me…. love you!!! ♥♥ 😀 ♥♥


  69. bluesky4home said

    Dayzee!! A Thousand Happy Returns!! May your joy for life rebound to you and always fill your days with sunshine. I am so blessed to “know” you. ^_^

    Thanks so much for just being you…. a Very Happy Birthday… to YOU! ❤


  70. Abrra said

    David is traveling to Mexico today.

    Here is Silverfox’s prayer for safe travel.

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David.
    Watch over him, protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him unconditionally as we, his devoted Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.

    Give him rest when he feels weary.
    Give him stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt.
    Give him joy when he feels sad and never allow David to feel alone or lonely.
    Give us the wisdom to always do right by David.

    Help us support David so that it’s always in his best interest.
    CLOAK DAVID IN YOUR PROTECTIVE ARMS, KEEPING DAVID AND HIS VOICE HEALTHY AND STRONG as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy Lord, we humbly pray. Amen



  71. Abrra said


  72. potluck8 said

    Happy Birthday Dayzee, May it be the best one ever!


  73. djafan said

    Happy Birthday Dayzee!!!!!

    Thanks Abs for the prayer!

    The press conference has started with the behind the scene folks. Kari tweeted about 3 hours ago and it should take them about 4 hours without layover, 5 with. So they may almost be there. David is scheduled to appear from 5 to 6pm. It’s,

    2:16 PM
    Thursday, February 19, 2015 (CST)
    Time in Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico


  74. jans11 said

    ♫♪Happy birthday♪♫, Dayzee! To a most wonderful host and a super brave person! Don’t know how you jump from a plane at your young age!! 🙂



  75. bebereader said

    Dear Dayzee,

    May your birthday be as special as you are to us!
    Happy Birthday!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  76. bebereader said


    Muchas Gracias por numero 62.
    Si. Te amo “Ahoooooora”.


  77. refnaf said

    Happy 80th Dayzee!!!!
    So glad I could help make it special!!

    You guys all rock BTW!!


  78. stenocruiser said

    Hi Dayzee — wishing you the very best of birthdays — enjoy !


  79. djafan said

    They’re getting ready for David!


  80. djafan said


  81. djafan said


    She is another fan of David Archuleta her name is Valeria Medina and traveled from #Cuernavaca (an hour & half)just for him. She is not a member of the church but it has been a fan of the singer from 5 years ago.


  82. djafan said


  83. djafan said


  84. tawna21 said

    I do believe David has some ardent fans in Mexico! 🙂 Love, love, love it!!!


  85. djafan said

    Ella es Dulce Adriana Vasquez fan de David Archuleta, ella es fan desde sus 7años. Y llegó aquí desde las 6:00am
    ¡Te esperamos!

    She is Dulce Adriana Vasquez fan of David Archuleta, she is a fan since for 7años. And she’s been here since 6:00am
    We’re waiting for you!


  86. djafan said

    Yes Tawna! The Latin communities are ripe for David Archuleta!


  87. tawna21 said

    Abrra, are you referring to the video in #80? That was last week in SLC at RootsTech with David and Studio C.


  88. Abrra said

    I know now, haha I deleted my comment. It looked so odd for Mexico.



  89. djafan said


  90. djafan said


  91. djafan said


  92. djafan said


  93. tawna21 said

    Dang! The pic of the little girl with side ponytails and bangs….. how adorable is that! I can feel the vibes of admiration, from both of them, clear from Mexico! ♥ David seems extreeeemly happy in these photos!


  94. djafan said


  95. bebereader said

    Great pics! It fills my heart to see that wherever David goes he has fans. He makes quite an impression on anyone he meets! He can’t hide his charm; it translates into any language!


  96. djafan said


  97. Dayzee said

    That second picture at #92……someone is getting that Archugaze that changes your life

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes.


  98. djafan said

    Reaction of a Mexican fan when I met David :’)

    In line I’m second!

    Oh heck, he’s beautiful. His eyes!

    Hi Spanish dkfhofnowehf I can’t

    I met David Archuleta! I can claim it! I’m shaking, battery died, I’m missing a picture

    They interviewed me, pictures will be on facebook, I don’t know where they’re going to appear. And I met David!

    I think she’s spazzing lol.


  99. djafan said

    I’m exhausted haha love seeing the love for David no matter where he goes. Had fun with all the Spanish tweeting, some so upset that there was such short notice others found out yesterday and got themselves there. Let see what more “sorpresas” David has in store for us.


  100. gladys1961 said

    David is getting closer to my country. He was already in Honduras, Chile, Costa Rica, and now in Mexico (I do not know if I forgot to name any country). These tours are proving interesting. I think my desire to see him in Argentina will come true. And you know that all my wishes about David came true.


  101. MT said


    Happy Birthday to youuuu …
    Happy Birthday to youuuuu…
    Happy Birthday dear Dayzeeee ..
    Happy Birthday to youuuu ..

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday and wishing you a wonderful year! 🙂


  102. bebereader said


  103. jans11 said

    It is so good to see David moving along in his career and that he hasn’t lost any fan admiration! Can’t believe this time last year we were counting the days for his return. It’s a fun ride trying to keep up with David’s travels!

    #hopingsomeconcertsareincludedinthosetravels #biggerconcerts 🙂


  104. Abrra said

    Oh my watch the for the end!

    This is a common reaction 🙂

    Check the official Facebook page for the event for more pictures.



  105. Dayzee said

    haha A little David grabbing going on there. Looks like David is spreading happiness. Big smiles everywhere


  106. Abrra said

    Archuleta sammich 🙂


  107. Abrra said


  108. djafan said

    I’m really loving the Mexico love and that has triggered a ton of requests for meet & greets, and concerts from other Latin countries such as, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, including a slew of cities in Mexico. Which then triggered a what about us from all the Asian countries, and Canada 🙂 Great stuff.

    Gladys, I’m sure he’ll be there 🙂

    That girl couldn’t resist lol Nice to hear David say “gracias” when fan told him “te amo”.

    And that escort out, wow. I tell you if David catches fire in the Latin countries it will be more than great.

    Hope we get to hear the interview.


  109. Abrra said

    I never question the power of the Gladys dream.



  110. djafan said


  111. tawna21 said

    Abrra, the Archuleta sammich…. that’s the way it was for me at RootsTech. (smashed, but not complaining — I’d do it all over again)

    I love how Kari mother hens him. 🙂 I’d love to know who or what she was shaking her finger at.

    dja, YES! Please let us hear the interview. Especially since we have our very own interpreter (or translator – I can’t ever remember which is which).


  112. bluesky4home said

    For those who are Dr. Who fans, the phrase “Hello Sweetie” has special meaning. It is the greeting used by River Song whenever she meets Dr. Who. The Dr. is ignorant of a fact that River knows all too well: She will become his wife.

    ^_^ Pretty funny that someone is using that phrase to pin DA.


  113. Abrra said

    Something going on tonight…



  114. Abrra said

    MTM movie panel.



  115. Abrra said

    Food IG LOL



  116. jans11 said

    Looks like David is getting in the groove! Food! 🙂 #looksgoodtoo #yummy


  117. Abrra said

    David sang Glorious.



  118. potluck8 said

    Good morning , Thanks so much for all the videos and pictures. In the number 113 picture, what is the white thing on his arm?


  119. Abrra said

    If you mean the man behind David, it looks like to me that his shirt cuff button let go in the crush to get though the crowd? As long as it’s not attached to David, no worries. haha



  120. Abrra said

    tumblr_makmokgGrz1rzozlio2_1280_zpsaadf12891 photo tumblr_makmokgGrz1rzozlio2_1280_zpsaadf12891.jpg



  121. Dayzee said

    backonthestage turned out to be a perfect title for this thread. There’s David, singing his heart out going from one stage to another.

    I find his new music more aggressive. That “Ahooooorah” “oooOOoooOOoo” and “away, away, away away” come stalking me wherever I go.


  122. fenfan123 said

    My internet is not allowing me to view most of the pictures in this thread. I have to suppose they are all muy caliente! Haha, is that allowed to say?


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