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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Sound, Emotion and Light ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bluesky4home on Friday, January 2, 2015

DoYouHearWhatIHearscreamcap by Bebereader

When I was younger, I often remarked to my Dad that in order to make certain that there would be sufficient energy to run a home, all one would have to do would be to hook up a generator to the handle of the refrigerator. (We had a family of ten at the time.) I estimated that the boost of power the generator would get each time the door opened and closed could keep it going indefinitely. The refrigerator is certainly an appliance that gets a lot of use! And one knows basically what to expect from a refrigerator. It is a common appliance that usually behaves itself.

I could say the same thing about most of the music around us today. That is, that it is fairly common within its genre and I pretty much know what to expect when I open any given “door” in order to get some goodies. I don’t have to be fully awake. I don’t have to be fully engaged. I can rummage through the fridge with my eyes half-shut and my mind mostly somewhere else.


Which leads me to “Dear DA”.

Once, years ago, I posted a comment that went something like this:

“Listening to DA is kind of like a surreal trip to the refrigerator in the middle of the night. I know I am hungry for something, not sure what. So, I trundle along, shuffling into the kitchen expecting maybe – something I might have forgotten about or overlooked. Or something I remember that there might be more of, if not already snapped up by others.

The lights are dim, comfortable.

Then I open the fridge.

And instead of a small, unobtrusive refrigerator bulb to guide my way to the known, I am bowled over with brilliant, white, explosive, sound, symphony, emotion and light. A light that makes me forget why I came to the refrigerator in the first place, and remember instead bigger, better things for which I had no idea I was hungering.”

That, Dear DA, is what happens when I think that I am looking for “something” and find out instead, that Comfort & Joy have found me.

Thank you.


Bluesky is a Staff Writer for The Voice.


153 Responses to “Sound, Emotion and Light ~ David Archuleta”

  1. Bebereader said

    Bringing comments over from end of last article:

    sandybeaches9 said
    Friday, January 2, 2015 at 9:01 PM e

    @DavidArchie Happy 2⃣0⃣1⃣5⃣. Would you like your pre-mission fanbase to continue to support you?They need to know. 👪 Kindly advise. Thanks


  2. What a lovely, introspective post BlueSky! Thank you for that!

    I am reposting this write up about David that I posted in the last thread very shortly before this new one came up — so others may see this too!

    A songwriter posted about David today with a link to “Elevator.”

    “He was very shy, David Archuleta. Didn’t have much to say. But when we gave him a mic, and just said..sing whatever you feel, he came to life. Everybody has their comfort zone. His was on that mic. If an artist brings a melody to the table and ventures to notes I would not have ventured to simply because I’m not that kind of a singer, I say, Amen! Big piece of the pie for them!
    ‪#‎Serialsongwriter‬ ‪#‎DavidArchuleta‬ ‪#‎AmericanIdol‬ ‪#‎MikeKrompass‬”


  3. Bebereader said

    Lynnella said
    Friday, January 2, 2015 at 9:07 PM e

    I’ve noticed that David looks a lot like his Mother’s father, only much younger. He is small too, so that’s probably where David gets it. His Grandpa is still a nice looking man, and I’m sure when David is that age, he will be too. I won’t be around to see it. But, all of you lucky girls who are his age and younger will.

    Hope everyone had a nice, safe New Year’s day. I’m on football overload. Would never have believed the two final teams still standing in the playoffs. Should be an outstanding game though, for those of you who are also football fans. I raised 3 boys who all played and a few grandsons, 2 who did and one who still does. So, of course, I’m into it.

    Hoping for a concert close enough that I can drive to it, or I won’t be going. But, even if I can’t I can still enjoy the videos taken by the wonderful people who do go and film. You have no idea how much you’re appreciated and loved.



  4. Bebereader said


    I was just about to bring your’s over, too!
    You beat me to it! haha


  5. Lol! Thanks Bebereader! =)

    Sometimes, I also ask myself the same question SandyBeaches9 tweeted. It would be good to know…because he hasn’t really spoken to his wider fan base for a while and from the tweets and messages I’ve seen on his social media, there are a lot of people really waiting for him! I know he’s a reluctant celebrity, but fact is, he IS one so I hope he hasn’t forgotten about all those people who still follow him.


  6. tawna21 said

    Bluesky, I’m hungry, and I’m looking, and then you post this article with this as the final statement…..

    “That, Dear DA, is what happens when I think that I am looking for “something” and find out instead, that Comfort & Joy have found me.

    Thank you.”

    ……. and now I’m not hungry anymore. I’ve been filled. Love this article. 🙂


  7. Great interview with Taylor Swift’s manager, Rick Barker, on how she built her career by taking care of relationships with fans, especially through social media. I wonder if Rick can help David in this aspect and help him grow his career more in 2015? David certainly has a passionate and loyal fan base — most of whom are wondering about him right now, especially after having waited for him for 2 years (going on 3 if you consider the lack of mainstream stuff.)

    “Since Taylor we haven’t really seen an artist authentically connect with and maintain touch with their audience through social media.”

    “All I’m trying to say is, “OK, artist. Look at the biggest star in the frigging world right now and what does she continue to do? She uses her social media as a way to engage her fans and maintain the trust and friendship she has kept over the years. Learn from that.”

    “The secret is Taylor cared so much about her fans and she used her music as a way to do research, then sold that music to her friends. Most other artists record an album, try to sell it to strangers, then wonder why it doesn’t sell. That’s because people forgot how to build relationships. Not Taylor!”


  8. I believe that David is hinting quite strongly that he has decided to be in a different place. Although he hints at it in his tweets, we would like him to come face to face and say what he would like the fans to do. He left a singer open to the public but it isn’t that way any more.

    Out of kindness and respect I would like for him to address the international fanbase and say hello or good-bye. If his commitments are elsewhere then it needs to be well known.

    You are all kind and ever so patient.

    SB 🍁


  9. lynnella said

    Sometimes I think of the way it used to be with singers and celebs. Back in the days before we had cell phones and computers and all the social media that goes with them. I know, the dark ages. In a way that was a good name for them, because we were mostly kept in the dark about where they were, what they were doing, who they were with, and where they were taking their careers. Now, we know instantly where they went today, if someone takes a selfie with them or snaps a picture on their cell phone without permission. We know what they ate and where, who they were with, what they wore, and any other detail that a person can obtain without getting a restraint order taken out against them. That may be good for the obsessive fans that most of us are, but what about the celeb. What an intrusion on their life and privacy. I know a lot of people think, if you want privacy, don’t become a celebrity. So, it’s a fine line that has to be walked. If you have an amazing talent, that you feel you need to share with the world, but you still want a private life, what do you do? I think that we’re seeing that from David. He’s trying to share what he feels is necessary, but also trying to keep a life for himself that doesn’t include the fan base. I understand that and can respect it. When he has something to share, like his new music, which is supposedly what we’re really in this for, he will share it. Until then, I think we’re probably going to have to settle for the scraps that fall from his table. Mostly pictures taken by fans, and probably no more vlogs from David himself. I think it’s his way of taking his life back. Maybe someday he will decide he wants to share more of himself again. If not, we’ll have to be satisfied with the scraps, or if we’re not, move on to someone else. But for me, I can’t imagine who that would be.



  10. jans11 said

    Bluesky, your article is “right on the money”! That comfort and joy jumps out to me every time I hear that voice of his! I heard SBL again at Penny’s today and it was all I could do to keep from dancing around the clothes racks! 🙂 I was so happy singing right along with him, it was so good to hear him out in public. I can’t carry a tune, so I was singing to myself! lol 🙂 David’s singing and shopping….what a twosome! 🙂

    I never cared for Taylor, but I understand her more now after reading the article. I like the part where she sold her music to her friends, and that she did! She has millions of them. I think I had some sour grapes because I think David can sing circles around her and yet he’s not near as popular. So, I have to agree with SB. Whatever he is going to do, he needs to clarify more to his fans. I think most fans are tired of the “crumbs” since he’s been back almost a yr. He said he’s still David, but so different. Hope not that different and that he will come back to his fans soon. If he doesn’t do anything this year, that will be asking a lot from his fans to wait all this time and then not produce. It has been 3 long years that I have been waiting and I ain’t no spring chicken to have to keep waiting! 🙂 But, I will and I will always be his fan and won’t go anywhere because I love his voice and will continue to take the “crumbs”. I guess I have no place to go to get the comfort and joy that he gives! It’s kind of a mixed emotion kind of thing to me.

    I agree Lynnella.


  11. Sandybeaches, I agree with your comment and Lynella, you make fine points as well. I think it would be the hallmark of a good relationship with the fanbase if David did indicate somehow what his career direction is. Jans11, yes the 3 year wait for secular fans especially is a bit much, especially since David kept on saying he’d go back to music and even consider acting when he came up. Sure, things have changed now…how exactly, we don’t know. But I do know a statement or address or some sort will go a long way with the fan base. Thing is, he was a popstar and celebrity once and while he may be choosing to be someone and something else now, there is no denying that a certain relationships with his fans still exists, one that needs to be addressed (at the very least) or cultivated (ideally, if he still chooses to do so.)


  12. lynnella said

    I understand the desire to hear from David, I would like to hear his voice talking to us again too. Didn’t he say that he would have an album out in 2015. I think if we will just be patient for a little while longer, we will be rewarded. I’m sure when he has some news for us, he’ll let us know.

    He was under so much pressure before, from his label, his management team, which may or may not have included his father, who, by the way, seems to be out of the picture now, that he’s feeling like he can finally do what he wants without answering to a bunch of other people. I remember reading that he said it felt good to finally be in charge of his own life. I don’t think he’s going to let us pressure him into telling us his plans. Just my opinion. It may not have anything to do with not wanting a relationship with his fans, maybe he just doesn’t have anything to tell yet.

    I don’t remember this much pressure being put on an Elvis or any of the other “rock stars” in the past. I think it all stems from the fans being used to, and spoiled by, the new system of social media. We think we need, and have the right, to know every little detail of “our celebrity’s” life. We don’t. I’m sure when he’s ready, he will share what he wants, when he wants.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.



  13. Suzy-Q said

    I follow the careers and listen to the videos of other artists. Because I subscribe, everyday I get a message, photo, or both from each of them. A lot of it is random and funny. These artist (Alex Boye, Lindsey Stirling, The Piano Guys) have millions of fans all over the world. They also make time for their families. David knows these artist personally so I wonder why David isn’t doing this for his career? He says that he isn’t good with doing blogs, but he could have someone do it for him. David has got to realize that he gets to do some awesome things because of his fame that he otherwise wouldn’t be asked to do. And they are things that he loves to be involved with.

    Jans11, I am no spring chicken either and I empathize with you.

    Sandybeaches, I agree with what you wrote. (Post 8 )

    Bebereader, post 3, David’s entire family is small. Even on his father’s side. We should be asking ourselves why Daniel is taller than anyone? When David was in Chili, he seemed taller because the people there are smaller than a lot of Americans. When David is on stage by himself, he becomes 6 ft. tall. That’s because of his confidence, proportions and how he carries himself (posture).

    I still listen to David’s music everyday and I don’t see myself as leaving him but I really hope that he communicates with his fans, soon. I think that we should be rewarded for waiting so long for him. The reward would be communicating to us often. I just don’t know what to think at this point.


  14. Bebereader said

    SuzyQ#13 Comment 3 was Lynella’s, not mine. I’m sorry for the confusion.


  15. Grammyj said

    I believe the problem for most of us David ODD fans is that we expected David to come back from his Mission taking off where he had left off in his music career. He left right after recording two albums, did two photo shoots and filmed a mini-series in the Philippines. Instead he spends time with family and friends, is writing new music, performs mainly at LDS related events, and is going to school. I don’t think this means he doesn’t want to do music as he clearly has never quit singing even on his mission. He also still has a manager, tweets and does Instagram. I feel he wants to relay a positive message to all and new pop music is coming just not as quickly as we would like. The new Spanish song and video will be revealed in February so there is that. It has been reported by David and Stephanie that he has been writing pop songs. We just need that patience!


  16. Kristin said

    Hello everyone!! It’s been a while since I left a comment here, but I’ve been lurking when I get a chance. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s!

    Anyway, after seeing some of the comments on the last two posts…I need to say something. A part of me is terrified to say my thoughts because I don’t want anyone to feel I’m calling them out or other things. That is NOT my intention.

    Like some of you, I too have dealt with my frustrations with David; I just don’t like talking about it and try to take the optimistic route. Due to so much for me personally that happened during this past year, that made me more irritable and angry so I apologize to anyone who felt hurt or offended when I was saying my thoughts about David. Just a few days ago, I was watching some of his old vlogs and smiled and laughed, so yeah I do miss them. I do sometimes miss him tweeting every day coz some of his tweets made my day depending on the topic haha.

    But I can understand why people feel annoyed and irritated with him for a number of reasons. We wish he told us what on earth he’s doing with his career. We wish he would go back to being “David the popstar” and stop the church stuff. We wish he would talk with us more too. I echo Lynnella’s sentiments about how the world of celebrity used to be before social media and all that stuff, and perhaps David is doing that. Keeping what is private, private and talking about what needs to be said. We all wish we heard from him, heck letter-wise I wish I had but still haven’t, but…I just wish we would try to understand how HE might be feeling or coming from.

    Yes, he’s been back since March, yes he was gone for two years, and yes he’s done more church-like functions at the moment.

    I think he’s just trying to find his way. Let’s not forget he just turned 24 last weekend. We know in the beginning of his career about the whole thing with the label and the pressure to be someone he’s not and everything else he had to figure out and deal with. He’s trying to rebuild not just his career, but where he’s gonna go in his life. I mean, to use myself as an example, I transferred to a four year school after getting my Associate’s this past May. Left home for the first time and had to adjust to being at a new place and try to get past the things I was dealing with in my life. People at my college have told me it takes some a semester or even a full year to adjust. For me, it took the semester. Like David, I have a sense of where I wanna go with my life, but at the same time, I’m still trying to find my way. Yes, the circumstances are different because of David being famous and he served a mission whereas I haven’t and am not famous and in my third year of college. Still, the idea of adjusting after either entering a new environment or coming back to one that was different from what you left it still applies. Don’t you guys remember being in your 20s? Trying to find your way in the world? Your path in life? What you want to do with your passions and dreams? Yeah, David is almost in his mid 20s, but I think due to his mission and what happened with his life as it did, he’s still trying to find his way. He has a sense with his music and his faith, but maybe he’s still trying to figure that out and doesn’t want to give us something and then take it back.

    I have grown to believe after this past year that we will be rewarded for our patience and perseverance for standing up for him and by him when we could’ve walked away. It’s been hard, a little irritating, and pretty conflicting because of what we’ve seen since he got back. I’ve had thoughts of giving up myself, but that was also due to other opinions and my own doubts.

    But I’m not giving up on him. There’s something coming. This whole journey with the man can’t just end with nothing, it has to be leading us somewhere. Some of you may read this and think, “how could she have so much faith in him?” or think “She’s crazy”. Well, I just do. Why turn my back on someone who became such a great influence in my life? Why turn my back on the person whose example made me a better person, and ultimately changed my life? Yes, I wish he did the vlogs still and maybe said more sometimes. Like SB, I wish he did say more because I was annoyed and doubted too.

    But put yourself in his shoes. All the new technology, the way the music industry is, trying to put God and what’s important to him first while also trying to keep up his career and rebuild it from the two year absence. Plus with college *which he apparently is doing*, and who knows what else. We’re obviously aware of this and he has been adjusting, but give him a break! Yes, he’s still doing things as we saw from the past year, mostly church-like at the moment minus the military tour but hey I’ll take it! Better something than nothing!

    Listen, I know it’s hard to believe in him right now, We wish he said more about whatever the heck he’s doing, but…just have faith in him. He’s worked his butt off ever since he became famous. Why would he stop now after all he’s done for so many people?

    You guys don’t have to agree with me, but…just think about how you would feel if you were him.

    He’s gonna be where he needs to be soon.

    I believe that.


  17. I am watching on TV the mysteries of the Oak Island Treasure. So fascinating.

    Sometimes I think that David is an on going mystery. I know that he has undergone what most musicians do to attain a career, what most people do to have any exceptional career. It is never easy or without disappointments, setbacks, readjustments and sometimes starting over. That’s life as we know it.

    Most fans are not looking for David’s time, his attention, new music or anything else that seems unfair. But, he knows if he is returning and many fans just want to know that yes I am returning to the industry which will include concerts or no I am only going to sing as I decide with the church and someday I may return. Then, fans will know if he will be keeping with religious commitments or he will be singing for all interested people in concert halls around the world. People don’t want messages to decipher to know what is next but just a verbal, straight forward statement.

    We have been working with the pieces of the David career puzzle for years. He knows where he is going now if he would just pass that along it would be widely appreciated.

    We stopped getting very much news from Kari about the time of his second year away. When we finally received news that he had not received the birthday book but would see it several months later, things began to change.

    Still hoping for his return.

    SB 🍁


  18. ray. said

    i agree with lynnella,and kristin.,take him or leave him.accept him or walk him or hate him. but don,t make him feal less of a person if he don,t fit your idea of who he should be.. i stand beside him foever,,it makes me sad that some people do not have any trust in the archulater, and dout him, be pateince,if you want music from him like i saw on new years with ryan seafome, forget it to me that was all trash,,those men could not keep ther hands off ther junk ,they all souded the same, shut your eyes and listen , the beat is all the same,no meaning to the l\words, just a repeat ., rant over, its getting so i don,t want to vist the site any more.


  19. Bebereader said


    Thank you for your most thoughtful writing.

    If I stay away from David’s music for a while, when I go back to it, it hits me all over again why I became a lifelong fan. It’s almost a shock every time I listen to his voice again, as if it’s the first time. How can a voice be so amazing that it fills all the empty places in your soul?

    In other words:
    “…..A light that makes me forget why I came to the refrigerator in the first place, and remember instead bigger, better things for which I had no idea I was hungering.”

    Of course I miss new music from David but from being a fan of artists in the past, I really understand how long it takes to put a new collection of songs together. It doesn’t come out of the air; it has to come from their feelings and especially for a new artist, it doesn’t just pour out of them, song after song after song just because they want to write. They say the best songs come from broken hearts or when you are either very happy or very sad. And you can’t turn those emotions off and on at will. I can deal with waiting for new music. And I know that after he writes an album, he will most likely go on tour to promote it because that is what’s usually done.

    What I miss most is David being friendly to the fans; I miss his adoring tweets in his own words and the way he enjoyed communicating with us. I miss his random song recommendations and the moments where he broke out in a few bars of a song to share with us, videos he shared with us. It’s his personality that I miss the most. To reiterate it’s the communication that I miss the most.


  20. Abrra said

    What I take away from your post is that David never disappoints. Even if we think we know what to expect, he comes through with something entirely different from what we have seen or heard before.
    That is why I stay and support his music. I don’t have a horse in the religion race, but I respect that he is still learning how to keep some of his mission work going. If that’s what makes him stay motivated in his life, I can accept that not everything he does will be for the benefit of his music career. He will learn to blend in all his interests to become a more well rounded adult.
    In David’s last Instagram message he said ” I will never be the same.” when describing his life after his mission. I will admit these words literally jumped off the page as I read them. After some pondering, I came to the conclusion that he will use that experience as another part of his foundation.
    Taking the time to write his own music is an example of him wanting to be in control of the songs he presents. It’s the perfect extension of what’s in his heart and soul. When the new CD is released this year, I am sure we will know so much more about why he will never be the same.

    Thank you all for the insightful conversation in today’s comments. I wish every day can have such wisdom expressed by fans. You make me so proud 🙂

    Oh and we have this party every Saturday night where we can see all the phases of David’s career come to life.

     photo unplugged1-1_zps1eb1aa20.jpg

    See you there!



  21. Bluesky, what an enjoyable story! We see ourselves right there with you often. His music has been so unique.

    Bebe…that is a roundup of what I have written, it is the focal point of concern. It is not take it or leave it, not so simple, not so abrupt.

    It is a request to David to open up the lines of communication.. David likes to quote daily life tasks to follow. He is not just about singing.

    I too have a quote and it is from a great writer on the subject, David.. “It’s his personality that I miss the most. To reiterate it’s the communication that I miss the most.”

    In reality you only have to see the ghost towns, the lack of names everywhere to want to see if it can be better.

    SB 🍁


  22. Yes, I echo this sentiment too: “It’s his personality that I miss the most. To reiterate it’s the communication that I miss the most.”

    And for me, I don’t think it takes away from his privacy or anything personal if he communicates with the fans based on music stuff and career news. I don’t think that it, in any way, impinges on his privacy at all if the communication is professional. I think this is just what fans need to hear. I am all for him doing “what he wants, when he wants, in the way he wants”, but in the same respect you have to admit that sort of approach doesn’t really cultivate a fan relationship or addresses the fan base — that’s not going to help things – and I wonder how many of those that have gone silent will leave for good. Like I said and even Taylor’s former manager said – there really is a fan relationship to take care of here. All I’m saying.


  23. loulou said

    I agree David does need to communicate more with his fans. We all want whats best for him,but we all need to know some of what his plans are ,instead of being left in the dark ! I will always be here for David for ever but it would be nice to hear from him


  24. Abrra said

    The Sunday puzzle this week has David pondering his future.



  25. I must go to my computer for that one Abrra…on such a snowy day. I don’t believe he meant a puzzle but it is good advice….

    This from Albert Schweitzer…

    “eventually all the pieces fall into place. until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and know that everything happens for a reason.”

    SB 🍁


  26. tawna21 said

    SB #25….. sound advice from Mr. Schweitzer!

    Great puzzle Abrra 🙂


  27. Abrra said

    I have always loved that picture in the puzzle. It seems like the camera caught him unaware and in deep thought. Those can be the best images.

    Thanks Tawna!


  28. This from Mr. Schweitzer especially for Angelica….

    “There are two refuges from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

    SB 🍁


  29. I think of the “site cat”and Angelica’s well known cat pictures, not the miseries of life!!


  30. djafan said

    Bluesky, “The comfort and joy” David gives me that time after time, never disappoints. That voice has to have been given to him from the divine because there isn’t any other explanation for the healing it gives my hurts and the lift it gives my spirit. I thank God for the gift of David’s voice at this time more than words can say.

    Thank you Bluesky for the beautiful way you have of sharing with us 👏


  31. djafan said

    Still in bed this morning reading the comments and enjoying the discussion. I think Bebe said it best, we miss David and his interaction with us, period.

    I don’t remember if it was here that I read about Taylor Swift’s and her relationship with fans and how David could learn from her. I also read about the Piano Guys, Alex Boye, and Lindsey Sterling and their communication with fans. I brought this this discussion to my almost 18 year old granddaughter to get an opinion because you all know my thoughts on all things David, lol. She is a huge Taylor fan, has attending concerts, buying all her music, knowing all about her. She’s also a fan of David but not of all his music, she’s really curious about what he’ll be putting out. Anyways her take on both of them and fans. David is doing better than Taylor in this aspect and smarter in the long run than Taylor. I was even more surprised and proud of her for the reasons she gave me. Taylor has dedicated her life to her career, 24/7, she’s clearly gone after super stardom. She has no balance in her life and this can lead to more serious personal issues. David on the other hand is not trying to be a super star and yet he is popular. He’s going about building a career and having a personal life outside of it, balance is most important for a long mentally healthy life. He’s got it right. I asked about the fans that have waited and communicating. She said he has been communicating maybe not in the way he had but he’s not a kid anymore but on instagram you could tell he still has his personality. And if they stop being fans he’ll get new ones, his instagram followers keep growing. He shouldn’t live his life based on others none of us should, not healthy. ( she is really into mental health and wise beyond her years according to others not just me lol)

    So I ride the train, where it will take me is unknown but I’m living the journey a day at a time. I designed my fathers memorial prayer cards yesterday, sure puts things into perspective for me.


  32. ray. said

    djafan, your grandaughter has a lot of you in her,she has talyor, and david figured out right,.she is a very smart girl. has to take after you,


  33. skydancer1x said

    Dja❤️, ” ( “The comfort and joy”)David gives me time after time never disappoints “Yes. And I am so glad his music is helping you at this time❤️it helped me through a really tough 2014 Davids voice , hearing him sing…reaches into our heart and releases the emotions that are there waiting to surface. No one else does that to me. Who else can sing so beautifully and bring you to tears as you listen. His rare ability to do that through music is why I will always be drawn to listen to him sing. I do miss the “old David” I miss his personality, his spontaneity, his youthful exuberance and the joyful smile , that made me smile until my face hurt. I miss seeing him perform “live” ..I hope we will all get to see him perform live ,in 2015. I like Taylor. Watched how she handles herself promoting her new material. She has a solid fanbase and seems to me to really care about her fans. Smart lady. Nothing nasty about her shows ,and she is humble. (“Shake It Off” is just plain fun.) 🙂 Bluesky ❤️I love when you share with us, always love what you say and how you say it😃 Ps I am still without computer having to post a comment by phone.( Sorry for any errors or running sentences.)


  34. djafan said

    Thank you Ray! Believe it or not we don’t always agree lol.

    She thinks I’m a little obsessed, I say nahhh haha

    Sky, Yes. It’s hard to explain for sure how calming David’s voice is. And if instagram is a clue we will get some of that when he’s ready to fully engage.

    After years of listening to him, observing him, watching countless interviews I would venture to say that he is not only working and preparing for new music and performances but also preparing spiritually for what lies ahead. David has always said he prays and meditates when making decisions. I can imagine him on his knees, at church and home for the support and guidance he is going to need, not to mention the thick skin he’s going to have to wear once he steps into the mainstream media and fans. I’m sure he’s not going to please everyone. Even the naysayers and those that say they have moved on will take a look and be taken by storm once again. I believe.


  35. tawna21 said

    Nothing earthshaking here, but I just have to say…. I’m love, love, loving the conversation that is going here!! This is so much a family… opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, agreeing to disagree… all with David as the subject. David, as the subject that we all love, is the keystone in the archway of this home. I. LOVE. IT!!!!!

    Dja… you have a very intelligent granddaughter. How refreshing to hear her perspective. I like it. It certainly caused me to do some thinking. I’ve not been a Taylor fan in the past, but her current “Shake It Off” is so different that I actually can listen to it.


  36. SandyBeaches said

    Most successful stars whether in acting, in sports, or in singing, ‘know’ that there is a certain window of time that they will be at their peak performance level unless they are fortunate to have long careers. I have seen stars in all categories due to other stars coming along, lose the top positions.

    I don’t look at Taylor Swift and wonder how many hours she spends with her family or if she takes part in Sunday worship. I believe you must already be balanced and strong in your own way to get to super stardom.

    Go for the brass ring if you are so fortunate to be there to grasp it. The world is made up of many different individuals and I don’t know if one lifestyle is any better than the rest.

    SB 🍁


  37. angelofdja said

    An enjoyable article indeed Bluesky! Thank you! Your words brought on a conversation that has been very honest and quite a pleasure to read!
    Regarding David’s career and future I think “The Best is Yet to Come”! (Although this does include me practicing “patience”!)


  38. usa born said

    Has anyone here stopped to think maybe David may not want the fans he currently has. The older “obsessed” fans? He is after all, only 24 years old. You can say he appreciates all his fans but seriously, do you honestly believe he wouldn’t love to have the fans Taylor has? The fans who are her peers, closer to her age who understand and appreciate her music and who will grow with her in every way, musically as well as in age? It was suggested fans put themselves in his shoes and the feeling I got was one of how embarrassed he must feel over the obsession of him by his older fans. He would never insult his older fans but it is what it is.

    The granddaughter who gave her opinion about the differences in how David & Taylor manage their relationship with the fans doesn’t know what she’s talking about. How can she be a fan of Taylor & not of David and yet sound biased towards David? Sounds to me she said what Grandma wanted to hear to make her feel justified in her obsession over David.

    There are fans who seriously ARE fans of his VOICE & enjoy listening to him sing & don’t much care whether he’s handsome or not because it’s all about the voice. But the fans who post on the fan sites go on about the hair & how “gorgeous” he is. Fans who are older than his own mother. Is it any wonder David has distanced himself? Think about it.


  39. USA Born, I get what you’re saying, but the only way he can have the fans Taylor has is to really cultivate a relationship with a new fan base in an effort to build it, put out music that caters to the popular genre and basically go on a massive promotional blitz. Yes, David says he’s putting a new album together for 2015, but everyone is still wondering whether he really still wants to be a big popstar — the one with the adulation and following he had in 2009 to 2012. His actions since returning from the mission indicate that perhaps that might not be the case. (Please note use of “perhaps” and “might” here.)

    Another thing I’d like to point out is that while some fans say David doesn’t have to say anything or he’ll do whatever he wants because other artists don’t talk about what they do, etc. etc. I just want to point out a major point of difference here: none of of those artists left a hot career to go on a 2 year mission, telling their fans they’ll do music when they come back, only to return and say they’ll never be the same and then have publicly re-directed focus towards Church activities, including music.

    It’s no wonder fans tweet and message him on IG and FB asking him what his plans are. It’s not just the ODD fans — it’s fans from EVERYWHERE asking him. We’re dealing with a completely different set of circumstances here. Give the wondering fans some credit, right? They did wait, it is but natural to ask and wonder.

    Again, I’m all for asking about career plans. I don’t care to ask him (and never will) about having a girlfriend ( I saw a tweet again yesterday), what he had for dinner, what he did over the holidays, etc. That’s private.


  40. Abrra said

    #38 One thing I do know about David is he is unbiased when it comes to fans. His comments about older fans were in regard to some who invade his private space in public. Older and younger have all attended shows and bought his music. That’s whose support got him to the position he was in when he decided to go away on a mission. He could “afford” it in fan loyalty and financially. You said one thing I agree with,”He would never insult his older fans …”
    Nothing wrong with admiring a good looking singer. Especially one who has the total package of voice, personality, character to match the good looks.

    #39 I see the tweets as well. I answer the ones that ask “what ever happened to David Archuleta?” It kinda annoys me that they ask, yet are too lazy to Google him or visit his OS.



  41. ray. said

    usa born, you best go back read again what dja wrote you are the one who has it all wrong..there is quite a difference between david and taylor.,and i don,t think fans grow with there artise eaither,manny examples out there about that


  42. MT said

    I’ll weigh in to say that I agree with those that say they miss the communication regarding career matters. I read the messages he currently sends but honestly, while it’s nice to hear from him, I can take them or leave them unless they are about music, writing, etc. Career related info is what I’m waiting for. And MUSIC.

    As for talking about his hair, clothes, etc. While nothing is being told to us career-wise, it’s just something to talk about. I like it here. I like this site. I like the people here. I don’t want to give up the friendships I’ve formed here and so here we sit, talking and gabbing about all sorts of things while we wait as women do. I don’t see a thing wrong with that.

    #38 I disagree. My guess is that David doesn’t care “who” buys his music and tickets to his shows as long as they do. He needs all fans, lots and lots of them. Old or young, fans are what make or break a career. We do no harm here to David. I can’t believe for one second that he’d want us to go away.

    I saw Taylor Swift when she was a mentor on The Voice and she seems very down to earth yet very knowledgeable about music and what it takes to be a success in the industry. I gained a lot of respect for her, watching her mentor the singers. Very smart lady. As for comparing her career to David’s, I don’t think you can compare the two. Her music and David’s music are miles apart in theme and sound. As Ray said, there’s quite a difference between the two.


  43. MT said

    Love your article. I tend to open the fridge and pull out a song or two when needed, too. I have certain “go to” David songs that always lift my spirits and calm me when I’ve had a rough day. My fridge is well stocked with David music. 🙂


  44. MT said

    Just to make you all smile. 😀


  45. djafan said

    USA Born,

    “The granddaughter who gave her opinion about the differences in how David & Taylor manage their relationship with the fans doesn’t know what she’s talking about. How can she be a fan of Taylor & not of David and yet sound biased towards David? Sounds to me she said what Grandma wanted to hear to make her feel justified in her obsession over David.

    You didn’t read that we don’t always agree. She’s been a “huge” fan of Taylor since the beginning. She is a fan of David but doesn’t like all of music. Like I said she is really into the “balance” in a person’s life and I won’t go into the details as to why these are her opinions I shared since everyone here already knows mine.

    And don’t need to be justified by anyone to have my “obsession” over David. A word I use tongue in cheek because of the way it’s used to criticize a group of fans by some. I love David’s voice, his songs, his humility, his character, his courage and what he shares or doesn’t share, becomes a superstar or not doesn’t change my being a fan of him. It is what it is and I just accept it.

    The discussion has been very interesting with many opinions no right or wrong. We are all different individuals just like David. I also love it here and enjoy the gabbing by all. Please don’t stop before we know it we’ll be planning road trips to hear “the voice” 🙂


  46. In reading about age specific preferences in listening to music, I found the list of artists that ‘overlap’ for the ages of the 13-64+ year olds.

    Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Justin Timberllake…and the list goes on.

    The survey was done on 5,000 music listeners who listen to and buy music. I believe that we can put the argument of who the older person should be listening to in the world of music, finally to rest. It is always good to have something concrete to base your opinions on.

    SB 🍁


  47. So,”the proof is in the pudding”!

    I think young ones that this particular saying belongs in the older age bracket but you can check out the meaning on google! You never know it might overlap your way sone day!


  48. Abrra said

    Good morning to all on this Monday full of sunshine 🙂
    I have a busy day ahead of me. First I’ll feed the dog and take her outside to her run area. She will bark incessantly at the barn cats next door who she can spot from a thousand feet away. Next I will gather up the recyclables and trash from the kitchen and carry them to the curb. The highlight of my day just might be picking out a comfy pair of jeans and a brightly colored tee shirt to wear to work. later I will arrive back about 3pm, just in time for a 30 min dog walk at a nearby golf course. By that time it will be getting dark and time for a meal. A gigantic mixed salad with some stir fried, cut up chicken. The rest of the evening will be a total surprise. I’ll cruise twitter and the David fan sites and catch up on all the “news”. With any luck I will be in bed at 11pm and wake up tomorrow. That’s the best part isn’t it? Waking up.

    So what is your day going to look like?

    (hey times are slow in David land, humor me?)



  49. bluesky4home said

    Hi friends!!

    I am due a new grandchild today Abrra! That is what I am doing ^_^.

    I work in an interesting field. Sometimes I get to teach skills to people who are dealing with the effects of trauma. Through this work there is one thing that I have learned above all: the human heart is a mysterious and amazing place. It has the power to conquer when all odds seem against it.

    And…for myself as a worker, I have also learned that I can never know what is in someone’s heart, their motivations, etc. As they discover these things for themselves (in the process of our work) and are renewed by what they find, I also am renewed, and I realize again and again that no one can really know another’s heart. We can see the “data” on the outside, we can assume, we can draw conclusions, but our picture is less and more abstract than that of a 2 year old.

    That is all.

    I have no blinders on concerning DA. It is just that I also know that what I do see is nothing compared to what is really going on. For me, that rule applies to the fans as well: it is not my place to judge what someone is thinking. And the realm of what DA thinks “about” what someone else is thinking? My mind gets short-circuited just trying to navigate those tangled pathways.

    Do his actions force me to consider the shape of how I support him? Um, yeah, they do. But no more than anyone else of my acquaintance. He has never fit in a box and will never fit in one of my making, that is for sure. Probs, I wouldn’t want him to.

    Take that pic that came up a while ago of him and Brooke and another guy with cameras. DA held the camera up to his left eye instead of his right. Even though (to make room for the others) he was using his right hand to hold it instead of his left, as he would normally. This tells me that he prefers his left eye for focusing. Again, because of the field of my work, this ‘data’ is extremely interesting. Most people focus, or “zero in” on one object with their right eye. Some do this even when they are left eye “lead”. (Just like most people kick a ball with their right foot, even if they normally “lead” with their left.)

    *sigh* (I know, I know: bluesky is getting all “too much data” again!!!) sorry. *_*

    Do I know completely how this very strong “lead” for his left eye (as well as left hand, etc) affects his perceptions and processing? Nope. But I know that it does.

    The left side connects to the right brain – which is NOT the language brain. And music connects the two sides together better than anything else we know of so far. (think of all the videos of people in rest homes who begin speaking and moving when introduced to music once again, especially music they knew and listened to when they were young. And how people who stutter can speak if they do it as a “song” or to music.)

    Part of DA’s “charm” is his penetrating way of looking at people. Some (if not MOST ALL of it!) of this is due to his heart-space. And some of it may (I repeat: M.a.y.) be due to how he processes images and information. That is – he is looking at and for information in a way that is unique for him.

    At this point (if you have read this far ((ha, ha!)) ) someone is (hopefully) going to say: “who cares?”. Exactly. That is my point: we know very little about one another. Whatever I DO know is processed by the way I process. Not by the way someone else does.

    Which means that we are all going to have different opinions!! Okay, someone give me an award for the most incredibly long-winded, non-relateable post to an (otherwise) rather interesting topic.

    I hope if nothing else, it made you smile. Welcome to my world.


  50. bluesky4home said

    Abrra – that was my response to your request for “humor”. You are forewarned. ^_^


  51. MT said

    Abrra & Bluesky
    Thank you both for my first laughs of the day! 🙂

    I read it all and It makes perfect sense to me. Should that worry me? LOL JK!! 😀 I love it when you’re long winded. I still remember your story about the troops marching; knowing and not knowing how long the march would be. Loved that one.

    Humoring Abs, MY DAY: I woke up EARLY 😦 Had a Dr. Appt. (Just a check-up. Good news. I am healthy!) But, why do they make me go in so early?!? I am NOT a morning person! Just sayin’

    From there I went to Best Buy and Walmart shopping for a Tablet. I am soooo not techy enough to know what I need. But luckily, the guys at the stores were very helpful. I’ve narrowed it down and will do some online comparisons, then I’ll probably go back this weekend once I’ve made my decision. (It MUST play youtubes. Gotta be able to see David, right?) Oh, and if anyone can tell me if an Android operating system or windows operating system is better on a tablet, please feel free to give advice! I have win8 on my pc and laptop so I know how that one works.

    The rest of my day is expected to be even more boring to anyone but me. 😉 Visiting family, surfing the net, cooking, reading a book, comparing tablets. Then a lazy evening with the hubs. In my mind, it’s a good day. 🙂

    Tomorrow? Who knows. Some days life tends to surprise me.


  52. Abrra said

    IPad it’s easy to manage on iTunes. The availability and access to the most wanted apps make it my choice.



  53. Abrra said

    Oh and never buy retail. Always buy online direct from the company. That way if you need customer service it’s right from the manufaturer.
    I never buy anything computer or tablet related at a store.


  54. djafan said

    Bluesky, I really understood everything and am so fascinated by your observations of that picture with the cameras. I’d like more on these observations actually if it’s not to much to ask. I love your way with words and how you think, not that I really know how you think but what you say lol.


    I’m at work, working until later. Then going home and making dinner, something with chicken. haha


  55. Abrra said

    No one, I repeat, no one sees things as you see them. You are an enlightened spirit and a gift to this site.

    So? The rest of ya all stayed in bed today? Great for you 🙂



  56. MT said

    Thanks for the advice Abs. 🙂


  57. bluesky4home said

    Djafan… I pretty much covered it in the former post. But I can give you a little more background.

    Maybe one of the Admins could post that pic?

    This is what I tell the little kids I work with, I ask them: “How many legs do you have?” They say, “Two.” Then I ask them, “Do you use both of them when you walk?” They say (looking at me with a puzzled expression) “Yes.” Then I say, “Oh, you must walk like this!” And I put two fingers tightly together and ‘hop’ them along one arm. They say, “No!” Then I say, “Well then, how do you walk?” They show me with either their fingers or by actually walking. ^_^

    Then I exclaim, “Oh! You mean one leg leads and the other follows!” (ha, ha!)

    I do this to introduce the concept that as humans, we are blessed with “two”. And everything we have “two” of (eyes, ears, arms, legs, neocortex, etc.) works this way: one side ‘leads’ and the other follows. This is because we constantly have to process information across our midlines in order to………do just about anything! The baby must learn to hold its head in relation to its torso, turn the head, and even use the eyes in different directions (from the head) at the same time! Amazing! In order to make all these complicated processes easier, we “specialize”. Most of the time, we are not aware of this process going on. But then we get “left handers” and little kids who have a harder time reading across the midline, etc. (although, you know there are LOTS of reasons why some peeps have a hard time reading across the midline, this is just one reason.)

    Because the right eye usually is the one we use to focus on one thing, or capture details, then even though the left may be our “lead” most of the time, we might use the right eye with a camera, etc. DA however, did not.

    So… when I see DA consistently do certain things: always in footwear, left-handed, metaphorical language and/or struggles in using language easily, large motor movements favored over small, …. well. It just all fits. These are little windows that reaffirm what he tells us anyway: verbal communication is not necessarily on his list of favorite things to do. ^_^

    When the left eye leads, especially if the left ear is also “lead”, then our first choice (or favorite way) in processing is “whole to parts” rather than “parts to whole”. We look for patterns and whole concepts instead of details. (DA loves to share “concepts” with us. That might ((m.i.g.h.t. underlined five times!!!)) be one reason that he does this. To us might sometimes seem impersonal. But to him, it could be very personal indeed.)

    In the picture I mentioned, what I see as a “concept” is that they are showing us how we sometimes communicate with them: we hide behind our cameras. We want their image… but what is that? What part of that is “them”? It was probably just a fun joke. I do not say this to mean that they were being disparaging to fans at all. I do not believe that for one moment. At the same time, it might show us how we sometimes appear to them – the other side of the view as it were.

    Or… bluesky could be just having fun with her own story ha, ha! ^_^

    I am one that uses metaphorical language (bet you never noticed!). I struggle a lot with writing.

    However…. the part of the brain that helps us to ‘communicate’ across the midline between language and concepts, (in the neocortex) – called the corpus collosum – (think of a big switchboard ((if you know what that is!!!)), ((I am old enough to know!)) )
    anyway… our friend the corpus collosum is, at birth, 40% more dense, meaning more connections, in females than in males. The boys really are more ‘single minded’ than the girls. Period.

    However, I have read that at death, when Dr.s have done little autopsies on famous people, etc. they have found that those with the most connections (or the most dense) corpus collosum…. are (wait for it…) music conductors. So the phenomena is not set in stone: connections can be built. Music is one way for this to be facilitated. Cool, huh?

    bluesky signing off, over and out.

    (Here’s hoping I am a new Gma before midnight tonight!)


  58. Abrra said


     photo 7_zps357d14ea.jpg

    Here you go.


  59. djafan said

    Wow Bluesky! I love it! Thank you! And MUSIC the connection. Trouble writing? It sure doesn’t seem like it, nope. Interesting it is all very interesting. I’m going to pay more attention to these things because I see opportunities in the horizon 🙂


  60. djafan said

    Oh and Congratulations in advance!!!!

    Another thing I have to say is Bebe, you out did yourself with that screamcap. What a capture. Yes, he’s gorgeous but it’s more than that. You could feel the emotion, passion in his expression, his hands, his stance, etc… lol


  61. bluesky4home said

    59 Dajfan… well, if it sounds like I can ‘write’ it well, that is: this particular topic, that is because I have had to learn how to describe it …. for 29 years. Even I have to get it down in that amount of time! ^_^

    And yes, thank you to Bebereader for the lovely pic on top. I like it better than the first one that was up. Great choice!


  62. jans11 said

    Bluesky, congrats on your new grandchild whenever it decides to make it’s grand appearance! 🙂 And your posts are very interesting. It’s always good to read what others do because I believe a person can always learn new things, whether the info is in their realm nor not.

    Abbra, love your schedule! 🙂

    usaborn, didn’t know a person’s eyes and ears change when they get old! Mine hasn’t anyway! 🙂 And it’s true that people in the nursing homes respond to music big time! I worked with them for 12 years and they loved music. They even “got” David’s music. They loved to listen to him and I was more than happy to ablige! 🙂

    My day started out cutting 3 Elders hair and now I’m getting ready to go to a dinner birthday party for a lady that I know. There are 4 of us that always celebrate together. Steak and salad here I come! 🙂 When I come home, I will check out my computer on all my favorite sites. My ear wants to give me some problems, hoping it’s not infected. I had a mastoidectomy back in “84 and it gives me problems. Have a good rest of the day, everyone! Love ya all!!!


  63. fenfan said

    Bluesky – love what you wrote. I haven’t opened the fridge for a while – kinda difficult to do that where I am now.
    Abrra – is it too late to tell you what I did today? I am going to do it anyway! LOL
    I went for a walk by the river after breakfast – a good long 2 hours in the cold. Ate fish and chips in a cafe, bought a duck at the supermarket, ate a mincepie for tea and roasted said duck for dinner! Altogether a rather delicious day! I am happy even though I have not listened to any David music all day.


  64. tawna21 said

    Bluesky, you’re making me think… really hard. Thank you. My brain needs it.

    Abrra… my day? Up early this morning. Worked on the treadmill for 40 min. Ate breakfast (ummm, pancakes and bacon — don’t judge me). Ordered a bed frame online. Did some online banking. Ate lunch (broiled pork chop, baked yam, green salad — better?). Went over to my mom’s apartment to figure out why her new sound bar for her TV wasn’t making sound … it’s an every other day thing, who knows what button she pushes that she shouldn’t. Now doing some quick work here before I get with my online PC support to find out why I keep getting these horrid advertisements and unresponsive script pop-ups everywhere I click into (this service has paid for itself in the last few weeks). Dinner will be either a yogurt or a green smoothie. Later, if my computer is available, I’ll be back online. If not, I’ll find something to read (probably should do that anyway). Then, to bed and, like you, look forward to waking up tomorrow. 🙂


  65. Abrra said


    Have they suggested putting ad-block on your browser? I have nothing popping up, ever. I bet you won’t need any “service” if you had that.



  66. Abrra said

    You all are making a point here. See? We don’t sit and worship at the alter of David Archuleta. We have lives and we live them. When he puts out music, we will listen and most likely buy it. Until then, carrying on.



  67. Your patience is to be commended .

    Does the Guinness World Book of Records have a record for that?

    SB 🙉🙈🙊


  68. Kristin said

    Ok trying that again. Gas leak in house so comment was unfinished. Bluesky, your comments were interesting and I had read it a few times. Never thought of that!! Also, Abrra totally agree with this comment: “See? We don’t sit and worship at the alter of David Archuleta” We ALL have our own lives!! David is just a part of it in many different ways depending on our views.

    Anyway, my day: nice sleep, good food throughout the day, had one of my classes during interterm today, one this week, one next week. I also played music and sang and pondered my thoughts as I usually do. I am now watching movies with friends in my house 😀 Sorry it isn’t much as everyone else but that’s my day in a nutshell. Oh, and it was 30 today and went down to 21 by the afternoon with gusty winds. Winter is indeed here!!

    Have a pleasant evening everybody!! It’s also been great to read everyone’s comments, thus why I like to express my thoughts here. Welcoming and balanced!!


  69. betsy said

    Bluesky – you remind me of one of my sisters.
    That is a good thing. ❤

    Abrra, lets see.
    What did I do today? I'm just getting it in under the wire. It was my day off, and 7 degrees. I stayed home,
    left my pajamas on all day, read a lot in front of the fire. (Elizabeth Berg), made soup (cheesy potato) and
    stepped not a foot out of doors.
    Oh, I listened to some Mark Knopfler. 🙂


  70. Keep the campfire burning Abrra.

    We are in a deep, windy, freeze here.

    Just watched our Junior Hockey Team win gold over Russia. So everything is good in Canada for tonight.

    My four legged creatures are snuggling in for the night. They leave little room as they hear the wind howling outside.

    SB 🍁


  71. djafan said

    Abrra! That could have been an article! Lol. Very good point you made without anyone realizing it, including me!

    We are not putting our lives on hold, we are living life while we wait for music and so is David!

    Great comments! Great thread!


  72. No one I have met has the personality to ever stop in their tracks while watching to see if he returns to the stage. The fans who financially support and develop the sites, form committes for humanitarian efforts, pay forward extra tickets, design hard covered birthday books, paint for auctions, put together baskets for hospitals (including David CDs and all other David things!), painstakingly take hours to compose articles about his performances including art work, (.well the list goes on), will never be matched.

    What you have contributed will be realized someday. You have been the best teams of gifted people.

    SB 🍁


  73. bluesky4home said

    SandyBeaches – you are at the top of that list. ❤


  74. djafan said

    Ditto Bluesky 😀


  75. I could name super contributors all day long and then some! What a mix of great people who came together years ago. I remember one restaurant that we had planned a gathering after a concert and I looked around and saw people from all of the sites conversing and laughing and swapping stories. Of course there were enough people to fill the restaurant and we were far from quiet. There was so much spirited energy in one place.

    Well we are on this trip and we will see where it takes us.

    SB 🍁


  76. tawna21 said

    SB…. “Well we are on this trip and we will see where it takes us. ” Layover…. flight/train/bus/car/minivan/horse & buggy has been delayed for a bit. 🙂


  77. MT said

    “Layover…. flight/train/bus/car/minivan/horse & buggy has been delayed for a bit. 🙂 ”

    LOLOL @ horse & buggy. hahaha That is too funny. Yep, we are on an extended layover. And just like a layover at the airport, we can’t do anything about it so we might as well enjoy ourselves while we wait. 😀


  78. MT said


    Has the baby made his/her debut yet?


  79. djafan said

    And the man tweets. I like the sound of this one.


  80. djafan said

    From wiki. Very interesting.

    André Paul Guillaume Gide (French: [ɑ̃dʁe pɔl ɡijom ʒid]; 22 November 1869 – 19 February 1951) was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1947 “for his comprehensive and artistically significant writings, in which human problems and conditions have been presented with a fearless love of truth and keen psychological insight”.[1] Gide’s career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars.

    Known for his fiction as well as his autobiographical works, Gide exposes to public view the conflict and eventual reconciliation of the two sides of his personality, split apart by a straitlaced education and a narrow social moralism. Gide’s work can be seen as an investigation of freedom and empowerment in the face of moralistic and puritanical constraints, and centres on his continuous effort to achieve intellectual honesty. His self-exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully oneself, even to the point of owning one’s sexual nature, without at the same time betraying one’s values. His political activity is informed by the same ethos, as suggested by his repudiation of communism after his 1936 voyage to the USSR.


  81. djafan said

    Tawna, YES!

    “And just like a layover at the airport, we can’t do anything about it so we might as well enjoy ourselves while we wait. :D”

    SB, I believe I will see you again in 2015 🙂


  82. MT said

    Interesting tweet by David. I can see why that would resonate with him. In order to reach his full potential as a Pop Artist (if that’s still what he wants), it may necessitate letting go of what is safe and comfortable and venturing out into the unknown. It’s got to be kind of scary trying to figure out the right way to get where he wants to go. Is he wondering if he can still do it?

    So many possible ways to go. So many difficult decisions to be made, not knowing how it will all work out. I don’t envy him, trying to figure it all out and knowing that, whatever the results, it will be because of his own choices, and he has to live with it if it doesn’t work out.

    *Sending him positive vibes and hoping things turn out exactly the way he wants them to.*


  83. bluesky4home said

    OOOOooooo DA. Nice tweet. But you, dear fellow I do believe will always be well “grounded” no matter the shores you attain.

    Taking a baby break. Not here yet. Poor dear has been in labor now for well over 15 hours. mom and pop a bit tired. ^_^
    This is their first. They have no. idea. that their periods of “waiting” have just begun. ❤


  84. lynnella said

    What a great bunch of people frequent this site. I love reading what everyone is doing. As for me, it’s a slow day. Made a trip to the ER late yesterday, but didn’t stay overnight. Colon problems, but all turned out okay. So, today I’m taking it easy. Very cold here too.

    From the sound of David’s tweet, I wonder if he’s taking a psychology class. I took several in college and they were interesting and thought provoking. David seems to be a deep thinker anyway. I could see that being of interest to him.

    All the talk about food has made me hungry. Have a good rest of the day everyone.



  85. Spirit said

    Lynnella….I was also thinking that the quote was something David read in a psychology class. Since classes have resumed, he’s probably delving into new subject matter. He has expressed an interest in psychology, so it would make sense that he is taking a class in that subject. As many people do on social media sites, I think that David posts quotes that speak to him in some way.


  86. Spirit said

    An additional thought….this quote echoes an idea that David has often expressed. In order to grow, you must leave your comfort zone.


  87. djafan said

    These have stood out to me today. You are all incredible people, I can tell.

    Spirit, “this quote echoes an idea that David has often expressed. In order to grow, you must leave your comfort zone.”

    Lynnella, “David seems to be a deep thinker anyway. I could see that being of interest to him.”

    MT, “Yep, we are on an extended layover. And just like a layover at the airport, we can’t do anything about it so we might as well enjoy ourselves while we wait. :D”

    SB, “Well we are on this trip and we will see where it takes us.”

    Kristen, “It’s also been great to read everyone’s comments, thus why I like to express my thoughts here. Welcoming and balanced!!”

    Abrra, “You all are making a point here. See? We don’t sit and worship at the alter of David Archuleta. We have lives and we live them. When he puts out music, we will listen and most likely buy it. Until then, carrying on.”

    Bluesky, “SandyBeaches – you are at the top of that list. <3"

    Tawna, “Well we are on this trip and we will see where it takes us. ” Layover…. flight/train/bus/car/minivan/horse & buggy has been delayed for a bit. :)"


  88. djafan said

    In the meantime I’m counting down to February 14! Spanish song and music video! With maybe a little Portuguese for good measure! Maybe the tweet is a reflection on preparing to perform live to thousands in another language. I can’t wait to see this.

    RootsTech Closing Event

    Join us on Saturday, February 14, at our closing event featuring American Idol finalist David Archuleta and the cast of BYUtv’s Studio C. This will be the perfect ending to an incredibly successful and inspiring conference. The Closing Event starts at 5:15 in Hall D.


  89. betsy said

    Remember Lee DeWyze? He won Idol some time ago. Anyway, one year he sang a beautiful
    acoustic version of a song that I like, and I tweeted about it. His fans jumped on it lol.
    You guys know what I’m talking about. Some of them follow me still.
    I still get dm’s from some of them telling me where he’s playing next.
    Ok, my point. He is playing in SLC in a couple of weeks, and I recalled David was
    in his camp when it came to winning.
    I hope he goes and sings with him. A girl can dream. (also, a middle aged woman)
    p.s. I like his wife, she is adorable, going around saving animals all the time and being madly
    in love with Lee. 🙂


  90. djafan said

    Betsy, funny thing I didn’t watch AI anymore but did read and listened to some songs on mjs blog and I did like him. He recently did a song for a Walking Dead episode that caught attention. It would be great if David could attend. From one middle aged woman to another 🙂


  91. usa born said

    Djafan, you left out this about Andre Gide which I found kind of interesting. Especially that David actually tweeted a quote by Gide. I assumed Andre Gide was LDS. I wonder if David is reading some of Gide’s works as part of his studies in college? David is definitely full of surprises.

    “Gide was born in Paris on 22 November 1869, into a middle-class Protestant family. His father was a Paris University professor of law who died in 1880. His uncle was the political economist Charles Gide.

    Gide was brought up in isolated conditions in Normandy and became a prolific writer at an early age, publishing his first novel, The Notebooks of Andre Walter (French: Les Cahiers d’André Walter), in 1891, at the age of twenty-one.

    In 1893 and 1894, Gide traveled in Northern Africa, and it was there that he came to accept his attraction to boys.[2]

    He befriended Oscar Wilde in Paris, and in 1895 Gide and Wilde met in Algiers. Wilde had the impression that he had introduced Gide to homosexuality, but, in fact, Gide had already discovered this on his own.[3][4]”


  92. Abrra said

    I don’t think Djafan left anything out. Our style here is to give a sample of something and link to the full article when it is a long write up. I hope this was helpful.



  93. Interesting post by Snowangelz on her site:

    Looks like the same conversations are happening on 3 of David’s fan sites: here, FOD and Snowangelz.
    Can’t say I am surprised, nor do I blame the fans for wondering whether it’s time to move given that David’s changed quite a lot and he has signalled he will do things in his own time, regardless of the relationships with fans, etc. 3 years is a long time to wait and it is amazing that such dedication has been shown by all the sites and the wonderfully talented people (as mentioned in the above posts) during this time.

    As Snowangelz wrote: “For in taking back his life, he’s giving us back ours. Time to flip the page.”


  94. A comment on Snowangelz’ latest post was particularly striking to me: “I think David still supports us in theory but every interaction seems like such a hardship to him.”

    I must admit that this is what occurred to me when I first saw his “I am alive” Vlog last year, especially when he plainly stated that he disliked doing vlogs and how he seemed annoyed by everyone’s demands on him. There is a certain hardship and reluctance to fan interactions, apart from live performances.

    I am only sorry that David has felt burdened by it all and in saying that, comes the realisation that despite his incredible talent, perhaps he is not cut out to be a popstar after all, especially as he seems to hate all the other things it entails. I hope he does find the thing that makes him happiest within the realm of music. It will be interesting to see how he then promotes (if at all) his new album when it comes out.


  95. jans11 said

    For some reason, I got a heavy heart when I read Snowangelz quote. For it seems that all the things that SB explained in #72 and #75 was almost for naught. They were labors of love from all of us for David and I know that he appreciated it all. Being puzzled on why he has stopped doing vlogs, I remembered him saying many times that he had “issues” with making them. Maybe that’s why he just doesn’t make himself do it anymore. I know that when I have issues with my comp, which I do and it’s frustrating. And with him being out of practice for 2 yrs, he just can’t get into it. Like that ad on tv says, “a body in motion stays in motion”……..and he’s been out of “motion” for a long time! jmo and thinking out loud, I guess. Trying to figure out why he just can’t talk to us anymore, I know that he enjoyed it by seeing the twinkle in his eyes and the smile on his face. These are the things that I miss. And I can’t imagine that he has changed that much! We have an enigma for sure, but I’m hoping for better things in #2015!


  96. collegemom said

    Anodrlurker – I don’t think that David has felt “burdened” and I don’t think that he “hates all the other things it entails”.


  97. I awoke to the sounds of the cold north wind howling throughout the tree tops.

    As well on such a windy night, two sweet dogs are snoring away at the foot of the bed!

    So I picked up my phone and checked the site, read the last few comments.

    Then I went and read an email and went back to SnowAngelz.

    I had two readings come to mind, “For now we see through a clear glass darkly” and “once I was blind and now I see”.

    SB 🍁


  98. Then this came to mind…” but a hidden star can still be smiling”.


  99. Kristin said

    I honestly don’t know what to say in regards to what I read from SnowAngelz last night. I shouldn’t have looked at the comments either, because I found myself upset and crying. Like you Jans, my heart was heavy last night as well. Still is this morning but not as bad as last night.

    I don’t know what I can even say anymore without getting upset or accidentally lashing out at someone so I’m not going to say a word. I’m leaving a comment here and not anywhere else because I love you guys and you guys understand. I’m afraid if I go anywhere else I’ll get nasty with people and it’ll get ugly, which I don’t want to do with since I hate confrontations.

    With David, I have no words either. …I just don’t 😥


  100. ray. said

    i think when david releses is new album, he will then have something to talk to us about,for now he has nothing to say ,tha he hasen,t already said, he is working on his carrere, must he assure us avery day, come on now people wake up. jmop


  101. “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” (1451-1504)
    Christopher Columbus
    Tags: inspirational

    “Golden conquest, exotic spices, the allure of trade, colonization and Christian conversion were the heart of Spanish interests in the exploration of the western Atlantic. Christopher Columbus was the master-mind behind this endeavour”

    Good words from Christopher and he has been inspirational.

    SB 🍁.


  102. lynnella said

    I guess I am the eternal optimist. I choose to believe that good things are ahead. David said that a new album was coming in 2015, so I’m looking forward to hearing it. Usually, as with all new albums, there is PR, at least with the local stations, and then a tour. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing from Mr. Archuleta before too very long. If he’s in school, I would suspect the tour won’t be before the summer break. But that’s okay, who wants to go outside in this arctic cold.

    Anyway, I just encourage all of you not to lose heart. There are good things to come, just around the corner. David is not about doom and gloom, and neither should we be.

    I hated to hear the comments on snowangelz, too. It’s like people are just throwing in the towel. But, I would bet that those same people will come running back as soon as the new music comes out. I think everyone is just weary with waiting, because we don’t know exactly what we’re waiting for. But we do know for WHOM we are waiting, so that should make it worth the wait. He’s never let us down yet. He said he will be back, and I choose to believe he will.



  103. Kristin said

    Lynnella, I always enjoy reading your comments and what you said made me feel a little better. I haven’t lost faith in David throughout this entire thing, but I just have been frustrated and reading other people’s comments just made me feel it was bad or wrong to even be optimistic. I know that wasn’t implied or said, but I just kept feeling like the minority.

    I’ve said and I told a friend and housemate this morning about this during breakfast: I would’ve left A LONG TIME AGO if I believed he was finished. But, was convinced otherwise. Sometimes when you’ve been used to so much negativity like I was it affects you a lot more and is harder to get past.

    I’ll take your encouragment as well Lynnella. I agree with you that those same people will come running back when the new music is out. I won’t be surprised. Leave when in doubt, come back when there’s something. It’s called FAITH for a reason.

    Everyone regardless has a right to their opinions and to be frustrated and sad and whatever other feelings have been coming about. I’ve had my share, my best friend makes sure to reel me back in or knock sense into me lol.

    My best friend even said last night about how David hasn’t let us down.

    To go back to what Ray said, I understand your frustrations. Just give people some time they’ll *hopefully* come around.

    Probably not a good idea to have tweeted David to say something, but I guess it was bound to happen sometime. Had to be said to get the feelings out I guess.

    Regardless, sometimes you have to believe or have faith when it just seems impossible.

    You also sometimes have to realize how YOU feel, and know YOUR TRUTH, and hold on to it when the opinions of others could break it down.

    Like I said before, David is trying to rebuild his life and career from where he left off…just have to believe in him when it just seems impossible even to.


  104. I give my highest respect to the people who have waited 9 months to hear one thing and that is a direction that he will be taking. We don’t know what the album is about, who he plans to direct it to or who will be promoting it.

    The people who you think might come running back are those who have been the solid fanbase from his early beginnings at 16-24. The people who are gone and still not that far away are some of the most outstanding people who I have ever met. Many are highly professional, artistic and accomplished. What they say, I believe. Several know the industry and what they see that is going on. I believe in them because they are accomplished and respected in their fields and I have learnt a lot by knowing them. I fully trust the admins of the sites because they are honest and up front among many other attributes.

    SB 🍁


  105. Correction…many other fine attributes.


  106. MT said

    Lynella said: “I think everyone is just weary with waiting, because we don’t know exactly what we’re waiting for.”

    I think this is at the heart of everything right now. Patience is running very thin. We’ve been looking forward to David returning to the stage for so long now and we still don’t see it in sight. Three years is a long time. I won’t say I’m sorry that I’m still here. I still love his voice and still believe that music is coming.

    And I don’t think it’s just that we don’t know “what” we’re waiting for, it’s not knowing “who” we’re waiting for as well.

    Bebe mentioned missing his personality. I agree. I think an artist’s personality is part of everything. Someone mentioned Taylor Swift and I think that’s what the social media aspect of it all is. By communicating with her fans she lets them in, shows them “who she is”. An artist doesn’t have to give away information on their private lives in order to let fans know who they are. The smiling, the laughing on vlogs, silly random tweets, clue us in to what they are all about, gives us a bit of their personality.

    I am interested in his career. That’s what I really want to know about. But if he let us in just a little on “who he is” these days, outside of his faith and inspirational quotes, I think it would go a long way to keeping his fanbase strong. His personality has changed and we feel like we don’t know who he is anymore. Seeing a bit of his personality might give us clues as to his future music. JMO but I think an artists music and personality are intertwined.

    For me, I’m still planning on hanging around, gabbing with whoever else is here, and waiting to see what 2015 bring in the way of ♫ David music. ♫


  107. bluesky4home said

    I love you guys. That about sums it up!

    Like the fridge story above, I have found things I did not expect and better than I knew. One of those things is the wonderful relationships and people I have become connected with through DA. Everyone here has enriched my life and promoted me to become a better person. I don’t know if that side-effect would be the same with the fans of any other person. Maybe? I would hardly know since this is still a new and one-time thing for me.

    As long as there are peeps here who want to “wait” or “celebrate” or “wonder” together, I will be here as well.

    I have a new grandson: 8.6 pounds. After 30+ hours of labor all are well and beautiful.


  108. djafan said

    Born in USA, Abrra is correct. I didn’t miss anything in my post about Andre Gide. I post the first part of any article wirh a link for anyone who is interested in reading more, that’s all. Was David looking at quotes and that one resonated with him and tweeted it? ( which is probably what happened IMO because I do that). Or is he studing all about Andre Gide? In reality who knows.

    I’m an optimist by nature I don’t know how not to be. I haven’t read Snowangelz I’ve barely had time to read here. I love Deb, we all must do what is best for each of us individually. I will not stop being a fan of David ever. Do I wish he would do more of this and that just like the rest of you, of course. But it’s not a deal breaker for me. 😏


  109. djafan said

    Congrats Bluesky!!!!


  110. I think that this may he the strangest situation that a fanbase could ever be in or even imagine. In his eyes, does it no longer exist? I like to be optimistic but that is a logical question. Can anyone answer it?

    SB 🍁


  111. angelofdja said

    “Faith is believing in things that common sense tells you not to!” Why did that line Maureen O’ Hara spoke in Miracle on 34th Street pop into my brain? Anyhow, LOVE that movie and the message it sends… Congratulations Bluesky! So happy to hear your new Grandson has arrived! We have our first Grandbaby, (a boy, WOOT) coming in early April! 2015 has a very special meaning for this Grandma! Just love how that sounds! Happy New Year VOICE Peeps! Thanks for being here!


  112. Abrra said

    Some nice pictures of David on his Aunt Miriam’s Facebook. Her daughter is entering the MTC.

     photo 8miriam_zps80aaef00.jpg



  113. jans11 said

    Congrats again, Bluesky! He is a whopper and I bet a little cutie. Poor mom, but I know she thinks he’s a keeper! 🙂

    The bottom line for me is that I will always be David’s fan. I love his voice and will enjoy anything he puts out and sings, even if he chooses not to be so cordial anymore. His singing is what I am mainly here for, even if I miss his old personality. In other words, he spoiled the heck out of us and now chooses not to. 🙂 But, I accept! That voice of his tops everything! I love it!

    Congrats Angelofdja early! There is nothing like a grandchild! I have 10 of them and 15 great grandkids and I love them all!


  114. jans11 said

    Abbra, thanks for posting David’s photo! Really nice. I went over to Miriam’s FB and it looks as if David has grown a bit, maybe an inch or two. 🙂


  115. tawna21 said

    Congratulations, Bluesky!!! I’m so glad that all are doing well. That was a long labor (wow!)

    Thank you, Abrra, for the photo link. David looks very happy.

    In my usual morning treadmill time this morning I took a wrong step. I ended up meeting the corner of the couch next to it with my back ribcage. Knocked the wind right out of me (felt like it knocked the stuffin’ out also) and brought tears to my eyes. I managed to finish my time, not quite as aggressively, but I got ‘er done. I’m moving very carefully, and trying not to laugh or cough. 🙂 *note to self: do not text and treadmill at the same time! 😀


  116. tawna21 said

    Oh, and one more thing…. have ya’ll noticed that it’s staying light outside longer?!! Lovin’ it!!!!!!! It’s currently 4:30 pm and the sun is still shining high in the sky!!!


  117. Abrra said

    This kitty has it right. Btw k80moore did the BEGIN CD cover art.

    Something I have never seen happen before here in the northeast, schools are closed tomorrow due to the cold weather temprature.


  118. Kristin said

    Abrra, hahahaha!!! I love the kitty pic, so adorable!! 😀

    Schools closing due to the cold actually happened before. I remember when I was in elementary school they had to close school the next day due to the cold, and we had to go home early too. That was a long time ago but this is the first time in a while it’s happened in the northeast again. Was also very gusty tonight. Ugh…winter is indeed here.


  119. Abrra said

    Some are just not quick enough to catch the Archuleta 🙂



  120. MT said


    LOL That kitty … Now THAT is scary cold!

    and ROFL those tweets had me literally laughing out loud. Poor girl. But she’s funny. 😀

    Oh my goodness, Congratulations!! How wonderful! There is nothing like holding a tiny baby in your arms. Enjoy every moment. 🙂

    And an early congratulations to Angelofdja on a future grandchild!

    Wow, that’s a lot of little ones running around. What a joy they must be to you!


  121. Angelica said

    Bluesky, congrats on the grandbaby.


  122. lynnella said

    Here is a cat and dog picture that I love:


  123. lynnella said

    Sorry, it didn’t copy.

    Admin Abrra : Lynnella WordPress allows only admins to post images. You can however post links and we can post the image from the link for you.


  124. lynnella said

    Congrats Bluesky. And Jan11, 15 great grandchildren, WOW! I just had my first great grandchild and I feel old as dirt. They are so precious though.



  125. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  126. jans11 said

    115…Tawna, be careful! Those treadmills can be real tricky! Hope you are ok.

    117…Cute. I think that cat is thinking “don’t you dare say anything”! 🙂

    119…cute twitters! David on a date…could be another reason for his silence. Good for him, trying to make a new start in his private life.

    120…MT..yes they are. It can be hectic at holidays, but lots of fun. Twins run in our family, so I have 21 yr old twin grandsons that go to UT in Austin. And one yr old great grandkids, boy and girl.

    124…Lynne…congrats on your 1st great grandchild! They sure are precious aren’t they! Boy, the years go by fast. Can’t believe where I’m at! 🙂

    Night everyone! 🙂


  127. Abrra said

    Happy Birthday to the King of Rock n’ Roll!

     photo ElvisBirthdayLogo_72dpi_zpsad9918ea.jpg

    edit: I watched the Livestream of the cake cutting and celebration. Several thousand fans from all over the world came to wish Happy Birthday.
     photo elvisparty80_zps39259c93.jpg
    The cake was 8 tiers tall. One for each decade in remembrance of Elvis’ life. Pricilla, Lisa and her four children were there to cut the cake. Everyone who came is able to have a piece. Nice crowd for 12 degree weather in Memphis!



  128. skydancer1x said

    Congratulations Bluesky! And to his momma! yay!! ❤️ This is a drive by post as I am timing out quickly it seems my phone doesn’t like me dawdling so hope this posts 😳


  129. angelofdja said

    Thanks Jans11 & MT! We have been “old” enough to be grandparents for a l o n g time! Lol! My oldest is 31, Michael David and his awesome wife Angela will bless us with our first grandchild in April! Jans11, we can only hope to live long enough for a “great” grandchild! How wonderful it must be at Holiday time for you and your family!


  130. djafan said

    David almost made the list being away and all. I liked the sound of that.


    Which American Idol Contestants Have Sold The Most Albums?

    American Idol returned last night for its fourteenth season, which is impressive for any program these days. Sadly, the show has hit on hard times, as the number of viewers declines steadily each year, and they haven’t produced a real star in some time. In fact, last year’s winner Caleb Johnson barely made a splash after coming out on top, and he has since been all but forgotten.

    There have been dozens of artists who have participated in the show and found some level of success afterwards, going on to have meaningful and productive careers, either in or out of the spotlight. It can be hard to remember them all or place them, so here is a ranking of finalists, ranked by the number of albums they have sold in the US.

    Cook won over another David—Archuleta, who just barely didn’t make this top ten list—and his first album was a surprise hit. Songs like “Light On” helped him sell over one million copies of his self-titled major label debut (he had been releasing music before his stint on the show), which comprises 90% of his cumulative sales figure. He recently left the major label system, but he has a loyal fanbase that will likely stick with him and help him continue his musical career.


  131. Abrra said

    I came across this picture on Facebook.

     photo 15_zps6c967d4c.jpg
    Marcelo Rojas 17 hrs ·
    Was so good have a David Archuleta at work , so sweet guy , no to tall always smiling , He left all those who were there to take pictures with him , love him

    The plot thickens 🙂 Thought she was familiar.



  132. tawna21 said

    Abrra…. hmmmm

    If you go away hungry when David’s buying, it’s your own fault! 🙂 Wonder where this was? It looks like yummy food.


  133. Tahiti Malibu said

    Oh wow, she does look like Mietra. Interesting. What’s going on David? lol Also, I am blown away by the level of writing here. Very impressive.


  134. Tahiti Malibu said

    Oh also, look at David’s face. It’s like he’s thinking- Ok you guys I know you are all gonna see this and be talking about it, haha. Awesome.


  135. Abrra said

    Tahiti Malibu

     photo 4d946631-49a5-4f51-ba9c-fc4a78402a4b_zps6cc9af67.jpg

    Thank you for your kind words.



  136. Abrra said

     photo 16_zps897d51f2.jpg
    Nhi Pham #nhigga
    I met David Archuleta at work today. I had to be part of the bandwagon and ask for a picture. I wish I didn’t look so grimy from work though.

     photo 17_zps112c120a.jpg
    Brittanieee Pham #phambeee
    #davidarchie I asked if I could take a picture with him and he asked if it was cause he was wearing a suit or something. Haahah oh man. Yes. I like to take pictures with strangers because they’re wearing suits. ahhh.💕 010815

    Haha Love her sense of humor. #snarky



  137. Tahiti Malibu said

    Thanks so much for the nice welcome.


  138. jans11 said

    I seen this on FB under the 1st photo on #131, quote: “she’s a member of the church and served her mission in the Philippines according to friend of Joy”. So happy for David! And all the pics of all the girls are so cute.

    Welcome, Tahiti Malibu!


  139. Abrra said

    David reports on his latest food adventure!


  140. bebereader said

    A food tweet! Music to my ears! haha
    I had to further invesigate taiyaki:

    From Wikipedia:
    “Taiyaki, literally “baked sea bream”?) is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The most common filling is red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans. Other common fillings may be custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato. Some shops even sell taiyaki with okonomiyaki, gyoza filling, or a sausage inside.

    Taiyaki is made using regular pancake or waffle batter. The batter is poured into a fish-shaped mold for each side. The filling is then put on one side and the mold is closed. It is then cooked on both sides until golden brown.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I don’t think I’ve seen them here on the east coast but I haven’t been to a Japanese restaurant in a while either. Will certainly look for taiyaki next time. #afoodtweetyes!


  141. MT said

    That looks yummy. Cool looking, fun food!! One thing is for sure, David knows where to find interesting food.


  142. fenfan said

    If you want to try taiyaki but don’t have the fish shaped pan for it you can make something similar using just an ordinary frying pan.
    Dorayaki is a pancake filled with the same red bean paste. The batter for it is also similar to that used for taiyaki. I make dorayaki every now and then because I love the combination of sweet red bean and soft sweet pancake.
    I wish I could eat one now!


  143. fenfan said

    #131 So this one got a call back! Hark! Do I hear wedding bells? LOL


  144. bluesky4home said

    Abrra, and all… I have grown rather fond of this thread. I hope it gets saved. I might like to browse through these comments again some time. Such wonderful variety and expression from all of you. Thanks. You enrich my life!


    Love the food tweet!!!


  145. Abrra said

    Every post is archived and all the comments are saved with it. The Archived posts can be accessed on the left sidebar near the top.



  146. MT said

    144 Bluesky, ♥

    Ditto!! 😀


  147. cc halo said

    #131 Definitely not the same gal.


  148. Angelica said

    Cc Halo,

    No, not the same girl and too bad because I wrapped him in brown paper and double strength twine and shipped him with that girl in the striped shirt a long time ago. lol.


  149. cc halo said

    Lol. She was a cutie. Though I may be over-reading body language, he seemed to be leaning in from a distance for the photo–so I thought he was feeling a little awkward, especially compared to how comfortable Mietra and boyfriend looked together.


  150. “Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together. ” Edgar Winter

    I believe that we are lacking the music that brought us here and somehow we must find it and bring it back. Well that might be in dreams but you never know.

    SB 🍁


  151. tawna21 said

    Cc Halo and Angelica….. Thank You!!! for confirming it’s not the same girl…. I’ve been upside down and inside out trying to make it look like the same person! (and I’m not on anything stronger than ibuprofin for my injured back 😉 )

    It’s good to see him out and about with ‘a date’… even if they can’t have an uninterrupted evening. #public #celebrity #life #neveralone


  152. Abrra said

    This is the house of Stephanie Nielson. She and David met at the MTM after party. She is married with 5 children. I bet the kids have a blast at breakfast! is her website.



  153. bebereader said

    See new article ——->>>>> ——->>>>> ——->>>>>


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