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Oh Christmas Tree in NYC ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Tuesday, December 23, 2014


David has shared with us that Christmas is his favorite holiday. Having grown up in New York City makes me wonder if he has ever seen in person the tree at Rockefeller Center. I remember that he was in NYC for the Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2008. The tree was probably in place, standing tall, unadorned but not yet lit with 45,000 LED lights. I hope he caught at least a glimpse.

The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center makes holiday time even more special for those living in or near The Big Apple. You can’t do your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping in the city without taking a peek at the tree. At night is when it really shines, when it lights up all of midtown Manhattan. Main streets that are usually heavily trafficked are blocked off to make room for the thousands of tourists plus natives. Don’t drop a glove because when you look down, you can’t even see the ground. Snow in NYC at Christmas is a given but it’s magic snow that tickles your face as it melts. It never reaches the ground to turn to slush like normal snow does. Across the street, near St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the store windows at Saks Fifth Avenue are usually decked out in full glory, many times with a Nutcracker theme.

I can’t deal with the crowds now but I still see the tree from the car window when I’m in the city. I know exactly when to look between West 48th and 51st Streets, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. It’s right there between the two office buildings. If I dare to turn away for even a second I miss it and I don’t want to. It’s a sight to behold!


My fascination for the tree stretches to it’s roots. This year the Norway spruce is 85 feet tall and weighs 13 tons. It took an eight-man team to carefully wrap, tie, hoist and secure it to the back of a flatbed trailer coming from Danville, Pennsylvania to midtown Manhattan. It lived on the property owned by a couple who bought their home two years ago but knew that the tree in their yard could one day be destined for greatness and be chosen for Rockefeller Center since it was scoped by the head gardener for Rockefeller Center as a possible specimen for the last few years.

“We look for Norway spruce because it holds up to the weight we’re putting on there, with all the lights and everything,” Rockefeller Center head gardener, Erik Pauze said. “It’s got to be able to hold on to its needles, and a Norway spruce does that well.”

When the tree is chosen and arrangements are made to take it to NYC, the celebration begins. Crowds gather to watch it being chopped down. It takes one full month to decorate, including the Swaroski star on top. Then it’s ready to be lit.

credit: NYCsite

After the holidays are over the tree will come down and be made into lumber to be used to build homes. For the eighth year, the 2014 Christmas Tree will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. Last year’s tree was used to help build exterior and interior walls for a home in Bridgeport, CT. Each year, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree continues to be a symbol of hope.

May this holiday season bring you all that you wish for, including new music from The Voice along with the opportunity to see him live on tour and to get together with fan friends!

Many blessings for joy and peace in the New Year!


60 Responses to “Oh Christmas Tree in NYC ~ David Archuleta”

  1. Angelica said

    Thanks for the memories, Bebe! I will always remember with so much joy all the fun I had with you and Kara, Funny Girl, Marci, DJbell, SB, TOfan, Refnaf, and so many other great fans in New York that Christmas long ago…3 years now. Always in my heart, the tree in Rockefeller Plaza, the food, the lights,the friends, the laughter___and David from Christmas past. So glad I got to be a part of that period and a part of all of you here. And now, just as I always do every year, I give you, “All I Want For Christmas” by Vince Vance and the Valiants.

    A very Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Hanukkah!


  2. jans11 said

    Wonderful post, Bebe. I’ve never been to NY, but it, beautiful at Christmas time by the pictures. We have The Plaza lights that is turned on every Thanksgiving night and stays on until after New Year. It’s been a tradition for many a year, every since I can remember. We used to go over to “see the lights”, but I’m like you and don’t want to fight the crowds anymore.

    Angelica, that is one of my favorites.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Great New year! Still hoping for a David Archuleta concert!! 🙂


  3. Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all the wonderful folks here at The Voice! You have all been so welcoming – I am thankful for that! Makes it even more fun to be a David fan.

    Belated Happy Birthday to the amazing Abrra!


  4. What a great story Bebe! I could imagine it all!

    On December 6, 1917 our city of Halifax was devastated by an explosion caused by two ships that collided in the harbor (one was carrying ammunition). The city was nearly levelled completely. Citizens from Boston came by train to Halifax to their rescue. Ever since that time, a large fir tree has been chosen and trucked to Boston to become the city’s Christmas tree giving thanks to the city for their kindness at a most desperate time.

    I remember New York quite fondly at Christmas especially because of the times spent with such great friends as Angelica has mentioned.

    I get a little antsy around this time (well rather grumpy) because I have not been to what became one of the Highlight’s of Christmas!

    “Merry Christmas” and I will be seeing you….

    SB 🍁🎅


  5. marlie7 said

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the wonderful people here at The Voice. Hoping that 2015 brings with it a “meet up” at a concert where we can all enjoy our favorite singer! Hugs to you all!


  6. Good morning, I am mostly a lurker but wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate all you do here at the Voice. I sometimes lurk at unplugged too but I can’t keep up with the typing,you guys are such a hoot! Thanks so much, and wishing you all at the Voice a blessed and beautiful Christmas.


  7. I said

    Merry Christmas…….Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!


  8. MT said

    Wonderful article! The tree is gorgeous and the story of the tree is touching. My Christmas wish is that I’ll one day see David in concert in New York (I’ve never been to NY) during the holiday season for two reasons.

    1. Because I think seeing him in New York will probably give me the opportunity to meet the largest number of people that I’ve gotten to know here at The Voice.
    2. Now I want to see him there so that I can see New York in the snow, and see the lights and tree at Rockefeller Center!

    What a wonderful trip that would make!!

    Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story!

    Wishing David and all of you ….

    Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad …
    Happy Hanukkah …
    & Happy Holidays ♥


  9. Abrra said

    Bebe Thank you for reminding us of the beautiful display in New York City. I hope that you will take the time to bring the grandchildren to see it up close soon.

    Anodrlurker Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂

    Marlie Happy Birthday to you! We are “almost” twins LOL

    SB I am from the Boston area and I never knew the story of the tree. I found this article online that discusses this year’s tree from Nova Scotia.

    I & potluck8 It warms my heart when you de lurk. Thank you !

    Jan I drive around neighborhoods when I want to see lights and avoid crowds 🙂

    MT It will happen, I believe!

    Angelica Thank you again for a beautiful picture edit for this post.



  10. loulou said

    Wish every one a very Merry Christmas !!


  11. tawna21 said

    Bebe, thank you for bringing alive Christmas in New York. I would love to see that magnificent spruce tree!! It warms my heart to know that the wood goes for lumber for homes, especially for charitable homes. Having worked with the lumber industry for a lot of years, I’m always happy to know that a cut down tree is headed for a lumber mill rather than some other fate. 🙂

    SB, thank you for the history note you gave us. It’s always so much fun to hear these little side notes that are lost in the progression of time.

    Happy Birthday Marlie!

    I’m hoping that David is home now and getting ready to don his Santa hat to go caroling tonight! How sweet would it be to open your door to the carolers and find him there! 🙂 I suppose they could be spending the day visiting care centers, also.

    Oh, about the little snowies that are floating around my monitor….. I thought I was going to be starting a migraine headache the other day because I was seeing spots!! Love it here!!! 😀

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and the very best of a Happy Holiday to all of you!!!

    ps– I’m still hoping for those Hanukkah recipes Bebe promised to bring to the kitchen. 🙂


  12. lynnella said

    Bebe – I was in NYC the Christmas of 1984, but just for 3 days. Took my then 13yr. old son with me to see the VanGogh exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. It was wonderful and the city was so festive. I didn’t know the story behind the tree, now it means much more.

    I just want to take this time to thank all of you dear souls who keep this site going. I know it takes a lot of work, but I’m sure it’s a labor of love for a very special young man. Wishing all of you admins. and those who comment, and lurkers, a very merry and blessed Christmas.

    Here’s my little part of the festivities. A Christmas poem. Hope you enjoy it.

    Peace on Earth

    Christmas is a time for peace,
    a time to spend reflecting,
    On what happened all those years ago,
    that makes us all expecting,
    Something good to come about,
    and give us all a blessing,
    But most of us are caught up in,
    the shopping and we’re stressing,
    Our time is spent in parking lots,
    just hoping for a space,
    To park our cars and go inside,
    the Mall to join the race,
    To find the present of our dreams,
    that brings the oohs and aahs,
    From little kids and old folks too,
    I wish that I could pause,
    And just relax at Christmas time,
    celebrate the real reason,
    Instead of doing those crazy things,
    every Yuletide season,
    I want to focus on the Lord,
    to make it about Him,
    As the carol does remind us,
    in O Little Town of Bethlehem,
    Jesus came that winter’s night,
    to save the world from sin,
    Where meek souls will receive him still,
    the dear Christ enters in,
    So let us celebrate his birth,
    with carols and with hymns,
    May this year bring us peace on Earth,
    and good will to all men.



  13. bebereader said

    Special thanks to Angelica for the beautiful picture edit of David up top.

    Angelica, I will never forget the exciting time we had at Westbury and after, too. I’m so looking forward to a repeat performance. The thing about getting together with friends we have met online or indirectly through David is that it feels like old friends reuniting; there are no pretenses and a good time is always had by all.

    Jans, Hoping for a concert too! And I hope to meet you there one day.

    Anodrlurker, Thanks for the support and encouragement you always give us. Merry Christmas to you!

    SB, I loved your moving Christmas Tree story. Hoping for Westbury, too. “Til we meet again!

    Marlie! Did I miss a birthday? Hope it was a good one!

    Potluck, Thank you for unlurking at this time. Makes me happy. Merry Christmas!

    I, Feliz Navidad!

    MT, haha For purely selfish reasons, I’m glad NY is your choice of destination to see David!

    Abs, Thanks for the link to the article explaining more in detail about the tree from Halifax. Good reading!
    We took the grand kids to see tree last year and the first thing they wanted to know was if McDonald’s was around there. LOL (They had already eaten lunch.)

    Loulou, Merry Christmas to you!

    Tawna, I think I would pass out if I opened my door to David singing Christmas carols! haha
    We decided to “let it snow” here on The Voice since it doesn’t seem like NYC is going to have a white Christmas this year. The weatherman predicts 52 degrees here tomorrow!
    I didn’t forget about the recipe. It’s coming. LOL

    Lynella, Did you get to see the tree the year you were in NYC for the Van Gogh exhibit? Thank you for the Peace On Earth poem. “May this year bring us peace on Earth,
    and good will to all men.” Amen.


  14. sweetonda said

    Bebe, loved reading your post and enjoying the memories you had of that special Christmas in NY. I’ve never been there. I actually won a trip there from work one year but didn’t go because I’m not too fond of big cities, but I might have to breakdown and go if David has a concert there next year for Christmas. Sounds like too much fun to pass up especially being able to see all the fans again.

    Angelica, thank you for the video. I love that song too.

    Abrra and all the admins, thank you again for all you do to keep this site up. I may not post often but I don’t miss coming and seeing what’s happening almost daily. Love all your Sunday puzzles too.

    Lynnella, your poem is perfect! You’re very talented!

    SB, MT, Jans, I, Marlie, Anodrlurker, Tawna, Loulou, Potluck and everyone else who comes here, sending you all Christmas (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) and a smile 🙂

    I want to wish all of you here, however you celebrate this season, that you may have a wonderful time spent with loving family members and good friends!

    Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring added blessings to each of you!


  15. Angelica said

    I, hello little one. ♥ Good to see you again.


  16. fenfan said

    Thank you Bebe for this lovely story on the NYC Christmas tree. Funny how I remember watching people skating at Rockefeller Center but don’t remember seeing the tree. Could it be it wasn’t there yet? Which comes first – the tree or the skating?
    MT – I’m with you; I want a David concert in New York. I want to see New York again and I want to see all of you there.
    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas everyone!


  17. jans11 said

    Marlie, wishing you a very happy birthday!

    Bebe, me too. That would be the best reason to visit NY and meet a bunch more fans!

    Love the snow flurries. It’s not going to be a white Christmas in KC either. Going to be around 50 here too.

    Here’s an inspirational quote that I received in my email that I would like to share this Christmas Eve:
    Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.
    Dale Evans
    This quote reminds me of this fan site because people are so giving. The mods give their all, all year, therefore it’s like Christmas every day here! ♥ And the fans can’t be beat….nothing like Christmas all year long!


  18. Abrra said


    A different kind of treat 🙂 Awwww


  19. jans11 said

    What a cute idea! David on M&M’s! On one of my birthdays, my daughter made me cupcakes with David face on the “pics”. I was so surprised.

    Awww the newborns in their Christmas stockings! Another cute idea.


  20. bebereader said

    Posting this for sky:

    Skydancer1x said

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you guys! I have missed being
    able to comment the last couple of weeks but I have been visiting everyday on my
    phone. (Santa will be late bringing me a new computer as family comes first, but hope to be back online soon! )

    Bebe, thank you for taking us to the “Big Apple “and your lovely informative
    article. 🙂 I learned lots of things I didn’t know! and especially love what
    they do with the tree once it is taken down. And thank you for posting this for

    Have a beautiful holiday and a wonderful day tomorrow with your
    loved ones! ((((HUGS)))) Sky~
    Sent from my iPhone


  21. bebereader said

    Sweetonda, It was so good to see your name here again! Would love to meet up with you at a future concert in New York. Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

    Fenfan, The ice skating schedule starts in early October in Rockefeller Center. The tree usually arrives, undecorated, in early November. So it’s possible that the tree wasn’t there when you watched the ice skaters.

    Merry Christmas!


  22. lynnella said

    Bebe, Don’t remember seeing the tree. It was about mid month, so it may not have been up yet. But, everything was decorated in the stores. My son wanted to see Macy’s (lol). That was back before there was one in the local Mall. We walked all over NYC and saw the usual sights; Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral (which impressed us both the most), Saks (where we only walked in and rode the elevator up and down, couldn’t afford to buy anything (haha), just wanted to say we’d been there. Then, of course, the Museum. It was the most wonderful place to wander in. Surprises around every corner. Josh didn’t care much for VanGogh, too young to appreciate, but loved the Medieval section with knights in armor on stuffed horses. I recommend that everyone go there at least once. There’s something for everyone in the city and the museum. My sister lived on Lexington Ave., so we stayed with her. Had dinner in a nice Italian restaurant with she and her fiance, where my son ordered lobster, then proceeded to put ketchup on it, much to the waiter’s dismay. Never felt in danger or afraid.

    Thanks for the kind comments about my poem.

    Well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.



  23. fenfan123 said

    That must be it, Bebe. I think it was early November I was there some years ago when David was still a toddler! LOL


  24. betsy said

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!
    Bebe, loved this article. I’ve never been to NYC, I always planned to go when my sister moved there. Just didn’t
    get around to it. Those lights wouldn’t serve me well now, I’m afraid lol.
    I am getting ready for work now, our store has decided to be the only one open in the city. Full hours.
    Have a great day all.
    p.s. I think Forbes posted David’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on their FB page. 🙂


  25. Angelica said


  26. Abrra said

    #25 That is the nicest card this year! Looks like he is wearing some gifts 🙂



  27. tawna21 said

    Abrra, THAT^^^^^ seriously is the nicest card this year! 🙂 ” Nice to be back to a white Christmas after 3 years.” Why does this sentence ring my bell so strongly? Love it!

    I hope everyone is having a peaceful day. Sorry Betsy that you have to work. 😦


  28. ray. said

    there are just no words for that pic at #25,god at work. merry xmass to all


  29. Abrra said

    I put it on my desktop. I choose “fit” in the desktop background setting and it fills the center of the screen from top to bottom.
    edit: After talking to Bebe, we have discovered that the “fit” for this picture is best used on screens about 22′ or larger. Her laptop screen was cutting David’s head off 😦
    Merry Christmas Ray !



  30. tawna21 said

    Abrra….. David’s head chopped off!?!!! NO ES BUENO!!!!!!

    thanks for the tip!!


  31. tawna21 said

    Okay, I can’t find the desktop settings. I can get the picture there, but there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to change anything. hmmm


  32. Abrra said


    Right click any open spot on your desktop screen.
    Left click “Personalize” in that menu
    Look near the bottom left for “Desktop background”
    Left click that and you will see a drop down menu labeled “picture position”.
    Left click that and choose “fit” and then on the right side bottom “save changes”

    You can go thru those steps again if the image isn’t how you want it and choose something else in the menu.



  33. TXNancy said

    ♥ what you said about David’s picture, Ray—-God at work! The instant I looked at the picture on Facebook, I saw joy, peace and love and it felt like a perfect gift from David to us. Has anyone looked at the picture, here, long enough to have “THE VOICE snowflakes” fall over David? It’s so magical and brings the picture to life, as if it’s almost real! It’s hard to describe. However you all spent today, I hope it was special.


  34. tawna21 said

    Thank you, Abrra. I hadn’t thought about clicking on the desktop backround. Anyway, it’s all done and good. aaahhh 🙂


  35. bebereader said

    Lynella, You covered so many of the sights! But there are a whole lot more….a tour of the United Nations, the Guggenheim Museum, the Planetarium, Chinatown, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty…So glad you had a good time. Why do kids want to put ketchup on everything? haha

    You mean this?

    credit Forbes

    TX Nancy,
    Yes, it’s snowing in that new pic of David!
    Looks so real!


  36. lynnella said

    Bebe – I went back a year later with a group of art students from the University of Louisville. I had gone back to school when I was 40. We went to the Guggenheim, the MOMA, and several other places. We rode the subway and walked through other areas that I didn’t have time for with my son. When my son and I went, the Statue of Liberty was in the middle of her renovation and was closed. I love my son, but the second trip was more fun. The best part about going on a trip like that is to find people or someone who has the same interests as you and likes to do the same things. It makes the journey much more pleasant. I didn’t have to yell at one other student, not even once (lol). Everyone was behaving.

    I’ll bet David’s mother has never had to yell at him on a trip. He seems so well behaved.



  37. bebereader said


    Please say a prayer for djafan’s father.
    He’s in the hospital again.

    On Twitter Abrra saw that she said her Dad is “going into hospice”.

    And she tweeted to David “@DavidArchie Buenos Dias! Thank U 4 the picture, made my 💖 smile on a day much needed. Dreaded life & death decisions 😪


  38. tawna21 said

    Prayers for djafan, her father, and her family at this difficult time. ♥ Hard decisions, hard times.


  39. I would just like to say…David’s hair poking out of that beanie makes me smile and smile some more! The hair is growing back to popstar lengths and I like it! #JustSaying Also, WHEEEEEEE!!!! =)

    Sorry for the inane comment but THAT HAIR! Heeheehee!


  40. Hoping for some peace at heart for djafan…



  41. bluesky4home said

    Djafan … My heart reaches out to you. It can be so wrenching to know what is always right. May peace and comfort be with you and all your loved ones.

    There is goodness and love greater than our pain. And although we can “fall” into grief and the loneliness of uncertainty as to the future, that goodness stretches out below us as deep and far reaching as above. And we are held.

    May you and your family feel that sustaining love always.



    To all who have commented (or lurked!) at this Christmastime, I wish you all good things. Thank you for just being who you are. ^_^


  42. Prayers for Djafan’s family.

    My holiday well-wishes to everyone on this site!


  43. MT said

    My heart goes out to Dja and her family. Sending prayers for peace in mind and heart. ♥


  44. Abrra, would you please place David’s solos from the MOTABS Christmas on here for us! They are exceptional especially with the choir and orchestra.

    SB 🍁


  45. Abrra said

    Here they are all in one video.

    Mormon Tabernacle Choir



  46. Abrra said

    David’s Aunt Miriam shared a family photos and a sweet story!

     photo 78_zps8a16e8b7.jpg
     photo 79_zps844b70b7.jpg

    Miriam Ivonne Mayorga Cauley
    10 hrs · Edited ·

    Went Christmas Caroling with David, Krystal, Jazzy and Scott..It was Awesome!! One of the ladies we sang to ‘ Corina’ was going to spend her Christmas time alone, so we invited her to have dinner at our house and she came, Also David and Scott Shovel The Snow off her driveway while we girls Cheered! haha Then went with Jazzy to Dropped a present to Someone who really needed it! We Stopped at a restaurant and sang for a boy & a Girl who not only were working on Christmas but also worked Christmas eve! Their Faces Said it all!..They were so grateful for our singing that they gave us Two Giant & Delicious Pies haha. Also surprised our Good Friends the Hoskins and sang for them too!! We also had a Great Dinner with the family..It was Sooooo Much Fun!! I want to do This Every Year!!! Thank You Heavenly Father for Such an Awesome Christmas!! Feeling SO BLESSED!!! Fuimos a cantar Villancicos de Navidad con David, Krystal, Jazzy y Scott.. y fue impresionante !! Una de las mujeres a la que le cantamos “Corina” iba a pasar su tiempo de Navidad sola, así que la invitamos a cenar a nuestra casa y ella vino, también David y Scott quitaron la nieve de su entrada mientras que nosotras las chicas les aplaudiamos! jaja Luego fuimos con Jazzy a dejar un regalo a alguien que realmente lo necesitaba! Nos detuvimos en un restaurante y cantamos para un chico y una chica que no sólo estaban trabajando en Navidad, pero también trabajaron la víspera de Navidad! Sus caras lo decían todo! .. Ellos estaban tan agradecidos por nuestro canto que nos dieron dos gigantes y Deliciosos Postres haha. Sorprendimos también a nuestros buenos amigos los ‘Hoskins’ y cantamos para ellos también !! También tuvimos una gran cena con la familia..Todo fue increíblemente divertido !! Quiero hacer esto cada año !!! Gracias Padre Celestial por Tan impresionante Navidad !! Me Siento Tan bendecida !!!



  47. tawna21 said

    Bluesky #41, that touched my heart, thank you. I made it thru the first Christmas in 63 years that my Dad wasn’t a part of it. Your comment is beautiful. ♥ ♥

    #46…. what a kind, caring, and giving family!


  48. djafan said

    Hello my dear friends, thank you for your support it means the world. Your words help the hurt. It’s been tough and I now it’s going to get tougher but with Gods grace all will be well.

    Bebe, Awesome Awesome article and great comments. (((( hugs))))


  49. MT said

    I can just see David shoveling snow while the women watched. lol

    Love the picture David shared, too. What a nice Christmas treat! 🙂


  50. tawna21 said

    Here’s an article from …..



  51. bluesky4home said

    Yes, Tawna, and the views are close to 6.5 million. In just 2 weeks. The lovely Piano Guys Christmas video from two years ago has 7,800.,000 in comparison. (that was the Emmanuel video that I shared here in 2012.) So… lots of views in a really short time and still growing. ^_^

    I liked how the writer of the article really detailed how quickly it all came together and how each contributor participated in their own way to make it happen. Pretty amazing that it worked so very well.

    And now millions of people are getting a great Christmas Card and along with it a reintroduction to DA.

    Makes me happy.

    Thank you Bebereader for the lovely article. You always put such thought into all that you do! Love to all, bluesky.


  52. jans11 said

    Sad to hear about your bad times that you are going through right now, Dja. It is so hard to lose someone that you love so much, so praying that your good memories and love will help bring you peace in your heart.

    Tawna that was real interesting on how they put the video together…and in record time! I kept looking for Dayzee! 🙂

    David’s family seems like a great one to hang out with; so much fun! His mom seems so laid back like David is; she raised him well. Love all the photos he is sending our way!

    Abrra, I received my package today and I sooo appreciate it. I will reciprocate your goodwill! I’m going to have to figure out burning cds again and hope that my comp doesn’t change on me again!

    Sunday David will be 24!! That is almost unreal.


  53. bebereader said

    I rarely eat fried foods but on Hanukkah, fried foods are eaten to celebrate the miracle of the candelabra that stayed lit for eight days on one drop of oil. Potato pancakes is the most well-known dish for this holiday. In fact, what is Hanukkah without potato pancakes? I have made this dish for my Christmas-celebrating friends over the years. Once they taste it, they beg me to make it for them every year. I hope you enjoy it too!

    Potato Pancakes

    (makes 24)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    8 large Idaho, russet or yukon gold potatoes, peeled
    vegetable or canola oil for frying
    1 cup flour or plain bread crumbs or matzoh (cracker) meal
    4 eggs
    1 medium onion (optional), grated in a food processor
    (Most potato pancake recipes call for onion but I don’t use it in mine.)
    2 tsp salt and pepper to taste


    Heat 1/3 inch of oil (4tbsp) in a heavy frying pan until very hot.
    Mix the eggs in a large bowl and set aside.
    Grate the peeled potatoes (by hand or with a food processor) and immediately put the potato shreds into the bowl of eggs to stop them from turning brown from being exposed to air.
    Add flour (or breadcrumbs) and 2 tsp salt and pepper to the bowl with the eggs and grated potatoes. Mix gently and thoroughly with a spoon.
    Scoop the batter, spoonful by heaping spoonful and gently drop each into the hot oil. Press down gently with a spatula to flatten.
    Fry 2-3 minutes until golden brown, then flip the pancakes and fry 1-2 minutes on the second side. Repeat until all the mixture has been fried. (You will need to add more oil to the pan every couple of batches.)
    Drain very well on a plate lined with several layers of paper towels to absorb the oil. I dab them incessantly.

    Enjoy with apple sauce or sour cream or both.


  54. tawna21 said

    #53 Thank you, Bebe! I just happen to have a 50# bag of Idaho Russet potatoes in my storage room. 🙂 🙂


  55. betsy said

    Dja, I know I haven’t commented much, but I have been thinking about and praying for you. It’s a difficult
    time and you need to know that everyone loves you and feels for you. (Hugs)

    Bebe, those potato pancakes look suspiciously like the latkes that I read about as a child in my All of a Kind
    Family books. 🙂
    I’m making them tomorrow.


  56. bluesky4home said

    Dear Bebereader,
    Too funny! Who knew that the potato pancakes I watched my Mom make my Dad for breakfast were a specialty item! He loved them with a bit of onion, and us kids (who were relegated to servings of oatmeal) dreamed of having plates filled with potato pancakes of our own.

    Nowadays, I do make them for myself, but I use yams, sweet potatoes, celery, a little onion (sometimes I even use butternut squash with ginger!), whatever sounds good to me at the time. And I guess they are not really “pancakes” since I only use a little egg and no flour….and very little oil. Okay, so they are barely recognizable!! ^_^

    Well, such is the gluten-free life! But they are super tasty. We all love them.

    PS, I did see some recipes for Hannuka that used califlour, etc. instead of potatoes so… Maybe my adaptations are not too strange after all?


  57. Abrra said

     photo f778b7a3-f46f-47ae-b1e9-515b6c404f1f_zps1fb08d80.jpg



  58. That’s one amazing picture Abrra! Lots to think about when you look at it.

    SB 🍁


  59. bebereader said


    Yams and celery. Sounds very good! Never heard of making them with cauliflower, though. There are all sorts of additions now, including carrots, zucchini and even beets. I’ve not tried any others and am open to them but I know I will always come back to the original recipe I grew up with. #extremecomfortfood


  60. Abrra said

    New post ——————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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