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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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A Teenager’s View of David Archuleta

Posted by emmazaugg on Wednesday, December 3, 2014


credit: rhiminee

When we saw the One Voice Children’s Choir sing “Glorious” on YouTube, my mom got her credit card and bought tickets to the “Celebration of Christ” concert, knowing my Grandma was going, and that DAVID WOULD BE THERE! I had been watching David’s “Glorious” video multiple times a day for weeks, and I couldn’t get enough of it. His face is so sweet! In fact I have to keep drawing it :).


credit: Emma

The whole show was amazing, but I couldn’t help but glance at the program often to see when David would be singing next. I felt so happy when he came out and performed his first number “The First Noel”. David sang a neat arrangement of “Do You Hear What I Hear” that he finished with a low, resonating note. I was enthralled. My mom and I squealed when we saw “Glorious” in the program (I think that song will be a forever favorite). Hearing David sing the lead with the children’s choir harmonizing was exactly what I had hoped! The beautiful first piano notes transported me into the song immediately. I really hope David records “Believe” (from Polar Express), his voice was incredible (I feel torn because I really like how Josh Groban sings the song, yet there’s something about David).


credit: Emma

When we saw Masa Fukuda conducting the children’s choir in their YouTube video, we wanted to meet him! And we did! At the end of the concert, as he was exiting the building, we were able to tell him how much we enjoyed the choir. It was a treat to hear inside tidbits he told us of how David helped ease the children’s anxiety before they appeared on America’s Got Talent. David assured them he often gets nervous too. We also heard Stephanie Mabey (the composer of “Glorious”) is a sister to some former One Voice choir members. Mr. Fukuda was as adorable in person as he appears in the video.

I wish I could say I was exaggerating, but I really do want to hear David’s voice in my mind and heart at all times. I was so glad to be able to go to the concert. What a thrill :).


Emmazaugg is the 16 year-old granddaughter of Pattirae. These are her drawings.

114 Responses to “A Teenager’s View of David Archuleta”

  1. tawna21 said

    And this, my dear friends, just goes to show, and prove, that David’s appeal spans all age groups! Emma, thank you for this fun re-cap. You are so lucky to have Pattirae as your grandma. We love her too!! Like you, and hundreds of others, I was frequently looking at the program to see when David was on next. Fortunately they had him spaced really well with not too many in between his numbers. 😀

    I’ve also liked Josh Groban’s “Believe” for a long time, but he’s definitely in second place now. I LOVE David’s cover of it! Again, it is now his song. (just own it David)

    Dayzee, on the previous post….. You are so funny. I’m going to be watching for the middle of the top row…. bet I’ll be able to find you! 😀 Is there a picture out now and I’ve missed it?


  2. tawna21 said

    Oops! I forgot to tell Emma how nice her drawings are. ♥


  3. tawna21 said

    Okay, one more and I’m finished…. this is from TOfan that she had on the Snowanglz…. it’s really good! I like the fact that she has the whole stage, and the sound is really good for being further away. ♥


  4. jans11 said

    Nice article, Emma! And your drawings are exceptional! You are a great artist, bringing out the sparkle in his eyes. That was a neat thing for you to be able to go with your grandma, Pattirae. I’ve met her too and she is quite a lady! Like 80% of us, I wanted to be there but due to Thanksgiving, couldn’t. You have time on your side, being 16, you lucky dog! Oh to be 16 again! 🙂 So, I’m biding my time hoping to see David in 2015, whenever he decides to do something concert wise. Hurry up David, I’m not getting any younger! haha 🙂 I also love Believe and looks like David made another song his own again! He has a way of doing that…….sorry, I’m rambling……

    Dayzee, I’ll be looking for you in the picture! 🙂


  5. jans11 said

    Tawna, I really like the video with everyone shown on the stage. It was better to know where the music came from when David would look over, to know what he was looking at.. Also could see the video behind him better with the rain and then the sun came out. The whole thing was just awesome and David done another fantastic job of melting his voice right into the sound of the instruments. One of his many talents with his voice!


  6. bluesky4home said


    Beautiful, beautiful artwork. I am wondering when you did each of them? Thank you so much for your recap. I love hearing your point of view.

    And your last thought, that you wish you could hear DA’s voice “in your mind and in your heart at all times”, this says something wonderful about you as a person. It says something about your own inner voice and how you look at life. It makes me think that all you really have to do is have faith in yourself and your own ability to know what is good, true, and right.

    Thank you for having the courage to share. ^_^


  7. bluesky4home said

    Tawna, thanks for finding the video that shows the whole stage. For many numbers they had video accompaniment to tell the story. So I am glad that this gives you a chance to see more of the full effect.


  8. oliveoil said

    Emma,thank you for sharing your recap and beautiful drawings.


  9. Abrra said

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience at the concert last weekend. It’s a moment in time that you will carry with you forever. The time we have with David is so short, but the impression his voice leaves is everlasting. You have a gift for drawing, they are as beautiful as the subject.

    It’s nice to see David hanging with peers.

    11 hours ago
    Last weekend I was able to perform with these crazy talented and wonderful guys in the Celebration of Christ at Capital Theater! @davidarchie @kolusola #celebrationofchrist



  10. Dayzee said

    Wow Emma! Great drawings. I love that you captured totally different aspects of his emotions. So glad your sweet grandma took you to see David. And yes, we were all sneaking peeks at that program, searching in the glow of our cell phones for the next David appearance.

    Tawna, thanks for the video. That wailing just grabs your soul. But even with the entire stage to look at I find myself seeing only David. Thanks to Jan for pointing out the nuances of the screen behind him. I really had not noticed. Duh. For me, they are just wasting their time putting up any stage dressing.


  11. lynnella said

    Emma, you are a very good artist. I hope David gets to see your artwork. I’m sure he would be blown away. I hope you continue with art in the future. The world needs really good artists. I was an art major in college, but have not done anything for a long time. What I see passing for art these days, isn’t what I remember as art. You are exceptional.



  12. Abrra said

    Hey Dayzee
    Did you know there were dancers on either side of David when he sang at Stadium of Fire?




  13. clairerolfe35 said



  14. clairerolfe35 said

    Oh shoot. Sometimes I come up clairerolfe. Sorry for the confusion. Especially mine…….Dayzee


  15. djafan said

    Emma, Loved reading all about your David concert experience!

    “I wish I could say I was exaggerating, but I really do want to hear David’s voice in my mind and heart at all times.”

    No exaggeration lol. David’s voice soothes my stress away, something about that voice that can’t be denied.

    Your drawings are fantastic. You really captured that sparkle in his eyes, beautiful job.

    Hope to hear more from you from future concerts 🙂


  16. djafan said

    Dayzee/Claire, I was so confused lol.


  17. djafan said

    David tweets!


  18. djafan said


  19. djafan said

    Marshall was a part of history this week, helping to break the world record for the largest live nativity as the composer and arranger of the music for the production.

    Over 1,000 volunteers turned out at Rock Canyon Park in Provo, UT to re-enact the birth of Jesus Christ for a video to be released mid-December and shared by social media stars including the Shaytards, Devin Graham (famous for his daredevil Devin Super Tramp productions), Stuart Edge (the brain behind a series of clean pranks), creators of Cute Girl Hairstyles and Studio C.

    The music as composed and arranged by Marshall McDonald will be performed by David Archuleta, The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, Alex Boye and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    “It is probably one of the most, if not the most, powerful Christmas pieces I’ve heard, and it’s still in the rough… It’s just an amazing, amazing piece of composition. Marshall’s done a great job,” Derral Eves, one of the producers told the Deseret News.

    Look forward to the #SharetheGift video’s viral release on The Piano Guys’ YouTube channel next Friday, December 12th.


  20. bebereader said

    Dear Emma,

    You really have a keen eye! Your drawings captured two very different sides of David and both in sharp detail. He’s an easy subject, I would imagine. 😉
    I enjoyed reading about your concert experience. There’s nothing like hearing The Voice live, closeup, in person. Like you, I also can’t get enough of David singing “Glorious”! It’s a feel-good song that he brings to life like no one else can.

    I loved reading about how you got some scoop from the conductor of the Children’s Choir…

    ” It was a treat to hear inside tidbits he told us of how David helped ease the children’s anxiety before they appeared on America’s Got Talent. David assured them he often gets nervous too.”

    Making people feel good, that’s another talent that David has.

    Thank you for sharing your recap and drawings with us. You are welcome at any time to join in our discussions here. 🙂


  21. Abrra said



  22. Abrra said

    David sighting at 5:32 Eating a snack, surprise! 🙂

    JARVIE: “A Photographers’ Life”



  23. emmazaugg said

    Thank you for the comments! I loved having this opportunity :)! It was fun to see my grandma’s reaction when she saw my drawings of David :). I drew both of them this November, right after I would watch his “Glorious” video :). It’s really fun to talk with fellow David fans! -Emma


  24. Bringing this over here!

    DAVID IS IN SHAYCARL’s new VLOG! I could not believe my eyes!!
    Cannot believe we get to see David like this.

    I just about died because he’s wearing a cap, a hoodie and looking all casual, shopping and eating with them! Eeeeep! David as we’ve never seen him folks! TOO CUTE!

    He pops up at 5:11 and is there for a while. He eats with them too and of course just drinks water. But it’s worth watching the lead up to this appearance..I was about David’s CD, talk about it ..and then..



  25. Angelica said


    So glad you got to see David perform live and hear him sing Glorious and share this special moment with your very special Grandmother. Your drawings are beautiful! I hope you keep developing your talent. Thanks for sharing it all with us.


  26. Emma, my precious granddaughter,

    I LOVED reading your recap and the insight you have about David’s voice and his performing style. You captured perfectly what we were all feeling that evening!! May I share with our friends here a little background to this experience: I recently took five of our seven daughters, along with some granddaughters shopping for Christmas. Amber, Emma’s mom, said to me “please be sure to come by our house on your way home from our shopping spree, there is a surprise waiting there for you.” Of course I went right to their home and they had me close my eyes. When I opened them there were the two pictures Emma had drawn of David staring me in the face! When she said they were for me I became very emotional, because I knew that she knew how much this would mean to me—loving David the way I do. She is such a beautifully talented artist and captured David so well. She has drawn other pieces that literally take your breath away.

    Emma, her mom, and brother Chandler came to our home the day before Thanksgiving to help me get ready for the big day. But we ended up watching some of my favorite videos of David from YouTube (When You Say You Love Me—SLC first night when David cries from our love. If The Savior Stood Beside You—Hawaii. Glorious, and a few others. We all ended up crying. But my happiest moment was when they told me they had tickets to see David in “The Celebration of Christ.” So I knew we would be sharing that special moment together. The three of them sat in the balcony while I sat in the front with my special David friends. We were with each other before and after the show though and loved our visit with Masa Fukudo about David and the Children’s choir. We waited quite a while to see if David would come out but soon realized if wasn’t going to happen.

    I just felt a need to express to Emma how proud I am of her for writing this piece and sharing her pictures with all of you. Thank you Abbra for inviting her to become a part of The Voice family. We love it here!!




  27. MT said

    Thanks so much for sharing your drawings. Such talent for one so young! You have a good eye for light and shadow. I particularly like the light effects in his hair in the second photo. Whether you are considering an art related career or simply draw because it is your passion, I hope you continue practicing your art. And thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about David and the Celebration of Christ concert.

    I wish I could have been there. But since I couldn’t, I appreciate, so much, all those who share their stories, videos and pictures.


  28. Abrra said

    A screencap from the video in #24

    By the bemused look on David’s face just about every time the camera was pointed at him, I doubt he could get a word in edgewise when he hangs around Shaycarl.



  29. jans11 said

    Dayzee, I’m with you on the Stadium of Fire performance, I don’t remember any dancers there either! 🙂

    Pattirae, what a perfect gift from Emma, she is so talented. I loved your story!

    It is so neat to see David as a regular person again in those videos. He sure is the opposite of the extroverted Shay bunch! 🙂 The ballcap makes him look so young, he’s so dang cute! All that cognito stuff (cap, sunglasses) doesn’t work for me, I can pick him out so easy. I think the glow draws me in! 🙂


  30. Emma, thank you for sharing your experience with David. I am glad you had a great time. Your drawings are lovely!

    All, just reading from the comments above — here is a video of David’s “Stompin the Roses” Stadium of Fire performance with the back up dancers. Snowangelzz did a post on this recently too.


  31. Bringing this over

    New behind the scenes video shows David recording in the studio for the music video, singing “Angels We Have Heard on High” and also shooting the MV itself (day 2). He pops up in there a few times, but you can definitely hear him singing in the recording bits.


  32. Another screen cap and tweet from Shaycarl’s Vlog.


  33. Dayzee said

    Watched Shaycarl’s video in #24. So he has David on speed dial and presses that button and invites him to lunch and David shows up!!!! I want that guys life.

    For me it is not location, but timing. I was at that mall in those same places 24 hours after David. Sigh.

    Having been out to lunch with five kids before, I wonder if David is rethinking his desire for his own family.


  34. bluesky4home said

    Does Shaycarl remind anyone but me of “Uncle Buck”? I think that it would wear me out to be around him for long. *_*

    But I will bet that like Uncle Buck, his heart can be relied upon and that family is incredibly important to him. DA is so much more of a private person.

    Dear DA:
    As you meet all these different folks, please note how they use media and decide what will work best for you. The camera loves you, so you don’t need to worry about being seen. Our ears and hearts all love you, so you don’t need to worry about being heard.

    Find the way to connect that speaks your particular language. Explore!!!!!! ^_^

    PS – Yeah, baseball hats, not gonna work so well. Try a wig next time. That probably won’t work either, but we would love to see it!


  35. bebereader said


  36. djafan said

    David mainstream buzz!!!!

    Watch the video on their site for David hits!

    David Archuleta takes center stage for the Celebration of Christ concert in Utah, teaming up with Pentatonix singer and cellist Kevin Olusola for a moving and spiritual duet of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”


  37. Djafan, it’s so awesome because it was tweeted by so many news sites! Nice!!! And I am grateful to the author for using David’s name in the headline along with Kelly’s!!!


  38. You never know what strange place just the right person you might like in the industry will see and hear you.

    I wonder if there is a world record for the number of food baskets filled for the hungry? Or a record broken for the number of Santa gifts gathered for the poor and homeless children? I bet there is a world record that needs to be broken for the number of meals dished out from a city soup kitchen at Christmas.

    There was an actual record broken near me for the amount of donations given to two animal shelters this past week so I took part donating in my children’s names as a present to them.

    So many records that need to be broken and are valuable although maybe not world records.

    SB 🍁


  39. jans11 said

    #30…I actually have never seen that particular video. The ones I seen were closeups of David! ♥

    #31…that video was so cute. The video should be a winner!! Looks like David is getting introduced to Youtube really well!

    #36…Was surprised that David was in the headline, but sure love it!!! Ready for him to make headlines worldwide! He so deserves it.

    Hoping that the Philippines don’t get have it too bad with the typhoon hitting. Bet David is thinking about all his friends over there.

    Dayzee, you were an angel, weren’t you? Did you sing or do anything besides stand and be cold? 🙂 Glad they broke the record!


  40. bluesky4home said

    SB – it is a great time of year (any time is!) to think of others. Thank you for reminding us. ❤

    DA certainly is a good example of that. ^_^


  41. Bluesky… I know of all the money it takes to shoot videos and make movies and some seem a little crazy, but if in the end it sometimes is to help the hungry and homeless people and animals then it is even more fun to watch and laugh. There is so much that can be done. We have so many many ways to spend money, so many choices and you see the toys that are on the market. Could children ever enjoy Christmas as much as the generations before?

    David has a wonderful gift to give and that is what he has been given and what we have waited for. DYHWIH is a huge example of his musical talents. What an amazing rendition of another Christmas carol!

    I have two rescues asleep beside me as I am writing. The funny thing is sometimes the rescues rescue you.

    SB 🐶


  42. bluesky4home said

    You have such a tender heart, SB. The image of you sitting there with two rescue animals is one that I will carry with me.

    It can be hard to know sometimes how much is enough to give. I think it is a personal and private thing (although hearing about experiences – like yours, for instance – can make me want to look even deeper). And it is true what you say: as I “give” and share the talents that I have, no matter how small it may seem, I am blessed beyond measure. I get “rescued”.

    I think DA feels this way when he sings from his heart.


  43. Dayzee said

    Jan…. I was just a face in the crowd. More like just a blob in the scene. My costume was all white and the bottom hem was a hula hoop covered in LED lights. Because the lights were only effective after dark, we had to wait until the sun set. We all had a spot on a huge grid to depict a nativity scene when seen from above, I am curious to see how that all worked out.

    My granddaughter just came in and gave me a big eye roll when she heard The Voice Unplugged playing on my computer. I told her it was Christmas and we were listening to carols. Her reply, “You were playing the same songs on the Fourth of July.” She gets that from her father’s side.


  44. Abrra said

    Dayzee It warms my heart to know that you appreciate that site. 🙂 It’s a testament to the David we knew, regardless of what he chooses to do in the future. We have our favorites always.



  45. Abrra said


  46. tawna21 said

    Wow! David’s IG post certainly hits you right where you have to think about it!! I love it! It goes right along with what SB commented earlier. Thank you for those words. It’s so true, in so many different areas, how we are the ones rescued by those that we think we are rescuing.

    May God look down and take care of the people in the Philippines. ♥


  47. Abrra said

     photo bc46e62f-1470-4f2d-8088-2c0feb9f1d6b_zps8d442ec1.png



  48. Abrra said

    Sunday puzzle picture recalls last weekend!



  49. Abrra said

    cred: Utah COPA (fb)

    Oh my, cute !



  50. betsy said

    Emma, you are so talented. Thank you for bringing your drawings to us.


  51. tawna21 said

    The jammies girls performed a cute, lively dance at “A Celebration of Christ” last weekend. Man, it’s hard to believe that it was just a week ago. It seems like it’s been forever since I saw David perform live!! #missingDavidalready


  52. jans11 said

    43…Dayzee, you were a part of making some great memories! It wouldn’t have been complete without you!

    Oh, gosh, hated to miss chat last night, but once in awhile life gets in the way! 🙂

    Another lovely puzzle, Abrra. You always pick the best subject! 🙂 I also think Unplugged is an awesome site. So many memories and good times from the last 6 years. I do hope he will continue down that road, but if not I will still be here!

    51…Tawna, that’s why 3 years seems an eternity!!! 🙂


  53. tawna21 said

    Jans11….. my heart feels your heart. Please let 2015 bring something for all of us to share together. ♥ ♥ #feelinggreedy #hearourpleadavid

    Abrra…. pleasant time working thru the puzzle this afternoon 🙂


  54. emifriend said


    I think what David is to music, you are to Art! David:Music, Emma: Art! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. They are both just wonderful. I think you really captured David’s spirit and his intentional kindness. So many times when I see the way David looks at others, I am reminded of the Bible stories about Jesus looking at the rich, young man. It says ,
    “Jesus looked at him and he loved him.” ( right before Jesus told the rich, young man to go ans sell all of his possessions) Sometimes, ,most times, when David looks directly at a person, I can tell that he loves him/her. I see that in your second image; especially in David’s eyes.. Those attributes are really hard to capture in art.

    You have a gift Miss Emma! Thank you for sharing it with us!


  55. djafan said


    It’s a beautiful Monday!

    David here leaving a Christmas show his mom Lupe was part of, escorted by security 🙂

    David Archuleta en show Ven a mi casa Luz de las Naciones (show Come to My House, Light of all Nations)

    David trying to look like just a regular dude and I think that gift is probably for little Violeta.

    This is the Spanish version of PBS channel. They will be televising David’s Motab performances.

    Hispanicize Wire ‏@HispanicizeWire 52m52 minutes ago
    @VmeTV Trae Alegría En #NocheBuena con noche Musical Presentando @MormonTabChoir @DavidArchie @MsGladysKnight y más


  56. djafan said

    Shelley posted 2 new videos!

    Silent Night



  57. Dayzee said

    I love Shelley. She knows exactly what I want to see.

    Dja, that pic of David toy shopping at Deseret Book was just the one I was hoping for. TY

    Today I hung up the four white Christmas balls with the blue inscription: David Archuleta, Christmas From the Heart Tour, 2009. Oh, and I hung up some other things, but those were my favorite.


  58. tawna21 said

    # 56 Silent Night.. I haven’t ever noticed the little change-up in the word hallelujah at about 2:13… very quick but there it is. I love it when David makes changes.

    And thank you, lots and lots, for bringing these two videos here today. Made my day do-able.


  59. Abrra said


  60. jans11 said

    Tawna, thanks, I’m so glad we all have empathy for each other! 🙂 Yes, hoping for a 2015 concert where we can all be together! That would be awsome!!

    I just love the way David has that cockeyed smile sneak in once in awhile. I always think that means that he is very pleased and happy with his life! And the twinkle in his eyes, yes, I think he is very happy with his life right now!

    Dayzee, got my tree up yesterday with my David Christmas ornament from 2009 concert right at the top under the blue star! 🙂

    59…loving David’s hair….and I did #share the gift today! Compliments are so nice! ♥


  61. Abrra said

    Here’s a fun guessing game I found on a fan’s Facebook page. I found them challenging to say the least.

    Can you guess the 10 titles of David Archuleta’s songs?

     photo 32a_zps677adcb1.jpg

    Answers in 24 hours.



  62. tawna21 said

    Abrra #61, it says this person moved or deleted this image (?)


  63. Abrra said

    I was tinkering with the image. It’s back now. Refresh the page.

    If you don’t want the answers spoiled, stay off Facebook and FOD. I see they hit the share button. 🙂



  64. tawna21 said

    hmmm… yes, they are challenging.


  65. fenfan said

    Emma – love your recap and your drawings, especially the second one. You got that look in his eyes just right!
    #61 I think I can guess all the titles. LOL I’ve been listening to too much David music!


  66. Abrra said

    Go for it Miss Smartypants 🙂



  67. MT said

    Cute! But # 9, the monkey and the moon, has me stumped. :/


  68. Abrra said

    Post your guesses?



  69. bluesky4home said

    MT: the monkey has its hands over its mouth. ^_^ Does that give you a clue?


  70. djafan said

    Love this Abrra! So creative. Number 7 and 9 have me stumped!


  71. djafan said

    Billboard tweeted David!

    billboard @billboard · 1h 1 hour ago
    Watch @kelly_clarkson, @davidarchie and more #Idol alums getting into the holiday spirit with new songs + mash-ups:

    ‘American Idol’ Alums Kelly Clarkson, David Archuleta & Others Share the Christmas Spirit:

    David Archuleta takes center stage for the Celebration of Christ concert in Utah, teaming up with Pentatonix singer and cellist Kevin Olusola for a moving and spiritual duet of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”


  72. tawna21 said

    Okay, I’m ready for the answers! 🙂 I want to see how far off I am. #glasshalfemptyattitude #9justisnothappening


  73. djafan said



  74. bebereader said

    Good afternoon!

    Hmmm #9 from the guessing game still has me stumped!


  75. bluesky4home said

    Bebereader…… and….if I said it was a Christmas song?


  76. tawna21 said


    Bluesky…. thank you!


  77. MT said

    Ok, Abrra asked me to post my guess so here they are.

    1. Stomping The Roses
    2. Look Around
    3. Love Don’t Hate
    4. My Hands
    5. Don’t Run Away (Or possibly I’ll Never Go)
    6. Falling Stars
    7. Wait? (Or this could also be My Hands-Alarm clock in the fire? LOL)
    8. Not A Clue LOL IS that a calendar?
    9. Don’t Tell Me? (but what about the moon?)
    10. Barriers

    I’m pretty sure they’re not all right, but also sure some are. Anyone have any guesses on the ones I missed?


  78. MT said

    I just saw your clue! But I still don’t know! LOL


  79. Abrra said

    #8 and #9 incorrect. Yes that is a calendar. Keep trying 🙂



  80. MT said

    Hahaha OK, now I got it. #9 – Silent NIght!!!!

    TY Bluesky

    Ok, I”m stopping now. 😀

    Someone else please complete the list? I want to know!


  81. ray said

    bluesky, silent night


  82. bluesky4home said

    MT, I am not sure about # 7, but I think it means “The day after tomorrow”

    # 9 I am pretty sure is “Silent Night” ^_^

    Barriers was always one of my favorites.

    Now it might be off topic….. However, the thought of DA contributing to this and perhaps helping with a lullaby, just brings tears to my eyes. Here is some good information on the “OUR rescue” (Operation Underground Railroad) that Brooke’s new CD push is helping to fund. Each operation costs about 20,000 (much less when done this way than what it costs the government to do it). So, although it is a very tender topic, I thought it might be worthwhile for some to know more about the organization.

    Hope this is okay, Admins?

    And here is their website, with a bit different interview.

    Love you guys!!!


  83. bluesky4home said

    Here is a news clip about one of their most recent “take-downs” in Columbia.


  84. Abrra said

    Time for the big reveal of the answers! How many did you get correct?

     photo 32b_zpseafaae8b.jpg



  85. Abrra said


  86. MT said

    Ahhhh Abs, Thanks for the answers!

    Bluesky, you are so smart! I’d have never gotten number 8. Not in a million years.

    Good puzzle though!


  87. bluesky4home said

    Don’t you love it when the guys show their appreciation for DA?!

    ^_^ I do. “Pipes sent from heaven” for reals.

    MT – well, the ‘fast forward’ signs were the give-away for me.


  88. jans11 said

    Bluesky, thanks for the videos of the Underground RR. Bless this guy and everyone, including Brooke and David for helping save these kids. It is a horrific thing going on. 😦

    It was a fun puzzle, even though very challenging, like Abrra said. I didn’t have time to check them all, but I did get the 4 easy ones. 🙂

    OOh, a private show from David. Pipes sent from heaven, yep, he has that God given talent! Love it!


  89. tawna21 said

    I got 7 right on the puzzle… thanks bluesky for the help on #9. (still think #4 could be ‘The Other Side of Down’ 🙂 )

    Wow! I wonder what the class was that got the private show? You’d think @BQuick1 would at least tell us that much so we could put this piece of David’s life puzzle in place. (just a thought)


  90. jans11 said

    Has anyone seen this?


  91. bluesky4home said

    I love the messier-longer hair.

    He is so very busy, all the time.


  92. Grammyj said

    I like the longer hair too but that means he will probably get it cut soon lol. He really loves that striped shirt.


  93. djafan said

    Bluesky, Me too. I wonder what class that is?

    Singing in class sounds like fun 🙂

    Just found this video of David walking out on stage taken from the balcony. Love hearing the major love he received without uttering a word. The sound is great!


  94. djafan said

    Irish Dance to Pat-A-Pan – David Archuleta


  95. bluesky4home said

    I always loved Angelica’s “angel-dance” video of this song. ^_^

    That pic of DA just sitting in class being casual. There is something so rewarding about seeing it. And yet, I know he must treasure the thought that he is not being observed.

    It is kind of like the taken picture of him in the restaurant before the mission – we had a discussion about whether or not it should be shared, I remember. And in it he seemed so very serious.

    Here he is so much more relaxed. I love to see it, but I would hate for him to lose the privacy he treasures. I am glad that the whole picture is so anonymous: you can’t tell where or when or even who is sitting by him. It could be anywhere. (well, we know he is going to school and is often seen at BYU) But still – the thought that it could be anywhere adds to its charm for me.

    I don’t want to know his every moment. I want what he wants to bring to me.

    And yes, I will take the crumbs that casually drop our way! ^_^


  96. bebereader said

    Bluesky#75 I appreciated your tip for song #9 but I was still clueless. The only song I could come up with when I saw a monkey covering his mouth was “Don’t Speak” and it’s not David’s. LOL

    Thank you for the information and link for OUR rescue. I bow to all those involved in the program including David and Brooke for bringing awareness to a most horrific issue.

    And here’s Angelica’s video for David’s Pat-a-Pan


  97. bluesky4home said

    Bebereader!!!! Oh, I love that video. What an amazing talent that lady has. (I do mean you, Angelica – if you are listening!)

    Now it really feels like Christmas!

    Let’s have another!! This was Christmas 2011:


  98. bluesky4home said

    Oral Fallon next:

    (for some strange reason, this song is very popular ^_^)

    and just to finish us off – Manheim Steamroller and What Child is This?

    Ahhhhhh….. that feels better.


  99. bluesky4home said

    Sorry! Misspelled her name: Not Oral but Orla. Guess I was thinking of vocal chords?
    (and besides, I just got back from the dentist. *_*)


  100. bluesky4home said

    Guess I said I was done too soon. (there is an N Diamond song by that name…. showing my age. ^_^)

    I will always prefer his live performances.

    This one – no words.

    So meaningful now in so many ways:


  101. Abrra said

    Another free song!
    Thanks for the the find PattyAnn

    This is the song they shot a video for.



  102. bluesky4home said

    Is that 9.30 Mountain Standard time? Wow. Goodies I had never hoped for. Guess we were good little boys and girls?

    And… do my eyes deceive me, or are the four of them (not the composer in the blue shirt) all wearing different versions of the same sweater? Really?

    This is “guys” coordinating clothes? What do you think? ^_^


  103. Abrra said

    It’s a Utah event, so that’s a safe assumption.We will have all the info once the download is available.



  104. MT said

    Those are great videos. He was so good! But you forgot my favorite. Here it is. 😀

    And LOL at your comment on the matching shirts. Yep, I did notice that, and I would guess that is “guys” coordinating clothes.

    The free download: They didn’t say if it’s A.M. or P.M. Guess we’ll see!


  105. bluesky4home said

    MT, well, I didn’t exactly forget…. I was embarrassed to get caught spamming. I had to choose. *_*

    So I am really glad you added that last one, thanks! Kinda felt like I was having my own little Christmas party all by myself. ^_^. Want some punch?


  106. MT said

    Woo Hoo! A Christmas party! Thanks for the punch. I have some sugar cookies I can share to go with it. 😀

    And I myself have been guilty of spamming on occasion. I know what you mean!


  107. Abrra said


  108. bluesky4home said


    I think some might wonder, but not anyone that knows him! Bring it on! You feeling out-of-sorts? Here is something good for what ails ya!

    That just made my day. ^_^
    And in 45 minutes: more music.

    Did someone say it is Christmas?


  109. bluesky4home said

    Now I know why they have both titles listed. Beautiful, as always, Piano Guys. Oh, I can’t wait to see this in video!

    Good job, Peter!

    Now DA – it just wouldn’t have sounded as good as it does without you. You, my Dear DA make it more than splendid, more than ethereal, more than an amazing song/carol/hymn.

    You Dear DA make it a prayer of faith, hope, and love.


  110. bluesky4home said

    Who has listened?


  111. bluesky4home said

    Here is the link if you haven’t clicked yet. ^_^ Hope it works, peeps are saying you can skip the first two steps and just download the song.

    Could the Admins make us a “tab” to click and listen at the top of the page? Just until we get the video. (In case you want to begin a new post for the video?)


  112. bluesky4home said

    Here is a different link, from the FM 100 music station.


  113. Abrra said


    Djafan will be making a new post with all the info and links. Patience. 🙂



  114. bebereader said

    New article ——>——->——–>——–>


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