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David Archuleta & A Celebration of Christ ~ An Interfaith Concert ~ Shows 2 and 3

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, November 29, 2014

B3lHHh6CcAEhXgbcredit Veronica Ledezma

10802676_652416984884593_1458736672_ncredit One Voice Childrens’ Choir IG – backstage

 Here are two playlists from last night’s performances.

From last night’s show:

“When David’s name was first announced and he walked out on stage, and everyone rose to their feet in love, adoration, respect and gratitude, well it was quite a moment. The evening was his and his alone, even though the other performances were entertaining and special, you knew the audience was waiting with bated breath (I know we five were) until David showed up on that stage again!!” ~Pattirae

 “At the finale he looked at each of us and waved. He was situated at stage left and slowly walked across the entire stage to stage right and made a conscious effort to include us all. And yes, we did appreciate. :)” ~Dayzee

And to those fans who are lucky enough to go to tonight’s shows, have a great time! Be sure to let us know all about it in comments here.

119 Responses to “David Archuleta & A Celebration of Christ ~ An Interfaith Concert ~ Shows 2 and 3”

  1. Abrra said

     photo 26534cc1-5835-4c7a-b97b-ea8bda634ee9_zps7c8144d3.jpg

    Join us for a special night of videos from David’s performances at the Interfaith concert in Utah. We’ll be watching for new videos from tonight’s show.



  2. Angelica said

    Supah Stah! You know who you are.  photo smileys.gif


  3. Dayzee said

    This for Gladys:

    When I settled in my seat today I remembered I was supposed to check the size of David’s hands for Gladys. And I fully intended to do so. But when he started to sing The First Noel I could not get past his face. And then it was Did You Hear What I Hear and the same thing happened. And Glorious once again. When he came out to sing Silent Night the lights shone on those massive fingers and I thought Yes Gladys, his hands are bigger than ever!! You always notice the David stuff. I tried to take a pic for you so you could see those hands from my viewpoint, but I was all fumbly and David would not let go of my eyes and so I could not focus. On anything.

    After Silent Night I was flat out bawling. How embarrassing. FODonna gave me a hug and got me through that..

    This was the show I had an extra ticket for because my granddaughter could not go, so I went by myself There were so many David friends it was no problem.. Tawna was there at the beginning and I looked for her after the show but she is so darned tiny I could not find her. She should wear hunter orange clothing. Shelley was a couple of seats down from me doing her ninja camera act. She is awesome. Oddity was there with family and friends.

    We seem to have started a new tradition. When David is first introduced we all stand and wave.

    My daughter is picking me up in a few minutes for tonight’s show. She does not know I have seen it twice already.

    Hope I get home in time for Abrra’s special night of videos.


  4. Abrra said

    Some backstage support from sis!
    1 hour ago
    Proud of you! Good job little one.

    And some rehearsal never hurts 🙂

    6 hours ago
    Rehearsing for the show! It’s going to be spectacular! You can still get tickets for our matinee and evening show! @davidarchie @tbone1376 #slc #interfaith #christmas #davidarchuleta #kevinolulusola #onevoicechildrenschoir



  5. Abrra said

    haha Reality check ?


  6. jans11 said

    Dayzee, love your recap and so happy you are seeing David 3 times!! And I only wanted that one little ticket! 🙂 Just wait til 2015! 🙂 It really is fun to read all the recaps and see all the videos. I’m so thankful for the great fans that keep us informed.

    I have be swamped with company and even had to work today. Last night, all the kids were gathered in the living room to watch the song-a-long version of Frozen and I decided to check my emails…I have seen the movie 3 times now…and I was blown away with the videos already coming in! I put my headphones on and went to heaven! I was in my own little world with the fabulous voice fulfilling my very soul!! Needless to say, my customers were treated today with his fantastic voice.


  7. Pattirae, many thanks for your recap on the other thread. I really appreciated it! I had been wanting to know about the reception David was getting and had hoped it would be wonderful..and it is!

    Djafan, like you my heart really hurt that I could not be there to support David on his return to the stage. I was actually telling my mother about this yesterday. Couldn’t believe I felt that tinge, but I did!

    I was going to write this in the other thread, but I did notice the tailored suit! Looks new as the lapels are still very crisp and pointed! Must also note the black shoes with the red soles! Hahaha! David is stylin’ !!! To match the tie, I suppose? I was going to say he finally got a new belt, but then I read in the IG post that he just borrowed it! LOL.

    Read that Kari and Gina are there – glad they can see our boy again in his element! Big plans for 2015, bring them on!


  8. lynnella said

    I think I spy David’s grandfather over his shoulder in that picture with Amber. Also, I’m a little confused. Is she calling David “little one”. That’s so precious if she is. They almost look enough alike to be twins, since he looks so young. I know she’s a lot younger, but there is a strong resemblence.



  9. lynnella said

    Forgot to add, we don’t fangirl him, we fangrandmother him. There is a difference.



  10. Angelica said

    I fan girl.


  11. fenfan said

    Red soles! Was he wearing Louboutins???? That’s a long way from sneakers! LOL


  12. Fenfan, or Prada shoes for men!
    But would David go for those? Maybe a gift to go with the spanking new tailored suit??


  13. bluesky4home said

    I got to attend last night and this afternoon. Today’s performance was better in all aspects (for all the performers and crew) than Fridays, in my opinion. They were smoother in the scenery changes, the people were all more relaxed, more open and at home with what they were doing. So all in all it was a great success. If that continues for Sat night, watch out, the roof just might blow off of SLC. ^_^

    As for DA… Yes. Yes to everything you could ask. Yes to what all the videos show. The power, the delivery, the emotion, the control… Well, maybe not ALL the control he wants and will yet have, but enough control to power up a 747 and fly it through a couple thousand hearts, ( which inexplicably just keep beating).

    More later. I am not good with recaps. Love what Pattirae said. It was so good to see her and all my road-trip buddies.

    I am especially grateful to those who worked so hard to make sure that so many of you all could see the videos. You are amazing! Thank you! And to the admins for keeping things all up-dated.

    Big hugs to all of you!!!


  14. lynnella said

    Angelica – I should confess, I’ve never been to a concert. If I ever get to go to one, I may have to eat my words. I’ll probably be one of those “elderly women” fangirling at the top of my lungs (lol). If I do, I’ll feel a little silly, since I have a grandson his age.



  15. TXNancy said

    Don’t know what I can add to all the wonderful comments yesterday & so far today, except to say that the “Celebration of Faith” was indeed, just that. Everyone, who is hearing David this weekend, can’t help but feel truly blessed by his voice & spirit. This afternoon I felt so touched to witness his remarkable performance. It wouldn’t be fair to choose a favorite…each song is perfect in its own way. The humming at the end of TFN has always felt like a prayer to me. “Do You Hear What I Hear”?….well, that arrangement is so unique, almost haunting (& I just might be a new fan of Kevin Olasulo—he is a brilliant celloist & gave David a big hug after the finale today….hope they do something together in the future). Glorious was, well, ‘glorious’! Before singing “Silent Night”, David gave a sweet talk about being home, as only he can…he is still ‘that engaging David’ we all grew to love.. Then he sang another unbelievable “Silent Night”! The finale was emotional for me….Believe is a song I love & David, with the full background of singers, made us all believe in the what this Christmas season is all about!

    What Pattierae said about David looking at each of them last night, as he walked off the stage, I think he did the same thing this afternoon. Sitting 8 rows back, I could still tell he was acknowledging those who love him. He received another standing O today, when 1st introduced….so deserving! There is no one like David. I really feel we have a lot to look forward to next year. A GLORIOUS time awaits all of us!


  16. Thanks for your recaps, everyone! Really enjoying reading everyone’s experience and glad that it has been nothing short of amazing!

    Dayzee, looking forward to hearing your story about tonight’s show! Hope David got a lot of love from the audience since it’s the final one! We need to send him off with as much confidence as possible! =)


  17. Abrra said

    It has been very quiet tonight on Twitter. Waiting for videos.



  18. Abrra, from what I’ve been following on twitter, seems like they’re recording for the DVD again so they’re strict with cameras. I saw some IG videos, but not much yet. Hope we get some tonight — keep on reading it was the best performance out of all 3!

    Lots of tweets about David being amazing etc. !! Yay!


  19. tawna21 said

    There’s nothing I can add about today’s show, except that I was there! As much as I hated to leave my daughter’s home yesterday, I’m feeling rewarded tonight. The Voice cannot be matched. And, I don’t think the talent that Kevin Olasulo possesses can be either. That man is good on the cello and with his boom beat. I just honestly will never hear DYHWIH the same again. David has given it a new life!

    Thank you for the mp3’s Abrra.

    I saw a lot of fans, but didn’t do much visiting. I was looking for you Bluesky, but never did see you. Where were you sitting? I saw you Dayzee from a distance after the show, but we kind of boogied out in a hurry and I never made it over to you. One of these times, we will have to get tickets and go together.

    Oh, and to top the day off…… I have 10 new great-grand doggys…. my daughter’s black lab had her puppies today (I got the text during the show). It’s quite a pile of little black labs in the pic that she sent.


  20. Abrra said

    They did DVD filming today. I was hoping for video tonight. Twitter was a ghost town.

    This is a clip I can’t embed it, the acct is private.
    2 hours ago
    I think I understand the #DavidArchuleta thing now. Dude’s got pipes. #celebrationofchrist #christmasopeningday #slc #capitaltheatre

    One more.

    Peter Bourgeois ‏@pbourgeois7 2m2 minutes ago
    Here’s some more. #DavidArchuleta #Archie #celebrationofchrist #slc #capitaltheatre #silentnight



  21. Abrra said

    Sunday puzzle comes courtesy of Jen Barry. She did a beautiful edit.



  22. Abrra said



  23. Abrra said

    Thanks to all the fans who kept us in the know 🙂



  24. bluesky4home said

    One other note. At Fri. performance I was sitting by my sister-in-law who was next to my brother, neither had seen DA live before. He did not perform in the first number, but came out alone on stage for the second to sing The First Noel with a live orchestra. (The orchestra was good. Several times durning the evening I forgot they were there and caught myself thinking that the singers were using recorded accompaniment.)

    Anyway, Friday I could see how nervous DA was. Alone on the black stage, the orchestra hidden down below, spotlight on him with a new suit – the little white kerchief showing where his name tag used to be. Body stance was recognizable. I leaned over to my sister-in-law and said: “He sure looks like a missionary.” She chuckled and said: “Your brother just said the same thing!”

    Although all his sets were amazing Friday, what I was really happy to see Sat, was his return to more nuanced hand movements, more ease in the spotlight, more purposeful moving around the stage with natural awareness, and using the space to connect with the audience. That “remembering” showed up in a more relaxed vocal delivery as well. He is no longer just another missionary who has come home: “The return of the Jedi” is closer to it.

    I imagine Sat night was even better by the reports. Going to be a lovely DVD.


  25. Great comment, Bluesky4home. Wonderful insight there, loving “the return of the Jedi.”
    I had a feeling David would get his stride back in the latter shows — just takes time! From the sounds of it, looks like he had gotten back into it BIG TIME. From the tweets, seems like the banter was more relaxed too. Hope David has now remember how awesome it feels to be back on stage! Because 2015 is right around the corner! =)


  26. Also, David looks amazing in that photo with Jeremy Guthrie! What a smile! He looks SO GOOD!


  27. Abrra, the Saturday vids you’ve been waiting for are up! Thanks to 8throwcenter! “Silent Night” with the rambling about pies is GOLDEN!!! DYHWIH is incredible! Believe and Glorious are there too!


  28. Abrra said

    Ninja videos! A very comfortable David on stage.

    There are from Saturday afternoon.

    This is Believe from Saturday evening.

    All videos credit 8throwcenter.



  29. Abrra said

    I think I have this thing figured out LOL
    Playlists make it tricky to copy the URL for a single video. I highlighted from the left side to the right and stopped just before the &, then copied and pasted that into the comment box.

    Stop by Unplugged to hear all the new concert videos continuously for the next week.



  30. Great tweet and IG post from Kevin Olusola re David! Liking the sound of “more to come”!!!

    Kevin K.O. Olusola ‏@KOlusola
    One of the kindest souls I’ve met in my career. @DavidArchie, a pleasure dueting with you!


  31. Kevin IG comment on David:

    This weekend I got to know one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met in the music industry. His talent matches the big heart he has. And he’s got such a pretty voice lol. @DavidArchie, a pleasure collaborating with you! Lots more to come!


  32. Abrra, 8throwcenter has the Saturday Night “Silent Night” up now too. More talk about pies! LOL! Saturday afternoon “Silent Night” has both rambling about pies and random singing! SUCH A WIN! Haha!


  33. Abrra, sorry, Sat Night vid of “Silent Night” is from Shelley FOD! (Sorry for consecutive posts!)



  34. Abrra said
    8 hours ago
    It’s been a long 3 years since I last got to see @davidarchie perform. Tonight was amazing and he definitely is still my favorite. Best early birthday gift ever.

    Check out Pocoelsy’s Instagram for her wonderful edits.



  35. MT said

    “Although all his sets were amazing Friday, what I was really happy to see Sat, was his return to more nuanced hand movements, more ease in the spotlight, more purposeful moving around the stage with natural awareness, and using the space to connect with the audience. That “remembering” showed up in a more relaxed vocal delivery as well. He is no longer just another missionary who has come home: “The return of the Jedi” is closer to it.”

    Thanks for sharing that. I did see some differences in his demeanor, his smiles, and his hand movements on the last videos. (HIs hand movements while performing are very telling) Maybe he’s slowly remembering what it was like to share his humor, his smiles, and his incredible voice with everyone out there. Seeing faces that I’m quite sure he knows travelled to see him has to have made an impression as well.

    It does my heart good to see it. Maybe it’s done him some good to see “fans,” letting him know we are waiting in the wings to support him. And just maybe doing it for three consecutive shows in two days has helped him remember how much happiness he brings to fans from everywhere.

    PS. The part about the pieces in the video in #33 (Thanks Anodrlurker!) is all kinds of Win! 🙂

    PSS. Although I still want to muss his hair up a bit (Just teasing you guys LOL) I think he looked extremely good at the shows. More handsome than ever.

    I have no doubt David’s star will rise. That talent can not be denied.


  36. tawna21 said

    You’re right, MT, David’s talent cannot be denied. My friend and I were sitting in the middle of people that were there to see mainly David, but have been the ‘quiet’ admirers. They were blown away by his performances. David’s willingness to share his soul and spirit has created a fan base that will rival any star’s out there. He is making his comeback. As Bluesky said, the Jedi is returning. He is here to stay. The wait is coming to an end and it is so worth what we’ve waited for.


  37. Dayzee said

    I wish you all could have been there for all three shows. There was a growth to be seen with each performance. The Saturday night finale was such fun! David was exuberant in his admiration and appreciation of the cello fellow Kevin and all of his coworkers. As Bluesky mentioned, the orchestra was invisible to us because they were in a pit beneath the stage. Every finale, David would walk to the front edge of the stage and lean down to give them recognition and thanks.

    My daughter was with me Saturday night. When David was rambling about Christmas trees and pies I started giggling and my daughter nodded her head. She said, “Now I see why you say he communicates by song.


  38. poof said

    I mostly “listen” to David these past two years instead of watch him perform. I have been struck (again) how he interprets every word with his voice, his face and his body. He is making sure we understand, and you need to see him to fully “get” that. It was a joy to hear and see him again.

    For me, the collaborations he is beginning to develop, are very exciting. I said earlier, a tour with Kevin Olusola and David would be incredible. I think he is the perfect partner for David; talented, young, joyful and well thought of in the music business. Things are heating up.

    Christmas with a David performance. Now it’s Christmas. 🙂


  39. MT said

    oops typo in #35. You guys DO know that I mean “about the PIES” right? LOL David sharing his funny personal stories is adorable. Love it.

    #StillLovingTheMusicAndSongs #HardToSTopLIstening 🙂


  40. emmegirl14 said

    The Saturday performances just knock your socks off! Per usual, he just gets better!

    Love your “Jedi” analogy Bluesky – feels sooo good to see that more familiar stage David. Bet it felt good to him too!

    Poof – yes, yes and yes.


  41. emmegirl14 said

    Abrra, I feel so greedy asking but, is there anyway we can get an mp3 of Saturday’s DYHWIH?

    Thanks to all you videographers out there, much appreciated!


  42. RUBEN said

    this is genial .. see him to sing again. =D


  43. cb said

    It was an amazing time. I have no words, just love. Didn’t want it to end. He still glows. His voice is uniquely, heartbreakingly, beautiful, and it just goes through you. We are blessed.


  44. Abrra said


    “Abrra, I feel so greedy asking but, is there anyway we can get an mp3 of Saturday’s DYHWIH?”

    I have added it to the folder in the candy jar.



  45. cb said

    Abrra, and Shelleys, “Silent Night,” and ANYTHING from saturday night. Saturday he took it to a new level. Outstanding. Thanks.

    admin Abrra: added to the folder


  46. ray said

    we all have a purpose, i now know mine, support david. i belive this with my whole heart,kust for the way he came to me..if he keeps this up we will need sunglasses to watch him.


  47. Abrra said

    I have added Saturday performances to the folder in the candy jar.

    Still waiting for any Saturday performances of The First Noel.

    This is The First Noel from Friday night.

    David Archuleta 2014



  48. Cellist Kevin Olusola is an amazing young man with a huge life history .


  49. Reading about all the praise and good things people are saying about David’s performance this weekend really makes me want to cry tears of joy for him. It is so heartwarming and no guy deserves it more! I am just so pleased about the reception he got, but more importantly about how people are still so touched by his singing!

    That said, I read that Kari said David was upset with himself on Saturday because he made a few mistakes! The man is really a perfectionist! He sounds sublime, but still thinks there is room for improvement. An artist with that kind of drive (and talent) can only shine brighter and brighter! Like Ray said “if he keeps this up, we will all need sunglasses to watch him.”


  50. MT said

    I bought new sunglasses last week. I’m ready. 8)


  51. tawna21 said

    Beautiful puzzle Abrra…. thanks again!


  52. Olive oil said

    I really like the Hebraic flavor of DYHWIH . Most Israelli music is written in a minor key. The announcement of Jesus birth was probably in Hebrew or Aramaic. Shalom !! 🙂


  53. lynnella said

    Olive Oil – I used to work with a Jewish man whose Mother was the choir director at her Temple. I went to several music programs there and was absolutely blown away by the music. This definitely reminded me of that. Minor keys are more interesting, dramatic and challenging. I love to hear David’s voice in a minor key.

    If I haven’t said it before, thanks so much to all of you who went to the performances for your videos and descriptions of the show and David. It means so much to those of us who can’t go. I live in KY, so that would be a long haul for me. Maybe someday he’ll come to a location that I can drive to. If not, I’ll rely on the ninja angels who video and take pictures.

    Love to all, Lynne


  54. cb said

    Thank you Abrra. Anodrlurker, I heard a mistake in the matinee concert duet. I’m sure that bothered him but the final show, the saturday night show, was perfection in my opinion. I bet that made him feel better, and what a way to end! Just amazing.


  55. cb said

    Sat. night was the only show with standing ovations after every number, and he deserved every one.


  56. djafan said

    Hello all!

    I want thank you all for your comments, links, and David spazzing! Real life came a calling and just now getting caught up with everything. David has surely takrn things up a notch or several. Love all the info on the minor key, David does an outstanding job.

    Anodrlurker, thank you for everything you’re bringing here, its much appreciated so dont apologize for multiple comment, this goes for everyone. Thank You!


  57. bebereader said

    Happy Birthday Skydancer!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hope your day is as special as you are!


  58. Happy Birthday Sky!! What a great cake…

    I would like to know from those who attended the concerts just how many were estimated to have attended percentage wise. The theatre has the capacity to hold 1,876. Was it 90% filled?

    It seemed from what was being said, that the concerts were not sold out after his near three year absence from the stage. Perhaps folks from SLC can tell us why, as in the past he has had such tremendous support from there as from surrounding places such as Provo. We all know what a wonderful singer he is and there were people flying and driving in from out of town to enjoy his return to the stage so they indeed made up part of the audience. There could possibly have been a good number from BYU where he attends university.

    Although it was “not a David concert”, he certainly starred in it.

    Maybe people there are preferring to wait for another event that is happening this Christmas.



  59. marlie7 said

    What a great weekend – all David! I so enjoyed chat and all the honest comments there 🙂 We all want more for David…I’m thinking he really enjoyed being on stage and perhaps it will push him to do more.


  60. oliveoil said

    It seems to me that the concert was scheduled at a very busy time for people preparing for Thanksgiving and traveling home.
    The schools are closed, so the students would have to be at home for the holiday. Also, David’s last concert in Utah, before leaving on his mission, had a lot of pop music mixed in with Christmas music, which would attract a wider audience. I’m sure that this concert would have been sold out if there had only been the Saturday night performance.


  61. oliveoil said

    Just have to add, isn’t David just the sweetest thing?


  62. Abrra said

    Happy Birthday Sky! Don’t eat all the cake at once!

     photo babyeatingmagazine_zpsef50a8ef.gif

    Save room for the ice cream.

     photo babywithspoon_zpsbda02f52.gif



  63. tawna21 said

    SB, I don’t have an estimate on attendance, but I know it wasn’t filled on the Sat. matinee. However, my honest opinion, just from listening to chatter around me, is that a very large percentage of the attendees were there to hear David. With the timing of the program, I can’t help but figure that that was a large reason for the smaller crowds. David was very well supported at these shows. Trust me.

    Happy Birthday, Sky!!!!!!


  64. MT said


    ♫ Happy Birthday to Youuu … ♫
    ♫ Happy Birthday to Youuu … ♫
    ♫ Happy Birthday dear Skyyyyy … ♫
    ♫ May your dreams all come truuueee … ♫

    While I can’t sing to you in person (haha you may be glad about that) and I can’t give you a real life hug, I am singing it here and sending cyber {{{hugs}}} and wishes for the best birthday ever and a fabulous year to come!

    Happy Birthday, Sky!!!


  65. djafan said



  66. djafan said

    About Live Nativity Event. Gina Orr seems to have become a very active manager, I like it.

    Gina Orr @ginaorr · 20h 20 hours ago
    FYI @davidarchie will NOT be at the event on Monday 12/1 in Provo. He is part of the video, but a different portion.

    World Record Live Nativity

    Clarification: Despite misleading reports, David will not be at the Live Nativity event on Monday, December 1, in Provo Utah. He will be part of the video produced of the event, but his portion is being filmed at a later time.
    Sounds like a lot of fun though, if you are going stay warm! ~ Team Archie

    David Archuleta shared a link.
    19 hours ago
    Quick update for everyone. David will NOT be at the event on Monday 12/1 in Provo. He is part of the video, but a different portion that is being filmed at a later time. Sounds like a lot of fun though, if you are going stay warm! ~ Team Archie

    This on his Facebook comments:

    Lindsey Lewis My 15 year old sister is heartbroken at this news. My mom and I signed her up as a team captain (1 of 40) for this event because we were told those volunteers would be able to meet and get pictures with the cast of the music video. She adores David and his music and has never had the chance to attend a concert or anything, because she lives in Portland, Oregon.

    We decided to fulfill her dream of getting to meet David, by pitching together and flying her out for this event as her main Christmas present. She is a timid/shy fan girl type that cried with happiness when we told her she would be getting less than a minute of his time in exchange for hours and hours of work on this project and she was thrilled. She is 14 and a half, but is a great leader and will do a fantastic job.

    If there is anything you guys can do, to help us make up for the main part of her Christmas present falling through, I would be forever grateful.

    Feel free to email me at

    And thank you for your time.

    Praying all is well with David and his family.

    David Archuleta Hello Lindsey – I’m very sorry. The folks putting this together were told a while ago that he was not able to be there Monday.. We only told by someone yesterday at that it was being promoted in this way and so we are trying to let everyone know as best we can that this is not the case, There will be other opportunities in the future to meet him (Gina..David’s manager)
    3 · 12 hours ago

    Lindsey Lewis Thanks for responding Gina!

    Please pass on regards and warm wishes to David from Aliza Boyce.


  67. djafan said

    David, Kari, Sunny, and Gina!


  68. djafan said

    Yay Deb and Nancy went to Utah!!! So wish I would’ve!!!

    Go read her wonderful recap.


  69. djafan said

    David tweets!


  70. Abrra said

    3 hours ago
    #Repost from @kolusola — I didn’t get time for a picture myself, so I am reposting Kevin’s. Performed with Kevin Osulola from Pentatonix this past weekend for the Celebration of Christ. It was an awesome experience. It was refreshing talking to someone who is firm in his faith and know who he is– and with crazy beatboxing cello-playing skills! A great way to begin The Christmas season.



  71. Spirit said

    Abrra… Thank you so much for all the goodies that you added to the candy jar this weekend. I downloaded some of them to my iPod which is always an ordeal since I don’t do it often enough to remember all the steps. I have a couple of questions. When I downloaded Silent Night, it downloaded I Need a Silent Night. I double checked and it was labeled Silent Night (Shelly’s) on my computer music file, but transferred to iTunes as the other. Also, I received an alert from my antivirus program that it had blocked a site with malware. Now it won’t allow me into The Voice or Mediafire on my home computer! I’m using my iPad to type this so am able to access this site that way. Hope this isn’t too confusing! Do you have any idea what could be causing these problems? Thanks!


  72. David ArchuletaVerified account
    @kariontour @TheRealJGuts a Mormon sandwich 😉 haha. Nice guy! Glad he could come to the show! “And we’ll never be Royals” #waitjeremyisone


  73. I CANT with that tweet! Hahahaha! Oh David, you kill us! Spontaneous singing of “Royals” and that hashtag re Jeremy! I swear, it’s like watching a Vlog!

    With the pie ambling and this tweet — well, the David we know and love is certainly in the house! YAY!!!


  74. Abrra said

    I can assure you that neither this site nor my Mediafire account has any virus threat. We have no software other than what WordPress provides or advertising running here at The Voice. I make all the mp3’s myself and the files come directly from my home computer. They are scanned for viruses. I did a test download of that file and it was titled Silent Night as it should. I don’t know why you got a different title.
    I don’t know what anti virus you have, but I do know that Norton ( and some others) are overly sensitive. Sometime a program will alert where it isn’t really necessary due to some setting it has. Such as when a site has flash plug-in ( which is a common tool) and the anti virus will freak out. Today I posted some.gif pictures in comment #62. Those are enough to set off alarms in some anti virus programs, but those pictures are safe. I can’t really explain why. I can only say both sites are safe. When I have a problem with a download from a KNOWN SAFE SITE. I disable the anti virus and do the download, then re enable it when I have what I want.

    I have emailed the file you want to the email address you gave WordPress to register with. You can decide to open it or delete it.

    If you have a tech you trust, I suggest you ask them for a more in depth explanation. Everyone should have a tech, before they need one 🙂



  75. djafan said

    He sure is Anodrlurker!

    Bringing this from Snowangelzz:

    Reading in the program that David’s been “busy writing songs for a new album that will be released in 2015. Now, at 23, David returns to the music and his fans, older, wiser, and with faith still on his side.” (IT WAS IN PRINT, PEOPLE, IT MUST BE TRUE!!!! 🙂



  76. djafan said

    David is now following @kolusola on twitter. Mentioned this to my granddaughter and played their duet for her. She loved it and says this is a great connection 🙂

    Kari and Gina are now also following Kevin.

    And @kolusola is now following David 🙂


  77. bebereader said

    Sky’s computer is still on the brink. She read the comments on her IPhone and asked me to send to you for her:

    Skydancer1x said:

    Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes and my pretty cake! Yummy! Haha
    Abrra that baby gif is too cute! David singing Happy birthday and all these
    wonderful videos and recaps to enjoy what could be better than that ❤️❤️ My
    computer won’t let me come in here and type. Guess it could be Davids’s fault
    (watching all these glorious videos of D makes me freeze.) ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


  78. djafan said

    David backstage at Capital Theater.


  79. bluesky4home said

    Sorry I have been out of the mix. ^_^ I wish you : Skydancer : all the best and loveliest doings and eatings for your birthday!! Woo Hoo!

    Who knew you would be getting early DA presents?!


  80. Djafan! I bow to you — you are a super sleuth and social media stats whiz! Thank you!

    *Fingers crossed* for a Pentatonix collab! They have a best-selling album right now too! Even my friends were saying David should do a collab with them!

    Also loving that a 2015 album was mentioned in the programme! Yeah!!!!


  81. betsy said

    Happy Birthday Sky. 🙂


  82. Spirit said

    Abrra……Thanks so much for your help and explanation. We do have Norton antivirus so I think that is probably the problem. It has sent alerts on some other sites, but this was the first time it has happened here……and I’ve been checking in here daily since the site began. 😊 I was sure that the problem had to do with my computer in some way! I really appreciate all that you and the other moderators do each day to keep this great site up and humming and to keep us all informed and entertained!


  83. Angelica said

    Happy Birthday Sky!


  84. jans11 said

    Happy Birthday, Sky!!! Hope your day has been awesome!


  85. lynnella said

    Spirit and Abrra – I too have Norton protection, and had the same problem when I tried to download the performances from the concert. Glad to find out why.

    Abrra, thank you for all you do to help those of us who are a little challenged technically (lol). You’re a gem.



  86. angelofdja said

    I’m glad you are ALL here to keep us in-the-loop regarding David. You gals and guys that comment and post video are greatly appreciated! It sure was nice seeing and hearing David perform live again! (It’s almost 2015! WOOT!)


  87. Abrra said

    Spirit & Lynnella

    Norton AntiVirus is the worst. That’s why I mentioned it. Chances are when false alarms go off, Norton is the reason.



  88. Abrra said

    Live Nativity info:

    “American Idol’s David Archuleta recorded a musical track along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, that will play along with the production.”



  89. bebereader said

    Good Morning!

    Abrra sent me this amazing video this morning. It’s “The First Noel”, Saturday afternoon performance, with change-ups!

    credit 8throwcenter


  90. bluesky4home said

    Yes, yes, Bebereader! That was the one I heard Sat. afternoon. ^_^ I am so glad that our ninja 8throwcenter got it for all of you.

    How wonderful it is that through the magic of modern tech, all of you can see the expressions on his face (he does have a rather nice face) while he is singing.

    It is as though he is telling us a story that just happens to be sung in stead of spoken. He narrates. I cannot always tell, however, if he is reading the script from his heart or mine. Probably from his. Why then, do I feel the imprint of the words?

    Oh, you are magical yourself, DA.


  91. bluesky4home said

    (Modern tech has nothing on him. Just sayin’.)


  92. djafan said

    Thank you Anodrlurker 🙂

    Bluesky, Lovely, just lovely.


    Bands from Utah ‏@BandsfromUtah 53m53 minutes ago
    Good luck today @DavidArchie. Thanks for helping us create an amazing music video #ShareTheGift


  93. Abrra said
    31 minutes ago
    hold on. this just happened😱😭😍❤️ #sharethegift

    Singing for the video ? Not sure whose picture this is yet. I’ll update when I do know.

    1 hour ago
    iPhone pic, behind the scenes shooting a music video with David Archuleta and the Piano Guys. #iPhone #ShareTheGift



  94. THAT pic. David + Christmas = perfect combination
    #sweetness #AllThatIsGoodD #light


  95. tawna21 said

    Video #89…. yes, that’s the one that I heard also. Beautiful. That humming was so soothing. Let’s just say that it calmed me down after having my heart beat rambunctiously from the beginning note! To be in the same airspace as David again was taking its toll on my being. #ilivedthruit #davidsfirstconcert

    I’m wondering…. how does David do all that he does? I want some of what he’s got (maybe it’s just called ‘youth’)!!


  96. tawna21 said

    Abrra, is this new First Noel going to be in the candy jar?

    admin Abrra:

    It’s in there now. 🙂


  97. bluesky4home said

    (Okay… two different “mantle” decorations means two different mantles, two different places????)

    All that – is just to distract me from the ToTaL AwEsOmEnEsS that is: DA AND THE PIANO GUYS IN THE SAME ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My world will never be the same.

    Gee, Santa, “What do I want for Christmas?” Let me count the ways I see you rewarding me (and all of us!) for being very good, good boys and girls.


  98. bluesky4home said

    I thought from the other news that DA would just be singing with the MoTab and would not get to mix with these other peeps. So to see him with TPG and Peter Hollins, and to know he also got to mix with SuperTramp, Stuart Edge (again), and others. Sigh.

    These people all have SO much experience with social media. DA is getting some good contacts, even if just to pick their brains. And I love it that they are getting to know him one on one.


    I am happy. ^_^


  99. bluesky4home said

    LInk to news about the “Worlds Largest Nativity Scene”:


  100. bluesky4home said

    Pretty sure the guy in the middle is Peter Hollens. He has done You Tube vids with Lindsey Stirling – that have a LOT of views. Here is a vid of him performing with Avi Kaplan – who also (with the cellist that played in the Christmas program with DA, you know?) is a member of Pentatonix.

    And one with Lindsey Sterling:

    This one only has upwards of 42 million views. *_*


  101. bluesky4home said

    I really like the way DA is “listening” in that last pic. He is so intense in his art.

    But these guys, although equally intense, all of them also have a great sense of ….. wait for it….. fun.


  102. djafan said

    Bluesky, I feel #DA2015 is coming.


  103. Abrra said

    7 minutes ago
    Can’t believe this is happening right now! @peterhollens @davidarchie @thepianoguysofficial #sharethegift #hollensfamily



  104. bluesky4home said

    Djafan, sorry for spamming, kinda… then I was gonna say “sorry”, then I didn’t because it would be another post. But then you answered me. *beams* ^_^

    To your comment: Yes. Me, Too. *grins*

    Please, DA, do not let your natural shyness and self-deprecation deprive you of the knowledge and experience at your fingertips. They are all lovely people who love you and think well of you. You are being put in these situations for a reason.


    (sorry Santa. That just sort of slipped out. I am already repenting and will do extra laundry to make up for it. …. or bake pies….. or better vacuuming or something.)


  105. bluesky4home said

    I like the way Steve, the cellist is looking at DA.

    Yea, Steve, we break our necks to look and listen as well. We feel your (lack of) pain.


  106. tawna21 said

    Thank you Abrra! (mp3 and pics and current news 🙂 Bluesky…. will you just keep talkin’ here ’cause you’re speaking our language!!!! 😀


  107. emifriend said

    Happy Birthday, Blue! I am glad you were born!

    Just peeking in tonnight to see some photos and hear some songs. I am so happy to hear David. stateside, again and look forward to all that is to come!


  108. Bringing these over!

    shaycarl ‏@shaycarl 7m7 minutes ago
    Day 2 on set of this #ShareTheGift shoot with @davidarchie and my receding hair line.

    Numbers quickly climbed to the thousands for this post so that’s good for David too! =)


  109. Brynlee Larson ‏@larson_brynlee 6m6 minutes ago
    @Shonduras with @DavidArchie is like the best thing I’ve ever seen on snapchat!!

    I don’t know about you but David looks about 12 in this photo, I actually thought it was an old until I saw all the tweets about how happy they were that David was with Shonduras.


  110. Bluesky, to your point: with all these collaborations and meetings David’s had with the social media superstars and artists, Youtubers and now even Snapchat celebrities, I really hope they share their expertise with him and D can up his social media game! He has some pretty big social media stars with him — massive following. It’s like a crash course of the past 2 years he’s missed in terms of tech and social media. #DA2015 – it’s gonna be big!


  111. Peter Hollens ‏@PeterHollens 12m12 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie such a pleasure to sing with you the last two days! Best of luck on the tests! The Fam loves ya!


  112. djafan said

    Anodrlurker, Loving all the loving David is getting from these famous youtubers. Not only can he learn from them but also get exposure. I remember years back the wishing for David to collaborate with The Piano Guys, and it happened. I’ve subscribed to their youtube channel to make sure I don’t miss the unveiling of the music video.

    Bluesky, It feels like the calm before the storm, though it hasn’t been very calm lol.


  113. djafan said

    David couldn’t resist 🙂

    1 hour ago
    I couldn’t resist. The tiny tots were too cute 👶👦👶. Baby courtesy to @katiletters and @evynnehollens #nativityvideo #Christmas


  114. djafan said

    Peter Hollens ‏@PeterHollens 45m45 minutes ago
    I had an incredible time shooting a video with The Piano Guys and David Archuleta I can’t wait until you get to…


  115. bluesky4home said

    I think this has to be one of my all-time favorite photos, especially for Christmas. What a great bunch of guys! I am so excited to see the Christmas vid.

    I just hope that there are more collaborations in the future. For all of them.

    Dear DA:
    Merry Christmas!

    That’s about all I can say. ❤ ❤

    Oh, and good luck on your tests!
    (chances are he is studying for exams with all this going on!)


  116. Abrra said


  117. Bringing this over here too. Credit to Archugeezer for the find! Only wish David had a feature interview as well!

    Peter Hollens talks about David for Deseret News article online:

    “I have been wanting to actually be in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir my entire life, since I was a little dorky kid,” Hollens said. “So being able to be in a song with them is ridiculous. Obviously the Piano Guys are so amazing. I was just recording with David in his studio like two hours ago. That is one of the most talented, gracious, humble dudes ever. He is lovely and so talented. I absolutely adore all the people here.”

    And the link to the feature:


  118. Dayzee said

    “He is lovely and so talented” Peter repeats what we have been saying for years. It looks so good in print.

    I was at the Nativity scene. That is me on the very top row in the middle. It was interesting to me to see how they filmed the event. We had a shot that was taken from a camera held aloft by balloons. When the wind kicked up we had to stand around and wait for the camera to become steady.

    Thanks to Abrra for the candy jar. I love having David in my car, singing these new treasures


  119. bebereader said

    New article —————->>>>>> ————->>>>>> ——————–>>>>>>


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