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Military Tour Wrap Up by David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Saturday, July 26, 2014

Screenshot (2)

This week we finished the Military Tribute Tour. We went back to Kuwait for 3 shows, and then did our last show on the tour in Djibouti. It was a bittersweet experience having it come to an end, but it made such an impact on me.


It was interesting to me as this was my first time coming back performing with the title “David Archuleta” and having to embrace that since my mission. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but there was a different motivating factor this time, which was that this tour was all about giving tribute to the troops. We flew out to these countries; to these military bases on our own time and without getting paid anything. We came out to get to know them, and express our gratitude for them with what God gave us in our abilities and talents.

I would divide the focuses on this tour into 2 different categories: 1st, Getting to know who these men and women were and 2nd, Getting to know what they do.

Traveling to the different bases in each country gave us a realistic view of what is going on and the work that these troops do. They showed us everything from the aircrafts and vehicles to the loading areas and offices; from the chow halls where they eat to the living quarters— whether they were buildings, CLU’s (containerized living units), or tents. We saw all of the different parts it takes to put it all together, and all of the people it took with different skills.


That’s how flat it was in Kuwait. But yes, those are camels

My favorite part of these tours and staying on these bases was getting to meet these servicemen and women and hear their stories. One of them I met in Camp Patriot in Kuwait. She was a Captain, and had an 11 month-old daughter, but she had been away from her for the last several months. On top of that, her husband was also deployed in another camp in Kuwait, so neither of them are able to be there with their new daughter to watch her grow during these first months of her life. The daughter stayed with grandparents in the meantime.

I was impressed to hear stories similar to this time and time again. A lot of times we have stereotypes for these men and women of what kind of lifestyle they come from, what matters to them, and how normal they really are. I met parents, grandparents, people my age and even younger than me everywhere. They all were far away from family and loved ones, and while they are fulfilling to their amazing duty to serve our country it still is no easy task to be away from family and loved ones in tough circumstances that are not your typical home environment. I jumped at the chance to listen to them, and simply be around them. If there was nothing else I could give to them, at least I could give them my time— there is nothing more valuable to me than that, and so I am glad that I could give even a little bit of time to be with them and get to know who they are and what they do.

At the end of the trip we were able to go to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We did a faith-based meeting (also known as a fireside) with stories and music similar to what we were doing on the tour, only more faith-focused. I really loved getting to do these firesides throughout our trip when time permitted, and to feel the hearts and spirits of these strong-spirited youth in these parts of the world.


A group of the Ethiopian girls who came to the fireside.

After this fireside we went out to an Ethiopian restaurant where they had traditional Ethiopian dancers and an Ethiopian band. It was awesome! A few people in the restaurant recognized me, along with a worker, and the next thing I know the owner comes up to ask if I would sing for everyone there. At first I felt awkward, but in the end I thought “eh, why not?” and got up to sing 2 songs: “Stand By Me” and “Everybody Hurts” which I had been singing during the military tour. It was quite the experience being backed up by an Ethiopian band along with my voice coach, Dean Kaelin who was on the tour with us. Good times!


The bomb suit was a little big on me

It’s been unforgettable. I am taking so many memories with me from these past few weeks. I just want to thank again these men and women in the military for serving and doing what they do. I am so grateful that they took us in and allowed us to experience a little bit of their experiences. It means so much to me, and to everyone on our tour. We appreciate you and your time you shared with us. Military Tribute Tour accomplished!


Visiting the rescue crew in Djibouti

Well that’s a wrap for this blog. Thanks for reading!



David Archuleta is a guest writer for The Voice.

JK, LOL!  But thanks for the great article including pics!  You can read on his official site here.

57 Responses to “Military Tour Wrap Up by David Archuleta”

  1. djafan said

    It feels like I fell into a rabbit hole or into the twilight zone. Hellooooooooo!!!!

    Anywho I was really hoping for one of David’s epic vlogs but boy do I enjoy his written words. As much as I appreciate the other guys blogs I was really happy to see David tell us in his own words 🙂

    Leave a comment on his OS!

    Taking hubby to the voice tour concert for an early bday present, he likes Tessane Chin 🙂


  2. Abrra said

    Thanks to David and his tour group for sharing their talents and the sacrifice of time for our troops. It was unforgettable for everyone involved.

    It’s that time of the week when we celebrate David’s artistry in Unplugged! All are welcomed to join in the chat.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  3. tawna21 said

    He writes well… he sings well…. he gives his heart in whatever he does .♥ This commentary is from his heart. I can’t wait to hear David Archuleta sing again – – live!


  4. jans11 said

    Glad they got back home safe and sound! Always good hearing from David, but a vlog would have been nice! 🙂 Man, this guy has been around for as young as he is, and I will be super glad when we are scrambling around making plans to go see him! 🙂 Looks as if it might be a Christmas concert…hope…hope…something, anything…and asap! 🙂 🙂 Seeing David live and in person is The Best! 🙂

    Whoopee! I have a new play toy! My Direct TV receiver went out and it was replaced with a “Genie”. And with it hooked up to my wireless server, I can get Youtube and watch all of David on big screen that I want! 🙂 Fun stuff! 🙂

    Going to try my best to be at chat tonight!


  5. LOU LOU said



  6. Abrra said

    How fun is this??

    spencereynolds via Instagram
    David Archuleta just did a quick jump on and off stage with a wave! Not even long enough to get a clear pic…

    I was hoping he would be back in time.



  7. I am on my cell actually trying to get to sleep but I gave it a shot to get to Unplugged. Would like to have heard a bit of music!! Hi to everyone if you are still up. Hopefully in another week I will be able to find my way there! But I am caught up with the stories!



  8. Abrra said


    Your phone doesn’t support the video plug in that Livestream (Unplugged) uses. 😦

    Continued prayers for your son’s full recovery.



  9. Abrra said

    Here’s the Sunday puzzle for this week. David gives his all.



  10. I know Abs, so I listened to David sing. ‘Bring Him Home’ on YT, repeatedly! Pretty amazing! Special thanks for your Best Wishes! I will be telling him soon about all the people who have sent their thoughts and prayers his way.



  11. bebereader said

    SB I missed chat too! Continued prayers for your son’s recovery! Please let us know how he’s doing.


  12. bebereader said

    Apparently David sang “Crush” tonight at Cook’s concert, accompanied by Cook on guitar.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Nicole Belnap ‏@NicoleBelnap 6m

    So I thought I was just going to a @thedavidcook concert but @DavidArchie sang too!! I was up against the stage!


  13. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    6 minutes ago · Sandy Amphitheater
    #selfie #nbg #davidarchuleta just showed up #davidcook He looks even more Mormon in person #IRL


  14. jans11 said

    Was late to chat, so I missed it too!

    Love the puzzle, Abs!

    He’s working his way in…slowly, but surely! 🙂 And in shorts! Yea!

    SB, still praying for your son. ♥


  15. fenfan said

    OMG I need to see that vid of them singing Crush NOW!!!!!!!


  16. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    11 minutes ago · Sandy Amphitheater
    Man love. #davidcook & #davidarchuleta #americanidol

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    gusgusmenlove on Tumblr So you can’t really tell but that’s david cook and david archeletta…. Woo fun night!! Thanks sis and @avitallife (at Sandy Amphitheater)


  17. bebereader said


    credit Maggie Arnold
    Maggie Arnold

    My lil buddy David Archuleta Crushed the crowd at the David Cook concert tonight! — at Sandy Amphitheater.

    Thanks Pabuckie!


  18. What a good night not to be able to sleep with the video of David and David just coming out. Very special!

    Thank you everyone!! I hope to have an update later in the new week! Nice to see you all here!



  19. bebereader said

    credit: Rochelle Dawn


  20. bebereader said

    David tweets about tonight!

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 37s

    Went and saw my good friend Mr. @thedavidcook tonight here in Utah. Full of surprises that man. Loves putting me on the spot lol.


  21. bebereader said

    LOL Cook trying to sing a little of Crush:

    credit Rochelle Dawn


  22. Abrra said

    A snippet of the MAN!

    10 minutes ago · Sandy Amphitheatre
    #davidarchuleta THESE FREAKIN’ GIRLS WENT INSANE when “#archie” showed up so unfortunately this was much of my view for the rest of the show

    And a full length, two arm Cookaleta hug makes a return.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    ( Dear Bebe, I know its the same pic but its got all of him 🙂 )

    This might be the best of the night! Djbell sent it to me. I don’t know who took it, but thank you!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    (Dear Abrra, Credit goes to c h r i s t i n a ‏@ChristinaD23 28m)

    (Dear Bebe, Thanks sis! You da best!)

    Abrra who has tried to go to be for the last 2 hours 🙂


  23. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    4 minutes ago
    #SelfieSunday featuring David Archuleta😍😍😍


  24. Angelica said

    Showing up looking like a postman and delivering a first-class package of talent and charisma. That was great!


  25. bebereader said

    Another Crush from tonight:

    Credit Nanci Olsen


  26. Abrra said

    #23 Sunglasses? The man spends 3 weeks baking in 110+F heat and hardly wore them. Heh!

    HD video of Crush. This one is a keeper.


    You can download MP3 & Mp4 here:



  27. Abrra said

    #24 Angelica
    You can always see the obvious when I miss it. LOL
    Postman. All he needs is the USPS logo patch on his shirt sleeve.



  28. tawna21 said

    THANK YOU!!!! Abrra and Bebe…. my goodness, the puzzle, videos, pictures, mp3 &4…. hello Sunday morning!!!! 🙂

    Abrra, I thought the same thing about the sunglasses. haha!

    SB, continued best wishes for your son’s full recovery. And, may you and the rest of the family have strength to carry the load that is yours right now. ♥


  29. Abrra said

    If he thought he was going to hide behind the glasses, he can’t. Once he smiles, the world lights up all around him. BUSTED!



  30. Abrra said

    Pastel at FOD made a .gif of David’s wave-off of the bass player during Crush performance.

    Pastel @pastelpastel
    Made a little gif of the sweet “wave off” from @DavidArchie. No instrumental por favor 🙂

    My take on it: “Get that guitar outta my ear. I can do this!”

    Shock or surprise?

    One of the co-writers of Crush checks in on D Squared!

    David Hodges ‏@hodgesmusic
    “@COOKistas: @hodgesmusicThe two Davids singing “Crush” at @thedavidcook ‘s show in utah last night 😉 ” // Genius!

    The expressions just keep on coming!



  31. bluesky4home said

    So. Let me get this straight.

    DA is just down the hill from my house. Singing.

    And I am out of state.


    No. Words.


  32. Just having a look late night. What a great bear hug. David seems almost back…what a trip to get there. With all of the mid east trouble, dangers and uncertainties maybe he needed that hug to bring him back. Nothing like security and a peaceful place to live in. The wars there will never end, that is their history.



  33. jans11 said

    OMGosh!!!! just loving all the good videos and my favorite part was when David waved the background music away! He can do it himself! 🙂 Love this kid and his music so much! Don’t care what he wears, how he eats, what his religion is….I just love him and his voice! He is the cat’s meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( That has been running through my head the last few days, I just had to say it! 🙂 )

    Every time I hear Crush it always brings back 6 yrs ago and this time was no different! It is so special, just like David!

    I agree, SB, I think David’s trip was eye opening for us all, and it may make it easier for David to make his transition. Being home with security and peace. It is really bad that those countries that are at war can’t make peace, their history of war makes it bad for the whole world.


  34. bebereader said

    Good Morning! 🙂

    From Cook’s concert:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Credit Martha Mayorga on Facebook


  35. djafan said

    Bluesky! Darn it!!! So close yet so far.

    Jans yes yes yes!!!!!

    SB, Praying for healing!!!

    And can you believe this guy?? David’s mojo may have been a little sleepy but it’s alive and awesome!!!!!

    Angelica, I never saw the glasses lol

    Love seeing that David Hodges saw the performance and called it genius! Remember this? One of my all time favorite Crush performances 🙂


  36. djafan said

    And I just think he looks amazingly gorgeous.

     photo 4ba03a11-6e26-4650-9794-0fc9cdee2755_zps0448d0c4.jpg

    More pictures from the concert here


  37. jans11 said

    38, “And I just think he looks amazingly gorgeous.” Yep, he does, doesn’t he, Dja! 🙂 That grin is infectious! 🙂

    I read where Dan Clark is a writer contributor for the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. I looked his name up in the one I have and this is what it says: ” Dan Clark is the international ambassador of the “The Art of Being Alive.” He has spoken to over 2 million people worldwide. Dan is an actor, songwriter, recording artist, video producer and award winning athlete. He is the well-known author of seven books including “Getting High-How to Really Do It”, “One Minute Messages”, “The Art of Being Alive” and “Puppies for Sale and Other Inspirational Tales”. He can be reached at P.O. Box 8689, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 or by calling 801-485-5755.

    I knew he was a motivational speaker, and it was interesting to read about what other things he does.

    The book I have is :Chicken Soup for the Country Soul” dated 1998, so the address and phone number may be changed.


  38. djafan said

    Well I attended The Voice tour concert and it was entertaining but I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready for an ARCHULETA concert it’s not even funny!!!

    And as evident in the videos above David is more than ready for the task!!!!!

    Now I’m sure he wants to have the new material ready so I’ll keep practicing patience lol

    And an appearance every week or so like the Cook one will help hold me over until he gives us a date or dates!


  39. Abrra said

    Some late night fun from David!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    davidarchieFrench toast truck with the sis = happy days. #foodtruck #familyfun

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    Sometimes food trucks bring you joy

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit jahzey

    This looks more like breakfast 🙂



  40. Angelica said

    That looks delicious.


  41. fenfan said

    He must have done his laundry very quickly – military tour shirt + Cook concert shorts. Is there any pix that’s a longer shot? I want to see whether he is wearing those socks again. I am kinda getting used to that look. haha!
    That’s a very thick slice of bread.
    Sorry, I am shallow and have nothing profound to say. LOL


  42. djafan said

    Fenfan! haha I think he’s making up for all the years he refused to wear shorts lol

    The socks are common place in my area so I’m used to them and the style.

    Boy that french toast is thick! Like the fact that David is eating! Everything it seems like! lol

    David is getting back into the music scene! It won’t be long 🙂

    Jennifer Bozeman ‏@Jenn_Boze
    Oh you know, I just walked right past David Archuleta. #itscasual

    Jordyn Pope @Jo__Pope ·
    @YorgasonRachel I know you should have come with me!! It’s just a little backyard concert in Lindon!

    Sydnie Carter ‏@sydnie_carter 3m
    The one time I don’t go to a party with my brothers, David Archuleta is there. I’m seriously dying! #whydoesthishappentome @DavidArchie #ugh

    sierra ‏@siebolls 8m
    In this moment I’m at a private party with David Archuleta. OMG

    ♡ Shelb ♡ ‏@Its_Shelby21 28m
    @DavidArchie is getting his haircut in Utah right now..

    You could see the hair cut in the french toast picture, I like it 🙂


  43. djafan said

    New Video from the Cook concert of David singing Crush!


  44. bebereader said


    It’s French Toast made with thick slices of bread. It’s a popular breakfast here in the states. And it’s delish, although I’ve never had it with ice cream. Nor have I seen it sold on a truck. #NYisdeprived
    If you need a recipe let us know.

    PS You can see the socks in comments #6, #12 etc, and in the video.


  45. MT said

    I had to LOL at this: “Sorry, I am shallow and have nothing profound to say. LOL”

    hahaha That’s why I rarely comment. Personally, I want to unbutton that top button and burn the postman socks. 😀
    (Yes, I am terribly old fashioned. I just can’t get used to that look.)

    But other than the socks (if he’s wearing them in that pic) he looks great! And did you notice that Jazzy has the same crinkly-nosed smile as David? I’m thinking they are BOTH foodies cuz they sure look happy eating that sweet treat. Big Smiles. 😀 They are both so cute!

    PS The haircut. No comment LOL because long hair or short hair, he’s still such a cutie.

    *David … on stage … singing. 🙂 ♥*


  46. djafan said

    I don’t know who this guy is but he has a single out and tweeted David.

    Zac Taylor @ZacTaylorMusic · 13h
    @DavidArchie hey man

    Zac Taylor @ZacTaylorMusic · 15h
    @DavidArchie is a really big idol of mine. He’s a good role model and an amazing singer and I need to meet him.

    Zac Taylor
    20 year old singer with @bmabrecords @SonyMusicGlobal | GO GET MY NEW SINGLE #CLOUD9 !!!!!!!!

    West Palm Beach, FL


  47. djafan said

    MT…this ♥♥♥♥♥

    *David … on stage … singing. 🙂 ♥*


  48. bebereader said


    I’m not a fan of the dark socks with shorts either nor the buttoned up shirt. Yikes! In summer?! I’m hoping they are both fads that will soon pass. haha

    It’s a slow afternoon and I have a craving for French Toast.


  49. djafan said


    mikel merritt ‏@elyse_mikel 1m
    my coworker is setting me up on a date with David Archuleta. so you could say I’m pretty happy.


  50. tawna21 said

    okie dokie…. I’m thinking that tweeting that you are going on a date with David Archuleta might not be the wisest thing to do #justsayin


  51. Abrra said

    It never occurred to me that David would need or want a matchmaker 😉 #wishfulthinking #mustlovepostmanlook

    The date might be off. She says she is 18. Uhhhhhhhhh

    mikel merritt ‏@elyse_mikel 2m
    @jehanicky @mjn1286 I’m 18. (:

    mikel merritt ‏@elyse_mikel 17m
    @jehanicky @mjn1286 hey guys. I don’t know if the date will even happen. so sorry for posting about it. (:



  52. bluesky4home said

    44 Bebereader –

    There is a fad here in UT. Food trucks that deliver gourmet food instead of greasy snacks. Some good friends of mine spent part of their anniversary doing a kind of “progressive dinner”, by following several of these trucks in turn and sampling their wares. They had a blast.

    Who knew!?

    Dear DA:

    Your (apparent) attempt to disguise yourself as Mr. Rogers is doomed to failure. Whether this is an effort to ward off all but the most determined females or simply to confuse newbies who might otherwise put you in the same category as The Beebs, there are several major flaws in your logic:

    1. Mr. R only had imaginary friends
    2. Dear Mr. R knew only a short list of songs
    3. Although like you, he began his career singing to his pets….well, let’s just say he sort of hit a plateau.
    4. Believe me – if you ever produced a singing invitation that pled with one and all to become your neighbor, real estate prices in the state of Utah would make history. Quickly.

    My advice is to wear a wig. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, however all you are accomplishing at this point is to make yourself easier to find.

    Oh, you sly dog!


  53. Angelica said

    Yeah, poor thing. Might not have been the wisest thing to do but she’s only 18 so I wish her luck.

    Dang! I missed the French Toast Truck again this morning! Heard the bell ringing on the street and made a mad dash for my wallet and shoes but it pulled away. I chased it for a while and then cried all the way home.

    Kind of not in Utah. 😦


  54. bebereader said

    Dear Blueksy,

    We have lots of food trucks here in NY but none that I know of that sells French Toast. 😦 Mostly tacos, pizza, sea food, hot dogs, bbq, various gourmet delicacies and ice cream. But I did a little research (he he) and found there’s a similar truck stationed in Central Park (about an hour from here) called “Wafels & Dinges”. Who knew?

    “Wafel and Dinges is a must on every foodies bucket list. They sell authentic Belgian, Brussels and Liege waffles all with a variety of textures and consistencies. To compliment the warm decadent waffles the provide a wide range of “dinges” or toppings from belgium chocolate syrup to bananas and whipped cream! If sweets aren’t your style their menu offers great savory options as well!”

    Maybe The Matterhorn is exclusive to Utah?

    Food trucks have been around a long time but my favorite one is no longer in business. It’s called The Chow Chow Cup and I lived on it in college. Fast food before fast food was ever invented, they sold chicken chow mein in cups made from the hard Chinese noodles. Hot dog egg rolls too. Oh don’t get me started. LOL


  55. MT said

    ROFL I love how your mind works. 🙂

    LOL The best I can hope for here is an ice cream truck.


  56. bebereader said

    Masterclass Lady has a nice write-up about “David Cook And David Archuleta’s Heartwarming Reunion On Stage”


  57. bluesky4home said

    I am waiting for the day when the black socks and top buttoned shirt join the sparkly suit in our DA Hall of Fame closet. They could share some interesting memories. ^_^


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