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David Achuleta Begins Motivational Tour in Mid East for Troops With Dan Clark, Jason Hewlett, and Dean Kaelin

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, July 9, 2014

eveningLRG TroopsCredit AFE

They have arrived! Unfortunately, their luggage and Dean’s keyboard did not arrive with them. We have reports on the ground from both Dean Kaelin and Jason Hewlett that they have all checked into a hotel in Bahrain and are being treated well. Heat is almost 100 at 9:30 in the evening! Landed in Bahrain instead of Afghanistan. Jason writes there may be some changes on the schedule but we will be updated as things happen. I will keep this a fluid post for now to add more to it as time goes by and we will post updates and pics/vids in comments.

Just to clarify, David said they will be doing shows for the Air Force in his vlog and some thought that meant only performing on Air Force bases. According to the Fact Sheet on AFE, since,

1997: The U.S. Air Force was assigned the Executive Agent for providing celebrity and non-celebrity programs to troops serving overseas, creating the jointly-manned office, Armed Forces Entertainment.

The Air Force is in charge of coordinating entertainment for all 4 branches. So, keeping them all in our hearts and prayers, especially our brave soldiers…Let the show Begin!

Links for updates!

David Archuleta Instagram

Jason Hewlett The Entertainer 

Jason Hewlett Entertainment

Dan Clark Public Figure




130 Responses to “David Achuleta Begins Motivational Tour in Mid East for Troops With Dan Clark, Jason Hewlett, and Dean Kaelin”

  1. Angelica said

    Bringing these comments since their arrival to this thread.

    djafan said
    Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 6:40 PM e

    They are at their first stop!!!

    Jason Hewlett @jasonhewlett · 22m
    @dangitdavid Thank you for sharing! Yes, I plan on keeping everyone up to date as I can. We just arrived in Bahrain, show later tonight!

    Jason Hewlett @jasonhewlett · 21m
    @GoodPlaceDA2014 Thank you for sharing. We are safe in Bahrain, perform later this evening. Tour plans may change. Updates on my Blog

    Jason Hewlett @jasonhewlett · 19m
    @kimak Thank you for being the first to share post. Arrived safe in Bahrain, show tonight, tour plans change as we go, updates on my blog

    And this from his blog!!!

    MUNK July 8, 2014 at 11:32 pm
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! God bless you all! You and your families are in our prayers! I am sure you will touch many lives for good! Take care!

    Jason Hewlett July 9, 2014 at 10:41 pm
    Thank you so much, Maryanne. We hope to spread joy and light to all that hear us. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

    Jana Norton July 9, 2014 at 1:28 am
    You may make people laugh for money, but this made me cry for free. Admittedly, I got here because I am a supporter of young Mr. Archuleta, I now am a huge supporter of you, Blessings for your family and loved ones. Godspeed to you, sir, and thank you for your service to our country and mankind. Respectfully, Jana Norton in Oregon..

    Jason Hewlett July 9, 2014 at 10:40 pm
    Oh my goodness Jana, what a sweet comment. We are so honored to be here, just landed in Bahrain and excited to get in front of those incredible service people protecting our freedoms. Young Mr. Archuleta is as sweet of a young man as I’ve met, I’ll post pics of some of the funny exchanges between him and his fans from Atlanta to Amsterdam to our hotel lobby in Bahrain! He is loved the world over. Thank you again.

    sunny July 9, 2014 at 1:51 am
    Jason, enjoyed your blog!! Have a wonderful and safe trip! What you guys are doing for the troops is AMAZING!

    Jason Hewlett July 9, 2014 at 10:38 pm
    Sunny, Thank you so much! We are excited to be here, safe and sound so far. I’ll keep this updated.

    Cheryl Nelson July 9, 2014 at 4:27 am
    Thank you so much, Jason……….that was truly beautiful. Many of David’s fans will be praying for all of you and for our brave troops. May Heavenly Father bless all of you and your families while you are away and keep our troops safe. What a great country we live in…….so proud to be an American! Hoping we can get some videos of all of you performing……….thank you so much for being willing to go…………..and tell the troops we love them and appreciate all they are doing to bring peace in our world.

    Jason Hewlett July 9, 2014 at 10:38 pm
    Cheryl, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. David is a wonderful young man, I’m really honored to know him a little better now. For anyone wondering if he’s as nice as he seems, trust me, he’s as nice as he seems! Actually nicer. People in every airport in the world just recognized him and he’d stop to take photos with all of them. And I took photos of that 🙂 We are excited to be here, and perform for the troops our first show later this evening! Thank you again!

    Mary Dee July 9, 2014 at 6:43 am
    I wish I know how to thank you guys enough for your generosity and compassion. Thank you. May the Lord bless you and your families as you bless our troops with love, time, and talents. God bless our troops and their loved ones waiting for them to come home safe.

    Jason Hewlett July 9, 2014 at 10:36 pm
    Mary Dee, Thank you for your kind words. We are the ones honored to be here for those serving, such a thrill! We just arrived and perform later this evening. Can’t wait! Bless check back as I’ll be updating regularly.

    Patty-Ann July 9, 2014 at 11:14 am
    I’ve read this so many times now…it is that beautiful. Wishing you a safe trip, prayers on your journey. May the show bring hope, joy, and love to all of our troops and to everyone! God Bless you All.

    Jason Hewlett July 9, 2014 at 10:35 pm
    Patty-Ann, you are so kind, your comment makes me well up. We just arrived in Bahrain, all safe and actually in a hotel (I wasn’t sure if we’d be in tents or what, but they are making this truly a one-of-a-kind experience for us!), and we begin performing our first of many shows later in the evening. Thank you for your kind words and support!

    Abrra said
    Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 7:23 PM e

    While we wait for more news from overseas, I scanned twitter for any pictures posted of David’s adventures.
    Here is one from Costa Rica.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    DavidArchieVenezuela @DavidArchieVzla
    @DavidArchie – #EN New picture from Costa Rica, possibly visiting a Temple!

    I’ll add more as they show up.


    Grammyj said
    Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 7:36 PM e

    From Dean’s FB:

    Dean Kaelin
    about an hour ago
    OK, just over 24 hours on planes and we eventually get to Bahrain. It took us a while to get past the customs guy, then to the baggage carousel only to find out that are bags (including my keyboard and all my cables) didn’t make the connection in the Netherlands!! So, I guess I’ll be playing guitar for our first show tomorrow night! Good thing I carried on the guitar!! haha. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and interest. Btw, it was 96 degrees and about that much humidity at 9:30pm when we landed in Bahrain, and they told us we haven’t even gotten into the hot season yet!! So enjoy your lovely weather wherever you are.

    tawna21 said
    Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 8:25 PM e

    Dean probably feels about his keyboard & cables not making it as I would if my make-up bag didn’t make it! 🙂 Hopefully they are reunited with their luggage ASAP!!!!


  2. Dayzee said

    They were looking for someone who could make people smile and see the brighter side no matter what the situation. Someone with a profound sense of responsibility combined with gratefulness for all challenges. Someone who could change lives for the better. They found the perfect fella


  3. Abrra said


    Perfect description of David’s personality. I agree 110%!

    I really like how he is managing his career since he came back from Chile. Taking is slow and doing events that provide him exposure to new fans and still being true to his desire to make life a little better for others through singing. Let’s face it, once he sings to the troops, the base PX will have to start stocking David’s CD’s 🙂



  4. bebereader said

    Amen, Dayzee. They certainly did.

    So glad they arrived safely and that they are together and communicating with us. It’s seven hours ahead there. Right now it’s early morning 5:30 am. They are probably exhausted from not getting a good night’s sleep on the plane. Glad they are at a hotel.

    From Wikipedia, about food in Bahrain:

    “Its primary crops are dates, bananas, citrus fruits, pomegranates, mangoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. Due to limited land space, there are only a few thousand goats, cattle and sheep, but is the fresh fish of the Persian Gulf, of which the king is the Hamour (grouper), typically served grilled, fried, or steamed. Other popular local fish include Safi (rabbitfish), Chanad (mackerel), and Sobaity (see bream). Most of the time, fish is eaten with rice.

    A delicacy is Qoozi (Ghoozi), which is grilled lamb stuffed with rice, boiled eggs, onions and spices. The traditional flatbread is called Khubz It is a large flatbread baked in a special oven.”

    It’s the holiday of Ramadan now, beginning at sundown on Saturday, June 28 and lasting until Sunday, July 27.

    “Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam.The month lasts 29–30 days based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon…”

    During Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, No eating or drinking during this time. However, food and drink is served before sunrise and after sunset.

    I’m sure they will be well-fed during Ramadan since fasting is only obligatory for adult Muslims, except those who are suffering from an illness, etc.


  5. tawna21 said

    Dayzee, I couldn’t agree more! David Archuleta just has it and knows how to use it for the betterment of anyone he comes in contact with.

    Abrra, can you just imagine the base PX’s with a display of David’s CD’s?! 🙂 Either that or iTunes is going to be hoppin’ with downloads.

    Bebe, thanks for the info on Bahrain…. I think I’ll stick to the fruit and veggie diet 🙂
    Knowing David, he’ll fast with the Muslims during their fast…. wouldn’t surprise me in the least. ♥


  6. Abrra said


    I suspect both options will happen. 🙂


    Thanks for the info.



  7. jans11 said

    Wow, so much info to catch up on since I got back. Good to get back on my comp to get the details. Loved Jason’s blog and happy that he likes to give a lot of details…that will help us keep informed. I wish they would make a live show on dvd for us to buy…that would be so awesome! Hope to hear David sing the songs that he hasn’t performed live yet.

    The prayer is so needed now to protect both the great people that want to go over and help and all our brave men and women in uniform’ God Bless them all and keep them safe!


  8. Abrra said

    A tweet from David. He still has futbol on his brain. Gladys he is talking about your country. 🙂

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    I found internet. I know this is a bit delayed, but how about Argentina, eh? Or… che? #ArgentinaALaFinal

    From Jason Hewlett’s Facebook. A short video of the guys as they get ready for take off.

    Jason Hewlett updates his blog with some pictures at the airport!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Dean Kaelin, Jason Hewlett, Dan Clark, David Archuleta, leaving the SLC Airport to perform for the Troops overseas

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Jason Hewlett scaring and annoying David Archuleta, but he still smiles for our selfie

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Racing in Amsterdam Airport, after 8 hour flight from Atlanta, to 6 hour flight to Abu Dhabi. We were practically running. It was awesome.

    “Yes, after 40 hours of flying we arrived at our destination, only to be held up at Customs for never having been there, and then being told our luggage hadn’t arrived. This is a custom I have practiced for many years on Delta, thus my reasons for not having checked a bag in 3 years since they lost my $10,000 worth of costumes on a direct flight to Las Vegas years ago. I apologized to everyone, since I checked a bag and cursed our luggage 🙂 Remember, Delta stands for:

    Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive

    Hoping we get our gear, we are all in the same outfits now for 60+ hours. Stinky! But the shows must go on, hoping Dean gets his keyboard, but luckily he’s a genius and can figure out all of the songs for David, and as we all know, David can sing the phone book anyway.

    Let the Tour begin! More photos coming soon.”

    Read the rest here:

    How awesome of Jason to take the time to update everyone?



  9. Abrra said

    I wrote to TerryTampa and she replied!

    Hi Abrra!

    So great to hear from you—I miss participating in chat, too!

    David and crew are just now finishing up their show in Bahrain, and I’m NOT there :(. ( Follow up correction: Oops…I miscalculated the time in the Middle East. The Bahrain show doesn’t take place for another 16 hours—and I still won’t be there ;( )
    My hubby and I left Saudi Arabia last month and are back in Florida through Sept.

    When David announced his trip to the Middle East last week, I contacted AFE about the show in Bahrain. Most of the shows will be at remote sites for on-post military personnel only. Once AFE advised the date and time of the Bahrain show, I couldn’t get all of the overseas flights coordinated to make today’s 6 PM show time.

    AFE is checking to see if there is any possibility to attend one of the shows later in the month. It’s highly doubtful, and I would still need the airline gods to accompany me from Florida and back to the Middle East, but I won’t give up just yet!

    Back to David…I can just imagine the love and the spirit flowing from David and gracing each person at tonight’s show :)! Makes me so proud and happy for David and our military!

    I will keep you posted.


    P.S. At the Santa Rosa VIP, I asked David if he would consider performing for the military who were stationed in the Middle East, and he said “Yes!” I told him that Jordin Sparks was performing that same night at the military compound in Saudi Arabia where I was living. David immediately apologized that I was missing her show—WHAT?? When I said that I wanted to be right here with him and at his show, David hugged me. So sweet :)! And now, he’s in the Middle East spreading the love where it’s needed the most. David is some kind of wonderful…

    So great of Terry to get back to me. Welcome home Terry and hubby! You are THE BEST hugger 🙂

    Another airport sighting of David. He posed with a few fans.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jessa Mendoza ‏@Mendozajessaaa
    Omg Kyla, gigi & Tia with David Archuleta 😦



  10. Abrra said

    A sailor tweets!

    Kimberly Bolf @KimboNation



  11. djafan said

    So much wonderful stuff!!!!

    Hello Terry!!! Hope it works out for you! So good to hear from you!

    Jason has been incredible. This also is a blessing for him, he is gaining followers 🙂 I like him.

    I remember Elder Archuleta having partaken in the sport of futbol on his mission. He sure has developed a liking for the sport.

    Gladys, he said che! jaja

    Whoever said this wasn’t his audience “not here” was wrong. There will always be those that may not like his music but I have yet to hear someone deny his wondrous voice. He was able to win over those tough bikers at Myrtle Beach so anything is possible IMO 🙂

    I’ve updated David’s twitter feed and added Jason’s up on the right side bar for easy access and viewing.


  12. bebereader said

    Thanks dja. I’m enjoying the new Twitter feeds.

    To all on the last thread who gave me accolades for the English transcription, I appreciate all your comments! *bows* Re-reading it, I caught some typos that I intend to fix but hey, for 6,500+ words, what’s a few typos? haha

    One more tweet: Saniyah Mabe ‏@uhiiteh 10h

    I can’t believe i saw David Archuleta in person!!! I think i’m going to faint!!!

    I replied to her from The Voice and asked: @uhiiteh Where did you see @davidarchie?

    What a gem Jason is for keeping us up to date. We are so lucky that he loves details! He might be just the person who will provide us with videos of David’s performances. He seems to be tech-savvy.

    It will soon be 7:30 pm in Bahrain. They are seven hours ahead of Eastern time.

    Hope the luggage was found.


  13. djafan said

    Dan Clark tweets!!!

    Dan Clark ‏@danclarkspeak

    @SusanFOD Yes, I will be posting updates, photos, videos, etc. as often as possible! Stay tuned.

    Dan Clark ‏@danclarkspeak 9m
    In July, we’ll be entertaining our troops in the Middle East. Follow our journey! Stay tuned… #proudtobeanamerican

    I’m adding him to the twitter feed on the right sidebar!!!


  14. djafan said

    Do you think he may be reading our tweets? haha

     photo davidonplanetomiddleeast_zpsc0fa6476.jpg


  15. djafan said

    The Armed Forces tweet!

    Armed Forces Ent. ‏@ArmedForcesEnt 2m
    Excited for your tour! Keep us in the loop by tagging us while on tour! #ArmedForcesEnt @danclarkspeak @DavidArchie @jasonhewlett


  16. Abrra said

    Loved this tweet. It’s a screen cap from the I’m Alive vlog.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mi debilidad tiene nombre y apellido: David Archuleta.
    My weakness has a name: David Archuleta.

    From Jason’s blog comments. A bit of info regarding the luggage and how they are managing.

    Janel Woodbury July 10, 2014 at 1:15 am


    I wanted to thank you for the things you said in this blog. Since I found out you’d be travelling with David I’ve been watching your videos on YT and laughing so hard straight to tears. Reading this brought me to tears too. I just think you’re an amazing family man, with a strong love for your wife and children. It does any person good to see it. I’m hoping you kept each other entertained on such a long flight (I can almost hear David laughing at your jokes and impressions). Hope the jet lag isn’t so bad. Dean mentioned on FB about losing the luggage including the keyboard. Hope that gets all sorted out. So, were you able to fit David in your carry on? 😉 I’m glad you’re getting to know David and learn what so many fans already know about him, what a wonderful, spiritual, caring young man he is, and an amazing set of pipes to go with it all. God bless. Looking forward to pictures and maybe videos. ~Janel Woodbury in Pleasant Grove, Utah

    Jason Hewlett July 10, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Janet, I’m honored you would take the time to read the blog and watch some videos. My goal is to spread joy, and happy you find laughter in them. I’m most grateful you can see I’m a family man first, that is true. David and Dean and I are mostly entertained by Dan Clark, he is the funniest man alive. Yes, Delta lost our luggage, but the boys went shopping today and some could find clothes that worked, but no keyboard yet Dean is working overtime to figure out all of the songs on guitar, luckily he’s a musical genius and David can sing the phone book…. Thank you again for your kind words and God Bless!

    Thanks to Janel for asking the question.



  17. djafan said


    David Archuleta Universe
    David Archuleta singing Crush Beautiful
    Credit-Tia on instagram (Ohulina)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    »Shanelle♥Archie« ‏@ShadowBenny
    @ArmedForcesEnt @DavidArchie Performing Crush for the Troops :


  18. Abrra said

    A Meet & Greet photo posted by a fan!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    2 hours ago
    Met David Archuleta with Derek Painter

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Kimberly Bolf ‏@KimboNation
    Me and the famous David Archuleta from American Idol! ☺

    A short clip posted on Facebook and Instagram by Jessa Mae Liang

    Via Instagram
    jessaaa_15 Wasn’t able to take a picture with him. 😭 but still so happy to see him. So Handsome 😍😘 #davidarchuleta

    And some screencaps.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Credit: Jessa Mae Liang 🙂

    Hope we get some more!



  19. Angelica said

    Ahhhh!!!! He looks and sounds great!


  20. MT said

    Dja and Abrra,
    Thanks so much for the updates!!

    Absolutely, he looks and sounds great! Love that little video and hope they keep coming!

    Jason is hilarious! It should be a fun trip for them all.

    Photo in 18 – It’s good to see him look so happy signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. 😀


  21. Abrra said

    David tweets about Jason Hewlett’s blog

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    Jason, you are a very detailed documenter. Check out how our Military Tour is going so far here: ”

    And an RT for Dan Clark 🙂
    David Archuleta retweeted
    Dan Clark @danclarkspeak
    Sorry, a little late… Here’s our farewell photo! First stop, Bahrain! #DeanKaelin #militarytributetour



  22. djafan said

    Wow, he’s looks great and sounds incredible!


  23. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    »Shanelle♥Archie« @ShadowBenny
    @ArmedForcesEnt @DavidArchie From Kimberley’s Bolf video 🙂 Screencaps of David singing my kind of perfect 🙂

    MarthaPB ‏@mlpb3
    @KimboNation It’s his first performance since coming back from his mission! What a great way to re-start lol! 🙂

    Kimberly Bolf ‏@KimboNation
    @mlpb3 very! He was nervous on stage it was so cute lol



  24. lynnella said

    Where was a video? All I got was a picture



  25. djafan said

    Video clip of David leaving! DAVID!


  26. Abrra said

    If you meant the ref to a video in #23, I am sorry for the confusion. Shanelle says they are screen caps from a video but she didn’t provide a link. I did look around Kimberly Bolf’s twitter and Facebook, but nothing yet.



  27. lynnella said

    #19 Angelica said he looked and sounded great, and #25 Djafan put a link to a video, but all I got was a blank facebook page. Maybe I don’t have what I need to see these phantom videos (lol). Or maybe, wouldn’t be surprised, I’m doing something wrong. Anyway, I’ll keep waiting for one on youtube. Thanks Abrra.


  28. Abrra said


    You must be a member of Facebook to see the content on the Facebook links. Its easy to sign up.

    There wasn’t a lot to see. Only very short clips.

    Dean Kaelin checks in on his Facebook page for an update.

    18 minutes ago
    “Well, the good news is that all of our luggage finally got here. The bad news is that it didn’t get here until 11pm so we had to do our first show without my keyboard. (# days with the same pair of socks…pretty sketchy, even though I did wash them out this morning! haha. All in all the show went well though. We rounded up a keyboard and the hall and sound guys were great. We had to go to the navy store and get David some clothes since all he was wearing was shorts and a t-shirt. I was surprised how many people knew David, even way over here. We got stopped in the hotel, and all over the navy base when people saw him and wanted to get a picture with him. The audience was different than we expected; a lot of families and younger kids, so we adjusted the show and they seemed to like it. Btw, David sounded great. He performed “Crush” for the first time in over two years, but the show stoppers were “Imagine”, “Everybody Hurts” and “Bring Him Home”. Jason was hilarious and Dan told great, motivational stories. Also, Jason is doing a blog about our tour if you want to follow it. Here are the first two:
    Blog Post 1:
    Blog Post 2:
    The highlight of the day definitely though was driving to an LDS branch after the show and doing a fireside for about 70 members. Some drove all the way from Saudi Arabia to be there. We started at 9:30pm and didn’t get out of there until after 11pm. It was great. The message was all about that we are children of god and we are all unique and we need to be the best “you” that we can be. I did a medley of primary songs, David sang “I Know that My Redeemer Lives” and “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” and told a cool story about following the promptings of the spirit on his mission, even though it pushed him way out of his comfort zone. Dan and Jason were great. Funny and spiritual. We were all embarrassed to be in street clothes, but they were kind to us. There are no missionaries here, and officially no one can proselyte, but there is an understanding with the government that lets them meet. The branch president is a convert from South Africa where I served my mission. That’s enough for now. Be well.”



  29. djafan said

    “Bring Him Home” we got to hear that.


  30. djafan said

    Oh and Dean was surprised everyone knew David? I wasn’t 🙂


  31. bebereader said

    Neither was I, dja.

    from David Archuleta Venezuela Facebook:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Via Instagram
    Feliz, Sortaria & Bendecida. ¡La mejor fogata de todas! Tuve la oportunidad de escucharlo cantar y escuchar su mensaje inspirador
    Traslation: Happy, Lucky & Blessed. Best fireside ever! Had a great opportunity to be able to hear him sing and share his inspiring message


  32. Abrra said

    Jason Hewlett blogs about today.
    With little sleep, no bags or luggage, confused and dazed, we had an incredible First Full Day on our Tour in a fascinating place: Bahrain.

    It was so hot my face fell off the second we left the hotel. I think it was between 120-130 degrees today. I didn’t dare ask for fear that my skin would retreat from my body. Literally, my face just melted right off, so gross, people were screaming….

    And then I realized they were screaming for David Archuleta, who was walking innocently behind me. It’s like Beatlemania with him. Man, this guy is popular everywhere in the whole wide world! Not sure if anyone could be more deserving of success and adoring fans than David, he’s a legitimately kind, spiritual, determined, talented, and calculated person. I’m learning a lot just being around this kid (I call him a kid because I’m like an old man compared to his youthfulness, and to me it’s a term of endearment. But let’s be real, he’s now a man and even requested a razor at the front desk of the hotel in order to shave his manly beard growing in, since DELTA lost our luggage. I offered my razor but it still had some coarse back hairs stuck in it and he started crying….not really but that would be hilarious).

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Fans on the wait staff at our hotel saw David Archuleta and started hyperventilating. We made them feel better by David giving them the photo opp of a lifetime!

    Read more here:

    Please leave Jason a comment. he replies to all 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Feeling pretty cool to see our Show advertised to the families of Troops attending together for tonight’s show!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Visiting the beautiful Grand Mosque, a most incredible building.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Dean Kaelin and David Archuleta rocking the house.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Late Night Fireside following our appearance for the Troops and their families, this one for our Church Members in Bahrain. What a day!

    All images credit Jason Hewlett



  33. lynnella said

    #28 Abbra, I’ve been on facebook for several years, so I guess I was doing something wrong. I was able to see Dean Kaelin’s page and Jason Hewlett’s. Who knows. As long as I get to hear Bring Him Home and Bridge Over Troubled Water, when someone puts them up on video, I’ll be happy. So glad it was Bring Him Home. That had to be heavenly.



  34. Abrra said

    It looks like there are reasons why the videos are not being posted, yet.

    Again we shall practice that tried and true virtue called PATIENCE!

    Jason Hewlett @jasonhewlett · 2h

    @FanScene I posted the only video they’d allow @ this point on my FB Fan Page, we can’t post any of the performances yet for safety reasons.



  35. skydancer1x said

    wow♥ David looks wonderful.Beautiful pics! (love that new blue and white shirt.) I feel like we won the lottery with all the info we have gotten from Jason! I love him! Who knew?? And we’ve only just begun.♥


  36. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Mrs Lu ❤️ @JMaeLiang_15
    this close to him. 😍😍 gwapo nya tlga… 😘😍



  37. Dayzee said

    Oh my! It’s Christmas again. Opening presents. And pics that come with warnings! Life is good.

    I liked reading of David singing the phone book. It has been a long time since that was mentioned.

    More! Give us more!


  38. Funfee said

    This is wonderful!!!! 🙂


  39. Angelica said

     photo 10400847_10203446179186726_2001846837256929780_n.jpg


  40. skydancer1x said

    Gosh, I feel like a hungry little piggy that keeps coming back to the trough!
    this is so awesome!


  41. marlie7 said

    Abrra #36. Oh, My…. He is still beautiful. 🙂


  42. Angelica said
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    5 hours ago on Instagram
    So I was chillin with David Archuleta today… #davidarchuleta


  43. poof said

    The newspaper is reporting new trouble in Afghanistan. Secretary of State Kerry is on his way there today. Both sides in the presidential election are saying there was huge fraud in the election and there are threats of government collapse. The UN is involved trying to find a resolution. I hope I got this close to correct. What I know for sure is I am very nervous right now.


  44. bebereader said


    I share your concerns and can only pray that nothing happens to threaten the security of our soldiers and well as David, Dan, Jason and Dean. I’m sure all precautions are being taken should anything happen. It’s a comfort to know that during Ramadan, all disagreements are discouraged.


  45. bebereader said

    Jason has responded to the comments on his blog. I pulled out some good ones to share:

    “We are honored to be here! David’s voice was soaring and sounded better than I’ve heard it at other venues before his mission, which is hard to believe it can get better, but as he gets older his voice will continue to mature and tear everyone’s heartstrings out. And he keeps working at his craft daily, really cool to see…”

    “One more thing, tell David to tell his fans once and for all how tall he is. I think he’s 5’6″ or 5’7″. I’m 5’4 and have stood next to him and know he’s a couple inches taller than me. (people have claimed he’s as short at 5’2″) I know, that puts a lot of pressure on you, not sure you can handle it. LOLOL.” (from Janel)

    “As for his height, he is 91 feet tall spiritually, 80 feet tall emotionally, 100 feet tall musically, so if we know that what does the rest matter? ;)”

    “I have been a fan of David’s for years, I’ve known of him for over a decade as Dean Kaelin told me about his talent a long time ago as someone that would go far, supported him on Star Search, and again so happy for him on American Idol (I used to get mistaken for David Cook once in a while and told people that Archuleta should have won instead of me, which freaked some of Cook’s fans out when they’d ask me for autographs at the airport:) It’s fun to get to know him on a more personal level finally and he’s legit in every way.”

    Here’s the link should you want to make a comment. He’s been a gem in keeping us updated!


  46. djafan said

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 26m
    Show #2 in Bahrain tonight! So cool being around these military men and women and seeing what they do. Makes me feel puny 😅

    I’ll repeat Jason’s reply David, you are a giant!

    “As for his height, he is 91 feet tall spiritually, 80 feet tall emotionally, 100 feet tall musically, so if we know that what does the rest matter? ;)”


  47. bluesky4home said

    Waving from the wings….. I appreciate you all so very much. Life is interesting right now. I kinda tend to lose speech when that happens. Glad for the talents of Jason, etc. in being able to write.

    Thankful for all the love, courage, passion, and just general supernova of human “being-ness” represented by our military, and these fine people I am privileged to know. My heart swells, is comforted and challenged.

    all my best,


  48. bebereader said

    David sends us an update from Instagram with pics:

    2 minutes ago
    First stop of the military tour in Bahrain was a success. Aside from the amazing time performing, thought I’d share some side pics: We saw the Grand Mosque there, visited the Tree of Life– a tree growing out in the middle of nowhere in the desert, and also got a tour from some of the service men of where they work. I’ll make sure to post pictures of some of the performing, and with the service men and women later on. #Bahrain #militarytour

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  49. djafan said

    Wow, what an experience this young man is living.

    Today it has been quieter than yesterday but the security seems very tight for their safety, as it should be.


  50. djafan said

    &%$###@@%())))*&^%$ — BRING HIM HOME CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!

    Abrra’s Candy Jar has what you need 🙂


  51. sweetonda said

    OMG! That clip was just beautiful! Wait till we hear the whole thing! I’m in awe of his voice!

    Dja, that’s what we’ve been waiting for. Thank you and THANK YOU to Dan, David, Dean and Jason for sharing with us and blessing the lives of our servicemen and women. 🙂

    I’ve got to go back and listen to this over and over. I’m are starved for this voice!


  52. Angelica said

    Oh. That was so incredibly gorgeous! I don’t know if my heart can take the whole song. Thank you dja, for posting.


  53. skydancer1x said

    omg! I know what you mean Angelica!
    so beautiful, ohhhhh David!♥
    I got goosebumps listening, the hair on my arms is still standing on end!!


  54. bebereader said

    What is he trying to do to us? Did he always sound like this clip? I don’t even know anymore. I think his voice has gotten richer in the last two years. All I know is that it’s the most beautiful sound in the Universe. Sigh. Going back in for the umpteenth time.


  55. marlie7 said

    Oh, that clip. Those few seconds brought tears to my eyes for that amazing voice. What will happen when I hear the whole song? His voice is fuller, richer and even more in control than ever! The phrasing in that clip – breath control….gah!


  56. sweetonda said

    Thank you Abrra! i love your Candy Jar! 🙂


  57. tawna21 said

    THAT! is just what was needed!! I agree bebe, “I think his voice has gotten richer in the last two years. All I know is that it’s the most beautiful sound in the Universe.” I just can’t even think straight it hit me so hard.

    Abrra, Love the Candy Jar!! 😀


  58. stenocruiser said

    Incredibly beautiful — I’m sobbing. David, you are a treasure!


  59. betsy said

    There is nothing I can say now, his voice is beyond it all.
    I’d like to thank his father for buying the 25th anniversary edition of Les Mis.


  60. jans11 said

    Oh, David with a voice like that you don’t need to feel puny! 🙂 The most welcome sound ever, the whole song would totally disable me!

    Thanks to all, the 3 D’s and J! haha 🙂


  61. Abrra said

    Dean Kaelin updated the day’s activities on his Facebook page.

    Dean Kaelin

    3 hours ago
    “Day number three. We did two shows today; one for army people at a Patriot missile base and one at the Isa base. The first show was more intimate and was just parts of our full show. We had no P.A. and I had to accompany all the songs David sang on guitar. The evening show was a lot more people and the full show. It was a nice theater at the base. The show we are doing is quite different than what they usually get here and they seem to be enjoying it. There were a few hickups in the show tonight as we try and tweak things and make it better, but all in all they seemed to enjoy it. We also visited a place called “The Tree of Life”. It is a tree out in the middle of the desert. It is a wonder how it grows with seemingly no water anywhere. It truly is a desert here and the wind is hot and sand blows a lot. It has given me new appreciation for the people of Moses wandering around for 40 years. Yesterday we went to a mosque. It is Ramadan here for the Muslim people; so they fast (no food, water, gum or intimate relations) from sun up to sundown. Every time we are off base we can’t eat or drink anything and we must wear long pants and long sleeve shirts. I have been using one of David’s since I didn’t bring any long sleeved shirts. (Who would want to bring long sleeved shirts to a place that’s so hot?) After the show I hung out with some of the servicemen and won all of my ping pong games and also the bag toss game that they had in their place. Tomorrow we fly early to Kuwait and it is supposed to be REALLY hot there (so apparently Bahrain has been just warm? Yikes!!) It seems to be worthwhile and all is well.”

    I noticed he had on David’s shirt in the BHH video 🙂 I was amazed that it fit.



  62. Dayzee said

    Bebe “the most beautiful sound in the universe”

    And Tawna “I can’t think straight it hit me so hard”

    And Jans “the whole song would totally disable me.”

    And Betsy “kjxvksfgsuhwhgrwjngxkjzvsLZtflwIKRTWihs,fkb”

    And Angelica’s “gorgeous” and Sky’s “Goosebumps” and Sweetonda’s “in awe” and Marlie’s “tears” and Steno’s “treasure”

    Amen to all that. I am completely gobsmacked and unable to put thoughts together.


  63. skydancer1x said

    yes, Dayzee ! and your gobsmacked! 😀


  64. djafan said

    Still speechless. The clip is on repeat.


  65. jans11 said

    We’d better have a concert soon! Oh to hear him singing again live…and to be able to see all the best David fans ever! It’s been too long and listening to these snippets are such a tease!

    Ditto to all the comments already posted!!!!!! 🙂


  66. fenfan said

    That snippet was the most beautiful thing ever. It pierced my heart, I sobbed and became a puddle. David, oh David you are killing me!


  67. marlie7 said

    Fenfan #66 That is what happened to me…I just sobbed. How can that voice, that young man, still do that to us? What a gift!


  68. betsy said

    *Raises hand* Happened to me immediately, Fen and Marlie and everyone.
    It came out of having no expectations. None. Just love.


  69. Abrra said

    I just listened to BHH again and thought about how David has had this performance inside him since he was 6 years old. It was meant to be sung on that day, in that place.You can hear the beauty of his spirit and the love of singing come bursting from his heart.


    (It’s 117 degrees at 3pm in Kuwait City)


  70. ray said

    i say if you could not feel the sprit when davd sang bhh , you better check ,you may be dead,if not after listening to that


  71. ray said

    never in my whole life have i ever felt a song as i did that one little bit,


  72. djafan said

    New Blog!

    Jason Hewlett ‏@jasonhewlett 6m
    BLOG Post: Day 2 US Troops Tour … @DavidArchie @danclarkspeak @ArmedForcesent @jasonhewlett #MilitaryTributeTour

    I added links at the bottom of the current article to Jason, Dan, and Dean’s blogs and David’s instagram!

    And the twitter feed is up top right sidebar for David, Jason, and Dan, Dean doesn’t have one.


  73. betsy said

    I remember my son telling me that with air conditioning, it was cooled to 90 in the place he was staying in Kuwait. Crazy heat.
    Ray – same.
    Abs – Same.


  74. djafan said

    Ray, I concur 200%. That “VOICE” is undeniable.


  75. emmegirl14 said

    That clip tears your heart out.

    Abrra ♥
    “I just listened to BHH again and thought about how David has had this performance inside him since he was 6 years old. It was meant to be sung on that day, in that place.You can hear the beauty of his spirit and the love of singing come bursting from his heart.”


  76. emmegirl14 said

    Ray, I love your heart. Perfectly said.


  77. djafan said

    Crush snippet from last night!

    After reading Dean’s blog and how they’re changing up the show based on the audience I have a feeling there are many female soldiers. Bless them.


  78. bebereader said


    I agree you about David having Bring Him Home inside him since he was six years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the entire soundtrack memorized to bestow on us one by one sometime in the future.

    Going to read Jason’s new blog now.

    It’s 7:40 pm in Kuwait now and 111 degrees. The sun is going down.


  79. Abrra said

    Lots of new pictures in Jason’s blog today. 🙂

    I have added a file to the Candy Jar
    Bring Him Home loop.mp3
    Audio (.MP3)
    [audio src="" /]

    This one is from JR’s improved audio, thanks JR!



  80. fenfan said

    #69 Abrra, totally agree!

    That Crush snippet won’t play for me.

    Admin edit Abrra: Clear browser cache and history, then close out and relaunch browser. Most problems when things stop working can be fixed by this method.


  81. Dayzee said

    Thank you Abrra. For your beautiful words at #69 and for the loop at #79. I think one reason that snippet was so hard to handle was the sudden, quick, too soon STOP at the end. Like the superfellow he is, he grabbed me with those first notes and flew me so high and then was suddenly gone and I was lost up there. The loop is a gentler descent.

    Ray, good to find I am not dead yet.

    BHH are my new favorite letters.


  82. Abrra said

    Don’t cha know the minute I get all my mp3 work done, JR sends a link for a better audio of BHH? I have not figured out how to fix scratchy audio but JR does it very well. 🙂

    Go back to #79 and re download the new improved audio BHH loop mp3.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  83. Abrra said

    New update in pictures from Dean Kaelin’s Facebook

    Too many pics to upload all, but here are a few cool ones; chatting with the troops, a patriot missile launcher, the Tree of life growing in the middle of the Bahrain desert, Bahrain mosque, at the Kuwait air base. (6 photos)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Day 4 – Middle East tour. “We flew from Bahrain to Kuwait. We were picked up at the airport by a security team and whisked off to Ali Al Salem air force base. We are only about 25 miles from the Iraq border. Kuwait city seemed quite nice and the temperature was actually rather pleasant and even Bahrain had some pretty parts as we drove to the airport. It has a nice skyline and views over the water. It was quite hot once we were on the base. They said it hit 114 today. And with that hot wind constantly blowing it is pretty stifling. Fortunately everything seems to be air conditioned so once you are inside it is quite nice. Walking around the base tonight was pleasant as well. It was still warm, but not so hot and the winds had died down. The personnel is mostly air force, but there are some marines as well. We did a non-denominational service tonight. There are about 15 active LDS here, but we ended up with about 35 attending. It is nice to be more direct about God and Christ and our testimonies in those kinds of venues. I feel that our shows are positive, uplifting and fun, but they aren’t at all religious. Everyone seemed to appreciate the spirt and the messages as well as the music. It’s definitely not country club living here, but we haven’t wanted for anything, There is plenty of food and they have everything here we have at home as far as products go. We have had free wi-fi wherever we have been and as I said, pretty much everything except outside is air-conditioned! They do a great job providing physical and entertainment activities for those that are here. Most seem to be deployed here for about 6 months and then are rotated out, but they have a whole staff that just provides temporary “housing” for people just “passing through” for a night or two on transport from Afghanistan back home. Some seem to be here for just a few weeks for a specific assignment. The temporary housing is just tents that sleep between 10 and 20 people. They are all air-conditioned still and nice as far as tents go, but still tents. We are staying in officers housing, which is quite comfortable. There are 4 private rooms in our “apartment” each with our own bathroom, computer, tv and small refrigerator. There are way more females here than I expected. Well, I think that’s good for now. I wish you all well!”



  84. lani said

    Thanks Abrra and JR! That BHH is beyond beautiful!!! Oh my heart!


  85. Dayzee said

    Will probably miss chat tonight. Nobody asked me if Sat. night at 8:00 pm was a convenient time for me to meet a plane here in Dja’s time zone.

    I knew BHH would be incredible, but not THAT incredible.


  86. Abrra said

    Somebody call the Fire Dept. This Sunday puzzle is smokin’ and about to catch fire!

    Some pics with fans posted on David Archuleta Universe

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  87. djafan said


  88. Abrra said

    Sweet ! Finally a picture from today.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    MarthaPB @mlpb3 · 38m
    TODAY – Pic of David signing pic on Military Tribute Tour – nice shirt!! ?… @DavidArchie



  89. betsy said

    Guys, David’s voice. ♥

    It’s like – the our favorite moments in his songs, the parts we go insane over, are all melded together.
    Like the note in In This Moment. You know what I mean. 🙂


  90. bebereader said

    I totally agree, Betsy. And I know just what note you mean in “In This Moment”. It’s the glory note we all spazz over. 🙂


  91. bebereader said

    It’s 100 degrees in Kuwait now at 4:40 am.

    Some facts from Wikipedia:

    Official language is Arabic with English widely spoken

    Population 4 million as of 2013

    Kuwait is classified as a high income economy by the World Bank.

    Kuwait is situated northeast of Saudi Arabia at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, south of Iraq. It is slightly larger than Hawaii. The low-lying desert land is mainly sandy and barren.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Natural resources: petroleum, fish, shrimp, natural gas.

    Oil was discovered in Kuwait in the 1930s, and proved to have 20% of the world’s known oil resources. Since 1946 it has been the world’s second-largest oil exporter.

    Food: An average Kuwaiti person eats three meals each day. Breakfast often includes some meat, such as fried liver or kidneys, and a dairy product such as cheese or yogurt. For lunch and dinner, several meat dishes may be served. In the desert, vegetables and grains were largely unavailable. Subsequently, meat was a staple of the desert nomad’s diet. As in the past, meat remains a central part of the Kuwaiti diet.

    Kuwaiti Male Attire:
    Most Kuwaiti men wear a dishdasha, a floor length robe with a centre front opening which is put on over the head. The headdress of the Kuwaiti male consists of three parts. The gutra is a square piece of cloth which is folded into a triangle and then placed centrally on the head so that the ends hang down equally over the shoulders. It is held in place by an ogal, a double circlet of twisted black cord, which is placed firmly over the head. Often a gahfiyah, a close-fitting skull cap, is worn under the gutra to stop it from slipping.

    Kuwaiti Female Attire:
    Many Kuwaiti women dress in western clothes. However their traditional clothing, such as the thob (a straight-sided long overdress), is still used on festive occasions. When in public many local women cover their chic western clothing with an aba, a head-to-toe silky black cloak. Bedouin women may also wear a burga, a short black veil which leaves the eyes and forehead exposed, or occasionally a bushiya, a semi-transparent veil which covers the entire face. In October 2009, the Kuwaiti supreme court decided that women are not required to wear the hijab.

    Marriage: Most marriages in Kuwait are arranged, in accordance with tradition. Intermarriage occurs within clans, but not between social classes. Women, regardless of their age, need their father’s permission to marry. Also, a woman cannot marry a non-Muslim, although a man is afforded this privilege. In addition, a woman can only marry one spouse, while a man has the legal right to four wives.

    Child Rearing and Education. All schooling for Kuwaitis is free, and between the ages of six and fourteen, attendance is compulsory. While the government stresses the importance of education regardless of gender, most schools are segregated on the basis of gender after kindergarten. The definition of literacy used by the government is that one must be over the age of fifteen and capable of reading and writing. With this in mind, 79 percent of the population is literate, with 82 percent of men and 75 percent of women meeting these criteria.


  92. jans11 said

    Abrra, thanks for the “smokin'” puzzle of David! It was hot even tho it was blue…my favorite color! 🙂

    Aw, Dayzee, some people have the gall!! To book a flight to interfere with David stuff is just uncalled for! haha 🙂

    Bebe, interesting info on Kuwait. We sure get our geography lessons with David’s travels, don’t we! 🙂


  93. tawna21 said

    Great puzzle, Abrra! Thank you!!

    Thank you for the info, Bebe… it’s so fun to be in the know about the places and people that are in the countries that our ‘Idol’ is visiting. Mega thanks!


  94. Abrra said

    I made a 15 sec ringtone for iPhone and Android (they are different formats) of Bring Him Home. You can find them in this folder in Abrra’s Candy Jar.

    We woke up to some David tweets!

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    Sometimes you just try, and then you end up getting a lot more than you expected.

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    @joywilliams @nateyetton You guys were totally in my dream last night. I went and visited you and we played board games.

    Jason Hewlett blogs!

    “Wow, the days are just zipping by.

    We left Bahrain on Saturday morning and finally got to drive around the city to check out what we hadn’t seen. It was beautiful: Great buildings lit up in the sun, with reflective glass on the Gulf water. It is a sandy landscape but I’ve always found every terrain has it’s beauty and they have made due with what they have, really incredible to see these cities built up out of the sand and desert into thriving locations.

    When you’re a performer you mostly only have time to groggily stumble from the plane, hope you bags arrived, confused and lost walk to the taxi or pick-up, drive to the hotel, change clothes and race to the venue, walk through the kitchen and back halls to the staging area, do the gig, take pictures with a few people if you’re lucky to stay long enough, and then return to the hotel too late to get much sleep, and fly out the next morning before the city is awake. It’s not like I’m complaining about it, because it’s a wonderful thing to make a living doing something so great as performing, but it’s what most performers experience. Thus we travel the world and miss most of where we are. Friends and family often find out after the fact we came to town and had no time or chance to let them know, and we rarely realize where we are going next….and so it was awesome to check out beautiful Bahrain from the water side, as it sits in the Persian Gulf, through the windows of the van on our way to the Airport.”
    Read more here:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Traveling with Dan Clark is like talking economics with Stephen Forbes, enlightenment with the Dalai Lama, or Olympic Training with Michael Phelps. He remembers everyone he’s ever met, dates, places, and has the kind of recall only rivaled by Jeopardy Champion, Ken Jennings. To put it mildly, traveling with Dan is a TRIP!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    The Military Tribute Tour – Coming to a War Zone near you!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David Archuleta performs to US Troops in Kuwait on Military Tribute Tour

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Not sure why anyone would want my autograph, but I’m just honored to meet these brave soldiers. However, I understand why they want Dan Clark’s and David Archuleta’s autographs: On sale now on eBay!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    All images credit Jason Hewlett



  95. Abrra said

    I am putting this picture from Jason’s blog in a separate comment because it is so important to really look at it.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit Jason Hewlett

    They have so little, yet they do a most important job for our country. If you want to send a “care package” to soldiers to give them a small taste of home, there are several organizations that you can contact. I searched Google and came up with this result I am going to read through several links and pick one to contact about sending packages to soldiers.

    I am so proud of 3D’s and J for taking the time and risk to go so far away to give our soldiers inspiration and laughter. These are things that can’t be packed into a box, they must be delivered personally.

    “We perform for those who are willing to lay down their lives for strangers.
    We attempt to inspire, through song, dance, comedy and motivation, young men and women from every corner of our great Country America The Beautiful in a way that is unprecedented.”
    Jason Hewlett



  96. Angelica said

    Dean Kaelin
    4 hours ago
    Well, these last few days have been my first times experimenting on facebook. I must admit, I still don’t get it. I must be too old! So, for any that have been paying attention this might be my last post of our Military Tribute Tour. Don’t think we got shot in some conflict if you don’t hear from me. Also, I am not exactly sure what I am allowed and not allowed to say about our whereabouts from this point on. We had a good show last night and have been very well taken care of at the bases we have been at so far. A security team picked us up at the airport and has whisked us everywhere we have needed to be. I feel a bit like the President with secret service people with ear pieces and the whole works. We leave later today for Afghanistan on a military transport plane. We will get a chance to perform at some bases there and even to travel to what they call FOBs, (Forward Operation Bases) to perform for those that are not living in the “country clubs” at the bases. It should be an interesting and I think a very worthwhile experience. I have enjoyed the opportunity to speak to many of the troops and hopefully show my appreciation for their service by performing for them. I wish you all at home in the comforts of your nice homes and cars well. And encourage you to take a moment to be grateful for all you have and for the freedoms you enjoy because of those willing to serve our country. My best to you all.

    Jason Hewlett posted this after that by Dean’s post on FB:

    “Right on man. I think this may be my last blog post as well, due to the security issues, we’ll see! I hope we can walk after the flight out :)”

    Not too happy they are going to Afghanistan, after all (since it was a cancelled first stop and I figured that was due to security reasons) and even to “forward operating bases.” Prayers going with them and for our troops there as well.


  97. poof said

    I posted earlier that I was very nervous about the four going to Afghanistan because there are new problems involving the current presidential election. Though I continue to be nervous, it is encouraging that Secretary of State Kerry was able to work out an agreement with the two candidates. It was a wonderful sight to see the two candidates and Kerry at a news conference, hands united and upraised in agreement that they would work together to keep the country united.

    This is certainly making the whole conflict in that part of the world “real” for me. Real and scary. Time to pull your head out of the sand and see the sand these troops must walk on.


  98. djafan said

    Good Morning All,

    If you all get a chance please read Jason’s full blog, what an eye opener. I’m adding Dan’s newsletter with the background to this tour. These blogs are making this entire situation in the middle east real to me. And to know David accepted this “gig” makes my admiration for him grow 100 fold and more. To think they were trying to Bieberize him, no way no how.

    Dan Clark @danclarkspeak · Jul 12
    This newsletter gives a short, yet intimate look into what we are hoping to accomplish while here in the Middle East!

    Dan Clark’s Military Tribute Tour

    Dear Friends,

    Today was different. I usually fly somewhere a couple of times every week, adding 175,000 miles to my frequent flyer programs each and every year for the past twenty-five years. But today was different. I have always approached every corporate and trade association engagement with conscientious preparation, intensity and commitment to connect with their people in a customized speech on their theme. But today was different. I was heading out to speak to our brave combat troops in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Ethiopia and Djibouti – an eighteen day tour performing on major bases to thousands, and to small groups of 75 at outlying FOBs (Forward Operating Bases).

    Military Tribute Tour 2In the past, whenever I’ve been given this sacred privilege to fire up our military troops, I have been a one-man show, traveling with a three star general and an entourage of security and VIP assistants. But today I was traveling into harms way with no security and taking three friends with me: David Archuleta, Dean Kaelin and Jason Hewlett. Yes it is my tour – I was asked by Armed Forces Entertainment to put it together. It is called the Military Tribute Tour: An Evening of Music, Comedy and Motivational Theater. David is a Sony Music Recording Artist – an American Idol super star finalist who wowed millions of viewers every time he sang. He could sing the phone book and bring a man to tears! Dean is the most incredibly talented musician on the planet and is David’s musical director, guitar and piano player on tour. Jason is the most unique comedian/entertainer I have ever known.

    Military Tribute Tour 1I proudly boast it is my tour, but today at the airport I sensed a feeling of responsibility, mutual respect, support, and shared ownership of the tour from not only my three fellow performers, but from their families. We were going to do something that all of us have done thousands of times, but today there was a real sense of fear and uncertainty that elevated our awareness of the significance of what we were about to engage in. And what we were feeling is only a small fraction of what a soldier, marine, airmen and sailor and their families go through when they are deployed. Suddenly, today at the airport, each of us realized it is more than cliche’ to say, ‘freedom isn’t free; America-Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.’

    Volunteering during a time of war, being willing to lay their lives on the line, giving it everything they’ve got when less would be sufficient, with no days off for sickness or anxiety, leaving their families wondering if they will return safely. Holy cow! How dare us take our freedom for granted! How dare us refuse to come to work early and stay late unless we are paid over time. How dare us not take advantage of our opportunities to personally improve and grow our businesses to better America’s economy. How dare us not vote in every political election to make sure we get honest, responsible, competent, experienced leaders in office who are just as brave and courageous as our military service men and women and willing to make hard choices and stand up for what is right!

    Military Tribute Flyer

    Our 90-minute performance is in a Variety show format with me serving as the Master of Ceremonies. I begin the show with a humorous monologue and an entertaining inspirational story that sets the tone for David Archuleta to come on stage and sing, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” I then introduce funny man Jason Hewlett who does his impressions of the Raptor, Rock and Roll Band Journey, and his experience at the dentist learning to pull his crazy faces. This rotation is repeated with me addressing the issues of resiliency, PTSD, divorce, sexual assault, substance abuse and suicide prevention.

    Because I serve with General Mark Welsh – Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, on his National Civic Leaders Board, I am privy to sensitive information and issues that we as civilians can help the military address. For example, in 2013, we had 98 suicides in the Air Force, and triple that in the Army and Marine Corps.

    Yes, I deal with these issues in a tactful, entertaining way, but the inspirational music and comic relief provided by David and Jason is necessary and awesome to complete our total mission and long-range purpose of this tour! On the second rotation I address the significance of example and walking on higher ground, followed by David’s performance of his hit single, “Crush,” and his version of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Jason then breaks into his impressions of Michael Jackson, Guns and Roses, Lady Gaga and Led Zepplin. And the rotation continues until David concludes our show by singing, “Hero” and “Bring Him Home, ” with an encore of “Be Still My Soul.” Seriously, I believe we are going to touch some lives forever!

    As we do our best to pay tribute to our military troops and their families with 18 up close and personal thank you shows in five countries, may I challenge you to also do what you can to elevate your show of support to our troops and their families at home and a broad. God bless them. God bless America!

    Dan Clark, an American Patriot

    Military Tribute Tour 3


  99. djafan said

    And Joy replies to David 🙂

    JOY @joywilliams · 4h
    @DavidArchie @nateyetton …and now I’m suddenly curious about what board game we played. 😉


  100. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    cred: NSA Bahrain

    A TON more here:

    Thanks David Archuleta Peru on Facebook for the find!



  101. bluesky4home said

    Abrra, thanks so much for the link. I love the pic where he is holding the hat, sitting by the (girl) soldier. Beautiful! And I LOVE the pics of him performing. I can “hear” him just by looking at the pics. He exudes passion. ❤


  102. djafan said

    They’re still at it lol So glad David is spending this time absorbing all, great experiences for sure.

    Dan Clark @danclarkspeak · 50m
    Even in the most serious of times, please remember it’s always healthy to laugh and have a little fun! #laughalittle


  103. tawna21 said

    Thanks for all the pictures and thoughts here today. It’s been a especially hard day for me today and David’s music from BEGIN. has escorted me thru it.

    God took my Dad home this morning. He went peacefully in his sleep. He is now free from his earthly cares. He will be one of the greatest missionaries to ever cross thru the veil. He loved doing missionary work. He is back in the arms of his parents and his two brothers. What a splendid time it must have been this morning. My tears come and go. I expect it to be that way for a long time to come. They are tears of sorrow. I will miss my Dad. He’s been my mentor to become better than what I thought I could be. He’s been my example of righteousness for 63 years. Yes, I will miss him beyond what I can comprehend right now, but I know without a doubt that he is in a much better place than what he has been. So, Mom, my sister and I will continue on. We have each other. We have the Gospel and a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. We have the knowledge that Dad can still guide us from where he is at now. We have to work to stay in tune to feel his guidance. That will get us thru. So, I have to thank our Lord, and Savior for making this plan available. What is hard now will eventually bloom into everlasting peace and happiness. We can do hard things, because with God all things are possible.

    My sister and I have spent the day with Mom getting things done that have to be done. Tomorrow will bring more of it. Oh, the things we learn that we’ve never even thought about needing to know. WOW!


  104. Angelica said

    Tawna, I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your mom and sis at this time. Knowing he is in a better place, with loved ones and that you will see him again is a wonderful truth to treasure. But you will miss him now. I know you will receive comfort from family and the Lord as you need it and strength to walk on. ((hug))


  105. gladys1961 said


    I hope you feel that I am holding you and wiping your tears, I’m sorry.


  106. bluesky4home said

    Dear Tawna,

    Thank you for sharing your tender situation. God bless you and your Mom and Sister. I am going to send you the last two verses of a song that calms my heart when I think of these times. I hope that is okay? The song is called Walk With Me, and I wrote it several weeks just before my own Dad died.

    When the day is done
    And the night falls down
    And my loved ones cry for me —
    I can comfort their tears
    I can quiet their fears
    I will tell them you walk with me.

    All the way before
    All the way behind
    It is grace that has carried me —
    I have known thy embrace
    The light of thy face
    The hand that has set me free,
    I hold as I walk with thee. —
    Walk with me.

    You are loved and appreciated, Tawna. May you feel his arms around you.


  107. lynnella said

    Tawna, So sorry to hear about your Dad’s passing. I, like you, know that he is in a much better place. Some day you, your Mom, and Sister will be welcomed back home by him and the Savior. What a joyful day that will be. God will sustain you until then.

    Bluesky, what a beautiful and fitting song.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Tawna, Lynne


  108. jans11 said

    Oh, Tawna, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. My prayers go out to you and your family to give you some peace of mind. Even though we know he is in a better place and that you will see him again someday, it still hurts because of the love and life you shared brings so many good memories.

    Bluesky, that really is a beautiful poem, the words so perfect.

    Today, I cut the elders hair again. Might be the last time for them as they may be transferred next week. Hard to see them go, they are such nice boys.


  109. tawna21 said

    Thank you, all of you. It’s so nice to have friends that you can share with. Bluesky, yes, you can share those words. They are perfect! Thank you!


  110. bluesky4home said

    Jans11: I kinda love you. Having had three sons who served, and having had them write home to me about the kindness of others, I know that there are two moms out there who think of you with great gratitude as they pray for their sons.

    Sometimes the world seems a small and blessed place. And this is good to remember: “it is never too big, scary, or full of trouble, for God to get his arms around it”.

    DA likes to offer his arms through song. You offer yours through the kind and gentle service that you perform. Your heart shows. You are such a good example to me. Thank you.



  111. lynnella said

    Just read Jason’s latest tweet. Really sobering to think they are flying into harm’s way. I have a son, also named Jason, who was in the Army for 20 years and was a gunner in a Bradley during the first Gulf War. I know from experience how scary it is for them and their families.

    If you’ve ever or never prayed for them, they need your prayers now most of all. Please, Dear God, keep them safe and bring them home safely to their families and fans. Also, be with all the troops and protect and bring them back safely.



  112. tawna21 said

    How can my heart be in any more hurt? David and his tour friends have entered into some scary, scary stuff. Jason’s blog this morning had me in tears. That’s not hard for me right now, but these are new and different tears (I’m a mess). Then there is the suicide bomb over there this morning. Dear Lord, please keep these men, and our soldiers, in the firm hollow of Thy hands. My prayer is for their safety. ♥♥♥


  113. fenfan said

    Dear Tawna, I am so sorry about your Dad. May God be with you and bless you in your time of sorrow.

    Bluesky – those are lovely and comforting lyrics.


  114. djafan said

    So sorry Tawna. Praying for you and yours during this sad time. ((((hugs)))


  115. djafan said

    Jason’s blog this morning. Scary times. Praying.

    US Troops Tour – Kuwait to Afghanistan
    July 15, 2014 | 16 Comments

    Well, I’m sad to say it, but it looks like I’m not supposed to update much while we are in this most unsettling time in the Country of Afghanistan.

    However, for the incredible flight over from Kuwait we were in a c-17 like the kind pictured here:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    JH and David Archuleta
    David Archuleta and Jason Hewlett World Tour Coming Soon! I just have to convince him not to be scared of my Raptor anymore 🙂
    Dan Clark and David Archuleta had the experience of a lifetime and got to go up in the cockpit and stay up there the entire flight! Dean Kaelin and I hung out in the body of the plane with the soldiers in complete silence, a feeling of quiet and contemplation on the face of each uniformed hero, guns over their shoulders the whole flight, never to be removed. It was sobering. With the recent deaths of Troops in this part of the world, this was not a time where even a word was uttered between these comrades. I cried 5 times just thinking about what they must be thinking. In fact, it made me sick to my stomach.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    A view of how we sat, although this was not the plane or the soldiers on this flight over.
    As the roar of the engines was so loud I put on my headphones and listened to the song I knew would help me really feel the moment and internalize it, Billy Joel’s “Goodnight Saigon”. And I just cried as I looked across the plane at these young men and women. Brave, strong, true. Marching into harm’s way to protect our Country, protect the Afghanistan people from the terrible threats of the Taliban and al Queda, and restoring a sense of safety to these people.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    My view on the trip. The soldiers on their way to war.
    As the lights on the plane shut off, the darkness set in. First a green light for a few hours and then the red light once we crossed into the country. It was an eery red, I tried to capture it in the photo but not sure that worked to tell the true story.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Seated next to Dean Kaelin, this was the most contemplative and sobering flight of my life.
    We aren’t allowed to know where we are going, or say where we’ve been while we are here. I wish I could but this is big time undisclosed location time. In fact, we flew a different route and landed in a different place than they originally said we would, and the whole tour has changed. We are safe, comfortable, and being well fed and taken care of, but this is legit, scary, and humbling.

    Thank you all for your comments on previous blogs, support of our tour, and the love shown.

    God bless our troops, God bless you, God bless America. Signing off.

    Military Tribute Tour


  116. djafan said

    Bluesky, beautiful.


  117. bebereader said


    So sorry to hear about your loss. It’s always too soon to lose our parents, no matter the age. Wishing you comfort and blessings.


  118. Dayzee said

    Made it back home. Had a great couple of days with just David and me in the car.

    Tawna, so sorry to hear of your loss. One of the toughest jobs we have is handling a separation from loved ones. My greatest aid has been to remind myself to be grateful. We are blessed to have known such wonderful people that we will miss so much. My parents have been gone a long time, but I still have times when I wish for their advice. But then I realize they gave me everything they could to help; me figure things out for myself. My prayers are with you.

    Scary David travels. This is what he wants to do. The way he chooses to live his life. We can only support him and his causes.

    Abrra, thank you for giving emphasis to the photo at #95. I loved your idea of packages for soldiers. Please keep us in the loop with your efforts.


  119. bluesky4home said

    Djafan –
    Re: your post of Jason’s blog and them going into Afghanistan. I feel like I need to share the first two verses of the song I spoke of in my post to Tawna.

    Here is the song in its entirety:

    Walk With Me
    by Sharon Plaskett

    Though the way be hard
    And the road be long
    Though the end be one I can’t see —
    Still I’ll search for the path
    My courage will last
    I’ll go, if you’ll walk with me.

    If you’ll walk with me
    I can carry on
    If you’ll walk with me all the way —
    Giving strength to my breath
    And life to my death
    I’ll trust in thee come what may.

    When the day is done
    And the night falls down
    And my loved ones cry for me —
    I can comfort their tears
    I can quiet their fears
    I will tell them, you walk with me.

    All the way before
    All the way behind
    It is grace that has carried me —
    I have know thy embrace
    The light of thy face
    The hand that has set me free
    I hold as I walk with thee —
    Walk with me.

    May He walk with them, one and all, every step of the way.
    May He hold them, comfort them, and may they know his peace.



  120. Abrra said

    I am sorry for the loss of your dear father. Prayers for you and your mother & sister at this time.

    It looks like Holly over on FOD has given some information for anyone who wants help out, Full details on today’s main page at FOD This seems to be a good way to give the soldiers a bit of comfort from home.

    The picture in #95 just pierced my soul when I first saw it. A man can go out and risk his life daily, but he can’t be provided a sheet for his bed? Something not right here. I realize that these men have a bed and don’t sleep on the bare ground, but they deserve to have their basic needs met while serving in the armed forces.

    Jason’s blog is as real as it can get.



  121. skydancer1x said

    Tawna ,I am so sorry to hear the news of your fathers passing.I hope you find peace and comfort in remembering the love you shared and wonderful memories. Saying my prayers for you and your family.♥ {{{hugs}}}

    Jason’s blog is sobering. Recent events, going on all over the Middle East, are sobering. So much is not right in today’s world,hard to believe we all live on the same ball sometimes.God Bless all those that are trying to make it a better place.


  122. Abrra said

    David is rockin’ the plaid!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Brett A @brettja6
    Such a pleasure having @DavidArchie come perform on our little camp over here in Afghanistan!

    Another from Brett that shows his positive nature.

    Brett A @brettja6
    Nothing is better than seeing an Afghan’s face light up when I share some cookies. It’s the little things over here that keep you going.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Carson Heath ‏@carsonheath
    Thanks to @DavidArchie for visiting us in Afghanistan. It means a lot! 🇺🇸 #DavidArchuleta

    HA! These men could be twins!


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    source unknown



  123. bebereader said

    I added pics to Jason’s newest blog in comment #115.

    Another one found on Twitter:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    From David Archuleta Universe (submitted by skydancer)


  124. bebereader said

    Watch Dan’s video here:

    Dan Clark

    I created this video of some highlights from week one, in the Middle East. There was plenty of music, inspiration, and laughs to be had for our hard working servicemen and servicewomen. We even saw a few local Utah faces in the audiences and they were kind enough to share some thoughts and S/O’s on camera for their families. If you know any of the people in this video, please share so their families can see them. Thanks! God Bless! Armed Forces Entertainment David Archuleta Utah National Guard Air National Guard — with Jason Hewlett and Dean Kaelin.
    LikeLike · · Share · 1 hr via iMovie


  125. MT said

    {{{Hugs}}} I’m so sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family comfort and peace.

    It’s very sobering being a fan of David Archuleta these days. I’m so impressed with a young man who spent two years devoting his life to others, away from everyone that he loves and everything that was familiar, and now travels thousands of miles to bring some joy and a smile across the miles to those who are fighting for our rights and freedoms at their own peril.

    It reminds me that my husband was once on the front lines and that I should tell him more often how much I appreciate his service. It reminds me that perhaps it’s time to make a trip to the post office once again to send some smiles of my own to those I love who are currently serving.

    God Bless them and keep them safe.


  126. Tawna, So sorry to hear of your Loss! You are in my thoughts and prayers. May your faith, family and friends help make it easier. Bless you and yours, Leah


  127. jans11 said

    Bluesky, thanks for the kind words! It is my pleasure to give what I can. The boys are so nice and I actually became friends with one mom on FB. She is so nice too. And also a beautician! What a small world…and she’s so happy that I have been there for her son. I know that when I started following David as a fan, I never in a million yrs would think how many good people I would meet. It’s been an awesome ride so far and Kari said “the best is yet to come”! Bring it on..yes David, “What a wonderful world”!

    So thankful for all the good info that the guys have given us so far. That video is so awesome! God bless them all!

    Love seeing David on stage again! He’s falling in right where he left off!! Looks like he’s in his element again! 🙂

    Welcome home Dayzee! Glad you made it home safe and sound! 🙂


  128. Abrra said

    For those who want to send packages to armed forces, I found this info. Its from 2008, but you can ask if it’s still in effect.

    “The new flat-rate box is 50 percent larger than the current Priority Mail package and it will be delivered for $10.95 to an APO/FPO address — $2 less than for domestic destinations. ”



  129. Abrra said

    New post ————————————————————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  130. tawna21 said

    Thank you all for your loving words. ♥


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