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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Oh No Purple! Twitter Party!

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

blond hair

I don’t know if that is too great of an idea :/

14 Responses to “Oh No Purple! Twitter Party!”

  1. Angelica said

     photo fd3a6205-1f72-4811-9723-2e2c241a5e8a.jpg
     photo ig-shoes-caption.jpg

    Seems like old times! That was so fun last night to be there when David responded to McKenzie’s pic of him with blonde hair. And then the craziness ensued! Now at last we know the reason for the same belt from Bench and the Bench clothes all the time. Poor thang! What was he thinking, giving all his clothes away? Well, it was time for a new wardrobe anyway. Hope Kari or another woman goes with him because, well, you know how guys are. He will come back with a bunch of graphic tees and plaid with cargo pants. LOL! That’s ok.


  2. Angelica said

    Oh, the intstagram pic above, I tweeted, “That’s a DISCO floor. Do you feel like dancin?”

    Didn’t get a reply tho. That’s ok.

    And song writing by Skype. I wonder who with. Maybe one day he’ll share a little bit of the process per Instagram. 🙂


  3. MT said

    Ahhh I see the shoes are not actually neon purple. That’s good! haha Not a lot of men’s clothes would go with bright purple shoes.

    And LOL at him giving away all this clothes. Looks like he’ll be doing some major shopping soon.

    So glad to see a music tweet, too!! And Wow! on writing songs by Skype! I had no idea people did that. That’s great news! Technology making it possible to write with people across the globe without actually having to fly there means he could write with anyone, anywhere, any time. Very cool!

    A big thanks to MaryLee for asking the right question! Congrats to her on getting a response! (for all of us 🙂 )


  4. djafan said

    Congrats to Marylee, Mckenzie, Springchic96 for getting a David tweet!

    I’ve gotten one and boy was it a craaaaazy feeling lol.

    Twitter went pretty wild with tweets to him and the lack of clothes haha.

    This tweet to Marylee about the skype writing session, they snagged a good one!

    KAYLIANN ‏@KayliannLowe 1h
    😊 We snagged a good one! “@DavidArchie: @Marylee_NCGirl had a writing session via Skype which was pretty cool! My first time doing it.”

    She’s good! I’m really excited about the new music with all these different writers.


  5. bebereader said

    We had a Twitter Party!!! I caught the tail end of it and was happy to see that yes, it seemed like old times, as Angelica said.
    Dja, Thanks for compiling the tweets!

    A big congrats to MaryLee and the others for getting a tweet from David!

    I really like Kayliann’s sound. She lives in Nashville now but is Kendra’s sister, hence the last name, Lowe. (I did a little research.) Here’s another more jazzy one of her songs, “Billboard Girl” from her youtube page.


  6. djafan said

    Bebe, I wouldn’t mind David doing a duet with her. Like her much better than all the duets he’s had. The Jordin one comes the closest.

    David will be singing!!! And I will be tuning in. I even submitted some questions ha.

    KAYLIANN ‏@KayliannLowe 26m
    Really excited to watch this LIVE! My sister will be playing for David Archuleta to sing! TUNE IN next TUESDAY!


  7. jans11 said

    Great job, DJA! Those shoes would be great for a “deck” party! 🙂 But, I think David looks good in anything. His mailing address is out there, everyone could mail him a new shirt! haha Then all he would have to buy is his jeans!

    I have IG but not twitter. Think I have an account but don’t know how to use it. Family installed IG but they don’t do twitter so I don’t. I don’t miss it because I’ve never had it, but sometimes I wish I did when it’s time to make David trend! 🙂

    Kayliann sure looks like Kendra. Can tell they are sisters. And I love her singing. To me, I judge a person’s singing on whether I would buy their music and I would buy hers. Like her name too since I have a great granddaughter named Kaylie only it’s spelled different. 🙂 So happy that David is working with her and different writers. He seems to be adjusting quite well in this ever changing technical world. 🙂


  8. tawna21 said

    Great post, DJA! Those shoes really do look comfy… can’t say as I would ever purchase them even though I like the look… just not quite my style. 🙂

    Dang! I’ll be visiting family the night of the twitter party… I’ll have to see if I can slip away for a bit.

    Yeah, I like Kayliann’s sound! I really like the lyrics to Billboard Girl….. reminds me of the message in Who I Am. I’m with you DJA. A duet with her could prove to be pretty nice!

    How sweet are the Twitter sounds that music is being made!! 😀


  9. skydancer1x said

    Great post Dja. Like Kayliann’s style,and her voice! Fun stuff!
    Thanks Dja,and Bebe for the vids!

    Loved the funny random shoe tweet from D, and yes! way to go Marylee!!!! 😀


  10. Abrra said

    The first thing I thought about when I saw this tweet/picture is –He must be in his storage unit going through his stuff. Over the years he had to have collected so much clothing and “gifts” that I can’t imagine it could be contained in his home. The second thing I realized that he gave away some of his iconic shirts that we used to see at concerts.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    One of my favorites was the light blue “Elvis reaching to a fan” tee shirt.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And the fitted shirt with skinny tie from Manchester NH show.

     photo AT124_zps9d81f31d.jpg

    Who can forget the shirt from Jakarta ?

    It’s a new era in so many ways. From here he will make new memories with song and wardrobe 🙂



  11. Dayzee said

    Abrra, as always you have found the bestest. Your David file is enviable. But what about the vests? Hopefully there are some of those hanging around.

    So good to see David shoes again. You know the soles of those shoes are snow white


  12. fenfan said

    So he has given away his MKOC tour mish-in-disguise outfit? boohoo!!!
    Go shopping, Mr Archuleta!
    Zegna is having an online sale – 40% off from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection.


  13. Abrra said


    Funny you mention his clean shoes. I am not the only one who notices these things.

    Alison Sudol ‏@AlisonSudol Jun 17
    how do some people’s shoes always look new? even when you know they wear them. often, even. and yet, they remain immaculate. how is this?

    We always knew they (Alison & David) were a good match, eh?



  14. fenfan said

    Yes they are.
    He can help her keep her shoes clean! Or at least let her in on the secret to clean shoes.
    I miss that dimple fest video.


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