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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Expanding the Vision

Posted by djafan on Friday, May 23, 2014


Been doing a lot of thinking about life the past few days. I reconnected with some family and friends I had kind of lost touch with for a while. That’s so easy to do and they were feeling the need too, but like me, just didn’t make the call. Then I set up my studio in a spare room, got out my paints and brushes, and placed before me a huge three foot by three foot white empty canvas. It’s a scary sight but exciting too! Made a lot of absolutely horrible sketches on paper and felt really good about it! Then I got into bed and the tweet came from David.  I lay in the dark with my phone and read the whole article. It was just what I needed to hear.

I want to share a dream I had earlier this week about David. In the dream I was sitting at my computer on the YouTube site, and a new music video appeared with him striding forward smiling. It was all in this cool bluish filter effect and there was a nice beat and just when he came really close and I thought he was going to sing, he stopped and said, “Wait.” Then blank screen!! In my dream I yelled, “Nooooooo!! What are you doing? You have a MAGNIFICENT VOICE!” Then off camera, (or off dream) I heard a loud voice say to me, “STOP! You are looking through a pin hole.” I saw a tiny aperture appear in the distance and through it I could only see a small part of David’s face. All around was this vastness I couldn’t see past but in my dream I felt so much was going on back there. Then I woke up.

It set me to pondering. What do you think is going on beyond our view? And is it, as in my dream, bigger than we imagine?


70 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Expanding the Vision”

  1. ray said

    yes things are going to get bigger,dreams sometime let us look into the future . i have had manny that have come true.manny years ago i had a dream that my cousin had a car crash and her boyfriend had his nose cut, i woke up and was telling my mother about the dream , when the phone rang ,and it was my aunt telling us norma had totaled her car last night,


  2. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Amber Archuleta ‏@ahmki
    Warning: my cat will bite your face when you walk into @jazzypwns room telling us that you invented a new scarf

    When I see David like this, it reminds me how much he lives in the moment.



  3. Angelica said

    Good morning!

    Ray, I have had a few strange prophetic dreams too. Hope this is one of them!

    Well, it’s not a meat dress but I like where he’s going with the real fur scarf. Can’t get in trouble with PETA cause it’s still alive. lol.

    Love the graphic tee shirt of Mr. Rogers. I could absolutely see David doing a show on YT like his. Walks in… hello and welcome to my neighborhood! Shares a thought for the day and maybe a recipe, then sits down to the piano. Let’s do this!


  4. Angelica said

    LOLOL! He could sing the whole show like this!


  5. Angelica said

    @DavidArchieVzla: #EN David with his auntie Miriam, Abuelita and his cousin Krystal, at the Natural History Museum of Utah yesterday.

     photo 10402665_10203106526775628_4731574799701799366_n1.jpg
    Miriam Mayorga Cauley Facebook


  6. MT said


    Love the dream!

    Ok, I am going to give my interpretation of it: I think it represents the view from here (as a fan) vs. the view from the other side (David).

    We see the small picture, we see David, straight on, we are singularly focused. David, on the other hand, must see and work on it all, all aspects of what must happen behind the scenes in order for his career to move in the direction that he wants it to go.

    We are looking at one thing, him, while he must see and investigate many things so that our one focus can eventually come into view again.

    haha That probably makes no sense to anyone else. But that’s where it took me. 🙂


  7. djafan said

    Angelica, David’s deep tweet sure had some interesting reactions. Like I told you last night I think the complex David that left came back more complex. You said it’s a good thing for songwriting and I concur 🙂

    First I want to see the canvas, very curious.

    And about that dream, as I read it I felt all kinds of emotions but the last one shook me.

    “STOP! You are looking through a pin hole.” I saw a tiny aperture appear in the distance and through it I could only see a small part of David’s face. All around was this vastness I couldn’t see past but in my dream I felt so much was going on back there. Then I woke up.”

    WOW! I believe that things are going on, really do and the excitement grows each day though with patience 🙂

    David still David as complex as he is you could see in his instagram that his sense of humor is still there. Who does a live cat scarf? hahaha It looks good though lol


  8. tawna21 said

    Angelica, I would have awakened in a cold sweat from that dream you had! I, like the others here, feel the complexity of David is getting even more so. Not that he is doing it on purpose to be creepy (that sounds like Eddy on Leave It To Beaver). I just think he has more purpose to what he is doing now. I still think that it was partially there before he left, but contracts were not allowing the real David to happen. His spirit and desires have matured and he is more in control.

    Ray, dreams do come true!

    MT, I really like this >> ‘ I think it represents the view from here (as a fan) vs. the view from the other side (David). ‘ Me too.

    DJA, I also think things are happening. The tweet from Stephanie Mabey’s dad says that things are happening. Again, patience is a virtue. Dang it, David!!! You’re going to have us all showing patience at the top of our list of virtues before this is all said and done!!!! 😀 I’m still working on it. 😉

    Abrra, thanks for the photo of the latest in fashion wear. Only David Archuleta could get away with that look and have us like it. 🙂


  9. A lovely writing Angelica!

    I will tell you about the biggest surprise to me in all of these years, over all the speed bumps. I am amazed by the total commitment that some fans have made towards supporting David through all that happens, even when he does not respond directly. Really, his fans are amazing.

    My computer fizzled out on me last night and I went to Future shop today hoping that something could be done for it. But no, the time had come to buy another so I did. They said to leave my present lap top there and they would list all that I had on it for me to choose what I want saved.

    The last picture I saw before closing it was the screen saver with the painting of the young man in Jerusalem. I had a hard time leaving it there with all the pictures, music and writings etc. that pertain to the last few years involving David.

    Crazy things go in in our minds, but for good reason, perhaps we have fear of losing and we have good reason to think that way sometimes.

    Anyway, tomorrow is another day and maybe it will be amazing!!



  10. Abrra said

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    I like dem museums

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    8 minutes ago
    Just hanging out with my friends Mammoth and Saber-Tooth at the Museum of Natural History. You know.. the usual.

    HA! Based on the last picture and this one, he is probably here



  11. Is David going to be attending BYU?



  12. djafan said

    There dem is really good selfie of the friends, Mammoth and Saber Tooth hahaha. Oh David. Not safe to go to twitter lol. This selfie has had some reaction.

    I think I see a little more David through that peep hole Angelica, it’s looking pretty interesting.



  13. bebereader said

    I love ‘dem’ museums too. I think David gave me gave me the inspiration I needed to pay a visit to The Museum of Natural History. It’s been too long. This guy is full of surprises! Just when you think nothing is doing, he pops up with something new!

    I’m not so good at analyzing other people’s dreams. I’m of the belief that the same dream means something different to each of us, depending on our life experiences.

    But since I find Angelica’s dream quite fascinating and I am analytical by nature…

    Could the tiny aperture symbolize the distance we feel from David, until he shares what he’s working on?

    Could the ‘blue hue’ symbolize one of David’s actual videos, “Rainbow”, which had sort of a blueish tone?

    And the word ‘WAIT’….duhhhh’snt David have a song of that name? haha


  14. djafan said

    Oh David! Oh we is in trouble! haha

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 2h
    I like dem museums

    Manda ‏@iammandurr 1h
    @davidarchie you did not

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 1h
    @iammandurr Oh, I did.


  15. Angelica said

    LOLOL!!!! The fanbase is definitely in trouble DJ! I take a nap and I wake up to THAT PIC and “Oh I did.” I think he’s having fun.


  16. Angelica said

    Check out SAz post. TOfan posted that tweet and his response twice and makes a great prediction of her own! *crosses fingers*


  17. MT said

    hahaha Love the tweet and the reply!

    This might sound strange but, the picture of him he posted with “friends” at the museum is the closest I’ve seen him to looking like I thought he would when he got back. Great picture! Somethin’ about that face. And the eyes!!! 😀


  18. emmegirl14 said

    Angelica, hope this is one of those dreams too!

    #12 lol dja!

    Do I see a small tuft of hair peeking over that ear?


  19. jans11 said

    Angelica, glad to see your comment show up at the post site! 🙂 My interpretation of your dream is about the same as everyone else. I also think the wheels are turning in the background where we can’t see and “the best is yet to come” like Kari said. It seems as if your subconscious is working overtime! 🙂 Mine has a few times. When David didn’t renew his contract with Jive Recordings, I dreamed about him.

    MT I agree with the photo of David with his “friends”. I think he is putting on a little weight and his hair is growing out. It looks more like David!
    Yes, Emmegirl, I see that hair over his ears too! 🙂

    Love seeing David having fun with his family and friends.


  20. betsy said

    Angelica, my favorite part of your dream was the “I felt like there was so much going on back there” part.
    There just might be.
    Last week I had a David dream as well. I dreamed that my sister and I went to Utah (also, we had my cat).
    We went into a few places – a bar, a theater, and a restaurant that had a club attached.
    David was quietly going into these places and singing without notice. For free. This dream seemed to go on and on.
    I remember my sister and I carrying these huge long boxes (Idk what was in them lol)
    and David came out and helped us carry them miles to our car. (through snow) He said this is the dream: “But people still
    like me, right?”
    I know he wouldn’t say that in real life, but it was kinda heartbreaking.
    I don’t remember much more except for the fact that we lost our cat in the theater and later when we got to the car, it
    was my dad’s car, and he was inside waiting. He’s been gone since 2003. Loved having him visit me in my dream. ♥


  21. emmegirl14 said

    {{Betsy}} you’ve been missed.
    Your dream ♥


  22. Abrra said

    Hmm David and sports………..

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    Who’d a thought there were parallels in golf, music and the mission? I think I’ll start playing golf now. –>



  23. Abrra said

    Come chat with us, all are welcome.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  24. Angelica said

    Watched the video David tweeted. Interesting quote that I shouldn’t wonder got David thinking of the parallels between mission and golf, only their was no mention of music. That was all David. Insert “music” for the word, “golf.”

    “The thing I love about golf is, it’s up to me. No excuses and so, you’re always accountable to yourself.”

    On another topic, (or maybe it’s music related too?) he was spotted at the airport today.

     photo e19578f2-7933-492e-bffa-5d5533ba583f.jpg


  25. Abrra said

    The plot thickens! David may be attending a youth Fireside in LA.

    Steve Kelly @volcombug
    I get to see @shaycarl @caseylaver and family today. Super excited!

    shaycarl @shaycarl
    Our fireside starts in 2 hours! Come see us. The kids are singing 🙂…

    Steve Kelly
    @shaycarl People are showing up! Saw .@DavidArchie walk in the door. I think I scared him. 😳

    Steve Kelly @volcombug
    I think I might have scared @DavidArchie when I just walked up to him and shook his hand and said it was nice to meet.

    From his twitter bio

    Steve Kelly
    Dad. @VW Fanatic. LDS. RM. YouTuber. @TacoBell enthusiast.
    Ontario, California ·



  26. skydancer1x said

    Wow cool dream! ”vedddyy-in-tah-rrresting” Angelica. Ready for that aperture to open up a little more,my imagination is getting the best of
    He likes ‘dem’ museums?
    I like dat picture..kinda playful.

    oh and that cat looks pretty relaxed to me, around Davids neck.Maybe he sang to it? Hummed ?lucky cat


  27. Angelica said

    The invitation to that fireside by Shay Carl says,

    The fireside program will include:
    -Music by Butler Children and others

    hmmmm….who is others?


  28. Angelica said

    LM55 @LoganMckay55
    Chillen with @DavidArchie today, good dude 👍
    7:43 PM – 24 May 2014

     photo BocSFUCCUAAgSCL.jpg

    Shay Carl’s brother.


  29. Abrra said

    And the color version LOL

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    52 minutes ago
    This man is crazy talented. @davidarchie thank you for sharing your talents with the world in such a positive God loving way. @loganmckay55 ❤️🙏



  30. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    4 minutes ago
    Casually met David Archuleta today



  31. djafan said



  32. Angelica said

    Yep. He was one of the others.

     photo eb1fe5da-3ea3-42f1-8f8d-68307ab4c725.jpg


  33. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    5 hours ago
    The fireside was amazing and David Archuletta’s performance moved me to tears

    shaycarl @shaycarl
    Tonight was amazing! @DavidArchie sang amazingly and @jennettemccurdy made my daughters life!

    David Archuleta
    @shaycarl haha, hey thanks so much for having me. You and your family did an amazing job and left a strong impression of the spirit.

    Sunday puzzle!



  34. jans11 said

    Lucky dogs, getting to hear David sing! ♥

    Love the puzzle Abs!

    Enjoying the weekend. Yesterday was my son and wife’s double 50th birthday party and today 2 granddaughters graduation parties! Hectic, but fun! 🙂


  35. djafan said

    65106 likes on the Shay Carl instagram picture of him with David and Jennette.

    David and dem boney friends have 25k likes on facebook.

    Seems like David is still in LA today according to tweets 🙂

    Nice to hear David’s voice in the background on events.

    Team Pinoy Mikees @TeamPinoyMikee · 3h
    @MichaelOlympian Michael Martinez journey as Figure Skater w/ soundtrack GOOD PLACE by @DavidArchie


  36. tawna21 said

    Thanks for the puzzle Abrra! 😀


  37. tawna21 said

    hmmm… Jennette McCurdy at the same fireside? Interesting…. she’s LDS … does this story that’s been being written for the last two months have a plot that I’m missing? It doesn’t take much for me to get lost. 🙂


  38. djafan said

    lol Tawna who knows. Sure makes one curious though lol


  39. jans11 said

    OOh, got the goosies watching the skater skating to “Good Place”. Two professionals each in their own specialty!


  40. fenfan said

    I quite enjoy sitting back and watching the twists and turns as the plot unfolds in my favourite internet reality show.
    #33 Is her hair still considered blond?


  41. tawna21 said

    fen, as in the ‘mysterious blond girl’? 🙂


  42. djafan said

    Gina Orr is now following Jennette…..


  43. Abrra said

    Djafan #35

    I didn’t get the impression that David was in LA. She says “IF”.

    The picture looked like it was snapped in church. I thought it was Utah. ( I won’t post it here) Maybe a friend sent it to her and she is lamenting about missing the event 😉

    C O R T N E Y
    If I was in California with my mom and aunt I could have seen him too!!!!

    These are taken later that day.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David Archuleta at a church function!!! I love being Mormon 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    He’s so handsome☺️ @davidarchie

    I am happy that the puzzles are appreciated 🙂 It’s a fun distraction.



  44. cq said

    Happy Memorial Day!


  45. MT said

    I enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks! 🙂

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


  46. ray said

    i now look forward for the puzzles


  47. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Remembering those who fought for our freedom.
    Have a peaceful Memorial Day!


  48. Angelica said

    Happy Memorial Day to all!! Enjoy your freedom, food and families!


  49. sweetonda said

    Happy Memorial Day everyone! Sending a heartfelt thank you to all who have served our country to protect our freedoms!

    Abrra, I love your Sunday puzzles also! Thank you!


  50. Abrra said

    I came across this blog by Kate Cabebe (formerly of KSM

    She give some perspective on being a student and what kind of time commitment college demanded on her life. It seems she was able to pursue several outside interests and a relationship. She went full time, so if David did decide to expand his music knowledge by taking classes, it doesn’t mean he would stop performing. I don’t know what plans he has, but I thought this was worth sharing as it shows what is currently possible for some college students.

    the benefits of college
    Posted on May 20, 2014

    I’ve officially graduated college.

    Four years of good ol’ fashioned hard work and dedication have earned me a degree in Communication with an emphasis in advertising and public relations along with a minor in political science. In those four years, I’ve learned and done so many things that I never would’ve pictured myself doing. Things like taking a math class (I had to take two due to university requirements…. ugh), doing a summer full of paid research (that resulted in my research and paper getting presented in the world’s largest communication conference), living in a dorm, meeting tons of new people, and becoming friends with some truly great professors were just a few of the standout moments of my college career.

    Even with academics, I still had the opportunity to do things I loved like play music (I began playing guitar MUCH more and ended up buying my own), photography, art, DIY craft projects, and read “for fun” books.

    I met my future husband my freshman year of college (surprisingly not at school, but at church) and have been planning a wedding for all of my senior year.

    Being a college student doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your fun/personal time is sucked up into some mysterious vortex. I learned about time and project management and was able to schedule my time in ways where work and play were equally balanced. A skill that will be useful to me for the rest of my life. I figured out my personal limits and abilities when it came to studying, learning, and producing. Most importantly, I realized just how capable I am to be able to handle and tackle new things, even when they seem overwhelmingly huge!

    College gave me some fantastic new skills. I can’t wait to see where I am next year around this time and what I’ll be doing with all the things I’ve learned.



  51. emmegirl14 said

    #33 – reminded me of his Delta attendant tweets.


  52. jans11 said

    Happy Memorial Day everyone. So thankful for the armed forces that keeps our country free. My dad was in the Navy and my husband was in the army. He was drafted twice, the second time was after we were married and I went with him to Alabama when President Kennedy called the reserves in because of the Berlin/Cuban crisis.

    #43…Abrra, David was in Los Angeles. There was an open invite to the Fireside there and Shay Butler, “ShayCarl” was the speaker and David sang. Jeannette McCurdy was there too……


  53. Abrra said


    GMTA! and I was just going through my older pictures and I stopped on this one. I remember how much the flight attendants enjoyed having him on board.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I did post tweets (#33) about Shaycarl from Saturday evening.

    I was referring to this tweet from Sunday
    C O R T N E Y
    If I was in California with my mom and aunt I could have seen him too!!!!

    She says – if she was in California ….. and she posted a picture of David inside the church. SO I had to assume she wasn’t in California but in Utah. Where ever he is, I know he’s happy 🙂



  54. Suzy-Q said

    I just read the quote from Patricia Ann at the left top of the site and I just have to say that I love it and it makes me teary. Thank you Patricia.


  55. Abrra said

    David tweets about the holiday.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    Remembering my great-Gramps along with those who fought for our freedom and blessings we have today in our country.
    **Caption from Instagram:
    davidarchie “Remembering my great-grandpa, Claude Diehl, on this Memorial Day. A really special man; amazing musician and pianist; who would share his amazing WWII experiences in the Navy. Let us remember those men and women who have fought– and still fight– for our freedom and blessings that we enjoy today. Thanks for all that you do.”

    Twitter fans see a resemblance do you?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    ☀Linda S.Callaway☀ ‏@LSCtheliverlady
    @FODFansofDavid @pastelpastel @KOKO21 @muldur



  56. bluebar said

    What a wonderful Memorial Day greeting from David.
    And, he reveals more information about “Gramps” on page 16 in Chords of Strength – with a brief mention of his great-grandmother, Violet Diehl on page 18.


  57. djafan said

    Hope you’re all having a day of remembrance and family. And what a treat of a tweet by my favorite guy. I love his sharing with us of things that he holds near and dear to him.

    Great side by side pictures, the eyes, that’s where his eyes come from and the ears as well 🙂

    Thanks Bluebar for the page numbers, will check them out.

    I went to this incredible and heartfelt performance by the best to honor the brave.


  58. djafan said

    Shay Carl mentions the fireside on his vlog “Special performing guest David Archuleta sang and his friend Jennette McCurdy from iCarly was there” At about the 14 mins in.


  59. emmegirl14 said

    #57 wow, he is amazing – that gave me goosebumps!


  60. Angelica said

     photo Fullscreencapture526201491648PMbmp.jpg
     photo 1959425_10203134074064293_8804643941031918752_n.jpg


  61. bebereader said

    Becca ‏@Becca_Ca_DA2014 1h

    “@kimak: @SunnyHilden @DavidArchie aww missing his voice.. does he still sound like an angel?” < yes, I am too 😦

    Sunny Hilden ‏@SunnyHilden 1h

    @Becca_Ca_DA2014 @kimak Oh yeah, @DavidArchie's voice is still as beautiful as his smile & kind intent to help others.♥☮♫


  62. jans11 said

    Sorry, Abrra. My misunderstanding. 😦 Hadn’t seen the photos yet, so I spoke out of turn. 🙂

    David looks so much like his Grandpa. He has his eyes and lips. His whole family is talented, no wonder he is too.

    It’s our turn to hear him sing live now! 🙂


  63. ray said

    what anybody seees in this shay carl is beyound me


  64. ray said

    i think he got more miles out of haveing david there then david got out of him , jmop


  65. djafan said

    Ray, I can only watch Shay Carl for a few minutes, I’ve never liked that kind of humor. But I don’t think he’s always like that lol

    I wish I would’ve seen this before Saturday. Starts at about 8 mins.


  66. djafan said

    David is following someone new! I like her sound.

    ZZ Ward Verified account

    Los Angeles (from Oregon & PA) ·


  67. Abrra said

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put this as my new desktop. It fills the entire screen. ( I used the “fill” setting desktop background)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    Can’t wait to spend sometime with this face soon! 🙂 @DavidArchie

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Lexi Mae Walker ‏@LexiMaeWalker
    Definitely one of the coolest people I know!!!!!



  68. djafan said

    Lexi Walker was in the video Frozen with Alex Boye.

    David is building, I’m sure of it 🙂 Almost 41mil views.


  69. jans11 said

    #66…I like ZZ Ward’s sound. She reminds me of Brandi Carlile some. They both have that unique sound. David has really good taste in music! 🙂

    #67…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is right Abrra! WOW! Great pic!

    Also the pic of David and little Lexi. I agree that David is building that foundation, slowly, but surely. 🙂 Lexi is so talented, just like David! ♥


  70. ray said

    jans 11, i am begaing to think he is building a temple, and we non lds people are not envited


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