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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Mountain Top ~ David Archuleta ~ The Man. The Mission. The Passion.

Posted by sandybeaches9 on Friday, April 4, 2014

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” ~ Nathan S. Collier


Mountaintop achievement

There are two major roles that David Archuleta plays in his life that we have become familiar with. He is a musician and a spiritual being. In one role he is in pursuit of musical achievement with good balance and respected  manner. In the other role, he seeks enlightenment and spiritual growth.  David performs both of these roles with great passion and accomplishment with spiritual growth as his life long mission.

He seeks to achieve greatly because he profoundly believes in setting and accomplishing tasks while pursuing ambitious goals that motivate himself and the people around him. It is amazing that by watching David perform and by listening to him speak, we see the strengths that are not only in him but strengths that have sometimes been hidden within ourselves.  So it is not the mountains that we are able to conquer, but ourselves. I believe that is one reason why David endears himself to so many people worldwide.

Over the two years that he has been away, I have had mixed emotions and understandings in regards to his leaving,  but finally just before his time to return,  his time away became so easy to understand and appreciate.  I am sorry that it took me so long but excited by his return.

The man and all of his life’s passions continue on in the amazing journey.

called to serve


Video credit djbell



Sandybeaches is a staff writer for The Voice.

155 Responses to “Mountain Top ~ David Archuleta ~ The Man. The Mission. The Passion.”

  1. gladys1961 said

    continuing my journey with david, I do not know where to take me, but I’m sure it will be a good place.
    (I posted in the previous post, the transcript of the interview david’s grandfather)

    (I like comments Grandpa, can someone translate?.)


  2. Abrra said


    This is a wonderful and inspiring post as David has finally returned from his mountain top with “the man he has become”. it will be as if meeting an old friend with a whole new perspective on his life and his music.He has a passion for both.

    I found a better translation of Gladys’ transcript made by DonnaFOD who is one of our Unplugged regulars.

    Great job Donna!

    Here is my translation of Glady’s transcription of Señor Mayorga’s interview.

    Note: Did she really say David won American Idol? Maybe if we say it enough it will become true.

    KSL Interview with Wilfredo Mayorga, Grandfather of David Archuleta

    Mariel: Recently David Archuleta, pop singer, writer, actor, and one of the finalists of the seventh season of the program American Idol, returned home after serving a mission in Chile for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    David was born in Miami, Florida, and both his father and his mother have been related to the world of music. But there is another person who has been part of the life of this young singer. And he is with us today to share with us some of his favorite experiences as a grandfather of 14 grandchildren, including David. Wilfredo is a journalist and has practiced this profession in his native Honduras, and is also a writer.
    Wilfredo we welcome you and thank you very much for being with us and giving us these few minutes.
    Wilfredo: Many thanks to you, Mariel. For me it is an honor to be with all of you.
    Mariel: Very good, thank you. We would like to ask you: recently an article was published about grandchildren that grow up around their grandparents, that when they are adults they are happier people. As grandfather of 14 grandchildren, and one that is famous, what do you think is the secret of being a good grandparent?
    Wilfredo: I would like to respond by sharing a thought that appears in Proverbs in the holy Scriptures that says: ‘Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.’
    So it’s a very significant role which belongs to us grandparents, that we had to pass through childhood, then perform as parents, grandparents and in the end it is possible to get to be a great-grandparent, like my case, where I just received a third great-granddaughter.
    Mariel: Well, congratulations. And as David’s grandfather, do you remember a favorite anecdote of mischief David did when he was a child?
    Wilfredo: he was very introverted as a child; the only thing he was afraid he was thunderstorms. There are many in South Florida where each year there is a hurricane season, and he had much fear of hurricanes, the flashes of lightning and thunder. Also I have to relate that, when he won the Star Search Award in 2003, he forgot the song when they went to Honduras to perform, and that was a pain he could never forget. He always remembers.
    Mariel: How old was he then?
    Wilfredo: He was 12 years old.
    Mariel: 12 years. OK, he started very young.
    Wilfredo: He did not show any indication that he would be an artist. I say this because of the shyness that he showed from infancy. But when he entered fully into these matters, he completely lost his shyness.
    Mariel: He converted his shyness into a strength, no?
    Wilfredo: Exactly. He took many examples from the rest, of many other celebrities who had also started that way, and then transformed his personality.
    Mariel: He is 21, isn’t that correct?
    Wilfredo: He turned 23 in December.
    Mariel: He was one of the youngest participants in American Idol.
    Wilfredo: Yes he was very young; he was 17.
    Mariel: OK, did you ever imagine that one of your grandchildren would be as famous as David?
    Wilfredo: Not at all, I believe that neither he nor the parents thought so. My daughter, his mother, yes. My four daughters had a group in Miami, called the Mayorga sisters, because my last name is Mayorga. They sang at many events in Miami, like Calle Ocho, Festival de Primavera. They do well, but I am not the artistic root. I’ve never sung, even in the bathroom.
    Mariel: I imagine it must have been a joy for the family when David stayed as a participant in the American Idol competition, and when afterwards he won it?
    Wilfredo: It was a surprise, I still maintain, that we never imagined at all. We met in 2007, in Georgia, where my oldest daughter lived. We managed to bring the whole family together to celebrate Christmas, but it was like nothing had happened. He had gone to San Diego to audition, I think he was number 11,000. He already had the news, but we did not find out until we saw him perform live in 2008.
    Mariel: OK, thanks for joining us, and sharing these stories about you and David. And congratulations to David through you, and your family for your achievements and the example of the good work of a family.
    Wilfredo: We hope this as well, that the clear future before him will be of continued success.

    Many thanks to Gladys from Argentina and Donna for helping us out!



  3. bluesky4home said

    Dear Sandybeaches,

    I loved your article. Thank you!

    “It is amazing that by watching David perform and by listening to him speak, we see the strengths that are not only in him but strengths that have sometimes been hidden within ourselves. So it is not the mountains that we are able to conquer, but ourselves. I believe that is one reason why David endears himself to so many people worldwide.”

    Yes, and yes to this. And the thing about DA is, that not only does he see this for himself, but he really sees us that way as well. For him, there is no separation. He looks at us and searches for the same things we search for in him. He continually challenges us in concrete ways, to be sure. But it is more than just that. Other singers may challenge their fans. Although he has a healthy sense of boundaries – and needs them – on a spiritual plane and on a human plane as well, he sees no separation between him and us. And we feel that inclusiveness. We are touched by that closeness, that uplift and trust and gentle, but insistent invitation to explore even higher.

    So I am going to repeat here my great gratitude to all of you. Thank you for just being who you are. ❤ And thank you, Sandybeaches for being here, now, just as you are. You are amazing!

    "Do you guys have any idea how much I appreciate you? What other fans would be so understanding and so supportive? I read the comments on the You Tube page under his blog, and I just melt. I really feel that all your love and tender support is going to be key in helping him to reconnect in all the best ways. He always has been “on a mission” anyway, one that he chose for himself a long time ago.

    He will discover that he has brought us along, and sold us on being more active in the world in regards to our own passions, that we may be a different group than he has been hanging out with, but we are a pretty darn good bunch of peeps to have as a bunch of “companions”. And… we still expect the best of him. And… he is easy to follow. He just sings “Do”, a deer, a female deer….. and we are ready to don curtain-clothes and skip around cobblestoned streets singing at the top of our lungs for no reason in the world except: it feels so good. ^_^ "


  4. gladys1961 said

    Thanks, abrra, dja and the voice´girls.


  5. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you as well Gladys for the interview and Abrra for the translation. It was very interesting!

    Bluesky, I really appreciate meeting the people I have over the past few years. Meeting so many people with such similar interests is wonderful.



  6. SandyBeaches said

    I had a funny writing time back and forth with Abrra the other day. I was asking her for some information, can’t remember what exactly. She said, “By the way, it would be nice for you to write a short piece for now”. So I did, in couple of hours I had something off to Angelica although it is not long. But what is so unusual is that to decide upon an idea takes me so much longer that that! 😉 Must be a bit of magic in the air.



  7. Abrra said

    SB You do know that I have a wand, right? “TWWWAANNNGGG!!!”

     photo glinda-the-good-witch_zps582053b9.jpg



  8. SandyBeaches said

    I guess it was time to get it out and dust it off!



  9. djafan said


    Here we are, we’ve come full circle, he left and now he is back. Thank you for such a wonderful piece and for describing David just as I see him.

    “The man and all of his life’s passions continue on in the amazing journey.”

    And what a journey it has been. To think that he is all of 23 is unbelievable and i think we need to hold on tight because we are still in the beginning of amazing times to come.


  10. djafan said

    David tweets!

    David Archuleta
    @DavidArchie: Watching General Conference with the family. I love conference weekend.

    Another promo video for tomorrows Called To Serve documentary. I for one cannot wait to see it. David is sharing himself with us. I’m going to make sure i have some tissue handy.


  11. djafan said

    Gladys thank your the transcript! Just didnt have the time, thank you.


  12. djafan said

    Bluesky, its incredible the overwhelming positive response to David. His voice singing in that clip, a sweet moment.


  13. jans11 said

    SB, really enjoyed your article. To me, David is a brilliant enigma. Still waters run deep and David brings his still waters to life. He may be shy and introverted, but he is an absolute joy to watch on stage. With his loving and caring persona for people we are drawn to him, as a person as well as his voice. I’m sure his mission has helped him with his shyness in verbalizing as he lives life as a challenge and will always chose things to improve his life, privately as well as in his singing career. I will always be there for him as long as he wants to be here for us. When I sent cards to him there were a lot of “thank you’s” because of what he and his singing has brought into my life. What other singer would prepare us like he did for the 2 yrs he was gone. He said he can’t thank his fans enough and I can’t thank him enough. Therefore, all of us that have been drawn into this wonderful vortex of his rejoices in all that he does. Leaving him would be like leaving one of my kids. 🙂 Nope, no way!

    Gladys and Abrra, thanks for Grandpa’s translation. And love your magic wand, Abrra! 🙂

    Bluesky, I also have much gratitude for everyone that works so hard on this site. And for all the archufans that I have met and hope to meet. What a great bunch of fans! 🙂


  14. bebereader said


    Love your writing! Thank you again for this newest piece!
    One of the things I enjoy about following David on his journey is that you don’t have to be his age or religion to get him. Much of what he believes relates to all of us at any age. I’ve followed many celebrities through the years but David is not only the most talented but the most compelling. He never fails to keep me entertained, in suspense, and always interested!

    Gladys and Abrra, Thank you for David’s grandfather’s interview translation.


    I don’t say this often enough but I really appreciate your comments here in relation to David and his mission. You help those of us who are not of his religion to understand and appreciate him all the more. {{{{hugs}}}}


  15. Abrra said

     photo e2878f79-7bea-4e2d-ad94-0751b91a9255_zpsa32e3bcb.png

    Click to go:



  16. tawna21 said

    SB, I love this writing. I could be a fan of David’s simply because of his beautiful voice. However, I am a true, dyed in the wool, forever fan of David because of who he is. He has taught me, over the last six years, that there is someone inside of me that I didn’t think was there. We may share the same religion, but he was living it more fully than I was. He showed me, by example, what I should and should not be doing. Have I made it to the top of my mountain? I don’t think so, but I’m working on getting there. I’m so anxious to see, and be a part of, the next phase of his life/career.

    Thank you to all who are a part of this amazing place. It’s like home here, and you know what they say…. ‘there’s no place like home’.


  17. bluesky4home said

    Bebereader: right back at ‘cha. ^_^ ((((((((hugs))))))))


  18. Abrra said

     photo 13_zps3ba26892.jpg
    MCRmy Utah ‏@MCRmyUT 9h
    My sister with @DavidArchie after last night’s celebration.

    Found on twitter. Not sure what the event was.

    This person’s timeline gives a few hints. I am not going to post the picture of him giving his testimony. You can find it in the tweets.


  19. Is it you Bebe or tawna who liked John Denver? He was just on the radio with ‘Back Home Again’… I send that out to you David!!!



  20. tawna21 said

    Sandybeaches, I really like John Denver.

    Abrra, what a nice photo of David. He looks good. Check out the hair! 🙂


  21. skydancer1x said

    I love your article,and your insight♥
    “It is amazing that by watching David perform and by listening to him speak, we see the strengths that are not only in him but strengths that have sometimes been hidden within ourselves. So it is not the mountains that we are able to conquer, but ourselves. I believe that is one reason why David endears himself to so many people worldwide.”

    I was so busy with my move,I never got my comment in, on your beautiful article before D got back 😦 and I loved it so much♥
    I want to say also that you words about our returning missionary have been very comforting to me.You have brought tears to my eyes with what you have shared in your comments.Like Bebe said, you have definitely helped me to have a better understanding and appreciate what he is going through right now, even more.Thank you so much for that.

    I seem to be an emotional wreck this week up down and all over the place for some reason.. mostly David and well, just, idek.
    All of you guys comments,make me cry.
    Truly am so grateful for everyone here… for being who you are, and so thankful to have David back home,safe and sound
    ♥nothing but love for our beautiful David♥


  22. bebereader said


    I was a huge fan of John Denver’s!!!!!
    I know that I am in good company.
    There are lots of JDenver fans in the DArchuleta fanbase!
    {{{Tawna}}} and many more.
    Good song choice, SB, for the words alone. 🙂

    credit Jack Lim


  23. Abrra said

    Sunday puzzle is all about patience. You know that thing that requires time to work properly?



  24. jans11 said

    Great puzzle Abrra! Patiently waiting for his Call to Serve video tomorrow! 🙂


  25. jans11 said

    Or rather later this afternoon. It’s already Sunday! 🙂


  26. Sky dancer, you guys make sharing possible by your multiple DA attributes. (You know the attributes I speak of, yes? The dancing and singing and joking and jollying!)

    (I can only be so serious for so long. ^_^)


    And now….. Drumroll….. The man himself. So soon!


  27. djafan said

    I hear the drums!


  28. bebereader said

    A great time was had by all in chat last night during regular time and after hours! JR even stopped by to say hi. Thank you Abrra and to everyone present last night.


  29. bebereader said

    Watch Called To Serve livestream here >>>>

    12:30 Pacific Time
    1:30 Mountain Time
    2:30 Central Time
    3:30 Eastern Time
    4:30 Atlantic Time


  30. MT said

    Thanks for your wonderful words about David. He is loved for so many reasons.

    I’ll add my admiration for your posts. Not only for the lovely sentiments you share, but for the beautiful way with words that you have. I believe you have a poetic soul. ♥

    And this: “(I can only be so serious for so long. ^_^)” haha I agree!! Life must be serious for much of the time, so when I get the opportunity for “The dancing and singing and joking and jollying!” I go for it with my whole heart. 😀

    It might take David a while, but I hope he’s also able to fully enjoy “The dancing and singing and joking and jollying!” soon. He deserves all the fun and joy and happiness his heart can hold.

    haha I was late to chat and then yammered until very late. So much fun! Many thanks to Abrra and Bebe and those who were there till the wee hours of the morning. You guys made my day. ♥


  31. Abrra said

    Thanks for the link Bebe.

    If anyone has problems with the video working, try clearing your browser cache and cookies then restart the browser. Or use Google Chrome. It seems to have the least problems.



  32. SandyBeaches said

    I first want to thank everyone for their comments in regards to my writing!

    I wanted to be on Unplugged last night but a little $100,000 competition that our little town was in with a town in Alberta took me away. An amazing night, We were the finalists from over 500 towns across the country. Very exciting and nationally televised, that brought out a spirit in our small town over the weeks like we had not seen before. A breakfast in the morning before the final event brought 1,000 people to share breakfast! A great happening for everyone’s spirits by the end of the night. In the end we both won $100,000 but not the coveted cup but it was amazing. I can’t believe the hard work of the younger generation voting 2.5 million times. It was so important that the schools stopped classes and they voted all afternoon.

    Anyway the exciting weekend continues and I am ready for this afternoon. Thank you Abrra for posting the time zone, I was just going to do a search to verify what I thought was the time for here. I look forward to the comments later!! I l already have a lot of pride going on today and now to see David.

    So sorry I missed Unplugged!



  33. SandyBeaches said

    Not to forget 4:30 Atlantic time for those of us sitting in the Atlantic !!



  34. bebereader said


    I’m sorry for my omission. I just added Atlantic time to the schedule.

    Watch Called To Serve livestream here >>>>

    12:30 Pacific Time
    1:30 Mountain Time
    2:30 Central Time
    3:30 Eastern Time
    4:30 Atlantic Time


  35. djafan said

    I saw that abrra lol

    I’m on KSL now, don’t want to wait for the last minute and not be able to get in.

    SB, wow! What kind of a contest was it?


  36. SandyBeaches said

    Haha Bebe! I was so left out!! One half hour right in any time zone!?


  37. djafan said

    Patience 14 minutes 🙂


  38. djafan said

    KSL 5 TV ‏@KSL5TV 1m
    Sunday on KSL at 1:30 see how David Archuleta’s mission changed him and what’s next. #ldsconf


  39. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan, well it was a contest by Kraft associated with Hockey Night In Canada. They asked towns across the country to write and tell a story about their town and how prize money would help to restore facitilites needed for the town such as the arena in Sylvan Alberta that had its roof collapse. Most of us needed thousands of dollars to keep going. So, there was voting like on AI and towns were voted out but when it got to 16 towns they each received $25,000, when it was four they received $50,000 but we were one of the two finalists. I am just amazed that after all these years and feeling that people are too busy to work for their town, these towns put out such an effort. We had a parade yesterday in the freezing rain and all of that was televised nationally during a national hockey game. We are just so small and that is what is unreal I suppose. We went down to my husbands office this morning and posted on the lit billboard how fantastic everyone was.

    Going to KSL now…



  40. SandyBeaches said

    It is breaking up for me with delays in downloading but not much I can do unless Abrra says so!!


  41. djafan said

    2 more minutes!


  42. stenocruiser said

    Can only hope some wonderful fans were able to tape it. All I got on the stream was bits and pieces and long delays — even a 404 thingee. Used Firefox and then tried Chrome — no difference. From what I saw it seemed to be very well done and interesting — and it was David after all.


  43. djafan said

    Well wasn’t able to see it really, kept breaking up but it will be up shortly according to this tweet. from KSL. ‏@KSLcom 9m
    We’ll post the entire David Archuleta special on early this afternoon. So many people on the livestream! @DavidArchie

    I’ve read that some think the young fans will be turned off by this “new” David if you read twitter that couldn’t be farthest from reality. Oh David be careful lol.


  44. gladys1961 said

    I could not see very well, the transmission was cut all the time, I hope to see the film again.


  45. jans11 said

    I was on Google Chrome but it stopped and didn’t start again. So missed it all but a tiny bit. Hope to see it soon. Guess it was overloaded! 🙂


  46. bebereader said

    Never under-estimate to power of David Archuleta fans with ODD. We crashed the ksl site with so many people watching! Unfortunately it led to poor reception. From what I did see, it was a very well-done program. I particularly enjoyed David talking about himself and how this experience changed him. I’m so proud of him!


  47. djafan said

    IT’S UP! ‏@KSLcom 2m
    The @DavidArchie special is now online for all those who wanted to watch it.


  48. Grammyj said

    I didn’t think I could respect him more, but I do after watching that program. I am a forever fan!


  49. jans11 said

    It was so moving. He is “everything and more” and the whole video was perfect on who is is and always will be. ♥


  50. djafan said

    Grammyj, Count me in, I’m also a forever fan! David is worthy of respect and admiration.

    Jans, everything and more is right.

    Friday will be a WWTT party. The phrase is

    “David Archuleta Is Worth The Wait”

    I’m going to watch again 🙂


  51. Dayzee said

    Have watched the “Called to Serve” many times now. Sky, I need to borrow that famous towel of yours. I still can’t understand how this youngster can affect me to such an extreme extent. It is great to know that David’s fans will make this available everywhere! I especially treasured Dean Kaelin saying David was like a ray of light in a dark world.

    Dja. I too wondered if some fans would be turned off by this new David. I appreciate you addressing that. I am sure there will be some reactions of rejection, some of embracing. The important thing for me is that David does not reject. His love of people is inclusive rather than exclusive.


  52. marlie7 said

    Have watched twice now. He’s a wonder. A wonderful person, a joy to listen to. You could see how happy he was to serve. Yes, it made me cry, especially when he was hugging Lupe. Sheesh, pass the kleenex!

    So true what Dean said about David being ” a ray of light in a dark world.” We’ve known that, felt that for several years now. But he expressed it so well. It made me think of all of the stories from fans about how David affected them when they first saw him on AI. From Ray to many others, he literally saved hearts, souls and lives with his spirit. Gah. Can’t wait to see him again, some more, soon, whether on video, twitter or on TV. Mostly can’t wait for the first time I can see him perform live again.


  53. jans11 said

    Watched it twice too and just can’t get enough. You are right Dayzee, I, too can’t understand how this young man can effect me so much. He is just so much to me, that I don’t understand. It’s the ODD I do believe, but it’s hard to understand something when I’ve never had it before! 🙂 Just so glad to have been blessed by him being in my life. God is good!
    Marlie, I can’t wait to see him perform live again either…but I will! 🙂


  54. Abrra said

     photo 15_zpsba54ce00.jpg
    screencap from KSL Called to Serve video

    The Called To Serve video is for me a perfect close to a successful mission. David proved he accomplished what he set out to do. I am with Marlie “Can’t wait to see him again, some more, soon, whether on video, twitter or on TV. Mostly can’t wait for the first time I can see him perform live again.”

    After much battling with the “video that will not play”, I finally found a way to get it loaded up on Unplugged. It will run on a loop (24/7) for a few days so that everyone who wants to see it with no buffering or stopping, can do so.

    Some of us are in Unplugged now, come join us?

    Also, I have added it to the Video on Demand feature below the main screen in Unplugged. You will see the 2013 Chile Devotional video set in the same spot. You click the video and it will launch so that you can skip back and forth to watch what you like. Oh Ven anyone? haha



  55. Poof said

    Really enjoyed the program. I think we are already seeing the David he has brought back; one with more self assurance and understanding of himself. I liked the mini interviews. Each person tried to explain, what seems to be unexplainable, who David is and the impact he has on all he meets. As always, listening to David, I find such simultaneous peace and joy. So glad he is back.


  56. Angelica said

    You said you wrote this quickly but it’s done beautifully. I think it the perfect platform for the “Called to Serve” videos. I finally got to watch them all and downloaded them to my computer from YT. I have watched them several times. There is so much I want to say but will wait a little while to gather my thoughts.


  57. Angelica, I am looking forward to reading your comments after watching the videos. There is a lot to ponder.

    It is fun to write when a thought comes to you and the pieces fall together fast, but the quick writings are few. It was funny because Abrra said write perhaps and I said OK. That was rare!



  58. djafan said

    Here are the youtubes.


  59. fenfan said

    I am a puddle.


  60. djafan said

    fen, puddles, puddles, puddles


  61. Good Monday morning! “The Singing Missionary”…

    David continues to reach out to people and capture their undivided attention. Music has always captivated hearts and he has perfected just that.

    The religion in his own heart is unique therefore one without borders. You might have to go back to his singing “Imagine” to understand that.

    The announcements of what he will be doing with music and his career will unfold soon perhaps!

    I think we taught each other patience over the years so patience it is. You know some of us have Adult ADD, so imaging how that is for some!!


    David’s documentary was so well done like everything he takes part in. He is obviously still discovering and searching for his future direction.


  62. bluesky4home said

    “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”

    Robert Frost

    The difference, Dear DA, is that this lovely poem has a solitary feeling. Whereas you never have been, nor will ever be, a solo act.

    You carry a companionship of the divine within you – you have sought for it. (I love what you say about this SB! # 61 You are so spot on with that observation!! <3) and because you are your own little Tesla (he drew electricity out of the air and gave it form), you always shine brightest when you connect with the hearts of those around you through the joy of song.

    Because of this, I know that your "way" will be filled with your love, care, and appreciation for the people you sing to, as much as for the music you sing. And we will love you back.

    (I guess that is not such a hard job. Just do something silly now and then, okay?)


  63. djafan said


    This “David continues to reach out to people and capture their undivided attention. Music has always captivated hearts and he has perfected just that.” and this “The religion in his own heart is unique therefore one without borders. You might have to go back to his singing “Imagine” to understand that.”


    This “You carry a companionship of the divine within you – you have sought for it.” and this “Because of this, I know that your “way” will be filled with your love, care, and appreciation for the people you sing to, as much as for the music you sing. And we will love you back.”


    This “I think we are already seeing the David he has brought back; one with more self assurance and understanding of himself.”

    Jans, This “Just so glad to have been blessed by him being in my life. God is good!”

    Dayzee, This “The important thing for me is that David does not reject. His love of people is inclusive rather than exclusive.”

    Marlie, This ” a ray of light in a dark world.” We’ve known that, felt that for several years now. But he expressed it so well. It made me think of all of the stories from fans about how David affected them when they first saw him on AI. From Ray and many others, he literally saved hearts, souls and lives with his spirit.”

    Such beauty in these thoughts.

    SB, reading your article again is surreal that you wrote it before Called To Serve and it couldn’t be more spot on.


  64. djafan said

    The last video from 1:50 on just slayed me. The last parts where David is being interviewed his expressions, his eyes, his words, can’t get them out of my head!

     photo 7ba2ba05-2452-4af5-94ac-866502f2bdba_zps19f26a04.jpg


  65. gladys1961 said

    I found this on youtube. I think I’m starting to get a different look.


  66. Gladys, that is a beautiful video. I hope that someday the number of people who are so caring will be more than the ones who are not. I have one son and he is kind hearted so I am pleased. With David’s help there will be many more!



  67. jans11 said

    That video is so beautiful and full of emotion, Gladys. Working with the elderly in the nursing home for the past 13 yrs has taught me much compassion. The last 6 yrs David was in my life and he taught me even more, even though he is many moons younger than me. I always said if everyone acted like David there would be world peace!

    By the way, last Tues was my last day at work, so I will bide my time to see what is in my future. It’s kind of running parallel with David right now except he is embarking on a great future and I’m closing in on retirement! 🙂


  68. djafan said

    Gladys, that is beautiful and to think it’s a commercial. My grandkids watch these commercials and cry….there is hope for today’s youth. They want to be inspired. As happy as I am to have David inspire me at me age it makes me even happier to see so many young on twitter being inspired by David.


  69. bluesky4home said

    Amen, Djafan.


  70. tawna21 said

    Amen, Dja.

    Beautiful video Gladys.


  71. gladys1961 said

    These are the words which David sings at the beginning of the video, they are beautiful.

    adonde me envíes, yo iré señor, a montañas o islas del mar, yo diré lo que quieras que diga señor, y lo que tu quieras, yo seré.


  72. bluesky4home said


    The words are from the hymn, “I’ll go where you want me to go”. He is singing the chorus: “I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord, Over mountain or plain or sea; I’ll say what you want me to day, dear Lord; I’ll be what you want me to be.”

    I have always loved the Spanish translations of hymns. In each language it seems you get to have “new” meaning as different words and phrases are emphasized. ^_^


  73. Abrra said

    Pure magic! I enjoy seeing the process of visual art, but to have the voice of David singing as I watch, is simply divine 🙂



  74. Good Day! It is rainy here but heading towards spring finally! Still snow and ice though so not very good for the wildlife!

    My youngest daughter just texted that the course she will be taking in Austin Texas will be spoken in Spanish! I could only offer “Hola”.



  75. jans11 said

    For some reason I couldn’t get into this site last night. Thankful that I can today! 🙂

    SB, does your daughter go to college in Austin? My twin grandsons go there. They are sophomores and intern for Google in California in the summer. So proud of them.

    Still hard to believe that David is home; so much has happened the last 2 weeks. Looking forward to some more good news! 🙂


  76. She has been doing some research with Premier Research Labs. Beyond my comprehension, but I listen and converse!!

    More news please!! Haha, it all takes time!



  77. djafan said

    SB, More news please! lol The tweets to David are so fun. Many trying to get him to come out and play. Asking for food tweets, even give us a task tweets haha. David surely must be amused by us. I’ll settle for another hola :).


  78. MT said

    I’ve had a hard time coming up with the right words after watching the “Called to Serve” videos. I won’t comment on the religious aspect of it since to me that is something very personal and private. But I will say that I can see how much his time away has changed him.

    I see a man who is stronger, more sure of himself. After being self-reliant and handling a great deal of responsibility for the last two years, he has a new-found confidence and maturity I didn’t see before.

    One thing did get to me. When they said he was afraid fans would “boo him off the stage” when he made the mission announcement, it broke my heart. I can’t imagine the strength and courage it took to go out on stage and make the announcement thinking that’s what would happen. No wonder he was so emotional when the audience applauded.

    One other thing: I’m going to be shallow and mention something I thought was so funny. You all know how I am about hair, right? Well, did anyone else catch it when David was walking down the corridor “fixing” his hair and turned and said “travel hair.” hahahaha Am I the only one that thought that was just too funny?

    Oh, and the reunion. ♥ He and his family must be so happy to be together again.

    Anyway, I think the video was really well done and showed David in a very good light. And can I also add how handsome he looked? Because he did. Don’t deny it. You know he did. 🙂

    LOL While I was writing this I got David’s tweet on my phone. Banjo? hahaha Really David? What will you think of next? (BTW Nice pic!)


  79. Angelica said


     photo Fullscreencapture482014100952PMbmp.jpg


  80. bebereader said

    Yes MT. Loved the tweet! Is that Kendra with him? I don’t recognize the man, though. David looks good with the banjo! Any instrument he chooses to play is fine with me.


  81. Angelica said

    Yes David. Love me some bluegrass. DO IT!! You are the Soul Man!


  82. MT said

    Umm am I missing something, or are there NO STRINGS on the banjo in David’s hands?


  83. djafan said

    Intersesting tweets. And David responded…looked this guy up, he’s real.

    shaycarl ‏@shaycarl 28m
    @DavidArchie What are you going to do now? Don’t sign with a record label. Start a @YouTube channel and own everything you WANT to do

    shaycarl ‏@shaycarl 8m
    @DavidArchie It would be an honor! I saw your KSL piece & was very impressed. Felt the spirit very strong as you sang to your investigators.

    shaycarl ‏@shaycarl 8m
    @DavidArchie Honestly though in the 2 years you were gone an amazing thing has happened for creators of grate things and you can own it all

    shaycarl ‏@shaycarl 5m
    @DavidArchie *great Ugh! I’m not a grate speller of palabras

    Retweeted by shaycarl
    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 11m
    @shaycarl but if I am going to even attempt that, you’re going to have to give me some tips.


  84. Angelica said

    First reply to a tweet. And I see your second winky face and raise you an eyebrow. haha.


  85. Angelica said

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 20m

    @shaycarl Haha. Hey, thank you. The mission was amazing. It has changed my perspective more than I could ever have imagined.


  86. bebereader said

    Glad to see that David is back to being a nightowl, like some of us here. ahem haha
    I took a doze at my laptop and woke up to the conversation above. Here’s shaycarl’s youtube page:


  87. djafan said

    Shay Carl, it gets more interesting. David is a natural vlogger, could this be one opportunity? We know we’d be there to listen to him sing or talk in a heartbeat.

    Business news

    Maker Studios Founders, YouTubers Shay Carl, Lisa Nova & More React To $500 Million Walt Disney Co. Acquisition


    BoomTuber #1: ShayCarl and the ShayTards

    Sometime this year, online video comedian Shay Butler and his family’s YouTube channels will likely pass a half-billion upload views. At the heart of that success is a quintessential man-child. Butler, best known as ShayCarl, has created a series of reality shows that could draw comparisons to a cleaned-up Osbournes, adds a dash of “Tool Time” sensibility and finishes with a question that sparks many classic American family sitcoms: How did HE get HER to marry HIM?


  88. SandyBeaches said

    Dnfan, how does that translate to include David possibly?


  89. djafan said


    “One other thing: I’m going to be shallow and mention something I thought was so funny. You all know how I am about hair, right? Well, did anyone else catch it when David was walking down the corridor “fixing” his hair and turned and said “travel hair.” hahahaha Am I the only one that thought that was just too funny?:

    I noticed and laughed out loud. I noticed several instances where David is still being David like he said, just different. I can see many ways of interpreting that statement. The confidence and maturity and determination in the way he was expressing himself is new. Imagine how that is going to translate to the stage. I see where many are fretting thinking his music may be over, I say no way lol.

    1. PO Box has been renewed for Fan Mail. I think I’ll send him a note 🙂
    PO BOX 4297, APOPKA, FL 327404 USA
    2. Gina Orr has been tweeting and retweeting all things David.
    3. Elder Archuleta takes the time to vlog us (his fans) at the airport.
    4. David does another vlog thanking us for all the letters and warm thoughts. And asks us (his fans) for patience while he goes through the process of of adjusting.
    5. David takes back his twitter account and is tweeting us, and winking at us, teasing us, being playful, being David who we’re in a relationship with, his words.
    6. Part 4 video at the MTC, he looks at us through the camera and smiles at us (he knows his fans, us, are watching).

    I could go on and on. If he didn’t plan to continue with music why bother with all of the above?

    The sky is the limit for David IMO. Here is a fellow succesful singer who is also LDS, not at the bieber status but who needs that haha.

    Alexe Boye (LDS) and the Childrens One Voice Choir (I remember David singing with them before) did a cover video on youtube and it has 31,776,431 views in a little over a month. He has many more and is getting ready to release an album. David would kill this.

    Let It Go – Frozen – Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir
    Alex Boye Alex Boye·26 videos
    Subscribe 189,834


  90. djafan said

    Angelica, Oh would love to hear David’s take on that blue grass Billie Jean.

    SB, I think there are many aspects of the music industry that can be done without having to give the suits all your $$$. Social media has reached new levels and I can see someone like David, a natural at everything, take advantage of this. Promo, performing, contact, publicity and David has something that many others don’t, us, a devoted fan base.


  91. djafan said

    Just wanted to add that connections need to be made and I think the wave of the future is bright for David. For instance without anything going on in particular right now this is David’s facebook as of now,

    David Archuleta
    3,776,833 likes · 39,619 talking about this

    Cook has tweeted about AI. AI has tweeted that Cook is going to be appearing as a mentor and performing this week I believe. And with all this happening this is his facebook as of now,

    David Cook
    870,103 likes · 2,855 talking about this

    The numbers speak for themselves. The same thing is happening on twitter.


  92. bluesky4home said

    Djafan: you. are. singing. my. song. ^_^

    You Tube, self promoting straight to the fans… that is where it is at now, for sure. Lindsey Stirling, The Piano Guys, this group above and Alex Boye. Yes, I know of these, and yes they are LDS. (so it is easier for me to know about them, maybe?) But there are many others.

    Pentatonics, for instance.

    In fact, check out these two cellists. O. M. Gosh!!

    And… as you say, DA has such a great base to begin with. Quality will out.

    (just saying’)


  93. bluesky4home said

    Two Cellos, is the name of these guys. And that vid has over 17 million views.


  94. bluesky4home said

    (Course, they are kinda cute. *_*)


  95. djafan said

    David is now following Shay Carl hmmmmm


  96. MT said

    Wow, I had no idea you could play something like that with a cello!! Great video. Very creatively done and so funny when they went completely wild at the end. They are really talented. Thanks for sharing! I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂 And yes, haha they are kinda cute.

    That’s what I wish for David. Not the cello, of course, but someone who can work with him to showcase his talent in original and creative ways. I’m hoping for songs and MVs that are done on par with his amazing talent. He deserves the best!

    Thanks for bringing the interesting tweets here. So David is now following Shay Carl? Hmmmm. yes, the plot thickens and the mystery that is David Archuleta deepens. I wonder how long it will be before we have a clue as to what the future will hold for David.


  97. bebereader said

    Totally agree dja and bluesky!

    Seems that the idea of becoming noticed through YouTube increased in popularity during the last two years so David may have missed seeing it as it happened. If I stop and think I can come up with a few acts off the top of my head whose careers took off with the help of social media.

    Here’s 13 and 16 year olds Lennon and Maisy Stella (The Stella sisters) from Ontario, Canada, whose video, a cover of “Call Your Girlfriend” went viral on youtube, receiving 17 million views!

    They were noticed and got an audition for the TV series “Nashville”.

    “Nashville” producer R.J. Cutler told The Hollywood Reporter, “…we decided on the spot to change the roles to fit Maisy and Lennon’s ages. Listening to them sing literally brought tears to our eyes. I’m not just saying that. Their voices moved us to tears. We knew we had to cast them.

    What makes the Stella sisters so unique is that they don’t rely on the small kids/big voices formula that is nowadays a dime a dozen on YouTube. Softer, jazzier with a little country twang, Lennon’s and Maisy’s enchanting voices are more attuned to the Norah Joneses and Ingrid Michaelsons of the world. Their talent — not some over-the-top personalities — shines through.”
    Aren’t they adorable?


  98. MT said

    Very nice video. They are both darling! Really pretty voices, too and I like the song. I particularly liked from 2:40 on. (I will admit to rewinding that part a few times. lol)


  99. tawna21 said

    Bebe, what a cute video! They could go places 🙂


  100. Cook is on tonight. He sure has changed his looks!

    Would love to see David sing on tv such as Idol and we would just talk about David and nothing else. It was so much fun. Time for some singing light, free and easy.



  101. jans11 said

    Thanks everyone for all the good info and videos. David”s banjo pic is cute, as usual. I know whatever route he takes will be good!

    91…Love those figures that shows who # 1 really is! 🙂 Cook sure does look different….not really fond of him and never bought any of his albums.


  102. bebereader said

    David tweeted!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 2m

    Feliz cumpleaños a mi mamá!! Happy birthday to my mom. I wish you the best in this coming year. Gracias por todo que ha hecho!


  103. djafan said

    Awww David!


  104. skydancer1x said

    HA! I was in the middle of watching a performance video of David on You Tube a few nights ago , when the power source to my monitor made a sizzling noise, shorted out, and screen went blank,then blacked out.(kind of like me at a David Archuleta concert.but all is well now ,so back to catch up!
    Loving all the news and comments and videos.

    2Cellos Holy Moly! just incredible!!amazing artists , and Angelica,love that bluegrass Billie Jean.,and Bebe you KNOW how I love Lennon and Maisy! ♥

    MT”That’s what I wish for David. Not the cello, of course, but someone who can work with him to showcase his talent in original and creative ways. I’m hoping for songs and MVs that are done on par with his amazing talent. He deserves the best!”
    David has a lot of exciting avenues open for his music to catch up on!
    Videos,sweet tweets …it’s so wonderful and exciting having him back home!!.


  105. djafan said

    POSTED ON DAVID’S FACEBOOK! I say we vote!

    David Archuleta shared a link.
    10 hours ago
    ROUND 1: Vote for David Archuleta as your favorite American Idol contestant of all-time on! Vote!

    ROUND 1: Vote For Your Favorite ‘American Idol’ Contestant Of All-Time!

    And don’t forget trending party tomorrow!

     photo 2624f8cd-dbc6-43d8-a848-8cfb3b5bc311_zpsfee9a8e5.jpg


  106. djafan said

    WB Sky!


  107. jans11 said

    Been voting for David. Seems as though it won’t let me vote all the time though. Got to vote twice now. 🙂 He is the best and he needs to win!!! 🙂


  108. djafan said


    Jenna Koford ‏@jennkofe 4h
    Just saw David Archuleta at the airport no big deal. Seriously it’s not a big deal but it’s kinda cool

    NOW THIS!!!

     photo 24_zpse30bd48b.jpg
    shaycarl (@shaycarl)
    4/10/14, 2:32 PM

    Just had breakfast with the handsome and amazingly talented @DavidArchie


  109. djafan said

    20.8 k likes an an hour…


  110. bluesky4home said

    Do I see a “post-mission” mustache beginning to bloom? Please, do not succumb, DA. I know it is incredibly hard to resist the pull of full facial hair after being shriven for so long…. but *gritty-voice* here…. you can do it!!

    Hold On! Buck the insanity! Two weeks are all I ask! You will see that FFH is NOT the answer to adjusting to being home.
    Besides… it will be getting warmer soon, you will just be too hot. (……?!…… ) Okay, so you are already “hot”. But you need no more hot-ness. Not that kind!

    (Just take a look at Shay Carl. He says you are handsome without it. And… unless you have been receiving invites from Duck Dynasty, I see no need for you to skip the daily swipe of the blade. Just saying’)

    Okay, I am done with my rant. It was mainly (mainly) done with “tongue-in-cheek” anyway. *_*


    bluesky – whose sons manage to remain smooth operators for most of the year. Baring “Mustache March” and “No Shave November”. ^_^


  111. MT said

    110. Bluesky,
    ROFL That post was all kinds of WIN! 😀


  112. MT said

    And David tweets again!!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie · 13m
    An entertaining breakfast! RT @shaycarl: Just had breakfast with the handsome and amazingly talented @DavidArchie

    Please notice that David didn’t just send a tweet saying he had breakfast with @shaycarl, he RETWEETED the one from the guy saying he was “handsome and amazingly talented” 🙂

    Yayyyy, Now, that’s real progress!!! You go, David!!!

    PS 108. Dja, The hair!! 😀


  113. Abrra said

    I blew up the picture. Its a shadow, no wiskers. I doubt he would change his look so drastically. Just doesn’t seem like his style.

    (Who’d a thunk Bluesky was such a fan girl about wiskers?)

    And I just had to crop it (sorry Shaycarl)

     photo 25_zps9f7503e9.jpg



  114. bluesky4home said

    Dear Abrra:

    I did not really think he would. (Bluesky twiddles thumbs and appears calm). But most return missionaries do play around a bit with the new-found freedom of knowing they can go to any (pun alert!) lengths they chose to, now that they are home.

    I prefer to see his face unadorned, as it were. He may care. He may read this blog (with nothing else to do) and wonder what some random poster thinks about facial hair on male singers. So, just in case that is the case…. it was simply a case of my letting off a bit of my own “post-mission” release-of-energy, golly-I-am-glad-he-is-here, whatever-will-he-do-next, erm, thoughts.

    (And… who knows? Abrra may be a secret FFH fan in hiding!!)

    For this, Abrra – and for so many other wonderful reasons (like not taking me seriously and letting me ramble) – I love you. (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))


  115. Abrra said

    I was so gobsmacked by the HAIR!!! and the huge hazel eyes, that I never bothered about the “nonexsistant” wiskers. 😉 He looks best clean shaven.



  116. skydancer1x said

    yes Abrra! HAAAAIIIR ♫♪we seee youuu! woo hoo!

    you know, I think I may have gone my whole life without someone putting their hand on my shoulder for a picture, but in every pic of David taken with the ‘guys’ it’s standard fare, a guy thing.How many times through the years have we seen it?
    ♥ Poor David must have permanent finger grip marks on his shoulder.
    (don’t worry shaycarl,we get it)

    Bluesky, your post LOLOL! love it.


  117. Abrra said


    I think many who meet David have an instant like-connection and the hand on the shoulder is an expression of that.



  118. Dayzee said

    A question for the statistics queen, Djafan: Does David hold the record for having the most people cropped from his photos? The first one I remember was from the Elle magazine photoshoot that showed David alone in the leather jacket.


  119. djafan said

    hahaha Dayzee….it wouldn’t surprise me….hmmmm….I’ll just have to take a look later 🙂

    33.1 k likes and counting it seems on that great picture of David ♥



  120. djafan said

    Today with a retweet and instagram picture.

    David Archuleta
    3,777,669 likes · 41,411 talking about this

    After AI appearance

    David Cook
    871,183 likes · 3,086 talking about this

    Just looking at the numbers.


  121. Angelica said

    Dj, I was just running here to post that! LOL! He is hitting the ground with both feet!

    Bluesky, you and others here are cracking me up tonight.

    I love this guy.


  122. djafan said

    Well not sure if it’s his instagram hahahaha Following just in case 🙂

    By the way this is the tweet David retweeted.

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 3h
    An entertaining breakfast! RT @shaycarl: Just had breakfast with the handsome and amazingly talented @DavidArchie

    David retweeted a tweet that called him handsome and amazingly talented???!!!! I LOVE THAT!


  123. Angelica said

    This is cool.


  124. fenfan said

    Huge hazel eyes and hair – a deadly combo. So deadly that Abrra spelt her own name with THREE Rs. LOL


  125. Abrra said


    The HAIR!!! has that affect on me. When I talk about it, I stutter. GAHHHHH!

     photo tumblr_lu88zc3uS81qdqlhzo1_500.jpg



  126. In a young man’s life, it is true, it is not the mountain he conquers but himself. At the pivotal age that takes a young man from his youth and family in familiar surroundings to places away from all he knows, it can be a very emotional time. The young person’s brain is realizing a whole world of adventures or journeys are set before him. Worries from the past can stay with them.

    I have seen the effects that separation had on my own children as well as on their friends. My children left home and followed each other into serving the lives of people through medicine and first responders. This has shaped their lives by helping others to sustain life.

    There lived a young fellow close by in our neighbourhood who grew up with my son. He became a most talented and successful youth in sports, academics and music. He was always with a big smile and so happy to see you. But at the time he left for university, he changed and after a few months he came home. That was when I realized the trauma of leaving one’s home, family and familiar lifestyle at that age. Shifting back and forth from one life dramatically to the other is very difficult for many but possibly most trying at that age.

    It may take David much longer to adjust to the differences that two years away can make not only with himself, his family, his career but to everything around him maybe even including ourselves!

    When I see youth trying to do good in this world, I am equally proud of every one of them.



  127. bluesky4home said

    Sandybeaches, your comment could be a whole article. I love it. So very true and a good analogy to use in our own lives and with our own families. Thank you so very much for sharing this. You make a difference.

    I know that this was not, in some ways DA’s “first” leaving: he left to do AI, he left school, his friends, etc. and had to make new ones (I will be forever grateful to Cook and so many others in his “year” for being so good to him and for helping in any way that they could), he had to settle many things on his own. He “left” again for tour, and then another and another. He “left” to go make a TV series.

    In each place he has had to do more and more on his own and make new friends and acquaintances, new decisions. That is a lot for one his age. We have seen the devastation that can follow early pushes into adult responsibilities. Especially where there is little anchor.

    One thing I love about the “mission” experience is that they are never alone. They have their companion to always bump up against. This can be as life changing as the mission, since they need to learn to get along with different personalities, to problem solve together, etc. In DA’s part, he ways already very good at all of this, so I was grateful for him to just have the companionship, the constant support, etc. of someone who has no agenda and is his own age.

    So, I think in coming back, DA may be a little ahead of some others who return, having “left” before in many ways, having some challenges already experienced, as it were. What is hard is to leave the people and the camaraderie, especially the days so full of work and the schedule so busy.

    Fortunately, DA has many things he can throw himself into. So… like you I say: take you time, DA. Re-aclimate. Get to know lots of people. Feel your way.

    And…. sing. You know, just throw one out there now and then for us to snuggle into while you are rummaging around in your new world. It is ready and waiting for you. As are we fans.


  128. djafan said


    That is a cool! Never to much David!

    SB, So true about such drastic changes in a young persons life, the how of adjusting, adapting and growing. David has been at this since such a young age being away from home that even though he looked like he did such a great job of living through it in our eyes that we didn’t “notice” the things David was indirectly sharing with us about how tough this all was. So in light of all that I’m shocked that he’s not even three weeks back and he’s not home, he got on a plane, he’s on twitter, he retweeted a compliment, so not the premission David, but like he said he is still David but different. I just think things are happening behind the scenes and David has never been one to share things until they set. So I patiently wait because “David Is Worth The Wait” (remember WWTT party tonight!)

    And Kari’s timely tweet. She must be reading and maybe David is too?

    Kari Sellards
    Just sayin’!
     photo goodthingstaketime_zpsa07ad69c.jpg


  129. tawna21 said

    SB and Bluesky, these last 2 comments make so much sense. Thank you for making them! I really like the idea of just throwing a little tune out to us -even thru a vlog- to whet our appetites a little.

    In the lines of SB’s comment of serving others. I read an article, in my local newspaper, about a 10-yr old boy. He has had a lemonade and cookie stand that is now just opening for the 5th year. He is entirely non-profit and raises the money for purchasing wheel-chairs for those that can’t afford them. They are shipped to developing countries by LDS Philanthropies. To date, he has donated 293 chairs. What an amazing young boy!


  130. There is a difference between being away and only able to connect once a week for an hour than being away at AI with your father and your family only a touch away at any time. That goes for his touring that took him to SLC as well when he had family much of the time. Each travel time was just for weeks and then he went home. I only mean that home is a stone’s throw away not that anyone would sit still.

    When one of my daughter’s was 10 she spent two months in Toronto at the National Ballet School and my youngest moved to Boston for ballet after grade 11 for ballet and schooling but each time they went away they were home for holidays etc. you know what I mean similar lengths of time that David spent in Asia. I find that when young people go away to university for a few years depending upon how many degrees they want, they go through hard times making the money to go and they too make life long friends who go through hard days and nights with them.

    There are many different courses of life to be chosen but being a parent I am happy with what our children went through to learn how to be who they wanted to be. We could all tell stories of similar nature. Gone are the days of staying home to help milk the cows but thank heavens some do. To those youth who do I say, great choice you are needed too.

    I am guessing that David and Kari see more comments daily on twitter.



  131. I know that some of you are of the Jewish faith, some are of the Catholic faith. There are fans of all faiths and spirituality. I know maybe 200 faces and names of fans I have met over the years. It isn ‘t your faith but your heart that makes you who you are. I am on my cell, hope this copies!


  132. djafan said

    SB, I think they may be reading more of twitter. David retweets Kari “Good things take time.” Yes they do David 🙂

    Retweeted by David Archuleta
    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 5h
    Just sayin’!


  133. Abrra said

    Shaycarl delivers! ( a bit OTT but ok ) He talks about his meeting with David. It’s the first 3:44 of the video. He misspoke about David winning AI7 and corrected himself in comments below the video “SHAYTARDS Awww crap! I forgot David Cook won that season. Well David Archuleta won in MY HEART! They miscounted the votes I bet!!! ‘  The rest is family stuff.


    And David responds.

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    I didn’t win!! But hey thanks haha RT @shaycarl: I had breakfast with DAVID ARCHULETA!



  134. djafan said

    The count on that video has 301+ views and 7,120 likes already.

    Yesterdays instagram has 40.5k likes.

    And twitter? Many Shaytards commenting liking the breakfast meeting.


  135. bluesky4home said

    131 SB: that’s why I love you. ^_^
    Sounds like you were and are a great and caring parent.


  136. Abrra said

    Tweeting fun 🙂

     photo 31_zpsae11f63a.jpg
    David Archuleta@DavidArchie

    I’m having a picture battle with my sisters

     photo 30_zps056b0ced.jpg
    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    But I think they’re beating me…



  137. skydancer1x said

    now THAT’S some hairdo on David! lol
    (I see a sort of squiggly pig drawn on his sister)
    oh .. may I just say look at the size of that mans hand! fhryeiwkdjhgfjdkk!


  138. Abrra said


    How dare she cover his best features? WAAAAAAAAAA!!!

     photo 30-Copy_zpsc1e03593.jpg

    I had to “fix” it.


  139. djafan said

    Sky, yep! Does it look like David might not be shaving???!!!


  140. Abrra said


    I think its the graininess of the camera pic. He wouldn’t grow anything noticeable in 24 hours.



  141. Abrra said

    DavidArchieVenezuela ‏@DavidArchieVzla

    #EN Picture shared by @DavidArchie ‘s sister. #ES foto compartida por la hermana de David.

     photo 32-Copy_zps899a0f04.jpg



  142. skydancer1x said

    hahaha they are having fun!
    I don’t know,Dja (maybe a little 5’o’clock shadow?) but I can’t stop looking at that smile at 141. aww David♥


  143. bebereader said

    Don’t forget the trending party tonight!

    In fifteen minutes!

    We’re trending David Archuleta Is Worth Waiting For

     photo 2624f8cd-dbc6-43d8-a848-8cfb3b5bc311_zpsfee9a8e5.jpg

    See you there!


  144. bebereader said

    We got it trending for an hour in different cities and Worldwide!
    Then David tweeted again!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 7m

    Mom is watching re-run of “Called to Serve” on KSL now. She asked me to come watch it but I need to finish a song! 🙂
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    and again!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 3m

    Wow! Thanks so much to all of you for trending! RT @erlindita: Thanks for trending. David Archuleta Is Worth Waiting For.


  145. bebereader said

    Did I hear him say that he has to finish a song???!!
    Just checking! haha


  146. djafan said

    David Archuleta Is Worth Waiting For is still WWTT!!!!


  147. djafan said

    bebe, you didn’t only hear him but saw him tooooo! Love the hand on piano picture!

    Linda hasn’t seen that David retweeted her…she is going to go nuts!

    I think we are in for some kind of ride!


  148. skydancer1x said

    He did! he said it! a song! eeeep! o–I—<


  149. djafan said

    David is finishing a song and shared with a selfie of his hand!
    Eeeeeeping with sky!


  150. MT said

    Yayyy, Finishing a song!! haha Music to my ears! 😀


  151. emmegirl14 said

    Finishing a song……eeeeping with you all!
    (diggin’ the hand selfie)


  152. jans11 said

    Good to see David enjoying himself with his sisters last night while everyone was enjoying him trending! And a new song! Whoopee!!! 🙂


  153. emmegirl14 said

    I am enjoying the tweets, for now they are the only connection we have. And (as a bunch of people said), he is worth the wait.


  154. Abrra said

    Unplugged42812 photo Unplugged42812-1.jpg

    Click to go;



  155. bebereader said

    Great time in chat tonight! It was back to basics as we watched the American Idol set, beginning with David’s first audition through the AI7 tour and then some. Highlight of the evening?

    Credit Sam B


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