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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Posted by djafan on Tuesday, April 1, 2014


25 Responses to “DAVID TWEETS….HOLA!!!!!!!!”

  1. Abrra said

    LOL The @DavidArchie timeline on my tweetdeck is zooming by with tweet replies from all over the world for David.



  2. djafan said

    hahaha!!!! I’m so excited! Twitter going nuts lol


  3. Angelica said

    Center seed of a cucumber. That’s how chill I am. He will not outlast MY patience. I can do this all month and then some. haha.


  4. djafan said

    hahahahaha Angelica. You should read twitter, it’s insanity. I can’t even focus how lol


  5. djafan said

    now not how lol my brain is jello lol


  6. tawna21 said

    Our man has spoken!!! All is well, all is well!!!! 🙂


  7. tawna21 said

    Maybe that’s why he sang that at the MTC…. jk 🙂


  8. Angelica said


  9. One word, so exciting!

    But, so sorry to hear about the earthquake in Chile!



  10. fenfan said

    Hola? Is that all? I’ll just wait.


  11. fenfan123 said



  12. tawna21 said

    So sad about the earthquake in Chile …. sounds like the tsunami they are expecting will be a big one … prayers for them


  13. bluesky4home said

    Nice to see you back, Angelica!….. Cool is def your middle name.


  14. How much of this is due to it being April 1st????


  15. jans11 said

    Our first tweet in 2 yrs! ♥ Good to see and I’m glad that David is out of Chile and all those earthquakes. Prayers go out to the people down there.


  16. bebereader said

    My heart goes out to the Chileans who are affected by this earthquake. I’m so glad that David is home now.


  17. MT said

    David Archuleta Verified account
    ‏@DavidArchie · …Hola 🙂

    Retweets 1,231 Favorites 2,130

    And twitter went crazy! Not a bad response for a one word tweet. I have to confess, I was one of the retweets and I did a few replies. LOL I got a little excited. It’s nice to see he has taken control of his twitter again. At least we got our first smiley from him. 🙂

    His timeline was running pretty fast. Lots of excited Archies! I wonder if he was watching to see what happened on his timeline after that tweet? If so, I hope he was happy to see the excitement it caused.


  18. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Many retweets and favorites!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 19h
    …Hola 🙂


    And many Hola’s back lol

    Bea Fabregas ‏@beafabregas 18h
    Hiiii 😊❤️😂 “@DavidArchie: …Hola :)”

    Retweeted by Gina Orr
    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 18h
    …Hola 🙂

    Keiunna ‏@JustKeiunna 18h
    @DavidArchie hola. Como estas?

    Lιz ‏@LiizVilla 18h
    @DavidArchie HOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Como te extrañe ♥♥

    Kate Cabebe ‏@katedangerous 14h
    @DavidArchie hey dude! Hope you’re well!!

    RIHYONCE ‏@Nadanesia 51m
    Welcome back adult archuleta. 🙂 “@DavidArchie: …Hola :)”

    frogcooke ‏@frogcooke 20h
    @DavidArchie Your next mission should be a @SpartanRace 🙂 Because fun!

    Spartan Race ‏@SpartanRace 18h
    @frogcooke @DavidArchie Agreed!

    Annie ‏@AnnieDAFG 3m
    @DavidArchie hallo Sir, know what’s funny? Now you can actually truly literally say “mission accomplished”, haha, hihi! 😉👍

    Retweeted by Kari Sellards
    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 21h
    …Hola 🙂

    Vayrella Daniels ‏@VayrellaDaniels 11h
    “@DavidArchie: …Hola :)” hope for new songs after his come back from missionary mission

    Yana Andira A ‏@yanaandira 12h
    You had me at hola. 🙂 @DavidArchie

    Salamahafifi ‏@Salamahafifi 13h
    David Archuleta be jealous @scpancake @DavidArchie

    Mandy ‏@mjn1286 28m
    @DavidArchie Were Jazzy or Amber playing under your account, with their iPhone?😜

    Lady Zulaikha ‏@ecachan 28m

    catalina gonzalez ‏@cataglee 39m
    @DavidArchie Hola elder … se le echa de menos en Chile ❤

    Giovxnnx♥ Brunis***∞ ‏@giiovannabrunis 46m
    @DavidArchie hola David soy una gran admiradora tuya y tambien soy SUD Estaca Centenario Guayaquil-Ecuador (2 Nefi 31:20)persevera!! sigueme

    Daniela Ortiz Ruz ‏@DanielaOrtizRuz 2h
    @DavidArchie david hola!!! Te adoro … Saludos de chile !!! 😘❤️✌️

    Cathy B ‏@archieangeltx 2h
    Hola @DavidArchie are you ready to come out and play with us? We Are Still Here! #DA2014


  19. djafan said

    David was following 39 now 38, who did he unfollow????

    4,912 38 1.37M


  20. MT said

    Good question. I see he’s still following American Idol, Harry Connick, Jr., and JT. Was he following Enrique? He’s not following him now. Was he following Miley Cyrus before? haha I wouldn’t blame him for unfollowing her. LOL


  21. bebereader said

    “Mandy ‏@mjn1286 28m
    @DavidArchie Were Jazzy or Amber playing under your account, with their iPhone?😜”

    I have to admit that I too, was a little skeptical that it was David saying “Hola” to us last night. I thought it was one of his sisters playing an April Fool’s joke on him. It was April Fool’s Day, after all. But now that I see that it’s on his official site and that Kari and Gina Orr retweeted, I will admit that I was wrong.

    Dja and MT, Thanks for bringing those retweets here as well as the twitter info.


  22. MT said

    Kari may have even encouraged him to tweet just a little something, the first small step back into the world he once knew so well. Considering the dramatic change in lifestyle he’s undergoing right now, I think it was a good first step.


  23. MT said

    PS I wonder if, when he’s ready to start tweeting again, we’ll get those random things again. I used to love those. It would be nice to get something like:

    “Drove for the first time in two years. haha”
    “Feels weird not having to get my hair cut every week 🙂 ”
    “Went to see (insert movie name) tonight. It was good!”
    “Listening to (insert song name). You should check it out!”

    I miss those random tweets. Of course I won’t mind some “work/music” related tweets, too. But, I’m guessing it will be a little while before he has much on that front to tell us.


  24. marlie7 said



  25. Abrra said

    New Post ————-=========================->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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