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The Month the Earth Stood Still

Posted by djafan on Monday, February 17, 2014


It was two years ago that David Archuleta left for his mission.  It seems like forever.  Or maybe only a few weeks.  I have an uncanny nonsense for time.  It rivals my sense of direction which is nonexistent.  “When” has no more meaning for me than “where.”  I am always here.  It is always now.  You think I’m kidding, but when people ask me things like, how long have you worked here, lived here, I look at them with a perplexed expression on my face.  I honestly don’t know.  It could have been a decade ago or a few months.  I was here then; I am here now.  I could produce dates at any moment if given the opportunity.  But I could not produce a difference in the feeling I have of my experience of then and now.  For the most part, they would be the same.  Time and space are simply meaningless constructs in some part of my brain that does not measure its passage or proximity.

So I am perhaps the wrong person to write this.  A few days ago I published the article, “Is David Archuleta Coming Home Today?”  Did I really believe he was one of the ones tapped to come home six weeks early when I posted it?  No.  But it pleased me to consider the possibility.

Now, I offer for your consideration this possibility.  That we, all of us, are caught in some sort of time warp.  Think about it.  You don’t have to be temporally challenged like me to know that something is just not adding up.  David did not come home on the 10th of February.  We saw not a shadow of his coming so we are fated for six more weeks of waiting.  Six more weeks.  How long have we been saying and commenting and tweeting that we have just six more weeks to wait?  By my calculation, (dubious I know, coming from me) we have been saying this now for several weeks.  Yet we STILL have six more weeks to wait!  Deductive reasoning will bear me out on this, thusly:

A.  If six weeks ago, David was coming home in six weeks, then David should be home.

B.  David is not home.

C.  Time has stopped.

Elementary logic.  If A is true and B is true, then it follows that C must also be true. This is just a working hypothesis and I earnestly hope that time will prove me wrong.  You know, that thing that’s broke.

Is that clock even working down there? ↓

44 Responses to “The Month the Earth Stood Still”

  1. During this whole two-year period, it’s always seemed to be going by a lot faster than I expected. The night spent listening to the cellcast of the MKOC concert in SLC, hearing the announcement (and running to my parents’ room sobbing, oops) feels just like yesterday, in a way. I remember it *so* distinctly. But now that we’re actually in the final stretch, I’m getting more eager and a lot less patient, and the closer we get to the real homecoming, the farther away it seems. Ugh, I’m just so ready for some food tweets and, “Hey guys; it’s David here,” and everything else that comes with that wonderful human being!


  2. Suzy-Q said

    I am with Victoria. “But now that we’re actually in the final stretch, I’m getting more eager and a lot less patient, and the closer we get to the real homecoming, the farther away it seems. Ugh”. Even him being home doesn’t mean we will see in a short time after that. Though I hope we do!!! Anticipation is driving me crazy!!!


  3. poof said

    This wait has always seemed like a long car ride with small children to me.

    It’s hard at first. You have so far to go; getting everyone settled in, getting the toys and snacks ready. But then you get going. There are new places to look at out the windows. Conversations you might never have had begin and go on and on. Favorite books are read too many times and the stuffed animals have story plots with each other that leave all giggling. But then, it gets closer to that destination. The favorite book is out of reach under the seat, someone has hidden Barney somewhere and you are out of cheese sticks and peanut prezels. Out the window there are only things to look at you are Tired of, and you Just Want To Get There.

    100 miles out or six weeks to wait. Tough. (But worth it.)


  4. tawna21 said

    The days on my wall calendar are moving quickly and seem to be moving at warp speed (because I have reports that have to be turned in on a monthly basis, and that monthly basis, I swear, is faster that 4 weeks or 31 days). But, the days on the ‘David’ calendar have stopped. Yes, A, B, and C are true. I’m so glad, Angelica, that you’ve proved that theorem.

    Yes, Poof, “100 miles out or six weeks to wait. Tough. (But worth it.)” SO worth it!!

    Now, we say we are ready. We think we are ready. We plan to be ready. BUT…. are. we. ready for THE RETURN?! It causes me butterflies and trembling. 🙂


  5. MT said

    I agree, Angelica, the clock seems to have stopped. We are looking at March 24th, but we probably won’t hear from him on that date. (If that’s the right date.) How much longer will it be before we hear, “Hi, It’s David here. I’m home!”? A day? A week? Two?

    So, even thought we have a proposed date, we still have no date. Time and dates have become irrelevant now. I think that’s why it feels like time has stopped. Before, we had a long time to wait. It was easy to say two years. Or, in 2014, and feel correct. But now?

    David is the only one who knows when he’s coming home and may have some idea when things will begin happening. We are in the dark.

    I have to wonder how time is running for David. Is it speeding along like a runaway train that’s going too fast because he’s sad about leaving? Or is it crawling along at a snail’s pace as he anticipates coming home to his family, friends, and career?


  6. Dayzee said

    I think Tawna is onto something. There is the generic calendar, and then there is the David calendar.No way they can be marking the same time frame. The generic one simply has days marching along in order, but the David calendar has ups and downs and twists and turns. Sometimes one box contains 10 days. Sometimes when you get to the end of a week, it starts over. And Poof living in a car with children. Sometimes you are in a round-a-bout and it takes days to find the exit and then you may be heading the wrong way. It surely has not been a straight road. And Angelica has found six weeks waiting for David is waaaay different from six weeks vacation..

    Suzy and Victoria noticed the closer we get, the more unreachable the goal. And MT, the grounded one, reminds us that only David knows his schedule and we are in the dark.

    I am thinking the only thing I can do is wait some more. and some more. But I know David is thinking of us and he is very kind. Everyone mentions how “nice” David is. He will be good to us. It will be worth it. 🙂


  7. jans11 said

    David has all of you fooled! He has been my boss for the past 2 years! 🙂 Just kidding of course, but my boss sure does look like him and he is just as nice as David. But, he can’t sing! 🙂 So, it is such a treat to go to work and see “David”! 🙂
    I figured January, February and March would creep by because it did 2 years ago when I was waiting for him to leave. Even though I enjoyed NA so much, it was hard to know that he was leaving and I just wanted him to go so he could come home sooner! Now 2 years later, we are counting the days with that anticipation that builds every day that is marked off. We’ve held on this long, we can for another 38 days, 9 hrs, 29 min and 15 sec! But who’s counting???? 🙂



  8. jans11 said

    I seen this from Kari: Who as an idea what this could be and what we are going to do with it? (KS)

    I don’t know how to highlight it.

    It’s a picture of part of something like a flag or something…………



  9. jans11 said

    Oh good, it came up ok.


  10. archugeezer said

    Exactly, Angelica! I never could figure out how to read that Archuletian Calendar.


  11. fenfan said

    All I know is that 1 month to go countdown thing on the sidebar has been there for a very very long time. Something is not right! LOL


  12. MT said

    LOL Just wait, in another week or so that countdown will say 0 to go and he still won’t be home! 😕 It’s gonna make us crazy!


  13. fenfan said

    MT LOLOL!!!

    Talk about crazy. What’s with that twitpic with the colourful crazy pattern – did David weave a rug while in Chile?
    Or is he going to be acting in a revival of The Wizard of Oz? Is that the yellow brick road zig zagging there in the middle?

    Maybe I am just going loopy from waiting. LOL


  14. djafan said

    Angelica, Time is sooooo still and yes a, b and c are all true, so what the heck is happening? haha I’m so ready for David to return but I will wait for him to be ready to engage us directly. It’s going to be craaaaazyyyyy!

    And I’ve personally witnessed Angelica’s sense of direction or lack of lol She is one of the smartest, most witty, imaginative, creative, amazing writer and artist that I have ever met but her sense of direction not so much. Her David sense is remarkable though 🙂

    What the heck is that picture Kari tweeted? I just want to know now! haha

    I’m ready to remove the cat, the candle, the clock, all mentions of “waiting”!

    Don’t forget to send in your picture for the welcome back video!!!!!! Be counted!!!!!


  15. djafan said

    From the trending crew!

    ARCHIES !!! Give David a warm shout out on monthly Twitter Trending !! this might just be the last one before David’s back !!! Let the world knows how excited we are for his return!! for those who doesn’t have twitter account yet this will be the good time to sign up – log in – follow @DavidArchie – wait for his 1st “Hello it’s David here !!” – tweet away !! make this one count !!!

    Please “Share and Spread the words, thank you.

     photo davidarchuletaiscominghome_zps7e5cc6be.jpg

    Facebook David Archuleta…wow lot of people talking about David 🙂
    3,703,816 likes · 58,180 talking about this


  16. djafan said

    by David Archuleta
    Product Rating

    11 Reviews | Write a Review
    53% OFF

    $14.98 List Price
    $6.99 Sale Price


  17. Suzy-Q said

    About the picture that Kari sent, could it be a kite? Meaning a sequel to NA?


  18. bebereader said

    Wouldn’t it be really funny if David somehow snuck by us and is already home, snug in his bed, relaxing while reading our thoughts on all of his fan sites? As someone close to me said, “I wouldn’t rule it out.” *wink* Just a thought.

    All kidding aside, what’s six more weeks of waiting when we’ve already waited 104 minus 6 which comes out to – 98 weeks! Yikes! We’ve already waited 98 weeks! So six more weeks should be a piece a cake! How’s that for a little double and triple talking? haha

    Angelica, Loved your article.


  19. bebereader said

    Join us for Nandito Ako chat tonight.
    10PM est to Midnight

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  20. Dayzee said

    Dropped into Deseret Book and found Begin at $4.99, the Motab cd also $4.99 and the dvd was only $6.99. Great bargains! So fun to see so much David on display


  21. rooster said

    i been spying on you gals ,in chat he he he


  22. Abrra said

    #21 Rooster
    While lurking in chat is legal, I would much rather you joined the conversation. We have a great time discussing all things David.



  23. bebereader said

    Yes Ray, please join us next time and be a part of the conversation. It’s always better when more are chatting. I added some new videos to the mix so tonight was particularly entertaining. Stay tuned for another NA chat in two weeks.


  24. hahaha you guys are all cracking me up as I am reading and getting caught up here!♥

    Angelica, so funny I love your article! Your first paragraph had me in stitches,(we must be cousins lol)
    Time warp,or warped sense of time,or both. I am so ready to start counting down DAYS if 6 weeks will ever disappear. eeek!

    Dayzee,I agree,there is the generic calendar,and there is the David calendar.
    maybe the pic Kari tweeted is some kind of colorful Chilean time clock.

    Poof♥ love your comparison to a car trip with small children.It’s perfect! hahaha
    “It’s hard at first. You have so far to go; getting everyone settled in, getting the toys and snacks ready. But then you get going. There are new places to look at out the windows. Conversations you might never have had begin and go on and on. Favorite books are read too many times and the stuffed animals have story plots with each other that leave all giggling. But then, it gets closer to that destination. The favorite book is out of reach under the seat, someone has hidden Barney somewhere and you are out of cheese sticks and peanut prezels. Out the window there are only things to look at you are Tired of, and you Just Want To Get There.
    100 miles out or six weeks to wait. Tough. (But worth it.)”

    haha YAY!!YES
    we are getting ready to round the bend towards the final stretch home! We can almost see it,but not quite, but we have put the map away and we are ready to be there already,we have had enough.
    I am so fidgety,I can’t wait to get out of this car!


  25. bluesky4home said

    Dear Angelica

    Love your idea of “time”. I am still out of touch with you
    all (work is good!) but had to comment on all the fun metaphors
    flying around.

    Here is my “ode” to all your great comments: Sky, Bebe, Rooster, Dayzee, Abrra, Suzy, MT, Archugeezer, Fenfan, Jans, Tawna, Poof, and Victoria! *waves*


    The clock, the car, the calendar –
    Are never exactly right!

    And trippy time keeps tripping me –
    From varied widths and height.

    My heart and ears reverse their jobs:
    Two throb, the other listens

    For lightening’s strike, and DA’s dawn
    That teases while it glistens.

    So get me gone, or make me nap!
    I’m marginally cranky. ^_^

    It’s time to cry for joy, my dears!
    Buy kleenex!!! (Or a hanky!)


  26. poof said

    Haha Bluesky4home! Clever and true.

    Sigh. I want my Barney back. LOL


  27. MT said

    Let us know if you find Barney. 😉


    “I am so fidgety, I can’t wait to get out of this car!”

    lol Are we there yet? 🙂


  28. poof said

    He should show up by the end of March…….


  29. djafan said

    GOOD MORNING!!!!!!





  30. Abrra said

    Angelica maybe this will help your time warp problem ?

     photo 43_zps7a671fe4.jpg
    edit by Linda Sue Callaway



  31. bebereader said

    Abrra! Don’t scare me like that!!!


  32. Angelica said

    No, Abrra. It doesn’t.


  33. djafan said

    Good try Abrra lol


  34. Abrra said

    haha I was thinking what fun it would be if she had flipped the picture so the ring is on his left hand. *GASP*



  35. Dayzee said

    Thank you for the “ode” Bluesky. I love the way you put words together

    I am thinking that picture is a piece of a colorful hot air balloon and we are all going ballooning with David when he returns. Perhaps even the ground-loving Abrra will join us 🙂

    Watched some of AI tonight and was surprised at how scruffy those fellows looked. A professional groomer would be kept busy.


  36. Suzy-Q said

    The guys and the gals all need make overs. Maybe now that they have the final 13 they will give them one. So far I don’t see a star among the group. Some are really good singers but no one seems to have the whole package of personality, looks, charisma, self confidence, and all the other things that David has. Right now I am liking Jena.


  37. MT said

    Dazee & Suzy-Q
    I agree about the make-overs. Maybe they start that around Top 10 week? I also agree that I haven’t found anyone who has that “IT” factor yet.

    Some have voices I like, but I’m just not seeing anyone yet who appears to sing with the ease that David did, someone who’s “a born singer.” Of course, it could be nerves. But even at the beginning, David seemed so comfortable, so at home, on stage. For example, Shop Around. It’ll be interesting to see how these contestants develop as the season progresses.


  38. jans11 said

    I thought I posted a comment from my phone today as my internet was out, but it’s not here. Oh well..

    20..Dayzee, I ordered 5 more Begin albums and giving them out to ones that didn’t get one the first time. 🙂

    25..Sky..Your “ode” ♥

    34..Abrra..good observation on the ring… 🙂

    35..Dayzee..I like the hot hair ballone idea…whoo hoo! I’m not happy with AI this year at all.

    37..MT, to me none of the contestants have that “it” factor…but, I’m partial… 🙂 They may as well quit looking, cause there is only one David Archuleta! 🙂



  39. MT said

    Yep, when someone steps out on stage and does something that grabs my attention the way this guy did here, they just might get my vote. Till then …

    credit: blahzooo

    David singing his heart out and having a ball doing it. Love this so much!! ♥


  40. Angelica said

    ♪You better sho-o-o-o-p…

    Oh dear me he is so crazy good. Fiyah baby, fiyah!!


  41. marlie7 said

    Shop Around – that was the night I fell into the vortex and have never been able to get out (not that I’ve tried!)


  42. Dayzee said

    MT…perfect entertainment for a Friday afternoon. Thank you. Just look at how shiny he is.


  43. djafan said

    Shop Around sealed the deal for me and have never looked back, couldn’t if I tried lol
    Such natural talent, charisma, vocals, stage presence, and on and on.

    This from cc halo on FOD. Makes perfect sense to me.

    February 21, 2014 at 6:19 pm
    Didn’t someone here say that missionaries usually travel home on Mondays? That was true of David’s travel companions to Chile. They traveled on Monday the 10th of Feb. and were officially done on Friday the 15th. So perhaps he will travel on the 24th (Monday) and then be officially released by his church leaders on Friday the 28th–exactly two years later. Just guessing.

    And Confirmation! LDSLiving says David returns in March!

    Mormons on Reality TV Since 2000

    MR says: From “American Idol” to “The Biggest Loser” to “Say Yes to the Dress,” Mormons have made their fair share of appearances on reality television.

    Since the year 2000, more than 80 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have appeared on reality TV shows. Following is a list of reality TV participants who have been identified in the media as Mormon.

    “American Idol”

    Name: David Archuleta

    Hometown: Murray, Utah

    Reality show: “American Idol” (Fox)

    Season: Season 7, 2008

    Result: 2nd place

    Notable: Archuleta received 44 percent of America’s vote in the season finale, losing to fellow competitor David Cook. Archuleta will return from an LDS mission to Chile in March 2014.


  44. Angelica said

    New post>>>


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