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Is David Archuleta Coming Home Today?

Posted by djafan on Monday, February 10, 2014


Rumor has it he just might be.

For it seems that missionaries who left for their missions on the day he did are scheduled to return on 2/10/14 or 3/24/14.

And then there is this tweet from Lady V a few days ago.

Fullscreen capture 2102014 120736 AM.bmp

This is all speculation of course.  I have no idea where in the world David Archuleta is right now.  But I hope he’s in the air somewhere flying home at this very moment.


Because that thought makes me smile a very happy smile.



21 Responses to “Is David Archuleta Coming Home Today?”

  1. Dayzee said

    Very happy smile from me too. 🙂 This is one of my favorite speculations. And based on possibility. Crossing my fingers and whatever.


  2. SandyBeaches said

    But Dayzee, don’t hold your breath I am guessing, he had a lot more to do so he said! Angelica is in a teasing kind of mood? Something to awaken the spirits on a Monday.

    I read it to my husband and he said without hesitation, “well if he does then I expect all….whatever…is going to brake loose!”

    Meanwhile, it is Monday and nothing changes that.



  3. MT said

    ♫ Rumor has it … ♫ LOL Perfect!

    Adding my very happy smile to the bunch at the thought of it. 😀 This is one rumor I hope turns out to be right!

    Love the picture of David jumping. High Jump! Both of them must have springs for legs!


  4. Dayzee said

    This is like our Groundhog Day. If he doesn’t show up today it will be six more weeks without sunshine


  5. bebereader said

    Yikes!!! I”m not ready for this! hahaha How silly is that?
    I feel like I have to clean my house or bake cookies or something, all with a big smile on my face! BECAUSE I AM SO READY!!!

    Most importantly, David, if you’re on your way home, safe travels!


  6. I had to do a double take for a sec there haha. We shall see when he pops up on Twitter etc lol. Hahahaha Dayzee I agree. Maybe there was a reason I was acting a bit coo coo today 😉 HAHAHA Bebe I could you cleaning your house and baking cookies and having this big grin on your face 😀 priceless.

    To me the man’s famous for being such a tease so I’ll be surprised what happens from here IF he is in fact on his way back. If so David I wish ya safe travels as well haha. Happy Monday everybody!!


  7. #OHMYJOSH! Hope you’re correct! Guess the card I sent last week didn’t make it to South America! Maybe David himself will announce the winner of the Win a Piece of MKOC! 🙂


  8. *picture


  9. jans11 said

    Wow! Just reading that puts a smile on my face! It would be so nice for David to be able to be home on Valentine’s day! But I can wait another month…we’ve waited this long! 🙂


  10. marlie7 said

    Oh, my, God. If only….I’ll be thrilled if it is true, but I’m already set in my head for late March.

    I need to do a quick check of the TDC server and make sure it is ready for all the activity that JR will make happen over there when he shows up. 🙂


  11. violet4ever said

    If you mean left for their missions as in headed to Chile or elsewhere, I believe the 2 yrs is counted from when they enter the MTC. Most people who are learning a language spend more than 3 weeks in the MTC so others who arrived at their mission around when David did may have completed more of their mission time already before they their mission destination. The dates you have seem about right however for the every-6-weeks flight schedule of David’s mission. But I would expect him to be leaving on Mar 24th.


  12. djafan said

    I’ve seen those dates in several places and just love the idea of today but have no problem if it’s not, sure is fun to speculate :). Will David be able to sneak back into the country unnoticed? Will someone ask him if he’s Ricky Archuleta? Or ask him if anyone has ever told him he looks like David Archuleta? I wonder how it”s all going yo play out!!!

    These next two months are going to be the most excitingly stressful full of anticipation butterfly inducing since David left. Trying to get a grip hear lol


  13. MT said

    hahaha Rofl “Are you Ricky Archuleta?”

    Ahhhh this post has me thinking of him coming home sooooo much!

    Springtime is coming
    It soon will be here
    With roses and daises
    With laughter and cheer

    The waiting will end
    Our smiles will soon shine
    It’s getting so close
    It’s now almost time

    For wings that will carry
    What we long for most
    Again to our shores
    No longer a ghost

    A piece of the past
    Will soon reappear
    An angel voice soaring
    We all will soon hear

    Let go of your blankets
    Winter’s almost gone
    Springtime is coming
    To bring us a song

    😀 It’s almost time guys, can’t wait!!


  14. MT said

    David being gone has been the longest winter ever!

    Dang that groundhog for saying 6 more weeks of winter. If David doesn’t come home till then end of March, I blame him!!


  15. djafan said

    ‘ not ” …. Here not hear lol

    MT, My grammar and punctuation is suffering lol


  16. Gayle122890 said

    Bebereader, I feel the same way! “I’m not ready for this!” I also feel like I have so much to do still. And those butterflies in my stomach are going nuts! Oh my, why? Maybe it’s the uncertainty of his arrival date. I better get bakin’


  17. Loulou said

    OH Yah cant wait cant wait to see David again and hear his beautiful voice Yaaaaaaaaaaaah !!


  18. Lynnella said

    Kari did say she wasn’t sending his Birthday Book to him, just going to see it when he gets back. Maybe it’s because he was busy packing and didn’t have time to look at it. Or maybe she thought he might be gone before it gets there. Just a thought.


  19. funfee said

    Eeeeek, loving this speculation!!! Sooo excited to see David again!


  20. tawna21 said

    But….Kari did just send some mail to him 😉 I expect him in March. I’m getting nervous about his return… seriously! What’s it going to be like? I feel like I’m unprepared for the final exam – like I haven’t done enough studying and it’s too late to cram for it. Eeeek, what to do?! Holdin’ on and hangin’ in for the ride of my life at this point.


  21. Angelica said

    New post>>>


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