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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ I’ll Never Go Far Away From You

Posted by ascphil on Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Drawing by Ascphil

I wasn’t on my laptop the night I watched David’s “Before the Cut” vlog. I was on my iTouch and was waiting for it to load because our internet signal at night is usually so weak. When I finally watched it, I felt a sadness engulf me once more. I thought all this time that I was doing okay knowing less and less about what’s happening in the Archuworld. But even if that vlog was less than half a minute long, it made me ponder on how unhappy I had been not being able to write about David, and that I missed drawing his angelic face. I paused the video at certain spots to find his nice angles. Then accidentally the video froze on his profile which was very similar to the last one I drew of him.

DA Profile B4DCut Pic(11)

It was uncanny that it froze there because I didn’t even notice that he had such an angle when I watched it previously. Normally, when the video is paused, the image would become dark after some time as is the usual case when the iTouch goes on idle mode, then you have to touch the screen to re-activate it to go back to the previous image. This time, the image of his profile JUST STAYED ON! The screen never went dark, and no matter what I pressed on the image to make the video play again or to stop it, the image of his profile stayed there, unrelenting. I waited for the screen to go dark after several minutes, but it didn’t! My iTouch hanged, but was it coincidence that it chose to freeze on that significant pose? I then realized what was happening. I was being given a sign not to give up on David, despite everything that happened during the past month, and despite all the hurt I was going thru. I need to fulfill my promise to him that I’ll be here for him during his absence and especially when he comes back in 2014. I intend to do so but quietly. However, that image staying there for so long made me feel the message so strongly that I wept and sobbed, cupping my face with both hands in the privacy of my room. Thank God my husband and kids were downstairs busy doing their own stuff. They didn’t see how swollen my face became from crying so much. I then acknowledged that God must know my struggle and that it’s His way of telling me that David is worth all of it, that being an Archie is something I can no longer run away from, that there is a reason for my being one.

With that realization, and because that image remained immovable on my iTouch’s screen, I then turned on my laptop to look for that video on YouTube so that I could download it and make a screen capture of the frozen profile image. I was still tearful so it took me some time to find the exact moment of the profile, but I was finally able to save it. On the larger screen of my laptop, I could now see that he had a bigger smile than on the sketch that I drew, that he was truly happy and looking forward to his mission. It made such a deep impact on me that the video froze at that exact moment to comfort me in my sadness, and that Someone knows what I’m going through.


Noticing that my iTouch was still on the same frozen image even after I had successfully screen-captured it, I then thought of taking a photo of my iTouch to document what happened. But when I was ready with my camera and focused on it, the screen went dark. I tried to revive my iTouch, but it didn’t recover the image. Instead it warned that the battery was low and needed to be charged. This happened after the image was on for almost an hour. It was as if it waited for me to capture it on my laptop. Right after that, I tweeted David that I had just gotten a strong message from his vlog. I wonder if he ever read it, but don’t expect that he did, knowing how busy he was at that time.

The next day, David released his very last video blog before he entered the MTC. I thought I would cry again after watching it, but I didn’t. Amazingly, I felt happy and peaceful, both for him and for me, because I was given an assurance that I am still in this journey with David and that I should keep the faith  stronger than ever. I am convinced all the more that God has a plan for David which he still has to fulfill, and I have to stick around to witness him fulfill it.

I still have to know what God wants me to do after all this. I keep praying for an answer, and so far I have been receiving bits and pieces which always lead me back to David. Until then, I remain a faithful Archie, waiting for the imminent return of our beloved David Archuleta.

DAB4dCut 11.07.12

Drawing by Ascphil

black line

Ascphil is a guest writer for The Voice

76 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ I’ll Never Go Far Away From You”

  1. Suzy-Q said

    ” I am convinced all the more that God has a plan for David which he still has to fulfill, and I have to stick around to witness him fulfill it.”
    Well said. I think a lot of us feel the same way. At least I do.


  2. tawna21 said

    Ascphil, what tender thoughts. Like Suzy-Q quoted above, “I am convinced all the more that God has a plan for David which he still has to fulfill, and I have to stick around to witness him fulfill it.” …. Me too. Like you, I will remain a faithful Archie while waiting for, and after, his return. It’s getting closer. ♥


  3. djafan said

    Ascphil, Beautiful drawings and thank you for sharing of yourself.

    I’m still here because I feel it’s my responsibility?, duty? I’m not sure I do know that it’s not a choice but a must. The only explanation I come up with is exactly what you say, God has a plan for David and for us or else why? lol I do feel that in my gut. So here we continue and so grateful to all those who write articles and to all those that take the time to comment 😉

    It is getting close people!


  4. jans11 said

    Ascphil, you are so talented! The drawings are so awesome! I love your story and I know by experience that God works in mysterious ways. It is so moving.
    Nope, I’ll never go far away from you either, David! I told myself when he came in 2nd on AI that I would always be there for him if humanly possible. It’s just something I feel I need to do. He has a God given talent and it needs to be known around the world and I think all his fans are doing their best to accomplish this. 🙂



  5. kimak said

    Beautiful.. thank you!

    waving hi guys you rock!


  6. Oh wow ascphil, your sketches of David are incredible. I can totally relate to your experience, but for me it was months earlier when his announcement came out. I didn’t see it the night it happened because I was away from my computer…so I found out the next day. The day after I was talking with my best friend Ericka about how I was feeling and she said something I NEVER forgot.

    “Hasn’t David been supporting you?” *and obviously the fans*


    “Well, shouldn’t you be supporting him?”

    That stayed with me since and I realized she was right. Like you, the vlog he did the day he left I was expecting to be crying, even had tissues lol and like you I too felt at peace…and happy.

    I agree with Suzy Q and Tawna about this line: ” I am convinced all the more that God has a plan for David which he still has to fulfill, and I have to stick around to witness him fulfill it.” I actually felt that a month before he left for the strangest reason…but I think as time went on I and many others have been growing into an understanding of all this. Not entirely but piece by piece as you said.

    I made a vow the day after the fallout with Jive I would stand by David and keep supporting him no matter what anyone else said…and I’m still doing just that 🙂

    Soon enough…soon enough. This will get interesting 🙂 Thanks for your post ascphil!!


  7. bluesky4home said

    Dear Ascphil, your drawings show the beauty of DA’s soul. That is a great talent. I hope you do (and are doing) more in all your artistic endeavours!

    And I love your story about the iTouch and the frozen picture. Thank you for sharing such a tender memory with all of us. There are no coinsidences. And aren’t we glad about that. ^_^


  8. Abrra said


     photo 15_zps77a4ecab.jpg

    @DavidArchie I think it’s time for a #tbt picture! Here is a never posted pic from back in March 2012. Have a good day! (KS)



  9. MT said

    Thank you so much for the beautiful heartfelt post, for sharing your thoughts and beautiful artwork with us. ♥

    The drawings … Holy Cow!! You are so talented! In the top drawing, I can almost count the hairs on his head. And his teeth look so real! Your drawings … the hair, the eyes, the teeth, the shading, the proportions … everything about them is incredible!

    Hi KimaK
    *waves* Love your support of David and all the fabulous tweets you find.
    Yes, I read FOD. LOL You guys rock, too. 🙂


  10. MT said

    WHOAAAA!! is right. He’s looking right into the camera lens. He’s looking at youuuuuu!

    Hair! Jawline! LOL Where’s Marlie?


  11. djafan said

    Thank you Kari! David is definitely a model, yep.

    Kristin, reading about this feeling of it not being a choice to support David but a need, responsibility, obligation, I’m not sure which exactly lol but it sure feels good not to be alone on this journey that sometimes leaves me so perplexed haha.

    Kimak! Thank you! And you also ROCK!

    Hmmm it’s beginning 🙂

    Emma Evilsizer ‏@emma_everyday
    I used to be obsessed w David Archuleta and I feel that obsession starting again..

    Sarah Cullom ‏@SarahCullom14 6m
    Sometimes I act like season 7 of American Idol didn’t happen because I’m still in denial that David Archuleta didn’t actually win

    Bridget Start ‏@bstart47 58m
    Was just reminded of David Archuleta, while watching #AmericanIdol!

    Briana ☼ ‏@BrianaArriaza 4m
    Freshmen year I met David Archuleta and I started to hyperventilate and almost cried. I love him.

    RoseAnn DeFranco
    I love the longevity and dedication of the @DavidArchie fans. One tweet tagged and a ton of responses @lunylori


  12. Dayzee said

    Thanks to KS I will have a good day, thank you. A pic from March, 2012 never posted. Something new for my wall. Abrra’s WHOAAAAAAA is the perfect response.

    Ascphil you have created lovely artwork. I agree that there is more to David than just a pretty voice. So many of us are waiting to see what develops. One thing for sure, David never disappoints.


  13. skydancer1x said

    Ascphil♥ Your drawings are absolutely stunning What a beautiful artist you are, and the details are amazing. Holy moly! (Took me a few minutes to get past the drawings into your story,lol) such an amazing likeness of D,I keep shaking my head.:)

    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story and the beautiful artwork.
    There are so many ‘connections” in the world of David that we have experienced. A connection to him,a connection to each other,and a connection to our own hearts.I don’t fully ,or even half fully,understand how we ended up in this place,this Good Place.,but I am staying.

    Bluesky♥ “There are no coinsidences. And aren’t we glad about that. ^_^”


  14. skydancer1x said

    Oh, and by the way, Abrra, I love you.
    Thanks for that beautiful enlarged pic.
    here’s one for you. and whoaaaaa back atcha
    0—-i——< THUD


  15. MT said

    Thanks for the tweets. I love hearing people remembering and coming back around. I hope the trend continues and grows. Quite a coincidence to see it happening at this particular time, so close to his homecoming. It’s like the world is waking up, preparing themselves for the return of The Voice. Bluesky said “there are no coincidences.” Makes you think, doesn’t it?

    “So many of us are waiting to see what develops. One thing for sure, David never disappoints.” So true. It’s amazing how he’s been gone for two years and we have no idea what he’ll do but we’re were willing to wait because you just know no matter what he sings it will be great.

    About the photo: Kidding aside, I hope Kari keeps tweeting stuff like this. I think he has tons of casual fans/twitter followers out there who probably don’t follow him like us but are still interested. It wouldn’t hurt to remind them about David so when he gets back maybe they’ll be looking for him to see what he’ll do.


  16. djafan said

    MT, I try not to think about it to much because it can drive me crazy when I start haha.

    Acsphil, We’ll never go away ♥ He’ll never go away.

    Is he trying to tell us something??? See MT, ayayay!


  17. bebereader said


    That top picture shows a likeness that is so close to David, it’s uncanny! Thank you for sharing your drawings and your story with us. Many have tried but your drawings capture David’s features and are the most life-like as I’ve ever seen. You are truly talented!

    I’ve been on this journey for six years now and I feel the pull as strongly if not more than I felt from the beginning. I know why I’m here. Because I’m a fan of the most wonderful singer in the Universe! Because hearing his voice makes me feel happy and peaceful. Because I love the songs he chooses to sing. Because I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments. Because he sets a good example and makes me want to do my best in anything I do. Because I can’t wait to see how he evolves and what he’s going to do next. Because I love this fanbase.


  18. Abrra said


    I certainly think you were sent a message when that image froze. It shows the 2 sides of David, only you have to think vertically. The top half is David the singer and the lower half is Elder Archuleta. Being at peace with what was to come was what you needed and the message was received.. David knew what he had to do. As fans we know to support him in his decisions.

    This picture (tweeted by KISS FM) of the 2 David’s from the night they both sang for the title on AI7. The expressions on their faces does not give away the final result. I find it most interesting.

     photo 17_zps148bc8c9.jpg
    @KISS_FM_LIVE .@DavidArchie fans – here’s #tbt pic of David from 2008. cc @thedavidcook


    This is a nice edit I saw on twitter of the newest picture.

     photo 18magdelenaa_zps7ea71723.jpg



  19. angelofdja said

    Ascphil, I am so in awe of your talents! That top picture captures “David”. Like it was really him…in person…GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing your story and your lovely drawings.

    YES to everything Bebereader said comment #17 THANK YOU for saying it so simply yet so powerfully!

    The Voice rocks! #DA2014


  20. skydancer1x said

    I agree with you Angel! Thank you for your beautiful comment Bebe♥ Yes Yes YES!


  21. fenfan said

    You have a gift, Ascphil. Wish I could draw like you.
    #14 Sky – you can draw too! That looks just like me after looking at the whoaaaa picture Abrra posted.


  22. skydancer1x said

    We are already over halfway through the month of January of 2014.WOO HOO!

    Decided to have a little dose of David’s (ALMA) “Contigo en la Distancia ” with my cup of coffee this morning. I hope he sings that live in concert for us one day.:) Gorgeous!
    TGIF everyone♥


  23. skydancer1x said

    hahaha fen
    O—I—-< fen
    0–<—-< sky


  24. Suzy-Q said

    Ascphil, There are very few artist in this world that can draw an accurate portrait of someone and get their personality showing. You did it!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing.


  25. Abrra said

    How about another puzzle?




  26. ascphil said

    Hi, everyone! I was so overwhelmed to see the comments to the article one after the other in my inbox when I checked my emails this morning. I wish I could sneak during my lunch break to put in a word of gratefulness to as many of you as I can. But my office life is too full during the day up to the evening, even during breaks. I am just so deeply thankful for this global fandom and online friendships because of David. 🙂

    Suzy-Q & Tawna21, Kristin,
    Your initial and common reactions to the article are so deeply appreciated! It is very comforting to be given confirmation that my thoughts are shared by many. So thank you very much! =D

    Thank you, too.  I always feel I need to share anything to do with David, even to the extent of baring my vulnerable side. I like that you added “God has a plan for David and for us or else why? I do feel that in my gut.” I know right? I’ve gone thru times of denial and doubt. But a voice inside always tells me there’s something more to this young man. And I – we — have to be there for and with him, no matter where it’ll take us..

    Thank you for your most gracious words! Yes, God does work in mysterious ways. It is mystifying how He keeps nudging me back to keep believing in David whenever something discourages me from doing so. You are lucky and wise in determining early on that you’ll “always be there for him if humanly possible.”

    It didn’t occur to me before. Thanks, Angelica. You always come up with the most appropriate title. “I’ll Never Go Away From You” is a song he sings to us, but in our hearts it is also what we’re saying to David. This fanship is definitely a recurring reciprocity, and we all do it in heaps!

    #16 djafan Yes, we’ll never go away coz he’ll never go away. 

    Hello there!!! So nice of you to drop by and cheer us on! Thank you!


  27. ascphil said

    Kristin Rivers,
    Thank you, my dear. I see in you an intelligence and maturity that is equaled by your incredible devotion to this special young man we all hold so dear to our hearts and souls. Yes, we should all keep supporting him, so thank Ericka for her wisdom. She is also an old soul. “Soon enough… soon enough. This will get interesting.” Indeed, it will and I’m so thrilled, to say the least! 

    Oh my gosh. I was stunned by your compliment. It is one of the best things you can ever say to a portrait artist. I’m still an amateur, so it’s immense for me. Thank you!!!

    In the few times I drew David after he left, I had an incredible urge to do so because I missed him terribly. It was very therapeutic and helped me through the first year he was away. I have never felt such a compelling need to draw anyone before. He is by far my most favorite subject.

    I’m grateful that you love my story. “There are no coincidences. And aren’t we glad about that.” Oh yes, I’m very, very glad! =D

    #8 Abrra,
    Whoaaaa indeeeed!!! Love that pic from KS! What a killer look!!!

    #11 djafan,
    Thanks for bringing those tweets here. I just love how the beginning of every AI season reminds people of how good David was (and is) during his season. AI should ask him to be a guest when he gets back!

    Thank you for your lovely words. 
    “So many of us are waiting to see what develops. One thing for sure, David never disappoints.”
    Amen to that!


  28. ascphil said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind and flattering words! I am overwhelmed!
    It was only because of your article about your Aunt Madeline that I came out from hiding to share my drawings and my story. I kept it to myself because it was too personal. But when I read your article, I finally felt the need to share it. We all have our little stories about why we’re still here and waiting eagerly.

    “There are so many ‘connections’ in the world of David that we have experienced. A connection to him, a connection to each other, and a connection to our own hearts.” How true! Who would have thought a young man from Utah could ever bring us all connected to this Good Place? I’m staying, too! =D

    Oh my! Thank you for a most unexpected but wonderful compliment!

    Oh, Bebe! I just love everything you wrote about why you (and I) are still here. “Because I’m a fan of the most wonderful singer in the Universe! Because hearing his voice makes me feel happy and peaceful. Because I love the songs he chooses to sing. Because I’m proud of all his accomplishments. Because he sets a good example and makes me want to do my best in anything I do. Because I can’t wait to see how he evolves and what me’s going to do next. Because I love this fanbase.”

    AMEN to all of that! YESSS!!!

    #18 Abrra,
    I most definitely agree with you about the message of the frozen image. Thank you for seeing more meaning in it. I received the peace I needed so much. What a message!

    Really?!? I’m feeling flushed all over! Gosh, thanks so much!
    And I agree with you about Bebe’s comment. I just had to repeat the whole thing coz it’s so so true for me, too! 

    Thanks! It’s a gift so worth sharing with all of you wonderful people.
    I like Sky’s drawings, too! Captures us in very few lines. 😉
    #24 Suzy-Q,
    Why, thank you so much for your flattering words! I’m just beside myself reading all of it. It’s totally my pleasure sharing my drawings with all of you. =D


  29. djafan said

    Ascphil, The teeth, you drew the teeth to perfection, incredible.

    Bebe, YES YES YES YES YES to everything you said!!!! We are here for the long haul!

    The stunning picture from yesterday from Kari from the archuvault has 27,427 likes!!!! Go like it if you haven’t already!


  30. tawna21 said

    Ascphil, I’ve been studying and re-studying your drawings, and I’ve come to the definite conclusion….. they are amazing!!!!! Every detail is so detailed! You truly have a gift. Thank you for sharing it!!


  31. skydancer1x said

    28. Ascphil {{{hugs}}}
    I can’t even tell you, how much that means to me ,thank you. I hope we meet in person one day! Till then,
    ♫you are the sweetest thiiing ♪
    **twirls Ascphil** :))


  32. Angelica said


    Thank you for sharing your feelings with us and your exquisite drawings. I marvel at the almost mechanical precision and accuracy of your gift, which in lesser hands, might render a thing lifeless. They are anything but though, and in fact, are the most life-like of any drawings I have seen of David. You capture the full measure of his sparkling warmth and personality as accurately as you measure the angles of his face. The eyes, even from the side are alive and the teeth and hint of tongue behind his signature crooked smile…you are amazing. I especially love the confident statement expressed by the clean bold outline. Beautiful work.


  33. Abrra said

    I’ll be in Unplugged for a bit to watch the Solo Tour set.

    Join me if you wish. All are welcome.



  34. Abrra said

    Great ,fun night in Unplugged! Thanks to all who dropped in.



  35. ascphil – ascphil – I completely believe that was meant as encouragement for you! David has become such a symbol for me of Divine Love – and so many other things. I got a little “encouragement” with the photo Kari tweeted of Davids PO box with a few letters in it – I have occasionally sent him inspirational pieces while on his mission and then Kari tweeted the photo, I saw my little letter was there!! You can see the “Pa” in the return address – same thing, very touched and encouraged – and I have had a few dreams – your drawings really capture his eyes and spirit – I’m sure you will continue to be guided – I’m sure you help all of us just with this post and your drawings. Blessings from Forestville, CA


  36. fenfan said

    #23 LOLOL Sky – I see we are on the floor together! We look so alike, only my head is kinda bigger. Haha
    Wish I was in Unplugged with you guys – life got in the way!


  37. emmegirl14 said

    ascphil, I was so touched by your story ♥ – you write with such openness and honesty, and your incredible drawings reflect the same. I greatly admire your ability to do both.

    That latest pic, whoaaa is right! If Kari had tweeted that in a couple months I would have guessed it was taken post mission, he looks so much older.


  38. djafan said

    New video of of Motab Interview! I love how David expresses himself, so wise and mature. And he looks absolutely stunning.

    David Archuleta Christmas Concert Interview

    Mormon Tabernacle Choir Mormon Tabernacle Choir


  39. SandyBeaches said

    Ascphil…I thoroughly enjoyed your story. It reinforces that what we have taken part in is so great and real! We are so fortunate.

    Djafan, this is a treat again. His sophistication, the music that he cherishes so much perhaps above all else is my favourite as well.. If I had nothing else from him but his hymns and carols at Christmas I would be so pleased. His Spanish music would be a great additive. How could you ask for anything more? His singing voice completely encompasses all that he ever needs to be.



  40. Abrra said

     photo 443e906c-d9db-48d6-b48b-878e9357a036_zpsff4d34af.jpg

    Click the link to go there. All are welcome! Please sign in with a name and chat so I can get to know you?



  41. ascphil said

    My apologies for responding late to the additional comments which are all very lovely. I had a full day yesterday attending to personal stuff, then in the evening celebrated the birthday of my brother with family until midnight. Woke up late today but in time to greet everyone a Happy Sunday!

    #29 djafan,
    David’s teeth are perfect so it was very challenging for me to do them justice. Thank you! =D

    #30 Tawna21,
    Oh, thank you! I’ve always been known to be the “details person” even way back in college up to now at work. I guess it’s just how I am in anything I put my heart into. I’m very pleased that you saw how much work went into the drawings. Thanks again for taking the time to study them. =D

    #31 Skydancer1x,
    (((Hugs))) too! The feeling is very mutual!  **Twirling Sky** back!

    Gosh, twirling reminds me of Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail”, one of my all-time favorite movies. Loved the flashback twirling scene with her late mother. Next time I watch it again, I’ll be reminded of you. <333


  42. ascphil said

    Every time I get an email from you, I start to get goose bumps. You’re like a most respected professor cum mentor whose every word is well chosen and meaningful. And that no matter how brief your email is, it is to be dealt with high importance. This is my 3rd article here at The Voice and it still gives me butterflies to see my work posted online. You are the best editor ever.

    I am so honored by what you just wrote about my drawings, the most encouraging words an art critic could ever bestow on an artist. You know the craft yourself, and I am very grateful that you are generous in explaining your appreciation of it. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my very flustered heart.


  43. ascphil said

    Patricia Ann,
    “David has become such a symbol for me of Divine Love.” Yes, you said it! It is the basis of everything about my fanship! Thank you for believing in my encouragement and I’m so happy for you that you also experience those little encouragements that keep us here for him. It is such an enormous deal to me that you see his spirit in my drawings. I am so humbled by this: “I’m sure you help all of us just with this post and your drawings.” All of you here have helped me in my ups and downs, just as much as David has and does. So thank you, too, Patricia!

    Oh my dear Emme. Your comment also touched me dearly. I’ve learned that I can be unabashedly open and honest without fear of ridicule in this wonderful site. Please know that I’ve always been guarded about revealing my innermost feelings, even with my family and close friends. But when it comes to David, how can you hold it in? They are wonderful feelings that are crying out to be shared. I strongly feel that they are MEANT to be shared. Oh, if only the whole world sees what we see in David!


  44. ascphil said

    #38 djafan,
    Thanks for tweeting that interview, too! I just HAD to re-tweet it.

    Gosh, I miss that voice! I am so in awe of the depth of his love for God and music. This reminds me of the well-known line in Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” David knows the power of his gift of music and uses it with reverent responsibility.


  45. ascphil said

    I’m so glad you enjoyed my story. “It reinforces that what we haven taken part in is so great and real. We are so fortunate.” You said it so well. We are truly and amazingly fortunate. I am so excited for what is yet to come! #DA2014!


  46. ascphil said

    #9 MT,
    Oh my, I skipped responding to you which I realized just now after checking if I missed anyone’s comment. Please accept my deepest apologies!

    I am incredibly thankful for your enthusiastic appreciation of the drawings. I learned so much about portraiture just by drawing David’s face. I am in awe of the artists who I’ve seen on YouTube speed-draw portraits, and I am nowhere near what they have as a talent. I am still learning this craft and it took me some time to translate what I see as gradients of colors in a photograph into line and shade with a black lead pencil. It warms my heart immensely to be told that I am doing a good job of it so far.

    Thanks again for your wonderful comments about my story and my drawings. =D

    Even if I was late to the chat, I really enjoyed my brief time with you guys who were there! It is a virtual party! =D

    Sky, now I know what the ‘twirls’ meant. Next time, I’ll keep up the pace with all the virtual dancing, haha! :))))


  47. MT said


    Awww ((hugs))… No apologies necessary. 🙂 As hard as I try, I’m sure I have missed responding to people too.

    As far as comparing your art to others you’ve seen speed drawing … don’t sell yourself short. You have an incredible eye and an amazing talent. Please keep drawing and keep sharing. ♥ I truly love your work. It’s hard to keep moving and scroll past that top picture when I load the page. It’s so good, I have to stop and appreciate it all over again each time.

    Chat was so much fun last night. 🙂 It was so good to see you there! Thanks for the virtual dance. haha Hope you’ll bring your party dress and dancing shoes and join us again soon!


  48. skydancer1x said

    Ascphil ,
    haha lots of **twirling** going on last night.Even a few **dips**! Woot! So much fun to celebrate our favorite singer in the whole world,together in one room and keep connected with each other♥ Cannot wait till D comes back♥
    I really want to thank you again,for sharing your story,your beautiful drawings of David,so defining the man,and capturing his spirit so well.Truly a work of love on your part,I can feel that. Want to thank you too,for your lovely comments to everyone here.There is a sincere gentleness and sweetness to your words, to how you speak to people that shows me your heart.And, it is beautiful.
    My sweet father used to say all the time,”gentle ways,are best” He was very gentle,and kind man always,to others.
    David is like that He is so kind to everyone, thinking of others feelings when he speaks,
    I feel that from you Ascphil.Thank you for dancing,and for being YOU♥.


  49. jans11 said

    Ascphil, every time I enter this fansite and see your drawings I marvel at the perfect hairdos that you gave David! 🙂 That’s the way I like to cut hair. An art, but so different! 🙂 Just love the perfection you gave to the drawings.

    I missed the dancing last night as I joined in late, but still had a great time. It makes me smile to think what we might do when we all get together for his comeback concert! Whoo hoo! Fun! Fun! 🙂 Age is only a number, for sure!

    It’s almost here…..#DA2014…..


  50. betsy said

    Ascphil, I would kill to have your talent! (ok, slight exaggeration lol)
    I hope you are as proud of yourself as we are of you. You should be.


  51. SandyBeaches said

    To anyone who was on The Voice Unplugged on Saturday night…It is a girl just a short time ago! I have a David big smile on!



  52. MT said

    Congratulations, SB!!!

    I’ll bet you do have a great big smile. 😀 Nothing sweeter than holding a newborn baby. Wishing the very best and much happiness to you, the new mommy, and the new little girl that has just come into this world.



  53. Angelica said

    Congratulations SB!!! Happy day!


  54. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    …on the arrival of your new grandbaby girl!! May she fill your heart with happiness and may her every smile make your world a little brighter.

    Thanks for letting us know!


  55. tawna21 said

    Congratulations SB! That’s so exciting to have a new grandbaby girl in your family. ♥


  56. bebereader said

    It’s another cold day here in NY. Can’t wait for David to bring home the Spring….

    We had an after midnight party in chat on Saturday night with lots of twirling and dancing to David’s “Mi Burrito”. Chat room dancing is something I brought with me from my old chat room days from the nineties. Glad you all had fun! Ascphil, please join us again!


  57. ascphil said

    Wow! I was there at the chat but I dropped in after midnight. I totally missed you there, SB! Congratulations on the birth of your baby granddaughter!!! What a bundle of joy she’ll be for you and her parents! Oh happy day! \o/


  58. angelofdja said

    SandyBeaches, So happy for you and your family! What a wonderful way to welcome the New Year, a sweet baby girl! Congratulations!


  59. emmegirl14 said

    Are we really looking at 9 weeks left…9 weeks!
    I almost can’t believe it!!!


  60. djafan said

    Congratulations SandyBeaches! Grandchildren are such a blessing 🙂

    Still recuperating from all the dancing in chat! Thank you Bebe for getting us started dancing the night away.

    Soon David Soon!


  61. skydancer1x said

    Oh wow,yay! Congratulations SB! Wonderful news:)) “Welcome to the world” sweet grandbaby girl!


  62. Suzy-Q said

    Sometimes I think that I have more affection for my grandchildren than my own children. Why is that? Congratulations SB!!!!


  63. jans11 said

    Congrats, SB! Babies are so sweet and little baby girls are so special. Another gift from God. I know you will cherish her forever as I do all my bunch. No matter how many you have, there is always room in your heart for another one. Just precious! ♥

    #DA2014 ♥♥♥♥♥


  64. ascphil said

    With all the excitement about SB’s granddaughter, I didn’t want you guys to think I forgot about your comments before SB made her wonderful announcement. 🙂

    #47 MT, Okay, I will. 🙂 I sincerely appreciate all your encouragements. My heart is bursting at the seams. Thank you so much!

    Ah, the chat was great fun! It’s been some time since I last joined, so I got a little lost with some of the chat jargon. But you guys helped me blend in again. I’ll surely come with my party attire the next time around. Love you all! ❤

    #48 Skydancer1x, Ahh, the twirls! They were most unexpected and I hated that my wifi signal was wonky. I wanted to twirl you guys back! I didn't see the dips tho. I will make up for it next time, 'cause at least now I know the 'drill', haha! Latin dancing is so much fun!

    Oh, Sky! I am so deeply touched by your sweetness, too! Your father's influence has most definitely rubbed on you, and you are very fortunate to have been guided well by him. David's kindness is intrinsic and emanates from a pureness of spirit which I can only hope to emulate. I also feel so much of it on this site, so I am merely reciprocating the kindness being shown to me by everyone here. All of you here are beautiful kindred spirits.

    Dancing is my first love, and you constantly remind me how exhilarating it is to dance again. So thank you for your endearing effervescence, Sky! ❤

    #49 Jans11, Oh my gosh, wouldn't it be a dream for you to cut David's hair one day? I can claim that I've 'worked' on David's hair a few times — but only with my pencil, haha! I really loved drawing his hair (among his other great features) and had to improvise where the strands fall wherever I see them as a mere patch of dark mass on the screencaptured image. I'm so glad you approve of the subtle improvisations. If they are perfect hairdos, it is only because David is the perfect model. 😉

    I came in later than you in chat, so if you missed the dancing, it must've been because of the phone call you had to take. Just like you, I'm so looking forward to the fun we'll have when David is back. Yes, age is just a number. We are all young at heart especially where David is concerned. #DA2014!

    #50 Betsy, Like David said: "Don't be so violent." (crossing brows while sister slashes pumpkin)… Out of context, but it's the first thing that came to mind, lol!

    Aw, that was short but sweet. I am proud to be one of you and part of this amazingly talented and wonderful group of Archies. You're all the best!

    #56 Bebereader, I was gleefully surprised by the chatroom dancing during "Mi Burrito." So you're the 'mastermind' behind all the dancing! What a wonderful thing to revive! It is definitely something to look forward to when I join the chat again. Dancing is good for the heart. =D


  65. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you everyone for your congratulations. They had been hoping for a baby for a long time so it was amazing.. It was one of those special moments to have my daughters and granddaughter together.

    If we can get by these two or more blizzards this week and a whole lot more crazy weather in the forecast, it will surely get to be closer to David’s homecoming! A hard trek at the moment!



  66. ascphil said

    It surely is a precious event to celebrate the birth of your granddaughter, especially if it took a long time for your daughter to have her. May I ask how long her wait was?

    The fandom shall also be expecting another baby soon, and David will return in time to become an uncle to another ‘horse’ like him — an exciting event to look forward to as well!

    Oh my goodness, two blizzards in one week?!? Please do keep safe and warm. I’ve been reading on Twitter that many of you are experiencing extremely cold weather in parts of the US and Canada. And extreme dryness in other states. Here in the Philippines, we’re still experiencing typhoons and floods in the central islands when normally there shouldn’t be any at this time of the year, much less in those areas. We’re also having cooler temperatures during the day, which is very welcome but also unusual. The changes in the weather have started to become quite a cause for concern. I hope spring there won’t be delayed and will welcome David warmly!


  67. fenfan said

    Congratulations SB. I remember you asking everyone to guess whether it would be a girl or a boy. So who guessed correctly?
    I enjoyed the whirling and dipping in chat. Got to do it again!


  68. bluesky4home said

    SandyBeaches – Grandchildren!! If I could, I would order them by the dozen!! I am so happy for you and all your family. Sometimes… those things waited for come the sweetest.

    Many hugs and all my well wishes ^_^



  69. bluesky4home said

    Ascphil – it is so fun to get to know you better by reading all your responses to the comments. Thank you (again) for this glimpse inside your heart. Just makes me more and more happy to be in this gathering.


  70. djafan said

    WE WILL SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 8m
    @joywilliams only thing that was missing was @K_80 and @DavidArchie! It was wonderful seeing you and Nate! We will see you soon.


  71. ascphil said

    Woohoo!!!! I wake up to that great tweet from Kari! Thank you so much, djafan!

    “…We will see you soon.” – Oh, Kari. You don’t know how crazy excited we are to hear that from you! Even if that tweet wasn’t meant for us, we know what it confirms! David is coming home SOOON!!!


  72. MT said

    I like the sound of that tweet from Kari. Soon!
    ♫ It’s getting closer now, closer now … ♫

    Two more months guys! and we’ll be pins and needles waiting daily to hear from him. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what David will do when he gets back. It’s kind of strange when you really think about it. We’ve been waiting all this time and we have absolutely not the slightest clue where he’ll go with his music. But I guess it doesn’t really matter what he chooses to sing. We’ll still want to listen. 🙂


  73. bebereader said

    I love the word ‘soon’!! LOL

    Join us tonight for NA chat.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  74. jans11 said

    Ascphil, cutting David’s hair would be a dream come true! 🙂 But, alas, I know it will never happen, but I get a big smile on my face just thinking about it! 🙂

    Tweet from Kari..♥



  75. SandyBeaches said

    Ascphil…the wait for their daughter being their first baby has been 12 years! We are so pleased for them. The feeling on Unplugged was at least 5 for a girl to 1 for a boy. It was that ratio anyway!

    We are going to sleep with the promise of a blizzard for all of tomorrow. I will listen to O Ven O Ven Emmanuel and I should be able to sleep! The birds will be here for breakfast!



  76. Jeffrey said

    “I am convinced all the more that God has a plan for David which he still has to fulfill, and I have to stick around to witness him fulfill it.” What a strong emotion here tita! 🙂

    We will be all sticking with him on his journey that’s for sure and give encouragement and regard in what he will do. 🙂

    I felt everyone’s LOVE for David here! Keep it up po! 🙂


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