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Le Chat on a Hot Tin Roof ~ The Voice Talks Back

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Brick:  What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?

“Maggie the cat:  Just staying on it I guess, long as she can.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ~ Tennessee Williams

Someone is going around spreading lies about The Voice.  He went to FOD.  He went to Soul David.  He went to twitter.  He even went to David’s twitter account.  He went everywhere but to me and to The Voice.  When it first began back in August, I determined that unless and until the site’s name was used, I would simply ignore it.  But bullies don’t go away just because they are ignored.  Now he has named us and in that libelous act, maligned the reputation of this site and the marvelous people who visit and post here.

I cannot in good conscience let that go unchallenged.

His issue is with The Voice Unplugged.  sigh…  He calls it a “secret chat room.”  You know, the one Abrra posts an invitation to every Saturday, not just with a comment, but with a huge pic and the caption, “COME JOIN US AT THE VOICE UNPLUGGED” giving the time and a link.  The secret chat room with the picture widget on the left sidebar saying, “THE VOICE UNPLUGGED CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW.”  Right now it’s Micki’s wonderful photo shop of David as a cowboy.  Before it was hot mess hair and before that something else.  I forget what.  The picture changes from time to time but never the location of the chat room link.  If all else fails and you still can’t gain access to it, just ask Blisskasden.  He’s always there.

What do we do there?  We watch performance videos of David.  We chat.  We connect.  We talk about each others lives.  We talk about his voice, his hair, his clothes, his smile, his winsome, charming way of doing every little thing.  It’s magic.

He is fascinating and we adore him.  Apparently we cannot get enough of him or each other.  lol.  We also hold Nandito Ako chat each Tuesday night.  For the past two years!  Not really my thing after a couple of views and not mentioning any names, (Bebe) but there are some here who can rightfully claim Tagalog as their second language.

Blisskasden’s chosen method of attack is to describe in his own words what we do in chat.  I can honestly say that I have never read any fan, on any David site or chat room, use such vile phrases or words in reference to David.  He does not even claim that these words are anything but his own.   I will not repeat them here, but I could, verbatim.   For the record, they are on Soul David and FOD.  Yet he recently stated on Soul David, “I have never once posted anything that has been disrespectful or hurtful to David, and never will.”

He also made this remarkable statement on SD.  “David will be home soon. it’s time to clean up the fan base so David will feel inspired to produce the kind of music that reflects his values.”

By clean up the fan base, I suppose he means to purge it of the older female fans who lack the right to swoon over David.  Well, nice try but we are not going anywhere.   We are still here.  And we will be here long after the kitty standing vigil in the window above is gone and longer still after his return.

One last thing, Bliss.  You also stated on Soul David, “I guess my uncle Sidney was right when he told me that you cannot win an argument with a woman by using rational thinking.”

I as well as many other women can match your capacity for rational thought any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

And you can quote me.

50 Responses to “Le Chat on a Hot Tin Roof ~ The Voice Talks Back”

  1. rooster said

    i give you a standing ovation, clap clap,,love you guys


  2. Suzy-Q said

    I left Soul David a while ago because there was a person that couldn’t resist telling lies about his religion. I just got this sickening feeling after reading their remarks. Why does a person use fan sites to express their hateful feelings about any church? This is not a fan of David because if they were they would know that David would be very hurt by their remarks if he read them. No one can prevent David from following his heart so what’s the goal here? This fan site is the best for letting fans express their feelings about David when they can’t express them to their friends and family. It is a gift to his fans so keep up the good work and don’t let anyone interfere.


  3. poof said

    Well said Angelica. I sometimes read the posts at Soul David and did see what you are refering to. It amazes me people who so obviously care about David find themselves writing such trash. I thank you again, for Always making me feel welcome and my comments honored. David doesn’t need his honor defended. Honorable people don’t.


  4. cq#DA2014 said

    Bravo to you guys. Suzy-Q I think you might be thinking about me. Just want to let you know that everything I have ever said about David’s religion I found out by looking up the Mormon website. So please do understand I wasn’t spreading lies. And to say that just because I’m not abroad or voice my opinion from facts that I have read, that I’m not a fan, is really not true. I can be a fan of someone’s work and still not be abroad everything they do.


  5. poof said

    Oh my gosh! I just noticed the spy!


  6. stenocruiser said

    Bravo, Angelica — You have said it all so well and I, as a very senior member of the group he has targeted with his scoffing, scolding and worse, appreciate your words. Actually, over the years I used to enjoy reading his comments to the videos of David on Youtube — so articulate in displaying unabashed admiration for the young man and his talent. But now on the fan sites it is very disappointing to see his inappropriate and disrespectful language in describing what he says is being said in our chat room. My goodness, he could be the charter member of the NYDP (New York David Police) bent on protecting David and David’s honour from the danger posed by the fans. How very sad.


  7. rooster said

    cq why don,t you tell us just what the lds church has done to you ,that you have got to constantly but them down,,then maybe we can understand you hatred for the church, so eather but up or shut up,


  8. We are meant to create. We are creators by nature. And we create in our own image, in many aspects, even as we attempt to form the un-formable, and name the un-nameable in our quest to express the fire of life that animates our hearts.

    This is always a daunting task.

    There is a quicker drama in the “wrecking ball”, a sound and fury of attention-grabbing action. Unless however, one has something better to build in its place, this passion to tear down soon looses its dynamism, our memories fade, and avoidance of the site becomes part of our daily pattern as it deteriorates into danger, waste, and finally, oblivion.

    We wish destruction on no one. We seek only to build. Building takes a plan. It takes constant vigilance, as we refer to a blueprint. I may or may not agree with the aesthetic value of any one particular product that is constructed. It is not, however, my right to judge the hearts of those that build. It is rather, my own responsibility to build for myself that world in which I wish to live.

    The developers of The Voice have done a remarkable job in being true to their stated goal and blueprint. The hearts of individual posters are their own to know and to express.

    I am very grateful to the “builders” of this site, and to the posters. I seldom go to the chat site as it simply is not in my time frame, so I have nothing to say about that. But those I know, from the many comments, articles, videos, exclamations, etc. here, I count as fellow builders of good things. And it would be very hard for me to imagine something wholly divergent happening elsewhere.

    I trust that others have the same right to build. I wish they would. It devolves upon me, as an individual, to make sure that I keep my own “exercise” (of the english language) in the physical realm and to avoid those activities which seldom reduce adipose, namely: jumping to conclusions, slinging mud, or carrying a grudge.

    I remain,

    (gosh that sounds posh!)

    bluesky (in for an ounce, in for a chuckle)


  9. jans11 said

    Bravo! Glad to see this article defending our great site! I lurk on FOD, but usually never comment and never go on SD. A few months ago I read a very bad comment about a site that has chat. It didn’t name the site but I know The Voice has chat as I visit here every chance I get. But, the many times I have been on chat here I know that I have never,ever seen anything like what that person was describing! I couldn’t believe they even said it. And was glad that FOD just let it go and the comment didn’t bring on something the writer was trying to stir up! Keep up the good work on this site, moderators! I love it and everyone here! ♥


  10. Suzy-Q said

    A distortion of the truth is the same as a lie. Period!


  11. MT said

    All I will say is that I love all the people here. ♥ That includes all the admins and posters. From all that I’ve seen and read, they are lovely, giving, kind-hearted people.

    As for fangirling, expect me to squee and giggle when I go to my first concert, my first fan gathering, and yes, even my first VIP. I am a squeer, a giggler. Ask my husband. I squeeeed and giggled this weekend when he bought me the flat screen TV I wanted. (lol You should have seen the salesman’s face.) It’s just who I am and I don’t think I could change if I tried.

    Chat is about us. Sure, David videos are shown, but I could go to youtube any day of the week if it was all about him. But I don’t. I go to chat for the genuinely fun camaraderie. ♥ You guys rock!!


  12. cq#DA2014 said

    Suzy-Q and rooster, you both have brought up the conversation that I had in the past, but the hatred you have towards me is kind of unsettling. I have never directed hate towards fans, but I have voiced my opinions about what I researched regarding the church, I guess, in your eyes, it’s all lies and that I’m the devil and am not worthy to be a fan of David’s voice and following his music journey. Rooster, I will not continue that conversation…it does no good for me and it does no good for David. .Suzy-Q and rooster I read your comments all the time and respect and enjoy them, but I do have to stand up for myself. I will continue to be a fan of David until such time as to when he tells me or his team or Kari that I can no longer buy his music or be a fan.


  13. cq#DA2014 said

    Btw, I want to add a special bravo to Angelica for the great and needed post. Everyone here rocks and are great fans of David.


  14. SandyBeaches said

    Cq #2014. Remember that SD is where you say what you want no matter how annoying or disrespectful. I appreciate what the admins and commenters are saying here today. It is their time with positivity as the concept.



  15. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, I love the title and the lead picture is awesome…There will always be art in some form!


  16. sweetonda said

    Bravo Angelica! I have never seen or heard anything that would be degrading to David on this site or in chat, and I’ve lurked there many times. This site is wonderful and I for one am so glad for it’s existence. Thank you to all the admins and the fans who comment here for being the lovely people that you are. I hope someday I will be able to meet each and everyone of you personally. Count me as one of those older fans that knows what I like and will be around to support David in whichever way I can. His voice touches me and blesses my soul daily!


  17. cq#DA2014 said

    SandyBeaches, what I want has no importance and as far me being annoying or disrespectful, you have your right to your opinion about me. I do agree that its time for a positivity concept.


  18. MUNK_MA said

    Thank you! We need some optimism and kindness….less judging and more finding common ground. Think David would appreciate that. I think all of us would. So thanks so much!


  19. cc halo said

    Really? After all the mess on the other sites, people are now going to start using THIS site to misrepresent and bash other fans and other sites? Angelica’s post was a refreshing and frank view of what has been going on lately, with certain fans being vilified–it would really be nice to have it stop here. Cq has every right to defend herself.


  20. tawna 21 said

    Thank you, Angelica ♥
    Just want to say… off the wall…. I love pockets, and pockets are like friends… you can never have enough of them. I feel like I have lots of pockets here and I’m glad they are all full. 🙂



  21. bluesky4home said

    Ha, ha, Tawna21 you are so good. It takes me forever to say what you say in a few words. Love you!



  22. Kaycee said

    A big thanks to Angelica and the other site administrators for creating and maintaining such a wonderful, welcoming place to hang our “David hats”! I have always loved the insightful, informative, and touching articles and comments…as well as the humorous ones. Truly, I have been introduced to some of the nicest people I have never met. Please know that your efforts are appreciated!

    By the way, loved the title.


  23. cc halo said

    P.S. The different sites each have their own flavor. On Soul David, different people who happen to love David express appreciation almost every day for the chance to have frank and open discussion about topics that interest them and which may or may not be controversial–politics, religion, the music business, David’s career and management, etc. If you are offended by the discussion of different beliefs, it may not be for you, and that’s fine.


  24. pabuckie said

    “The developers of The Voice have done a remarkable job in being true to their stated goal and blueprint. The hearts of individual posters are their own to know and to express.” If this is TRUE, then please let me state MY OPINION:

    Maybe did you ever think that people might lurk there to enjoy the videos, and maybe not everyone enjoys the sexualizing of David by older fans? Some of it I find embarrassing to say the least. It starts to feel like you care more about those things because sometimes the conversation goes there while he’s singing a holy or sweet song and it’s like you’re not even talking about the song or how he’s singing? It’s all about body parts…neck, sweat…tight pants, so we shouldn’t be made to feel bad for an opinion! It’s the hypocrisy that I don’t like. Even you yourselves mention bring out the soap! So if you like doing that….FINE! But don’t deny or lie about it, and belittle those who don’t! And create a WHOLE ARTICLE like THAT STUFF DOESN’T HAPPEN! At least have a moral conscience…and don’t pretend like it doesn’t happen and make it sound like a lie.

    I guess I won’t go and lurk anymore to watch the videos since I don’t like the conversation at times, but maybe not everyone does, like I said. I don’t find it becoming or respectful of David to point to his crotch and talk about his scarf the way I’ve seen while he’s singing “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus” or drool over his sweat.

    Perhaps, Jans11, you have not been on at the times I have been on. Everything Blisskasden stated is TRUE and not EXAGGERATED because I have seen it with my own eyes.

    Everyone can behave and do what they want, and continue to do so. All I’m saying is I have felt uncomfortable so I wont go there anymore, even to watch videos.

    Blisskasden is a wonderful, beloved fan of David’s and he respects him and gets who David is…so I don’t like seeing people dragging his name in the MUD. I know some of you feel like you’ve been bullied, but I honestly feel like Blisskasden is the one being bullied because of people pretending or denying that this stuff doesn’t even happen, when it does.

    You guys are also beloved fans of David, going to shows, buying his CDs, supporting him by keeping a fansite running, donating to charities. All I am saying is not everyone is on board with the oversexualizing of David by older fans, when it starts to creep into sexual fantasizing. Some of us feel it’s disrespectful. Not all of us view David the same way.


  25. Abrra said

    #24 Pabuckie
    I gave the orange scarf (he wears it while singing the song mentioned) to David in 2009 at a VIP In Providence. The discussion when that video comes on is all about teasing me on buying him a scarf that is way too long for his height. I always tell the fans in the room that I should have given him instructions on wearing it wrapped around his neck. It’s a light hearted exchange.
    I am not sure of the context of the word you used. Many times there are 3 or 4 conversations going on among 25 chatters. What people say and what gets responded to may not always match. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. I can see where there might be a misunderstanding if the word crotch came out in chat. That scarf does hang down below that area. But you know. we all have one, right? So it’s not a big deal.

    The most popular set of videos are for the Bench Fix launch. Yes he does sweat. It’s a normal result of running around the stage as he does under hot lights.Yes the videos are close up to his face so that one can see the drips fall off his chin. Again we have a little fun and assign someone to use an imaginary towel to dab the sweat so it won’t hit the keyboard. It’s a sad world when you can’t see the humor in some silly things. There is no disrespect in either of these things. No one is drooling over this. The intention of much of the fan girling is pure hyperbole. If you actually joined the chat as I request of all viewers, out of pure friendship, you have a chance to give your input if you think something wrong is happening.

    Rather than call out folks who might step on the line, but never over the line, I tell them they will get their mouth washed out with soap. We all say /SOAP and have a giggle which gets the chat back on track. I can’t say that there has been any disrespect. I think the law calls it excited utterances 🙂

    It’s a fact, David wears tight pants. We are not the first to notice. He wore those pants for the whole tour of MKOC. He knows they are tight and chooses to wear them. It’s not a crime.

    I welcome everyone who visits the chat room to participate and communicate with me. I invite you Pabuckie to join in the fun. Sign in and claim your chair! I look forward to that.

    My best to you,


  26. MT said

    You beat me to it. I was about to say tell her about the scarf. And yes, we do tease you unmercifully but it’s so much fun. 🙂

    BTW I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus is one of my all time favorite songs/performances. When I’m stressed or having a bad day, I have it on in my car all the way home from work, that one song over and over. ♥ It relaxes me.


  27. Senseless said

    I don’t normally post here but I just had to this once.

    I knew it was just a matter of time before we would hear from Pabuckie.

    One question, if you & Bliss were so offended when you visited Unplugged, why go back again & again? If Bliss felt so strongly that David’s honor needed protecting, why not email the MOD’s here with his concerns instead of using a fan site to make his points? I went to the chat room once & found it wasn’t for me because the participants all seemed to “know” each other & I felt like an “outsider”, so I left. It was just that simple.

    BTW, having been fortunate to see David perform many times, there were plenty of times when he just oozed sensuality and he knew it. David is not stupid. He is a performer and wants to get a rise from his audiences who are mostly females. His style of dress is intended to get the women in a frenzy. If he felt it was wrong, he would have changed his look. And that goes for his hair length. Don’t even mention some of his photo shoots! Come on now! The man looks & acts like a “sex symbol” on stage & some photos are so hot they sizzle! That is the truth & any woman ( men too) would have to blind or dead not to be affected or moved by him. Anyone who says it’s all about his voice, as if his looks don’t come into play because saying so would be disrespectful to David are lying to themselves. lol.

    In other words, I think if David needs his honor defended, he doesn’t need a fan to do it for him. He doesn’t need fans to alienate other fans especially not now.

    Sorry for the typos.


  28. Abrra said

    #27 Senseless

    ” I went to the chat room once & found it wasn’t for me because the participants all seemed to “know” each other & I felt like an “outsider”, so I left. It was just that simple. ”

    I can understand your reaction. I want to invite you to comeback and say Hi so that we can get to know each other. I bet within 5 minutes you will feel at home. Everyone had a first time and the main difference is they logged in with a name and said Hi and was immediately accepted and welcomed. Unless you login we can’t tell who is there.

    I hope to see you soon, dear.



  29. cc halo said

    Pabuckie, I sometimes go to “Unplugged” to watch the videos and leave it open on my screen for general background music, and I’m usually the only viewer, or one of 2. Last I noticed, it’s on 24/7, so apart from a couple of short chats a week, you should have ample opportunity to watch without being outraged, lol.


  30. marlie7 said

    First, Angelica, you are such an articulate writer and I’m glad you posted this article.

    Second, as a long time chat participant, I can say that yes, we sometimes ooh and ahh over Davids looks – you know the loose-limbed swagger he sometimes has on stage, the sweat dripping from his chin, his gorgeous skin, that face! (I say that all the time and if I logged in with a different name, everyone would still know it is me from that comment). I honestly do not ever remember anyone using the term “crotch” or anything remotely like that. It’s actually not a term I use except when talking about trees. I’d rather talk about his jawline, which is just….perfection.

    Third, I agree with Senseless that David is not stupid. He’s not a child that needs protecting. He is a performer who knows what’s what. He knows what looks good and doesn’t hesitate to pose, to wear cool clothes or to wink and wave and flirt with those amazing eyebrows. So let’s not put him on a pedestal that traps him into being some saint. He’s not. He’s perfect, but he’s not a saint. And just because I’m old, doesn’t mean I’m dead.


  31. *takes a deep breath* ok I’m going to say something. I’ve read the comments here on this post and from the sites mentioned during the past few days and have been left shaken, confused, and not knowing what to say without being accused of taking sides or being targeted for what I say. Either way someone will have an issue with what I do or don’t say.

    Everyone has made good points. We do know David is good-looking, heck even I think the man is haha but I draw a line for myself on what I view or think about him, that’s just who I am. Maybe these “remarks” are true, maybe they are not, that’s what I’m confused about the most. I’ve only HEARD not SEEN these comments.

    I’m taking no sides. I know my feelings but I’m afraid if I say them people will be upset with me so it’s best that I don’t. However, I will say this.

    We care about David’s voice of course, his music…and his looks.

    What about his heart, who he is not just as a musician, but as a man, a human being like you and me? Shouldn’t that matter too?

    We may not all agree with what David decides to do or has done, we all have our opinions on his career, who he should date, etc and some are good fun of course, fun to speculate, and fun to picture what amazing stuff this amazing man will do next. Sometimes though…it can get complicated.

    People who know me know I’ve been a David fan since the start when he was on Idol and my views of him have changed during his absence…and I felt welcome among you all because you made me feel less alone and was not judged but encouraged with how I felt about him and I’m thankful. However, I’ve felt misunderstood as well but I think that’s something we all feel from time to time.

    Maybe I’m naive or something but I just wish we could all just stop fighting. A lot of people have been hurt, angry, and probably like I have…overwhelmed. David being gone on his mission has definitely brought out a lot of things in each and every one of us, including things we wish we could take back. I’ve had my share of days being angry and defensive…we’re human though, it’s what we do. We all make mistakes and we learn from them.

    I have no problem with people defending themselves or standing up for themselves. I do have a problem when people throw out names and other things I’d rather not mention.

    This fanbase is a family, and like all families there are ugly sides to them unfortunately and like families we argue and debate and…leave or fall out.

    I may not have met David yet like many others have already or comment a lot on fansites, or do other great things many fans do for him and for each other…but I know David loves us all…and would be sad to see us all fighting like this. He’s not perfect obviously…

    What I’ve taken from David going away was being brave in a life-changing decision but also in trying to be a good example for others. Unfortunately today that is lacking among the many famous people we all know of :(…and that’s what I’m attempting to do here. To be brave and maybe…well maybe…maybe assure people they matter too.

    I may not know every single fan out there or your story of how you came to find David…but we all can’t deny…each piece of David played a role in bringing us all here. For some it’s his faith in God, for some it’s his singing voice and how he interprets lyrics that make songs…refreshing. For some it’s his looks and how amazing he is…for some the things he does for others, especially children through all of his charities…and for some, like myself…it’s who he is as a man. A man living his dream and wanting to actually do good and make people feel good with this passion. A man who never thought he could sing again and had doubts. A man who should be taken more seriously by the media and respected for his perspective instead of jeered or made fun of. A man…who deserves to be loved and cherished just like we all yearn for in our own lives…and to be understood.

    I know some of you reading this might have issues with what I’ve said…and that’s fine. That’s your opinion 🙂 I’m not asking anyone to agree with me…I’m asking people to understand…and to be able to express their hearts just like I have here. We all should be able to…but there’s always a way to do it without fighting…

    Like David I get confused by some things, but like he said, “feeling is a language I understand.”

    All I ask of everyone is to think about how you feel about David, to remember how he makes you feel every time you watch a vlog, an interview, a past performance…when these things happen. I’m not saying to ignore what’s going on…what I’m saying is to remember why you’re here…sometimes we forget…I know I have.

    To name an example, about two weeks ago we put my cat to sleep, and she loved David as much as me. For days I couldn’t play his music. But one night last week I found myself watching some of his old vlogs, and was smiling and laughing. I learned something that day. Through all the pain and grief and chaos, I felt comfort, joy, and was reminded of why I’ve been here still for David…and why he means so much to me and got me through so much in my life.

    I ask you all to do something not just for David, not just for me…but for yourselves. When these fights happen, take a step back, play something of David’s…and remember. Remember how he’s made you feel, the memories you’ll always cherish, and maybe…one day…be able to forgive and find peace in your hearts. We all know forgiveness can be difficult…but forgive anyway. FOR YOU.

    This may sound like I’m completely ignoring the problems that have occurred but I haven’t. I just feel the fighting just has to stop. Now. We need to talk it out, and IF, and I mean IF we have done wrong…forgive ourselves and apologize.

    To any fans I may offend I am sorry for what I’ve said. I am sorry for this long comment, I am sorry for taking up your time…and I am sorry if you were hurt.

    but I’m not sorry for being who I am and putting my heart in this…This isn’t about David’s “honor”, this IS about David, the man we all love and have been on this journey with. This IS about us and who we’ve become…and who we need to be again. I pray for fans like me who struggle to be heard also…hopefully one day can find their inner voice too. We all should be brave.

    I will keep you all in my prayers, because we all need a friend…and we all need to be loved and understood too, no matter how old, no matter where you are, where you come from…or who you are…David brought us together

    I beg that his absence won’t tear us all apart…

    Thank You, God Bless, and Best Wishes to All,


    P.S. Thank you to all at The Voice for giving us this platform to express our thoughts without fear…this is why I finally decided to leave a comment on this tonight. I had enough of sitting here and not being able to say something…David’s a good man, and a smart one…we just have to have faith in him…and it ain’t easy…but…we just need that again. We all do.


  32. SandyBeaches said

    Kristin, your writing is very refreshing and sweet. Both you and Marlie have made me smile and that is worth so much!

    Running a site 24/7 is a huge endeavour and the people of The Voice have done a wonderful job especially noted since David has been away.

    Every site has a different personality about itself and that is good most of the time. Every site has its’ own mission statement which bares its’ rules. Unfortunately, some unfavourable. comments were not deleted and the defamation of character began. Sometimes a response must be given.

    Back to Kristin…I thoroughly enjoyed your comments and they are all our own thoughts that we have held so dear to ourselves over the years.

    See you in Unplugged!



  33. djafan said

    I just want to say how much I appreciate all of your comments and how proud of all of you I am. Believe me this was by no means easy so your words of support mean a lot. The bottom line is we all love David, period. And I for one don’t judge what kind of fan anyone is, it’s not my place. What works for some doesn’t work for others and that is fine. I do know that no one here or in chat has crossed any lines or shown any disrespect to David the man, the singer or the missionary. At this time we need to focus and prepare for David’s return, the thought of it makes me giddy.

    I could go on and on but you have all spoken, I can’t ask for anything more.

    I want to thank Angelica for putting into words all of our feelings, I’ve always said you have a gift from the first time I saw your writing six years ago and I know how much thought and prayer went into the decision to speak up.

    PS. Poof, it took forever to figure out what you were talking about, the spy lol, Oh Angelica 🙂


  34. Dayzee said

    I admit it. I love to see David’s neck. I admire the well defined muscles that have become strong through dedication and hard work. I love to watch the control accomplished there. Someone would have to be very creative to find something naughty between me and David’s neck. Even though I am an “old lady” I feel I have the right to enjoy watching David sing just as much as any other fan.

    And another thing. I have a friend who has an imaginary towel to pretend to wipe off David’s sweat. This is our way of calling attention to the extreme emotion and effort he puts into his performance. I cannot imagine what ulterior motive anyone might think she would have with this imaginary towel.

    We do appreciate the expression seen in David’s countenance. He conveys a wide range of feeling with his eyes, eyebrows, smile. etc. We comment. I have never seen the word “crotch” appear when I was in chat. I did mention “belt”. Could be surmised as sinful, I suppose. Although I was thinking how nice it looked.

    David wore tight jeans. We all agreed they were an improvement over the baggy American Idol tour suit. He wore some more tight jeans. Hey! He looked good. David has a sense of humor. David has a sense of self. He is not a child. Deseret Book had a life-sized cardboard David standing in their lobby to be won in a raffle. 🙂 Kind of weird. This flat, bloodless David is not the way I think of him. If you like that rendition of David you are welcome to it.

    Yay for pockets and friends. We can never have too many, and I am not happy that anyone feels left out in chat. If this has happened to you please give us another chance.


  35. skydancer1x said

    Angelica♥ thank you
    Dayzee,Reporting for duty!:)
    (That would be moi.. ,the self appointed sweat dabber.)

    “I yam what I yam,and that’s all that I yam.” (for all you young un’s ,that would be a Popeye quote.)

    Dayzee,and all the fabulous people here at my “second home” (which by the way is decorated exactly how I like it,)
    is the reason you will find me in Unplugged, every Saturday night.I look forward to it, I have no intention of giving up my towel.



  36. bebereader said

    I’ve been fangirlying in chatrooms and message boards of actors and singers since I bought my first computer in 1997 and I’ve been an avid participant in The Voice Unplugged; having missed only one or two Saturday nights since we started the room a few years ago.

    Before video chats I remember having a collection of wavs (sound clips of songs) downloaded on my computer that could be heard in a chatroom when someone in the room played one you had. Fun times! That was the closest thing we had to a video chat, but not nearly as sophisticated as Livestream’s, The Voice Unplugged.

    Youtube changed the whole chatroom experience. Finally, fans were able to gather together to watch our favorite performer, in our case, David Archuleta, in concert mode while chatting, too. It was the closest thing to the dream all of us had of sitting next to each other at a live concert! On some nights in Unplugged, even though we are in different parts of the world, you can actually feel the rush of excitement. We are all watching the same thing at the same exact time and feeling the same emotions. David is so exciting onstage and we cannot stop talking about him!

    The Voice Unplugged has also been a source of support for the last two years that David has been away. We laugh and cry together while we wait for him to come back home. Many have said they don’t know what they would have done without the chat room especially on those nights when it didn’t seem like we’d make it to 2014 because we miss him so much.

    Fans, particularly female fans, have been swooning and spazzing and squeeing about their favorites since before I can remember. This is what we do, regardless of our age. David has a lot to do with it. He has a timeless quality about him; he’s an old soul. If you watch closely at the way he interacts with fans at VIP, you’ll see that he treats all of his fans the same regardless of our age. Age does not play a part in why we are his fans. When David is 80 years old I imagine that he would still have the charismatic quality that draws people to him. Not for one minute has he ever made us feel like he needs protection from us.

    As an Admin of this site, I’m sorry if in our excitement, we offended anyone. Lurking in the balcony is not as much fun as participating in the conversation or conversations. Many times there are three or four going on concurrently and it can get confusing to follow but it’s all in good nature and we’re all here for the same purpose. We really make an extra effort with fans who are new to the room. For those who feel left out, I invite you to come back and try us again, as Abrra said.

    In the meantime, we will carry on as usual.


  37. bluesky4home said

    Kristin Rivers – You are a ‘builder’ for sure. Thanks for taking the time to build something here. ^_^


  38. fenfan said

    Thank you for this post, Angelica. I am glad we have an opportunity to discuss this issue.
    I suppose I would be considered an older fan, maybe even an old one. Old, but like someone said up thread, not dead. I do appreciate his good looks. Hey, I would even go so far as to say he’s the cutest thing that ever came out of AI. So stone me! LOL
    Sky – thank you for being such a diligent sweat dabber. You can be sure I will always try to be there to remind you to do your duty.
    See you all in Unplugged. Secret chatroom! LOL


  39. MT said

    I realize this is way off topic, but David’s official video for Forevermore has over 2 million views! 🙂

    Forevermore – David Archuleta
    David Archuleta David Archuleta ·123 videos
    Subscribe 112,837
    views 2,262,086


  40. bluesky4home said

    MT = Wooo Hooo!!!!


  41. marlie7 said

    MT – I love getting off topic with “Forevermore” – that’s a path I’ll be glad to meander on.


  42. Abrra said

    I am so over this topic 🙂



  43. Over 2 million for Forevermore!! Well it’s about time! 😀 YAY!!!


  44. Dayzee said

    MT I love it when someone says they have something off topic and then brings up a comment entirely about David. Haha. David is THE topic here. The only way you go off topic is to talk about corn flakes or math problems or such. Even then, we will find a way to relate your topic to David.


  45. tessielynn said

    I have checked in often to keep in touch. This is my first post in quite a while.

    Can I just say that I am sooooo curious to see what David does when he gets back. I mean where do you start?

    This back and forth regarding Pabuckie’s concerns which agree or disagree has a right too, I think will be nothing compared to what happens once David is back. Some will like what he does and others will not. The one thing I do know is that when it comes to David everyone has an opinion!

    Yes it is going to be VERY interesting. I hope David gives us alot to talk about. I appreciate that I can support him while enjoying not only his amazing voice but equally amazing goodness.

    I can’t wait!


  46. djafan said

    YAY!!! Forevermore!!!!!

    I love that one, well I love all of them but I love that one just a bit more lol

    Bluesky, I like the builders 🙂

    Hope you all keep posting! We need to prepare and be ready for “his” return!!!!!


  47. MT said

    44. Dayzee,
    LOL So true. I ate my corn flakes this morning listening to Forevermore. 🙂


  48. jans11 said

    Yea! for Forevermore! I go to sleep listening to the whole album every night! 🙂 Never do get to listen to the “minus one” songs at the end! 🙂 And since Christmas I have to listen to all his Spanish songs from Chile first. His voice is just so soothing, I just drift off to sleep.

    You’re so right, Dayzee, all topics around here are David! 🙂 I could tell and “off topic” story…I lived through my dreaded colonoscopy today! haha I watch too much tv and was worried I wouldn’t wake up from the anethesia and miss David’s homecoming! haha…Well wouldn’t you know it, David’s name sneaked in there after all! 🙂




  49. ram said

    Abrra I too am so over this topic. I am learning to ignore and move on.

    Recently I am dealing with some serious life issues of life and death. My dear cousin who made her life coaching and mentoring young men and women passed away at the age of 57. Then a very close friend has been diagnosed with cancer. I have seen comments from many fans who personally have dealt with cancer and/or have friends and relatives who were faced with it. I take comfort from your sharing, your thoughts and have been inspird by them. Thank you for that.


  50. DorothyJohnson said

    Oh wow I have not posted on a fan site in like 3 years! Deep breath Dot you can do it. I have to say booyah to #31 remark.
    Please remember to Love one another. That’s all.

    David Loves his Savior Jesus. We all may have a different person who represents that diety, but one thing is clear Jesus Christ gave us a very strong commandment “A new commandment I give you. As I have loved you, love one another, by this shall ye know ye are my disciples.” John 13:34-35 David is one and He does love us all that way. In a Christ like way.

    Calling each other out is insane. Just stop If someone want’s to make sensual comments. ITS THEIR RIGHT! We don’t have to flame them because of it.
    We also don’t need to name names and flame who we think are the flamers. Just stop! Please Love that person instead. They have needs and even though them may have flamed, don’t flame back. Just love them.

    On the lighter side I saw the best post on Facebook one time and I saved the picture. I should share it here because it would make you all laugh not only at it, but at your selves for getting these things tied in a knot. But it showed a small granny like lady holding up a pair of HUGE. Behemoth huge pair of ladies underpants. Seriously gigantic ones and the caption was “Pull on your big girl panties and deal with it.”
    David is sexy and he knows we view him that way.
    David is sweet and nice and cares about all his fans young and old. I have this from the best of authority.
    I sell doTERRA essential oils and my up-line leader is a lady from Nashville named Rhonda who put David and his band members up for a while in her home, because they were sick of the hotels.
    She said to me one time. “Do you want to know the fans that David loves the most.” She said ” He can’t stand the screaming” But his favorite is the older fans.” She said be proud you are his fan, he truly is a wonderful man”

    Lets all just put out our arms and welcome one another into them.


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