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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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David Archuleta #DA2014 Video “We Are Still Here!!”

Posted by djafan on Friday, January 3, 2014

i'll be back

We’re down the home stretch now for David’s return!  Almost two years ago the I’ll Be Here #DA2014 project was created to let David know we would wait for him and he said he would be back!!

Both video and slide show below were shared with David.

Kizoa slideshow: DA2014Slideshow


We want every fan to participate!  So please spread the word!  See Monica’s message below.

Hey friends,

Happy New Year!  Although David isn’t returning from his mission for a few months still, we thought it might be good to get a head start on planning for a great welcome home video for him.  The video we did before he left was super rushed so this time around we hope to get a photo submission from anyone who wants to be included.  Please help spread the word to any fans who you know are not usually online by emailing this note to them directly.

The original message of the #DA2014 campaign was meant to unite ALL fans around the idea of supporting David unconditionally and letting him know that we’ll always be here for him.  The spirit of this video will be all about welcoming him back and reminding him that we are STILL here for him and that he was always in our hearts over the past two years.  We also want to communicate to him that whatever he chooses to do next in his career or personal life – we just want the best for him.  We want him to feel the love and loyalty, not any pressure!

So with that in mind, here are the guidelines for the photo submissions.

1. Submit a photo *ONE PHOTO PER PERSON* (in JPEG format) of yourself holding a sign (or with a sign Photo-shopped on an existing photo) that says the following:


Welcome Back David!

(Still here)

Your name or Twitter handle

Your location



Group photos are fine.  Writing the sign in your native language is fine.  If you would rather not include a photo of yourself, you can submit just a photo of the sign itself.

If you are not taking a new photo, ideally it would be great to use a recent photo of yourself from the last two years.  If you happened to do any interesting things in the spirit of #DA2014 (i.e. volunteering, working on your fitness etc.), it would be cool to show a photo of yourself doing that activity.

Feel free to get as creative as you like with the signs – just make sure that they follow the format above.  Please do not include any extra words or phrases as we want them to look uniform. ** And please only submit one photograph for each individual.**


Please email submissions with the subject line #DA2014 RETURN VIDEO to:

No later than 12 noon PST on March 1st, 2014

If you need assistance using Photoshop or making a JPEG file, please specify that in your email by using the subject line: TECH SUPPORT and we will find a way to help you out.  Hopefully given the extra time, everyone who wants to participate will be able to do so.

Happy 2014 to everyone!  Looking forward to receiving your photo!

Thanks so much!


51 Responses to “David Archuleta #DA2014 Video “We Are Still Here!!””

  1. djafan said

    Need to bring this over because it really happened!

    Enrique IglesiasVerified account
    @DavidArchie @kariontour Let’s duet!!! Big fan of your work, David!


  2. jans11 said

    Thanks for the info, DJA. I will get mine in as soon as I can. We want him to know there are tons of us out here still waiting for him! 🙂

    Again, the duet twitter from Enrique is so exciting! Whoo hoo! Hope it comes true! ♥

    #DA2014…soon…less than 3 months!!


  3. Just saw this tweet from Gina Orr:

    Gina Orr ‏@ginaorr 13m
    @enrique305 @DavidArchie @kariontour Hey Enrique, I’m David’s. Send me a DM.

    The plot thickens… exciting!!! 🙂


  4. SandyBeaches said

    Great ‘new tweet’…

    Would someone please copy and paste here the actual tweet for posterity? Never mind me, as we are caught in almost an igloo like morning.



  5. emmegirl14 said

    eeeeeeeek! Saw the tweets late last night, woke up this morning and hoped I wasn’t dreaming –
    David and Enrique! Mercy!

    Please please please let this be!!!!

    Betsy, “I can hear it now:
    “Wait, that’s little David Archuleta from Idol? WHAT HAPPENED??”, LOL!

    Didn’t Katie Cabebe tweet something the last year David was home about Enrique going on tour and who would love to see David tour with him? Or did I dream that?


  6. emmegirl14 said

    All you guys affected by the storm, stay safe!

    SB, lol!

    Just had a couple of minutes, just wanted to reiterate what I said before…… eeeeeeeeek! Please please please let this be! Just thinking what an incredible start it would be for him when he gets back – for here and in latino countries! (Not to mention how great the duet itself would be! Aye-yie-yie!)


  7. MT said

    Thanks for the information Dja. I’m going to try to be included this time. I missed it last time. 😦 Can I just make a sign on the computer and send it in? I don’t want my photo on it.

    “eeeeeeeeek! Please please please let this be!”
    LOL I see you are still excited! and who can blame you!?!?! I’m excited too!

    Love all the talk of a duet for David and Enrique for so many reasons. From all the tweets we’ve seen, it looks like it might actually happen. 😀 *crossing fingers, toes & eyes* haha It makes my little heart ♥ beat faster just thinking about it. 🙂

    I saw someone mention this morning that Enrique and David had met and talked before so it’s not like they’re complete strangers. (I’d forgotten about that.) Sounds promising. 🙂

    Hoping all our northern Archies stay safe and warm!


  8. ram said

    Delurking to say Happy New Year! and to add my wishes for the David/Enrique duet to come true.


  9. emmegirl14 said

    Hey ram, so nice to see you! Happy New Year’s to you!


  10. bebereader said

    I really love this idea of a follow-up video for David, showing him that we kept our word and are waiting for him to come back! Thanks, Monica if you read this and thanks dja for posting. I watched the original “I’ll Be Here” video this morning, with tears in my eyes. Not recognizing many of the names of the fans made me realize that there are a lot of people out there who have their eye on David, not the folks like us who post on fan sites.

    I’m with Emmegirl and others, please let this duet be true! Now it’s in the DM stage (we hope). And we wait.

    Meanwhile, here’s Enrique’s New Year’s Eve performances from a few nights ago.
    Heart Attack (new hit single)

    credit xSounders

    I Like It

    credit Domo

    Happy New Year to you!
    Hope to see you in chat again soon!


  11. bluesky4home said

    1Djafan and Monica… thanks for the heads up and all the fun of putting together another video for DA. I know he will love it!

    Wow.. all the tweets!!! Things are heating up for sure. Just thinking of all the people in the background who have to work to get things
    like this lined up… it is amazing!! Kari. you. are. a. sweetheart. If you were here, you would be getting the biggest hug ever!


  12. skydancer1x said

    Thanks Dja,and Monica!
    I love the idea of a new video for David, and I agree, he will love it!

    Thanks for posting those videos Bebe.Had not seen him (Enrique) in a while. Nice tweet!!!

    SB, Stay warm as you can in that igloo!
    That goes for all you Northerners ! Brrrrr!

    (I sure am enjoying seeing ‘2014 ‘ on everything now. Sure puts a big smile on my face:)


  13. Poof said

    Listening and watching David in this last month’s videos has really gotten me thinking and excited. He just seems so comfortable and relaxed in every way. I think the latin flavor of this music is part of this. His body language becomes, um, mesmerizing and he sings so freely. It seems to me this piece of the David musical puzzle could be the “tie that binds” all his talents together; r and b, soul, pop, latin, even Christmas and gospel. When David sings anything in Spanish, my husband is over at the computer in a flash. He likes David’s music, but loves the spanish. I think it is again, because of the energy and machismo that flows out so effortlessly. Perhaps he can keep the “flavor” and sing in both languages this way. In other words, David,,,, Whatever you are doing,,,, don’t Stop!


  14. emmegirl14 said

    poof, I love what you just said, and agree one-hundred percent!


  15. ram said

    Poof I really think you are on to something. David can express the music through his voice but also in his flavor as you said and that is nothing but natural to him as he probably doesn’t even think about it, it just flows out of him.
    So David if you or your team can read this, for whatever reason let your “flavor” out! OK I don’t even know if that made sense. But I do know when he sings in Spanish, I am totally on board. ; )


  16. djafan said

    Poof I agree with Ram. Flavor is a good word and David has this natural rhythm that just oooozes out of him, a presence that just sucks you in and that voice that melts all.

    Ram, It makes perfect sense to me and a Happy New Year to you!

    Take this poll from Disney Dreaming! Keep the buzz going!

    Enrique Iglesias Wants To Record A Duet With David Archuleta

    And if you have a chance go to twitter and retweet anything about David, go watch all his vevo and other videos on youtube, like his facebook posts! All links are on the right sidebar!


  17. Abrra said

    5a photo 5a.jpg



  18. ram said

    My apologies to all in Unplugged this evening. Livestream decided mid sentence to keep me out even though I had already had my greeting go through with no problem. Will deal with it at another time as it is getting late for me tonight. Enjoy the concert!


  19. djafan said

    Awww Ram, so sorry. Many are having trouble for some reason today, including myself. Please do come back soon 🙂


  20. stenocruiser said

    Also had a problem — could watch and listen and read chat but could not comment. It seemed so strange but thank heaven I could listen to David anyway.


  21. Abrra said

    The Livestream server was having problems all evening. Might be caused by the extreme cold temps throughout most of the country.

    All it takes is one breakdown along the super highway and things can get bumpy. We got disconnected from the chat server and people’s names were staying in memory even after they had logged out. Sorry for the rough ride. It’s not a common occurrence.

    For all the wanna be computer nerds ( like me ), this article explains the internet 🙄

    Be sure to clear your browser history and cache before coming to Unplugged.
    Have Google Chrome browser loaded on your computer as a back up if your regular browser is having problems with Livestream.



  22. ram said

    Thanks Dja.
    and Abrra for the tip to clear my browser history and cache. Didn’t think to try Firefox as I have using Google Chriome with no problem. Who knows maybe there is an update out there that I need and just haven’t gotten around to. It’s pretty much a mystery to me. lol


  23. Abrra said

    First, I want to say do not do anything if you are not familiar with downloading and installing. Get a teenager to do it. It’s second nature to them.

    I use FireFox mainly because I can control the security when I surf the net.

    If you plan to switch to Firefox, on occasion, you need to make sure your Adobe flashplayer is up to date. Only Update it from their site,

    Any other download site may fool you and give you viruses. Careful to UNCHECK the box when they offer a free MacAfee scan. Bad mojo from MacAfee. It can ad things that may change your experience.

    I use Chrome as a back up plan because it comes with a built in flash plugin that needs no updating.

    If you had a problem with Chrome last night, it was more likely a Livestream problem not your browser. Might be best to just keep what I said in mind and do nothing right now.

    Bottom line is that it’s good to have a back up plan because we must be able to make it to Unplugged, right?



  24. MT said

    Was watching old vlogs and ran across this one.



  25. betsy said

    Hope everyone in this storm and subzero colds’ path is hunkering down!
    We got about a foot of new snow today, and they are saying 16-18″ total through the night.
    It’s looking like a snow day from work tomorrow.


  26. jans11 said

    Yes, a lot of people are getting it really bad. We don’t have so much snow…5″….but it will be down to about 10 below. That’s regular temp, not windchill. Hate to think what that will be. Hi of 2 tomorrow so they are cancelling school so the little ones don’t have to stand out waiting for the bus. I’m in KC and my son that lives in TX thinks its really cold down there because it was 39 today! 🙂 It is for TX but a lot warmer than here. And I know that it’s a lot colder up North, so keep warm everyone!

    #DA2014 And it will be warmer when he comes back! 🙂 Just cked the temp in Chile and it’s 73 right now! Wouldn’t I love that! 🙂


  27. tawna21 said

    Sooo much good is going on!!!!

    Those of you in the cold storm… keep those fires burning and I wish you the best!

    SB– when do you expect to thaw out? 🙂

    Those of you that have not had the flu…. don’t let it happen…. not so fun (spoken from recent experience!)!!!! I don’t even know where it came from. I was good one minute and the next one had me down for the count!


  28. djafan said

    This from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, David at #3!

    The Top Five YouTube Videos Of 2013

    3. Silent Night with David Archuleta

    David Archuleta was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Guest Artist for the Christmas Concert in 2010.

    User Actions

    Top 10 2013 songs on King Mac Radio

    Jake Updegraff
    Coming in at #10 is David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) on our Top Songs of 2013 countdown! Listen live:

    Update on retweets of the Enrique tweet!
    Enrique Iglesias ‏@enrique305 2 Jan
    @DavidArchie @kariontour Let’s duet!!! Big fan of your work, David!


  29. djafan said

    I’d never seen this. Thinking of him 🙂


  30. MT said

    Just wanted to tell you that I’ve been watching that video we discussed in chat with the “hand direction” from David and I see what you meant. BTW, it’s fast becoming one of my very favorites. In the section where they sing “off time” from each other … his voice is sublime.


  31. MT said

    I am in the Chile video vortex these days and am having a hard time coming out of it. Help!!! Not even kidding here. LOL

    But seriously, in the many videos and photos we’ve received as such a precious gifts this Christmas season, I see a new David. An older David, but it isn’t just his face that’s changed. I also see a stronger, more confident man who’s talents and voice continue to improve (who would have thought that was even possible?) but at the same time still see all the same attributes that charmed and amazed us from the very start.

    Even though he’s currently an Elder serving a mission, his charismatic presence on stage and the natural performer in him still commands attention on a level with the most seasoned performers. Even as an Elder, the “IT” factor cannot be disguised.

    The videos we’ve seen (and the fact that after 21 months We Are Still Here) prove to me that, as Simon once said, “When you got it, you got it.” Clearly he still does.


  32. tawna21 said

    MT #31 – I couldn’t agree with you more on everything you posted! David is more mature, physically, mentally and vocally. His stage presence was much stronger in the videos this year than they were last year, in my opinion. I attribute that to the fact that he was finding himself as a missionary and trying to keep the performer somewhat in the background. Just my opinion. But, like you stated, he’s still the same David, and I think he always will be. I just don’t see him ever losing his dorky, witty, smiley ways! He is just David 🙂


  33. tawna21 said

    forgot to ask…. which video is the ‘directing’ video?


  34. djafan said

    MT, I did read that he was also directing the choir at some devotionals and with his experience directing his bands that must been a piece of cake.

    I agree with the stage presence, he definitely had it, has it and still growing, incredible.

    Tawna, “I attribute that to the fact that he was finding himself as a missionary and trying to keep the performer somewhat in the background.”

    I think this to be true. He was so not wanting to be singled out or treated differently that he went out of his way to stay in the background, even in pictures. But that sure is not the case anymore. Maybe he’s come to terms that just David, Elder Archuleta, and David Archuleta are all one person. This looks like the merging of all three has begun 🙂 ayayay!


  35. djafan said

    I hadn’t seen this either! I know David has made the list every year since his run on AI but I didn’t realize he made the list on his first year away, 2012! I doubt he’ll make the 2013 list but what an achievement, making the list while away and with so many AI contestants, and some say he is irrelevant, please. The blurb even mentions his modeling for Bench! Had anyone seen this??

    The 10 Top-Earning American Idols of 2012

    10. David Archuleta ($1 million, tie)

    Season Seven’s runner-up is still tops in the eyes of many fans. In addition to modeling for Bench, he enjoyed some success with two albums in 2012—Begin and Forevermore (exclusively in the Philippines)—and will spend the next two years on hiatus while he works in Chile as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


  36. bebereader said


    I started a reply to you this morning but got sidetracked with phone calls and watching videos from Chile.
    Remember how we used to talk about there being two distinct sides of David? One is his onstage persona, the daring young man who, by the way he expresses himself onstage, seems like he’s much older than his years. The other persona is the one we see more in interviews – , reserved and boyish. We always wondered if the two personas would eventually merge. Maybe it took some time as an Elder for this to happen because you can actually see parts of both in these performances from Chile.


  37. MT said

    Thanks for the stats. Nice to know all of David’s hard work paid off!

    I remember our conversations about if the different David’s would merge. We haven’t really seen “off stage David” recently so we can’t know for sure that they have but, like you, I’m definitely seeing indications that, since he’s been in Chile, they are coming closer. 🙂


  38. MT said

    If you go to Youtube and search “Archuleta Layseca” you’ll find two videos.


  39. Lynnella said

    Here are the links to those videos:




    Admn Edit: To watch videos, please remove brackets and copy and paste url into your browser. In keeping with our policy to respect David’s privacy while he’s on his mission, we don’t post videos taken in church.

    I’ve always thought, once David was through with Amer. Idol and out on his own, he would be in charge. I think Ray confirmed that for us when he was asked are you the one in charge and he said, the kid’s in charge. David knows what he wants and how to achieve it musically. I don’t think his last band referred to him as “boss” as a joke. I can see him conducting a choir, or just another elder, as in the first video. He can hardly sing without using his hands to conduct the music. The music just flows through and out of him. He can’t help himself. If you tied his arms behind his back, I think he would have a hard time singing. Just my opinion.



  40. tawna21 said

    Thanks MT and Lynella… I remember these vids, glad you refreshed my memory on them 🙂 But then, anything David is refreshing 🙂 🙂


  41. djafan said

    What’s going on here? lol

    Ana Guillen Feleo ‏@anagfeleo 12h
    @JoAnnBanaga @MyDearWriter @mydeanakaka miss naman ang LPG. Di man lang tayo nakapag christmas dinner!

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other very soon… @anagfeleo @JoAnnBanaga #ActivatingLPG2014 #ChileUpdates #VaultFiles #HeWhoMustNotBeNamed


  42. djafan said

    Another interesting, Tyra Banks youtube channel just uploaded this..

    David Archuleta on Ellen
    TyraBanksVids TyraBanksVids·393 videos


  43. djafan said


    Boss, Since the days of Ray the tour manager everyone always said David was the boss. I agree with you, I observed him give direction with his hands and eyes even when not performing.

    Love this. “The music just flows through and out of him.” I could feel it an almost see it.


  44. MT said

    I saw that tweet. Wonder what’s cooking?????

    and … LOL at #HeWhoMustNotBeNamed Hmmm … wonder who that could be? 😉


  45. bebereader said

    “Nandito Ako” tonight.
    10PM Eastern until midnite!
    Join us!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  46. gladys1961 said

    I apologize for not being present, but lately I feel very tired and I’m sleeping a lot. I send my love to all.
    David is still my lighthouse in the middle of this sea of ​​thoughts.


  47. MT said

    Awww I hope you feel better soon. ♥


  48. bebereader said


    We missed you last night in NA chat. Hope you get the rest you need. ❤


  49. djafan said

    Dang I missed Nandito Ako. I was there after you all left and watched for bit. David really did a great job.

    Here is another video I’d never seen and was I surprised. David is almost back!


  50. djafan said

    Gladys, I hope your feeling better!


  51. Angelica said

    New post>>>


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