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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Celebrating Four Years With David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Friday, November 8, 2013


November 8th marks the 4th anniversary of The Voice. We want to thank all the fans who visit and comment over the years. All of you, along with David himself, are the inspiration that keeps us going. We are thankful to our staff writers, who have stood by our side and provided so many insightful articles, and to the guest writers who have come forward to add their voices too. Having so many diverse voices to share their thoughts has carried us through the long 2 year drought while David has been away. It is my honor to participate as an admin, along with Angelica, Bebereader and Djafan, on a fansite promoting the best singer in the world.

We took a look back into the archives and brought out the very first article published on this site, written by Angelica. In it she says we are here to celebrate his art and his humanity. After 4 years, I think I can safely say, mission accomplished!

There is David the artist. The Voice. That terrible, wonderful, glorious, soul embracing, knee buckling, sigh inducing, tear producing Voice. Then there is David the song writer, who we are just getting to know and anticipate the fruits of his labors there. *insert squee* There is David the dancer/performer, also a work in progress, and the work is going very well, I might add.

But over and above all this, the crown jewel, the cherry on top of all that delightful, delectable, deliciousness is the man himself. The David we have come to know off stage. A man of quiet strength, compassion, courage, humility and character. A man after our own hearts, when all we meant to do was love his art.

So we are here to celebrate his art, which is awesome, and his humanity, which is awesomer. We are here to celebrate the totality of his awesomeage. And that, though linguistically incorrect, is the charuth.

So thanks for standing by us and especially, by him. You all deserve a big round of applause because each and every one of you, are pretty dang awesome too!


43 Responses to “Celebrating Four Years With David Archuleta”

  1. aww!! CONGRATULATIONS. I didn’t know that you’re already 4 years now. You’re all great.!

    Mission accomplished? NOT YET!!. We’ll be always here to listen to his thoughts and MUSIC!! :))


  2. Bydesign said

    Congratulations on four years of standing by our guy and the fans. Thank you for hanging in there – allowing us to laugh, cry, cock our heads in wondrous mystification, providing us with a place to congregate and celebrate friendships and, best of all, a gathering place to support David in a positive way. This is just the beginning.


  3. Congratulations to all the moderators and writers of The Voice! I don’t always comment but I do always visit this site to catch up on all things about David.:) Just want to say what a great job you are all doing! Congrats once again and God bless everyone involved in maintaining The Voice! 🙂


  4. Jeffrey Cadungog said

    You’re right Tonette. Even though I’m just new here, I received a warm welcome from the people here feeling that I’m no other person. Hoping they’ll last many, many more years. 🙂


  5. Congratulations to all of the creators, writers, moderators of the Voice. Thank you so much for your dedication and service to David and us Fans!! Words are never enough when it comes to expressing my gratefulness. Bless your hearts!!


  6. Gwen said

    Thanks you so much for all of your dedication to David. WE fans appreciate you way more than you ever know. This young man that we all admire ,love, cherish will soon be back home with us once again and we are in for the ride of our lives. So excited!! Thanks for all your beautiful words and I look forward to many more years with you all and The Voice. Congratulations to you all!!!!!


  7. bluesky4home said


    Great vision, great accomplishment, Admins!! Both hands in the air on this one! ^_^


  8. MUNK_MA said

    HI! I don’t post very often but something that Gladys said on the last post has brought me out of hiding.. lol..

    Gladys, You mentioned how when you got home from Chile and seeing David that those you love didn’t share in your excitement. I have had the same experience. I don’t live close to any fans or close to any place David has performed. I have seen David perform once and have never met him. Hope to change that next year! lol! BUT I have to say that I am very grateful for places like these and other sites that celebrate David and his music…and support one another. I have made some wonderful friends even though I do not have memories of shows together. For this I am thankful and hope to build on these great friendships in the future.

    Thanks for keeping David and his music alive! Congratulations to you guys! and to us! lol!


  9. MT said

    Congratulations on 4 years of celebrating this amazing young man! We are so fortunate that Abrra, Angelica, Bebe, and DJA have kept this site open and flourishing in David’s absence. It definitely made the waiting easier and we managed to have a lot of fun in the process. Kudos to all of you!

    Love him to pieces and love everyone here, too! I’m looking forward to many more years of sharing all things David. 🙂

    Less than 2 months to 2014!!!!!


  10. sweetonda said

    Congrats to you for 4 years of awesome posts! You have made waiting for David bearable and fun. Thanks so much to you all and those who comment too!


  11. Dayzee said

    Happy Birthday!! What a splendiferous place this is! David this and David that. All things David. Appreciate all of you who make this work. So nice to be the recipient of your earnest endeavors. I cannot express how much this site means to me. Brings rainbows to my life. I feel so comfortable here because you all share thoughts that run from the silly to the sublime with no negativity.

    At the end of the previous article Jeffrey mentioned he thinks we are connected to David more than any other because he and his music have changed us. This is true for me and I know it is also true for many people who have shared their stories with us and with David.

    It was a struggle to concentrate when reading Abrra’s article with David and his belt sashaying along on the right sidebar. Thought about hanging a sock over that gif but decided not to.


  12. I would like to suggest the schedule for the video chat (2 times a week) it will be Tuesday and Saturday in your time so I can join even once, Please. Please. Please.


  13. Abrra said

    Enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces here and on twitter today. Thanks for the kind words. Truth be told, my intention was to remind everyone why we started. It’s all about that handsome guy with the velvety voice 🙂 Thanks to Angelica for her picture selections. I hear she has caught the GIF bug and will be using them more. If you read the quote at the top left, you will see how much he appreciates his fans. As long as he is willing to sing, we are willing to listen. And when he stopped singing, we waited. As the months grow short on the sidebar, I can feel the excitement building for his return.

     photo AT124_zps9d81f31d.jpg
    Feelin’ the LOVE!



  14. Abrra said


    We meet for Nandito Ako on Tuesdays at 10pm EST and we have our Unplugged chat on Saturdays at 10pm EST. See that was easy?



  15. Abrra said

    I usually tweet the current article from the button below the article. When I did it today I also hit the WordPress “like” button. I got this in my email from WordPress. LOLOL

     photo 22_zpsb171af8c.jpg

    Recently WordPress has added a neat feature. They have placed 3 links to archived posts below the article. You can access these from the comments page. I like that we can go back in time a bit and relive something about David.

    Abrra Officially a Spammer


  16. Thanks Abrra. You’re the best!! 🙂


  17. A Happy 4th to The Voice! I have been hanging around here from the start, mostly lurking but always appreciating the time and energy and talent it takes to do what you do. I really love your unconditional support of David and the “totality of his awesomeage.”

    A sincere THANK YOU! And carry on, please. 🙂


  18. rooster said

    congrats on 4 years.angelica and abbra,i have a request,.on the sit,faithfully we,ve got a reason to go on.ther is a gif fourth one down, would like to know the source and if can be made bigger,for some unknown reason i i just love and could watch it all day,now thats weired lol


  19. Abrra said

    Rooster I am not an expert on gif’s, but I think that once it’s made, it can’t be changed. It’s not constructed the same as a reg jpeg photo. I believe it was picked up on twitter. I am not sure who made it.

    It was taken from a video of David’s appearance on a TV show in Manila, Wil Time Big Time, to promote Nandito Ako.

    Check out time stamp :59




  20. betsy said

    Thank you Angelica for your lovely idea to start this. You and Abs, Dja and Bebe work so hard, I know. It’s not easy, especially during droughts lol.

    I’m so glad there is a place to go when we are feeling lonely and/or bursting at the seams to talk about a song, a performance, anything really.

    Thanks for allowing us to write our thoughts. ENCOURAGING us to do so. We may have our own droughts, but we’ll never stop wanting to write,
    talk about, squeal, share favorite things, say hi to our friends, remember good times, and welcome new friends. ♥


  21. tawna21 said

    Thanks Abrra for the reminder….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY!!!! (yes, I’m shouting) This is theeee best place ever! I truly do appreciate all the time all of you Admins have done to keep this site as top-notch as it is. It really is a joy to come and enjoy what is offered from everyone. ♥ ♥


  22. ascphil said

    Happy 4th Anniversary to The Voice!!! Thank you so much for keeping the fires burning while David is away. Great big kudos to the outstanding work of the admins, for their determination, perseverance and devotion. Abrra, Angelica, Bebereader and Djafan, we love you with all our hearts! <333

    Thank you for your concern in the last thread. The super typhoon, the strongest we've ever endured among those I could remember, wreaked so much havoc in the central islands of the Philippines, and the places which suffered the recent earthquakes were not spared again. Thankfully, Manila was mostly calm, and experienced only gusty winds and rains in the afternoon of the storm. Prayers from everywhere helped a lot, and social media was very instrumental in helping many prepare for the worst in advance. We're still monitoring the dire effects of the devastation as communication lines in some of the affected areas are still down.

    Bringing over what Jeffrey wrote in the last thread, I just love this coming from a new fan (my edits in parenthesis): "At the back of my (mind) I was thinking: Yes, you have us!! Ever since, we loved every music you made and when you come back, we can’t wait for something greater than the songs you’ve written/sang before. I think your fans also “leveled up” (LoL) because even (without you in) the industry right now, they still cling and believe that you are far more greater than the other artists they had ever met and I think it’s because of you and your music CHANGED THEM A LOT.”

    Thank you for your remarkable words, Jeffrey! You SO get us and our love for David. (((hugs)))


  23. rooster said

    thanks abrra


  24. TOfan said

    Happy Anniversary!!! Love and big {{{{{hugs}}}} to you all!!! Can’t wait till #DA2014 so I can hug you all again in person. <333


  25. jans11 said

    4 Years! Now that is a reason for a celebration! And to think we all held on the last 2 without David! I call that dedication supreme!!! 🙂 All David’s fans are special and that it why it worked! Before I joined this site, I would lurk and enjoy every day. I kept thinking “I love this site, I love what they say about David, it’s the same way that I feel”. Then I decided to join in and never been sorry! Was welcomed with open arms and when Abrra sent me some cd’s, I was blown away! Those cd’s are priceless to me and are part of the glue that has kept me together! When I flew to AZ by myself to the “it’s not a David Archuleta concert”, I met some of you and it is so awesome that we can have so much fun because of this little dark headed guy with the big voice, heart and soul! I don’t care that I don’t understand this ODD, I just know that it makes me happy and how can anyone argue with that! 🙂

    #DA2014 WHOO HOO!!!!


  26. jans11 said

    I want to thank all the moderators for the hard work and time they invest in this site to keep it going. Love you guys! ♥ And love to read all the comments from the fans, knowing that we all understand each other. 🙂

    15 Abrra, looks like WordPress has you pegged! haha 🙂 That is cute!

    Angelina I love this part, “But over and above all this, the crown jewel, the cherry on top of all that delightful, delectable, deliciousness is the man himself. The David we have come to know off stage. A man of quiet strength, compassion, courage, humility and character. A man after our own hearts, when all we meant to do was love his art.”
    This is why we are still here! This why we are 4 years old and going strong! ♥

    #DA2014 OH YEAH!!!! 🙂


  27. jans11 said

    Sending prayers to the Philippine people during this awful storm. 😦


  28. These guys make me smile by just reading your wonderful comments and articles.

    #18 Rooster: it’s OK and it’s not weird at all. I think it is a normal request for a fan. lol :))

    Jans11: Thanks a lot and I’m hoping and praying that the casualties will not increase further.

    ascphil: I just let my classmate borrow the The Other Side of Down. :)))


  29. fenfan said

    Congratulations and a very happy 4th anniversary to everyone! It’s amazing how after so many years we are all still here talking about a guy who isn’t even around. LOL
    This ODD ain’t going away ay ay ay ay ay!


  30. potluck8 said

    Congratulations to you all at the Voice. I too am mostly a lurker but I am here every day reading all your wonderful stories, I bought a computer almost four years ago to keep up with David news, he had also stolen my heart on AL .and I had never come across an artist like him before so humble, innocent, charming and enduring especially at the age of 17 and even though he has matured over the years he is still the same , such a decent young man, Thanks again for all you do and I am also amazed at you computer skills!


  31. potluck8 said

    Endearing not enduring,


  32. cq#DA2014 said

    I’m a day late, but want to congratulate everyone on the 4 year anniversary. Love visiting this site and especially love reading all the posts, comments and also like the fabulous “eye candy” pictures on the sides. Thank you.


  33. bluesky4home said

    Potluck8… ha,ha. I thought that was what you meant! But in reality, he did “endure”: Simon Cowell, the media, the song changes, and the incredible schedule. So… either way.. your post wins!


  34. #33 I was thinking the same. David endures and enjoys everyday “work”.


  35. Abrra said

    How about a Saturday puzzle? It’s a small one this time. Only 60 pieces.



  36. What a great way to start the morning!!

    Too much excited to chat again with you guys. I even set my alarm. LoL


  37. Abrra said

     photo 4e2959de-6418-4f2b-aebd-7301c2319f19_zps5318723e.jpg

    Click to go there



  38. Hi Jeffrey! Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your post earlier. My son( by the way his second name is Jeffrey too) was just recently released from the hospital and I only have time to do a quick check on my fave sites, so I wasn’t able to read your comment until now. I haven’t had time to read the previous posts too! Just want to say welcome! I’m pretty new too just started following David last year when I was able to watch him in “Nandito Ako”. Getting to know David’s character cemented my being a fan of this remarkable artist. It’s rare to find humility, selflessness, and thoughtfulness in people nowadays especially in someone who is in the entertainment industry. I must say the Archies are a great group of fans and I’m glad to be a part of them. 🙂


  39. MT said

    Thanks for the puzzle, Abrra! I love doing those. My time, 6:36 🙂


  40. Tonette: hahaha. Thanks.

    “I must say the Archies are a great group of fans and I’m glad to be a part of them. :)” I think I do feel the same. I’m happy being part of their so-called “family”. 😀


  41. I also tried the puzzle but I finished it at 12:34.


  42. Spirit said

    I’m sorry to be a day late, but want to add my congratulations to The Voice on its 4 year anniversary. I can’t expression my appreciation enough to all the moderators who have given their talents, time, and creativity to make this site such a wonderful gathering place. I haven’t been able to comment for a while, but I do check in each day to see the latest updates. I’m always amazed at all the goodies!!! A special thank you for making these past two years more enjoyable than we could ever have imagined!


  43. My heart jumps after chatting with new online friends but I felt a little depressed when they get offline one by one. Why?

    I definitely want to be a member of that growing “The Voice” family coz I think we all share the same thoughts about David and we do understand each other..

    PS:See it Rooster, I can be your substitute when you’re offline. lol. 🙂


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