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Feliz Halloween ~ David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Saturday, October 26, 2013


A big shout out of thanks to my friend Micki Hansen for the above glorious photo shop work!  Can you imagine him in a Western on the big screen?

Oh yeah. I think he has the voice for it. The speaking voice, I mean.  Kind of soft-like and velvety but with a bit of a husky tone. Uh…where was I? Huh?  omg1

Oh yeah.  Happy Halloween Week y’all!

47412 So what do you love about Halloween?  Any plans?  I plan to make a gazillion of these cupcakes to take to work and to everyone I know.  Click on photo to get the recipe. Tell me they aren’t adorable!  No, they’re not David cupcakes, but it’s Halloween, and as Otis once said to Barney, “Sometimes I like to see a bat!”  haha.  If you’re a fan of the series, you know what I’m talking about.  I have everything I need to get this pahtay stahted!!!!  Because we have a lot to celebrate!  Halloween will come at the end of this week, the 31st of October.  When it does, Abrra will draw her wand at midnight Thursday and blast to smithereens another month! Yippee yi ki yay!!!

tuckerpumpkin_zps50a7ec30Speaking of Abrra, I reckon by the looks of it, she’s been busy with Halloween projects too. She just sent me this photo of jack-o-lanterns she carved with her family tonight. Awesome job!  I’ll let you know how my cupcakes turn out and post a pic of how mine compare to the photo. Let us know how you plan to spend your Halloween and send any pics you want posted.  And since it’s time for all things scary, I just have to share with y’all this short film I found several months ago and was so blown away by.  Directed by Rodrigo Gudiño and Vincent Marcone, it presents a murder mystery in an excessively short time frame, only 6 minutes, but the over-all pure spookiness of it is huge. They are real actors, but they barely move, yet in a brevity of time and motion, so much is conveyed.  Here is what Vincent wrote beneath its YouTube posting. “An image that tells an entire story, THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW centers on a single photograph that dates back to the early 1930s. As the camera begins to investigate the particulars of the photo, however, it reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of murder, kidnapping and sacrifice captured in a haunting moment.”  Check out all the awards it has won on this Wiki link here.  And, more impressive to me even, since I am addicted to IMDb, is its rating of 7.0!  That’s huge for any movie, of whatever size. Click on it and go big!  Can you solve the mystery?

And another video, not so incredible and not even new, but it’s Halloween so it must be Thriller time!  Mwahahahahaha!!!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


42 Responses to “Feliz Halloween ~ David Archuleta”

  1. MT said

    I was going to say “lovely post” when I saw that edit of David as a cowboy. 🙂 Great job by your friend on the edit! (Wait, wasn’t there a photo floating around at one time of him on a horse?) and the delicious looking cupcakes. Yum! But I think I’ll amend that to say very “Interesting post” after watching that film.

    That film!! I watched it a couple of times and it’s just downright creepy! 😯 I can see why it won awards, though. It’s definitely different. As I watched, I could see so many things that weren’t apparent in the photo when originally shown. On second watching, I caught many slight changes in the details. I could see a lot going on there and I can see a definite story unfold. Creeeeepyyyyy!

    As for Halloween, I was invited to a party where everyone is costuming. I’m not too sure I’ll go. I might just sit home and watch the kiddies with their costumes coming for candy. They are always so adorable. 🙂

    I might put a certain little Howling video on replay, too. Isn’t it amazing how there is a video of him singing for every occasion? 🙂

    Credit: Abrra!


  2. Well,now that I have picked myself up off the floor may I just say,
    Thank you Angelica, and Micki,wow! That’s one fine looking cowboy right there.:)

    Thanks for the really fun post Angelica, makes me feel all Halloweenie!
    I am gonna have to watch that Mystery Video over again a few times, haha, its eerie but I love it.(love the music too)
    The bat cupcakes are so cute,what a nice treat!
    Abs, I am totally impressed with your carving skills your pumpkins are scary good.
    You weren’t “violent” with your pumpkin were you? lol

    That Thriller smilebox is my favorite smilebox.♥ Angelica

    I still have candy to buy,just in case kids show up at the apartments.haven’t bought it yet ,(was afraid I would eat it)

    I sure do love that Howl .♥


  3. emmegirl14 said

    ah hem…..howdy yourself!
    the hint of stubble, great touch 😉

    No time yet to watch the video, but judging from the comments, I’ll make sure I watch it during the daytime, lol!

    Thanks for the bat cakes recipe, definitely gonna give them a try!


  4. Abrra said

    My daughter and her teenaged son did the carving. I am just the photographer. 🙂 I have to say i am still impressed with how my daughter does things like this with her son. I was not the crafty type when she was growing up.



  5. betsy said

    That edited picture is crazy good.
    But those cupcakes! I need to make them for work as well.
    Who else dresses up? We are dressing up for work, I will be superman. Even my socks have capes lol.

    OT, but who else watches these videos? I accidentally ran across one where he was recording missionaries coming home.
    No I watch them all the time. I love them. New baby. ♥


  6. bluesky4home said

    Well, we may not be “Little Joe”, and we may not have to worry any more about “growing up straight and true” (since a few of us are already …. um …. kinda … sorta …. beyond the little-sprout stage of life), all the same: we do have plenty here for you to do, DA, we def, want cha’ back. We got the shed cleaned out, the trough full of water, n’ most all our other chores done. We’re kinda down to the pickin’, whittlin’, and spittin’, stage.

    So… come home, already. ^_^


  7. Abrra, please tell your daughter and her son, I think they are maaavelous!
    ( never could do that..mine always looked like pumpkin, who had been in a… mishap.)

    “We’re kinda down to the pickin’, whittlin’, and spittin’, stage.” now how true is that!

    (I was in love with Alan Ladd♥and that movie.~sigh~) ty for that clip♥
    Come home D!


  8. Angelica, Haha here comes Halloween 😀 that’s pretty coincidental with the cowboy pic of David lol the latest Nicholas Sparks book I’m reading involves a cowboy. Kudos to Micki for a job well done on the pic! EVERYWHERE LOL yummy cupcakes too YAY thanks for the recipe also!!! Abrra I love the jack-o-lanterns you and your family did, such a creative bunch!!

    I’m gonna watch the Peanuts Halloween Special Thursday night 😀 I already watched my fav Halloween films last week. Cool with that short film awesome that you found that!!

    😀 muahahahahaha


  9. Angelica said

    Betsy, thanks for pointing me to the Shaytards channel on YT. I watched the missionary homecoming video. Will watch the baby being born another night. Just want to share with you guys a pic of my finished cupcakes. First try didn’t turn out too bad. I am bringing them to work tomorrow and to church Wednesday night for the Halloween party. They were easy to do. Just be sure you cut the cookies in half slowly with a sharp knife and a sawing motion.

     photo 9430fe70-af71-4416-86c5-b05b9aead7fa.jpg

    MT, love that howl.

    Sky, you had to bring up the violent pumpkin. And since it’s Halloween , I have to post the video. This has to be one of my all time favorite David vlogs rivaled only by the incomparable “little sister one and little sister two” vlog. I guess I just love seeing him interacting with his sisters. 🙂


  10. bluesky4home said


    So.. I forgot to say that your Cowboy theme inspired me. Skydancer – I too, loved that movie soooo much. And DA has at least that much charm. “a mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do”.

    Loved the short movie, Angelica. I want to know if the guy by the priest shoots the gun and saves the girl and baby. But a hollow man probs can’t be shot.

    Happy Halloween, troops!



  11. Angelica said


    Yep, I figgered it was the reason you posted the Western clip. Shane was my mother’s favorite movie.

    Mr. Hollow is just his name. He is already dead in the car. It does leave you wondering how it ends. Does the young priest shoot or does the old priest stop him and one of them goes for the police? Either way, I’m sure they don’t allow harm to come to the woman or the baby. How could they?


  12. jans11 said

    Love David as a cowboy! haha Oh, that stubble is quite nice! ♥ Thanks Angelica and Micki. I done the puzzle when it was on FB. Another fun one.

    The Mister Hollow video was a real spooky one, but I loved Thriller Time with David. Super!

    Your cupcakes turned out really good. mmmmmm I made 4 dozen caramel popcorn balls for the party at church Tuesday night. It’s kind of become a tradition, since I’ve done it for about 10 yrs now.

    Ah, Shane, they don’t make em like that anymore!

    Abrra, no matter who carved them, they look really good! I never could carve a pumpkin very good!

    David’s video is one of my favorites too! When he said “well, I’m home now” that sounded so dang could! That made my evening! or night! haha

    Will have to watch the “baby” video tomorrow since it’s 1am and I need to hit the sack to go to work! 🙂



  13. bebereader said

    David as a cowboy! Who woulda thunk? Kudos to Micki Hansen on the excellent edit. I collect Halloween candy the week before Halloween and give them to the kids when they ring the bell. I remember how much fun I had on Halloween and want to keep up the tradition today.

    Do you dress up your pet for Halloween? We once had a tuxedo costume for one of our cats but all he would wear was the bowtie. haha

    Found these online:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


  14. archugeezer said

    I wanted to make a comment on this fun post, but I can’t seem to get past the cowboy…


  15. djafan said


    The cowboy, the cowboy, the cowboy ♥ You’re friend did a great job!

    Those cupcakes look delicious but I’ll give the recipe to daughter and daughter in law to make for us.

    I’ll be honest I didn’t get the video lol Maybe I need to watch several times.

    I have a Halloween grandbaby so we always have a celebration and my family is into zombies lol They’ve been prepping for a zombie block party, it should be interesting.

    David is also into Halloween 🙂


  16. Loulou said

    What a handsome cowboy !! UHHHHHH LAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAA ! I could look at that pitcher forever


  17. Abrra said

    Mailing info for November from Kari

     photo 78_zpsad1056d5.jpg
    credit FOD



  18. LOL! those pictures Bebe . “and the winner is”….oh heck they are all too cute!
    Hmm,wonder what our animals would put on us? haha

    Angelica, that video is such a fave♥
    So why is it,that almost every random thing David has ever said over the past 5 years is branded (cowboy talk heh heh) on our brains?


  19. Angelica said

    #15 that second video, I forgot how funny he was there. “Snow White and a prrrrp…prrrrp…a whaat? I don’t think that’s appropriate to say here.” hahaha. Oh my heart and heck! He is too cute.


  20. MT said

    Angelica, great job on the cupcakes!!
    I have no talent in baking. Tonight, my brownies from a box mix didn’t come out right. 😦

    #15 Dja,
    David is so funny in those videos. And he doesn’t miss a beat. 🙂

    Superdog! … that is just the cutest thing!


  21. djafan said

    #15 second video – Isn’t he the most unique adorable interesting person ever??!!

    Abrra you’re family is very talented to come up with those beautiful pumpkins. And thank you for the Kari mail reminder!!!!


  22. MT. awwww sorry about your brownies. haha you are so funny.♥

    My older sister once made a birthday cake for my mother from scratch. I am not sure what she did to it..not edible…but it made a great 2nd base! .


  23. MT said

    LOLOL Those brownies I made? I let it cool in the pan. When I went to cut them I couldn’t. When I tried to get it out of the pan it all came out in one piece! Do you need 3rd base?


  24. Angelica said

    LOL! About the video in #15, look what I just found on tumblr tonight. By iheartarchie.

     photo tumblr_mu19u6BW2O1qlof70o2_250.gif
     photo tumblr_mu19u6BW2O1qlof70o3_250.gif
     photo tumblr_mu19u6BW2O1qlof70o4_250.gif
     photo tumblr_mu19u6BW2O1qlof70o1_250.gif


  25. MT said

    I’m still laughing at that second video in #15 and those gifs. 😀


  26. fenfan said

    I keep coming back here to make a comment but can’t seem to get any words out. That cowboy up there has rendered me speechless.


  27. djafan said

    lol fenfan

     photo davidvampire_zps8409be02.jpg

    credit pocoelsy


  28. djafan said



  29. jans11 said

    #5….Finally got to watch the baby’s birth video. Hard to believe it’s been a week already that I watched my ggdaughter born. Child birth always brings tears to my eyes. Kind of like a wedding. That guy sure was a talker, totally opposite of my grand sil. 🙂 Wasn’t any kids at ours either, but I thought the siblings bonding with their new brother was very endearing.

    #13….The animals in their costumes were really cute! The Chihauhau taco really cracked me up! 🙂

    #DA2014…………….October is almost over……… 🙂


  30. betsy said

    Jan, so glad you watched the video. I wish everyone would, it isn’t your every day average thing. It made me cry, so beautiful. I figured you’d like it,
    since you’d just went through the experience. 🙂
    A little backstory on the family in the video. Someone had tweeted a video of returning missionaries. It was this guy who happened
    to be in the airport at the same time. But it was just a small part of a large video. This family makes videos of their everyday lives constantly.
    I think they were originally from Idaho, then Utah, now LA. The kids are precious. Love that they let the young girls into the birthing room to see their
    new brother being born. It’s like the father said. “There’s nothing like loving something more than yourself. ” ♥


  31. jans11 said

    Betsy, I like that it shows that childbirth can be a pleasant experience and not like some horror story of the old days. I know that sometimes things are worse, but most generally with all the good medical technology childbirth is so much more pleasant. Another granddaughter that gave birth last year practically laughed through it all. It was very similar to the video.

    #DA2014 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  32. cq#DA2014 said

    Happy Halloween to all!


  33. djafan said




  34. bebereader said

    The videos in comment #15 and the gifs in comment #24 were from the concert I went to in Atlantic City on November 1, 2008, almost five years ago to today. Memories! had a VIP upgrade and although my seats were in row 4, they were were all the way over to the left, and it was so hard to see David onstage. Anyway, a funny thing happened that makes me laugh every time I think about it. It was a David/Demi show and there were all ages in the audience, kids with parents, teenagers, adults without kids, etc. During David’s set I couldn’t help but sing the songs with him. I wasn’t loud and was sure nobody heard me. There were two little girls with their mother in the row in front of me. During the show, they kept whispering to their Mother and then turning around to look at me. I repeat, I wasn’t loud. How could I have been distracting them with the noise level in the arena? Then, their mother looked at me and wanted to say something. Uh oh, I thought. Is she really going to complain? She got closer and very politely whispered in my ear…

    “My daughters said that you’re David’s mother. Are you?” hahaha (I look nothing like Lupe!) I couldn’t help but laugh. I said “No, I’m not David’s mother but I would love to have a son like him.” Memories!


  35. bebereader said

    In case you wondered why there was no official NA chat last night, we had a discussion with some of the regular NA chatters last Tuesday and the outcome is that I’ve decided to have the Nandito Ako chat twice a month, with some impromptu chats thrown in. I’m glad some of you went to chat anyway and kept up the Tuesday Night Popcorn tradition! See you next Tuesday!


    The Taco Chihuahua was my favorite, too! 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Have a Safe and Happy One!


  36. Abrra said

     photo 90_zps88b6ad68.jpg

    @DavidArchie Happy Halloween! A #throwbackthursday from last year plus an updated one proving it was him under that mask! (KS)



  37. MT said

    Thanks for posting that Abrra!

    Awwwww …. How can he be so adorable under a Gorilla mask? LOL

    Thanks Kari, for the smile. 😀


  38. Abrra said

    I know, it’s a great gift for fans huh?

    I cropped the right side and added it to the sidebar pics.



  39. Angelica said

    Happy Halloween! Boo! David, we knew that was you under there but it sure is good to see your smiling face come out this year!

    I use Bing as my homepage because they change the pic everyday with something cool. Check out their Halloween page. A homage to the best of spooky movies. Awesome! You have to click on certain parts to activate it.

    And look at the cool LED costume for this baby! Makes my bunny suit with the ears and tail that I grew out of and insisted on wearing even though my arms and legs extended for miles out of it look pathetic. sigh..I loved that bunny suit.


  40. jans11 said

    Well, I shut the door, turned off the front porch light and the laughing pumpkin and called it a night! 🙂 Had tons of little goblins, spidermen and princesses. All so cute. My last visitors were my almost 1 yr old ggrandson that was a turtle and his cousin that just turned 1 week Wednesday. She had on her little pumpkin onesie and socks and sleeping through it all! 🙂 It’s good to know that David will be back next yr!
    Never in my life I would think that I would refer to David as “the big ape” haha 🙂 Love the side pic, Abrra!
    Bebe, good story! David has left us all with some very good memories. I was thinking of that today, that it’s been almost 2 yrs that I went to the MKOC concert in Utah and heard the big announcement. Not that that was a “very good memory”, but in the long run it was, just being there to see him sing live for the last time in 2 yrs! And here it is almost time for him to come back! Yea!!!!!
    That little “stick” baby sure was cute. Never seen anything like it before. They are always coming out with something new.

    Now to get ready for Thanksgiving….then Christmas and New Years….then Valentine’s Day and St Pat’s…….THEN DAVID WILL BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



  41. bebereader said

    Only 4 Months left on the sidebar! Woo hoo!!!!!


  42. Gayle122890 said

    A late Halloween greeting! Hope everyone had a really fun one 🙂

    #27 dja, I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley…or would I?? Lol

    I think that Mr. Hallow video affected my brain. In a good way, though. Last night I dreamed it was my birthday and my co-workers decorated this cubbie-like thing for me. There was confetti, lace and many David Archuleta birthday cards in it because they knew how much I love David. I picked up one of the cards. The texture and illustration in it caught my eye because it was really pretty. The front showed a very handsome David walking up the sidewalk looking up at a pretty house with ivy and flowers around it. Then I noticed David was actually moving towards the door! “Hey, it’s changing!” I said. I opened the card and as if I had answered the door, there he was. His beautiful face began to talk to me. Somewhere among what he was saying in his velvety husky voice, I heard “happy birthday”. I woke up and I could still hear his sweet talking voice. My birthday is not till July but hey, I’ll take this kind of strange wonderful greeting from David any time! ;). It gave me such a warm feeling throughout the day. Thought I’d share that with you all. ❤


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