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Never Over “Falling Stars” by David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, September 21, 2013

get-attachmentPicture edit: Reiko on Twitter

“Falling Stars”, Track 6 on “The Other Side of Down” was met with mixed reviews by record critics and fans when the album was released in October of 2010. Some felt the song was irrelevant to the central theme of the album. Others thought the song wasn’t believable for David to sing because he wasn’t old or experienced enough. Still others dismissed the song as a departure from the optimistic lyrics we have come to expect from David’s music. And then there were those, including me, who fell head over heels in love with the song.

Written by Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou, Claude Kelly and Jess Cates, “Falling Stars” is a hauntingly beautiful song about not getting over a romantic relationship. “Over you, never over you…”

When Eman gave us a snippet of the song in a bubbletweet a month before album release, it may have sounded tinny and inaudible but it was love at first listen for me. I’m drawn to love songs, especially those sung by the most angelic voice in the universe. The bubbletweet immediately captured me and made me yearn for the full song.

That tinny-sounding bubbletweet got 23,755 views!

20,000 may have been mine. LOL

video edit: Abrra

“Falling Stars” begins with a relaxing tone and builds as it progresses until it reaches a very emotional pinnacle at the chorus after the bridge when David sings “like fallling starrrss” and “like crashing carrrs.” On the album version, you can hear a slight buzz in his voice throughout the song, giving it a dream-like quality. The steady drumbeat during the song is reminiscent of the sound of a heartbeat which perhaps was intentional. It breaks my heart as he tells the story of a love that can never be. I believe him because unlike anyone I have heard, he is able to sing with the emotional maturity of someone who has actually had the experience even if he hasn’t. It’s part of his genius. His refrain from using vibrato at the suggestion of Eman gives the song an unusual quality, one that fits the sullen mood of the song. He ends the song with a relaxed tone again, and brings us back down to earth.

Credit Rusharr

YouTube comment from six months ago:

AHAHAHA I remember my dad turning to me asking me ‘Are those high notes even possible?

Why my interest in “Falling Stars” now, almost three years after its release? I never stopped loving the song. I always wished for radio play and I don’t think it ever got the recognition it deserved. But a recent comment on The Voice by Emmegirl prompted me to dive into YouTube when she pointed out that there has been renewed interest in some of David’s music as evidenced by very recent comments, even on videos that are not live performances. I chose to investigate “Falling Stars” and was encouraged to find brand new comments praising the song, especially since David has been out of the country for almost two years. I saw from the comments that I am not alone in my admiration and fascination for this song.  

From YouTube: 

This song made my life so much less complicated. It cleared my head. He’s the reason I’m smiling right now.5 months ago

This song is so beautiful. 4 months ago

Still listening in 2013 to this romantic song. 2 weeks ago

I feel so good when I listen to this song. 2 months ago

Such an emotional song. I cry when I hear it. 2 months ago

The song is so calm and soothes my broken heart. 1 month ago

He is so passionate-his voice, his lyrics, his emotions…everything about him is so wonderful. He is an amazing singer and what’s more, a lovely man. 11 months ago


found on tumblr

I’m sure you’ve noticed that David has specific body language for each song he performs. Check out the angst he portrays in this live performance of “Falling Stars” from Wichita, Kansas.

Credit Clear Channel

When you forget me

 When you don’t remember my name

 Not even a memory

 Somewhere in the back of your brain

 I won’t be offended

‘Cause I always knew that the day

 Would come when I’m not enough to make you stay

 You tell me it’s not possible, no way that we could break

 But nothing is illogical, believe me


 Like falling stars over your head

 We were bound to burn out, burn like crashing cars

 I’ll never get over you, never over you

‘Cause you are so beautiful, yeah


 The world is turning

 And time keeps on lingering on

 The sun will be burning

 Eventually you will be gone


 I’ll always love you

 Oh, believe it or not

 Baby, that’s not enough to, not enough to

 Stop these…


Falling stars over your head

 We were bound to burn out, burn like crashing cars

 I’ll never get over you, never over you

‘Cause you are so beautiful, yeah


 When it’s all said and done

 I’ll be just a speck in the galaxy

 Floating far, far away by gravity

 Tell me it’s not possible, no way that we could break


 Like falling stars

 Like crashing cars

 Like falling stars over your head

 We were bound to burn out, just like crashing cars

 I’ll never get over you, never over you

‘Cause you are so beautiful, yeah.

David’s use of his falsetto in “Falling Stars” is perhaps the highlight of the song for me.  My heart skips a beat as his voice glides effortlessly from falsetto and back again, as if he is crying from the deep pain he feels about this doomed relationship.  In the above interview, he describes his own feelings about the song.

Eman, who was one of the writers of that song, he wanted me to not sound like myself…he wanted me to sing with a different tone and a different energy…

It really added a more mature…it kind of has like an umph kind of manly kind of vibe now, and I think that was what Eman was trying to do.

It’s not about showing me and reflecting me, but…I felt like it was okay to have one song that was just a genuinely truly amazing song.  I think that song is one of them.

I totally agree.

48 Responses to “Never Over “Falling Stars” by David Archuleta”

  1. rooster said

    o man its my fav.thanks,


  2. Suzy-Q said

    I love “Falling Stars” too. I think it could have been a hit on the radio.


  3. tawna21 said

    Bebe…thank you for sharing your thoughts on this song.
    David says >>> “I felt like it was okay to have one song that was just a genuinely truly amazing song. I think that song is one of them.” I agree.

    While this isn’t my very, most favorit-est song, I truly do find his execution of it remarkable. Eman led him well. And, it comes back (it always does) to the 6-7 year-old question– why didn’t this song make it. I agree that it really is a radio song. I definitely wouldn’t switch stations if it came on, like I do with a couple of the current female performers (they shall remain nameless).

    SB– did you make it home?



  4. MT said

    Thanks for a great post and for sharing those comments. I’ve also noticed that many of David’s videos have recent comments. I’m hoping that means he has a lot more fans out there than we think, waiting for him to get back home and back into music.

    I have been a fan of Falling Stars from the beginning. Like you, I lost count of how may times I played that Bubbletweet. I think Eman’s advice was spot on for this song in having David hold back on the vibrato. (Although his vibrato is definitely gorgeous)

    You called it “hauntingly beautiful”. That’s a perfect description. David’s voice, singing this song straight and pure, reminds me how delicate and fragile the heart is and how easily broken. I love how he manages to sing it with such sincerity and tenderness, yet with such power and passion at the same time.

    I adore love songs and Falling Stars is really beautiful one. I, too, think it should have gone to radio.


  5. jans11 said

    Bebe, yes another great song by David that never got anywhere. That is what I am hoping that will change when he comes back. That he and his songs will get their glory they deserve! He is just too brilliant and his voice is too good to be passed over! Here’s hoping the American public will wake up and start to appreciate some good music for a change. I’m happy to say that I was at that concert in Wichita and every time I hear him sing that song, it brings back memories. Actually, there are good memories from all the songs I’ve heard him sing live! 🙂 That’s what makes David so special, giving good memories, and I have a lot of them! Oh my, I think I’m really missing him right now and maybe not making any sense….

    I am home from Florida and had a fun and safe trip. Listening to David’s cd’s sure made the miles melt away! ♥ Back to the real world! 🙂 Glad that David is singing for me, no matter what world I’m in! ha ha 🙂



  6. Bebeeeeee! I too love/loved this song from the start.
    Brilliant suggestion to David, to sing it “differently ” it that “manly kind of vibe” as David put it.
    (It works for me!)

    I think David really LOVES performing FS, and it truly shows off his vocal prowess
    Our guy does angst, like nobody else. nobody. ♥he’s so brilliant.

    Tell us, Eman….How does it feel to write for, and work with,THE most brilliant interpreter of lyrics,and music ever??

    Love this Bebe♥
    ” “Falling Stars” begins with a relaxing tone and builds as it progresses until it reaches a very emotional pinnacle at the chorus after the bridge when David sings “like fallling starrrss” and “like crashing carrrs.”

    Love that “emotional pinnacle”, brings me to my knees when he sings that part.



  7. Gayle122890 said

    David does have different body language for different songs. That performance in the Clear Channel video stopped me dead on my tracks when I first saw it. Yes. Because of the way he was moving. It was new. It was the physical interpretation of the emotion in the song done by David in a way I hadn’t seen him do it before. I remember thinking “I can see the pain of loss in his movements”. And yes, it was…manly.


  8. Mimi said

    Falling Star is one of my fav song.


  9. ascphil said

    Ah, Bebe! Your article stirred me from my long absence here! I just have to say that we both share exactly the same sentiments about “Falling Stars”. It was my ringback tone for a long time (until ‘Broken’ came along) and I also felt that it deserved more airplay. I recall the first and only time I heard it on the radio one morning on my way to work as my hubby was driving the car. I was awestruck but quietly concealed my excitement that it was actually being played during primetime radio! More surprising was that my usually talkative hubby, suddenly kept quiet, didn’t utter a single word and paid serious attention to the whole song. He rarely does this, and I was truly surprised because he hardly appreciates any of David’s songs. He doesn’t even know that it’s a super fave song of mine. When the song ended, he looked at me and asked, “Was that David Archuleta?” I curtly said, yes, expecting to hear a criticism from him (he is so opinionated). But he had a dazed look and was silent for a long time after. I didn’t dare ask him what he thought because I was enjoying his silence. The song must have stirred a strong emotion in him that he would rather keep to himself. David does that a lot to me, too, so I understood and relished that moment of golden silence. 🙂


  10. ascphil said

    My apologies but I’m on a roll here and just wanted to share that I had written similar thoughts back in November 2011 after listening to the TOSOD album several times. Recalling the first time I watched David perform “Falling Stars” in Winchita, this is what I wrote back then:

    “Aaaah. What do I say about this song, the song that made me cry the first time I watched David sing it from a Youtube vid with a lot of screamy background noise and the unruly moshpit crowd with girls being lifted and carried out every now and then by concert security? Imagine if there were none of those distractions happening in the video, and everything was just purely David’s angsty voice belting out a heart broken by the thought of being forgotten? I must have been already dead from multiple heart-stopping lines that struck the very core of my previously wounded soul. And the memory of that wound was brought to life with such force by the intense emotion of Falling Stars. I remember that I kept repeating that YT video to discern the lyrics of the song, and every time I deciphered a line, I was dredged in tears. I have not experienced a song that has affected me as much as this song has.

    I remember Eman bubble-tweeted the first few lines, and I recognized David’s voice immediately. But why such sad lyrics? I tweeted back that we would never forget David, and how could we? I didn’t know from what song it was at that time because the album was still being worked on, and Eman was in his teasing mode with David’s fans, sending snippets of David’s recorded voice. Another bubble tweet was just David’s “yeah”. Eman was already feeding us parts of the song, and I feel that he knew the song would make an impact if it eventually made the album. And he was so right about it all along. I thought I
    was in the minority of fans who loved the song, but to my surprise it was the most downloaded track of the album when TOSOD came out on Itunes. I guess the appeal of the song is its universal theme of the pain of love that has been lost but cannot be forgotten. It may be a song in the album that is most unrepresentative of who David is, but it showcases David’s impressive ability to interpret the song with such credibility even without having had the experience himself. Eman wanted him to sing it differently, sans his signature vibrato, so that he wouldn’t sound like himself but as somebody else. David did do as he was told, even if his voice is so distinctly David, by doing a nasal slur to the words much like Maroon 5 or The Fray does with their own songs. It made the song sound more current and very relatable, like any guy singing his heart out. Now combine that with the so-called powerful ‘cry’ in David’s singing voice and the longing in the lyrics. Bamm! Such intensity! It hits hard when you have experienced the pain yourself, and I believe there are many of us who have experienced that pain in their lives. I am torn to bits by the bridge: “When it’s all said and done I’ll be just a speck in the galaxy, floating farher away by graaa-vityyy.”(Oh, that tremor in his voice again!) “Tell me it’s not possible the way that we could break… like Falling Staaaars..! like crashing caaaars..!” I’m just typing it and my eyes are welling up in tears!

    Oh, and then a great piano cover of it came into being. Can you believe it’s not just David’s voice that makes me cry? It’s that darn haunting melody and the thought of David singing it. “You. Are. So. Beau-ti-ful… yeah…”

    Good gosh, Bebe. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We must be soul sisters. 🙂


  11. violet4ever said

    I love Falling Stars and my favorite video may be this early morning voice live performance on Good Things Utah w/ just piano accompaniment.

    tied with this beautiful Ft. Wayne one, also with simple accompaniment


  12. bebereader said

    Thank you all for reading and commenting. I had this article on my mind for a long time. Unfortunately, I never heard David sing “Falling Stars” live since he didn’t have a full tour for TOSOD. I hope he keeps the song in his repertoire because it’s a favorite of many fans and one where he sings his heart out about a love so deep, he just takes my breath away.

    1. Ray – I knew we had something in common! LOL

    2. Suzy – Radio doesn’t know what they’re missing.

    3. Tawna “…. And, it comes back (it always does) to the 6-7 year-old question– why didn’t this song make it. I agree that it really is a radio song.”

    FS has a very current sound. I don’t listen to radio anymore but while shopping in a store, I’ve heard songs that are similar to “Falling Stars” piped in on the speakers. But none with as beautiful a voice. I think I would flip out if it ever came on radio now. What are the chances?

    4. MT – “I love how he manages to sing it with such sincerity and tenderness, yet with such power and passion at the same time.” <<< May I borrow that sentence? LOL

    I have to add that he also sings it with much vulnerability. At one point in the Clear Channel video I can hear his voice crack like it did at the end of "Love Me Tender" from AI. It's such an honest sound for that song that I wouldn't mind if he made the "crack" part of the song.

    5. Jans – Glad you made it back home safely. And you make perfect sense in everything you say! Whenever I play the Wichita FS I think of you in the audience. It must have been magical!


  13. djafan said

    Bebe, I love your attention to detail. You’ve included everything about this song that makes it unique and special. Including David’s adorable rambles. Makes me love him/it all the much more.

    Falling Stars wasn’t one of my favorites. Did I love it? yes! Did I skip over it? no! But others were my favorites. Now they all take turns being my favorite lol When I heard David sing it live the first time, wow, just wow. Violet posted some of my favorite performances. This one also makes my list. He was also dressed to kill that day 🙂


  14. djafan said

    The Adorkable Archuleta by Sam ♥♥♥


  15. tawna21 said

    dja #13….. 2:29 minutes of reasons why we love us some @davidarchie!!! #cantstopsmiling #davidarchuleta


  16. jans11 said

    #13…I agree…just love that little dork! ♥ His words, not mine! He is so much fun as well as brilliant and talented! 🙂



  17. bebereader said

    6. Sky – I agree; I think David loves performing “Falling Stars” since he said it’s a “genuinely truly amazing” song.” I would love him to collaborate with Eman again. I enjoy all the songs they wrote together including “Nothing Else Better To Do”.

    7. Gayle – Glad you commented on the Wichita performance. I love the way he raises his hand to show the stars but my favorite part is at 3:00 when he goes to the very edge of the stage and sings his heart out. “….over you, never over you ’cause you are so beautiful. Yeah.” PS The Clear Channel video stopped me in my tracks too! I constantly played it on YouTube. Still do.

    9. Ascphil – My soul sister! 🙂 So happy you’re back, especially since my article was the catalyst that brought you! Your descriptions of the song were so close to my heart that I got chills from reading your comment. Thanks for the info about Falling Stars being the most downloaded song from TOSOD on ITunes. That means it’s more loved that I thought.

    “It may be a song in the album that is most unrepresentative of who David is, but it showcases David’s impressive ability to interpret the song with such credibility even without having had the experience himself.” That’s his genius!

    Like you, the haunting melody really gets to me EVEN in the piano cover.

    credit cdnchuchu

    11. Violet – Thanks for bringing the videos of your favorite “Falling Stars”. I had a hard time choosing them for this article. They are all so good.

    13. Djafan – Yes, he was dressed to kill when he was on Regis. I loved that performance but was disappointed that they cut it off at the end!!
    I saw that you tweeted this article to Eman! Thank you!


  18. bebereader said

    Posting the link again for David’s birthday card:

    There are 565 signatures so far but we need more to top last year’s card.


  19. bebereader said

    Join us at 10PM Eastern for
    Nandito Ako

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  20. marlie7 said

    Dang – I missed NA chat last night. Well, the truth is, we were moving TDC from it’s old home to my own server. It’s back up and running and we hope to improve its speed and performance as well. I’m thrilled to have control (I’m such a control freak!) over the site. 🙂

    The site is quite large (huge!) with 5 years of comments and video links, photos, etc. So it took a while to move it. I have to commend my server guy who did an amazing job with it. If any of you ever need a server guru, let me know and I’ll hook you up. If he can move TDC with all of its crazy links and literally thousands of posts and close to 100K comments, he can do anything!

    Bebe – I am also a fan of Falling Stars – I love when he reaches for those impossibly high notes, I love when he goes from the slow ballad at the beginning to the jumping rhythm in the middle and I love the low notes at the very end. A true showcase for that gorgeous voice.


  21. bebereader said

    Missed you last night! I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched NA and have come to the conclusion that we will watch until the cows come home….uhmm..well until David comes home, anyway. LOL As long as there’s a demand for it, we’ll just keep going.

    I can’t imagine what it takes to move a website but I’m sure TDC is in capable hands under your control, Marlie. :).

    Here’s pocoelsy’s newest video creation!


  22. djafan said

    I missed chat last night!!! I need a dose of Nandito David 🙂

    Twitter spazzing!!! There will be DATES!!!

    sarahhazel ‏@ZeeNnGT 4h
    @Marylee_NCGirl @pocoelsy1 @DavidArchie @kariontour ME TOO!!!

    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1 4h
    @ZeeNnGT @Marylee_NCGirl @DavidArchie @kariontour Me three !! Gosh imagine if today is the day that tomorrow D will b back !!

    sarahhazel ‏@ZeeNnGT 4h
    @pocoelsy1 @Marylee_NCGirl @DavidArchie @kariontour Question is, will he let us know his arrival date? sure hope so!

    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1 4h
    @ZeeNnGT @Marylee_NCGirl @DavidArchie @kariontour hope so too but I dont wanna get my hope up !!! sometimes he’s unpredictable!!

    sarahhazel ‏@ZeeNnGT 4h
    @pocoelsy1 @Marylee_NCGirl @DavidArchie @kariontour True. It’s highly possible our humble guy might want to keep a low profile on that day.

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 3h
    @ZeeNnGT @pocoelsy1 @Marylee_NCGirl We all know how private he is. Think of his feelings at that time not yours as a fan.

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 3h
    @ZeeNnGT @pocoelsy1 @Marylee_NCGirl that means he would like it to be private thing with his family and close friends only.

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 3h
    @ZeeNnGT @pocoelsy1 @Marylee_NCGirl @DavidArchie If a date is released by him, (KS) OR (Team Archie) then fine. If no

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 3h
    @ZeeNnGT @pocoelsy1 @Marylee_NCGirl Save it for the first date of his first show back! Trust me there will be dates!


  23. bluesky4home said

    “I believe him because unlike anyone I have heard, he is able to sing with the emotional maturity of someone who has actually had the experience even if he hasn’t. It’s part of his genius.”

    Bebereader – I loved your article. I liked what you said in the quote above. He communicates so well that you wish there were another word for communication. Like transfusion or something! And I liked your mention of the intentional usage of a different tone and delivery system for the vocals. (From medic to pizza… I am a bit scattered today!)

    Anyway… I loved the song and what he did with it from the beginning, so I am so very glad you did this article!! Thank you so much!

    I see glimpses in the comments and they all look delicious! But I am on a diet this week…. TONS of work!!

    Love you all so very much!



  24. bebereader said

    Thanks, dja!

    Music to my ears!

    From @kariontour: Trust me there will be dates!


  25. djafan said

    Here’s my twee to her 🙂

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice 2h

    @kariontour @ZeeNnGT @pocoelsy1 @Marylee_NCGirl YAY 4 dates! I need dates asap 2 request vacation, book hotel & flight…so much planning!


  26. MT said

    Woo Hoo! Dates!! Dates!! Dates!!

    First promising thing we’ve heard in a while and I’m getting all excited. LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “From medic to pizza…” hahaha Funny! 😀


  27. Abrra said

    I had forgotten all about the bubbletweet! But now I recall the excitement that swept over the fan base when it was teased on twitter by Eman. We had been in a long drought as David was still in the writing and recording phase of TOSOD. It sounded like a tiny piece of heaven 🙂 The best thing to come out of all this is the beautiful live performance videos we are able to watch. Falling Stars is in my top 5 from the CD.

    This was posted on twitter by Pocoelsy. HAHA!

     photo catsoncouch_zps93ae7f6f.jpg

    A B R R A 😎


  28. MT said

    Abrra, LOL Love Poco’s pic. hahaha I think I am that little spotted one in the middle. Hanging on for dear life and looking straight ahead toward #DA2014!

    Dear David,
    I’m hanging in there. 🙂


  29. Abrra said

    ” We all know how private he is. Think of his feelings at that time not yours as a fan.”

    Did Kari really say that?

    WOW! Sounds harsh to me.

    A B R R A 🙄


  30. hahaha Kitties!♥thanks Abrra!
    28. MT,is that you? you are so cuuuuute! haha

    Bebe, thanks for the video! Pocoelsy is so talented! (Poco, you are so creative!)

    Thanks to all on Twitter for asking questions! never hurts to ask, right?:))


  31. Dayzee said

    Bebe, I was never a fan of Falling Stars….until now. You have won me over. My favorite is the one on Good Day Utah. It beats the others for me because the ending is just exceptionally fine. Of course the one on Regis actually had no ending but even so, neckwise that performance really shines. Those scarves are just not for me.

    So fun to watch him chomping away on something as he talks about FS in Central Park. Chomp, chomp, swallow. Haha

    Loved Jans comment about David giving us good memories. Boy, that is what this is all about. So many wonderful times to look back on while he is wandering around in Chile.

    I could watch Adorkable David all day long. Thanks for bringing that, dja. You have happied me up today.

    Had a great time with the gang at Nandito Ako last night. You are all so much fun to spend an evening with. Bebe served her signature popcorn and then surprised us with fancy cups for our beverages. She is so clever.

    Those cats are crazy. We know just how they feel, right? Just hanging on until “there will be dates”. Yayyy!!


  32. betsy said

    Bebe, every time I hear Falling Stars I think of you. You and that song are one lol. I know you loved it from the start.

    I remember one January night, a few months after TOSOD was released, I was up north visiting my family. There were
    so many of us, they had to put a few tables together when we took my sister out for her birthday dinner. It was GORGEOUS
    that night, the snow was falling like mad, but it was beautiful.
    There we all sat, catching up and laughing.
    Then Falling Stars came on over the restaurant system. It sounded so good, HE sounded so good, if it had been played on the radio it would
    have been a huge hit. I just know it.
    Anyway, I secretly took out my phone and tweeted about it under the table. 🙂

    Sorry for being a bit absent lately, I’ve had a few health issues I’m working on. Nothing huge. 🙂

    Also, we have a new kitten and I found myself falling madly in love with him. We ALL have. I never expected it. I was always a dog person.
    A die-hard dog person.
    But now even our dog is apparently a cat person as well lol. Our big yellow lab, Summer, thinks she’s his mom. They sleep
    together, it’s the cutest thing ever. She licks and grooms him like his mom would have. She has the patience of a saint.


  33. Angelica said

    Well, trust me, if there aren’t dates, there won’t be a career. I agree, Abrra, but perhaps it was in the choice of words and not the feeling behind them that was harsh. I also agree with Kari, that he needs that time with family at the beginning and have always felt so.

    Bebe, you know how I fell in love with Falling Stars, right from the first. It is such a beautiful song of heartbreak. I love the lower register and the reaching for those high notes, the plaintive cry. The doom. So stinking beautiful. Why can’t every song be this “genuinely truly amazing?” I don’t really care if his work is reflective of his true self or not, so long as it reflects a universal condition. I don’t think anyone out there can touch David in singing power ballads of love found and lost. Still hoping for a cover of One someday. Remember how he teased us unmercifully with it? Remember when we sent him a long list of requests for the whole song and Bebe delivered it? Sigh. Well, we live in hope. How did I get off of Falling Stars? Oh well. Here is what he gave us of One. Love.

    Here is what I need.


  34. stenocruiser said

    Have we all seen this beautiful video yet? “I’ll Be Waiting” written and sung by Aaron Paul, the composer of Nandito Ako. Tissues required.

    This then led me to other videos — of course — and came across Aaron’s English version of Nandito Ako. He explains this is not a translation but another version. Lovely. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear David sing this too?

    Continuing on, I ran into a video I hadn’t seen before where David is singing Nandito Ako and it seems the NA crew is all there – also spotted Kari with her camera. Could this be the same day David did the dougie?


  35. bebereader said

    Just woke up and saw that I left my laptop on! Ahhh good reason to sit down and comment.

    23. Bluesky, “Transfusion”! I’ll take it to describe how well David communicates with us. He is the great communicator of love ballads. Thank you for your comment!

    27. A B R R A, So FS is in your top 5 from TOSOD. Didn’t know that!

    31. Dayzee, Glad I was able to win you over! It’s so easy to happen with David’s songs. For me, songs that weren’t my favorites from the start (like YEDL), slowly become favorites, eventually. Dayzee, Tuesday nights are always a blast, but especially when you’re there!

    32. Betsy, You remind me of me, a die-hard dog-lover for the longest time and wouldn’t give a cat a second thought, until I got one. LOL Now, I don’t think I could ever live without one! Jans is right, so many memories. I remember that night when you tweeted about hearing FS from Ruby Tuesday’s. ((((hugs)))) as you work out your health issues.

    33. Angelica, I remember how we we loved FS together from the beginning and for the same reasons! “I don’t think anyone out there can touch David in singing power ballads of love found and lost.” <<< Totally agree. And yes, "One". At my first VIP I fumbled over the words when I asked him if he would sing the whole song. He replied "I don't know. Maybe. But I really like that song." (or someting like that) Still waiting for it, too. 😉

    34. Steno, Thanks for the videos. Will play them again tomorrow


  36. Dayzee said

    I agree David needs some time for himself with his family. Fans have waited 2 years, they can hold on a bit longer while he decompresses. I would gladly give him the day of his return and grudgingly give him the first week.

    Thanks to all who keep us supplied with David related videos. They are the bestest.

    The pic of David with falling stars at the head of this article is delicious.


  37. Abrra said

    Fun blog from 2009 by Maria Nissen who got the chance to photograph David at a church Fireside.

     photo 107_zps48b9125a.jpg

    “This past weekend we had our semi-annual Stake Conference at church. We were told Sunday morning that the special speaker for the youth fireside that evening would be David Archuleta. I admit that my first thought wasn’t how fun it would be to see David Archuleta, but of my brother, Andy, and my previously lost blog opportunity. Does it surprise anyone to know that a great majority of the audience was girls? It was fun just observe their enthusiasm for his imminent arrival. He finally came in a little after 7 p.m. sandwiched safely between President Robinson and President Wright, our Stake president. He looked like such a little guy. He IS a little guy! He seemed young and a little nervous. He was very cute. He sang 3 hymns, “I am a child of God” (lucky me-one of my favorites), “Be Still My Soul”(one of his favorites, when asked) and he ended with an a cappella rendition of “How Great Thou Art”.

     photo 106_zpsd1340a09.jpg

    “In between the songs he answered questions that had been submitted ahead of time. My favorite question/answer had to have been, “What do you look for in an eternal companion?” Little snickers from the audience and then he proceeded to give his own personal philosophy on dating a lot before you can really know what it is you are looking for in an eternal companion. You have to know what’s out there. He used the Pizza Analogy: “If you had only ever tasted the little personal sized pizza you can get at 7-Eleven, you might think that that is the BEST pizza in the world and might not venture to look around any more, but if you tried Little Ceasar’s or Papa John’s, you might find a pizza that you like even more. You might even one day, go to Italy and try a real pizza.” It was a very lengthy response and very humorous, but I think the point was, “He’s not ready to find an eternal companion now, but when he is he’ll probably go to Italy to get a really good one.” :-)”

    More here :



  38. Abrra said

    New tweet

    @DavidArchie #tbt from Dec 2010 at a Kaleidoscope event in San Antonio. Hanging with @DaveKozMusic before going on the ice.(KS)

     photo 109_zps2bf0830a.jpg



  39. jans11 said

    33…Angelica…I’m at the point that anything that I would hear David sing live right now would totally dissolve me! 🙂

    34…You guys are really touching some tender spots! I love them so much it hurts! ♥
    David singing NA with the crew sounds like an angel after hearing Aaron Paul singing the English version! 🙂 David has that extra special sound and makes everything he sings his own! ♥ And for him to sing that in Tagalog just blows my mind!

    36…Dayzee…I also agree for David to take time to unwind with his family. As long as we know that he’s safe and sound, what’s a few more days!

    38…What a cute tweet pic of David with his purplish skates on! Love his hair! ♥


  40. jans11 said

    Pocoelsy…I forgot to tell you that I really enjoyed the video you made! Super! Your kitty cat pic is so dang cute too! 🙂

    People are calling his skates blue, but on my computer they are a purplish blue! 🙂


  41. Abrra said

    I spoke with Pocoelsy last night on twitter DM. She is having computer issues and can’t get into the comments here. She thanks everyone for the nice comments on her videos! She loves us and misses coming by to read and comment.



  42. djafan said

    Pocoelsy, those dang cats lol Great picture and video 🙂

    Steno, Hadn’t watched those videos in some time, thanks for bring them over!

    Angelica, yep, need is the right word.

    Tawna, #15 Still smiling 🙂

    Ascpil, The “bubbletweet” was that a crazy time. I made an mp3 of that put in on my ipod and listened to it full blast in my car over and over and over haha. And I can’t believe Eman is following me on twitter! Any ideas on what I can tweet him?

    Betsy, (super hug for you) I’ve also have become a cat lover in my mature age 🙂

    Abrra, There’s been so much excitement over the “there will be dates” tweet and in the context of her reply it wasn’t as harsh as it sounds isolated. I probably would have said “Enough!” haha

    Bebe, Here’s another Falling Stars…sublime.


  43. djafan said


    Soon David Archuleta Soon

    7pm PT and 10pm ET

    Pocoelsy’s time zones!

    wwtt photo SOONDAVIDARCHULETASOON_zps173af975.jpg


  44. djafan said

    This is way cool. A David Archuleta update! Is the preparation for his return beginning??? Love what was said. Getting butterflies!


  45. djafan said

    MSN Entertainment, more David! They have representation for every state and voila! David Archuleta for Utah! Not 100% correct but I’ll take it 🙂

    United States of music: America’s amazing musical breadth

    Utah, David Archuleta

    Born in Murray, Utah, and a member of the Mormon Church, singing phenom David Archuleta’s been wowing audiences since the tender age of 12, when he won the Junior Vocals Champion award on “Star Search 2.” From there, he finished as the runner-up on the 2007 season of “American Idol,” catapulting him to a record deal and several hit albums, including 2010’s “The Other Side of Down.” The past few years saw Archuleta doing missionary work and out of the spotlight, but he re-emerged in March with his fifth long-player, “No Matter How Far.”

    Bing: More on David Archuleta


  46. Gayle122890 said

    Soon, very soon! Clock’s ticking down…


  47. Dayzee said

    I looked at Gayle122890 and wondered how come Gayle was using my password numbers. Oh yeah! We are all using those numbers. I had gotten so used to putting them into my computer I had forgotten their origin. For a minute.

    Abrra, you are still finding David pics I have never seen. Well done!


  48. bebereader said

    New article ——->>>


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